A Different Nature playlist for 02/21/2011

Program name: 
A Different Nature
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FRED FRITH - 2 WORKS (mainly)  --  hosted by daniel flessas

Focusing on Frith's early guitar masterpiece, 1974's "Guitar Solos" and 1995's "Pacifica", (though we opened tonight's show with the atmospheric "Kick The Can" from the 1980 album, "Speechless").

GUITAR SOLOS  (from about 8:05 pm til around 9:15 pm)

1. Hello Music 

2. Glass c/w Steel

3. Ghosts

4. Out of Their Heads (on locoweed)

5. Not  Forgotten

6. Hollow Music

7. Heat c/w Moment

8. PART 5 from "Rivers and Tides" (music for the amazing film about Andy Goldsworthy) this is NOT on Guitar Solos, btw..

9. No Birds   (The longest track on the album, "No Birds", Frith played on two prepared guitars simultaneously, creating the timbre and range of an orchestra. He laid the two guitars flat on a table, neck to neck with the bodies of the guitars at opposite ends and the necks parallel to each other. He then tuned the strings on both guitars to one note, and because they were stereo guitars with nut pickups, he had six separate sound sources coming from each guitar. Using volume pedals on some of the sound sources, Frith filtered sounds in and out of the mix without doing anything on the guitars.

10. Only Reflect

11. Water / Struggle / The North

12. Alienated Industrial Seagulls

Guitar Solos was voted one of the best albums of 1974 by NME critics. Allmusic called it a landmark album because of its innovative and experimental approach to guitar playing. It also attracted the attention of Brian Eno, resulting in Frith's playing guitar on two of Eno's albums, and spawned two follow-up albums, Guitar Solos 2 (1976) and Guitar Solos 3 (1979). Guitar Solos was remastered and released on CD on Frith's own record label, Fred Records in 2002.

Frith recorded the album at David Vorhaus's Kaleidophon Studios in London on 11–13 and 15 July 1974, where he played a modified 1936 Gibson K-11. He added an extra pickup over the strings at the nut, enabling him to amplify sound from both sides of the fretted note. He then split the fretboard in two with a capo, effectively giving him two guitars, each amplified separately that he could play independently with each hand. To split the sounds further he attached alligator clips at various positions on the strings. The net result was a guitar with multiple sound sources that could be channelled to a mixer and distributed across the stereo soundscape.[3]

The album was recorded in four days without any overdubbing. All the pieces were improvised, some completely, some to a roughly preconceived idea, and sound as they were played, except for "No Birds", which was recorded in two parts, and "Not Forgotten", from which two notes were removed. The only sounds not produced 'naturally' by guitar are those of a fuzzbox used on "Out of Their Heads (On Locoweed)", "Heat c/w Moment" and "No Birds", an echo delay used on "No Birds", and ambient noise from Frith's breath and feet on "Heat c/w Moment".[5]

PACIFICA  (from about 9:15 pm til almost 10:00 pm)

Pacifica was composed by Frith in 1994 as "a meditation for 21 musicians with texts by Pablo Neruda", and was performed, under the direction of Frith, by the Eva Kant ensemble in 1995 in Modena, Italy. Texts taken from the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda's works Soneto IX and Cien sonetos de amor, were recorded by Sergio Meza in September 1997 in Santiago, Chile and were added to the music in 1998. The album was released on Tzadik Records' Composer Series in 1998.

Frith does not perform on this album.

Pacifica was composed by Frith at Big Sur, California in a cabin overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It is "a slow meditation on life and death" and reflects a series of events that occurred in Frith's life at the time, namely the death of two close friends and the birth of his daughter.

Pacifica was composed for an ensemble that included prepared guitars, wind instruments, percussion, a vocalist and a performer on records, CDs and tapes. The 19 member Eva Kant ensemble (named after a 1960s comic strip heroine, Eva Kant) performed the piece, with fragments of recited text from the Death Song of the Cupeño tribe of California and the tribal names of all the original inhabitants of California.

