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I love Italian music and I play it with Lucia on the the Italian Hour.

I am a KBOO member!

I am a member of the Personnel/Governance committee.
I first started volunteering in 1971 and came back to the station after being in NYC for 11 years. I have been volunteering regularly again since 1999 or so.

I am a KBOO member!

Greetings fellow terrestrial & internet radio fans! I am a KBOO volunteer.

I started in radio at age 16 working after school as a board operator/announcer for a small commercial station in a rural part of Arizona. Back in that time, even commercial stations were very much like community radio. Lots of local live happenings, including remote broadcasts from town hall meetings to the high school football games. One of the shows I produced was called, "Cattleman's Livestock" for the area ranchers!

We did not have digital means to edit audio; we either recorded commercials straight onto a cart, or recorded onto an Ampex reel-to-reel and edited with razor blades & splicing tape. We chose the former for the most part; there was little time to mess around with editing.

Anyway, I jumped on board as a KBOO volunteer in 2004 and have been involved with a variety of station programs and events such as Grateful Dead & Friends Radio Collective Programmer/Host (2004-2009). I have become one of them "tape-trading" (CDs or .flac files nowadays!) freaks since being part of the Collective and possess a crazy number of Grateful Dead unreleased soundboard & audience recordings. After all, our KBOO listeners love Grateful Dead & Friends for playing unreleased material from our own collections.

I was a Community Calendar producer from 2006 to 2010, learning about the cool things happening around town, to tell you about these upcoming events.

I've been a Waterfront Blues Festival remote broadcast anchor and technical assistant from 2004 to present.

I do music specials here and there ranging from Women in Metal to Prog Rock, edit audio and upload podcasts to this site. You might see my smiling face greeting you at our information table at an event, or behind the equipment at a remote broadcast. We do everything here from washing the dishes to sitting in the air chair doing live local radio. I love being part of this 'experiment' known as Community Radio!

I am a KBOO member!

Morning Folk Music host for Rise When the Rooster Crows and Folk Espresso.

I am a KBOO member!

[IMAGE TRANSLATION: This photo cracks me up every time! Is the creator dyslexic or really wishing Obama eternal peace and well being? It could be an alien crop circle noting the evolution and involution of the universe; or maybe somebody's insinuating that Obama belongs to the Order of the templars. The only secret society I know he was approved by was the Bilderbergers, so there's no surprise there!]

I am a KBOO member!
I am a KBOO member!
Tim (Timothy Martin)

Tim is a writer, editor, and former publicist for the American Federation of Teachers local 2277. (PCCFFAC/AFL-CIO)

Tim taught at Portland Community College for three years. He served on the steering committee for Portland Jobs with Justice and as co-host with Lane Poncy on Fifth Monday Labor Radio for more than ten years.

He is currently helping to produce and promote Fifth Monday Labor Radio as a member of the Labor Radio Collective, editing the Online Portland Alliance, working as librarian and archivist at the International Peace Resource Center in MIssoula, Montana and serving on the board of NAAME, The Northwest Alliance for Alternative Media and Education.

In his spare time he edits The Wordsmith Collection, gardens, writes, tutors, and produces online content.


I am a KBOO member!
I am a KBOO member!

I'm proud to be a KBOO volunteer & member, supporting community radio and striving to give a voice to the voiceless!

I am a KBOO member!
I am a KBOO member!
I am a KBOO member!
I am a KBOO member!

I, Samantha King (Etsi Yona)-Tsalagi-Cherokee, from Oklahoma, co-host "Tillicum Wawa" with Eugene and Shusli, Louis and Mike. I co-hosted "Indian World" for 22 years with John Talley -Mohawk, New York, who has since passed to the Great One in March 2012.
We are trying to bring you , our listener, up to date Native news and events that you cannot find aired on the three big networks. We also include Powwow announcements, event announcements and any announcements from you-our listeners, that pertain to the Native American community. And we pay plenty of traditional and modern Native American music-from all over the US, Hawaii and So and Central America.
Please feel free to contact us at WWW.KBOO.FM- click onto "Programs", go click onto "Tillicum Wawa, then click on "Add a new comment" and we will receive it and respond to it, asap.
We also welcome people to come into the studio if they chose to make an announcement or to be interviewed about any subject requarding the Native nations.

I am a KBOO member!


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