Dog and Pony Show playlist for 09/23/2007

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Sounds Unsound playlist for 09/22/2007

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
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KraftwerkThe RobotsMan-MachineEMI
Neu!Hallo GalloNeu!
CanMoonshakeFuture DaysMute
Manuel GottschingEcho WavesInventions for Electric GuitarSpalax
Throbbing GristleAB/7ADOA: 3rd Annual ReportMute
Cabaret VoltaireSilent CommandThe Living Legends...MUte
Moebius & PlankPrehistoricEn RouteCurious
ErocMorley's OrgasmZweiBrain Records
The PharoahsDamballaAwakeningUbiquity
The Sweet TalksEyi Su NgaangaaGhana SoundzSoundway
ESGUFOSouth Bronx StorySoul Jazz
MyllaPojkarnaVanyaSubliminal Sounds
SeldaYaylalars/tFinders Keepers
Group IneraneAno NagorusGuitars From AgadezSublime Frequencies
Omar SouleymanAlkbatba ZaffouhaHighway to HassakeSublime Frequencies
AngelbloodBlood chantLabia MinorPrinted Matter
CircleBlack Black Never Never LandKatapultNo Quarter
undefinedTiny Creatures7"Siltbreeze
NegativlandIt's All In Your HeadSealand
Sylvester AnfangKomfituur voor de satanfeugoKosmies stachlatvaAurora Borealis
AvarusSusihamahakkiRasvaajaSecret Eye
Christian Family UndergroundBe Still, Be Stills/tWoodsist
True PirmesIn the surfWe Have WonLocust
Sainkho NamtchylakLike Transparent ShadowStepmother CityPonderosa
Peter BrotzmanMachine GunThe Complete Machine Gun SessionsAtavistic
Rust IonicsMoving/PicturesOuter Sounds
Ground ZeroVTLive 1992Doubt Music
Angelo PetronellaVoce & MacchinaSintesa da un DiarioDie Schachtel
Sir Richard BishopZurvanwhile My Guitar Violently BleedsLocust
MudboySolitron WavesThis Is Folk MusicLast Visible Dog
Bernard ParmegianiPlus-MoinsChants MagnetiquesFractal
Frnacois DufreneLes Joyeaux SisypheOeuvre DesintegraleAlga Marghen
Bill Horist/Troy Spruanceside aUbik 7"Dynamic
The Magic Carpathians ProjectDistanceZygmut StenwakFly Music
Ram saran NepaliRadio Nepal 2Harmika Yab-Yum: Folk Sounds From NepalSublime Frequencies
Vallo GeetPony Train/radio Nepal 3Harmika Yab-YumSublime Frequencies
Radio BandungRadio Javasublime frequencies
ZoharFrom the SilenceDo You Have Any Faith?CIA

Playlist for 4-hour Sounds Unsound show on Sat, 9/22/07 11 pm-3am  Started off with early electonica stuff and went on for the usual eclectic mix of world music, experimental, free jazz, outside rock etc... lot's of new releases played as well... It was pledge drive so I did a lot of that too... didn't really get too many calls, though. Maybe not enough people appreciate this kind of programming?  

Life During Wartime playlist for 09/19/2007

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Life During Wartime
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fy fan - med gud pa din sida
chickenhead! - chickenhead won the war
burning kitchen - easy solution
buzzoven - behaved
alice donut - get a life
ccss - still here
assassinators - bla blink
chronic seizure - violent opposition

asta kask - an finna det hopp
skitkids - gladjedodare
tdk - maleta para moscu
otan - servicio militar
pedestrians - high crimes
the jury - dog years
acid reflux - oh good there's an applebee's

ramones - oh oh i love her so
breznev - fun
capitol punishment - american way
a.p.p.l.e. - never said it would be like this
kaka hatta 77 - nar kata sa kuolla

code of honor - i killed the dove
subhumans - behind the smile
no trend - die
offenders - you've got a right/face down in the dirt
the authorities - i hate cops
part 1 - black mass

wild weekend time! pierced arrows at the tonic on saturday, a couple of unholy grave show, peligro social at satyricon next wednesday, and no age playing tonight at backspace! yee haw!

