Life During Wartime playlist for 8-1-2007

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Life During Wartime
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Diskords- LDW theme....suprised?
No Trend- Teen Love
Pissed Jeans- I've still got you (ice cream)
Dog Faced Hermans- Running Man
Feedtime- Shovel
Killdozer- Hamburger Martyr (fuck yes!!!!!!!!!!!)
Red Herring- Building Blocks
Look Back and Laugh- Cannibal
Violent Minds- Wolf Blood
The Blood- Meglomania (thanks Andy!!!!)
Lama- Paskaa (live)
Snake Apartment- Ugly Poltergeist
Homostupids- Wild Weekend (almost...)
Libyans- I'm done (.....)
Holy Crap it's the BAYONETTES LIVE ON LDW!!!!!!!!!
they play some songs here, sorry I can't remember what they were. I think they started w/ Stuck in this Rut.....

Life During Wartime playlist for 7-26-2007

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Life During Wartime
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diskords - l.d.w.

pekinska patka - ori ori
canal terror - hey
tranzmitors - is your head hollow?
penetration - firing squad
blut and eisen - transporter der uniformen
doa - smash the state

condenada - puertas falsas
born against - shroud
conversions - dictated desires
brainhandle - sentimental men
so much hate - til lykke meddagen
deathreat - 4 billion car pile up on the information superhighway
government warning - arrested

liberty - diluted rebellion
paxston quiggly - vanishing playground
crucifix - capitulation
surrender - what if
social unrest - shock troopin'

septic death - thaw (cold world)

Life During Wartime playlist for 7-19-2007

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Life During Wartime
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LDW: The Disposessed and More!

General Fools- Suspicious Thoughts
Cronic Disorder- The Gods are laughing At Us
Circle Jerks- Deny Everything
Androids of Mu- Atomic X
Husker Du- Divide and Conquer (request... fingers crossed that it was the right one!)
Gaunt- Hand in Pants
Ebbagron- Det maste vara radion (our best guess... we can't pronounce or spell!)
Gray Matter- Retrospect

SissyBoys Interview


SissyBoy is a group of Portland-based performance artists. They refer to themselves as “drag terrorists” or “gender terrorists.” Their over-the-top shows in bars and clubs are both political and comedic. Last year, they were part of the Time Based Art Festival and they recently returned from their first west coast tour. KBOO producer Julie Sabatier caught up with SissyBoys Zebra and Jeffrey Darling at a photo shoot for Outlook Magazine in May and she put together this excerpt for the OutLoud show.

23:03 minutes (21.11 MB)

Live Bands July and August


Here's the schedule for the Live Bands upcoming here on Life During Wartime:

June  20
PRF... Mike, Seve, Andre, Aidan, and Wolfgang are about to take their Portland Hardcoregon sound over to Europe! We get to enjoy them one more time before they're all "refined".

July 4th
The Abi Yo Yo's
According to scene point blank "The Abi Yoyos combine the punk rock sounds of Dead Kennedys with more progressive styles of King Crimson with a Phil Ochs underlying acoustic vibe with political lyrics with an acoustic guitar being played around a camp fire."

July 18th
The Disposessed
Loud, melodic, and aggressive Portland band with Molly (4Q, The Curse) Pete (Lazyboy, St. Helens) Dyanne (Red Herring, Harum Scarum) and Mark.(Estranged, Remains of the Day). http://www.myspace.com/dispossessedpdx 

August 1st
The Bayonettes,according to Victim of Time, "kick up a brusque mixture of noxious and addictive guitar hooks over tousled and jagged female vocals. ". A catchy and tough Toronto band.

August 22
Hangman says " dirty d-beat rock ..n roll done right, filthy, gritty, moving at a respectable pace, with a great guitar sound and good vocals. " Features A Void, Dusty, Frank, Forbish, and Crane.

Life During Wartime playlist for 5-9-2007

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Life During Wartime
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the Diskords - Theme Song

Frustration - Blind
Homostupids - Having a Houseguest
Snake Apartment - No Raises (maybe? this was hard to read)
Walls - Hands and Knees
the Focus - 1937
Crosslaws - Crosslaws
American Cheeseburger - Idle Hands
Christian Club - Crucify the Ones You Love

Husker Du - It's Not Funny Anymore
Kakka Hata 77 - Wl:sta Terveyskeskukseen (this prompted a really bad joke about colons...)
the Tragics - Laughing Lover
the Youths - We're the Youths
Confusa - Sulka
the Proletariat - Splendid Wars

Busy Signals - Do What You Want
Cryin' Out Louds - Motorcycle Cop
Bananas - Mercenary
Modern Machines - Down the Upward Escalator
Toys That Kill - Keep Caroline
Big Black - L Dopa

Jump Off a Building - We Got the Atom Bomb
Severed Head of State - Death's Marionette
Crow - Last Chaos
Kvorteringen - Vindarnas Boning (for some reason, this did not prompt a really bad joke...)
Knife Fight - Public Acceptance
Lords of Light - The King
Out with a Bang! - Wasted Needle
Hard Skin - Romford

Wild Weekend! We only knew about a few shows and didn't have any records to play for them, but make sure you tune in next week for SLEEPWALKERS R.I.P. live on Life During Wartime! Yay!

