Radio Lost and Found playlist for 07/08/2011

Program name: 
Radio Lost and Found
Air date: 

Here's a rather silly show. I played copious amounts of DJ Pantshead's wonderful Ritalin Ruckus, some blisteringly nasty stuff compiled by Shitmat, something from a gentleman by the name of Boyd Andersson, a long-ish track by Sonic Youth (featuring Christian Marclay, Christian Wolfe, Jim O'Rourke and others), as well as offering loads of consumer information on meat found on an old LP from USDA head Sandra Brookover.

Playlist (artist-track-album)
Paul Quarino - Opening from 2001 Theme - The Olde Organ Grinder Pizza
Murray "The K" Saul - It's Friday! - Radio Oddities
Paul Quarino - Blue Danube Waltz - The Olde Organ Grinder Pizza
Leonard Pennario - March of the Lunatics - The Two Pianos of Leonard Pennario
DJ Pantshead - Introduction - Ritalin Ruckus
DJ Pantshead - Our Jukebox Prayer - Ritalin Ruckus
DJ Pantshead - Rock Me Almondeus - Ritalin Ruckus
DJ Pantshead - Wild Fifth - Ritalin Ruckus
DJ Pantshead - Run On The Wild Side - Ritalin Ruckus
DJ Pantshead - Human Radio Station - Ritalin Ruckus
DJ Pantshead - Infuckingcredible - Ritalin Ruckus
DJ Pantshead - I Feel War - Ritalin Ruckus
DJ Pantshead - Eplicious - Ritalin Ruckus
DJ Pantshead - Organ Mama - Ritalin Ruckus
Sandra Brookover - Checklist at the Meat Counter - How to Buy Meat
Paris Studio Group - Accroche Toi, Caroline - Sound Gallery Vol.2
Bob Snyder - Just the Way You Are - Plays Music Box Dancer
Sandra Brookover - Prime Rib - How to Buy Meat
Debbie Culbertson - Feels So Good - Reflections
Sandra Brookover - Round Cut Quiz - How to Buy Meat

Deep Fry - Loose Nut - Psychic TV Presents Ultrahouse: The L.A. Connection
Squirrel Bait - Untitled - Motorola Cloudburst
Christian Marclay - Craft - Records
Chezny Hawk – Rolf Wank Track - Shitmat Presents: The Rolf Harris Mashup CD
Vomit – Rolf Has Beans - Shitmat Presents: The Rolf Harris Mashup CD    
Toecutter – I Milk Myself - Shitmat Presents: The Rolf Harris Mashup CD    
Thomas Griffin – Rolf1 - Shitmat Presents: The Rolf Harris Mashup CD   
Whigrolf – Satisfying Night - Shitmat Presents: The Rolf Harris Mashup CD   
Kid 001 – Harris Hardcore - Shitmat Presents: The Rolf Harris Mashup CD    
Turddavid – Canibal Rolfmeister - Shitmat Presents: The Rolf Harris Mashup CD
Wayne And Trevor The Fat C*nts – Stick It In - Shitmat Presents: The Rolf Harris Mashup CD   
Pigsy – How To Finger A Rolfaroo - Shitmat Presents: The Rolf Harris Mashup CD    
7u? – Rolfpie And A Coldie With Rodney - Shitmat Presents: The Rolf Harris Mashup CD    
Raelf – Crap In Your Coffee - Shitmat Presents: The Rolf Harris Mashup CD
James Harley - Spangled - Hendrix Uncovered
Zastranienie - Versija (per se) - Manifest Za Radio i TV (Found on Free Music Archives)
Zastranienie - Totem i Tabu - Manifest Za Radio i TV
Zastranienie - Gej Slovani - Manifest Za Radio i TV
Boyd Andersson - Space Rehab - Space Rehab (Bandcamp)
Boyd Andersson - Steeple Chase Inn - Space Rehab
Boyd Andersson - Thinking of Them - Space Rehab
Boyd Andersson - Visceral Christmas - Space Rehab
Radio The Sound of Year-Round Pleasure
The Feederz - Mr. Rory's Baked Hyena Tripe - Vandalism: Beautiful As a Rock in a Cop's Face
Heino - Sing Mit Heino - Great Hits No. 6
Sandra Brookover - Porterhouse - How to Buy Meat
Neil Dick - Something Wonderful Happened (The Basketball Song) - The Future is Now
Neil Dick - Suddenly, It's Springtime - The Future is Now
Lil' Marky - Let the Sunshine In - Music To Serve the Lord By
Love In Life –     Groove On - Psychic TV Presents Ultrahouse: The L.A. Connection
Little Marcy - Be Careful What You Do - Sing Along With Marcy
Rick Harris - This Is Real - Tellus #11: The Sound of Radio
Kitten Sparklehorse - St. Francis E - Psychic TV Presents Ultrahouse: The L.A. Connection
Sandra Brookover - Buying Meat for the Freezer - How to Buy Meat
Etienne Cap –Mama Elephant - Sound Gallery Vol.2
Sonic Youth - Christian Wolff/Burdocks - Goodbye 20th Century
Sandra Brookover - Grades as Guidelines - How to Buy Meat
Koji Endo - Ending Theme - Happiness of the Katakuris OST
L'Envoi/Thank You For Listening - L. Ron Hubbard - The Road to Freedom

