The Motif: Re-Imagine a Jazz Sensibility playlist for 03/15/2014

Air date: 
Petula Clark#2The collection
Dianne Reeves#3Beautiful Life
Cassandra Wilson#6days Aweig
marcus johnson#4Flo
Bob Belden#5black dahlia
archie shepp#8I hear the sound
herbie hancock#1the new standard
craig handy#4okeh
odell brown and organizers#7ducky
ernie watts#9afoxe
3pm/#2jazz racine...
ray appleton#1killer ray rides again
russell gunn#5Ethnomusicology Vol 1
george duke#2dreamweaver
everette harp#1first love
grover washinton, jr.#4winelight
hiroshimaworld of dreamsbetween black and white
kirk whalum#9for you
dianne reeves#1beautiful life

Radio Lost and Found playlist for 03/14/2014

Program name: 
Radio Lost and Found
Air date: 
Listen to the whole thing here (good until 3/28)

Radio Lost and Found (Music) with Rich L. 03/14/2014 10:00PM to 12:00AM
10:00PM Mickey Erbe "2001 Theme" from "A Sound Odyssey" 
10:01PM Murray Saul "11/17/75" from "The Get Downs, Vol. I" 
10:04PM Leonard Pennario "March of the Lunatics" from "The Two Pianos of Leonard Pennario" 
10:05PM Morgan Fisher "Green and Pleasant" from "Miniatures" 
10:06PM Nina Hagen "Radio Glotzer" from "Nina Hagen Band" 
10:12PM Nagy Feró "Ki Csinál Szódát pt.1 & 2" from "Hova Lett" 
10:15PM James White And The Blacks "Contort Yourself" from "Off White" 
10:21PM Lovely Little Girls "Undulate" from "Cleaning the Filth from a Delicate Frame" 
10:24PM Lovely Little Girls "Buttocks of Gloss" from "Cleaning the Filth from a Delicate Frame" 
10:27PM Set break  — Music behind DJ: Sly & Robbie - Syncopation
10:28PM The Evolution Control Committee "A Bigger, More Important Sound" from "Raymond Scott Rewired" 
10:30PM The Bran Flakes "The Toy Penguin" from "Raymond Scott Rewired" 
10:33PM Go Home Productions "Cindy Byrdsong" from "Raymond Scott Rewired" 
10:37PM The Evolution Control Committee "Ripples On an Evaporated Lake" from "Raymond Scott Rewired" 
10:42PM The Bran Flakes "Sleigh Ride To a Barn Dance In Sorrento" from "Raymond Scott Rewired" 
10:44PM Set break  — Music behind DJ: Esquivel - Whatchamacallit?
10:45PM Jason Eddie and the Centremen "Singing the Blues" from "The Emotional, Cosmic & Occult World of Joe Meek" 
10:47PM The Moontrekkers "Night Of The Vampire" from "The Emotional, Cosmic & Occult World of Joe Meek" 
10:50PM Mike Berry & The Outlaws "Tribute To Buddy Holly" from "The Emotional, Cosmic & Occult World of Joe Meek" 
10:53PM The Sound Offs "The Angry Desert" from "The Emotional, Cosmic & Occult World of Joe Meek" 
10:56PM Glenda Collins "It's Hard to Believe It" from "The Emotional, Cosmic & Occult World of Joe Meek" 
10:59PM Set break 
11:01PM David Jesse Moore "Road To America, USA" from "Road To America, USA" 
11:04PM MIJ "Two Stars" from "Yodeling Astrologer" 
11:08PM James Harley "Spangled" from "Hendrix Uncovered" 
11:09PM Avanti Productions Unlimited "Focus on LSD and Psychedelics" from "Found Film" 
11:12PM City of Torrence Police Department "Riot Prevention" from "Found Film" 
11:15PM Morton Subotnick "Until Spring - Side One" from "Until Spring" 
11:18PM White Noise "An Electric Storm in Hell" from "An electric storm in hell" 
11:21PM Jack Shea ""The Monitors are your friends.."" from "The Monitors (1969 film)" 
11:03PM Set break  — Music Behind DJ: Godley & Creme - Foreign Accents
11:34PM Maggie Estep "Scab Maids On Speed" from "Love Is a Dog from Hell" 
11:35PM David Kelsey "Theme from Star Trek/Fly Me to the Moon" from "Flights of Fancy" 
11:38PM Tuxedo Moon "Nite & Day" from "No Tears 12"" 
11:43PM Chrome "Fukushima (Nagasaki)" from "Half Machine From the Sun, The Lost Tapes From 79 - 80" 
11:46PM Plastick "(I Feel Like) Batman" from "World Class Punk Cassette Comp." 
11:48PM Protest "Troubles" from "World Class Punk Cassette Comp." 
11:51PM What? "Campbell's Sign" from "World Class Punk Cassette Comp." 
11:52PM Nagy Feró "Come of It" from "World Class Punk Cassette Comp." 
11:54PM The Evolution Control Committee "What Would You Think If I Sang Autotune" from "All Rights Reserved" 
11:56PM Set break 
11:56PM Matto Grosso "Marc 4" from "Stroboscobopica" 
11:56PM Noah Creshevsky "Great Performances" from "The Tape Music of Noah Creshevsky" 