peligro social - pesadilla
criminal damage - victory
warcry - senseless
unholy grave - horrible mass graves

surrender - last white flag

yankee wuss - phenyl barbitol
neurosis - black
los crudos - that's right we're that spic band/sueltalo
detestation - ?
the damned - stab your back
bouncing souls - neurotic
shellshag - little birdy

breaking circus - eat lead
leatherface - bowl of flies
horrible odds - october
bitchin' - slingshot
killer dreamer - rapid armor
giant haystacks - the scar that will never heal

septic death - control
manifest destiny - in the dark
social unrest - american steel
unsane - broke

poison idea - ugly american

Life During Wartime playlist for 09/12/2007

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Life During Wartime
Air date: 

nvasion - no power no slave (RAD NEW SPANISH PUNK LP!!!)
conversions - dictated desires
under pressure - black bile
framtid - land of devastation
wasted time - and so it goes
la fraction - l'infame
naked raygun - treason

asta kask - dom far aldrig met
tyhat patterit - osat hukassa
nurse - japanese title
gas - one more time
happy kadaver - sagmir
underdogs - east of dachau

complications - i abdicate
man is the bastard - THE ROLLER!
stickmen with rayguns - scavenger of death
the ex - hands up, you're free
cold sweat - nightmare
brainhandle - been done
gorilla angreb - timen er kommet

wild weekend time! vibrators and mdc at ash st saloon on friday, a whole bunch of shows on sunday including new bloods at dekum manor, killer dreamer at powerhouse lounge, drunken boat at satyricon, and the kid-band fest at grape drink, and then the return of prf and the wanters on wednesday at backspace!

vibrators - judy says
killer dreamer - watchers of the formless
prf - circle takes the square
new bloods - cut

laughing hyenas - playground
crucifucks - pig in a blanket
killdozer - ballad of my old man
jesus lizard - rope
big black - cables

manic hispanic - rodney on the roq medley
eskorbuto - historia triste
la broma de satan - terrorzomo (?) autorizado
escorbuto cronico - documentacion
interterror - adios lili marlene

dead milkmen - i walk the thinnest line
husker du - the girl who lives on heaven hill
agnostic front - victim in pain

Movin' On playlist for 09/21/2007

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Movin' On
Air date: 
Joe McMurrianBogg DogJMQ-
Harry ManxSitting On Top Of the worldRoad RagasDog my Cat
Flat Mountain GirlsPoor Orphan ChildFlat Mountain Girls-
Linda AllenPateraWhere I Stand-
Joel Mabus***Live performance***--
The BillsStardustThe Bills-
Abigale WashburnSometimesSongs Of The Daughter-
Tom ChapinBob Marley's Orphan sonCommon Ground-
Hot Club SandwichWaltz ResistanceGreen Room-
Fiddler DaveBinkey's First MoveThe Cormorant-
Misty RiverLife Is GoodStories-
Kinsel & HydeI've got my eye on youOaklahoma Credit CardKinsel & Hyde

Whole World Music playlist for 09/21/2007

Air date: 
Edoardo VianelloO mio SignoreNostalgia Italiana: 20 Top Twenty Hits, 1964BMG
MorphineCandyCure for PainRykodisc
RosarioComo quieres que te quieraMuchas FloresSony
Frankie Laine3:10 to YumaRockin' - Hell Bent for Leather!Collectables
Orkes Kroncong Bintang NusantaraPutri GunungMusic of Indonesia, Vol. 2: Indonesian Popular MusicSmithsonian /Folkways
Alice, with Skye Edwards of MoorcheebaOpen Your EyesExitWarner Music Italia
Lo'JoBrûlé la mècheBoheme de CristalWorld Village
Sister Marie KeyrouzAlleluia: Tropaire de la VenueChant ByzantinHarmonia Mundi
Archie SheppBlaséBlaséCharly
Soledad BravoLa GuerrilleraRevolutionary Songs of Latin AmericaLast Call
Dub SyndicateOne in a BillionAcres of SpaceLion and Roots
Maria CallasEbben? ne andrò lontana (from “La Wally,” composed by Alfredo Catalani)Maria Callas: Lyric & Coloratura AriasEMI
Joan La BarbaraOnlyOnly: Works for Voice and Instruments (by Morton Feldman)New Albion
New AlbionAntchi HoyéEthiopiques, Vol. 14: Negus of Ethiopian SaxBuda Musique

Whole World Music of September 21, 2007 included a song entitled Only, performed by Joan La Barbara and written by American composer Morton Feldman. The composer based his song on a translation of a poem from Sonnets to Orpheus Part I, No. 23 (Feb. 1922) by Rainer Maria Rilke. 

