Italian Hour playlist for 11/06/2011

Program name: 
Italian Hour
Air date: 
Mario e La Sua FisarmonicaDicitancella Vouie
Jimmy RoselliReginella
Gianna MorandiLa Fisarmonica
Jimmy FontanaLa Nostra Favola
China Forbes from Pink MartiniNinna Nanna
Toto CutugnoInsieme
Toto CutugnoMamma
Renato CarosoneMaruzzella
Renato CarosoneMambo Italiano
Renato CarosoneChella Lla
Adriano CelentanoConto Su Di Te
Alleo GuatelliBabilonia
Fred BuscaglioneRi Fi Fi
Renzo ArborePecche' Nun Ce Ne Jammo In America?
UnknownTango Delle Rose

Shocks of Sheba playlist for 11/02/2011

Program name: 
Shocks of Sheba
Air date: 
Lloyd BrownCan't Done...jet starCD
Duane StephensonJah Works...vpCD
Bunny Lye LyeBack soundsCD
Cornel CampbellMoney...coptic lion10"
Jimmy RileyGirls Like Dirt...power house7"
MeditationsShadow Man...arrival7"
* Twinkle Brothers# Love...twinkleLP
Sir Lee# One Black Love...twinkleLP
Toots & The MaytalsHard Road...allah7"
Justin Hinds & The DominoesSweet Loraine...nighthawkLP
Joe HiggsSatisfy My Heart And Soul...alligatorLP
Clive Field MarshallLove Is What We Want...wackie'sLP
Prince LincolnYou Make Me Feel Alright...targetLP
Hue BEveryday Thing...tuff scout7"
Tuffest/Danny English/Mr. PangMash Up And Down...earthmanCD
Danny RedLet I Live...high steppers10"
Ray DarwinTonite...vpCD
Johnny OsbourneNight Fall...jah guidance10"
Peter BroggsI A Field Marshall...cry tuff7"
African SimbaFree Up The Herb...reality shock10"
Louie Rankin/Brimstone & Fire/Bobby CultureBig Big Bust...unicornLP
Clint EastwoodRoots Rock oneLP
Sugar MinottThem Have To Come A enterpriseLP
Hugh BrownEveryone Tun Ranking...mandingo7"
MadooI Can't Stand It...techniquesLP
NattykafFaith (Dreadful Time)...kaf island12"
Clinton FearonTell The World...boogie brownCD
Owen GreyHoly Father...muzikcity10"
Burning SpearDistant Drums...slashLP
Bob Skeng# The Lion...roots gardenLP
Freddie McGregor# Rally...roots gardenLP
Don CarlosI Like It...greensleevesLP
BelltonesSoul People...bongo man7"
Dudley SibleyLove In Our Nation...heartbeatLP
Ossie DellimoreGone So Far...massaganamp3
Dennis BrownWords Of Wisdom...shanachieLP
SilvertonesFeel All Right (Rehearsal)...motionCD
Errol DunkleyIt Was Nice While It Lasted...attackLP

what a blessing and what a ride!  after 23 years of late night radio, our time slot has finally moved to every other Thursday from 12p-2p.  a special thanks to all our longtime listeners, like Jah Mike, Gazelle, Brian Lew and so many others.  thanks always for the love, and please come check us during the daytime now!  this last show was nice, but also a bit melancholic in feel, as it felt a bit like goodbye...

# denotes version excursion

* denotes listener request

bubblin' under the mic chat:  delroy wilson - dancing horns (cou$ins)

CrossFade playlist for 11/03/2011

Air date: 


