Hypnopomp playlist for 04/29/2007

Air date: 
Kid LocoDJ Kicks3:01
Boards of CanadaDJ Kicks3:02
PeldingDJ Kicks3:07
Tom TylerDJ Kicks3:09
Slim WesternsSmall Good Thing3:15
David Toop37th Floor at Sunset3:28
Jackie-O MotherfuckerDrake Hotel3:45
Kalhor and ErzincanThe Wind3:55
Meatball FultonDreams of Rio week 84:01
Freddy Kempf (Beethoven)Sonata #23 in F m4:27
Ennio MorriconeCrime and Dissonance4:52
KD LaingIn Perfect Dreams5:27

Disorienting Music playlist for 3-30-2007

Air date: 
Rameses IIITheme FiveHoney RoseImportant
Andrew LilesBengali BergmanBlack WidowBeta-lactam Ring Records
William BasinskiD|P 2.1The Disintegration Loops I2062
Voice Of EyeSirens at PropolisStorm of DronesAsphodel
Stuart BusbyThe SummitDriftFoxglove
MGRINova LuxNeurot Recordings
Geoff MullenUntitledthrtysxtrllnmnfstnsEntschuldigen
Charlamagne Palestine & Tony ConradUntitledAn Aural Symbiotic MysterySub Rose
GrouperAgate BeachWideFree Porcupine Society
Brian EnoCondition 5A Compact Forest ProposalOpal
Jasper TXBlown Out To SeaI'll Be Long Gone Before My Light Reaches YouLampse
Time Machines7-Methoxy-B-Carboline: (Telepathine)Time MachinesEskaton
South African Broadcasting CorporationProgramme 3 Part 2From Sorcery To ScienceUnknown
Rhys ChathamAn Angel Moves Too Fast To SeeRhys Chatham CompendiumTable of Elements
Eliane RadigueAdnos IAdnos I-IIITable of Elements
The User. ] . ] . ] . [ .Symphony #2 for Dot Matrix PrintersAsphodel
Chris WatsonNo Man's LandStormTouch
DoldrumsLate 70's Blue BoxAccupunctureKranky
John FaheyRed Rocking ChairSea Changes And CoelacanthsTable of Elements

Disorienting Music playlist for 4-13-2007

Air date: 
AcreOgran StudiesFakenhamSelf-Release
RobedoorBlessed WeaponsUnsummoningNot Not Fun
Joe Colley & Jason LescalleetHazards Peculliar To The NightBrombron 09: Annihilate This WeekKorm Plastics
LoosersEvocation #1Bumba Meu BoiNot Not Fun
Andrew LilesA Numbers GameBlack BeautyBeta-lactam Ring Records
Fennesz & Sakamoto RyuuichiAbyssCendreCommmons
Experimental Audio ResearchKalimbellVibrationsRocket Girl
QuetzolcoatlNight FlightWhere Are We Going SisterIkuisuus
Peter WrightDeilverenceRed LionFoxglove
Pink Luminous InvocationPink FogPink FogNot Not Fun
Oren AmbarchiPart ThreeSongs of SeperationStaalplaat
Jacob KirkegaardHeavy WaterTouch 25Touch
Phil NiblockLucid SeaTouch ThreeTouch
South African Broadcasting CorporationProgramme 4From Sorcery To ScienceUnknown
Tim Hecker7000 MilesRadio Amoralien8recordings
Pete SwansonUntitledStatic SpaceRoot Strata
Tom NunnDreaminatorIdentityEdgetone Records
Hush ArborsKudzu Covered MaplesUnder Bent Tree LimbsFoxglove
PlantsGnostic FlameDouble InfinityParadigms
Glenn JonesFreedom RagaAgainst Which The Sea Continually BeatsStrange Attractors Audio House