Music Without Borders playlist for 02/20/2011

Program name: 
Music Without Borders
Air date: 
Thomas BlondetHavana 2amThe Sound of Rhythm & Culture8:06pm
MassukosNiassaSound Of The World - Beyond The Horizon8:09pm
Issa BagayogaKalan NegeThe Tough Guide To The Music Of Mali8:17pm
Simphiwe DanaBantu Biko StreetSound Of The World - Beyond The Horizon8:21pm
DJ Cheb I SabbahRadhe KrishnaShri Durga8:27pm
KabanjakThe Man Who Spoke FlamesTree of Mystery8:36pm
Fat Freddy's DropHopeSon du Monde8:40pm
Zion INorth StarAtomic Clock8:49pm
Jack JohnsonAngelSleep Through The Static8:53pm
KabanjakI Am A TreeTree of Mystery8:55pm
Nickodemus2 Sips & Magic(Second Sky & Thomas Blondet Remix)The Sound of Rhythm & Culture9:00pm
Thievery Corporation f/David ByrneThe Heart's Lonely HunterThe Cosmic Game9:05pm
Lord Newborn & The Magic SkullsAncient ScrollsLord Newborn & The Magic Skulls9:09pm
Chris JossKal;i FlowersMonomaniacs Volume 19:11pm
Beat PharmacyKeefEarthly Delights9:15pm
David Starfir f/LynxHey JudeBollyhood Bass9:21pm
Alice RussellUniversePot Of Gold9:26pm
Bonobo f/BajkaBetween The LinesDays To Come9:31pm
ZebMy Own BeatStop the Earth, I Want To Get Off!9:35pm
Kingsuk BiswasCurrentsAsian Travels, Vol.19:41pm
AtmanPath Of LoveEternal Dance9:47pm
Thomas BlondetDub Steppa f/Subatomic Sound SystemThe Sound of Rhythm & Culture9:52pm
9 Lazy 9Black JesusZen: A Retrospective9:56pm

Astral Traveling playlist for 02/20/2011

Program name: 
Astral Traveling
Air date: 
Ahmad JamalSwahililandJamal Plays Jamal20th Century
Double ImageRondney's Dream of Fantasy and Self-FulfilmentDouble ImageInner City Records
Jamey AebersoldSnap, Crackle & PopTime To Play Music! (Jazz and Rock)Aebersold
The SilhouettesRed Snow 7" Singel7" SingleWestern World
Kiss Inc.Hey Mr.Holy Man7" SingleBell
Flash & The DynamicsChango7" SingleTico
Four UmDay Dreaming7" SingleLibra 7
Duke PayneThe Bottom7" SingleM&M
Sunday's ChildWhat Are You Thinking7" SingleReprise Records
Boris GardnerMelting Pot7" SingleJaguar
Ella FitzgeraldSunshine of your Love7" SinglePrestige
Ricardo MarreroBabalonia7" SingleYu Qui Yu
Lyn ChristopherTake Me With You7" SingleParamount
This GenerationThe Children Have Your Tounge7" SingleHip
Family SoulsCyke7" SingleDPR
Nellie LutcherReaching For The Moon7" SingleMelic
Lionel Hampton and His Jazz Inner CircleChameleon7" SingleGlad-Hamp

45" Digger Xtrordinair (Haim) joins me in the studio with a box of delicious vinyl!!

Portland Yiddish Hour playlist for 02/20/2011

Program name: 
Portland Jewish Hour
Air date: 
Budapest Klezmer BandBessarabienA Nakht in Gan Eydn
KlezmocracyHava NetzeReach
KapelyeFun TashlikhFuture & Past
Gerald Cohen and Syracuse Childrens ChorusDayenuGenerations
The Sway MachineryBirkas KohanimSway Machinery EP
Hazzan Leon LissekD'ror YikraMichal
Qadim EnsembleV'ahavtaSongs of Qadim
Lori Cahan-SimonA MayseleVessel of Song
Gypsies of RomaniaDoina lui CozmaGypsies of Romania
Gypsies of RomaniaBanatanaGypsies of Romania
Max PashmManea-kNever Mind The Balkans
Don ByronMechaye War ChantDon Byron Plays The Music of Mickey Katz
Maxwell Street Klezmer BandSheyn Vi Di LevonehYou Should Be So Lucky!

Host Ed Kraus

It's amazing how being a host of a radio show puts your radar on for new music you haven't heard before.  Just a week ago I was in the lobby of Neveh Shalom and there was a pile of CD's, just lying there on the information table (I hope they were free!).  I picked one up, it looked interesting ... and there you go, mea culpa.  Cuts 4 and 6 were broadcast today from this compilation CD put out by the Conservative Movement ... "The Best of the Spirit Series".  There are a number of cantors and other artists featured on this CD, I don't know if it is for sale or was for free just because the head of the movement just happened to be in town giving a talk.  In any case, the playlist shows the original source of the tracks played rather than the compilation.  The CD I have today has a website www.TheSpiritSeries.com ... and when I'm done with this playlist I'll check it out as well.

