Hypnopomp playlist for 12/16/2007

Air date: 
Two SiberiansOut of Nowhere3:04
Section QuartetFuzzbox312
Kronos QuartetCaravan3:22
Nasseer ShammaLe Luth de Bagdad3:27
Said ChraibiLe Clef de Grenade3:42
Ravi Shankar and Philip GlassPassages3:55
Lewis CarrolAlice Through the Looking Glass4:12
Anoushka ShankarRise4:22
Gotan ProjectLunatico4:33
Kronos QuartetThe Fountain: Music from the Motion Picture4:40
Steve Reich remixed by Nobukazu TakemuraProverb4:48
Steve Reich remixed by Ken IshiCome Out4:56
Steve Reich remixed by Howie BEight Lines5:04
Harold Budd and Eraldo BernocchiMusic for 'Fragments from the Inside'5:20

Dog and Pony Show playlist for 12/17/2007

Program name: 
Air date: 
Jackal SoundtrackBlack Grape
Blow-Up SoundtrackMain Title (track 1)
Pieces of PeaceYesterday's Vision (instrumental)
Fat Boy Slim RemixGoing Out of My Head
ShantelDisko Boy
Ram DasServing the Beloved (pt.2)
Mulholland DriveThe Beast
Ram DasServing the Beloved (pt.2)
Lemon Juice QuartetHungarian Peasant Songs No. 1,2 & 8
Apocalyptica plays MetallicaEnter Sandman
Lemon JellyRamblin Man
Mint RoyaleTake it Easy
Mint RoyaleBecause I'm Worth It
Balkan Beat BoxCha Cha
Earth Wind & FireSeptember (remix)
Black KeysWicked Messenger/I'm Not There (Soundtrack)
I Love YouAsie Payton
PJ HarveyManiac
Leave You Far BehindLunatic Calm
Cat PowerStuck Inside a Mobile w/the Mephis Blues
Kocani Orkester vs Senor CoconutUsti Usti Baba
Evolutionary Jass BandDevotion

Tonight's show runs from midnight to 3:00 am, and features the conclusion of a talk by Ram Das on serving the beloved, multiple tracks from the soundtrack Jackal, Pieces of Peace (1972 Chicago Soul Funk sound mastered from tape by DJ Shadow).

Dog and Pony Show playlist for 12/15/2007

Program name: 
Air date: 
AnoushkaRed Sun
SaquatiThe Cobra Dance
Kraak & SmaakDance Macabre
Kraak & SmaakMoney in the Bag
Chemical Brotherse Are the Night Time
MIABamboo Banga
TakeLos Angeles is Outside
Pieces of PeaceYeterday's Visions
Balancescu QuartetSpot dance
Section QuartetHeartbreaker
Dandy WarholsGodless
Brian Jonestown MasscreGod is my girlfriend
PixiesCecilia Ann
Gus GusLady Shave
Lemon JellyA Tune for Jack
Wise in TimeNine
Alan Parsons ProjectTales of Edgar Allan Poe
Sound Tribe Sector NineTokyo Remix
China Dub Sound SystemFortune Cookie
AirNapalm Love
High VioletsSun Baby
Kocani Orkestar vs Senor CoconutUsti, Usti Baba

