Anodyne playlist for 06/08/2009

Program name: 
Back To The Egg
Air date: 
Stephen MalkmusMets To InfinityPDX Pop Now 2006 compilationself
The JoggersWe've Been Talked DownPDX Pop Now 2006 compilationself
JunkfaceATAMAKATAHIZAASHIPDX Pop Now 2007 compilationself
Sunset ValleyMr. Extreme JeansPDX Pop Now 2004 compilationself
The GossipIt's OverPDX Pop Now 2005 compilationself
The ThermalsYou DissolvePDX Pop Now 2009 compilationself
Davies Vs. DreschMy Friend Is My HairstylistPDX Pop Now 2009 compilationself
Small SailsAftershocks & AfterthoughtsPDX Pop Now 2006 compilationself
Explode Into ColorsPaper (Hot Sax Version)PDX Pop Now 2009 compilationself
Nice NiceUh-OhPDX Pop Now 2005 compilationself
CopracrescentDo My ThingPDX Pop Now 2007 compilationself
Ms. Su'AdSweat The DesignPDX Pop Now 2006 compilationself
TalkdemonicMutiny SunshinePDX Pop Now 2004 compilationself
LKNTo An Angel On No ConditionPDX Pop Now 2005 compilationself
The Mint ChicksHot On Your HeelsPDX Pop Now 2009 compilationself
BodhiNadinePDX Pop Now 2008 compilationself
What's Up?Seasoning's GreetingPDX Pop Now 2009 compilationself
Viva VoceAlive With PleasurePDX Pop Now 2005 compilationself
Kristin HershBlackstonePDX Pop Now 2007 compilationself
Tea For JulieHelloPDX Pop Now 2004 compilationself
AuAre AnimalsPDX Pop Now 2008 compilationself
Breakfast MountainJ HollerdayPDX Pop Now 2009 compilationself
CopyJust ExpectPDX Pop Now 2005 compilationself
YACHTSee A Penny (Pick It Up)PDX Pop Now 2007 compilationself
Glass CandyLovin' MachinePDX Pop Now 2005 compilationself
Paint And CopterManzierPDX Pop Now 2006 compilationself
Binary DollsI Am The Only Master Of The Ten-KeyPDX Pop Now 2005 compilationself
The SensualistsYou Are LovePDX Pop Now 2004 compilationself
Quasi23 & 24PDX Pop Now 2004 compilationself
Blues GoblinsA Plague Upon The White HousePDX Pop Now 2005 compilationself
MenomenaWet And RustingPDX Pop Now 2007 compilation.....self
MirahGenerosityPDX Pop Now 2009 compilationself
M. WardVincent O'BrienPDX Pop Now 2004 compilationself
Alela DianeUp NorthPDX Pop Now 2007 compilationself
LeviethanThis Town That TownPDX Pop Now 2006 compilationself
Corrinna ReppLost At SeaPDX Pop Now 2004 compilationself
Colin MeloyThe Culling Of The FoldPDX Pop Now 2007 compilationself
Laura GibsonHands In PocketsPDX Pop Now 2006 compilationself

Looking at today's playlist, you might notice a theme.

The new PDX Pop Now compilation was released this week, and it seemed like a good opportunity to do a local music only show. If you're not familiar, PDX Pop Now began in 2004, it is a non-profit organization that produces this amazing festival each summer. All local music, free to the public (all ages). Each year they also release a two-disc compilation of local music.

If you weren't up at 3am to hear the selections I played, have no fear -- these comps are some of the most affordable 2-disc sets that I've seen. And most of them are still in print, available at your local record store (yes, they still exist -- support them!)