Zie gezunt,

Sounds Unsound playlist for 02/20/2011

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
DS CraftAll Across America
Eat SkullPunk TripsSick to DeathSiltbreeze
Yat KhaIn-A-Gadda-Da-VidaRe-CoversWorld Village
Urban TurbanVoodoo Childs/tSilence
The Aay JaysLal Qalander LalPakistanSublime Frequencies
The Petch Phin Thong BandSoul Lam PhearnThe Sound of SiamSoundway
Havvanlar Alemi`Guarana SuperpowerGuarana SuperpowerSublime Frequencies
The SlugfuckersCacophony3 Feet Behind GlassInsolito
Messer ChipsDark StoryRusskie Wig-Out!Omni
March 4th Marching BandDynamiteRise Up
Alamaailman VasaratAstiatehdasKaarmelautakuntaSilence
NIMBYDisability WaitressSongs for AdultAd Hoc
Sun City GirlsNights of MaltaGum ArabicAnnihaya
Group DouehWaydanaBeatte HarabSublime Frequencies
Zut un Feu RougeFalkjartaExplain this countryBauta
Aunt Sally9s/tVanity
DrivanLat det vaDiskoSmall Town Supermusic
The IndenticalsAkava Keyi Ji BianuwaThe World Ends Part 1Soundway
Sos Sisamouth & GirlsOnguyung Keuy BeyGroove Club 3Get On Down
Tokyo Kid Brothers6The Golden BatPolydor (Japan)
Sonic YouthAlice et SimonSimon Werner a DesparuSYR
Black RiderAll that we seeBuy the Ticket, Take the RideMexican Summer
Big Blood & the Bleeding HeartsBaron in the Treess/t
Basil KirchinThe Freelancer Abstract Jazz 4Primitive LondonTrunk
Sun RaThe Ridiculous "I" and the Cosmos MeThe Antique BlacksKindred Spirits
Phil Cohran & the Artistic Heritage EnsembleArmageddonArmageddonKatalyst
Brion Gysin/Don CherryKickRamauntcho Matta PresentsMosquito
FursaxaEpitaphFor the Dead in Space Vol II & IIISecret Eye
JumpelStockholmEuropaHidden Shoal
Volcano the Bearnear end of side 1Planetary BethlehemBeta Lactam Ring
Basil KirchinEmergencyWorlds Within WorldsIsland
Akron/FamilyCreators/t II:The Cosmic Birth and Journey of ShinjuDead Oceans
GownThe Price is SevenSacred MountainsEcstatic Yod
IslajaInto the DarkKiraaminen PaaFonal
Susanna and the Magical OrchestraDistance Blues and TheoryList of Lights and BouysRune Grammofon
CyclobeThe Moths of SleepThe Eclipser 7"Dot Dot Dot
Tueanchai KwanchitVeteran's WifeLuk ThungParlortone/Dust-To-Digital
Musica Electronica Libre1It "Viaje"Movie Play
Julian's TreatmentThe Black TowerA Time Before TimeDekka
Else TeicherVirginie, Not GinnyWhoredBeta-Lactam Ring
Peaking LightsBirds of ParadisePeaking Lights/Wet Har split 7"Not Not Fun