Whole World Music playlist for 12/16/2007

Air date: 
Miossec (France)Tant d'Hommes (Et Quelques Femmes au Fond de Moi)BaiserPlay it Again Sam/BIASen.wikipedia.org
Ana Carolina (Brazil)Ela é bambaAna Rita Joana Iracema e CarolinaBMGen.wikipedia.org
Negramaro (Italy)Sui Tuoi NeiNegramaroSugaren.wikipedia.org
Nami Tamaki (Japan)RealizeGreetingSonyen.wikipedia.org
Kinky (Mexico)MásKinkySonic 360www.kinkymusic.com
S.P Balasubrahmanyram, vocal; Vijaya Anand, composer. (South India)Dheem Thana Thana Nana. From the film "Krishna While You Danced."Dance Raja Dance: Asia Classics, Vol. 1Luaka Bopen.wikipedia.org
Bow Wave (Czech Rep.)I Got OnThe Future Sounds of Prague, Vol 3: DowntempopBMGwww.youtube.com
Najwa Karam (Lebanon)Liesh MagharabShu MghairaVMPen.wikipedia.org
Autour de Lucie (France)La Condition pour aimerFaux MovementSony Franceen.wikipedia.org
Fratelli Mancuso (Sicily)ChifteliCantuAmiata Recordsen.wikipedia.org
Soneta Group (Indonesia)SengajaMusic of Indonesia, Vol. 2: Indonesian Popular MusicSmithsonian/Folkways
Dub Trio (USA)Awakening Dub [Live]Exploring the Dangers ofROIRwww.dubtrio.com
Takio Ito (Japan)Takio'l Soran BushiThe Rough Guide to the Music of JapanWorld Music Networkwww.farsidemusic.com
Bévinda (Portugal)Olà, Guardador de RebanhosOlà, Guardador de Rebanhos / Pessoa Em PessoasCelluOidwww.bevinda.net
Fase (Mexico)DurmiendoCiudadlluviaUniversal
Bluvertigo (Italy)AutofraintendimentoZeroColumbiaen.wikipedia.org
Issa Bagayogo (Mali)Saye Mogo BanaPutumayo Grooves (sampler CD)Putumayowww.africanmusiciansprofiles.com
Quang Linh (Vietnam)Tôi YêuThe Rough Guide to the Music of VietnamWorld Music Networkwww.youtube.com
Sabah Habas Mustapha (Indonesia)GeulisSo-La-LiOmnium Recordingsen.wikipedia.org
Zuco 103 (Brazil)Whaa!Whaa!Six Degreeswww.zuco103.com
Cristina Donà (Italy)Il MondoDove Sei TuMescal/Sonyen.wikipedia.org
Ryukyu Underground (Okinawa)Tinsagu Nu Hana DubThe Rough Guide to the Music of OkinawaWorld Music Networkwww.ryukyu-underground.wwma.net
Zemfira (Russia)BeskonechnostVendettaRealen.wikipedia.org
Natalia Lafourcade (Mexico)Otra VezNatalia LafourcadeSonyen.wikipedia.org
Namoiy Thammalangka (Thailand)Lam Yai Lam PoonThe Rough Guide to the Music of ThailandWorld Music Network
Subsonica (Italy)Aurora SognaMicrochip EmozionaleUniversalen.wikipedia.org
Jean-Louis Murat (France)LilithLilithEMIwww.rfimusique.com
Salif Keita (Mali)BabaMoffouDecca/Universalen.wikipedia.org
Takagi Masakatsu (Japan)SprangPiaCarparkwww.takagimasakatsu.com
For tracks with no weblink, search via google or on www.allmusic.com

Craig Burk hosted Pulse of the Blue Planet on December 16, 2007. The playlist is shown here under Whole World Music to provide an overall view of Craig's programming for KBOO.

Life During Wartime playlist for 12/12/2007

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

Diskords -
Subhumans (England) - Cancer
Carbonas-Phone boooth
Cocksparrer- Argy Bargy
TDK- Te Quiero
Vice Squad-Living on Dreams
Los Invasoles- El Ejecutivo
M.A.P.- Kaupunki Palaa
Husker Du - Sexual Economics (Live from May, 1980!!! Thanks Doug!)
Dackle Blut- Aramat
Lethal Yellow- Obnoxious Song
Sin 34- Live or Die
Confusa- Sulka
Vicious- Suicidal Generation
Crass- Darling
The Slits- Adventures close to home
Underground Railroad to Candyland - Don't expect me to sleep
Dag Nasty- Under your influence
Government Issue- Written Word
Mystic/Super 7- Choice words from John Stabb
Terveet Kadet- uto Maa
The Adverts- One Chord Wonders
Treblinks- Varis
Dischange- Victims
Wild Weekend
Say goodbye to Autistic youth tomorrow night at the house on SE 6th with Sleepwalkers RIP, The Estranged, and Social Graces. Friday there's some party with Sex Vid playing, and Red Dons, Estranged, Exit Collapse and Phantom Lights are at the Tonic, Saturday Pierced Arrows, Oblivion Seekers, Sleepwalkers at Twilight, and next Wednesday Onion Flavored Rings, Tulsa, Drunken Boat and Social Graces at 19th St.
Red Dons-Terminal
Sleepwalkers RIP- Play our sound
Pierced Arrows- Caroline
Onion Flavored Rings- Songs about Science and Girls
Tulsa- "When I was younger..." song
Sex Vid- Gates of Hell
Instangd- Vansinne
Kylma sota-Paata Seinaan
Framtid- Mind faction
Wasted Time- Hey Pat!
Homo Stupids- (Off their 7")
Die Krutzen- Don't say please
Crucifucks- Democracy spawns bad taste
Ass End Offend- Guilt Free
Schlong-Wheel in the Sky
Grimple- Think
No Means No-Valley of the Blind
Septic Death- Daymare
Tragic Mulatto- Tac Squad
Androids of Mu- Lost in Space
Angst- Neil Armstrong
Slime- Junge Junge
Subhumans (Canada) - Behind the Smile
Damned- See her tonight