Movin' On playlist for 07/08/2011

Program name: 
Movin' On
Air date: 

July 8, 2011, Friday, 12 noon to 1:30 pm
Portland, OR: 90.7
Corvallis/Albany, OR: 100.7
Hood River/Columbia Gorge: 91.9
Host: Don Jacobson

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(VA) = Various Artists.  All media are CDs unless otherwise stated.

Artist: "Selection" ALBUM TITLE [Label]

(VA) Will Geer: Excerpt from This Land Is Your Land "I Hate A Song That ..." A TRIBUTE TO WOODY GUTHRIE [Warner Bros.]

Sandy Rothman/Steve Pottier: "In the Pines" BLUEGRASS GUITAR DUETS [Sierra]
((Music Bed))
Ken & Brad Kolodner: "Otter Creek" OTTER CREEK [Self]

Chuck Brodsky: "I Tried Fitting In" SUBTOTAL ECLIPSE [Self]

Jez Lowe: "Bare Knuckle" WOTCHEOR! [Tanatobie]

Burning Bridget Cleary: "The King & the Fair Maid" TOTES FOR GOATS [Self]

Battlefield Band: "Raigmore" LINE UP [Temple]
The Foghorn Trio: "Le Sud De La Louisiane" LE SUD DE LA LOUISIANE [Self]

Jesse Lege/Joel Savoy/The Cajun Country Revival: " 'Tit Monde" THE RIGHT COMBINATION[ Valcour]

Crasadant: "The Welsh Polka" THE GREAT NOISE [Sain]

The Good Pennyworths: "Buge Britches" LOVE! LUST! LONGING [Self]
Kieth Kendrick: "The Derry Footrace" WELL SEASONED [Wild Goose]

Phonix: "Tyge Hermansen" PIGEN & DRENGEN [GO']

Finest Kind: "Short Life Of Trouble" FOR HONOUR AND FOR GAIN [Fllen Angle]
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer: "Gentle Arms Of Eden" DRUM HAT BUDDAH [Signature]

Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer: "The Mountain" TANGLEWOOD TREE [Signature]

Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer: "When I Go" WHEN I GO [Self]

Casey Neil Trio: "Angola" PORTLAND WEST [Appleseed]
Folk Calendar
Gillian Welch & David Rawlings: "Scarlet Town" THE HARROW & THE HARVEST [Acony]

Gillian Welch & David Rawlings: "Ruination Day, Part 2" TIME THE REVELATOR [Acony]

Gillian Welch & David Rawlings: "Elvis Presley Blues" LIVE AT NEWPORT FOLK FESTIVAL
Lucinda Williams: "Satisfied Mind" RAMBLIN' [Smithsonian/Folkways]

Marley's Ghost: "Sowin' On the Mountain" HOW CAN I KEEP FROM SINGING [Sage Arts]

Tim O'Brien: "The Sun Jumped Up" CHICKEN & EGG [Howdy Skies]

Tom Paxton: "What If, No Matter" SING OUT! Spring 2011
Questions & comments are welcome.

