A Different Nature playlist for 05/11/2009

Program name: 
A Different Nature
Air date: 
David Bowie--It's No Game--Scary Monsters
Beauty and the Beast--Heroes
Scary Monsters--Scary Monsters
Fashion--Scary Monsters
Boys Keep Swinging--Lodger
Joe the Lion--Heroes
Black Out--Heroes
A New Career In A New Town--Low
Ashes to Ashes--Scary Monsters
Always Crashing in the Same Car--Low
Art Decade--Low
Sense of Doubt--Heroes
Moss Garden--Heroes

CLASSICS, ANTIQUES & CURIOS:   DAVID BOWIE GOES AVANT.  In the late 1970's British rock legend David Bowie began to shift his theatrical and driving rock music into a more musically-experimental phase in collaborations with such artists as Brian Eno (Low, Heroes, & Lodger) and Robert Fripp (Scary Monsters).

Early Morning Gumbo playlist for 05/12/2009

Program name: 
Early Morning Gumbo
Air date: 
Spring membership drive, part 2
HANS THEESSINK & TERRY EVANS / Come to the River / Visions (BlueGroove)*
EVA CASSIDY / Wade in the Water / Songbird (BlixStreet)
RAMBLIN' JACK ELLIOTT / Soul of a Man / A Stranger Here (Anti-)*
NORMAN BLAKE / Church Street Blues / Old Ties (Rounder)
GOVE SCRIVENOR / Everybody's Dancing / Solid Gove (FlyingFish)
THE FIGS / Rollin' Down South / The Figs (Valcour)*
STEVE EARLE / Hometown Blues / Train a Comin' (WinterHarvest)
LAUREN SHEEHAN / In My Girlish Days / Two Wings (WilsonRiver)
TERRY ROBB / Judge Boushay Blues / 2002 Pickathon (pickathon.com) various
COURTNEY GRANGER / Casey Jones / Un Bal Chez Balfa (Rounder)
MICHAEL JEROME BROWNE / Pay Day / Michael Jerome Browne & Twin Rivers String Band (Borealis)
FEUFOLLET / Jolie Fille / Cow Island Hop (Valcour)
DAVE CARTER & TRACY GRAMMER / Hey Conductor / Tanglewood Tree (Signature)
THE KENNEDYS / Happytown / Songs of the Open Road (Appleseed)
CHRIS SMITHER / Crocodile Man / Jazz Fest 2004 (jazzfestlive.com)
BILL STAINES / Mama Lou / Old Dogs (RedHouse)*
KRIS DELMHORST / Everything is Music / Strange Conversation (Signature)
SAVOY FAMILY BAND / Sugar Bee / Turn Loose But Don't Let Go (Arhoolie)

Swing & Country playlist for 05/23/2009

Program name: 
Swing 'n' Country
Air date: 

The 18th annual KBOO Rose Festival celebrating Roselea Arbana 'Rose' Maddox
(Born 08-15-25 in Boaz, AL – Passed Away 04-15-98 in Ashland, OR)

