Africa O-Ye! playlist for 07/23/2009

Air date: 
Miriam MakebaMileleThe Best of Miriam Makeba The Early Years
Miriam MakebaMas Que NadaReflections
Busi Mhlongo & TwasaUmenthisiBabhemu
MabuluMaldeyeniAn Afro-Portuguese
KayaSenseThe Rough Guide to the Music of Indian Ocean
Izintombi Zesi Manje ManjeOmzala BakhoThe History of Township Music
SplashTshikalahaMpantsula Jive
Baka BeyondNahwiaSpirit of the Forest
Mighty PopoMuhaziMuhazi
Issa BagayogoPoyeMali Koura
Takamba Super OnzeSuper 11Festival in the Desert
Issa BagayogoDunu KanMali Koura
ResonanceChinwe IkeResonance
Amodatu AnikeOmo OlodunYoruba Street Percussion
Geoffrey OryemaLajokBeat the Border
The Apagya Show BandKwaku AnanseGhana Soundz

Heavy Metal Vomit Party playlist for 07/23/2009

Program name: 
Heavy Metal Vomit Party
Air date: 

special live grind night

black sabbath - into the void

looking for an answer - la matanza

gridlink - ?

noisear - ?

mass grave - new unreleased

in disgust - ghost in my head

sayadina - civilization

plf - siege of the headbanger

laughing dog - raspy cunt

human remains - sight beyond sickness

despise you - passive position

eyehategod - shoplift

bolt thrower - inside the wire

butcher abc - dozen of disemboweled corpses

carcass - carneous cocoffany

death - primative ways

deicide - behead the prophet

*superbad live

emporer - the aclamation

lords of light - super brutalizer

brujeria - vayan sin miedo

stapled shut - lockdown

parlimenterisk sodomi - introjuskinel...

insect warfare - freebase diarhea

slayer - hell awaits

hatred surge - numb

blue oyster cult - blackblade

*noisear live

inepsy - street city kids

voivod - chaos mongers

gride - nutnost

brutal truth - average people

LPC - goggle by tandy

rotten sound - exit

*roskopp live

terrorizer - ripped to shreds

glob - president bitch

pailhead - i will refuse





Life During Wartime playlist for 07/25/2009

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

Brain killer- endless
Look back and laugh- trashed
Dromdead- la tierra llego a su fin
Cold sweat- praying tied down
Discharge- tomorrow belongs to us
Colera- medo
Religious war- forced ideals
Betong hysteria- snutten kommer
Terveet Kadet- outsider
Bastard Sons of Apocalypse- the final attack

Pupukuusikko – korkeajannitys
Nurse – Japanese title
Fuck Geez – go or stop
Trotskids – gueule d’enfer
Hex Dispensers – lose my cool
La resistencia – es tu destino amigo

The Ex – Blah Blah
Dog Faced Hermans – Hear The Dogs
Nixe – Searching
Poliskitzo – Citizen Bean
Ultimo Resorte – Presos
Tuberculosis – Fucking Up
General Fools – Sale Ca
Adverts – safety in numbers

Wild Weekend

Mika Miko – Wild Bore

Condominium- on/off
Frustration- shades from the past
Red cross- kill someone you hate
Pekinska Patka- ori ori
Wasted youth- unihigh beef rag
Career Suicide- left with nothing
Annihilation Time- too high to die
Kakka hata 77- narkata ja kuolla

Disorder – trap
Dathside – trust
Siste Dagers Helvete – dead heroes
Paralisis Permanente – nacidos para dominar
Hanoi Rocks – Cheyenne

Conflict – You Can’t Win/The ungovernable Farce/A Piss in the Ocean
Needles – Twisted Vision
Instangd – Fangad
Kim Phuc  - Wormwood Star
Logic Problem – MK Ultra
Juggling Juggulars – Time Bomb