To read the translation, click here

The Dharma Wheel playlist for 09/20/2007

Air date: 
Jon KoonceIt Can Never Happen HereLive at KBOO
Randy NewmanIn Defense of Our Country
Rickie Lee JonesHave You Heard Enough
Seize the DayUnited States
Copper WimminAmerican TyrannyAmerican Tyranny
Ani DiFrancoSelf EvidentSo Much Shouting
The RootsMasters of War
Robert HoytBad Cop No Donut
Joe Mcmurrian
live in studio

pledge drive show

Life During Wartime playlist for 09/05/2007

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

knugen faller - hem ljuva hemloshet/gayparad
young offenders - waxwings
government warning - arrested
jump off a building - i've got the atom bomb
career suicide - sars

nation of ulysses - aspirinkid
trashies - let it be trashed
red herring - streets
post regiment - banszi
pleasure seekers - what a way to die
ramones - locket love

crass - bloody revolutions
a touch of hysteria - the lord's crusade
omega tribe - profit
complications - coffin
the mental - god for a day
agent orange - dope
neurottiset pelimannit - natural

wild weekend!

roky - bermuda
sleepwalkers r.i.p. - play our sound
new bloods - cut
criminal damage - empty eyes
obituaries - living at home
lifetime - how we are
pierced arrows - ???

999 - boys in the gang
exploited - army life
a + p - kontrolle
pankrti - livili in vojaki
toxic reasons - party's over
the crack - don't just sit there

monsula - razors
redmond shooting stars - just like you
dils - it's not worth it
mekons - where were you?
the jam - a bomb in wardour street
no hope for the kids - angels of destruction

hard skin - acac

Life During Wartime playlist for 08/29/2007

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

diskords - SURPRISE! life during wartime theme song again

solger - dead soldier
burning kitchen - grabbarna pa fagerhult
forward - never lost yourself
even worse - we suck
crucifix - dehumanization
crime desire - comatose
dayglo abortions - kill the hosers
the lewd - kill yourself

god hates computers - erin yanke loves a parade
red herring - warning
as mercenarias - inimigo
inocentes - miseria e fome
calvary - the will of the way
red monkey - waiting for now
stranglers - hanging around

the milkshakes - gringles and groyles
knugen faller - demokrati
busy signals - all the time
angry samoans - gimme sopor
dils - class war
haskells - takin the city by storm
kakka hata 77 - hamaan haimatulehdukseen asti
cola freaks - keder mig

sacred shock - planet decay
tsol - weathered statues
world burns to death - night without end

wild weekend time! drunken boat at the red room on thursday... friday night you can choose between the epoxies at satyricon, subhumans at hawthorne theater, or pierced arrows at mt tabor... saturday night rotten cadaver is playing at 18th and burnside... pierced arrows are playing on drinking from puddles next week, don't miss it! oh, and tim kerr is gonna be at an art opening on thursday, but i forget the details - just google that shit!

subhumans - can't hear the words
drunken boat - rock the bullet
epoxies - we're all clones

sacred shock - bridge burner/best interest/sacred shock (by request! somebody called up and wanted to hear the rest of their demo tape)
lebenden toten - vampires
meanwhile - minutes of oppression
amdi petersen's arme - dodt liv
sunday morning einsteins - brand new lie
septic death - hardware
gism - endless blockades for the pussyfooter
filth - lust for glory
hero dishonest - deadline twist
colera - sao paulo
los crudos - unidad prohibida

no trend - teen love
x - tv glue
big boys - which way to go
wipers - youth of america

Folk Espresso playlist for 09/17/2007

Program name: 
Folk Espresso
Air date: 
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Swing & Country playlist for 09/22/2007

Program name: 
Swing & Country
Air date: 

A salute to those Concrete Cowboys, Stars of
the Superslab. 3 hours of Trucking Songs.