01 - George's Playhouse Boogie
02 - Move It on Over
03 - Milk Cow Blues
04 - Honky Tonkin'
05 - New Mule Skinner Blues
06 - Philadelphia Lawyer
07 - Hangover Blues
08 - Mule Train
09 - Oklahoma Sweetheart Sally Ann
10 - Faded Love
11 - (Pay Me) Alimony
12 - I Wish I Was a Single Girl Again
13 - Your Love Light Never Shone
14 - Silver Threads And Golden Needles
15 - Kiss Me Like Crazy
16 - Kiss Me Quick And Go
17 - I'll Make Sweet Love To You
18 - Tall Man
19 - Marry Me Again
20 - Love Is Strange
21 - A Beautiful Bouquet
22 - I'm A Little Red Caboose
23 - I'll Go Steppin' Too
24 - On The Banks Of The Old Ponchartrain
25 - Tramp On The Street
26 - Gathering Flowers For The Masters Bouquet
27 - Will The Circle Be Unbroken
28 - Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down
29 - Chocolate Ice Cream Cone
30 - Loose Talk (with Buck Owens)
31 - Early In The Morning
32 - North To Alaska
33 - Jim Dandy
34 - Gotta Travel On
35 - Don't Tell Me Your Troubles
36 - Let Those Brown Eyes Smile At Me
37 - Alone With You
38 - My Life Has Been A Pleasure
39 - White Lightin'
40 - My Rose Of Old Kentucky
41 - Cottonfields
42 - Down, Down, Down
43 - Molly & Tenbrooks
44 - Silver Threads And Golden Needles
45 - The Big Balls In Cowtown
46 - Wabash Cannonball
47 - Let Me Kiss You For Old Times
48 - Hey Little Dreamboat
49 - I've Got Four Big Brothers (To Look After Me)
50 - I Wonder If I Can Lose The Blues This Way
51 - The Hoot Owl Melody
52 - Old Black Choo-Choo
53 - Old Man Blues
54 - Stop Whistlin' Wolf
55 - The Hiccough Song
56 - Green Grow The Lilacs
57 - Looky There, Over There
58 - Bear Tracks (At Berryville, VA July 8, 1995)
59 - 35 Dollars And A Dream
60 - A Comment From Johnny Cash
61 - Ramblin' Rose - Lynette Morgan & Her Tennessee Rhythm Riders


Swing & Country playlist for 04/25/2009

Program name: 
Swing 'n' Country
Air date: 

01 Music! Music! Music! - Teresa Brewer
02 A Nickel In The Juke Box - Luke Wills' Rhythm Busters
03 Juke Box Boogie - Big Jeff And The Radio Playboys
04 Brother Juke Box - Vernon Oxford
05 Bubba Shot The Juke Box - Mark Chesnutt
06 Bury Me In A Juke Box - Vern Gosdin
07 Don't Rock The Juke Box - Alan Jackson
08 Ghost In The Juke Box - David Lee Murphy
09 Gonna Buy Me A Juke Box - Charlie Walker
10 Juke Box - Joe South
11 Juke Box Boogie - Casey Simmons
12 Juke Box - Michael Martin Murphey
13 Juke Box Annie - Kitty Kallen
14 Juke Box Baby - Reggie Ward
15 Juke Box Blues - June Carter
16 Juke Box Boogie Woogie Chick - Snookum Russell
17 Juke Box Cannonball - Ray Whitley
18 Juke Box Charlie - Johnny Paycheck
19 Juke Box Help Me Find My Baby - Hardrock Gunter
20 Juke Box Hop - Dale Wayne
21 Juke Box In My Mind - Alabama
22 Juke Box Boogie - Freddie Burns
23 Juke Box Jig - Herb and Kay
24 Juke Box Johnnie - Lattie Moore
25 Juke Box Julie - Archie Poe
26 Juke Box Junkie - Ken Mellons
27 Juke Box Mama - Merdell Floyd
28 Juke Box Man - Mel Tillis
29 Juke Box Pearl - Pete Nantz
30 Juke Box Play For Me - The Cook Brothers
31 Juke Box Queen - Ronny Keenan
32 Juke Box Shuffle - Lowell Fulson
33 Juke Box Boogie - Ramblin' Jimmie Dolan
34 Juke Box Stomp - Hi-Flyers
35 Jump Right Out of This Juke Box-Tom Armstrong
36 Let The Juke Box Die - James Mask & his Impalas
37 Little Juke Box - Wayne Newton
38 Me And The Juke Box - Buzz Busby
39 Meanest Juke Box In Town - Johnny Paycheck
40 Mr. Juke Box - Tommy Hill
41 Put A Nickel In The Juke Box - Hawkshaw Hawkins
42 Quarter In The Juke Box - Lonnie Smithson
43 Rock-Ola Ruby - Sonee West
44 The Juke Box And The Phone - Lattie Moore
45 The Juke Box Played Along - Gene Watson
46 Two Dollars In The Juke Box - Eddie Rabbitt
47 Who Stole the Juke Box (From Lucy's Perfume Parlor) - Johnny Bond
48 Who Put The Nickel In The Slot - Saddle Dusters
49 Turn Your Radio On - Ray Stevens
50 Thank God For The Radio - Alan Jackson
51 Please Mr. DJ - Merle Haggard
52 DJ Blues - Red Hewitt & The Buccanneers
53 BJ The DJ - Kitty Wells
54 Radio Boogie - Hot Rize
55 Yodeling Radio Joe - Rambling Rod Foley
56 Smiling Bill McCall - Johnny Cash
57 The Lady On The Radio - Ray Stevens
58 Murder On The Radio - Dude Martin & His Round Up Gang
59 The DJ Blues - Hank Harral