Firmeza 10- Religion


Shocks of Sheba playlist for 07/22/2009

Program name: 
Shocks of Sheba
Air date: 
Queen IfricaMontego Bay...vpCD
Glen WashingtonOne Fine Day...vpCD
Mikey DreadRoots And Culture...datc10"
Don CarlosI Love Jah house7"
ViceroysLive Come See...viceroys10"
Jackie MittooDisco Jack...pressure sounds7"
SymbolsSuffering Child...archive12"
Ruddy ThomasDry Up Your Tears...musical entertainment7"
Zap PowLast War...zap pow12"
Nitty GrittyGeneral victory7"
Cocoa Tea & Cutty RanksRip And Run b12"
Sammy RanksDem A Devil the streetz7"
Muscle EmmanuelInna Dem Time Yah...african bump7"
Andrew Coombs & RoundheadDance Buss...fat eyes7"
Mungos Hi-FiDubplate Fi Dem...scrub a dub12"
Wicked Dub Division feat. King ShasaCulture...wicked dub division10"
Sis RashedaHail HIM...rasheda lioness12"
Dan IChantin...jah vision10"
King GeneralBroke Again...conscious sounds12"
Humble ISound Of Reality...control tower10"
Michael PalmerDon't Smoke The one12"
Dennis BrownDrifter...shanachieLP
Big YouthWeatherman...heartbeatLP
CultureGarvey Rock...aprilLP
Eric DonaldsonKeep This Fire Burning...dynamicLP
ItalsTime Will Tell...solid roots7"
Wayne MarshallJah Jah Please...pure music7"
Fantan MojahStronger...greensleevesCD
Ini KamozeRasta Nation Now...hottis musicCD
Joe HiggsJourney To Freedom...pressure sounds7"
Flaming ArrowWhere Can I Lay My Weary Head...sunshot7"
Junior BylesDreadlocks Time...joe gibbs12"
Delroy WilsonDo Good...pressure soundsCD
Cornell CampbellHear Me Now Star...jamaican recordings10"
Lutan Fyah & SpectacularKill Dem Sound...irie ites10"
Daweh CongoLet Us Be Friends...hands & hearts12"
Beres HammondNo Goodbye...vpCD

Movin' On playlist for 07/17/2009

Program name: 
Movin' On
Air date: 

July 17, 2009, Friday, 12 noon to 1:30 pm
Portland, OR: 90.7
Corvallis/Albany, OR: 100.7
Hood River/Columbia Gorge: 91.9
Host: Don Jacobson

Posted to: Folkdj-l
Webcast on

(VA) = Various Artists.  All media are CDs unless otherwise stated.

Artist: "Selection" ALBUM TITLE [Label]

(VA) Will Geer: Excerpt from This Land Is Your Land "I Hate A Song That ..." A TRIBUTE TO WOODY GUTHRIE [Warner Bros.]

Sandy Rothman/Steve Pottier: "In the Pines" BLUEGRASS GUITAR DUETS [Sierra]
((Music Bed))
Red Molly: "Honey On My Grave" LOVE & OTHER TRAGEDIES [Self]

Kieren Kane: "Tell Me Mama" SOMWHERE BEYOND THE ROSES [Self]

Dale Robin: "Working Girl Blues" SWEET & SALTY [Wepecket]

Mara Levine: "Last Thing On My Mind" MARA'S GEMS [Self]

Johnsmith: "Ring That Bell" GRAVITY OF GRACE [Elixir]

Misty Momas: "The Land of 10,000 Mothers" WILD ROSE OF THE MOUNTAIN [Self]

David Massengill/Jack Hardy: "Worst President Ever" PARTNERS IN CRIME [Great Divide]

Eric Bogel: "The Last Note" THE DREAMER [Greentrax]
Cillian Valley/Kevin Crawford: "Legend of Lisaway" ON COMMON GROUND [Bally O]

Randal Bays/Dave Marshall: "The Master's Degree March" DIG IT [Self]

Mairtin O'Connor/Cathal Hayden/Sean O'Dowd: "Barley & Grape Rag" CROSSROADS [Self]

David Surette: "The Green Mandolin" THE GREEN MANDOLIN [Madrina]
The Hammers: "Concert Reel/The Mountaintop/The Ivy Leaf" FROM DISTANT SHORES [New Folk]

