Lance Hahn RIP


Here's some information from the passing away of Lance. I've known him for years and years, probably met him at Epicenter around 1993, but I can't remember... but a world without Lance will be lonlier.


Life During Wartime playlist for 10/17/2007

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

replacements - we're comin' out
zero boys - amphetamine addiction
negative approach - tied down
conflict - blind attack
the oppressed - chaos
feederz - stay free
lemonheads - 394

icky boyfriends - katerophenia
henry fiat's open sore - hfos
fuck me dead - circling ahead
vicious - it's all a lie
swell maps - ammunition train
busy signals - matter of time

flipper - brainwash
monorchid - the warmers
the ex - stupid americans
post regiment - post
dog faced hermans - suppressa
pere ubu - final solution

buzzcocks - sixteen again
supernova - gum fighter
wipers - is this real
la broma de satan - ahogate en el wic

Life During Wartime playlist for 10/10/2007

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

verbal abuse - i hate you
under pressure - muddy water
meanwhile - human surplus
knife fight - nothing left
outo - take humanity back
heresy - mentally conned
besthoven - caminhando sobre os mortos
negazione - un amaro sorriso

aaratila - veriruusut
after the bombs - bloody aftermath
zoe - be called and be chain of master
revisions - on the lam
tranzmitors - some girls
wipers - wait a minute

and then AGE, hardcore band from Japan, played! they totally ruled! i don't know the names of the songs!

cheetah chrome motherfuckers - commandos
s.i.b. - my secret life
tyranna - back up baby
putrid fever - never again
the gags - so tender

Life During Wartime playlist for 10/03/2007

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

Diskords-Life During Wartime Theme Song!
Black Flag- My War
Asbest- Hardcore III / Stirre
Wasted Time- Hostage
The Faction- Let's go get Cokes
Isocracy-2 Blocks Away
Fucked Up- Police
The Bags- Survive
Pointed Sticks- Out of Luck
Blondie- Will Anything Happen?
Tranzmittors- Is your head Hollow?
The Spits- Die Die Die
Touch of Hysteria- To Cross the Rubicon
Die Toten Hosen- Leisepieler
Spectres- Cold War
Dirt- Hiroshima
Conflict- The Serendade is Dead
Disposessed- Nagasaki is Burning
Young Wasterners- Code Red
Wolf Brigade-In Darkness you feel no regrets
Battletorn- Glory/ Thunder

Life During Wartime playlist for 09/26/2007

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 


septic death - quit
frustrations - blind
the trashies - steal your bike
uk subs - she's not there
the speds - i wanna rip you apart
bad brains - no conditions

holy shit - celebration proclamation (coming to portland soon!)
deep sleep - fast forward
crime desire - st. de sade
violent minds - riot
cold sweat - burn everything
annihilation time - annihilate

Life During Wartime playlist for 09/19/2007

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

fy fan - med gud pa din sida
chickenhead! - chickenhead won the war
burning kitchen - easy solution
buzzoven - behaved
alice donut - get a life
ccss - still here
assassinators - bla blink
chronic seizure - violent opposition

asta kask - an finna det hopp
skitkids - gladjedodare
tdk - maleta para moscu
otan - servicio militar
pedestrians - high crimes
the jury - dog years
acid reflux - oh good there's an applebee's

ramones - oh oh i love her so
breznev - fun
capitol punishment - american way
a.p.p.l.e. - never said it would be like this
kaka hatta 77 - nar kata sa kuolla

Life During Wartime playlist for 09/12/2007

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

nvasion - no power no slave (RAD NEW SPANISH PUNK LP!!!)
conversions - dictated desires
under pressure - black bile
framtid - land of devastation
wasted time - and so it goes
la fraction - l'infame
naked raygun - treason

asta kask - dom far aldrig met
tyhat patterit - osat hukassa
nurse - japanese title
gas - one more time
happy kadaver - sagmir
underdogs - east of dachau

complications - i abdicate
man is the bastard - THE ROLLER!
stickmen with rayguns - scavenger of death
the ex - hands up, you're free
cold sweat - nightmare
brainhandle - been done
gorilla angreb - timen er kommet

Life During Wartime playlist for 09/05/2007

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

knugen faller - hem ljuva hemloshet/gayparad
young offenders - waxwings
government warning - arrested
jump off a building - i've got the atom bomb
career suicide - sars

nation of ulysses - aspirinkid
trashies - let it be trashed
red herring - streets
post regiment - banszi
pleasure seekers - what a way to die
ramones - locket love

crass - bloody revolutions
a touch of hysteria - the lord's crusade
omega tribe - profit
complications - coffin
the mental - god for a day
agent orange - dope
neurottiset pelimannit - natural

wild weekend!

roky - bermuda
sleepwalkers r.i.p. - play our sound
new bloods - cut

Life During Wartime playlist for 08/29/2007

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

diskords - SURPRISE! life during wartime theme song again

solger - dead soldier
burning kitchen - grabbarna pa fagerhult
forward - never lost yourself
even worse - we suck
crucifix - dehumanization
crime desire - comatose
dayglo abortions - kill the hosers
the lewd - kill yourself

god hates computers - erin yanke loves a parade
red herring - warning
as mercenarias - inimigo
inocentes - miseria e fome
calvary - the will of the way
red monkey - waiting for now
stranglers - hanging around

the milkshakes - gringles and groyles
knugen faller - demokrati
busy signals - all the time
angry samoans - gimme sopor
dils - class war

Life During Wartime playlist for 08/21/2007

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

August 26, 2007 - Sunday

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