Swing & Country playlist for 03/26/2009

Program name: 
Swing 'n' Country
Air date: 

01 Carter Sisters - Maybelle, Anita, June & Helen - He Went Slippin' Around
02 Carter Sisters - Maybelle, Anita, June & Helen - I Like My Lovin' Overtime
03 Carter Sisters - Maybelle, Anita, June & Helen - Juke Box Blues (June)
04 Carter Sisters - Maybelle, Anita, June & Helen - Like All Get Out (Helen)
05 Carter Sisters - Maybelle, Anita, June & Helen - Love Oh Crazy Love
06 Daisy Mae & Old Brother Charlie - Cotton Lisle Stockings And A Two Dollar Dress (1952)
07 Daisy Mae & Old Brother Charlie - Dogwood Blossom Time (1948)
08 Daisy Mae & Old Brother Charlie - I'd Rather Be An Old Man's Darlin' (1952)
09 Daisy Mae & Old Brother Charlie - New River Train (1949)
10 Daisy Mae & Old Brother Charlie - You Got Stuck (1949)
11 Cousin Emmy & Her Kinfolks - Groundhog
12 Cousin Emmy & Her Kinfolks - I Wish I Was a Single Girl Again
13 Cousin Emmy & Her Kinfolks - Lonesome Road Blues
14 Cousin Emmy & Her Kinfolks - Milk Cow Blues
15 Cousin Emmy & Her Kinfolks - Freight Train Blues
16 Girls Of the Golden West - Oregon Trail
17 Girls Of the Golden West - Ragtime Cowboy Joe
18 Girls Of the Golden West - Story of Sleepy Hollow Bill
19 Girls Of the Golden West - The Tramps Mother
20 Girls Of the Golden West - When It's Round-up Time In Texas
21 DeZurik Sisters - The Dude Ranch Cowhands
22 DeZurik Sisters - Arizona Yodeler
23 DeZurik Sisters - Go To Sleep My Darling
24 DeZurik Sisters - I Left Her Standing There
25 DeZurik Sisters - Sweet Hawaiian Chimes
26 Dinning Sisters - Oklahoma Hills
27 Dinning Sisters - Down In The Diving Bell
28 Dinning Sisters - Fun And Fancy Free (1947)
29 Dinning Sisters - Gospel Cannonball
30 Dinning Sisters - In My Adobe Hacienda
31 Dinning Sisters - Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean
32 Kitty Wells - Crying Steel Guitar Waltz
33 Kitty Wells - Gathering Flowers For The Master's Bouquet
34 Kitty Wells - Hey Joe
35 Kitty Wells - Honky Tonk Waltz
36 Kitty Wells - It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels
37 Davis Sisters - Jambalaya
38 Davis Sisters - Kaw-Liga
39 Davis Sisters - Rag Mop
40 Davis Sisters - Rock-A-Bye Boogie
41 Davis Sisters - Single Girl
42 Davis Sisters - Fiddle Diddle Boogie
43 Ann Jones - Baby Sitter Blues
44 Ann Jones & Her American Sweethearts - A Big Fat Girl Like Me
45 Ann Jones & Her American Sweethearts - Hi Ballin' Daddy
46 Ann Jones & Her Western Sweethearts - Blue Jean Baby
47 Ann Jones & Her Western Sweethearts - Jack Rabbit
48 Patsy Cline - Crazy
49 Patsy Cline - Foolin' 'Round
50 Patsy Cline - Gotta Lot Of Rhythm In My Soul
51 Patsy Cline - Lovesick Blues
52 Patsy Cline - Walkin' After Midnight
53 Patsy Montana - I Want to Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart (1937)
54 Patsy Montana - I Only Want A Buddy Not A Sweetheart (1937)
55 Patsy Montana - I Wanna Be A Western Cowgirl (1939)
56 Patsy Montana - I Want To Be A Cowboy's Dreamgirl (1940)
57 Patsy Montana - Gold Coast Express (1935)
58 Patsy Montana - The She Buckaroo (1936)
59 Rosalie Allen - Never Trust A Man (1947)
60 Rosalie Allen - I'd Rather Be A Cowgirl
61 Rosalie Allen - When A Cowgirl Is Happy (1944-45)
62 Rosalie Allen - Yodel Boogie (1949)
63 Rosalie Allen - Yodel Your Troubles Away (1944-45)
64 Rose Maddox - Move It On Over
65 Rose Maddox - Honky Tonkin'
66 Rose Maddox - Don't Tell Me Your Troubles
67 Rose Maddox - Philadelphia Lawyer
68 Rose Maddox - Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down