Liz Carroll & John Doyle: "A Pound A Week Rise" DOUBLE PLAY [Compass]

Tony McManus: "The Maid OF Mitchelstown" THE MAKERS MARK [Compass]
Folk Calendar
Foghorn Stringband: "Cluck Old Hen" REAP WHAT YOU SEW [Self]
((Coming to KBOO's Pickathon))
Greenfields of America: "Fahey's #25/Molly On the Shore/Bonnie Ann"

The Paul McKenna Band: "Ballad of Accounting" BETWEEN TWO WORLDS [Greentrax]

Le Vent Du Nord: "La Veille Cher Poirem" MESDAMES ET MESSIEURS! [Borealis]

Mike Dunlop: "Three Huntsmen" ISLANDS ON THE MOON [Greentrax]

June Tabor: "The Gardner" A QUIET EYE [Green Linnet]
Enrique Coria: "Choro No. 1" LATIN TOUCH [Acoustic Disc]
Questions & comments are welcome.

A Jazz World playlist for 07/22/2009

Program name: 
A Jazz World
Air date: 
Rich HalleyEb JulySong of the Backlands
Rich HalleyRattlesnake and SpiderUmatilla Variations
String Tiro of NYTexas Koto BluesNatural Balance
Oscar Brown Jr.Watermelon ManSin & Soul
Herbie HancockWatermelon ManTakin' Off
Mongo SanatmariaWatermelon ManWatermelon Man!
Mongo SanatmariaBesito Pa TiMongo Introduces La Lupe
Jack DeJohnetteCobillaMusic We Are
Nicole Mitchell Strings EnsembleMama Found OutRenegades
Dee AlexanderStolen Momentsunplugged
Rahsaan Roland KirkDem Red Beans and RiceBright Moments
Kermit RuffinsSkokiaanBig Easy
Dirty Dozen Brass BandBlackbird Specialears to the wall
Stephon HarrisPortrait of Wellman BraudAfrican Tarantella
Jimmy RushingDeed I DoThe Scene Live in NY
Christian McBrideThe Shade of a Cedar TreeKind of Brown
Bobby BroomIn Walked BudPlays for Monk
Sun RaLullaby for RealvilleSun Song
Peter ApfelbaumLibya BluesJodoji Brightness

Jazz Lives! playlist for 07/22/2009

Program name: 
Jazz Lives!
Air date: 
kevin deitzuncle ray,la contessa, etc.skylinesorigin 2009
miles davistranes bluesworkin'prestige 1956
harold landklactoveedsedstenewest coast bluesjazzland 1960
art pepperanthropologyart pepper + elevencontemporary 1959
jackie McLeangreasynew soilblue note 1959
willie the lion smithtalking about fat's wallerthe memoirs of willie the lion smithBMG
benny golsonsomething in b flatnew york scenecontemporary 1957
willie the lion smithabout dukememoirs
a trbute to milespinocchioa tribute to milesQwest records 1994
curtis councestranger in paradisemore bounce with curtis councecontemporary 1957
stanley turrentineand satisfyrough and tumbleblue note 1966

Pastures of Plenty playlist for 07/22/2009

Program name: 
Pastures of Plenty
Air date: 
Billy Brag and WillcoAt my window sad and lonelyMermaid Avenue
Luncinda WilliamsJambalayaRamlin
Lucinda WilliamsMetal firecrackerCar wheels on a gravel road
Townes Van ZandtPoncho and leftyRear view mirror
Phil OchsChangesPhil Ochs in concert
Sharon Isbin/Joan BaezWayfaring strangerJourney to the new world
Sandy DennyStay awhile with me
Greg BrownYour town nowGreg Brown and dream city
VassenJTTNordic Roots Festival
MutinyStruggle townWhat the shite (Irish compilation CD)
Niamh ParsonsFear a bhataBlackbirds and thrushes
John DoyleBitter is the partingWayward son
LunasaGoodbye Miss GoodavichIrish compilation CD
MarizaRosa brancoTerra
K'JarkasEl amor y la libertadEl amor y la libertad
Bela FleckThrown down your heartThrow down your heart
Vusi MahlaselaKuzobenjani naThe world is Africa
Miriam MakebaYetentu tizalenyThe world is Africa
Ralph McTellStreets of LondonSongs of Ralph McTell
Richard ThompsonJohnnys far awaySweet warrior