Audio download at

Track List: crossfade 11-3-11

Title Artist Release Release Date Start Time Duration
Aphex Twin Aphex Twin Coachella - 08 2008 2011/11/3 21:59:47 11:06
The Rain (FUNKEdit) SHORT EDIT Oran "Juice" Jones DMS 7 2008 2011/11/3 22:09:52 02:17
Here Comes The Rain Again Eurythmics Touch 1982 2011/11/3 22:11:59 03:50
Leg's (special dance mix) ZZ Top 12" Single 1984 2011/11/3 22:14:13 04:57
Pushing The Envelope Open, DJ Z-Trip And DJ P Uneasy Listening - Against The Grain Vol. 1 2001 2011/11/3 22:18:29 02:19
Dedicated Not Just To DJ Z-Trip And DJ P Uneasy Listening - Against The Grain Vol. 1 2001 2011/11/3 22:20:37 04:02
Security Of The First World Public Enemy It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back 1988 2011/11/3 22:24:22 01:18
Spider's Stratagem Dead Can Dance Into The Labyrinth 1993 2011/11/3 22:25:20 05:59
Shadows in the Rain The Police Zenyatta Mondatta (Remastered) 1980 2011/11/3 22:28:19 04:30
The Rain (supa dupa fly) Missy Misdemeanor Elliot Supa Dupa Fly 1997 2011/11/3 22:32:23 04:54
Make It Rain (Acappella) Boo Feat Jazze Pha Accapella Downloads   2011/11/3 22:35:19 01:24
I Can't Stand The Rain Ann Peebles Greatest Hits 1973 2011/11/3 22:37:01 02:20
Rainy Night In Georgia (Bonzo Bajou's Georgia Dub) Tony Joe White What Is Hip ? Remix Project Volume 1 2004 2011/11/3 22:39:10 05:15
Napalm Brain/Scatter Brain DJ Shadow Endtroducing..... 1996 2011/11/3 22:44:17 08:36
One Rainy Wish Jimi Hendrix Experience Axis: Bold As Love 1967 2011/11/3 22:52:21 03:48
Sliding Down Rainbows (The Great Mundane Remix) Gumar and His Magical Midi BAnd This Is So You 2010 2011/11/3 22:55:49 03:36
Train #2 The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Extra Width 1993 2011/11/3 22:59:04 02:30
Hitch Hike (Acappella) Marvin Gaye Accapella Downloads   2011/11/3 23:00:01 01:41
Warm Rain Natasha Kmeto Expressor 2010 2011/11/3 23:01:39 01:35
Pitu Prefuse 73 Preparations & Interregnums 2007 2011/11/3 23:03:12 02:50
Dreamwaver (Supreme Beings Of Leisure Remix) Gary Wright What Is Hip ? Remix Project Volume 1 2004 2011/11/3 23:05:56 04:10
Wearing Signals Away Mike Boo Dunhill Drone Committee 2005 2011/11/3 23:09:27 03:14
The First Rebirth Modeselektor Happy Birthday! 2007 2011/11/3 23:10:56 04:35
Square Rave Squarepusher Warp Routine 2001 2011/11/3 23:14:53 03:35
Keynell1 Gescom Skampler 1997 2011/11/3 23:17:06 05:55
My Red Hot Car Squarepusher Go Plastic 2001 2011/11/3 23:22:18 04:43
I Like What I've Been Doing Auditory Sculpture That might be me but now i'm 3-3/14/04 2004 2011/11/3 23:25:55 06:10
Fake The Aroma Massive Attack Help 1995 2011/11/3 23:30:05 03:25
You're Creeping Me Out The Future Sound Of London Isdn 1995 2011/11/3 23:33:16 04:01
S.S. 5000 Corrina Repp It's Only The Future 2004 2011/11/3 23:35:22 03:35
untitled Auditory Sculpture unreleased 2011 2011/11/3 23:38:19 05:55
Silent Treatment The Roots Do You Want More?!!!??! 1995 2011/11/3 23:43:23 02:44
Just A Man Suckapunch Psychopath Society 2005 2011/11/3 23:46:05 04:14
Ignorance Daddy Kev Classick Instrumentals, Vol. 1 2002 2011/11/3 23:50:05 03:14
The Piano Song DJ Vadim Life From The Other Side 1999 2011/11/3 23:52:10 00:00
By The Time I Get To Arizona Public Enemy By The Time I Get To Arizona 1991 2011/11/3 23:53:50 02:26
Sell the World RJD2 The Horror 2003 2011/11/3 23:57:07 00:00

Africa-O-Ye! playlist for 11/03/2011

Program name: 
Air date: 

dr. zomb hosted and jason ulrick spun vinyl    this is what he played:


struggle   zizi mutswande   7"   shungu

ok success   dungeni   7"    shungu

segenya river jazz   masela obado   7"   papadisco

orch. mabonza   minga A   7"   afridisco

sandwidi pierre   musso gwe   lp   kouri

akaba man   okhou no mose   lp   ja ja

stanley murphy   saint a tout a l'heure   lp   ?

miki jaga   vbenosawenmuwenmwighaye   s/t lp   akpolla

william onyeaber   this kind of world   anything you sow lp   wilfilms

  "             "            i need you all life    atomic bomb lp              "

  "             "            why go to war     tomorrow lp                        "

lijadu sisters   orere elijigbo   nigeria 70 v/a 2xlp   afrostrut

tony grey / ozimba messengers   you are the one   oh my darling lp   emi

francis bebey   a momi   ozileka lp   sacem

rex rabanye   o nketsang   sounds of soweto v/a lp   emi

wally badarou   hi life    s/t 12"   island

tohan stan   bamanou   s/t lp   ?


thanks jason, and thanks karen for introducing us!     the miki jaga track just killed me!

see you next time...