Portland Yiddish Hour playlist for 05/11/2009

Program name: 
Portland Jewish Hour
Air date: 
Mickey KatzShe'll be comin' round the Katzkills when she comesGreatest ShticksKoch Recordswww.judaism.com
Paul ShapiroEssenEssenTzadikwww.jazzreview.com
Mickey KatzTico TicoMish MoshRenaissancewww.jewishmusic-jmd.co.uk
The Barry SistersTrop'ns Fun Regen Oyf Mein KopBei Mir Bist Du SheynBSR Musicwww.yiddishstore.com
Aaron LebedeffRoumania RoumaniaFrom Ave. A to the Great White WayColumbiaaaronlebedeff.free.fr
The Barry SistersCabaretBei Mir bist du SheynBSR Musicwww.yiddishstore.com
The Barry SistersWhoopeeBei Mir bist du SheynBSR Musicwww.yiddishstore.com
Mickey KatzC'est tzi bonMish MoshRenaissancewww.jewishmusic-jmd.co.uk
Mickey KatzYiddishe MamboMish MoshRenaissancewww.jewishmusic-jmd.co.uk
The Barry SistersMy Yiddishe MamaGreatest Yiddish HitsMusic of the Worldwww.shazam.com
The Barry SistersHopkeleGreatest Yiddish HitsMusic of the Worldwww.shazam.com

 Hosted by Liz. A trip back in time and space to the Catskills, c. 1950, featuring music of Mickey Katz, the Barry Sisters and others.