Higher Reasoning Reggae Time playlist for 02/20/2011

Air date: 
Antyhony BNo One Knows TomorrowRasta LoveBorn Fire Music
MayaJoy Of Life12" Joy Of Life EPKibir La Amlak
Kibir La AmlakJoyous Dub12" Joy Of Life EPKibir La Amlak
Christine MillerBehold12" Joy Of Life EPKibir La Amlak
Brethren GlenLost Identity12" Joy Of Life EPKibir La Amlak
Dubtonic KruFreedom DubDub TonicDub Tonic Kru
C SharpWhat's The Matter With The WorldC Sharp BandC Sharp
C SharpWho's Gonna Save The PoorC Sharp BandC Sharp
Rootz UndergroundPower To The PeopleGravityRiverstone Records
Rootz Underground ft-Bongo ArthurDeep UndergroundMovementRiverstone Records
Rootz UndergroundHerb FieldsMovementRiverstone Records
Live WyyaGhetto LawSpread The LoveLive Wyya Music
Live WyyaParadiseSpread The LoveLive Wyya Music
Dubtonic KruBorn JamaicanDub TonicDub Tonic Kru
Buju BantonRasta Can't GoBefore The DawnGargamel Records
Anthony B ft-Kymani Marley & Jah HillMount ZionRasta LoveBorn Fire Music
Anthony B & George NooksSame Cry (Money Worries)Rasta LoveBorn Fire Music
Anthony B ft-Peter ToshComing In HotRasta LoveBorn Fire Music
Dubmatix, Aldubb, Mighty HowardZion TradThe Berlin Sessions 12"Irie Ites Records
Dubmatix, Aldubb, Mighty HowardWarrior CallThe Berlin Sessions 12"Irie Ites Records
O-ShenCountry BoySaltwater MessengerVillage Boy, LLC
O-ShenHuman TrafficSaltwater MessengerVillage Boy, LLC
O-ShenRainforest NationsSaltwater MessengerVillage Boy, LLC
Chris BoomerI Am Who I AmI Am Who I AmMusic Is A Weapon Records
Chris BoomerCan't Stop Me (acoustic)I Am Who I AmMusic Is A Weapon Records
KhagoEnergyIsland Vibes RiddimChimney Records
KonshensRepresentIsland Vibes RiddimChimney Records
Jimmy RileyLove Oh LoveCaicos Gal RiddimFire Beat Records
Natty KingWant To Go HomeCaicos Gal RiddimFire Beat Records
Lutan FyahIn Love With A StrangerCaicos Gal RiddimFire Beat Records
Winston 'Bopeep' Bowen & PosseCaicos Gal Riddim versionCaicos Gal RiddimFire Beat Records
Tasha TRas Danny & HRRT & KBOO dubplate
EtanaMocking BirdFree ExpressionsVP Records
EtanaPeople TalkFree ExpressionsVP Records
EtanaAugust TownFree ExpressionsVP Records
Nina AlverdesSplashPrimary NecessitySoulfire Artists
Nina AlverdesBum Bum Bye ByePrimary NecessitySoulfire Artists
Nina Alverdes ft-LouFroot RockersPrimary NecessitySoulfire Artists
Wayne LyricsJah Will Be ThereThe Shining Light RiddimReggae Wave Records
TeflonThat's OKThe Shining Light RiddimReggae Wave Records
Little Hero & PzedTrust In GodThe Shining Light RiddimReggae Wave Records
ChezidekNo OneThe Shining Light RiddimReggae Wave Records
Jah CureFeel ItCaptain RiddimYard Vybz
I-OctaneLife Too HardTimeline RiddimYellow Moon Rec.
KhagoBruk BreadTimeline RiddimYellow Moon Rec.
Tarrus RileySoul GrabberCaptain RiddimYard Vybz
MidniteDon't Move (Lion's Dread)Unpolishedrastafaria
MidniteBanking In The PigRas Mek PeaceWildchild Records
MidniteHieroglyphicsRas Mek PeaceWildchild Records