I don't know If I'll get all of them in this morning since it's Pledge drive time. But if you guys pledge enough money quickly we might get most of them played.

01 Big Ol' Truck - Toby Keith
02 A Tombstone Every Mile - Dick Curless
03 Big Wheels Keep Rollin' - Dale Watson
04 Concrete Cowboy - Corbin Hanner
05 Diesel Smoke on Danger Road - The Willis Brothers
06 He's My Truck Driving Daddy - Patsy Montana
07 I Wanna Be A Truck Driver's Sweetheart - Patsy Montana
08 Looking At The World Through A Windshield - Commander Cody
09 Red Ball Texas Flyer - Jerry Riopelle
10 Thunder on the Road - Johnny Bond
11 Truck Drivin' Cat With Nine Wives - Charlie Walker
12 Trucker From Tennessee - Link Davis
13 Tennessee Truck Driving Man - Ralph Stanley
14 Truck Stop Rock - Commander Cody
15 Diesel Smoke (Dangerous Curves) - Cowboy Copas
16 Diesel Truck Driving Man - Cowboy Copas
17 Double Trailer Diesel - Cowboy Copas
18 Give Me 40 Acres (To Turn This Rig Around) - Cowboy Copas
19 Roll On Big Diesel - Cowboy Copas
20 Keep On Truckin' - Dave Dudley
21 Six Days On The Road - Dave Dudley
22 There Ain't No Easy Run - Dave Dudley
23 Truck Drivin' Son Of A Gun - Dave Dudley
24 Wanderin' Truck Drivin' Man - Dave Dudley
25 King Of The Open Road - Red Sovine
26 Phantom 309 - Red Sovine
27 Wildcat Run - Red Sovine
28 Big Ben Dorsey the Third - Red Sovine
29 Giddy-Up Go - Red Sovine
30 Giddy-Up Go Answer - Minnie Pearl
31 Old Home Filler Up Cafe - C. W. McCall
32 Super Slab Showdown - C. W. McCall
33 Wolf Creek Pass - C. W. McCall
34 Convoy 1 - C. W. McCall
35 Convoy 2 (Round The World With The Rubber Duck) - C. W. McCall
36 18 Wheels On A Big Rig - Trout Fishing In America
37 18 Wheels Turnin' - Chuck Wagon And The Wheels
38 Big Rig Rollin' Man - Johnny Dollar
39 East Bound And Down - Jerry Reed
40 Movin' On - Merle Haggard
41 Freightliner Fever - Ferlin Husky
42 Girl On The Billboard - Wyile & the Wild West Show
43 Diesel Daisy - Killbilly
44 Little Pink Mack - Kay Adams
45 Big Wheel Cannonball - Dick Curless
46 Truck Drivin' Man - Terry Fell & The Fellas
47 Truck Driver's Boogie - Milo Twins
48 Take It Easy -- The Eagles
49 I'm a Truck Driving Man - Art Gibson
50 Truck Driver's Rock - Lynette Morgan And Her Tennessee Rhythm Riders
51 White Freightliner Blues - Jimmie Dale Gilmore
52 Truck Driver's Special - Red River Dave
53 Truck Driver's Blues - Cliff Bruner's Texas Wanderers
54 Cattle Truck Driving Boogie - Supernatural Family Band
55 I'm A Truck - Red Simpson
56 Sleeper Cab Blues - Tom O'Neal
57 Soft Shoulders and Dangerous Curves - The Willis Brothers
58 Truck Driver's Night Run Blues - Joe 'Cannonball' Lewis
59 Highway Patrol - The Willis Brothers
60 White Line Fever - Merle Haggard