Host: Don Jacobson

Movin' On
Second and Fourth Fridays, 12 noon to 1:30 pm

Pastures Of Plenty
Fifth Wednesdays 5:30 - 7:00 am

Portland OR: 90.7
Corvallis/Albany, OR: 100.7
Hood River/Columbia Gorge, OR: 91.9
Webcast on

My playlists are posted to folkdj-l and

La Ruleta playlist for 07/08/2011

Program name: 
La Ruleta
Air date: 
Luis PerezMexico Magico Cosmico
Nuevo MexicoCeramicaNuevo Mexico
Caja de PandoraApocalipsisCaja de Pandora
High Fidelity OrchestraLas HormigasHigh Fidelity OrchestraMagog 1983
IconoclastaCuentos de ArquiciaIconoclastaRosenbach 1983
La Banda ElasticaInfantes TerriblesLa Banda ElasticaDiscos Tiradero 1986
KaleidoscopeI Think It's All RightKaleidoscopeLa Ciruela Eléctrica
Zig ZagNoches de EstrenoZig ZagOrfeon
Chac MoolEl Fantasma del MuseoCintas en Directopolydor
Dug Dug'sSmogAbre Tu MenteRCA Victor
Al UniversoViajero del EspacioViajero del EspacioOrfeon
EnmedioCambio de ActitudVale VerPentagrama
Via Lactea
Nobilis FactumSuite Natural para EllaNobilis FactumPentagrama
NazcaEl Viaje de los MuertosNazcaNaja
Jose Luis Fernandez LedesmaAlebrijeDicen que Somos Dioses y nos Sonamos HombresSmogless
UndersunEs el TiempoMusica Sin Sombras
SemanforashLa BromaLo ImpredecibleOrfeon
Jorge Reyesla Diosa de las AguilasComalaLejos del Paraiso
DecibelEl Fin de los DodosContranaturaMomia
OxomaxomaBahia AbandonadoSin Boca con los Ojos NegrosAlejandra
Duda MataDuda MataDuda Mata
Mexican Prog Rock @ KBOO, this Friday, July 8th, from 8-10 PM we'll be playing important classic Mexican Rock bands from the 70's and 80's, such as Iconoclasta, Chac Mool, Nazca, High Fidelity Orchestra, Nuevo Mexico, Via Lactea, Aristeo, and more!


Rock Progresivo Mexicano, este viernes 8 de julio de 8 a 10 PM, horario Pacifico, estaremos escuchando Rock Progresivo Mexicano, con grupos clasicos como Iconoclasta, Chac Mool, Nazca, High Fidelity Orchestra, Nuevo Mexico,Via Lactea, Aristeo ,y mucho mas!.

Dr. Zomb's Stereo Obscura playlist for 07/08/2011

Program name: 
Dr. Zomb's Stereo Obscura
Air date: 

          this is pretty much how it went:

howard menger   intro

mel henke   woman in space   la dolce henke lp   warner bros.  

horace heller   hello world

ken nordine   outer space

sun ra   side 2 / 10,11   space poetry vol. 1 lp   norton

henry jacobs/woody leafer   drums in my typewriter   wide wierd world of shorty petterstein lp   world pacific

idaho joe winslow   out of body experience   smoke your fear lp

kode 9 and space ape   sine of the times   dub echoes v/a 3xlp   soul jazz

kraftwerk   intermission,news   radio-activity lp   emi

jurgen kneiper   cathedral of books   wings of desire ost lp

h. jacobs   childhood traumas   wide wierd world... lp

strategy   stops spinning

insect electronica   excerpt, morning fanfare   brokenhearted dragonflies cd   sublime frequencies