Grateful Dead & Friends playlist for 03/15/2014

Program name: 
Grateful Dead & Friends
Air date: 
Continuing the Jerry Covers Project - Soul/Funk Part 2

A full description of the Project is here.  In the playlist below, song titles link to a page showing all of Jerry's solo performances of it, the original recording artist (*exception) and the album with release date, followed by the date of the Jerry performance I aired.  Click them links, there's gold in there.

Expressway (to Your Heart)
The Soul Survivors, When the Whistle Blows Anything Goes, 1967
06-04-1974 - Keystone Berkeley

Stevie Wonder, Fulfillingness' First Finale, 1974
05-21-1975 - Keystone Berkeley

Ain't Now Woman Like the One I Got
The Four Tops, Keeper of the Castle, 1972
03-09-1974 - Keystone Berkeley

Boogie on Reggae Woman
Stevie Wonder, Fulfillingness' First Finale, 1974
04-12-1975 - Masonic Temple, Scranton, PA (late show)

Lonely Avenue
Ray Charles, Yes, Indeed!, 1958 *(Written/originally performed by Doc Pomus. No recordings known.)
01-19-1973 - Keystone Berkeley

People Make the World Go Round
The Stylistics, The Stylistics, 1971
03-15-1975 - Keystone Berkeley

La Ruleta playlist for 03/14/2014

Program name: 
La Ruleta
Air date: 
LuciferLove should beLuciferRCA
LuciferFair maidenLuciferRCA
LuciferShapes of nothingLuciferRCA
LuciferIn search of loveLuciferRCA
LuciferEncounter with the devilLuciferRCA
LuciferIf I go on lookingLuciferRCA
LuciferFinal placeLuciferRCA
LuciferGetting rid of your troublesLuciferRCA
LuciferThere shall be time no longerLuciferRCA
RenaissanceListen to me peopleRenaissance
RenaissanceStrange dreamRenaissance
RenaissanceDown in MexicoRenaissance
RenaissanceLove the oneRenaissance
RenaissanceA dome of loveRenaissance
RenaissanceI'm dyingRenaissance
RenaissanceBuried aliveRenaissance
RenaissanceThe gift / A new Man is born in meRenaissance
IguanaArcoiris de cristalArcoiris de cristalRaff
IguanaArcoiris de cristalArcoiris de cristalRaff
IguanaArcoiris de cristalArcoiris de cristalRaff
IguanaArcoiris de cristalArcoiris de cristalRaff
IguanaArcoiris de cristalArcoiris de cristalRaff
IguanaArcoiris de cristalArcoiris de cristalRaff
IguanaArcoiris de cristalArcoiris de cristalRaff
IguanaArcoiris de cristalArcoiris de cristalRaff
IguanaArcoiris de cristalArcoiris de cristalRaff
IguanaArcoiris de cristalArcoiris de cristalRaff
Three very interesting and important albums in the history of Mexican Rock:

Renaissance, from Mexico City, 1970

Lucifer, from Mexico City, 1974
Iguana, from Tijuana, 1972

Movin' On playlist for 03/14/2014

Program name: 
Movin' On
Air date: 
March 14, 2014, Friday, 12 noon to 1:30 pm
Portland, OR: 90.7
Corvallis/Albany, OR: 104.3
Hood River/Columbia Gorge: 91.9
Host: Don Jacobson

Posted to: Folkdj-l,
Webcast on

(VA) = Various Artists.  All media are CDs unless otherwise stated.

