Italian Hour playlist for 10/24/2010

Program name: 
Italian Hour
Air date: 
Nicola DiBariI Giorni Dell'Arcobaleno
Jimmy FontanaChe Sara'
Peppino Di CapriTu Vuo' Fa' L'Americano
Peppino Di CapriL'Una Rossa
Andrea BocelliNel Cuore Restero'
Andrea BocelliA Ricordarci Che
Toto CutugnoL'Italiano
Toto CutognoParlami D'Amore Mariu'
Toto CutognoGloria
Fred BuscaglioneRin Fi Fi
Miele NardiA Tazza 'E Cafe'
Miele NardiMalafemmena
Maria NazionaleFesta Vascia

Grateful Dead & Friends playlist for 10/23/2010

Program name: 
Grateful Dead & Friends
Air date: 
Jerry Garcia BandRagged but RightLunt Fontaine 10/31/
Jerry Garcia BandHere to get my Baby out of JailLunt Fontanne Theater, New York,
Jesse McReynolds interview
Jesse McReynolds & FriendsBlack Muddy RiverSongs of the Grateful DeadWoodstock Records
Jesse McReynolds Interview
Jesse McReynolds & FriendsStanding on the MoonSongs Of The Grateful DeadWoodstock Records
Jesse McReynolds interview
Jesse McReynolds & FriendsDay by DaySongs Of The Grateful DeadWoodstock Records
Jesse McReynolds interview
Jesse McReynolds & FriendsThe WheelSongs Of The Grateful DeadWoodstock Records
Jesse McReynolds interview
Jesse McReynolds & FriendsLoserSongs Of The Grateful DeadWoodstock Records
Jerry Garcia BandLike A RoadLunt Fontanne Theater, New York,
Grateful DeadScarlet Begonias>4/16/89
Grateful DeadFire on The Mountainn4/16/89
David Nelson BandAbsolutely Sweet Marie6/25/09
David Nelson BandMJ Medley>6/25/09
David Nelson BandFable of A Chosen One6/25/09

Hi! Today, we wander around the Forests of Fennario with Jesse McReynolds, one of Jerry Garcia's earliest musical influences and discuss his new album "Songs of the Grateful Dead." Later We just visit other locales in The Forests :)

The Outside World playlist for 10/23/2010

Air date: 
Sense Datum10:10Sense DatumProducciones Enterradas
John BishoffSilhouetteLovely Little RecordsLovely Little Records
Paul DeMarinisIf God Were Alive (And He Is), You Could Reach Him by TelephoneLovely Little RecordsLovely Little Records
John BishoffThe League of Automatic Music Composers: Recording, Dec. 17, 1978Lovely Little RecordsLovely Little Records
Phil HarmonicPhil Harmonics Greatest HitsLovely Little RecordsLovely Little Records
Sense DatumZig ZagSense DatumProducciones Enterradas
Phil HarmonicPhil Harmonics Greatest HitsLovely Little RecordsLovely Little Records
Sense DatumMustard ChalkSense DatumProducciones Enterradas
Paul DeMarinisForest BootiesLovely Little RecordsLovely Little Records
Frankie MannThe Mayan Debutante RevueLovely Little RecordsLovely Little Records
Sense DatumAir RaidSense DatumProducciones Enterradas
TarantulaBlancanieves 33 RPMTarantula Ep.CFE 1978 Spain
SyntomaEngrapadoraEngrapadoraPhallus / Magog
SyntomaLos Queliceros de la Viuda NegraEngrapadoraPhallus / Magog
TarantulaBlancanieves 45 RPMTarantula Ep.CFE 1978 Spain
Vistas VijasYa Parezco FotografíaVistas FijasLaudano
Vistas VijasVidriosVistas FijasLaudano
Vistas VijasArcanoVistas FijasLaudano
Darcel / ChiaNeurópterosTratado de Insectos de Metamorfosis PerfectasLaudano
Darcel / ChiaLepidópterosTratado de Insectos de Metamorfosis PerfectasLaudano
Darcel / ChiaDípterosTratado de Insectos de Metamorfosis PerfectasLaudano
Darcel / ChiaHimenópterosTratado de Insectos de Metamorfosis PerfectasLaudano
"Blue Jean Triany"Harvey Milk Portrait Part 2 The FeelingLovely Little RecordsLovely Little Records
Vistas VijasSinfínVistas VijasLaudano
Vistas VijasDías de MargaritaVistas VijasLaudano
Darcel / ChiaAfanípterosTratado de Insectos de Metamorfosis PerfectasLaudano
SyntomaHelodermaEngrapadoraPhallus / Magog
FiascoDuzzTrain to FiascoProducciones Enterradas
FiascoLove Me DotTrain to FiascoProducciones Enterradas
FiascoKjetzTrain to FiascoProducciones Enterradas
Fiasco--------------FiascomaxProducciones Enterradas
FiascoThe Interrupted GrooveFiascomaxProducciones Enterradas
FiascoDespertando en un Planeta LejanoUnreleasedNone
FiascoPidiendo Ayuda en un Planeta LejanoUnreleasedNone
Gerardo EncisoCorre, CorreEn Vivo en la Peña Cuhicacalli, 1990Bootleg Tape
Gerardo EncisoCarta a SantaLa Otra Navidad
Gerardo EncisoBulldog BluesEn Vivo en la Peña Cuhicacalli, 1990Bootleg Tape
El Puente de AlvaradoRelieve MuroEl Puente de AlvaradoMomia