Life During Wartime playlist for 11/28/2007

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

love machine - around on you
tacocat - bike party
gg allin - 1980s rock and roll
buzzcocks - sweet rot - drug fiend
husker du - afraid of being wrong

mercenary god - burning generation
maggots - tammy wynette
sleepwalkers r.i.p. - death by broken heart
tyrades - i am homicide
tragics - when i was young

undertones - there goes norman
heart attack - god is dead
laughing hyenas - candy
inepsy - timebomb
life trap - control freak
bergenfield four - my sweetheart

framtid - the plague
kieltolaki - halnan elaa
slowmotions - yes future
damned - love song
hans a plast - reicher vati
fourth rotor - flim flam man

wild weekend... well, naked raygun played that weekend...
naked raygun - i lie/wonder beer

pailhead - man should surrender
direct control - war all the time
doa - smash the state
acts of sedition - happy thanksgiving grandma
gibbons - basement politics
ass end offend - get over it already
the boys - first time

rorschach - lightning strikes twice
c.o.c. - kiss of death
mg15 - caos final
dsb - fight back
otan - servicio militar
lebenden toten - covert killers
fighting dogs - the witching
his hero is gone - disinformation age
dromdead - la tierra llego a su fin
doom - police bastard
mad conflux - pink panther
violent minds - just kicked in

manikin - monkey blood
jump off a building - ride on
so much hate - blinded
deathreat - reason to live, reason to die
cold sweat - gun in my head
annihilation time - reality?

Life During Wartime playlist for 12/05/2007

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

the crowd - living in madrid
suicide commandos - you can't
gizmos - biscuits and gravy
shellshag - kiss me harder
epoxies - we're so small
minds - we got the pop

wasted time - and so it goes
kleenex - ain't you
embarrassment - drive me to the park
wire - no romans
born against - albany academy
violent minds - riot
pioggia nera - tutto falso

dear landlord - high fives
snuggle - dude where's my guitar
dillinger four - suckers intl has gone public
panty raid - i wanna be your tiger
tacocat - annual violation
x - white girl
undertones - teenage kicks
young offenders - angels

electric eels - jaguar ride
thatcher on acid - our gods are falling down
conflict - bad idea
spectres - cold war
the ex - the sky is blue again

wild weekend... there weren't really any shows this weekend. onion flavored rings are playing soon-ish, though!

onion flavored rings - untitled,unreleased song

songs for moms - 1906
ramones - bonzo goes to bitburg
minutemen - joe mccarthy's ghost
operation ivy - bad town
big boys - we got your money
knitters - skin deep town

skitkids - en gastronomisk resa
fun things - savage
minor threat - no reason
delta 5 - try
giant haystacks - catatonic state
nomeansno - my roommate is turning into a monster

repercussions - razor
complications - coffin
career suicide - jonzo's leaking radiation
pandemonium - they don't know
culture shock - pressure
the tone - 9 to life

one man running - here by the shore
black flag - police story
mdc - the only good cop
econochrist - bled dry