Shocks of Sheba playlist for 11/03/2011

Program name: 
Shocks of Sheba
Air date: 
Clinton FearonRun Come Rally...boogie brownCD
ChezidekSun Or Rain...tadsCD
Owen GreyHoly Father...muzikcity10"
Toots & BredrinsPass The Pipe On The Right Hand...righteous7"
Errol BaileyPeople Get Ready...heartbeatLP
MelodiansIt's My Delight...mangoLP
ParagonsBlackbirds Singing...treasure isleLP
AlpheusNeed To Know...special deliveryCD
Mical RustleLike Wow...joe fraser7"
SilvertonesBad Boy Bad one7"
Hue BEveryday Thing...ruff scout7"
BushmanDoesn't Matter...jet starCD
Cornel CampbellMoney...coptic lion10"
Leroy BrownMoney Barrier (Skully Version)...makasoundLP
Collie BuddzCome Around...massive b7"
Gappy RanksPut The Stereo On...greensleevesCD
Echo & Prince LivijahHere Comes The Herbman...reality shock10"
Romain VirgoThe System...vpmp3
MidniteEnough For Everyone...i gradeLP
Joe HiggsGot To Make A Way...micronLP
Freddie McKayJah Man...joe gibbsLP
ViceroysMy Love...csaLP
Bunny Lie LieMek Wi Live It Up...big lick7"
Eric DonaldsonBack Biters...dynamicLP
Tappa ZukieRaggamuffin...starsLP
Jerry JohnsonTribute To Prince Knight...dug outLP
NattykafFaith (Dreadful Time)...kaf island12"
Half PintHold On...hightoneCD
Don CarlosFavorite Cup...don carlos7"
Gentleman & Sugar MinottGood Old Days...universalCD
RastafariansA Love We Deal Wit...universal life churchLP

the first show in our new day time slot:  12pm - 2pm every other thursday!  far fewer hours per month, but we're reaching far more ears & hearts

congrats to aaron on winning a pair of tickets to the collie buddz/gappy ranks show november 11 at mt. tabor theater; we'll see you all there

bubblin' under the mic chat:  rhythm queen - sweet nature (sista)

Heavy Metal Vomit Party playlist for 11/03/2011

Program name: 
Heavy Metal Vomit Party
Air date: 

