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I've been involved with KBOO for more than half my life - definitely the better half.

I am a KBOO member!
I am a KBOO member!
I am a KBOO member!
I am a KBOO member!

Everyone thinks they're interesting, and I'm no exception!

I am a KBOO member!
I am a KBOO member!
Straight Up Hack.

From stealing his parents Motown 45s to spin on his Fisher Price Turntable as a young child back in the 70s.

To using a splitter with two Walkmans to mix tapes at house parties in the 80s (Then moving to Discmans in the 90s and eventually to iPods in the 2000s)

Diablo has always done what he needs to do to get the people UP on their feet to get DOWN and boogie.

Going mobile with his trike and/or trailer at Burning Man, or Pedalpalooza as well as some local street fairs and parades, he'd blow minds (and Bubbles) while rocking the spirit with some radical "Time-Based Art" accompanied by a Funky-ass musical soundtrack.

Taken under-wing by one of his favorite humans, fellow dancer and all around amazing DJ, Manoj, after hearing Diablo play (the old school way, with two iPods) at a mutual friend's Birthday Party, Manoj offered to begin training to help Diablo improve his transitions (that is, learn to beat match) and after many years and much practice Diablo -Dirty Diablo is beginning to take it to the next level . . .

Bitten hard by the community radio bug after getting on air BMIR - Burning Man Information Radio (Black Rock City, Nevada -94.5 FM), he's carried that passion back to his home town and the local Listener-Powered, Non-Corporate Community Radio Station - KBOO Community Radio, (Portland, Oregon- 90.7 FM) where he is starting a new biweekly late night show: The Sacred Circle "TEMENOS" -Radio Show -

Turn in every other Thursday at Midnight (Technically Friday Morning) Starting July 4th, 2014 at:

90.7 FM Portland
91.9 FM Hood River • 104.3 FM Corvallis

or on-line @


"Peter Piper"

Now Peter Piper picked peppers but Run rocked rhymes
Humpty Dumpty fell down that's his hard time
Jack B. Nimble what nimble and he was quick
But Jam Master cut faster Jack's on Jay's dick
Now Little Bo Peep cold lost her sheep
And Rip van Winkle fell the hell asleep
And Alice chillin somewhere in Wonderland
Jack's servin Jill a bucket in his hand
And Jam Master Jay's making out our sound
The turntables might wobble but they don't fall down . . .

 . . .And like all fairy tales end
You'll see Jay again my friend!


I am a KBOO member!

Thomas Hood has been involved in music and sound recording since childhood, making wire recordings with his father, a jazz guitar player with the Charlie Barnet Band.

Now a multi instrumentalist playing 6 and 12 string guitars, electric guitars, basses and keyboards, he is an independent music and radio producer. In 1985 he established Hood's Woods Music, a private music recording studio.

As a radio producer and programmer since 1968, he has extensive experience in public radio, having spent time at KPFT FM, KAOS FM, WLNV FM, KBOO FM and KMUN FM.

Specializing in remote field recording, he was a sound designer for the Janus Professional Sound Library. He has also worked with the Oregon Historical Society, providing audio restoration services for their "Portland" exhibits.

He has produced independent radio documentaries, such as “God is Dead”, focusing on controversial timber cutting practices on the public lands of Oregon.

He is co-producer and co-host of the
The Traveling Radio Show , a wacky, off-beat public radio travelogue.

I am a KBOO member!
I am a KBOO member!
I am a KBOO member!
I am a KBOO member!
I am a KBOO member!
I am a KBOO member!
Scott & Sean
Mullin & Namanny

We are Scott Mullin and Sean Namanny. We are here to change the world. We are Upside Downtrodden.

Our mission is to engage people to think critically, feel deeply, and ask questions. Doing so has the capacity to inspire healthy relationships between humans, nonhumans, and the planet itself. Living in an equitable, reciprocal, and sustainable fellowship is our highest goal.

Over the years, we have grown increasingly concerned with our ailing world. We embarked on a journey to explore the reasons behind why there is so much needless suffering. Simply put, we discovered at every turn that civilization is destroying us. Realizing that the atrocities must be stopped, we decided to fight back.

We formed a company called Upside Downtrodden. The name speaks to our belief that those who are downtrodden always have the advantage when they work together and resist oppression by any means necessary. We’ve developed projects that bring people together in an effort to move beyond the abusive, destructive, and hierarchical culture in which we live. We started a podcast to connect with listeners from near and far. We began production on a documentary film that once completed will further illuminate revelations about civilization. We contribute to user-generated news sites to elevate the message. We seek out and collaborate with others who hunger for a more connected, shared, and just society that focuses on the flourishing of all life and fosters community supported by active and engaged citizens on local, regional, and global levels. We’ve done and continue to do all this and more in an effort to raise awareness of our treacherous state of existence and tremendous potential to change it for the better.

Learn more at

I am a KBOO member!


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