Artist: "Selection" ALBUM TITLE [Label]

(VA) Will Geer: Excerpt from This Land Is Your Land "I Hate A Song That ..." A TRIBUTE TO WOODY GUTHRIE [Warner Bros.]

Sandy Rothman/Steve Pottier: "In the Pines" BLUEGRASS GUITAR DUETS [Sierra]
((Music Bed))
(VA) Andy Irvine & Paul Brady: "Plains of Kildare" THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO IRISH FOLK [ARC]

(VA) Cherish The Ladies: "Rayleen's Reel/The Pullet/ Scotch Mary/Within A Mile of Dublin" THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO IRISH FOLK [ARC]

Christy Moore: "Reel In the Flickering Light" ORDINARY MAN [Walker LP]

Christy Moore: "Ride On" CHRISTY MOORE AT THE POINT LIVE [Grapevine]

Chieftains: "Boil the Breakfast Early" THE ESSENTIAL CHIEFTAINS [RCA/Legacy]
Patrick Ball: "Planxty Burke/Bumper Squire Jones" SECRET ISLES[Celestial Harmonies]


Dick Gaughan: "Erin-Go-Bragh" HANDFUL OF EARTH [Green Linnet]

DeDannan: "The Wren's Nest" ANTHEM [Dara]

Dick Gaughan: "Song For Ireland" HANDFUL OF EARTH [Green Linnet]
(VA) Blue Sky Boys: "Down On The Banks Of The Ohio" HARRY SMITH'S ANATHOLOGY OF AMERICAN FOLK MUSIC, VOL. 4 [Smithsonian/Folkways]

(VA) The Carter Fanmily: "Hello Stranger"  HARRY SMITH'S ANATHOLOGY OF AMERICAN FOLK MUSIC, VOL. 4 [Smithsonian/Folkways]
Folk Calendar
Mary Flower: "Last Kind Word Blues" BYWATER BLUES [Yellow Dog]

Ann Weiss: "What's Going On?"  CONCRETE WORLD & THE LOVER'S DREAM [Self]

John Reischman & Jaybirds: "Fire On the Mountain" STELLAR JAY [Corvus]
Rebel Voices: "Borderlines" A PIECE OF THE WALL [Reveille]

Joe Hickerson: "Blind Fiddler" WITH A GATHERING OF FRIENDS [Folk Legacy]

Suzy Thompson/Del Ray: "Grandpa & Grandma Blues" HEN PARTY [Hobemian]

Kate McNally: "Wauliong Out Of the Fauld/Lillian's" FLOURISH [Self]

Julie Fowlis: "Beautiful Ribbons" EVERY STAY [Machair]
Questions & comments are welcome.

Host: Don Jacobson

Movin' On
Second and Fourth Fridays, 12 noon to 1:30 pm

Africa O-Ye!
Fifth Thursdays, 2 - 4 pm

Portland OR: 90.7
Corvallis/Albany, OR: 104.3
Hood River/Columbia Gorge, OR: 91.9
Webcast on

My playlists are posted to folkdj-l and

The Songcircle playlist for 03/14/2014

Program name: 
The Songcircle
Air date: 
Del AmitriWhiskey RemorseChange Everything [Reissue]
Rod StewartGasoline Alleysame
LemonheadsIt's a Shame About Raysame
Patti SmithGhost DanceEaster
The Lovin' Spoonful4 EyesHums of the Lovin' Spoonful
Keith RichardsLocked AwayTalk is Cheap
Mick JaggerEvening GownWandering Spirit
Bob DylanBeyond Here Lies Nothin'Together Through Life
SpiritMorning Will ComeTwelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus
SparksMetaphorHello Young Lovers
St. VincentPsychopathSt. Vincent
Mavis StaplesDown in MississippiWe'll Never Turn Back
Swamp DoggSurfin' in Harlemsame
Simon & GarfunkelAt the ZooLive 1969
Matthew SweetDivine InterventionGirlfriend
Elvis PresleyTomorrow is a Long Timesame
RodriguezSugar ManCold Fact
Annie LennoxYou Have Placed a Chill in My HeartCold: Colder [CD Single]