Bolt Thrower - In Battle There Is No Law

Voivod - Build Your Weapon

Possessed - Swing The Axe

Corpus Rottus - Funeral Homes And Morgues

Heathen Hoof - Heathen Hoof

Pailhead - Don't Stand In Line

Uriah Heep - The Wizard

Witchfynde - Ready To Roll


Danzig- Long Way Back From Hell

Demolition Hammer- Envenomed

Necros Christos- Necromantic Nun

Darkthrone- Dark Thrones and Black Flags

Bathory- Born for Burning

Inquisition- Into the Infernal Regions of the Ancient Cult

Diocletion- Oath to Ruin

Immortal- Call of the Wintermoon


Hammers Of Misfortune - The August Engine Part Two

Blind Guardian - Battlefields

Thin Lizzy - The Massacre

Scorpions - Fly People Fly

Dio - Don't Talk To Strangers

Witchfinder General - Witchfinder General


Carcass- Buried Dreams

Exodus- Bonded by Blood

Candlemass- Gothic Stone

Anthrax- Armed and Dangerous


The Monday Sampler playlist for 10/31/2011

Program name: 
The Monday Sampler
Air date: 
The VenturesOut of BoundsBrain in a BoxRhino (Collector Edition)
Depth ChargeDead by DawnNine Deadly Venoms
Jack DangersLoch Ness DubHalloween Dubs
Ennio MorroconeMagic and EcstasySoundtrack 'The Exorcist II' IIWarner Bros
Krzysztof KomedaLullabySoundtrack from Rosemary's BabyDot Records
David LeeTheme from 'The Exorcist'Music from The Organ Grinder PizzaOrgan Grinder Pizza
Barnes & BarnesCemetery GirlsZabagabeeRhino
Hawaiian PupsSpook Opera7" SinglePortrait
Depth ChargeDaughters of HorrorNine Deadly Venoms
Renee de la PradaNerd LoveNotes from the Undergroundthe Accordion Babes
BauhausBela Lugosi's Dead12 Inch SingleSmall Wonder
Roxy EricksonThe Creature With the Atom BrainBrain in a BoxRhino (Collector Edition)
Don HaleBloodIntrospection
Robert CobertOpening theme/ CollinwoodSoundtrack Dark ShadowsMPI
Big LouForbidden LoveThe Accordion BabesThe Accordion Babes
Peter Thomas Orch.TitelmusikSoundtrack from "Der Hexer" KriminalfilmmusikPrudence
Souixsie and The BansheesHalloweenJujuPolydor/Geffen/Warner Bros.
Nouvelle VagueBella Lugosi's DeadBande a' PartPeacefrog

  Dr Zomb and Rich L. join Fortunato for our Halloween Special, broadcasted live from the Hall of Records!

A fine line up of scary songs and movie soundtracks.

Jazz Lives! playlist for 11/02/2011

Program name: 
Jazz Lives!
Air date: 
pat martinolean yearsundeniablehighnote 2011
roy haynes with booker ervinscoochiecrackin'prestige 1963
giacomo gateslady day and john coltranethe revolution will be jazzsavant 2011
silvano monasteriossno' peasunconditionalsavant 2011
warren wolf427 mass ave.warren wolfmack ave.2011
sonny rollinsst. thomasroad shows vol. 2doxy 2011
"they say it's wonderful""
trombone shortyfor truefor trueverve 2010
louis armstrongpotato head bluesmusical autobiograpyjazz unlimited
nicholas paytonpotato head bluesdear louisverve
RH factorlisten here!strengthverve
phil norman tentetsonny's stepencoremama records 2011
SFJAZZ collectivenaimaSFJazz collectivenonesuch
jeff coffin mu'tettagmutopiacompass records 2008
jackie mcleanconfirmation4 5 and 6prestige/fantasy
giacomo gatesshow biznessthe revolution will be jazzsavant 2011
steve turregroove bluesrainbow peoplehighnote 2008

Pastures of Plenty playlist for 11/02/2011

Program name: 
Pastures of Plenty
Air date: 
530 AM: Nancy K DillonPortlandRoses Guide to Time Travel (2010)Rose Rock Records
Ry CooderNo Banker Left BehindPull Up Some Dust and Sit Down (NEW- 2011)Nonesuch
WilcoJolly Banker (a Woody Guthrie song)Download from Wilco Web site (2010)Download from Wilco Web site
Woody GuthrieThis Land is Your LandMy Dusty Road (2009)Rounder
545 AM: Joan Baez with Jerry GarciaJackaroeRare, Live, and Classic (1993)Vanguard
Dave CarterThe River, Where She SleepsSnake Handlin' Man (1995)Dave Carter
Misty River BandIf I Had a BoatLive at the Backgate Stage (2001)Misty River
Gordon Lightfoot (with David Rea, guitar)The Way I FeelLightfoot (1993 reissue of 1966 LP)UA
Judy Collins (with David Rea, guitar)Time Passes SlowlyWhales and Nightingales (1970)Elektra
Fairport Convention (with David Rea, guitar, vocal)Maverick ChildFairport Unconventional (2002)Free Reed
615 AM: David ReaBrass RingBrass Ring (1994)Copperfield
David ReaCome on in My KitchenShorty's Ghost (1997)Gistu
David ReaOld Cat SongShorty's Ghost (1997)Gistu
630 AM (Calendar background): David ReaO'Carolan MedleyShorty's Ghost (1997)Gistu
640 AM: David ReaHands Up!X7Gistu
645 AM: David ReaThe GiftX7Gistu
David ReaCovered BridgeX7Gistu
David ReaJust a SignWinterfolk X (1998)Winterfolk