Rockaholics Anonymous playlist for 12/10/2007

Air date: 
Little EvaThe Trouble with BoysLocomotion gal63
Jackie DeShannonDream Boyin bike leather64
Beach BoysWhy do Fools Fall in Love?Frankie Lymon hit/ b side of Fun x364
Cilla BlackI've Been Wrong BeforeLiverpool lass/prod George martin65
KinksDon't Ever ChangeRay Davies65
FortunesHere It Comes Againtop thirty followup to "You've Got Your Troubles"65
DriftersSand in my Shoessequel to 'Boardwalk'65
Boogaloo Joe JonesBoogaloo Joeblack jazz/funk guitarist69
Baker Knight and the KnightmaresHallucinations67
Human InstinctA Day in my Mind's MindUK67
Fever TreeWhere do you Go?...when the lights go out68
Boeing Dauphine & the Beautiful suit?Jabberwock
Cave DwellersMeditation
Bubble PuppyBeginningfollowup to Hot Smoke & Sassafras69
We the PeopleToo Much Noise
Human ExpressionReadin' Your Will66
Moby GrapeOmahaminor single hit67
Electric PrunesLong Day's Flight til Tomorrowlive in Stockholm /group still going strong67
Tea CompanyCome Have some Tea with MeNY state67
Sugar Cube Blues BandMy Last Impression
Sweet InspirationsWatch the One Who Brings the NewsCissy Houston voc/ Don Covay comp /4p68
Jr Walker & All StarsCleo's Moodmotown65
Eddie Boyd (piano)Monday Morning bluesChicago:Buddy Guy/Fred Below65
DylanTombstone BluesHighway 61 Revisited/ Kooper, Bloomfield65
Serge GainsbourgTristes HeuresFrench jazz organist64
Glass KeyWorkshop in my Mind
AssociationPandora's Golden Heebie Jeebiescd version/ single hit66
ByrdsLear Jet Songmono66
Flying GiraffeAh La LaSuper K prod
Chocolate Watch BandNo Way Outcalif67
Sopwith CamelFrantic DesolationSF / Hello Hello album67
Penthouse FiveYou're Gonna Make Me
Lollipop ShoppeMr Madison Avenueaka Weeds from pdx67
WailersOut of Our Tree
Bedpost OracleLove Isn't Dead
EyesWhen the Night FallsUK67
Tom NorthcottThorns in Miss Alice's Garden

SMOKE DAMAGED psych garage bands of the late sixties !

Uncle Mort's guest music fiend:  Reeder, the WILD MAN OF BORING

NEXT week:  "My Pink Cadillac"   ...rockabilly

Early Morning Gumbo playlist for 12/11/2007

Program name: 
Early Morning Gumbo
Air date: 
Playlist12-11-07.txt2.2 KB

Sounds Unsound playlist for 12/08/2007

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Man JumpingAerotropicJump CutCarbon 7
Afro SoulElephant DanceDrum OrgyPrestige
Philip Cohran & the Artistic Heritage EnsembleEl Hajj Malik el ShabazzMalcolm X MemorialZulu
Alamaailman VasaratAstiatehdasKaarmalautakuntaSilence
Hiroshi Nar with NishinihonZoyen for Each Additionals/tLexicon Devil
Green Milk From the Planet OrangeColncrete City BreakdownCity Calls RevolutionBeta-Lactam Ring
the Flying LuttenbachersSplurgeDestroy All Music RevisitedSkin Graft
Ground ZeroGround Zero 1992Live 1992Doubt Music
Pelt, Keenan Lawler, Eric ClarkSide 1Keyhole IIEclipse
Kuni Kawachi & The Flower Traveling BandTime Machinekirikyojen
Wizard PrisonTea DreamsII
Sun City GirlsCafe Batik-Without CompareMontreal Pop
Milk From CheltenhamSnappy FingersTryptych of PoisonersAlga Marghen
Moha!C4Raus aus StavangerRune Grammofon
SmegmaThicketThe Smell Remains the SameAnarchymoon
Volcano the BearDominant Lark RisingVolfurtenVolucan
Hoor-paar-KraatSundowningsAn Anagram hypnoticGoat Eater Arts
Michael J SchumakerRoom Piecesan Anthology of Noise & Electronics Vol 3Sub Rosa
Angelo PetronellaTratto 1Sintesi de un diaroSchachtel
EG Oblique GraphRapid White Flag on Snapshot BlurComplete ObliqueVinyl On Demand
THX (Richard Pinhas)TelstarSingle Collection 1972-2000Captain Trip
ZelenopleElephantStone AcademyRoot Strata
RakenunnostuhkaaAnonten Nokturni267 Purkha Liimaa267 Lattajjaa
MCMSBleak Beach Blues1997-2000last Visible Dog
Six Ways to Avoid the Evil Eyes/tOne Tree
Horticultural CompassPlant Navigations IIThe Apparition of Beesjewelled Antler
Irr App ExtOzeanishce GefulteOzeanische GefulteHelen Scarsdale Agency
Lee RockyMusicDe Stijl
Henry JacobsAudio CollageRadio Programme No. 1Locust
Francois DufreneLe Guitar en LongOuevre DesintegraleAlga Marghen
SlitsSpend, Spend, SpendCutKoch

Sounds Unsound playlist for Dec 8th 2007. Threw in a lot of audio clips from "THX 1138" in between tracks and even collaged over stuff.