Swing & Country playlist for 03/15/2014

Program name: 
Swing & Country
Air date: 
Cowboy JunkiesMining For GoldThe Trinity Sessions
Bob Wills & his Texas PlayboysRed River ValleyTiffany Transcriptions
Ray PriceFaded LoveRay Price And The Cherokee Cowboys
Rose & The Maddox Bros.Words Are So Easy To SayMost Colorful Hillbilly Band In The World
Caleb KlauderRocking YearsDangerous Mes and Poisonous Yous
Gene AutryDeep In The Heart Of TexasThe Essential Gene Autry
David Johnson, Bill Johnson And Billy Ray JohnsonGoing Down The Road Feeling BadClassic Old Time Music
Joe ElyIf You Were A BluebirdJoe Ely
Wanda JacksonMaking BelieveVintage Collections
George JonesColor Of The BluesCrazy Heart
Johnny CashPeace In The ValleyThe Legend
International Submarine BandI Must Have Been Somebody Else You've KnownSafe At Home
Patsy ClineWalkin' After MidnightBest Of Patsy Cline
Yvette LandryShould Have KnownShould Have Known
BR5-49I Ain't NeverBR5-49
Doug Sahm and BandThey'll Never Take Her Love From MeThe Return Of Wayne Douglas
Leon PayneYou've Still Got A Place In My HeartI Love You Because
Townes Van ZandtIf I Needed YouCrazy Heart
The Nitty Gritty Dirt BandDark As A DungeonWill The Circle Be Unbroken
Alison Kraus And Gillian WelchI'll Fly AwayO Brother, Where Art Thou?
Bruce SpringsteenYoungstownThe Ghost Of Tom Joad
Lyle LovettStand By Your ManLyle Lovett and His Large Band
John PrineFar From MeJohn Prine
Buddy MillerCattle CallThe Majestic Silver Strings
Waylon Jennings And Willie NelsonMommas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be CowboysThe Essential Waylon Jennings
Michael Martin MurpheyWild BirdBuckaroo Bluegrass
Robbie FulksThe Scrapple SongCountry Love Songs
Johnny HortonHonky Tonk ManRockin' Rollin Johnny Horton
Steve Earle and Del McCouryCarrie BrownThe Mountain
Emmylou Harris and Rodney CrowellInvitation To The BluesOld Yellow Moon
Patsy ClineGot A Lotta Rhythm In My SoulBest Of Patsy Cline
Patty LovelessYou're Through Fooling MeThe Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams
Buck OwensOpen Up Your HeartAll-Time Greatest Hits
BucklesExcuse Me I Think I've Got A HeartacheMeet The Buckles
Dwight YoakamThink Of MeDwight Sings Buck
Flying Burrito BrothersClose Up The Honky TonksFarther Along
Creedence Clearwater RevivalLookin' Out My Back DoorChronicle Vol. 1
Ernest TubbWalking The Floor Over YouAmerican Roots Music (2001 box set)
Hank WilliamsHey Good Lookin'Unreleased Recordings
Asleep At The WheelYou Ain't Women Enough20 Greatest Hits
Gram ParsonsBrand New HeartacheSacred Hearts And Fallen Angels
Copper and CoalDreamin' Ain't Waltzin'Copper and Coal
Hank ThompsonA Six Pack To GoVintage Collections
Moot DavisJug Of WineMoot Davis
Ted HawkinsThere Stands The GlassThe Next Hundred Years
Merle HaggardThe Bottle Let Me DownThe Best Of Merle Haggard
Red Stick RamblersDrinkin' To YouMy Suitcase Is Always Packed
Marshall TuckerThis Ol' CowboyGreatest Hits
Heather MylesYou're Gonna Love Me One DayTransamerica
George StaitAll My Ex's Live In TexasOceanfront Property
Ryan AdamsA Kiss Before I GoJacksonville City Nights
Johnny RodriguezCorpus Christi BayThe Hightone Record Story
Kasey ChambersSweetest Waste Of TimeRattlin' Bones
Lefty FrizzellGone, Gone, Gone16 greatest hits
ByrdsAll I Have Are MemoriesSweetheart Of The Rodeo
An eclectic mix of the eastern philosophy and cowboy music. We will cover the yin, the yang and the bang bang.