daphne oram   mary had a little lamb   oramics 4xlp

people like us/ergo phizmiz   funeral march for jim   perpetuum mobile cd

gunther schuller   transformation   mirage lp   new world

h. jacobs   self analysis   wide wierd... lp

stock, hausen & walkman   smoothy   organ transplants vol. 2

count vertigo   i'm a mutant 7"   mississippi

mutants   tribute to russ meyer   live at the deaf club v/a lp

van morrison   freaky if you got this far   contract breaking sessions cd

echelon/jane dowe   robot love i love you   toy war v/a cd

kraftwerk   radioland   radio-activity lp

silver apples   program   s/t lp

malkauns   pira na jana deki   khansahib abdul karim khan lp   mississippi

excerpt   signals from earth lp

w.s.burroughs   last words of hassan sabbah

insect electronica cd   excerpt

throbbing gristle  

american standards products   my bathroom is a private kind of place   product music cd

nichols and may   mysterioso

secret hideout   outro












CrossFade playlist for 07/08/2011

Air date: 

Audio download available at



name artist year album
Close Encounters The Orb   U.F.Orb
Monuments On Earth Sub Dub 1995 Crooklyn Dub Consortium: Certified Dope, Volume 1
Claudio CFCF 2008 CFCF
Out in Space (prince klassen meat and potatoes edit) LCD Soundsystem    
9H20 Danger 2007 Big
Phantom Justice 2007 Cross
Tenebre: Tenebre Reimix Goblin   Volume III 1978-1984
Walking Away Information Society 1988 Walking Away - single
The Weeknd - Wicked Games [Matt Rock Indie Mix] The Weeknd 2011  
Temptation [Alternate 12" Mix Version] New Order 1981 Movement [Collector's Edition]
Fashion Party - The Neon Judgement The Neon Judgement 1983 Bustin' Out 1983: New Wave To New Beat Volume 3
Shari Vari A Number Of Names 1981  
The Devils Dancer Oppenheimer Analysis 2008 B-Wave Volume One
Girl Suicide 1977 First Album [Disc 1]
After Dark The Flowers   B-Wave Volume One
Love Like Anthrax Gang Of Four 1980 Mutant Pop 78/79
Fire In Cairo (Live) The Cure 1978 The Peel Sessions
The Eternal (Vers.2) Joy Division 2007 Joy Division: Martin Hannett's Personal Mixes
Angel (Blur remix) Massive Attack 1998 Angel - single
Keys To My Lemur Quinoline Yellow   Motors
Pce Freeze 2.8i Autechre 2010 Move of Ten
Earthloop Milan's   Em:T0094
Olson Boards Of Canada 1998 Music Has The Right To Children
Hey Saturday Sun Boards Of Canada 2005 The Campfire Headphase
Colorado (Wherever It Is You Are) King Black Acid 2000 Loves a Long Song
Demon Days Gorillaz 2005 Demon Days
Midnight Cowboy Faith No More 1992 Angel Dust

World Beat Connection playlist for 07/07/2011

Program name: 
World Beat Connection
Air date: 
Obo Addy & OkropongBaakorAfieye OkropongAlula
Marimba PacificaSpeak No EvilChants & PraisesMTCL
Les BantousNouvelle CiteTchekoSonafric
Les BantousBoumamou SiliTchekoSonafric
Pamelo Mounk'aAnitaLes Merveilles du Passe'Sonodisc
Gabriel Omolo & Apollo KomeshaTony OnyangoKenya Dance ManiaEarthworks
SkatalitesSplit PersonalityHi-Bop SkaShanachie
Rootz Underground20 CenturiesMovementRiverstone
Rootz UndergroundRainMovementRiverstone
Maz RomeoDrive Them AwaySomething is WrongRoots & Culture
The CongosSeeking a FavorNatty Dread Rise AgainRAS
Brekete & Big BeatsEgbe EnyoBokoor BeatsOtrabanda
Emperor Pick PetersAlagun SegunAfrican MelodyAS