Randomonium playlist for 10/22/2010

Air date: 
Pierced ArrowsParanoia
Nice NiceA way we glow
Bikini KillNew Radio
Magnetic FieldsFrom a Sinking Boat
SpoonOut goest the Lights
MirahEngine Heart
Mountain GoatsThis Year
The Moldy PeachesWhos got the crack?
Mountain GoatsDance Music
Iron and WinePagen Angel and a borrowed car
YOUR RIVALTouch my groin
Anti-FlagThis Machine Kills Fascists
Jonny X and the GroadiesGauntlet of Iron and Fear
Jonny XFog of Blood
Jonny XScience Lesson part 2
Jonny XMetal Brain Part One
Jonny XCorpsed
Jonny XDon't stop screaming
Jonny XCastle/ Face
Jonny XBroken
Jonny XImmportal
BisKill Yr Boyfriend
Le TigreAfter Dark
Mos DefSex Love & Money
Will SmithWild Wild West
K-OsI wish I knew Natalie Portman
KRS-ONEYou Ready for this?
R Kelly Ft. UsherSame Girl

In Lieu of your regular youthful DJ's we, the old farts of KBOO, bring you some songs of our youth. Join us as we travel back in time from what we listened to this morning while sipping coffee to what we danced around to dressed like The Spice Girls when our parents weren't home.

Also, live local youth band Your Rival joins us for a rad live set here in the studio. They're great. Check Em Out.



The graduates.

A Categorized Program Not playlist for 10/22/2010

Air date: 
Cloudy OctoberVagabondage
Mic CrenshawThe Glue
Jimmy Castor BunchIt's just begun
Rhythm Heritage bandthe theme from SWAT
Booker T and the MGsMelting Pot
Dexter WanselLife on Mars
Jackson SistersI believe in Miracles
Jackson 5Hum along and Dance
Baby HueyListen to me
Manu DibangoSoul Makosa
New BirthI can Understand
Denis CoffeyScorpio
Yellow ShunshineYellow Sunshine
Captain SkySuper Sperm
Ice TMidnight
Ice Tthe Tower
Onry OzbourneNigtengale
Onry Ozbourne F/ SleepIce Ages
Onry Ozbourne F/ Syndel and ReubenThis is my world
Onry Ozbourne F/ Sleep and Pale SoulSunsets

Movin' On playlist for 10/22/2010

Program name: 
Movin' On
Air date: 

October 22, 2010, Friday, 12 noon to 1:30 pm
Portland, OR: 90.7
Corvallis/Albany, OR: 100.7
Hood River/Columbia Gorge: 91.9
Host: Don Jacobson

Posted to: Folkdj-l,
Webcast on

(VA) = Various Artists.  All media are CDs unless otherwise stated.

Artist: "Selection" ALBUM TITLE [Label]

(VA) Will Geer: Excerpt from This Land Is Your Land "I Hate A Song That ..." A TRIBUTE TO WOODY GUTHRIE [Warner Bros.]

Sandy Rothman/Steve Pottier: "In the Pines" BLUEGRASS GUITAR DUETS [Sierra]
((Music Bed))
Tom Chapin & John Forster: "Econ-Me-Oh-My" BROADSIDES [Sundance]

Red Horse: "Don't Remind Me" RED HORSE [Red House]

The Once: "Sail Away To the Sea" THE ONCE [Borealis]

Red Horse: "Wayfaring Stranger" RED HORSE [Red House]
The Once: "The Deserter" THE ONCE [Borealis]

Ken Whiteley: "Motherless Children" ANOTHER DAYS JOURNEY [Borealis]

McMule: "1940 Ford" WHISKEYTALK [Self]

Red Molly: "Caleb Meyer" NEVER BEEN TO VEGAS [Self]

Red Molly: "Darlin' Corey" RED MOLLY [Self]

Notorious: "Road To Damascus" ROAD TO DAMASCUS [Black Socks]

Carolyn Cruso: "Elbow Polka/Market Polka/The Dulcimer Polka" BOUNDLESS [Blue Heron]

