Wheeling Along with the Corvallis Bicycle Collective

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Fri, 06/15/2018 - 10:00am to 10:15am

Join Host Dale Holiday as she converses with Ilene McClelland, Program Director at the Corvallis Bike Collective.

Ilene came to my attention as one of the primary organizers for a Neighborhood Street Party that blasted off last summer, on the Sunday (day before) the Total Eclipse.  My neighborhood was abuzz with people strolling on the closed-to-traffic streets, checking out vendors and food booths in Franklin Park and overall enjoying the day.  

Originally when I approached Ilene for an interview, I thought she’d chose to talk about the Neighborhood Street Party.  But to my surprise, as we spoke I realized she was connected to the Corvallis Bike Collective.  I’d walked past this local organization many times but didn’t realize all the services they provided.  So Ilene is taking time to educate me and the listening audience.


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