Africa-O-Ye! playlist for 07/07/2011

Program name: 
Air date: 
Baaba Maal & Mounsour SeckLamtooroDjam LeelIIMango
Chief Sikiru Ayinde Barrister & His Supreme Fuji CommandersNo Wari FaiyeE Sinmi "Rascality"Siki Oluyole Records
Pax NicholasNa Six FeetNa Teef Know de Road of TeefDAPTONE
Vincent Ahehe & Lohento EskillNiamey(Niger)Africa ScreemAnalog Africa
Fela and Africa 70Confusion12"EMI
Letta MbuluMelodi(Sounds of Home)LettaChisa
Myriam MakebaThe Lion CriesCountry GirlDisques Esperance
Hugh MasekelaIngoo Pow-PowHome Is Where The Music IsChisa
Ethiopian QuintetOne For BuzayhewAfro-Latin SoulWorthy Records
Remi Kabaka, Abdul Lasisi Amao and Steve WinwoodAfro SuperAiye-KetaAntilles
Adam Rudolph & Hamid Drake-Hu VibrationalCall To The Water GoddessBoonghee Music 1Meta Records
Ephat MujuruChigwayaWatamba TambaLy
Fela and Africa 70Confusion part 212"EMI

Ital Vibes playlist for 07/06/2011

Program name: 
Ital Vibes
Air date: 
Black BlingazSimmer Down InstrumentalBlack Blingaz
Bongo HermanIntro
SizzlaWhat A WhoaThe Scriptures (Music In My Soul)John John
Hugh MundellJah Fire12 Inch SingleJ & F (Jammy's & Fatman)
Konshens/Ward 21Do Sumn! InstrumentalMiSik Muzik
KonshensDo Sumn!MiSik Muzik
Suku/Q45/MV MusicBarb Wire Riddim InstrumentalBarb Wire RiddimQ45/MV Music
NatelTouch Di RoadBarb Wire RiddimQ45/MV Music
BugleOne LifeBarb Wire RiddimQ45/MV Music
KhagoTump Inna FaceBarb Wire RiddimQ45/MV Music
Mr VegasCertain LawBarb Wire RiddimQ45/MV Music
AssassinProfile PicBarb Wire RiddimQ45/MV Music
Terro 3000Gyal Dem Waan Wi (Ital Vibes Dub)
Pure MusicMadd Referee Riddim InstrumentalMadd Referee RiddimPure Music
TaranchylaNah Do ItMadd Referee RiddimPure Music
TeflonStyle MeMadd Referee RiddimPure Music
Knock ShizzleDon't SearchMadd Referee RiddimPure Music
Delly Ranks & Froggy Madd SquadCant Beat You UpMadd Referee RiddimPure Music
Delly Ranks & Buju BantonThunder RollMadd Referee RiddimPure Music
T.O.KGod PickneyRomeich Records
Leftside/Keep Left RecordsSuperModel InstrumentalKeep Left
LeftsideSuperModelKeep Left
CR203/ZJ ChromeContra Riddim InstrumentalContra RiddimCr203 Records
AssassinTun UpContra RiddimCr203 Records
BugleFriendsContra RiddimCr203 Records
I OctaneTell Some BwoyContra RiddimCr203 Records
TifaMatie WhineContra RiddimCr203 Records
MavadoDo RoadContra RiddimCr203 Records
CapletonChoose Your FriendContra RiddimCr203 Records
CapletonFire Nuh Fi Turn DownCode Red
Blaqk SheepGangsta TingGangsta Ting ReloadedLoud Disturbance
RDXToo DevaGangsta Ting ReloadedLoud Disturbance
TeflonStep Without EnemyGangsta Ting ReloadedLoud Disturbance
Terro 3000Rock Di BoatBallaz
Black SpydaClubLife Riddim InstrumentalClubLife RiddimBlack Spyda
CheddaDip & Come UpClubLife RiddimBlack Spyda
Unicorn & Macka DiamondBeg YuhClubLife RiddimBlack Spyda
SustainSeductive WhineClubLife RiddimBlack Spyda
Twin Of TwinsLawd GawdClubLife RiddimBlack Spyda
Tarrus RileyLove ScarsBombRush
Stephen MarleyOld SlavesRevelation Part 1, The Root Of LifeUniversal Republic
Hyyype Muzik / Portmore SocietyGhetto Cry InstrumentalAmazon RiddimHyyype Muzik / Portmore Society
Spragga BenzGhetto CryAmazon RiddimHyyype Muzik / Portmore Society
Ward 21Mi BananoWard 21
Nas & Damian Marley ft Dennis BrownAs We Enter Remix
Courtney JohnLouderFloor It RiddimFiWi Music
Bugle & JameilRise AboveRiches RiddimIcon
CaladoCarry OnRiches RiddimIcon
Ward 21Move!! InstrumentalWiletunes
Ward 21Move!!Wiletunes
Point O & Timberlee/Ward 21Bun & Cheese InstrumentalWiletunes
Point O & TimberleeThe Most BunWiletunes
TimberleeSticky StickyFiWi Music
Maverick & HottaballGet Mad NowRahtid 2 RahtidYoung Veterans
Busy SignalRoll Dat AgainFront Yard RiddimKirkledove
KonshensMorning A ComeFront Yard RiddimKirkledove
KirkledoveReal BuddyFront Yard RiddimKirkledove
CashFlow RecordzWhite Liver Riddim InstrumentalWhite Liver RiddimCashflow Recordz
Dr Bird & Harry Toddler(((Loud)))White Liver RiddimCashflow Recordz
Macka DiamondI Like ItWhite Liver RiddimCashflow Recordz
SpiceHotter Than DemWhite Liver RiddimCashflow Recordz
Bounty KillerGal Dem Love We StyleWhite Liver RiddimCashflow Recordz
SizzlaIn JamaicaThe Scriptures (Music In My Soul)John John
Protoje ft Don CorleonOur Time NowDon Corleon
Mr VegasInformerClifford Ray Music
Cee GeeA Smaddy DemRude Like Dat Entertainment
MavadoFly AgainFly Again RiddimKeno 4 Star
Kymani Marley, Protoje & Da ProfessorRub-A-Dub SoldierDon Corleon
Stephen MarleyJah Army InstrumentalJah Army RiddimGhetto Youths
Christopher Ellis & Gappy RanksKnocking On My DoorJah Army RiddimGhetto Youths
Jah CureLook Two WaysJah Army RiddimGhetto Youths
Tarrus RileyEye WaterJah Army RiddimGhetto Youths
Ward 21Take A WhiffJah Army RiddimGhetto Youths
Spragga BenzLa La LahJah Army RiddimGhetto Youths
Stephen Marley & Damian Marley ft Buju BantonJah Army RemixJah Army RiddimGhetto Youths
Don CorleonSweet Treat In DubDon Corleon Presents - Dub In HDDon Corleon
Duane StephensonHeart Break HotelFat Eyes