Maggie Sansone: "North Sea Crossing" WINDRIFT [Maggie's Music]
Honey Dewdrops: "Armaranth" THESE OLD ROOTS [Self]

Peter Rowan/Gillian Welch: "So Good" LEGACY [Compass]

Ola Belle Reed: "Nine Pound Hammer" RISING SUN MELODIES [Smithsonian/Folkways]

New Lost City Ramblers: "Train 45" WHERE DO YOU COME FROM? WHERE DO YOU GO? [Smithsonian/Folkways]
Folk Calendar
Finest Kind: "John Barleycorn" Silks & Spices [Fallen Angle]

Lisa Scheckenburger: "Lamplighter's Hornpipe/Suffer the Child" DANCE [Footprint]

The Haints: "Milwaukee Blues" SHOUT MONAH [Self]

Loudon Wainright III: "High Wide & Handsome" HIGH WIDE AND HANDSOME [Second Story]
Kathy Kallick Band: "Lonesome Night" BETWEEN THE HOLLOW AND THE HIGH RISE [Live Oak]

(VA) Geoff Muldar: "KC Moan" THE HARRY SMITH PROJECT [Shout]
(( 1:21 - 1:28))
Questions & comments are welcome.

Africa O-Ye! playlist for 10/21/2010

Air date: 
Thomas MapfumoMaheru ChangamireHallejuah Chicken Run Band
Izintombi Zesi Manje ManjeAwufuni UkulandelaNext Stop Soweto
FishboneNgwanyanaTownship Express
Johnny CleggAsilaziHuman
Masiye BandDziko La MulunguZambush Vol 1
Mbongeni NgemaNdlondlo BashisheAfrican Solution
Mbongeni NgemaAfricanSolutionAfrican Solution
Hugh MasekelaStimelaAmandla!
Thomas MapfumoMarima NzaraChimurenga Rebel
Adewale AyubaFuji ShuffleNigeria & Ghana
Victor UwaifoGuitar BoyThe Kings of Highlife
Celestine UkwuOkwukwe Na NchekwubeNigeria Special!
Dr. Victor OlaiyaOmo PupaThe Kings of Highlife
3Mustaphas3Taxi Driver (I don't Care)Heart of Uncle
King Sunny AdeBaba Feran MiBaba Mo Tunde

Swing & Country playlist for 10/23/2010

Program name: 
Swing 'n' Country
Air date: 

It's that time of the year when ghosties and ghoulies, witches and warlocks,
zombies and princesses will be roaming the streets and demanding treats.
So here's three hours of treats to get you in the mood with murder and
mayhem and things things that go bump in the night.

01 Murder On The Radio - Dude Martin & His Round Up Gang
02 The Irish Ballad - Tom Lehrer
03 Country Death Song - Violent Femmes
04 Poor Ellen Smith - Neko Case
05 Murder of the Lawson Family - Dave Alvin
06 Blood On The Saddle - Tex Ritter (1945)
07 Tom Dooley - Johnny Duncan
08 Frankie And Johnny - Merle Haggard
09 Cocaine Blues - Roy Hogsed
10 Bad Man's Blunder - Kingston Trio
11 The Life & Death Of John Dillinger - Wilf Carter (aka Montana Slim)
12 Jesse James - Jimmy Driftwood
13 Tennessee Stud - Eddy Arnold
14 El Paso - Marty Robbins
15 Cross The Brazos At Waco - Billy Walker
16 Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash
17 Long Black Veil - Lefty Frizell
18 Long Black Veil - Marijohn Wilkin
19 We Will All Go Together When We Go - Tom Lehrer
20 Ode To Billie Joe - Bobbie Gentry
21 So Cold, So Dead, So Soon - Roy Hogsed
22 St. James Infirmary - Ray Condo & His Hardrock Goners
23 The Angel of Death - Hank Williams
24 The Death Of Hank Williams - Jack Cardwell
25 John Henry - Jerry Lee Lewis
26 Harry Pollitt - Limeliters
27 Ballad Of Thunder Road - Charlie Daniels Band
28 Black Denim Trousers and Motorcycle Boots - Ramblin Jimmie Dolan
29 The Fiery Death Of Willie Bodine - David Allen Coe
30 The Ship That Never Returned - Jimmy Driftwood
31 Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald - Tony Rice
32 Wreck Of The Old 97 - Muggsy Spanier
33 The Wreck Of The Number Nine - Jim Reeves
34 Casey Jones - Johnny Cash
35 Ghost Of Casey Jones - Rod Morris
36 Ghost Trains - Hank Snow
37 Ghost Riders In The Sky - Deborah Harry
38 Jole Blon's Ghost - Wayne Raney
39 The Hillbilly Ghost - Red Foley
40 The Ghost and Honest Joe - Pee Wee King
41 Yodeling Ghost - Patsy Montana
42 Look Out For The Ghost - Tune Wranglers (1937)
43 Ghost In The Graveyard - Prairie Ramblers (1938)
44 The Cat - Rod Willis
45 Graveyard - Leroy Bowman
46 Spooky Scary Skeletons - Andrew Gold
47 Keep Them Icy Cold Fingers Off Me - Pee Wee King
48 Billy's Dead - Deadbolt
49 Phantom Stage Coach - The Ravens (1950)
50 Haunted House - Lynette Morgan & Her Tennessee Rhythm Riders
51 Haunted House - Ray Stevens
52 Hillbillies in a Haunted House - The Austin Lounge Lizards
53 Haunted House Boogie - Jack Rivers
53 Midnight Monsters Hop - Jack & Jim
54 Trick Or Treatin' Blues - Bob Rivers
55 Trick or Treat - Andrew Gold
56 Spooky Movies - Roy Clark
57 Rockin' Bones - Ronnie Dawson
58 Shudders and Screams - Ben Colder