Disorienting Music playlist for 4-27-2007

Air date: 
Andrew LilesAnhedoniaBlack MambaBeta-lactam Ring Records
Makoto & Courtis & RokugenkinMental Castle in the MountainsKokuraRiot Season
Aaron DillowayWhite HairWhite HairBloodLust
EncomiastTraumeEsperaH\s Recordings
Horse HeadUntitledSplit with Tent CityDNT Records
MachinefabriekZucht 2SlaapzuchtRoot Strata
Fear Falls BurningIThe Carnival Of OurselvesTonefloat
Toshiya TsundoaBottle At ParkThe Air Vibration Inside A HollowHapna
Kim CasconeZephirum ScanAnthology of Noise & Electronic Music Volume 2Sub Rosa
Birchville Cat MotelFirepower Fragrant CloudFirepower Fragrant CloudCelebrate Psi Phenomenon
Robert Rich & LustmordSynergistic PerceptionsStalkerFathom
Family UndergroundSo LowMolten Strings, Train Wrecks, and BirdsongsStudents of Decay
WarmthUntitledSplit with Yellow SwansDNT Records
Burning Star CoreA Curse On The CoastBlood Lightning 2007No Fun Productions
Paul SchützeTearsThe Surgery Of TouchTone Casualties
South African Broadcasting CorporationProgramme 5 Part 1From Sorcery To ScienceUnknown
GhostingRivermouthSplit with RobedoorNot Not Fun
Daniel MencheFractured LimbsFractured LimbsAnthem Records
Six Organs of AdmittanceAssyrian BloodSplit with OmHoly Mountain
Loren Mazzacane Conners & Christina CaterMirrors Part 1Meditations on the Ascension of Blind Joe DeathEcstatic Yod
Bass CommunionPart IIGhosts on Magnetic TapeHeadphone Dust
White RainbowBanjosmearWhite Rainbow Box SetMarriage Records
John DavisAt Home and AfieldAt Home and AfieldRoot Strata
Robbie BashoVenus in CancerVenus in CancerTompkins Square

Early Morning Gumbo playlist for 4-24-2007

Program name: 
Early Morning Gumbo
Air date: 
Playlist4:24:07.txt2.03 KB

erin's show playlist for 4-23-2007

Air date: 

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Playlist April 23.doc19 KB

Hypnopomp playlist for 04/22/2007

Air date: 
Deep SeasonJesus Christ Almighty3:06
Dirty 3TG1473:11
Dirty 3Horse Stories3:32
Slim WesternsA Small Good Thing3:41
Meatball FultonDreams of Rio3:59
David Toop37th Floor at Sunset4:24
Orange BlossomEverything Must Change4:43
James AsherTigers of the Raj4:52
Orange BlossomEverything Must Change5:08

Dog and Pony Show playlist for 4-22-2007

Program name: 
Air date: 
Christina (Italian)Habanero
Howe Gelb with Scout NiblettI want candy/Not fade awayGraciously
Kid LocoI want youYour darlings
Cassandra WillsonCrazy Love
Kristin HershWild VanillaLearn to sing like a start
Super Delta ThreeOh GeniusTommy Boy
Neil YoungCowgirl in the SandMassey Hall 1971
Bettye LavetteJust say so
ChumbawambaBella ciaoA singsong and a scrap
Dead Kennedy'sViva Las VegasLive at the deaf club
GarbageBleed like me
Bright EyesNo one would riot for lessCassadaga
DeantaKing of blues
Dean & brittaSinger SingBack Numbers
Nina Persson & Nathan LarsonAngel's fallMonsieur Gainsbourg revisited

The Dharma Wheel playlist for 4-19-2007

Air date: 
George HarrisonGive Me Love
Dave Carter & Tracy GrammerWhen I Go (live)
Bob MarleySo Much Trouble
Patty GriffinLove Be Heard
Stevie Ray VaughnWall of Denial
Bruce CockburnWhat about the Bond
Eliza GilkysonHard Times in Babylon
CSNYFind the Cost of Freedom
Wailin JennysSun's Gonna Rise
Railroad EarthPeace on Earth
James McMurtryCan't Make It Here Anymore
Dar WilliamsThe Christians and the Pagans
Peter HimmelmanThis Too Shall Pass
Brewer and ShipleyShake Off the Demon

Life During Wartime playlist for 4-18-2007

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

Diskords- Life During Wartime
S.I.D.- (Damn, it was a rough start to the show... and it didn't get written down. Oh well)
Social Unrest-Before the Fall
Tranzmittors-Bigger HOuses Broken Homes
Disconvienence-Out of Mind
The Chiefs-Liberty
The Adverts- Television's Over
Black Eyes-Some Boys
The Wipers-What Is
Joy Division-Failures
Scratch Acid-El Espectro
God Head Silo-Elephantitus of the NIght
Shell Shag-Littel Birdy
Ah, peace punk...
Chumbawumba-White Wash
Karma SutraOur World Too
Surrender- Last White Flag
Vex-It's no Crime
Christ on Parade-Riding the Flatlands
Esist-ence- Operation Successful
Hey it's the tribute to School Shooting Set...
Pink Eye- In Praise of School Shooters
Off With Their Heads- Your Child is Dead
Wild Weekend!
Thanks to Jim of PDX Press, we found out about this website:
They listed every show we announced, except the one Robb sent in from Corvallis... but it's an awesome website providing a service that we really needed as a Scene, and LDW is totally stoked! Thank you whoever!!!
So, thursday Operation S is playing at the Tonic, Friday Wednesday NIght Heros from Canada play with Defect at teh Weiner Dome, the weekly Plan R show is at the Bear Paw Inn on Saturday, and we're thrilled to anticipate The Vicious on Wednesday at Dmug, and here on LDW!
Defect Defect-Little Ways
The Vicious - Crucifying Me
Teh Epoxies- Stop looking at me
Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children McNuggets- Vicarious Fame (I'm Hip)
Funeral Oration- Stop for a moment
The Vindictives-I'm in trouble now
Ground Round-Teh Store
The GErms-Manimal
Grimple- Every day a darker shade of Gray
Framtid- Nuclear Power Genocide
Worst Case Scenario- Mission __________ (oops, forgot to write it out.)
Circle Jerks- Deny Everything
Intifada- Short Fuse
Chain Reaction-No Way Out
Assassinators- The night's on fire
Reagan Youth- Anytown
Talk is Poison- Ruins
Out with a Bang-Cursed from Birth...Dow What my cock says
Teh Oblivians with Mr. Quintron- I may be gone
Radon-Re-hab Barbie
Shellshag- Shut Up