Contemporary and Tradional Folk Music to start your day with a smile

Host: Jack Bohl

A Musical tribute to David Rea (10/26/1946- 10/27/2011), RIP

Excellent articles about David: Rea

The Noontime Jamboree playlist for 10/31/2011

Program name: 
The Noontime Jamboree
Air date: 
Emmet MillerThe Ghost of the St. Louis BluesThe Minstel Man From GeorgiaColumbia/Legacy
Roy AcuffOh Those TombsBest of Roy AcuffColumbia
Hank WilliamsHowlin' At the MoonThe Complete Hank WilliamsMercury
Harry ChoatesHarry Choates BluesFiddle King of Cajun SwingArhoolie
Harry ChoatesDevil in the BayouFiddle King of Cajun SwingArhoolie
Pee Wee KingKeep Them Cold Icy Fingers Off Of MeHillbilly BoogieBig Tone
Webb PierceHeebie Jeebie BluesGrooby Boogie Woogie BoyProper
Jo Carol PierceTonguesSongs From ChippyHollywood
Hank WilliamsThe Pale Horse and His RiderThe Compelete H. W.Mercury
Tommy CollinsBlack CatTommy CollinsBootleg
Dock BoggsSugar BabyPrayers From HellTrikont
Merle TravisThe Cat Came BackMerle tyravis 1944-49Country Routes
Marti BromTomcatMean!Squarebird
Charlie WalkerThe Chocolate SongCountry StyleVocallion
Bob Wills & His Texas PlayboysSugar MoonSan Antonio RoseBCD
Cowboy CopasHangman's BoogieTragic Tales of Love and LifeKing
Tommy Scott's Country CaravanDon't Kill A Man Because He Calls You A S.O.B.Country Music On ParadeRequest
Johnny PaycheckI've Got Someone To KillThe Lovin' MachineLittle Darlin'
Stuart HamblenThey're Gonna Kill YouI Gotta FeelingCTY
Marty RobbinsThe ChairTroubled TroubadorsOmni
Hank Williams6 More Miles To the GraveyardThe Complete H. W.Mercury
John R. Baca's OrchestraCircling Pigeions WaltzTexas Czech Bohemian-Moravian BandsArhoolie
Bob Wills & His Texas PlayboysBlack RiderBov Wills and His Texas PlayboysTexas Rose
Hank WilliamsThe Devil's TrainThe Complete H. W.Mercury
Frank HutchisonHell Bound TrainPrayers From HellTrikont
Homer & JethroI Crept Into the Crypt and CriedTroubled TroubadorsOmni
Jimmy MartinShackles and ChainsFee Born ManDecca
George JonesSlave LoverRockin' the CountryPolygram
Slim WhitmanTormentedSlim Whitman SingsImperial
Porter WagonerThe Rubber RoomWhat Ain't To Be Just Might HappenRCA
Dolly PartonDaddy Come and Get MeTroubled TroubadorsOmni
Roger MillerWhat Are These Things With Big Black WingsThe Genius of R. M.Mercury
Neko CaseGhost WiringBlacklistedBloodshot
Marti BromVoodoo VoodooWise to YouGoofin
L:isa Miller and the Trailer Park HoneysPuppy PosessedLipstick and BeerLMP
Cliffie StoneBarracudaSwing West Vol. 3Razor and Tie
Robbie FulksJeannie's Afraid o f the Dark13 Hillbilly GiantsBoondoggle
Robbie FulksShe Took A Lot of Pills and DiedCountry Love SongsBloodshot
Tex RitterBlood On The SaddleBlood On the SaddleCapitol
Teh Louvin Bros.Knoxville GirlWhen I Stop DreamingRazor and Tie
Connie SmithLast LetterSoul of Country MusicRCA Victor
Roger MillerOne Dying and A BuryingThe Genius of R. M.Mercury
Wanda JacksonThe Box That It Came InRockin IN The CountryRhino
Joe Patek OrchestraThe Shiner SongTexas Czech Bohemian-Moravian BandsArhoolie

Boooooo! Scary Show! SCARY!!!