Plugged In playlist for 03/07/2014

Program name: 
Plugged In
Air date: 
On March 7th, 2014, Tronic was joined in the studio by guest DJs Art of Hot and Joepamine for two hours of house, tech house, and techno in the mix.

Art of Hot facebook page @

Joepamine facebook page @

Here is the setlist from Art of Hot's set from the first hour ::

Bodies - Shape (Original Mix)
unknown - Loco (Original Mix)
unknown - Ibiza House Music (DJ Face Off Remix)
unknown - Open Your Mind (Hollen Remix)
Alex Dolby - Urban Gate
Hollen - Duster
Little Fritter Friz And Froth - Chimmy Changa
Tim Turbo - Hush (Iggy, Iggy) feat. Spoek Mathambo & Gnucci Banana (Motorpitch Remix)
Ojo Con - El Cojo (Original Mix)
Oscar Barila & Sergio Parrado - Chaman
unknown - Bailamos (Original Mix)
Rico - PopLike (Original Mix)
unknown - Me (Original Mix)
unknown - Go Norris (Original Mix)
Miguel Bastida - Granos De Arena (Original Mix)
Paco Maroto and Inaki Santos - Monterrey (Original Mix)
Samuel Orvieto - Costa Rica
unknown - Cardyna (Original Mix)
Sheehan & Clausen - Tierra De Fuego (Re-UP Remix)
Bicho - Bola (Original Mix)
Chaotique - Seven O Clock
unknown - Ktaman
Jmix - Get Out Of Bed At All

Here is the setlist for Joepamine's set in the second hour ::

Ghostea - Breathing Room (Original Mix)
Crookers feat. Style Of Eye & Carli - That Laughing Track (Sona Vabos Remix)
Catz & Dogz, Eats Everything - Where House (Original Mix)
Gene Farris Feat. Sonny Fodera - Shimmy Shimmy (Original Mix)
Astin - Dejected (Original Mix)
Sonny Fodera - It's Time (Original Mix)
Pig&Dan feat. Rachel Lyn - I Am One (Original Mix)
Tymer & Shadow Child - 23 (Kry Wolf VIP)
John Acquaviva and Olivier Giacomotto - All Night, All Right (Original Mix)
Sepehr - Cupid (Original Mix)
Eats Everything - Hevvie (Original Mix)
Kry Wolf - The Flood (Original Mix)
Komon - So Easy
German Brigante - Longo Longo (AFFKT Vomvo Remix)
Format:B - Magic Button (Original Mix)

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Active Listening playlist for 03/13/2014

Program name: 
Active Listening
Air date: 
The RefugeesVocab (Refugees Hip Hop Remix)
Ohmega WattsGood Fun feat Nino Moschella
Rebel DiazWhich Side are you on Remix
Tribe Called RedElectric Intertribal feat smoke trail
The Peace PoetsWater Got No Enemy
AwakeningClimbing Poetree and Rising Appalachia
Ursul;a RuckerHumbled
Juaneco y Su comboVailando con Ayahuesca
The Souljazz OrchestraEast Flows the River
Grandmother FlordemayoWhole Earth Summit live
Max Ribner BandLove is Like A Stream
Paper BirdJust Sing
De la SoulTrying
Leah Song and climbing poetreelive
Esther Phillipsinto the mystic
nina SimoneObeah Woman
Lucila CamposSamba Malato
Bill WithersLive
Tribe Called QuestBonita Applebaum
Angel Haze Tribe Called RedLyric
#Jan 25Omar Offendum Narcycist
Shut Your Mouse Obama
Tribe Called RedBread and Cheese Feat Black Bear
Chaka Khan and de la soulAll good
Modeski Martin and WoodNocturnal Transmission
Seinabo SeyOutlines