The Melting Pot playlist for 06/09/2009

Program name: 
The Melting Pot
Air date: 
ShpongleMy head feels like a frisbeeTales of The Inexpressable
slack babaDubterraneansingle
Thievery CorporationThe Forgotten PeopleRadio Retaliation
GaudiChaine a Chainebass sweat and tears
ShpongleStamen of the ShamenNothing Lasts....
ShpongleCircuits of the imaginationNothing Lasts....
Younger BrotherThe ReceptiveA Flock of Bleeps
ShpongleShpongleyesNothing Lasts....
Missy ElliottGet ur Freak OnSingle
NandaAs We Let GoClipping Paths
ShpongleMonster HitAre You Shpongled?
ShpongleVapor RumorsAre You Shpongled?
AR RahmanO-Saya/ft M.I.ASlumdog Millionaire
ShulmanInner Selves
ShpongleStar Shpongled BannerTales of The Inexpressable
Ephemeral MistsAltered WindsBliminal
David StarfireSucka FreeBombay Beatz
ShpongleDorset PerceptionTales of The Inexpressable
ShpongleOuter ShpongliaNothing Lasts....
DeeklineIs she really going out with him?Fabric live #34
ShpongleLevitation NationNothing Lasts

The Melting Pot 6-9-09 Featured Artist ***SHPONGLE***

Dongle and Mongle are the only two other words rhyming with Shpongle...a strange hybrid of electronic manipulation and shamanic midgets with frozen digits squeezing the envelope and crawling through the doors of perception, find a new pair of dice...extra numbers and colours an infinite expanding bubble, filled with a bizzare, strange world of dripping halucinatory wallpaper, a garden of earthly delights...........Shpongleland.....a place of well being, and reflective surfaces, morphing like an Anacondas skin and shimmering like a million colour changing squid, at fifty fathoms.. truly unfathomable like seperating water from it's wetness, the Ineffable Mysteries unweave ..... 
After this years performance at the OZORA festival in August, comes a brand new show at the Roundhouse in London on October 30th 2009 for the worldwide launch of the spectacular new album from Shpongle 'Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland'. Copies will be available on the night...the first editions ever on the planet and 2 weeks before any shops or download sites, make sure you're there to get your copy ! Tickets are now on sale. 


(TWSCD36) Shpongle 'Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland' coming....not so soon on Twisted.
(TWSDVD002) Shpongle 'Live at the Roundhouse 2008'.....coming slightly sooner on Twisted !Shpongle (pronounced /ˈʃpɒŋɡəl/) is a psychedelic downtempo or Psybient music project. The core members are Simon Posford (aka Hallucinogen) and Raja Ram (one third of The Infinity Project), but they often collaborate with other artists. Their sound has sampled eastern ethnic instruments and western contemporary synthesizer-based psychedelic music. Posford is responsible for the synth and studio work while Raja Ram contributes with flutearrangements.

The name "Shpongle" is not a dictionary recognized word; it is derived from a rumor that Raja Ram was asked at a party how he was feeling, to which he replied, "I feel... Shpongled".

Shpongle's first track, Vapour Rumours, was released on TIP Records' Infinite Excursionscompilation in 1996.[1] Their debut album, Are You Shpongled?, was released 1998 onTwisted RecordsAre You Shpongled? and Twisted Records' first downtempo compilation,...and the Day Turned to Night, were influential in the then-small psychedelic downtempo genre.

In January 2007, Twisted Records announced that a fourth Shpongle album was being recorded, to be released in early 2009. The current projected release date is mid November 2009.[2] The album will be named "Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland" and will have the catalogue number TWSCD36.[3]

Watch Video Here !!  


Early Morning Gumbo playlist for 06/09/2009

Program name: 
Early Morning Gumbo
Air date: 