Host: John Risley

Ital Vibes playlist for 07/22/2009

Program name: 
Ital Vibes
Air date: 
Damian Marley ft NasRoad To Zion InstrumentalGhetto Youths/Motown
Damian Marley ft NasRoad To ZionWelcome To JamrockGhetto Youths/Motown
Tarrus RileyLiving The Life Of A GunContagiousVP Records
Tarrus RileySoul MateContagiousVP Records
Ini KamozeControl51 50 RuleSound Klik
Sangie DavisWords Of My MouthWords Of My MouthOrthodox Muzik
Julian Marley ft Damian MarleyViolence In The StreetsAwakeGhetto Youths/Universal
Damian MarleyHolidayGhetto Youths
EquinoxxDoubble Troubble InstrumentalEquinoxx
MungaDoubble TroubbleEquinoxx
Major Lazer ft Prince ZimbooBabyGuns Don't Kill People...Lazers DoMad Decent
LadenShe Like ItBig Ship
TroublesumRemember My NameRugged D/VIP Connected
Queen IfricaCoconut ShellMontego BayVP Records
EquinoxxNah No Mercy InstrumentalEquinoxx
Lil JoeNah No MercyEquinoxx
Gappy RanksStinking Rich (Hip Hop Remix)Gappy Ranks Productions
Gappy Ranks ft KibakiStinking Rich RemixGappy Ranks Productions
Busy SignalStreet LightTop Notch
Tarrus Riley ft Demarco & Vybz KartelHerbs PromotionContagiousVP Records
Tarrus Riley ft Etana & Duane StephensonLet Peace ReignContagiousVP Records
Courtney JohnWhat It's LikeMade In JamaicaFiWi Music
Chase Cross ft ShanzMany TimesNotice Productions
Collie BuddzEyes InstrumentalHarper Digital
Collie BuddzEyesHarper Digital
Big ShipHand Inna Di Air InstrumentalBig Ship
AssassinHand Inna Di AirBig Ship
Christopher MartinVibe Is RightStreet Bullies RiddimBig Yard
Elephant ManPovertyStreet Bullies RiddimBig Yard
Redd FoxxBounceStreet Bullies RiddimBig Yard
Lord KossityLike MeStreet Bullies RiddimBig Yard
Michael JacksonThey Dont Care About Us (Sting International Remix)Street Bullies RiddimBig Yard
ChamDem Fi GwehStreet Team RiddimFire Links
MavadoMOckingbird (Big Ship Remix)Street Team RiddimFire Links
MavadoSixteenSixteen RiddimDaseca
MavadoSixteen Remix
Busy SignalGun Is Mine (I'm Bad Remix)Stainless/Network Productions
Busy SignalAnother Girl (I'm Bad Remix)Stainless/Network Productions
Good Thyme Click/MaxamediaWeapon Riddim InstrumentalWeapon RiddimGood Thyme Click/Maxamedia
TifaHolding PowerWeapon RiddimGood Thyme Click/Maxamedia
Vybz KartelWine Pon MeWeapon RiddimGood Thyme Click/Maxamedia
Vybz KartelBicycleTrippple Bounce RiddimBig Ship/ZJ Chrome
Vybz KartelMr OfficerTrippple Bounce RiddimBig Ship/ZJ Chrome
BrammaMi Nuh KnowTrippple Bounce RiddimBig Ship/ZJ Chrome
LadenRunning The PlaceTrippple Bounce RiddimBig Ship/ZJ Chrome
MavadoHope & PrayTrippple Bounce RiddimBig Ship/ZJ Chrome
MavadoAgain & AgainDaseca
Mavado ft Busta RhymesSo Blessed RemixBig Ship
MavadoSo BlessedMr. Brooks - A Better TomorrowVP Records
Courtney JohnSave Us AllMade In JamaicaFiWi Music
Vybz Kartel ft Da GeniusBe CarefulBig Ship
Tarrus RileyI SightContagiousVP Records
Queen IfricaStreets Are BloodyMontego BayVP Records
BuglePearly GatesAlter-Ego RiddimTJ
BugleDon't Blame LifeMood Swing RiddimTJ
Little Kirk/Ruddy'sGhetto Poeople Broke VersionGhetto People BrokeRuddy's
Little KirkGhetto People BrokeGhetto People BrokeRuddy's
PinchersLife Is A GambleTurbo ChargedSupreme
Brigadier JerryInvasion S.A.7 Inch SingleSupreme
Red DragonLove Unuu7 Inch SingleDragon
Daddy LizardDibby Dibby GirlRedman Super Power Vol 1Redman
Shelly ThunderSmall HorsewomanSleeping Bag Dancehall ClassicsSleeping Bag
Frankie JonesOne Foot Jump7 Inch SingleSunset
Charlie ChaplinBionic Man7 Inch SingleSunset
Jah ScrewBoom Shock Attack7 Inch Single10 Roosevelt Ave
King KongNinja7 Inch SingleSunset
ScrewdriverComputer Rule7 Inch SingleSunset
Mr LeeTake Me Across The Ocean7 Inch SingleSunset
Glen DacostaComputer Special7 Inch SingleHarry J
Wayne PalmerHell Inna Town7 Inch SingleWaterhouse
Tarrus RileyWhy So Much WickednessContagiousVP Records
TeflonJah Has Been ThereBig Ship
Nas & Damian MarleyAs We AreDistant RelativesIsland Def Jam
Stephen & Damian MarleyTraffic Jam VersionGhetto Youths
EtanaFreeNo Doubt Records