Youth Brigade (DC) - Last Word
Crudos - Curiosidad
New Granada - Fighting the Demons
Brainhandle - Overdriven
Negative Approach - Dead Stop
Sin Dios - Iraq

Post Regiment - Banszi
Azarashi - track 4 from their demo CD
Anti Cimex - Svave Dioxid
Unkind - El Mitaan
Subway Army - Heavy Gym
Terminal State - Your Rules
Nomeansno - Tired of Waiting
La Fraction - La Vie Revee (playing at Satyricon May 28th!!!!!!!!!!!)
Putrid Fever - Song From War

Rikk Agnew - Falling Out
No Trend - Mass Sterilization
Big Boys - Nervous
Christ on Parade - Flash
Toxic Reasons - We're the Revolution
Negative Trend - Mercenaries
Offenders - Face Down in the Dirt
Subhumans (Canada) - Death was too kind

Warsaw - At a Later Date

Life During Wartime playlist for 5-2-2007

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Life During Wartime
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Diskords - LDW

Misfits - Bullet
Allergic to Bullshit - Fuck You Motherfucker
Les Thugs - Legal Drugs
Plugz - Mindless Contentment
Exploding Hearts - Shattered
Snuff - Somehow

Lewd - I'm Not Pretty
Skate Drunx - Mortician's Boner
Tyrades - Couples
Marked Men - Doctor Dan
Pagans - Street Where Nobody Lives
Poison Idea - Cop an Attitude

Leatherface - Soundbites
Big Business - Grounds for Divorce
Oingo Boingo - Stay
Big Boys - Manipulation
Punts - Shelly's Boyfriend
Offspring - I'll Be Waiting

Circle Jerks - Paid Vacation
Taste of Flesh - We Waiting Again (from Indonesia!)
Chronic Seizure - Sleepwalker
Sins of the Flesh - Skip Skool
TDK - Tienes Miedo
Unkind - Bulkiset Tilat

Wild Weekend Time! Signal Lost at Laughing Horse Books (there was a pizza party before this show!), the Ones record release party at Slabtown, and all the way from Australia, PISSCHRIST will be playing at 5802 N Mississippi on Wednesday May 9th!

Pisschrist - River Runs Red
Criminal Damage - Tomorrow
the Ones - Shame Shame Shame

Gang of Four - Damaged Goods
the Mob - Witch Hunt
Born Against - Mount the Pavement
Amdi Petersen's Arme - Blod Ser Mer Verkeglikt Ud Pa Film
Dickies - Eve of Destruction
Saints - (I'm) Misunderstood

Schlong - Ass Me Tomorrow Butt Don't Tell Me You Love Me
Dirty Looks - Gagmeet
Sweet Rot - Drug Fiend
Slits - Ping Pong Affair
Cure - Object
Ultimo Resorte - Una Guerra Sin Fondo
Surrender - What Now?

Dicks - Bourgeois Fascist Pig
Abandon - Edgar Bastard
Hard Skin - Copper Cunt
Anit Cimex - Svaveldioxid
Flipper - Ha Ha Ha

Proud Scum - Suicide 2

Life During Wartime playlist for 4-25-2007

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

The Vicious from Sweden played live, were totally great people, and we are stoked beyond belief to have had them as our dear guests.