Anodyne playlist for 05/11/2009

Program name: 
Back To The Egg
Air date: 
Dead KennedysYour EmotionsFresh Fruit For Rotting VegetablesAlternative Tentacles, 1980
Yeah Yeah YeahsSheena Is A Punk Rocker (Ramones cover)Warchild Presents: HeroesAstralwerks, 2009
XBeyond And Back (live at the Country Club)Beyond & Back: The X AnthologyElektra, 1982
Elvis Costello & The AttractionsLipstick VogueThis Year's ModelRhino, 1978
Frank BlackRe-Make Re-Model (Roxy Music cover)Oddballsself, 2000
BlondieHangin On The TelephoneParallel LinesChrysalis, 1977
Les ThugsMoon Over Marin (Dead Kennedys cover)Virus 100 compilationAlternative Tentacles, 1999
The SmithsLondonLouder Than BombsSire, 1987
SparksTips For TeensWhomp That SuckerWhy-Fi, 1981
The FallIs This New?Imperial Wax SolventCastle, 2009
The HerbaliserI Know A Bloke / 8 Men StrongTake LondonNinja Tune, 2005
IQUThe 9th LineSun QSonic Boom, 2004
Cocteau TwinsPersephoneTreasure4AD, 1984
Boy Eats Drum MachineGunfightLive on AnodyneKBOO, 2009
Tones On TailLionsEverything!Beggars Banquet, 1984
Manu ChaoBongo Bong / Je Ne T’Aime PlusClandestinoVirgin, 1998
The CureFoxy Lady (Jimi Hendrix cover)Three Imaginary BoysFiction, 1979
Siouxsie & The BansheesSpellboundJujuGeffen, 1981
Tone SetWigglin’ Around In MiddletownCalibrate 12" SingleWorthwhile Listening, 1983
DeerhunterNothing Ever HappenedMicrocastle / Weird Era cont.Kranky, 2008
The Shaky HandsAir Better ComeLung LightKill Rock Stars, 2008
M.I.A.Paper Planes (Original Chorus)KalaXL, 2007
The ClashStraight To HellCombat RockSony, 1982
Joe Strummer"without people you're nothing"The Future Is Unwritten soundtrackSony, 2007
KraftwerkRadio ActivityRadio-ActivityEMI, 1975
Flying LizardsFlesh And SteelUK magazine “Debut” that included an LPDebut, 1984
Mountain Goats & Kaki KingMosquito RepellentBlack Pear Tree EPself, 2008
Baby BirdBeautiful PlaceBetween My Ears There Is Nothing But MusicBabybird, 2006
PookaHigherSpinningTrade2/Island, 1997
Bon IverSkinny LoveFor Emma, Forever AgoJagjaguar, 2008
Leonard CohenTower Of SongI'm Your ManColumbia, 1988
Laurie AndersonLet X=X / It TangoBig ScienceNonesuch, 1982

Guess Who's Coming to Radio??!! playlist for 05/07/2009

Air date: 
STEVIE WONDERdo i domusiquariumtamla
tom brownefunkin' for jamaica (n.y.)love approacharista/GRP
taana gardnerheartbeat (inst. loop)12"west end
gwen guthriepadlock7"garage
BB&Q bandon the beat7"capitol
vanity 6nasty girl (drum intro)vanity 6warner bros.
janet jacksoncontrolcontrolA&M
rebbie jacksoncentipede12"columbia
michael jacksonwanna be startin' somethin' (end)thrillerepic
vesta williamsdon't blow a good thingvestaA&M
sweet ggames people play12"the fever
pieces of a dreammt. airy groovewe are oneelektra
rainy davissweetheartsweetheartcolumbia
sherrickjust callsherrickwarner bros.
paul lawrencestrung out (edit)12"capitol
sharon browni specialize in love12"profile/virgin
status IVyou ain't really down12"radar
kid sevilledo you have a car7"salsoul
STEVIE WONDERall i dohotter than julytamla
cameocandyword up!atlanta artists

it was an 80s party for the spring membership drive!!!  thanks for becoming a member, and if you're not a member, you should support community radio!!!  thanks...

A Different Nature playlist for 05/04/2009

Program name: 
A Different Nature
Air date: 
8:02--Ruth Anderson--SUM--State of the Union Message--Lesbian American Composers--CRI/WDR
8:14--Susan Stone--Ruby's Story--Melody Sumner Carnahan's "The Time Is Now"--Frog Peak/Burning Book
8:17--Maggi Payne--She Began Cutting The Situation Into Sections--The Time Is Now--
8:28--Susan Frykberg--Astonishing Sense--An Astonishing Sense--Earsay Productions
8:42--Dajuin Yao/Jerlian Tsao--Garden of Memory--Cinnabar Red Drizzle--Juxiang
9:06--Hiromi Ishii--Dreaming Stones--Imaginare Landschaften--CYBELE
9:20--Inge Morgenroth--Requim fur ein Schwein--Imaginare Landschaften--
9:37--Heldegard Westerkamp--Cricket Voice--Transformations--empreintes DIGITALes
9:52--Annea Lockwood--World Rhythms--New Music for Electronic And Recorded Media: Women in Electronic Music - 1977 --CRI

WOMEN'S WORKS.  An evening of rich and engaging musique concrete and electroacoustic music realized by both top and lesser-known women composers from around the globe.