Shocks of Sheba playlist for 03/13/2014

Program name: 
Shocks of Sheba
Air date: 
MelodiansJah Reggae...rasLP
Jimmy RileySweet Sensimilla...shanachieLP
Burning SpearIt Is Good...mangoLP
Twinkle BrothersMe No You--You No Me...twinkleLP
Dennis Brown# Cup Of Tea...d.e.b.7"
Ras Bug# The Fisherman...d.e.b.LP
Lee PerryAllergic To Lies...on-u soundLP
George Faith & The UpsettersConscious Guide...pressure sounds12"
CultureZion Gate...errol t12"
* Wailing Souls* Stalk Of Sensimilla...thompson7"
YTRevolution Time...sativaLP
K VibesBoom Shot...k vibesmp3
Conrad Crystal & Suga RoyBeat Them Bad...irie itesmp3
Menny MoreBlessed...riddimstruttinmp3
Horace AndyMoney, Money...thunder boltLP
Johnny ClarkeTruths & Rights...ariwaLP
CasseymanHumble Yourself...easy starCD
Ken BootheMoving Away...park heightsLP
Earl 16One In A Million Girl...messageLP
Tarrus RileyVersion Of Love (My Story)...juke boxxmp3
Owen GreyHoly Father...muzikcity10"
Leroy BrownStand Up Strong...makasoundLP
Black Roots# Guide Us...nubianLP
Black Roots# Guidance...nubianLP
Leroy Sibbles & Sister NancyIt's Not Over...heartbeat europeCD
SenaBone Shaker...irie itesmp3
Sister cinderellamp3
Mike BrooksBlessed Is The beat7"
Clinton FearonBetter Days...boogie brownCD

# denotes version excursion
* denotes listener request

thanks much for the calls and glad we could get to the requests.  we love our listeners!

bubblin' under the mic chat:  sly & robbie/mad professor -- freedom illusion (ras)

Africa-O-Ye! playlist for 03/13/2014

Program name: 
Air date: 
Mohamed HassanWewe Wa Hangu Wa DaimaDuniyaDizim Records
AnonymousKaribuTraditional Music From The ComorosBuda-Musique du Monde
NawalMwaha MwemaKweliMélodie
- mic break -
ZaïnabaMiandiComores: Chants de femmesBuda-Musique du Monde
Mwezi WaQ.Bweni fatimaComores : Chants de lune et d'espéranceBuda-Musique du Monde
- mic break -
Kilimanjaro InternationalMaji Ya OngojouTraditional Music From The ComorosBuda-Musique du Monde
Abou ChihabiLewo! Lewo!Folkomor OceanPlayasound
Boina Riziki & SoubiKampananiChamsi na MweziDizim Records
Abou ChihabiYa kamiliheAfrican VibrationsPlayasound
- mic break -
Abou ChihabiUpwa nvubwe uhozaFolkomor OceanPlayasound
Mwezi WaQ.Undroni bluesComores : Chants de lune et d'espéranceBuda-Musique du Monde
ZaïnabaNyamandziyaComores: Chants de femmesBuda-Musique du Monde
- mic break -
SambecoSambeSambe-ComoresDizim Records
Wegni NgaziSouriTraditional Music From The ComorosBuda-Musique du Monde
- mic break -
Belle LumièreDzinyoSambe-ComoresDizim Records
Abou ChihabiSote nduguFolkomor OceanPlayasound
- mic break -
Mwezi WaQ.WaudzuComores : Chants de lune et d'espéranceBuda-Musique du Monde
ZaïnabaMwanamshe RubuwaComores: Chants de femmesBuda-Musique du Monde
- mic break -
BacoM'Dru Wa NgommaQuestionsCobalt/Mélodie
On this week's show, we explore music from Comoros, the Indian Ocean archipelago lying between the northern tip of Madagascar and mainland Mozambique.   The Swahili culture of Zanizibar and coastal Tanzania and Kenya provides much musical influence on the islands, along with Arabic and Malagasy music.  host: Andy Hosch

