Hiring: Development Director


Send resume and cover letter to kboodevhire [at] kboo [dot] org​.  Open until filled. 

REQUIRED: Please answer the following question in your cover letter, "How will you integrate KBOO's values of justice, equity, and inclusion in your development plan for KBOO?"


KBOO Community Radio
Department: Revenue/ Development
Reports to: Station Manager
Job Title: Development Director
Employment Status: Non-supervisory, Non-exempt; 40 per week/full-time
Team Leader for: Fundraising Assistant, Membership Director, Data Coordinator
Positions Supervised: Volunteers
Committees overseen: Events/ Development, BOD outreach training
Reports: CPB, FCC/EEO, SAS, grants, etc as required


General Description:
The Development Director ensures KBOO meets annual revenue goals. This position coordinates and leads all fundraising campaigns and communications, solicits underwriting and online advertising. This person works closely with station management and staff to identify funding priorities and to ensure proper compliance with funding bodies. Duties include: creating print materials to convey station identity and relay donation programs, developing all fundraising campaigns, applying for foundation funding, and developing major donor relationships. Also solicits businesses for underwriting, co-sponsorships and other partnerships. TheDevelopment Director supports membership drives through messaging and match development. This position is a member of the Promotions and the Revenue Operating Teams and attends Development Committee meetings. The Development Director will ensure that all fundraising strategies and activities are in alignment with KBOO Community Radio's mission, charter, goals and policies.

Essential functions:
● Coordinate and lead development & fundraising plan
● Create development activities/ events timeline and calendar
● Develop foundation relationships, grant applications
● Manage reports, agreements
● Coordinate Direct Mail, EOY and other appeals
● Develop online plan for click-thru partnerships & donations
● Coordinate fundraising activities w/ membership department
● Set drive timing, messaging & fundraising efforts
● Support membership drives
● Coordinate major donor events/ relationships
● Solicit/ coordinate major donor events & relationships
● Find Donor Matches for drives, fundraising events & appeals
● Develop special asks for major donors for campaigns, EOY, etc
● Develop business matches; partners & sponsorships for drives & events
● Lead creation of other materials/ handouts
● Develop/ Lead planned giving project, messaging & recognition for planned giving participants
● Clarify & lead various yearly messages
● Lead social media planning, training, implementation for revenue generation
● Lead e-newsletter creation, editing, sending
● Lead creation of ads for membership drives, other campaigns
● Work with Development & Membership Directors to create media collateral for fundraising, programming & other station activities
● Develop key media relationships
● Lead media list creation
● Create press releases
● Lead development of annual report
● Assess/ evaluate all of the above
● Request, train, support volunteers for all of the above duties as needed
● Lead Development/ Events Committee
● Train/ mentor committee volunteers
● Attend staff meetings and trainings


● At least 4 years of proven development experience in the non-profit sector, preferably with significant foundation and major donor fundraising work
● Experience leading social media campaigns, including but not limited to FaceBook, Twitter, etc.
● Strong annual report, newsletter and grant writing skills
● Excellent knowledge of technology and appropriate software, including database management, spreadsheets and electronic communication, including online giving
● Ability to produce accurate and timely reports; do all follow-up necessary to fulfill grant obligations
● Ability to work with graphic artists to produce print materials
● Highly self-motivated, with the ability to manage multiple projects and work according to specific deadlines
● Excellent written communication, research and organizational skills
● Excellent interpersonal communication skills; excellent oral communication skills; ability to participate in public speaking events
● Ability to delegate responsibility and ensure accountability
● Ability to train and supervise volunteers
● Ability to work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends, as necessary
● Ability to work effectively and respectfully with socio-economically, racially, culturally and linguistically diverse communities and individuals
● Ability to work with a diverse population within KBOO’s multicultural, cooperative, progressive organization
● Ability to model respectful, inclusive, responsible behavior that is consistent with KBOO's mission and program charter

Development Administration:
1. Coordinate and lead a development/fundraising plan and timeline each year and long-term.
2. Coordinate and ensure thank you letters and acknowledgements.

1. Leading foundation relationships, grant applications, following agreements, thank you letters, and reporting

1. Coordinate the end-of-the year campaign
2. Conduct donor communications; developing segmentation, improving our renewals and direct mail strategies.
3. Lead other fundraising campaigns as needed/designed by the organization.

1. Develop a plan for click-through partnerships and on-line donations.

1. Coordinate fundraising activities with membership department and Revenue Operating Team
2. Support membership drives, especially messaging and pitch materials.
3. Develop and solicit matches for drives

Major Donor:
1. Coordinate major donor events and relationships
2. Donor matches for drive-Develop special asks for major donors during campaigns ( eg End-of-year and special projects)
3.Create and send handwritten thank you notes to all $500 or greater gifts for major donors

1. Create and implement a plan for businesses donations with the Revenue Operating Team.
2. Find and implement business matches for drives.
3. Sponsorships for development-initiated events.

Planned Giving
1. Lead messaging and recognition/acknowledgements.

1. With Promotions Operating Team, ensure there is a doable communications plan, that it is implemented and tracked/reported on monthly.
2. Lead development/fundraising messaging - with staff, clarify and lead our messages at different times of year for giving/development.
3. Lead Coordinate fundraising related social media planning with Promotions Operating Team and Web and New Media Coordinator, training and implementation.
4. Lead donor communications, e-newsletter creation, editing and sending.
5. Lead creation of ads for membership drives and other campaigns.
6. Lead media list and press release development. Develop relationships with key media.
7. Lead development of annual report.
8. Lead development of all other fundraising marketing materials/hand- outs.

1. Assessment, evaluation of all of the above, assessing best return on investment for alldevelopment activities.
2. Requesting and supporting volunteers for all of the above as needed.
3. Participating in staff meetings, Revenue Operating Team and Promotions Operating Team.

This is a full-time position with a starting salary $43,680/year. The employee shall be eligible for annual step increases subject to conditions in KBOO’s Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Union Shop and Probationary Period
KBOO is a union shop and all (except management, confidential, supervisory, student positions, and temporary workers) staff are members of Communications Workers of America (CWA)- Local 7901. Any person hired will be required to join and pay dues to CWA Local 7901 after 30 days. Per the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the first six-months of employment are probationary.

Benefits include medical and dental coverage, disability and life insurance, and credit union eligibility. This position also offers paid vacation, sick leave, and 11 paid holidays per year, in accordance with KBOO’s Collective Bargaining Agreement. FSLA-exempt employees receive paid compensatory time off. Eligibility for the pension plan is one year after the date of hire.

Working Conditions
KBOO has a small paid staff and about 300 volunteers. Workplace expectations at KBOO radio include: effective verbal and written communications, conflict de-escalation, skillful volunteer relations and utilization, capable project management, work-area organization, response to phone calls and correspondence, teamwork and cooperation with otheremployees, volunteers, and Board members; furtherance of KBOO mission, goals and values; meeting attendance and participation; capable departmental budgeting and punctuality.

Equipment Used & Physical Working Conditions
Computer, voicemail, copier, fax. Applicant must be able to remain in a stationary position approximately 50% or more of the time. The person in this position needs to occasionally move about inside the office to access file cabinets, office machinery, etc. Applicant must have ability to operate a computer and other office productivity machinery, such as a copy machine and printer.

Equal Opportunity Employer
KBOO Community Radio is an equal opportunity employer and affirmative action employer. Our organization does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, color, sex, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, class, gender, creed, physical or mental disability.