Anjali and The Kid playlist for 11/01/2011

Program name: 
Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Kush
Air date: 
Major LazerOriginal DonOriginal Don EPMad Decent
Gurbhej BrarChak Dhen GehsingleVIP Records ltd
Jr Dread feat. Amrita VirkJogisingleHi-Tech Music
DJ Sanj f. Master SaleemHusan de MaareAmerican DesiMovieBox
Bikram SinghKinna Sohna MundaBIK I AMSoldier Sound Recordings
ELO & FOKN BoisLungu Lungu (Nobody Moves Remix)The FOKN Dunaquest in Budapest Remix AlbumAkwaaba Music
Ed Solo & Deekline feat. DJ ConceptSensisingleJungle Cakes
Sunny KhokarViloin Magicsinglewhite label
Flosstradamus feat. Kid SisterLuuk Out GirlJubilation EPFool's Gold
DJ Djeff feat. MaskaradoElegom BounsaElegom Bounsa - EPAkwaaba Music
The Very Best feat. BalojiSuper MomSuper Mom mixtapewhite label
ELO & FOKN Bois feat. SenaAha Aha (URH Remix)The FOKN Dunaquest in Budapest Remix AlbumAkwaaba Music
Ishq Bector & Rakhi SawantBhootJhagde
Hard KaurSexy BoySupawomanSaregama
M.I.A.Paper PlanesKALANEET Records
Shazalakazoo ft. MC MaiquinhoTo Com SaudadeIt Takes A Nation Of 2 Million To Hold Us BackGeneration Bass Digi
Dillon Francis & Diplo feat. MalucaQue QuesingleMajor Lazer
Shazalakazoo feat. SirenaRojo RubiBang! Bang! EPGeneration Bass Digi
Gotay el Autentiko feat. AmarettoSolo Imaginate (Version Mambo)singlewhite
Daddy YankeeLovumbasingleEl Cartel Records
Schlachthofbronx feat. Gnucci BananaCoolie FruitCarimbo EPMan Recordings
Shizzio f. OutlandishI Swear (Tigerstyle remix)singleJoe Daki Ent
Mika Singh & Pankaj KapoorSajh Dhaj Ke (Club Mix TigerStyle)Mausam OSTT Series
Yolanda be Cool v Miss PoojaWe Speak No Americano (A-Slam remix)Explode Your Headphones Vol 2white label
Jazzy BSurreyMaharajas
Mentor Beats feat. Jaswinder DaghamiaDaroo Do Naina Di (Desi Mix)
Jasjot Singh GhumanVaisakhi MelaYellow Brick EPVIP Records
Saini SurinderThorSimply Bhangra Vol 1ABC Distribution
DJ Harvey feat. Jaswinder DaghamiaGiddhasingleSanchez Productions

A Jazz World playlist for 11/02/2011

Program name: 
A Jazz World
Air date: 
Bob Belden & moreJust Three MilesMiles Espanol New Sketches of SpainE One
Conrad HerwigAll BluesAnother Kind of BlueHalf Note
David MurrayCachitoPlays Nat King Cole en EspanolMotema
Stefon Harris, David Sanchez, Christian ScottNengueleruNinety MilesConcord Picante
Afro-Bop AllianceGolpe de Cumaco (Impression 10)Una MasOA2 Records
Rez Abbasi's InvocationOverseasSuno Sunoenja
3 CohensWith the Soul of the Greatest of Them All (Dedicated to Charles Mingus)FamilyAnzic Records
Don CherrySymphony For ImprovisorsSymphony For ImprovisorsBlue Note
Joe HendersonPower to the PeoplePower to the PeopleMilestone
Terri Lyne CarringtonUnconditional LoveThe Mosaic ProjectConcord Jazz
Rene MarieThis For JoeBlack Freudian SlipMotema
James Carter Organ TrioWalking the Dogat the crossroadsemarcy