Life During Wartime playlist for 07/06/2011

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 
DiskordsLife During WartimeBlame It On The KidsVinyl Warning
Talk Is PoisonFloorTalk Is PoisonPrank
Die KreuzenPainCows and BeerBarbarian
Raw PowerPolice PoliceYou Are The VictimComplete Control
Amdi Petersens ArmeBagfraBlod Ser Mere Virkeligt Ud Pa FilmHavoc
Chaos UKKill Your BabyBurning BritainRiot City
GlamDuelo De TitanesGlamLa Vida Es Un Mus
Kese MueranAsignadoKese Mueranself-released
Radio BirdmanAnglo Girl DesirwRadios AppearTrafalgar
Os EstudantesFeche Meus Olhoss/tNavena
Gang Of FourGlassEntertainmentWarner Bros
La FractionQu'uns/tCrash
GauzeCrash The PoseEqualizing DistortSelfish
Gorilla AngrebTimen Er KommutBedre TiderFeral Ward
StarshooterQuelle Crise babys/tPathe Marconi
Rudimentary PeniUnchangedUnderclassOuter Himalayan
Pekinska PatkaBela SljivaDemo 1979bootleg
Rank/XeroxBasement FurnitureRank/XeroxMongo Bongo
OrderSaruSaruH:G Fact
NashiUwasaNo Call A NameCrust War
ThoughtcriminalsMore Suicides PleaseFood For ThoughtcrimesAscension
Camping SexDie Welt Geht Unter1914!Vinyl On Demand
ChromeChromosome DamageAlien SoundtracksExpanded
Brain FailureAnarchy In The PRCAnarchy In The PRCBroken
Hard SkinDeborah Services Ltd7"Snuffy Smiles
The WeirdosFort USAWeird World Vol. 1Frontier
AdolescentsCreaturesComplete Demos 1980-1986Frontier
MasshysteriMonoton Tid7"Feral Ward
Neon Pisslive on air
Evil SubstituteI'm Not You7"Evil Way
neon Piss interview
ForwardgO fOR bROKEaCT tHEN dECIDE 7"self
No problemparanoid Times7"handsome dan
active mindswhere's the difference?the lunatics have taken overloony tunes