Lounge World playlist for 07/21/2009

Program name: 
Lounge World
Air date: 


Feel Good Productions – Feel-Good Vibe (Green Queen)
Floor – Bikini (Black Flame)
George Deligny – Monokini ou Bikini (Boutique Chic)
Monte LaRue – Rainbow Ends (United)
Chris Joss – Count The Daisies (ESL)
Loop Guru – Orange Holes & Beautiful Feathers (Elsewhen)
Eso Es – Illuminate (Blue Flame)
Aural Float – Beautiful Someday (Electrolux)
Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy – Love Increased (
All India radio – A Low High
Kuba – Life’s A Beautiful Beach (Chillcode)
Mirror Music – Sea Of Tranquility (Soma)
Sounds From The Ground – Nightshift (WaveForm)
Supreme Beings Of Leisure – This World (rykodisc)
Masha Qrella – I Talk To The Trees (Morr Music)
Lenny MacDowell – To Remember (Blue Flame)
Feel Good Productions – Mad World (Green Queen)
Bibio – The Palm Of Your Wave (Warp)
Jefferson Airplane – Coming Back To Me (RCA)
The Electones – A Song In The Snow (Beat Service)
Flunk – Stain (Beat Service)
Home & Garden – Domesticated (
Jazzanova – Dial A Cliché (Verve)
J. Boogie f Jennifer Johns – Together (
Jim White – Static On The Radio (Luaka Bop)
Moby – Stock Radio (Little Idiot)
Jo Jo Effect – I Shouldn’t, I wouldn’t (chin-chin)
Hope & Tolerance – j.

Tiki Cha Cha Club playlist for 07/20/2009

Program name: 
Tiki Cha Cha Club
Air date: 


The Tiki Cha Cha Club – July 20, 2009
The Enchanted Tiki Roon – The Official Disneyland Record
Noel Harrison – The Windmills Of Your Mind
Tony Mottola – Guitar Underground/Something
Pete Fountain – Creole Love Call
Stanley Black – Lullaby Of Birdland
Felix Slatkin – Run Strings Run
Hollywood Soundstage Orchestra & Chorus – How To Handle A woman
Hugo Montenegro – I Wonder What The King Is Doing Tonight
Soundstage Orchestra - Camelot
Kokee Band – The Moon Of Manakoora
The Sleepwalk Guitars of Dan & Dale – Pacific Paradise
Roy Smeck – Pagan Love Song
Bobby Hackett – Weary Blues/Alcoholic Blues
June Hutton – Gone With The Wind
Robert Maxwell – Bye Bye Blues
David Rose – Symphony In D-Minor
Aldo Provenzano – Village Festival Song
Werner Muller – Sayonara
Guitars Unlimited Plus 7 – Puppet On The String