 Henry and Moggy sit in for Diane


Chevrolet/Big Alice - Geoff Muldaur

Hesitation Blues - Barbecue Orchestra

Song From a Cotten Field - Bessy Brown

Got the Farmland Blues - Carolina Tarheels


Old Paint - Michele Shocked

Legenyes From Kalotaszeg - The Muzikas

Lobachevsky - Tom Lehrer 


The Panic is On - Larry Hanks

One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer - Snooks Eaglin

Sugar Bab - The Youngbloods

Get Off That Jazzaphone - The Bubbling Over Five

I Made a Big Mistake - Any Old Time String Band


Time to Go - Larry Pen

Muddy Waters - Seldom Seen

You had Some But You Ain't Gettin' No More - Balfa Brothers

Wallflower - Bob Dylan

Cocaine Rag - Michael Cooney

Evening Prayer - Floating Glass Balls with Billy Hults


You Got to Go Down - Rev Gary Davis

Banjo Medley - Bill Keith/Jim Rooney

Chevrolet Six - Holy Modal Rounders

Banjo Man - Allan Taylor

Star of the Country Down - Charles Whitmer


A Different Nature playlist for 06/08/2009

Program name: 
A Different Nature
Air date: 
Volcano the BearHairy QueenFive Hundred Boy PianoUnited Dairies
Volcano the BearThe Sting of HasteAmidst the Noise & TwigsBeta-Lactam Ring
Volcano the BearThe First Circle is the EyeThe Shy Volcanic Society of the Bear and Bird ParadeBeta-Lactam Ring
Volcano the BearShake Your Crow7"Gold Soundz
Volcano the BearBeach, Each, preech, leach, teachAll the Paint I can Breath 10"Beta Lactam Ring
Volcano the BearSeekerFive Hundred Boy PianoUnited Dairies
Volcano the BearPlanetary BethlehemThe Inhazer DeclineUnited Dairies
Volcano the BearOng PateClassic Erasmus FusionBeta Lactam Ring
Volcano the BearOur Number of WolvesThe Shy volcanic etcBeta Lactam Ring
Volcano the BearGolden Hot BiteThe Idea of WoodTextile
Volcano the BearHey JudoClassic Erasmus FusionBeta Lactam Ring
Volcano the BearThe ArkThe Birth of Streissand 7"No-Fi
Volcano the BearQuarter to Four Tet7"Beta Lactam Ring
Volcano the BearDeath Sleeps in My CarThe Shy Volcanic etcBeta Lactam Ring
Volcano the BearThe Supreme & SublimeThe Mountains Among UsBeta Lactam Ring
Volcano the BearThe Last Song of NorwayClassic Erasmus FusionBeta Lactam Ring
Volcano the BearThe Woman Who Waited for the Woman who Weighs the WoolVolfurtenVolucan
Volcano the BearThe Woman Who Weighs the WoodThe Idea of Woodtextile
Volcano the BearThe Weet Golden Crest of My Distant WaveThe Mountains Among UsBeta Lactam Ring
Volcano the BearThe Three TwinsAmidst the Noise & TwigsBeta Lactam Ring
Volcano the BearI am the MouldFive Hundred Boy PianoUnited Dairies
Volcano the BearLifetimeClassic Erasmus FusionBeta Lactam Ring

Volcano the Bear show, guest-hosted by Rolf Semprebon

Midnight Mixtape playlist for 06/07/2009

Air date: 
DeathKeep On KnockinFor All The World To See
WipersOver The EdgeOver The Edge
TV On The RadioHalfway HomeDear Science
St. VincentActor Out Of WorkActor
Rachel Taylor BrownZoe Of RomeSusan Storm's Ugly Sister
Matt SheehyGo MissingTigerphobia
Viva VoceDevotionViva Rose City
Grizzly BearTwo WeeksVeckatimest
BreedersFate To FatalFate To Fatal EP
Robyn HitchcockSaturday GrooversGoodnight Oslo
St. VincentStrangersActor
VaselinesMolly's LipsEnter The Vaselines
Thomas PaulR.I.B.S.House On
Nick JainaWalking Into A Burning HouseA Narrow Way
Grizzly BearFine For NowVeckatimest
St. VincentLaughing With A Mouthful Of BloodActor
Beauty PillRideshareThe Cigarette Girl From The Future
Blitzen TrapperFurrFurr
BreedersChances AreFate To Fatal EP
John PrineSam StoneBest Of
Townes Van ZandtWaiting Around To DieFor The Sake Of The Song
Thomas PaulHouse On FireHouse On
Gordon WithersSavoryJawbox In Cello
RadioheadNational AnthemKid A
Grizzly BearReady, AbleVeckatimest
Rachel Taylor BrownSusan Storm's Ugly SisterSusan Storm's Ugly Sister
LoveLittle Red Book
DeathLet The World TurnFor All The World To See...
XTCComplicated Game
WipersLonely OnesOver The Edge
Talking HeadsHeavenStop Making Sense
Ben Folds FiveThe Battle Of Who Could Care LessForever And Ever Amen
Neil YoungDon't Let It Bring You DownLive At Massey Hall
Nick DrakeHanging On A StarMade To Love Magic
Nick JainaWinding SheetA Narrow Way
Tom WaitsDanny SaysOrphans: Bawlers
Stone Temple PilotsLady Picture ShowTiny Music
St. VincentJust The Same But Brand NewActor
Pink FloydEchoesLive At Pompeii