Diskords- LDW...drop a bomb on Your head!
Anti-Pasti-Hate Circulation
The Carpettes-Small Wonder
Suburban Defects-Stand Tall
De Cylanders- Freddy Mercury
Gang of 4-Damaged Goods
Capitol Punishment-If you're helping the shepard, you're helping the sheep
United Mutation- Out of That
DOA- No God No War
Koro- 700 Club
Nuclear Crayons- Blitz Beauty
The Gynecologists- Ron and Nancy
Code of HOnor- Code of Honor
Juggling Jugulars- War
Plasmid- Guilty Upbringing
Econochrist- Take
Really Red- Teenage Fuckup
Hated Youth- Kill a Punk
The Mummies- Planet of the Apes
Sewer Trout- People Like me
Real Kids- Baby's book
Mika Miko- The Dress
Urgent Fury- 58,000 Dead
The Cramps- People ain't no good
The Peechees- I could have loved you
Black Lips- Not a problem
The Wipers- The Chill Remains
Murder City Devils- Gett off the Floor
The Make up- Gospel 2000
Black Flag-My War
Blatz- Berkeley is my Baby
And now, ladies and Gentlemen...The Vicious LIVE!
-Walking Dead
-Dead Town
(Thank you! It was great.... come back soon!)
Ivy Green- Sex on the Radio
Joyce McKinney Experience- Struck Out
Pandoras- I didn't cry
The Gits-Social Love
Giant Haystacks-Young Shavers (we'll miss you....)
Eddie adn the Subtitles- American Society
The Accident- Terminal Kennedy
The Jam-Non-stop Dancing

Life During Wartime playlist for 4-18-2007

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

Diskords- Life During Wartime
S.I.D.- (Damn, it was a rough start to the show... and it didn't get written down. Oh well)
Social Unrest-Before the Fall
Tranzmittors-Bigger HOuses Broken Homes
Disconvienence-Out of Mind
The Chiefs-Liberty
The Adverts- Television's Over
Black Eyes-Some Boys
The Wipers-What Is
Joy Division-Failures
Scratch Acid-El Espectro
God Head Silo-Elephantitus of the NIght
Shell Shag-Littel Birdy
Ah, peace punk...
Chumbawumba-White Wash
Karma SutraOur World Too
Surrender- Last White Flag
Vex-It's no Crime
Christ on Parade-Riding the Flatlands
Esist-ence- Operation Successful
Hey it's the tribute to School Shooting Set...
Pink Eye- In Praise of School Shooters
Off With Their Heads- Your Child is Dead
Wild Weekend!
Thanks to Jim of PDX Press, we found out about this website:
They listed every show we announced, except the one Robb sent in from Corvallis... but it's an awesome website providing a service that we really needed as a Scene, and LDW is totally stoked! Thank you whoever!!!
So, thursday Operation S is playing at the Tonic, Friday Wednesday NIght Heros from Canada play with Defect at teh Weiner Dome, the weekly Plan R show is at the Bear Paw Inn on Saturday, and we're thrilled to anticipate The Vicious on Wednesday at Dmug, and here on LDW!
Defect Defect-Little Ways
The Vicious - Crucifying Me
Teh Epoxies- Stop looking at me
Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children McNuggets- Vicarious Fame (I'm Hip)
Funeral Oration- Stop for a moment
The Vindictives-I'm in trouble now
Ground Round-Teh Store
The GErms-Manimal
Grimple- Every day a darker shade of Gray
Framtid- Nuclear Power Genocide
Worst Case Scenario- Mission __________ (oops, forgot to write it out.)
Circle Jerks- Deny Everything
Intifada- Short Fuse
Chain Reaction-No Way Out
Assassinators- The night's on fire
Reagan Youth- Anytown
Talk is Poison- Ruins

Life During Wartime playlist for 4-4-2007

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

diskords - someone's gonna drop the bomb etc etc

feederz - terrorist
a frames - complications
pissed jeans - night minutes
fourth rotor - backbone made out of wind
vee dee - undertaker
repercussions - can't hold us back

raincoats - running away
shotwell - dust of the dawn
dirty looks - thief
pretty boy thorson and the fallen angels - you can't win (don't try)
off with their heads - please don't call the cops on me
pedestrians - why kill what's dead

partisans - never needed you
vomito - ratas de ciudad
apabens anus - hummel och jord
final blast - final blast
jump off a building - left out
otan - luto nacional

shellshag - please don't let me fade away
rats - kids are kids
shock - this generation's on vacation
swell maps - ripped and torn
mekons - where were you
subhumans - behind the smile

wild weekend time!
conflict - 1986
onion flavored rings - new song
red herring - warning
clorox girls - pez negro
drunken boat - stop everything
plan r - not a waste

baseball furies - i hate your secret club
sex vid - suspended daylight
sacred shock - pedestal
gorilla angreb - mit lille sorte eg
clash - city of the dead
minutemen - maternal rite

flux of pink indians - is there anybody there?
adverts - new boys
young wasteners - code red
nation of ulysses - hot chocolate city
dillinger four - maximum piss and vinegar
royal pains - get punched

discharge - ain't no feeble bastards
day by day - way of life
final warning - rain of death
kartatu - after something that i can't read
chron gen - behind closed doors

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