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I am crazy about Mexico, telenovelas, and 50s R&B. I like trees. Also, gamelan.

I am a KBOO member!
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I am a KBOO member!
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TAKIMBA has been in/on Radio for over a decade and Djing for longer. Spending most of his free time traveling the globe & collecting audio gems along the way he has assembled one of the most eclectic collections ever known. KBOO is one of the last places where WE can still hear and play no corporate music and news that matters!! Radio does not have to come with commercials or an agenda. We like to call it "The Best Music you've Never Heard"

I am a KBOO member!
Jay Jay
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Greetings fellow terrestrial & internet radio fans! I am a KBOO volunteer.

I started in radio at age 16 working after school as a board operator/announcer for a small commercial station in a rural part of Arizona. Back in that time, even commercial stations were very much like community radio. Lots of local live happenings, including remote broadcasts from town hall meetings to the high school football games. One of the shows I produced was called, "Cattleman's Livestock" for the area ranchers!

We did not have digital means to edit audio; we either recorded commercials straight onto a cart, or recorded onto an Ampex reel-to-reel and edited with razor blades & splicing tape. We chose the former for the most part; there was little time to mess around with editing.

Anyway, I jumped on board as a KBOO volunteer in 2004 and have been involved with a variety of station programs and events such as Grateful Dead & Friends Radio Collective Programmer/Host (2004-2009). I have become one of them "tape-trading" (CDs or .flac files nowadays!) freaks since being part of the Collective and possess a crazy number of Grateful Dead unreleased soundboard & audience recordings. After all, our KBOO listeners love Grateful Dead & Friends for playing unreleased material from our own collections.

I was a Community Calendar producer from 2006 to 2010, learning about the cool things happening around town, to tell you about these upcoming events.

I've been a Waterfront Blues Festival remote broadcast anchor and technical assistant from 2004 to present.

I do music specials here and there ranging from Women in Metal to Prog Rock, edit audio and upload podcasts to this site. You might see my smiling face greeting you at our information table at an event, or behind the equipment at a remote broadcast. We do everything here from washing the dishes to sitting in the air chair doing live local radio. I love being part of this 'experiment' known as Community Radio!

I am a KBOO member!
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I am a KBOO member!
I am a KBOO member!
Jo Ann

Community dialogue is important. At 8am every Thursday Voices from the Edge lends a KBOO microphone to informed guests you might not hear anywhere else. With an hour to invest, the call-in format engages listeners in meaningful conversations about crucial issues like racial disparity, government accountability, environmental justice and politics on local, state and national levels. Join lively discussions about concerns that are important to you and our community. Together we’ll make Oregon and our nation a better place for a larger number of those living here.

Jo Ann Hardesty is Principal Partner at Consult Hardesty. She serves as a subject matter expert on a myriad of issues and is available as a speaker, facilitator and campaign planner. A long-time voice for Portland's under-represented communities and a leader in the struggle against racial and economic injustice, Jo Ann was three times elected to the Oregon legislature and for many years Executive Director of Oregon Action. She’s been called on by the City of Portland to help re-write the City Charter and organizes those on the downside of power to pursue their interests from the local to the federal level. She is particularly committed to leadership development and in holding those in power accountable.

I am a KBOO member!
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2nd Monday host of Labor Radio

I am a KBOO member!
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I am a KBOO member!
I am a KBOO member!
I am a KBOO member!
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I'm an anti-imperialist, anarcho-socialist transgender sort of gal. PressWatch began on KAZI Austin in 1986, as an attempt to stoke the fires of revolution with counterpropaganda and "the news you're not supposed to know." Expect a radical analysis, and information culled from a vast array of sources, from Radio Havana to the Polish press-- or even interviews with notables like Naomi Klein, Howard Zinn, Judi Bari, Dr. Niman, and Michio Kaku--and introspection from my own life experiences.

I am a KBOO member!
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I am a KBOO member!
I am a KBOO member!

Board Op (Engineer Extraordinaire)
Introduction to Audio Trainer
Development Committee
Finance Committee
Former KBOO Foundation Board Member, Vice-President & President

Left the station when the culture became too hostile. Listened to volunteers repeating the "whisper campaign" of lies and slander to run off anyone who called for Staff to be accountable.
Watching as all of my dire warnings are coming true and the station's "entrenched clubhouse" brings it all down.

I am a KBOO member!
I am a KBOO member!


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