An Evening of Afrotainment playlist for 02/19/2011

Program name: 
An Evening of Afrotainment
Air date: 
Afro SoultetDrumbouiePresenting The Afro-Soul-tetUbiquity
The McCraryEmergeGroove MerchantUbiquity
Lena HorneBelieve In YourselfSoundtrack from TheMotown
Miles Davis/Gil EvansThe Pan PiperSketches of Spain
Al JarreauCold DuckAccentuate the PositiveVerve
Angelique KijoMove on Up feat Bono & John LengendOYORazor & The DirectLLC
Curtis MayfieldJunkie ChaseSuperfly SoundtrackRhino
Bahama Soul ClubExperienc In JazzBossa Nova Just Smells FunkyBuyu-Records
James Fortune & FIYA featuring Zacardi Cortez & Shawn McLemoreI Believewww.1800gospel.com
Esperanza SpaldingApple Blossoms w/Gil GoldsteinChamber Music SocietyHeads Up
SomiChanging InspirationIf The Rains Come FirstObliqSound
Jill ScottGoldenBeautifully HumanHidden Beach
Zap MamaSinging Sisters feat Sylvie Nawasadio & Sabine KabongoReCreationHeads Up
Zap MamaVibrationsReCreationHeads Up
Isaac HayesHyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymisticBlack Moses: The Old School RevivalBMI
Angie StoneMy People w/James IngramThe Art of Love & WarConcord Music
Maya AzucenaDo You Really Want To PartyMaya Who?!
Earth Wind & FireSerpentine Fire/Saturday Nite/Can't Hide Love/ReasonsGratitudeSony
NNekaFocusConcrete JungleYo Mama
Melky SedeckShake ItSister & BrotherUniversal
Tech NineWelcome To My WorldEverready (The Religion)
Nuttin' But StringzBroken Sorrow feat Tony HazeStruggle from the Subway to the ChartsNBS
Grace JonesThis IsHurricane
SadeSoldier of LoveSadeSony
Terrence HowardSpanish Love AffairShine Throught ItSony
Black Eyed PeasFeel ItMonkey BusinessAM
James BrownIntroduction/Out of Sight/Bring It UpFoundations of FunkChronicles
Black Eyed PeasThey Don't Want MusicMonkey BusinessAM
James BrownPapa's Got A Brand New BagFoundations of FunkChronicles
James BrownIt Got You (I Feel Good)Foundations of FunkChronicles
The Revelations feat Tre' WilliamsBecause of YouThe Bleeding EdgeDecision Records
Yolanda AdamsTime to ChangeMountain High Valley LowElektra
Eryka BaduLove of My Life WorldwideFreak QuencyMotown
Bahama Soul ClubBut Rich Rhythms (Club des Belugas Remix)Bossa Nova Just Smells FunkyBuyu-Records

I'm Bridget B sitting in for Celeste for An Evening of Afrotainment... Believe

Jazz Rap III playlist for 02/19/2011

Air date: 
Grover Washington, Jr.love you porgyInner City Blues
Rodney Franklinspanish flightin the center
John BarryBody Heatmoviola
George BensonLadyBreezin
Lee Ritenour4 on 6Wes Bound
Wes Montgomery" " "The Silver Collection
Howard Shore & Ornette ColemanSimpatico/MistoriosoFilm Noir
The Jazz CrusadersPromises, PromisesBlue Note plays Bacharach
Cannonball AGroovey SambaBossa Nova
Tremenda RumbaObbatala AyacunaMaraca
Robert HurstForty FourBob ya Head
Stanley TurentineNight breezeLa Place
Bobby LyleNight BreezeThe Genie
Bobby LyleNight BreezeNight Breeze
Keith JarrettSummer NightTokyo 96
SadeSoldier of loveSoldier of love
Herbie HancockI have a dreamThe Prisoner

Grateful Dead & Friends playlist for 02/19/2011

Program name: 
Grateful Dead & Friends
Air date: 

Today's show is a compilation of the 1991 Chinese New Year run (February 19, 20, 21) at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Stadium.


Bertha > Greatest Story Ever Told (19), Help on the Way > Slipknot! > Franklin's Tower (21), Picasso Moon (19), Althea (19), Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again (21), New Speedway Boogie (19), China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider (19), Scarlet Begonias > Fire on the Mountain (20)

Swing & Country playlist for 02/19/2011

Program name: 
Swing 'n' Country
Air date: 
undefinedBack in the Saddle Again
Hal Lone Pine & Betty CodyHoney, Honey Mine
Mandy BarnettBaby Don't You Know
Hank SnowMusic Makin' Mama From Memphis
Merle Haggard & Bonnie OwensJust Between the Two of Us
George MorganAll I need is Some More Lovin
Rosie FloresHard Times
Bob Wills & His Texsas PlayboysMiss Molly
Lorrie MorganExcept for Monday
Herb JeffriesTexas to a "T"
Jeff TalmadgeSometimes You Choose Love
Ranch RomanceGotta Lot of Rhythm
Suzy BoggussPart of Me
Dale WatsonAin't That Livin'
Celeste KrenzLonesome
George Jones & Johnny CashI Got Stripes
The Hot Club of CowtownJoe Bob Rag
Caroline HerringHeartbreak Tonight
Don WilliamsLove is On a Roll
John & Fiona PrineTil A Tear Becomes a Rose
Mark ChestnutGonna Get A Life
The Little WilliesNight Life
The FlatlandersCry For Freedom
David BallSo Long
Patsy ClineI Don't Wanna
The Belleville OutfitCaroline
Johnny CashI'm Gonna Sit On The Porch Ank Pick On My Old Guitar
Willie NelsonSweet Georgia Brown
Chris KokeshA Night Like This
Jon Arthur MartinezEl Rio Amor
Hawkshaw HawkinsWait'n For My Baby
Trisha YearwoodThere Goes My Baby
David Grisman & Tony RiceMill Valley Waltz
Red FoleyWhen God Dips His Love In My Heart
Fankie LaineMule Train
Tommy EmmanuelWindy & Warm
Charlie RichStay
Martina McBrideMake The World Go Away
Tennessee Ernie FordRock City Boogie
Red MollyIt's Goodbye And So Long To You
Willie Nelson & Leon RussellHeartbreak Hotel
Albert & GageSay Yes To Love
Steve BrooksWill I Ever Love That Way Again
Asleep At The Wheel /w Vince GillYearning Just For You
C.W. McCallWolf Creek Pass
Donna UlisseLovin' Every Minute
Jacqueline Van Der GriendEven Cowgirls Get The Blues
Willie NelsonValentine
Willie NelsonSeptember In The Rain