The Movement playlist for 05/10/2009

Program name: 
The Movement
Air date: 
BreakoutPlanet Rock12" singleMelting Pot Music
The RootsDin Da DaThe Tipping PointGeffen
PatchworksBrothers On The Slide (Brooklyn Mix)12" singleCymande
GreyboyTo Know You Is To Love You (Platinum Pied Pipers Mix)12" singleUbiquity Recordings
The Detroit ExperimentThink TwiceThe Detroit ExperimentRope-A-Dope Records
Erykah BaduThink TwiceWorldwide UndergroundMotown Records
Jay DeeThink TwiceWelcome 2 DetroitBBE
Roy Ayers f/ Erykah BaduEverybody Loves The SunshineMahogany VibeBBE
Platinum Pied PipersThe Look of LoveRewind! 4Ubiquity Recordings
Daedelus f/ Paperboy & Erika RoseMy BeauLove To Make Music ToNinja Tune
Mark Ronson f/ Alex GreenwaldJustExit Music: Songs With Radio HeadsRapster
MophonoGroovin' (Skip On Beat Mix)7" singleCD Records
El Michels AffairC.R.E.A.M.Enter The 37th ChamberFat Beats Records
El Michels AffairShimmy Shimmy YaEnter The 37th ChamberFat Beats Records
El Michels AffairWalk On By (Edit)Walk On By: A Tribute To Black MosesTruth & Soul
Marc Mac Presents VisioneersIke's Mood IDirty Old Hip HopBBE
ShineheadBillie Jean7" singleAfrican Love Records
Lee Perry & The UpsettersJungle LionBlunted In The Bomb ShelterAntidote Records
Yesterdays New QuintetSuperstitionStevieStones Throw
Nuyorican SoulNautilus (MAWtilus)Nuyorican SoulGiant Step Records
Jose JamesPark Bench PeopleThe DreamerBrownswood Recordings
Ramsey LewisJuliaMother Nature's SonCadet
Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood-FergusonNag ChampaSuite For Ma DukesMochilla

All cover versions tonite! Artists covered, in order: Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force, George Kranz, Cymande, Syreeta w/ Stevie Wonder, Donald Byrd, Donald Byrd, Donald Byrd, Roy Ayers Ubiquity, Burt Bacharach & Hal David, Ghost Town DJ's, Radiohead, Willie Mitchell, Wu-Tang Clan, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Isaac Hayes, Isaac Hayes, Michael Jackson, Al Green, Stevie Wonder, Bob James, Freestyle Fellowship, The Beatles, Jay Dee.

Global Shakedown playlist for 05/10/2009

Air date: 
Bob MarleyThem Belly Full (But We Be Hungry)Ambient Translations of Bob Marley in DubAxiom
Bob MarleyWaiting in VainAmbient Translations of Bob Marley in DubAxiom
RaviLove Song
Ustad Sultan Fateh KhanJaadu (Nickodemus & Osiris Remix)5 Points Records
Indian Ropeman66 MetersSkint
Palov & MishkinBailandoRebutz
Run DMCMy Adidas (DJ June Reggaeton Mix)Platinum Party Breaks
Run DMCRock The Bells (Inst.)
Phuture MotionBoleroFreestyle Records
Phuture MotionLluvia NieveFreestyle Records
DJ Graham BOye Mi RitmoFreestyle Records
Suns of Arqa
DJ Graham BSao Paolo SkankFreestyle Records
East EndersHai Cu Totii (Cay Taylan Mix)Poets Club Records
Erik SumoThe Real Mustache (Vono Box DJs Remix)Pulver Records
DJ Graham BUnidoseFreestyle Records
TontelasThe FloodGAMM
RaviBinde Wa
Alpha BassLuk'lingWonderwheel
Blow MonkeysLa PassionaraBMG
DeelaAzua Azua (Latin Funk Mix)Switchstance Recordings
TontelasEn DoGAMM
CleonSpirit of JohanesburgFavorite Records
Buffalo Jams Vol.4Par-T-Woo
Cousin Cole???Flagrant Fowl
RaviAllah Akbar