Life During Wartime playlist for 4-4-2007

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

diskords - someone's gonna drop the bomb etc etc

feederz - terrorist
a frames - complications
pissed jeans - night minutes
fourth rotor - backbone made out of wind
vee dee - undertaker
repercussions - can't hold us back

raincoats - running away
shotwell - dust of the dawn
dirty looks - thief
pretty boy thorson and the fallen angels - you can't win (don't try)
off with their heads - please don't call the cops on me
pedestrians - why kill what's dead

partisans - never needed you
vomito - ratas de ciudad
apabens anus - hummel och jord
final blast - final blast
jump off a building - left out
otan - luto nacional

shellshag - please don't let me fade away
rats - kids are kids
shock - this generation's on vacation
swell maps - ripped and torn
mekons - where were you
subhumans - behind the smile

wild weekend time!
conflict - 1986
onion flavored rings - new song
red herring - warning
clorox girls - pez negro
drunken boat - stop everything
plan r - not a waste

baseball furies - i hate your secret club
sex vid - suspended daylight
sacred shock - pedestal
gorilla angreb - mit lille sorte eg
clash - city of the dead
minutemen - maternal rite

flux of pink indians - is there anybody there?
adverts - new boys
young wasteners - code red
nation of ulysses - hot chocolate city
dillinger four - maximum piss and vinegar
royal pains - get punched

discharge - ain't no feeble bastards
day by day - way of life
final warning - rain of death
kartatu - after something that i can't read
chron gen - behind closed doors

Life During Wartime playlist for 4-11-2007

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

diskords - Life During Wartime

tdk - te quiero
bgk - youth for crime
uxb - break out
mia - can't take it no more
mdc - dead cops
rpa - bonecrusher

zero boys - civilization's dying
zounds - can't cheat karma
christian death - romeo's distress
mission of burma - that's when i reach for my revolver
crisis - holocaust
husker du - lifeline
poison idea - ugly american

testors - greedy fuckers
deep wound - video prick
regulations - survive in the city
off with their heads - die today
killer dreamer - watchers of the formless
x - tv glue

joy division - at a later date
victims - television addict
la fraction - eddy was an anarchist (coming to portland in may!)
the vicious - crucifying me (playing live on life during wartime in a couple of weeks!)

wild weekend time! a bunch of bands with no records are playing a bunch of shows... as well as the weekly appearance of plan r...

in lieu of playing records by wild weekend bands, we played an interview that erin did nick lyon, whose movie "punk love" is opening this weekend

wat tyler - eternal triangle
dicks - shit on me
totalitar - fienden
brigades - les heros sont tombes
the fix - cos the elite
latin dogs - go to the window
wretched - fino in fondo

motards - unhappy
penetration - don't dictate
clone defects - lizard boy
black lips - gentle violence
neo boys - cheap labor
radio birdman - murder city nights

brutal knights - government is asshole
gizmos - progressive rock
dream dates - the mess you're in

the eat - dr. tv

Early Morning Gumbo playlist for 4-17-2007

Program name: 
Early Morning Gumbo
Air date: 
PlaylistApr17.txt1.92 KB

Hypnopomp playlist for 04/15/2007

Air date: 
Four TetFour Tet Remixed3:00
Kid LocoDJ Kicks3:05
Orange BlossomEverything Must Change3:19
AMR DiabTea in Marrakesh3:25
Sawt El AtlasTea in Marrakesh3:29
Cheb i SabbahKrishna Lila3:35
James AsherTigers of the Raj3:43
Kurt Vonnegut JrTock Tick3:49
Ravi ShankarRough Guide3:56
Meatball FultonDreams of Rio Week VI3:58
ApocalypticaInquisition Symphony4:25
Gil ShahanDevil's Dance4:30
Yo-Yo MaCello Suites Inspired by Bach4:44
Kid LocoGraffiti Artist Soundtrack4:55
Nina RotaMusica da Film5:15
KD LaingIn Perfect Dreams5:27


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