The Monday Sampler playlist for 06/27/2011

Program name: 
The Monday Sampler
Air date: 
Nat King ColeWalk'n My Baby Back HomeThe World of nat King ColeCapital Records
Hot Club of DetroitNostalgia in Times SquareIt's About That TimeMack Avenue Records
The Belmont PlayboysString BusterHot Rod HeartTeen Rebel
The BeatelettsOnly SeventeenGirls With GituarsRaucous Records
Carl PerkinsKitty Put Your Cat Cloths OnRare TracksSun Records
Trini LopazRock On
Fats DominoDomino ShiffleFat man Frenzy
Paul CliftonOh Baby Don't You WeepNew Breed R & B
The BeatlesI Saw Her Stand'n ThereThe Beatles: Mono Box Set Disc 1 BApple
Dennis and CompanyWhat are you going to do then, boy?Girls With GuitarsRaucous Records
Elvis PresleyKing CreoleViva Elvis
Fine Young CannibalsDon't Ask Me To ChooseFine young CannibalsI.R.S.
Patti SmithEverybody Wants to Rule The WorldTweleve
Van MorrisonAstral WeeksAstral Weeks
Patti SmithPeople have the PowerDream of Life

 Besides the live performances of The Twangshifters and The Taxi Boys, we had a lot of rock'n songs from a variety of albums.

Portland Yiddish Hour playlist for 07/03/2011

Program name: 
Portland Jewish Hour
Air date: 
Ben FoldsHava Nagila
EprhymeIt's All G!dWaywordwonderwillK
Marsh DondurmaOssim
Yonah RoeheBaby You Got My Number
Chana RothmanWe Can RiseWe Can RiseOyhoo
KaholThe Wind and
Ben Folds & Regina SpektorYou Don't Know Me
David BrozaBelibiParking
Yonah RoeheFell In Love With a Friend of Mine
Ety Ankri & David D'OrKarata Li Ester

 Had a fun show, with live performance by Yonah Roehe and informational support by David Z.

Jazz Lives! playlist for 07/06/2011

Program name: 
Jazz Lives!
Air date: 
slide hampton & the jazz mastersoverturededicated to diztelarc 1993
shorty rogerssaturnian sleigh ridethe big shorty rogers expressRCA 1957
mingus big bandcelialive in tokyosue mingus 2006
jimmy smithwalk on the wild sidethe unpredictable jimmy smithverve 1962
dizzy gillespieoop pop a dadizzy gillespie at the downbeat club summer 1947the bob vanlangen collection vol. 8
steve cannon and the blow hard big bandavalonfull blownbrocan records 2006
dave holland big bandfree for alldave holland big banddare 2 ecords 2005
jay mcshannswingmatism & hootie bluesjay mcshanndecca
miles davisgoneporgy and besscolumbia
gerry mulliganwalkin shoesthe NEW concert jazz band in sweden 1980unknown
count basie and joe williamseveryday I have the bluescount basie swings joe williams singsclef
mario bauzaheatwave944 columbusmessidor 1994
duke ellingtonhappy go lucky local pt1 & 2the early yearseverest
oscar petersonstockholm sweetnin'swinging brassverve
stan kentonmachitokenton in hi-ficapitol
tito puentela generacion del 80dancemaniatico
dizzy gillespiecool breezeat newportverve