Sounds Unsound playlist for 05/09/2009

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
The PyramidsMocho NabesThe King of KingsIkef
Sons of the KingdomHey ThereSoul Messages from DimonaNumero Group
Mecki Mark MenFrees/tUniversal
Endless BoogieExecutive FocusFocus LevelNo Quarter
Sun City GirlsPrick of the WorldSingles Vol 2Abduction
Skull DefektsSkull & TongueThe TempleImportant
Oil TastersEarn While You Learns/tLexicon Devil
Dengue FeverTrip My CanoeSleepwalking Through the Mekong
Storsveit Nix NoltesLeanska PrachenitsaRoyal Family DivorceFat Cat
Balkan Beat BoxBulgarian Chickss/tJDub
Alamaailiman Vasarat/Tuomar NumioRivattuKinaporin KalifaattiPyramid
Rudolf Eb.er/Joke LanzLiederliches und Nichtiges von...Blossoming Noise
IUDDaddyThe Proper SexSocial Registry
NIMBYMidlife CrisisSongs for AdultsAd Hoc
Alec Redfearn & the EyesoresThe Radiator HymnThe Blind SpotCuneiform
Alvarius B/Cerebus ShoalsBlood BabyThe Vim & the VigorNortheast Indie
The Inner SpaceAgikok & BlubboAgikok & BlubboWah Wah
Heavy WingedMorning FleshWalking, ShakingAurora Borealas
Guaranteed KatchSomething to HideIn a Sumptuous Brown GravyEquation
GrouperOpened SpaceCover the Windows & the WallsRoot Strata
TwinsistermoonJaveline of PestilenceThe Black UnderDigitalis
ZaimphJeweled HandMirage of the OtherGypsy Sphynx
The Long Dead SevensPigfaceThe White Waltz & Other StoriesBeta-Lactam Ring
Fern KnightSilver Foxs/tVHF
NalleSunne SongBy Chance Upon WakingPickled Egg
AnahitaMoi KissenMatricariaImportant
Fifths of SevenRosa CentifoliaSpry from Bitter Anise FoldsLes Disques du Soleil
Legendary Pink DotsWhere No ManChemical Playschool 8 & 9Beta-Lactam Ring
Okkyung LeeDeep Blue KnotNihmTzadik
Simon ten HoltI Am SylviaAnthology fo Dutch Electronic Tape Music Vol 2Basta
Blood MoneyPeriBlood BrotherhoodKiller Pimp