The Soundbox playlist for 12/08/2007

Program name: 
The Soundbox
Air date: 
Schooly DTreacherous
Jean GreaHaters Anthem
Guru featuring Slum villageCuz I'm Jazzy
Jurassic 5Concrete Schooly6ard
Weatherman5 in the clip
Anti popSplinter
OmniBack at it
La SymphonyWonderful

The Soundbox playlist for 12/08/2007

Program name: 
The Soundbox
Air date: 
Thavis BeckMusic will be the death of us all
Ike & Tina TurnerGame of Love
Guilty SimpsonShe Won't Stay Home
Anita BakerSweet Love
M.F. DoomHOE cakes
Mos DefSex, Love, and MOney
Mob DeepSurvival of the fittest
OutkastShe lives in my lap
MEDCan't Hold Back

Movin' On playlist for 12/07/2007

Program name: 
Movin' On
Air date: 
Leonard CohenDemocracy is coming to the USA
The WaybacksCluck Old Hen
Steve EarlRevolution Starts Now
Silent RadioGlimpse of the Goddess
Silent RadioNowhere to hide when it's raining inside
Mr. ScruffGot to get a move on
Robbie RobertsonGhost Dance
MammalsCome as you are
Taj MajalOoh Poo Pah Doo
The DecembristsYankee Bayonet
Everybody FieldsEverything is OK
MalvinasWhat's wrong with trying
Tracy Newman & ReinforcementsMama, I know You ain't Santa
Baby GrampsSatisfied & Tickled Too
Jason WebleyBack Again
Beat Beat WhisperDon't let it pass you by
Meg BairdDo what you gotta do
Allison KrausLet me touch you for a while
Sonia & Dissapear FeatTelepatia Sexual

Whole World Music playlist for 12/07/2007

Air date: 
Music by Kurt Weill. Lyrics by Bertolt Brecht.Moritat von Mackie MesserThe Three Penny Opera)Londonen.wikipedia.org
BostonMore than a FeelingBostonEpic Legacywww.bandboston.com
Hank WilliamsWon’t You Sometimes Think of MeRare Demos: First to LastCountry Music Foundationwww.hankwilliams.com
Daúde (Brazil)Sans dire adieuNeguinha Te AmoReal Worldgeorgegraham.com
Beethoven'Gott ist eine feste Burg' (Canon in 2 parts in B flat major, WoO 188)Beethoven: Secular Vocal WorksDeutschegrammophonen.wikipedia.org
Françoiz Breut (France)La CertitudeUne Saison voléeOlympic Disken.wikipedia.org
Renato Carosone (Italy)Pigliate 'Na PastigliaIl piu grandi successi di Renato CarosoneEMIen.wikipedia.org
Johnny Hartman. Song by Henry Mancini; Johnny Mercer.CharadeI Just Dropped in to Say HelloImpulseen.wikipedia.org
Beethoven'Brauchle, Linke' (Canon in 3 parts in C major, WoO 167)Beethoven: Secular Vocal WorksDeutschegrammophonwww.unheardbeethoven.org
Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions (US)DropBavarian Fruit BreadRough Tradewww.hopesandoval.com
Michel Martelly & Haïti Twoubadou (Haiti)Pa Manyen Fanm NanPutumayo Presents: French CaribbeanPutumayowww.haitixchange.com
DDT (Russia)KladbishcheEdinochestro, Vol. 2Real Recordsen.wikipedia.org
Helen MerrillDon’t ExplainHelen Merrill with Clifford BrownEmArcywww.helenmerrill.com
Beethoven'Bester Herr Graf, Sie sind ein Schaf’ (Canon in 4 parts in F major, WoO 183)Beethoven: Secular Vocal WorksDeutschegrammophonwww.lucare.com
Daniele Groff (Italy)DaisyVariatio 22BMGwww.myspace.com
Elaine Stritch. Song by Stephen SondheimThe Ladies Who LunchCompany (Original Broadway Cast)Columbiaen.wikipedia.org
Philharmonia Orchestra Cond: Giuseppi Sinopoli. Comp: Pietro MasgagniIntermezzo SinfonicoCavalleria RusticanaDeutschegrammophonwww.mascagni.org
Chava AlbersteinA Maiden’s PrayerForeign LettersRounder Recordsen.wikipedia.org
Oumou SangareMoussolouMoussolouWorld Circuitwww.oumousangare.co.uk

Craig Burk hosted Whole World Music, on Friday, December 7 from 11 pm to midnight.


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