The Melting Pot playlist for 07/21/2009

Program name: 
The Melting Pot
Air date: 
bonobobetween the linesdays to come
beats antiquelouis' lullabyContraption ep
ephimeral mistssacred
lila liulove supreme
ollanopartir revener
loop guruclimax
sadelovers rock
Random Rabkhanahn
sofa surferssee the light
jeff bennetthow is it possible
gregory isaacsnight nurse
groove armadasoundboy rock

Early Morning Gumbo playlist for 07/21/2009

Program name: 
Early Morning Gumbo
Air date: 

 * new release or reissue


JORMA KAUKONEN / Preachin' on the Old Campground / River of Time (RedHouse)*

JESSE WINCHESTER / Far Side of Jordan / Love Filling Station (Appleseed)*

QUARTETTE / The Circle / Quartette (RoundTower)

IAN & SYLVIA / Circle Game / So Much for Dreaming (Vanguard)


JONI MITCHELL / You Turn Me On I'm a Radio / Miles of Aisles

SARAH JAROSZ / Song up in Her Head / Song up in Her Head (SugarHill)*

EMMYLOU HARRIS / How She Could Sing the Wildwood Flower / All I Intended To Be (Nonesuch)*

STEVE EARLE / Colorado Girl / Townes (NewWest)*

ROBIN & LINDA WILLIAMS / If I Should Fall Behind / Visions of Love (SugarHill)


RUTHIE FOSTER / Smalltown Blues / Runaway Soul (BlueCorn)

KRIS DELMHORST / Pretty How Town / Strange Conversation (Signature)

KATE CAMPBELL / Fordlandia / Save the Day (LargeRiver)

NANCY GRIFFITH / This Old Town / Other Voices|Other Rooms (Elektra)


DAVE CARTER & TRACY GRAMMER / Ordinary Town / Drum Hat Buddha (Signature)

DAVE CARTER & TRACY GRAMMER / Gun-metal Eyes / Seven is the Number (self)

TRACY GRAMMER / Mother I Climbed / Flower of Avalon (Signature)


DAVE CARTER w/TRACY GRAMMER / Kate & the Ghost of Lost Love / When I Go (self)

RANI ARBO & DAISY MAYHEM / Farewell to Saint Delores / Gambling Eden (Signature)

THE KENNEDYS / Gypsy Rose / songs of the OPEN ROAD (Appleseed)


FIONA BOYES / Fishin' Hole / Blues Woman (YellowDog)*

NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND w/TAJ MAHAL & VASSAR CLEMENTS / Fishin' Blues / Will the Circle Be Unbroken Vol III (Capitol)

STEVE JAMES / Fisherman's Reel / Fast Texas (Burnside)

LEO KOTTKE / The Fisherman / 6 and 12 String Guitar (Tacoma)

Italian Hour playlist for 07/19/2009

Program name: 
Italian Hour
Air date: 
Fred BuscaglioneSono Costretto a Lavorare
Fred BuscaglioneInnamorata
Renzo ArboreMedley Napolitane
Renzo ArboreAneme E Core
Adriano CeletanoNata Per ME
Adriano CeletanoSi E' Spento Il Sole
Pink MartiniUna Notte A Napoli
UnknownUna Lacrima Sul Viso
UnknownTu Sei L'Unica Donna Per Me
UnknownGodfather Theme
Fausto LealiPortami Tante Rose
Raoul CasadeiRomagna Mia
Raoul CasadeiMalinconiclo Settembre
Raoul CasadeiIl Valzer Degli Sposati
Renato CarosoneTu Vuo' Fa L'Americano
Renato CarosoneCaravan Petrol
Domenico ModugnoSole Malato
Domenico ModugnoLu Frasulinu


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