CrossFade playlist for 02/17/2011

Air date: 

Audio available at


fan DJ King Fader on Facebook

name artist album
A Is To B As B Is To C Boards Of Canada Geogaddi
Grounded Headhunter Nomad
I Dream I'm flying Eskmo Hypercolor EP
The Gate DJG The Gate
Virgin Prince Far I / Singers & Players Roots Of Innovation-15 & X Years in On-U Sound
Poison Dart Featuring Warrior Queen The Bug You Don't Know: Ninja Cuts (Disc 2)
Western Eyes Portishead Unreleased
Valencia (Live) -KF Systemwide Pure And Applied
Deep Dub Dubcreator Docking Sequence: BSI Campaign Vol. I
Birds of prey Sun In Aquarius The Doors- Tripped
Seas of Disease El Rakkas Seas Of Disease
Spliff Dub Zomby 5: Five Years of Hyperdub
Get Out My House The Streets A Grand Don't Come For Free
Grounded Headhunter Nomad
Y7 Autechre Move of Ten
Palace Paper Tiger Made Like Us
Glitch Magnetic Man The Cyberman EP
One One One Hot Chip Coming On Strong
I Remember Deadmau5 & Kaskade http://salacioussound.com
All My Friends (London Session) LCD Soundsystem This Is Happening Deluxe Edition
How Low (Egg's Double Beat Jack) Ludacris Egg's "How Low" Remix Pack
Pony Ginuwine DMS 2
Look At Me Now (Produced by Afrojack & Diplo) Chris Brown ft. Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne Vacayvitamins.com
Four Loko [P.M.] Gwop Gang Four Loco - single
The Last Country Grammar (Nelly vs Walsh) Nelly  
Evil Boy Die Antwoord vacayvitamins.com
One Very Important Thought Boards Of Canada Music Has The Right To Children
Army Of Me - Graham Massey Björk Telegram
Army Of Me Björk Post
Lovesick Nitzer Ebb As Is
Sycamore Negativland Escape from Noise
Break That Stone (Granite Mix) Ben Wa Docking Sequence: BSI Campaign Vol. I
Engine Of Ruin Earth The Bees Made Honey In The Lions Skull

World Beat Connection playlist for 02/17/2011

Program name: 
World Beat Connection
Air date: 
Positive Sound MassiveSex and GunsPSM Recordings
Positive Sound MassiveUnityPSM Recordings
Easy Star All StarsLet DownRadioheadEasy Star
Justin HindsCarry Go Bring ComeLive @ GrassrootsTown
MeditationsGreat TribulationGhetto KnowledgeEasy Star
MeditationsLiving on the EdgeGhetto KnowledgeEasy Star
MeditationsGroovy SituationWake UpHeart Beat
Sierra Leone Refugee All AtarsJah MercyRise and ShineCumbancha
Sierra Leone Refugee All AtarsGlobal ThreatRise And ShineCumbancha
African Bros. BandNgyegye No SoAfro-Beat AirwaysAnalog Africa
Ebo TaylorAborekyairLove and DeathStrut
Quim Manuel & Espitito SantoEme LeluAngola SountrackAnalog Africa
N'Goma JazzMi CantandoAngola SoundtrackAnalog Africa
Dimba DiangolaFumaAngola SoundtrackAnalog Africa
Ladysmith Black MamabazoUthekwaneSongs from a Zulu FarmLBM
RaziaOmamaZebu NationCumbancha
Rokia TraoreSabaliMouneissaIndigo
Rokia TraoreTchiwaraMouneissaIndigo
Rail BandDugu KamalebaSira MoryMelodie