The Movement playlist for 06/07/2009

Program name: 
The Movement
Air date: 
DJ DrezI N I Remix (I N I Comin' Hot)Jahta Beat RetouchSay It Loud Music
Edwin BirdsongRapper Dapper Snapper12" singleSalsoul
Dam-FunkKilldatmuthafu*kaLet's Take Off (Far Away)Stones Throw
Gary DavisGot To Get Your Love (Version)Choclate Star E.P. IIRong Music
Floating PointsLove Me Like This12" singleR2 Records
Extra T'sE.T. Boogie12" singleSunnyview
DOOM f/ Kurious, Mobonix & SlugSupervillainzBorn Like ThisLex Records
Zion-IGeek To The BeatThe Take OverGold Dust Media
DJ Vadim f/ Pugs AtomzSaturdayU Can't Lurn ImaginashunBBE
Freddie CrugerKeep On Knockin'Just Chillin' In The SpotHomegrown Records
Dela f/ BluVibrateChanges of AtmosphereDrink Water
Suff DaddyLike DaddyEfil4ffusMelting Pot Music
ArethaOne Step (Featurecast Re-Edit)7" singleDubplate
Quantic Presenta Flowering InfernoCiudad Del Swing (Version)7" singleTru-Thoughts
El Michels AffairShimmy Shimmy YaEnter The 37th ChamberTruth & Soul
El Michels AffairRun Fay RunWalk On By: A Tribute To Black MosesTruth & Soul
Mulatu Astatke / The HeliocentricsBlue NileInspiration Information Vol. 3Strut
CymandeOne MoreCymandeJanus Records
Nightmares On WaxPretty DarkThought So...Warp Records
Thes OneNorthwestern BellLifestyle MarketingTres Records
Fat JonThe Queen And IHumanoid EroticaCounterflow
DisruptSega BeatsDub EchoesSoul Jazz
Harmonic 313Galag-AWhen Machines Exceed Human IntelligenceWarp Records
SoundspeciesStar WarsSoundspeciesBurnt Progress
Flying LotusKeep It Moving12" singleRamp Recordings
ExileStay Tuned (Stay Here)12" singlePlug Research
DomuIt's You12" singleGoya Music
SoundspeciesCan We Call It LoveSoundspeciesBurnt Progress
King Midas SoundLost (Flying Lotus Remix)12" singleHyperdub
Steve SpacekPeep Live Show12" singleJazzy Sport
SamiyamTrick PlatformThe ReturnHyperdub
Hudson MohawkeMondePolyfolk DanceWarp Records
Cru JonezMay7" singleOrganik Recordings

Portland Yiddish Hour playlist for 06/07/2009

Program name: 
Portland Jewish Hour
Air date: 
German GoldenshteynBetuta din YalovenyA Living Tradition
German GoldenshteynJewish HoraA Living Tradition
Laurie Cahan-Simon EnsembleTreyst Mayn FolkVessel of Song
Voice of the TurtleIja MiaBalkan Vistas - Spanish Dreams
German GoldenshteynFreylakhs MedleyA Living Tradition
Laurie Cahan-Simon EnsembleSteyt in feld a beymeleVessel of Song
Voice of the TurtleDurme, DurmeBalkan Vistas - Spanish Dreams
Yale Strom and ZmirosPapirossenCaparti 50 Miles in 50 Years
Yale Strom and ZmirosTiszaCaparti 50 Miles in 50 Years
Chava Alberstein (Israel)Crazy FlowerCrazy Flower
Yuval Ron EnsembleAndalusianTree of Life

Host Ed Kraus - thanks to Chris M. for engineering


Plugged In playlist for 06/05/2009

Program name: 
Plugged In
Air date: 
CopyLive at Holocene
What's Up
Breakfast Mountain
Chilly Willy
AED & Quiet Countries
Ethan Rose & Laura Gibson
Mega Church
Boy Eats Drum Machine
Balkan Beat Box

Tonight we featured the PDX Pop Now! CD comp that was just released and the benefit show for the CD that included a nearly hour-long set by Copy.