Pandæmonium playlist for 03/13/2014

Program name: 
Air date: 
XasthurCursed Be the Memory of LightA Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors
Happy DaysThis Will HurtCause of Death: Life
KrohmPsychic PandemnoniumCrown of the Ancients
Shroud of DespondencyHomo Homini LupusDark Meditations in Monastic Seclusion
Lost InsideA Ghost Among PeopleMourning Wept Beside Me
HuldrekallDelusive ContentmentMania / Huldrekall split
I Shalt BecomeLeaving Watership DownPoison
LeviathanSardoniscornThe Tenth Sub Level of Suicide
Sombres ForêtsBrumesLa mort du Soleil
GrisSeizième prièreÀ l'âme enflammée, l'äme constellée...
NostalgieLa Tristesse de la LuneAs Life Disappears
Nocturnal DepressionThe Stars Lightening My PathSoundtrack for a Suicide - Opus II
Thy LightIn My Last MourningSuici.De.pression
StriborgThe Void and Cloudless SkyAutumnal Melancholy
AustereThis Dreadful EmptinessTo Lay like Old Ashes
Woods of DesolationAn Unbroken MomentTorn Beyond Reason
Drowning the LightEmbraced by a Tragic EndThe Serpents Rise
Elysian BlazeEclipseLevitating the Carnal
MoonMonasteryCaduceus Chalice
Abyssic HateDespondencySuicidal Emotions
Chapter XIII: Abyss Gazing (part 1)

First part of a two part show featuring Depressive Suicidal Black Metal

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Life During Wartime playlist for 03/12/2014

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 
The CrampsGarbage ManOff The BoneAlien
The Gun ClubSex BeatFire of LoveRuby
The MutantsNew DrugFun TerminalQuality
tuxedo MoonNo Timetuxedo MoonSuper Viaduct
KleenexNicebox SetMississippi Records
Poison GirlsCrisisHexXntrix
The ExMotorbike in AfricaAural GuerillaHomestead
CrassBig A Little AChrist the AlbumCrass
Chaos uk4 minute warningst
Crazy SpiritIm deadIm dead 7
The GermsNo GodWhat We Do Is SecretSlash
Poison IdeaIts an actionPick Your King
DieLife of hateST
Gas RagPass outHuffers rights
TampaxUFO dictatorkbd vol 6
NapalmSkinheadIt's a warning
The opresedACAB
DOAFuck you
The UndertonesTeenage Kicks7"good Vibrations
Los OlvidadosSomething NewListen to thisAlternative Tenticles
Los OtrasTragediaLas OtrasDiscos Sense Nom
RadGeekonomics /Sacramento is RadRadPhono Select
DezerterSenAll Against AllDissidence
Utopiaepidemia neinawiscinieeTrujaca Fala
Rotten CadaverDark End
MulltuteSchlingSound The AlarmsMaximum Rocknroll
PenetrationDon't dictateRace against time
AvengersI beleive in mePink album
Sado-NationCut off the chordDisruptive pattern
Toxic ReasonsDrunk and DisorderlyIndependance
The Pistwere still pistideas are bullet proof
CocksparerRiot squadShock troops
RamonesCalifornia sunLeave homesire
FU'sFU'SKill for christ
Reagan youthIt's a Beautiful day
Hardskincouncil estatesOn the Balls
Cockney RejectsOi oi oi
PartisansKilling machinePolice Story
DischargeNever Again

Jazz Lives! playlist for 03/12/2014

Program name: 
Jazz Lives!
Air date: 
gonzalo rubalcabahip side 8:33avatarblue note
12:15 max roachprelude 5:04the many sides of max roachtrip
12:23 sonny rollinssonnymoon for two 8:47a night at the village vanguardmanhattan records
12:32 joshua redmanjazz crimes 6:42elasticwarner bros.
12:45 pony poindexterbasin st. blues 3:29pony's expressepic/sony
12:45 mel brownwindjammer 9:01live at jimmy mac'skarmenpolicy records
12:53 john coltraneI wish I knew 4:54balladsimpulse
1:02 eric reedletter to betty carter 3:24manhattan melodiesverve
1:05 woody shawseventh avenue 8:35steppiong stonescolumbia/sony
1:15 dizzy gillespiethings to come 3:40live 1946bandstand
1:04 SFJ collectivemarch madness 8:20SFJazz collectivenonesuch
1:29 kenny garrett2 down & 1 across 5:16songbookwarner bros.
1:36 ben websterill wind 3:30souliveverve
1:39 bobby watsonmidwest shuffle 7:56midwest shufflecolumbia
11:49 benwebsterwhosoulvilleverve
1:52 ben webstersoulville 8:03soulvilleverve


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