Pastures of Plenty playlist for 07/06/2011

Program name: 
Pastures of Plenty
Air date: 
530 AM: Misty River BandBright Morning StarsWillow (2004)Misty River
WalelaCherokee Morning SongWalela (1997)Triloka
Nick DrakeFrom the MorningPink Moon (1772)Hannibal
David BrombergI Like to Sleep Late in the MorningThe Player: A Retorspective (1998) Originally on Midnight on the Water (1974)Columbia
545 AM: Mississippi John HurtMonday Morning BluesRediscovered (1998) Originally on Immortal (1967)Vanguard Records
Lloyd Jones (with Charlie Musselwhite)Ice Cream ManHighway Bound (2011)Underworld Records
Lloyd Jones (with Curtis Salgado)Lazy BonesHighway Bound (2011)Underworld Records
Mary FlowerUp a Lazy RiverBridges (2009)Yellow Dog Records
600 AM: The DecemberistsJuly, JulyLive from SOHO (2006)ITunes download
Norman BlakeDownhome Summertime BluesBack Home in Sulfur Springs (LP-1971, CD-1995)Rounder
Loudon Wainwright IIIDead SkunkAlbum III (1972)Columbia
Misty River BandHomegrown TomatoesWillow (2004)Misty River
615 AM: Harry ManxBend in the RiverBeautiful: A Tribute to Gordon Lightfoot (2003)Borealis Records
Willie NelsonOn the Road AgainEssential (2003)Columbia Legacy
Ralph Stanley with Iris DementRidin' That Midnight TrainClindh Mountain Sweethearts (2000)Rebel Records
The Dickel BrothersMilwaukee BluesThe Recordings of...Volume Two (2000)Empty Records
630 AM Calendar Background: Stillway and BonhamTiki TantrumStillway & Bonham (2004)NPP
635 AM: Keb MoBetter ManPlaying for Change (2009)Hear Music
James KeelaghanHold Your GroundThen Again (2004)Jericho Beach Music
645 AM: Deadwood RevivalCome See MeSAT 730Deadwod Revival
DuoverCloverDuover (2010)(self)
Reilly & MaloneyBovine BelchingNW Folklife Festival Live (2007)Folklife
The DecemberistsSummer SongThe Crane Wife (2006)Capitol

Pastures of Plenty

Contemporary and Traditional Folk Music to start your day with a smile

Host: Jack Bohl

Summer-y fun songs


Shocks of Sheba playlist for 07/06/2011

Program name: 
Shocks of Sheba
Air date: 
Dennis BrownWolf & Leopards...vpCD
Dennis BrownHere I Come...vpCD
Johnny OsbourneBite The Hands...rasCD
Fred LocksGive Jah Your Heart And Soul...tribesmanCD
Bob AndyLife...i-ankaLP
Earl SixteenHow Long...zion gate12"
Earl 16Silver And Gold...nuff powa12"
Joseph CottonMascot Sound...china visitCD
Franz JobThe Country Boy Song...conscious soundsCD
Jimmy RileyGive Me Some More...yes12"
Sam CartyExrativism...ab7"
Ini KamozeVersion (Shocking Out)...selekta7"
Web Cam Hi-Fi feat. Horace MartinTreating Me dub soundCD
Mungo's Hi-Fi feat. Ranking JoeStep It Dub...scotch bonnet12"
Black UhuruFit You Haffe Fit...taxi12"
Alborosie & TamlinsBaltimore Remix...forward7"
Courtney John & Captain BarkeyThieves & Police...sweet beat7"
JahmelodyMoving Away...vpCD
Quench AidSensi In The Morning...rockers master7"
Vivian JonesLegalise Ganja...cou$ins7"
Bob SkengAfrican Children...archive recordings7"
Little RoyPyaka...pharosCD
ProphecyFight The Fight...jah aloneCD
Errol DunkleyLove In The House...midnight rock7"
Ronnie DavisMy World...on top7"
African JamaicansLoving Man...rawse7"
Roman StewartLovin' Arms...godfather7"
Freddie McKaySome Kinda's7"
* Beshara* Glory Glory...only roots12"
Cate FerrisMinus 2 Degrees...roots garden7"
Taj Weekes & AdowaKink & Crinkle...jattaCD
Kayawah & The Movement BandShame And Scandal...only rootsLP
Junior BylesLet Us Reason in three7"
* General Echo*Arleen...vpCD
Sizzla/UB40Red Wine To Gaze...jiggy7"
MurraymanYogga Yogga...scotch bonnet7"

* denotes listener request

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