Rockaholics Anonymous playlist for 09/17/2007

Air date: 
KinksGotta Catch the first Plane HomeKontroversy65
Moby GrapePlace and the Timeunrel68
AnimalsMaudieHooker comp/Animalization66
CrystalsThere's No Other Like my Babyfirst hit/PHIL SPECTOR prod.62
Tina TurnerRiver Deepspector mega flop66
Gene McDanielYou Can'y Hurt me no Moreduke of earl returns65
OutsidersKeep on RunningSpencer Davis hit66
RonettesBest Part of Breaking Upspector #39 billboard64
James TaylorMan Who Shot Liberty ValancePitney hit85
Brewer & ShipleyLove, LoveHal Blaine drums67
Fraternity of ManDon't Bogart Mepass it over68
Buffalo SpringfieldBluebird9 min studio version / stills opus67
CreedencePortervillefirst album68
Crystals-- not!He's a Rebelactually Darlene Love voc/Pitney write
Beach boysAll Summer Longgettin' around64
Chad & JeremyNow and Foreversummer song LP64
StrangelovesI Want Candytop twenty hit66
Darlene LoveStumble and Fallspector prod64
AssociationAlong the Waywrong turn71
NazzRain Rider2d album/rundgren vehicle69
CraigI must be madbrit psych68
Music MachineI've Loved Youpost- Talk Talk68
Brood of VipersPsychedelic WebPanjim India / garage71
CalebBaby Your Phrasing is Bad...and so is the phasing/brit psych68
RonettesLet's be Loversspector prod64
CrystalsLittle Boy" "63
DionTonight Tonightpost- Belmonts63
Del ShannonWhy Don't You Tell Himbritish sound64
MockersGirl You Won't Succeeduruguay group66
VenturesNo Trespassing61
Isley BrothersYou Better Come Hometwist / bert berns comp62
Darlene LoveRun Run Awayspector prod64
Bob B Soxx & Blue JeansDo the Walk" "62
RonettesWalking in the Raintheir last top thirty hit64
Peter & GordonI Still Love Youbritish65
American BreedDon't Forget About Me BabeGoffin-King comp67
Rolling StonesComplicatedBetween the Buttons67

Hypnopomp playlist for 09/16/2007

Air date: 
DJ SpookyCelestial Mechanix: The Blue Series Mastermix3:00
Kraak and SmaakThe Remix Sessions3:21
Four TetEverything Ecstatic3:28
Amon TobinFoley Room3:34
Ulrich SchnaussGoodbye3:43
Nik WestonSakura Aural Bliss3:49
Dirty ThreeShe Has no Strings Apollo3:52
Meatball FultonThe 4th Tower of Inverness Week XIV4:02
Digital BledCaravana4:42
Toufic FarroukhDrab Zeen4:54
Susan DeyhimMadman of God5:04
Carlos SantanaDivine Light5:10
KD LaingIn Perfect Dreams5:27

Disorienting Music playlist for 09/14/2007

Air date: 
Diesel GuitarUntitledStream of LightF.M.N. Sound Factory
Various ArtistsChunchos y PallasTraditional Music From Peru 3Smithsonian Folkways
AubeEnchased TubeCometTroniks
TroumNehehAIWSTransgredient Records
Various ArtistsMartimonio: HuayllacaTraditional Music From Peru 3Smithsonian Folkways
Family UndergroundChapter Of The FogRivenNot Not Fun
MouthusCamerasFollow This HouseImportant Records
SlogunPaul and KarlaDays of AgonyBlood!Lust
VariousTaki IITraditional Music From Peru 4Smithsonian Folkways
KK NullUntitledFertileTouch
Magik MarkersFuck YouFeel The CrayonArbitrary Signs
VariousMarinera con Fuge de HuaynoTraditional Music From Peru 4Smithsonian Folkways
Maryanne AmacherChorale 1Sound and CharactersTzadik
Charlemagne PalestineAlloyAlloyAlga Marghen
Toshiya TsunodaCurved PipeScenery Of DecalcomainaNaturestrip
VariousYawar, Yawar (Blood, Blood)Traditional Music From Peru 5Smithsonian Folkways
GrouperDown to the OceanCover The Windows and WallsRoot Strata
Alvin CurranInner Cities 8Inner CitiesLong Distance
South African Broadcasting CorporationProgramme 11 - Part 1: Superstitions and Western StandardsFrom Sorcery to SceinceUnknown
Slow SixThe Pulse Of This Skyline with Lightning Like NervesNor'EasterNew Albion Records
Jacob KirekegaardChurch4 RoomsTouch
VariousTijerasTraditional Music From Peru 6Smithsonian Folkways
Mikami KanStampBarking Practice & White LineP.S.F. Records
Christina CarterDream LongLace HeartMany Breaths


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