Playlist for Sounds Unsound May 9 '09

Higher Reasoning Reggae Time playlist for 05/10/2009

Air date: 
Messenjah SelahFocusBreaking Babylon CurseZion High Productions
Messenjah SelahProgram, station I.D.
Messenjah SelahNo Bad VibesWord Sound And Power HealaMessenjah Selah
Messenjah SelahUnseen CorruptionBreaking Babylon CurseZion High Productions
Messenjah SelahSufferationBreaking Babylon CurseZion High Productions
Lady PassionThanks To The FatherLady Passion (EP)Lady Passion
Lady PassionOne DaySpecialist RiddimTru Vibez Productions
Lady Passion ft-Ras AttitudeRoyal To MeLady Passion (EP)Lady Passion
Lady PassionNever Change My MindLady Passion (EP)Lady Passion
Wicked Dub DivisionOne Blood DubIDC Community Showcase Vol.1A Quiet Thump
Earth Ground CombinationDem Nah DubIDC Community Showcase Vol.1A Quiet Thump
RenegadMama A Bawlmp3 on Movements RiddimJamplified Records
Anthony CruzMama's BlessingMama's BlessingCharm
PurposeMama I Love Yoump3Arcanovi Management, Records & Publishing Co.
Terry LinenIt Hurt DemA Better ManUplifting Music International
Terry LinenStand FirmA Better ManUplifting Music International
Jr GongProgram, station I.D.
Roots RevealersKali TreeRoots Revealers pre-releaseFamily House Music
Roots Revealers ft-Ras GoudieReady Or NotRoots Revealers pre-releaseFamily House Music
Roots RevealersWorries And ProblemsRoots Revealers pre-releaseFamily House Music
Roots RevealersYoung GirlsRoots Revealers pre-releaseFamily House Music
Minx aka-Empress TMeditationcdr singleINI Global Music
Fire PashonMek It In Lifemp3 singleIrie Sounds International
BescentaToo Much WarE Ten Riddim promo CDSons Of Spoon Records
NesbethMamaE Ten Riddim promo CDSons Of Spoon Records
Mark WonderJoy & Glorious DaySpread Dat Love Riddim promo CDHigh Fly Records
Prince TheoChant Dem DownSpread Dat Love Riddim promo CDHigh Fly Records
King LorenzoSpread Dat LoveSpread Dat Love Riddim promo CDHigh Fly Records
JudgementRocky MountainFootsteps Riddim promo CDHillside Productions
LyrikalDa ZoneFootsteps Riddim promo CDHillside Productions
B UniqueI Like ItFootsteps Riddim promo CDHillside Productions
Queen OmegaLocalVibrationz Riddim
White AngelFrom Ah DistanceVibrationz Riddim
PrinceVibrationz Riddim versionVibrationz Riddim
Together Forever FamilyLink UpVibrationz Riddim
Prophet BenjaminTalk NuVibrationz Riddim
FranziskaJah LiveBad Boys RiddimAfrican Beat Records
Mark Wonder ft-Conscious FiyahWho A Go RunBad Boys RiddimAfrican Beat Records
Perfect10 Pound Of GanjaBad Boys RiddimAfrican Beat Records
Burro BantonNah Drop Di TingBad Boys RiddimAfrican Beat Records
Brown LionThem Have The PotentialPotential RiddimHeart Of Love Production
A'taruHeart A LovePotential RiddimHeart Of Love Production
Zema & The Gladiators BandPower In UnityJubileeMelchezidek Music
Zema & The Gladiators BandDo It In LoveJubileeMelchezidek Music
Zema & The Gladiators BandJubileeJubileeMelchezidek Music
Earl 16Trials And Tribulation12"Roots Youths
Earl 16Reggae Got SoulReality Shock Vol.1Reality Shock Records
Solo BantonRoot Rock ReggaeReality Shock Vol.1Reality Shock Records
La Coca FernandezResistenciaVerde AlegriaLa Coca Fernandez
La Coca FernandezRastamanVerde AlegriaLa Coca Fernandez
La Coca FernandezVola PimpoioVerde AlegriaLa Coca Fernandez
Vaughn BenjaminProgram, station introduction...
MidniteLianessScheme A Thingsrastafaria
MidniteScheme A ThingsScheme A Thingsrastafaria
MidniteDroughtAinshant MapsAfrikan Roots Lab
MidniteMan TainAinshant MapsAfrikan Roots Lab
MidniteYou Don't Know MeSeek Knowledge Before VengeanceAfrikan Roots Lab
MidniteBanking In The PigRas Mek PeaceWildchild Records

Grateful Dead & Friends playlist for 05/09/2009

Program name: 
Grateful Dead & Friends
Air date: 
Grateful DeadMississippi Half Step>El PasoMemorial ColiseumTuscaloosa, AL
Grateful DeadJack-A-RoeMemorial ColiseumTuscalossa, AL
Grateful DeadMusic Never StoppedFox TheaterAtlanta, GA
Grateful DeadDancing in the StreetsPalladium TheaterNew York City, NY
Grateful DeadTerrapin>Samson and DeliahBoston GardenBoston, MA
Grateful DeadPeggy OBoston GardenBoston, MA
Grateful DeadNew MinglewoodBoston GardenBoston, MA


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