Higher Reasoning Reggae Time playlist for 06/07/2009

Air date: 
AfricanoStrange FeelingIt's AmazingGR Entertainment
Jr GongProgram, station I.D.
AfricanoRealityIt's AmazingGR Entertainment
AfricanoAfromatic LoveIt's AmazingGR Entertainment
Kiwini VaitaiTake You For A StrollIndependently BizarreLost Coast Records
Kiwini VaitaiDon't PlayIndependently BizarreLost Coast Records
Kiwini VaitaiWhy Do WeIndependently BizarreLost Coast Records
Kiwini Vaitai ft-J BoogPina ColadaIndependently BizarreLost Coast Records
Takana ZionI Want To Be FreeRappel a L'OrdreMakafresh
Takana ZionJah KingdomRappel a L'OrdreMakafresh
Takana Zion ft-Winston McAnuffSekou Ko NonRappel a L'OrdreMakafresh
Jr ReidProgram shout out...
Angela LattiBe ThereAngela LattiYemalla Records
Angela LattiPrincess And QueensAngela LattiYemalla Records
Angela LattiAin't No LoveAngela LattiYemalla Records
ChezidekProgram, station I.D.
Jah CallClean UpPower WiseMKZwo Records
Jah CallJah HerbPower WiseMKZwo Records
Jah CallLove MorePower WiseMKZwo Records
Jah CallSweet LovePower WiseMKZwo Records
Jah Jah YuteChildren Have PeaceExcellence Is Thy NameEnel Productions
Jah Jah YuteRough LifeExcellence Is Thy NameEnel Productions
Jah Jah YuteIn Our Hearts TodayExcellence Is Thy NameEnel Productions
FyahbwoyGanja Time AgainRecopilatorio
Ras KukoMala FamaRecopilatorio
El RookieNo Hay AlternativaRecopilatorio
Chulito CamachoSin SemillaRecopilatorio
Matthew McAnuffDi HerbsSun RiddimOwn Mission Records
Rod TaylorJah NameSun RiddimOwn Mission Records
PressureOpen Your EyesSun RiddimOwn Mission Records
TurbulenceYes SelassieSun RiddimOwn Mission Records
Vaughn BenjaminProgram, station I.D.
Midnite & Ras LThru & TrueThru & Truerastafaria
Midnite & Ras LMatThru & Truerastafaria
Midnite & Ras LBeta MantThru & Truerastafaria
Midnite & Ras LToolsThru & Truerastafaria
Midnite & Ras LDa FrameThru & Truerastafaria
Midnite & I GradeDaybreakWeep NotI Grade Records
Midnite & I GradeThe BringersJah GridI Grade Records
Midnite & I GradeRoyal HabitsJah GridI Grade Records
Midnite & I GradeMy JoyJah GridI Grade Records
DariaRasta ManGreen Trees RiddimAhtik Studio Productions
K Tee Ft-SpensahMy BabyGreen Trees RiddimAhtik Studio Productions
JahbariI'm SorryGreen Trees RiddimAhtik Studio Productions
JahmarkieOpen Up My EyesGreen Trees RiddimAhtik Studio Productions
Lion MeltaMoneyGreen Trees RiddimAhtik Studio Productions
Million VoiceJah Is KingGreen Trees RiddimAhtik Studio Productions
Tasha THigher Reasoning Reggae Time dubplate
Miss LindaIn This WorldGolden RiddimGoldCup Records
FaianaturHungryGolden RiddimGoldCup Records
Robbie D ft-TrebleCosi' DistanteGolden RiddimGoldCup Records
Vigna MassiveQuello Che Ti SpettaGolden RiddimGoldCup Records
GoldCup RecordsGolden Riddim VersionGolden RiddimGoldCup Records
Karen VibesCalling Up For LoveReggae For Humanity Vol.2Manila Jeepney
Sylvia TellaRun Jump Skip And DanceReggae For Humanity Vol.2Manila Jeepney
Sugar MinottJah Is With UsLeave Out A BabylonZenah Records