Early Morning Gumbo playlist for 11/01/2011

Program name: 
Early Morning Gumbo
Air date: 
CAROLINA CHOCOLATE DROPS / Banjo Dreams: Jalidong / Heritage / Dixiefrog Records 
OTIS TAYLOR / Litle Liza Jane / Recapturing the Banjo / Telarc  (with Guy Davis)
PRESERVATION HALL JAZZ BAND & DEL MCCOURY / Banjo frisco / American Legacies/Preservation Hall Recordings/McCoury Music*
OTIS TAYLOR / Les Ognons / Recapturing the Banjo / Telarc 
BELA FLECK / Throw Down Your Heart / Throw Down Your Heart, Tales from the Acoustic Planet, Vol. 3: Africa Sessions / Rounder Records (with Haruna Samake (Mali))
JOEL MABUS / Love Somebody / American Anonymous / Fossil
MARTIN SIMPSON / Banjo Bill / Purpose + grace / Topic Records*
JOHN HARTFORD / Gentle on my mind / tribute to steve goodman / Red Pajamas (Live concert, various artists)
MIKE SEEGER AND PEGGY SEEGER / My Home's Across The Blue Ridge Mountains / Fly Down Little Bird / Appleseed
STEVE MARTIN / Clawhammer Medley / The Crow / Rounder Records
LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III / High Wide & Handsome / High Wide & Handsome - The Charlie Poole Project / 2nd Story Sound Records
ABIGAIL WASHBURN & THE SPARROW QUARTET / Banjo Pickin' Girl / Abigail Washburn & The Sparrow Quartet / Nettwerk
DAVE VAN RONK / Last fair deal gone down / dealin' with the devil: Songs of Robert Johnson / Cannonball Records (various artists)
MICHAEL JEROME BROWNE / doin' my time / The Road is Dark / Borealis*
GILLIAN WELCH / Down Along the Dixie Line / Harrow & the Harvest / Acony*
CROOKED STILL / We can work it out / Friends of Fall / Signature Sounds*
PATTY GRIFFIN / I Love / I Love: Tom T Hall's Songs of Fox Hollow / Red Beet* (various artists)
THE DUNKS / Camptown races / Beautiful Dreamer: Songs of Stephen Foster / American Roots (various artists)
GUY CLARKE / Cold dog soup / Cold dog soup / Sugar Hill Records
LAUREN SHEEHAN / Little Bird Of Heaven / Rose City Ramble / Wilson River Records
MARTHA SCANLAN / Went to See the Gypsy / The West is Burning / Sugar Hill Records
IAN AND SYLVIA / Short Grass / Play One More / Vanguard
DAVID REA / The gift / The Gift: A Tribute to Ian Tyson / Stony Plain (various artists) R.I.P.

the first half or so devoted to banjo music inspired by the this week's PBS TV special "Give me the banjo" hosted by Steve Martin

more of David Rea's music on Pastures of Plenty tomorrow am with Jack hosting

Folk Espresso playlist for 10/31/2011

Program name: 
Folk Espresso
Air date: 
Dave Matthews and Tim ReynoldsGravediggerLive at Radio CityRCA Records
Dawn LandesDig Me a HoleFireproofCooking Vinyl
Mary FlowerDevil's PunchbowlMisery Loves CompanyYellow Dog Records
Boris McCutcheon and the SaltlicksThe Wicked ThingsBad Road, Good PeopleFrogville Records
Billy Bragg and WilcoHoodoo VoodooMermaid AvenueElektra/Warner
Tom WaitsHouse Where Nobody LivesMule VariationsAnti
Chris CottonDying Crapshooter's BluesI Watched the Devil DieYellow Dog Records
The Wailin' JennysThe Devil's Paintbrush RoadFirecrackerRed House Records
Martin SimpsonThe Devil's PartialityRighteousness & HumidityRed House Records
Steppin' In ItThe Ghost of Richard ManuelSimple Tunes for Troubled TimesEarthwork Music
Jay Cobb AndersonYou're Just a GhostI'm a Rambler I'm a FoolSelf-Produced
Harry ManxWalking Ghost BluesBread and BuddhaDog My Cat Records
SpringhouseThree Crow TownColvilleSelf-Produced
Carl SolomonThose Two CrowsOld FriendSelf-Produced
Midway FairThe CockcrowThe Distance of the Moon at DaybreakSelf-Produced
Steve CheseboroughOld DevilHam Hocks & GravySelf-Produced
Gideon FreudmannAbra CadaverAdobe Dog HouseGadfly Records
Hotpoint StringbandGhoulardi's ReelThe Road to BurhaniaMake'em Go Wooo Productions
Fleet FoxesBlue Spotted TailHelplessness BluesSub Pop Records
Leo KottkeThe Sailor's Grave on the Prairie6- and 12-String GuitarTakoma Records
FruitionScared to PlaySelf-TitledSelf-Produced

Dear Listeners,

Happy Halloween!  I hope you enjoyed this morning's show--one which touched on themes of graves, haunted houses, wicked things, devils, cadavers, crows, dying crapshooters, voodoo, ghouls, and ghosts.  Who'd've thunk there was so much ghastly music out there...

Where else on Earth are you gonna get such apropos music first thing this fine morning?  Remember, this is YOUR radio station--if you're a KBOO member, that is.  And if your name doesn't find itself on our membership rolls, uh, change that...





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