Life During Wartime playlist for 09/05/2007

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Life During Wartime
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knugen faller - hem ljuva hemloshet/gayparad
young offenders - waxwings
government warning - arrested
jump off a building - i've got the atom bomb
career suicide - sars

nation of ulysses - aspirinkid
trashies - let it be trashed
red herring - streets
post regiment - banszi
pleasure seekers - what a way to die
ramones - locket love

crass - bloody revolutions
a touch of hysteria - the lord's crusade
omega tribe - profit
complications - coffin
the mental - god for a day
agent orange - dope
neurottiset pelimannit - natural

wild weekend!

roky - bermuda
sleepwalkers r.i.p. - play our sound
new bloods - cut

Life During Wartime playlist for 08/29/2007

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Life During Wartime
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diskords - SURPRISE! life during wartime theme song again

solger - dead soldier
burning kitchen - grabbarna pa fagerhult
forward - never lost yourself
even worse - we suck
crucifix - dehumanization
crime desire - comatose
dayglo abortions - kill the hosers
the lewd - kill yourself

god hates computers - erin yanke loves a parade
red herring - warning
as mercenarias - inimigo
inocentes - miseria e fome
calvary - the will of the way
red monkey - waiting for now
stranglers - hanging around

the milkshakes - gringles and groyles
knugen faller - demokrati
busy signals - all the time
angry samoans - gimme sopor
dils - class war

Life During Wartime playlist for 08/21/2007

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Life During Wartime
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August 26, 2007 - Sunday

Life During Wartime playlist for 8-15-2007

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Life During Wartime
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Diskords - LDW

Life During Wartime playlist for 8-8-2007

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Life During Wartime
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Life During Wartime playlist for 8-1-2007

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Life During Wartime
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Diskords- LDW theme....suprised?
No Trend- Teen Love
Pissed Jeans- I've still got you (ice cream)
Dog Faced Hermans- Running Man
Feedtime- Shovel
Killdozer- Hamburger Martyr (fuck yes!!!!!!!!!!!)
Red Herring- Building Blocks
Look Back and Laugh- Cannibal
Violent Minds- Wolf Blood
The Blood- Meglomania (thanks Andy!!!!)
Lama- Paskaa (live)
Snake Apartment- Ugly Poltergeist
Homostupids- Wild Weekend (almost...)
Libyans- I'm done (.....)
Holy Crap it's the BAYONETTES LIVE ON LDW!!!!!!!!!
they play some songs here, sorry I can't remember what they were. I think they started w/ Stuck in this Rut.....

Life During Wartime playlist for 7-26-2007

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Life During Wartime
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diskords - l.d.w.

pekinska patka - ori ori
canal terror - hey
tranzmitors - is your head hollow?
penetration - firing squad
blut and eisen - transporter der uniformen
doa - smash the state

condenada - puertas falsas
born against - shroud
conversions - dictated desires
brainhandle - sentimental men
so much hate - til lykke meddagen
deathreat - 4 billion car pile up on the information superhighway
government warning - arrested

liberty - diluted rebellion
paxston quiggly - vanishing playground
crucifix - capitulation
surrender - what if
social unrest - shock troopin'

septic death - thaw (cold world)

Life During Wartime playlist for 7-19-2007

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Life During Wartime
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LDW: The Disposessed and More!

General Fools- Suspicious Thoughts
Cronic Disorder- The Gods are laughing At Us
Circle Jerks- Deny Everything
Androids of Mu- Atomic X
Husker Du- Divide and Conquer (request... fingers crossed that it was the right one!)
Gaunt- Hand in Pants
Ebbagron- Det maste vara radion (our best guess... we can't pronounce or spell!)
Gray Matter- Retrospect

SissyBoys Interview


SissyBoy is a group of Portland-based performance artists. They refer to themselves as “drag terrorists” or “gender terrorists.” Their over-the-top shows in bars and clubs are both political and comedic. Last year, they were part of the Time Based Art Festival and they recently returned from their first west coast tour. KBOO producer Julie Sabatier caught up with SissyBoys Zebra and Jeffrey Darling at a photo shoot for Outlook Magazine in May and she put together this excerpt for the OutLoud show.

23:03 minutes (21.11 MB)

Live Bands July and August


Here's the schedule for the Live Bands upcoming here on Life During Wartime:

June  20
PRF... Mike, Seve, Andre, Aidan, and Wolfgang are about to take their Portland Hardcoregon sound over to Europe! We get to enjoy them one more time before they're all "refined".

July 4th
The Abi Yo Yo's
According to scene point blank "The Abi Yoyos combine the punk rock sounds of Dead Kennedys with more progressive styles of King Crimson with a Phil Ochs underlying acoustic vibe with political lyrics with an acoustic guitar being played around a camp fire."

July 18th
The Disposessed
Loud, melodic, and aggressive Portland band with Molly (4Q, The Curse) Pete (Lazyboy, St. Helens) Dyanne (Red Herring, Harum Scarum) and Mark.(Estranged, Remains of the Day). http://www.myspace.com/dispossessedpdx 

August 1st
The Bayonettes,according to Victim of Time, "kick up a brusque mixture of noxious and addictive guitar hooks over tousled and jagged female vocals. ". A catchy and tough Toronto band.

August 22
Hangman says " dirty d-beat rock ..n roll done right, filthy, gritty, moving at a respectable pace, with a great guitar sound and good vocals. " Features A Void, Dusty, Frank, Forbish, and Crane.

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