Nekropolis playlist for 06/07/2009

Program name: 
Air date: 
Fontella BassNow that I found a good thingBest of Soul Girls
Sharon Jones & Dap KingsInsperation InformationDark was the Night
Platinum Pied PiprsSmoking mirrorsAbundance
Syd the ApocolypseDaywalkerI know Kung Foo
BugskullFair are the sailsBig white cloud
StarfuckerGirls just want to have funJupitor
Crystal MethodSine LanguageDivided by night
Yeah Yeah YeahsIt's BuzzZero
VaselinesSex SunEnter the Vaselines
Mojo GurusParty DollTales of lust and longing
Rebekah Pulley & the Reluctant ProphetsDirtyTales of lust and longing
MetricHelp I?m AliveFantasies
Superfurry AnimalsPricDark days/Light Years
LumeriansOrgon GrinderLumerians
We're from JapanIn every hive a QueenNow Breathe
Boozo BajouSignGrains
The DiscoettesYes we can canStrang breaks & Mr. Thing
Portland CelloBeatThao and Justin Power Sessions
Pop AmbientPopnonamePop Ambient 2009
MochipetAnthemBunnies & Muffins
Goy YandiCactus/EcoSeeds
BugskullTweedlebug JamboreeBig White Cloud
Toy KillersSex CarpThe Unlistenable Years

An Evening of Afrotainment playlist for 06/06/2009

Program name: 
An Evening of Afrotainment
Air date: 
Lupe Fiasco/IeshaIesha's Poem/SongThe Cool
George DukeBuffalo SoldiersIllusions
Kwela TebzaVuk 'UzenzeleTotal World AfricChillGallo Records
Afro Celt Sound SystemAyubs Song & As You WereSeedReal World Recoreds
Ramon TarancoMusic From The Bermuda TriangleMusic From The Bermuda
Ramono TarancoManitki IIMusic From The Bermuda
Nahawa DoumbiaYankawAfro TechQuango
AyetoroRevenge of the Flying MonkeysAfrobeat ExperienceShanachie Entertainment Corp
Jorge BenMy LadyTropicalIsland Records
Mendes BrothersCor Di RosaPutumayo Presents Afro Portuguese OdysseyPutumayo
OsunladeCantos A Ochun Et OxaAfro TechQuango
Zap MamaRecreationRecreationHeads Up
Zap MamaVibrationsReCreationHeads Up
Terrence HowardSpanish Love AffairShine Through ItColumbia
Preservation Hall ArtistsHis Eye Is On The SparrowPreservations Hall Jazz Band Shake That ThingPreservation Hall Records
Koko TaylorWonder Why IISouth Side LadyEvidence Music
Koko TaylorSave Your BreathRoyal BlueAligator Records
Koko TaylorPiece of ManOld SchoolAlligator Records
Keb MoMuddy WaterSlowDownSony
BB KingLet The Good Times RollLet The Good Times RollMCA Records
ASAPeaceASA [Asha]Naive
The Revelations feat Tre' WilliamsStay FreeDeep SoulDecision Records
Ramon TarancoSt. George St. Overture"The Adventures of Bo SegoviaHavana
Raphael SaadiqThe Way I See It
Betty PadgettGypsy of LoveLuv N Haight
Produced by Safire & Tommy PageShow Me The WayNew FacesSire Records Co
Nickodemus feat the Real Live ShowSun ChildrenSun People
Produced by Safire & Tommy PageGet To YouNew FacesSire Records Co
Produced by Safire & Tommy PageDance To My MusicNew FacesSire Records Co
NikodemusThe Love Feeling feat Brian J & The Pimps of JoytimeSun People
Chrisette MicheleFragileEphipanyNew Island Def Jam Music Group
SoulPhonic Sound SystemEastern MarketVolume 1
NikodemusJust Move feat McKwasiSun People

Rest in Peace KOKO TAYLOR and KBOO listeners become a's easy...and inspirational...Here's the YouTube address to hear Jonathan McCoy's speech on Why We Should Eliminate The "N" Word:

Jazz Rap 2 playlist for 06/06/2009

Air date: 
Charlie ParkerYardbird Suite
jackie MCleanSwing,Swang, Swing
Anthony BraxtonSeven Standards 1995
OLiver LakeCloth
James CarterIn Caterian fashion
Dewey RedmanChoices
Oliver LakeTalkin Stick
Wayne ShorterAll Seeing Eye
Anthony Braxton1985 Volume II
`Oliver LakeDedicated to Dolphy
Freddie HubbardLive at the Left Bank
Sean JonesGemini
Don ByronTuskegee Experiments
Greg OsbyArt Form
Terrance BlanchardWandering Moon
F Hubbardlive in Europe
BirdYardbird Suite
Mark ShimTurbulent Flow
geri allenthe gathering
Richie GoodsLive at the Zinc Bar

World Beat Connection playlist for 06/02/2009

Program name: 
World Beat Connection
Air date: 
Ahmed Abdul-MalikCommunicationSounds of AfricaNew Jazz
Cedric BrooksRebirthThe Light of SabaHonest Johns
Mikey DreadIsrael 12 Tribe StyleeBeyond WW IIIBig Cat
Cedric BrooksWords of WisdomThe Light of SabaHonest Johns
MidniteTempleSuns of AtomFifth Sun
Either/OrchestraShellelaLive in AddisBuda Records
Super Mama DjoumboGuine-CabralThe Music in my HeadSterns
Fula FluteDagnaMansa AmericaNuts
Zap MamaAfrican DiamondsReCreationHeads Up
Zap MamaHarlemReCreationHeads Up
Segun BucknorSorrowPoor Man No Get BrotherAfro-Strut
ZemaReap What You SowJubileeMelchizedek
King DavidOompakatanGather the RemnantHigher Bound
Bob MarleyNo More Trouble
IshenceCountrySpace N TimeHigher Bound
IshenceRemain StillSpace N TimeHigher Bound

CrossFade playlist for 06/04/2009

Air date: 
6/4/09 Crossfade Doom & Gloom Special                  download at
name artist year album
Hung From the Moon Earth 2008 The Bees Made Honey In The Lions Skull
Black Sabbath Black Sabbath 1970 Black Sabbath
Slaves And Bulldozers Soundgarden 1991 Badmotorfinger
15 Rollerball 1997 Garlic
Scarecrow Ministry 1992 Psalm 69
When the Levee Breaks Led Zeppelin 1971 Mothership (Remastered)
Young Men Dead The Black Angels 2006 Passover
like woodstock Various Artists 2003 Illegitimate Sounds nr.6
Riders On The Storm The Doors 1971 L.A. Woman
Slow Angel - Kylie vs Massive Attack 2005  
Airplane Eyes Upside Down 2004 Trust Electricity
Spirit in the Sky Upside Down 2004 Trust Electricity
Wheel In The Sky Journey 1977 Journey's Greatest Hits
Electric Feel (Justice Remix) MGMT 2008 DMS 4
Man On the Silver Mountain Rainbow 1975 Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
Robot Rock Daft Punk 2005 DMS 2
Suicide Child Nuns 1983 Posh Hits Vol. 1 'God Bless America'
Reel Ten The Plugz 1984 Repo Man
Sinfonía Agridulce Mexican Institute of Sound 2009 Soy Sauce
The Lovecats Tanya Donelly & Dylan In The Movies 2008 Just Like Heaven - a tribute to The Cure
Being Boiled The Human League 1980 Mutant Pop 78/79
Slow Roll Thunderheist 2009 Thunderheist
Reggie Jax Public Enemy 1990 Fear Of A Black Planet
Walking On Water Daddy Kev 2002 Classick Instrumentals, Vol. 1
Nigga Music DJ Assault 2006 DJ Assault: 2006 Hits (Acapellas)
Awakening Poems Suckapunch 2004 Pocket Change Philosphy
MegaBlast Public Enemy 1987 Yo Bum Rush The Show
Something's Got To Give The Beastie Boys 1992 Check Your Head
Farewell Fire Boards Of Canada 2005 The Campfire Headphase
'84 Pontiac Dream Boards Of Canada 2005 The Campfire Headphase



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