Lark In The Morning playlist for 02/18/2011

Program name: 
Lark In The Morning
Air date: 
OdettaDevilish MaryAmerican Folk Singers and BalladeersBook of the Month Club
Ramblin' Jack ElliottRoving GamblerAmerican Folk Singers and BalladeersBook of the Month Club
Ian & SylviaWhen First Unto This CountryAmerican Folk Singers and BalladeersBook of the Month Club
Sam HintonDamn Yankee LadAmerican Folk Singers and BalladeersBook of the Month Club
Sam HintonThe Barnyard SongAmerican Folk Singers and BalladeersBook of the Month Club
Ronnie GilbertWalkin' & A-TalkingAmerican Folk Singers and BalladeersBook of the Month Club
Hedy WestCotton Mill GirlsAmerican Folk Singers and BalladeersBook of the Month Club
Kossoy SistersSingle GirlBowling GreenTradition
Kathy KahnFactory GirlThe Working GirlVoyager Recordings
E.C BallEarly Bird Gets the WormE.C. & Orna BallRounder
Rev. Baybie HooverDig a Little DeeperThe Music of Rev. Baybie Hoover & Virginia BrownPhilo
Tommy HunterForked Deer / Money MuskDeep In TraditionJune Appal
Highwoods String BandGrey Cat on the Tennessee FarmFire on the MountainRounder
Mac BenfordWild Over MeBackwoods BanjoRounder
Hotmud FamilyRed Rockin' ChairLive, As We Know ItFlying Fish
Hurrican Ridge RunnersLong Gone Lonesome BluesHurricane Ridge RunnersTopaz
Pigmeat JarrettHey JoeLook at the PeopleJune Appal
Jim Kweskin & the Jug BandMobile LineJim Kweskin & the Jug BandVanguard
Ken BloomThe Great WarKen BloomFlying Fish
Charlie KingKugelsberg BankVaguely ReminiscentRainbow Snake Music
Peter Kessler & Gail FratarOne Sunday EveningJust DreamingSwallow
Norman BlakeWildwood FlowerLighthouse on the ShoreRounder
Norman BlakeTennessee Mountain Fox ChaseLighthouse on the ShoreRounder

Starting off with some cuts from a Book of the Month Club boxed set of LPs (!), and then moving into southern mountain music, with a few surprises along the way.  Nearly all LP's, per usual.


Paula's Picks playlist for 02/17/2011

Air date: 
Eastern SunzBalanceCorroded Utopia
MidniteSeek Knowledge before VengeanceSeek Knowledge before Vengeance
Nina SimoneWestwindForever Young, Gifted and BlackRCA/Legacy
Speech feat. Eshe & Rasa DonCruisin' in My Super Beetle
The Isley BrothersSummer BreezeThe Isley Brothers Story, Vol. 2: The T-Neck Years (1969-85)Sony Music Entertainment
The Soul StirrersTouch the Hem of His GarmentSpecialty Profiles Sam Cooke with the Soul StirrersSpecialty Records
The ImpressionsGypsy WomanIt's All RightUniversal Music Group
Repercussions & Curtis MayfieldLet's Do It AgainA Tribute to Curtis MayfieldWarner Bros. Records
Bob Andy & Marcia GriffithsTo Be Young, Gifted and Black
Screamin' Jay HawkinsIs You Is or Is You Ain't My BabyBlack Music for White PeopleBizarre Records
Lionel RichieDancing on the CeilingDancing on the CeilingMotown Records
Johnny KempJust Got Paid
The Staples SingersWe'll Get OverWe'll Get OverStax Records
Angie Stone Feat. James IngramMy PeopleThe Art of Love & WarStax/Concord
The JaynettsSally, Go Round the Roses
Roberta FlackThe First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Toshi ReagonBuilding BluesHave You HeardRighteous Records
Kate BushExperiment IV
The Four TopsReach Out I'll Be ThereReach OutMotown Records
SWVRight Here (Human Nature Duet)SWV: The RemixesRCA Records
Marcia GriffithsUntil You Come Back to MeShining TimeVP Music Group
BrownstoneI Can't Tell You Why
Marcia GriffithsElectric Boogie (Dub Mix)CarouselIsland Records


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