Dead Flag Blues playlist for 10/21/2010

Air date: 
Franz FerdinandWhat She Came For
Hotter Than a CrotchCool Hand Cold
Yeah Yeah YeahsMystery Girl
Tiny KnivesSimple Things
The Corin Tucker BandHanded Love
Treva JacksonDrive
Viva VoceWhen Planets Collide
Coats and VillaThe Stars and the Moon
The PixiesWhere is My Mind
Admiral RadleyGhosts of Syllables
Goo Goo dollsName
LoversFrom a Highway
Richmond FontaineTrailways
ChromaticsRunning Up That Hill
Florence + MachineYou Got The Love (The XX Remix)
K-OsI Wish I Knew Natalie Portman
Daniel MerriweatherChange (Feat. Wale) (Gigamesh Remix)
MobyMistake (Maxime Dangles Dub)
DragonetteShock Box
The ThermalsBorn Dead
Me and the DevilMom I'm Not an Alcoholic
Ida MariaQueen Of The World
Passion PitThe Reeling
BtThe Light in Things
Gwen StefaniWhat You Waiting For?
MetricStadium Love
Bomb the Music Industry!Planning My Death
Less Then JakeAl's War
Jimmy Eat WorldBig Casino
Hey Lover!She's the Girl for Me
Green DayShe's a Rebel
Yeah Yeah YeahsSheena is a Punk Rocker
Against Me!Thrash Unreal
The Gaslight AnthemGreat Expectations
The Hold SteadyStuck Between Stations

Ital Vibes playlist for 10/20/2010

Program name: 
Ital Vibes
Air date: 
Nas & Damian MarleyAs We Enter (Kenny Meez/DJ Fashen Bam Bam Remix)
Cham ft Bounty Killer & Mykal RoseStrongerMadhouse
Sly & Robbie ft LenkyDirty TaxiOne Pop ReggaeTaxi
Bling DawgGangsterNumbers RiddimFat Eyes
Delly RanksCrush DemNumbers RiddimFat Eyes
Macka DiamondBad Bad MackaNumbers RiddimFat Eyes
Natalie StormAnythingNumbers RiddimFat Eyes
Konshens & TifaUnda FireNumbers RiddimFat Eyes
Tony CurtisSmoke It Up TonightWard 21 - The Compilation Vol 1Ward 21
Mr Vegas ft Shaggy & Josey WalesSweet JamaicaClifford Ray
Jah SnowconeItal Stew Riddim InstrumentalItal Stew RiddimJah Snowcone
TifaSticky StickyItal Stew RiddimJah Snowcone
Rayvon ft C.L CashYou Look GoodItal Stew RiddimJah Snowcone
Busy SignalMore MoneyItal Stew RiddimJah Snowcone
DwaJayExit 21 Riddim InstrumentalExit 21 RiddimDwaJay
Leftside ft MysticPhat Punanie RemixKeep Left
Blaqk Sheep ft MysticWine UpLoud Disturbance
Chimney RecordsRetweet Riddim InstrumentalRetweet RiddimChimney Records
Elephant ManDis GoneCircus Riddim2 Hard
DenyqueJugglin' HeartsCircus Riddim2 Hard
Chan DizzyWhen Rain FallCircus Riddim2 Hard
Sean PaulHey YaCircus Riddim2 Hard
Seanizzle ft Baby Chris & GottyHey Yah HeySeanizzle
Loud DisturbanceYengeh Riddim InstrumentalYengeh RiddimLoud Disturbance
Busy SignalPengelengYengeh RiddimLoud Disturbance
IyaraGimme YengehYengeh RiddimLoud Disturbance
Macka DiamondNeedle EyeYengeh RiddimLoud Disturbance
MerccOye PappiYengeh RiddimLoud Disturbance
Macka Diamond ft Mystic, Mad Michelle, Mumzel, Queen Latisha, & ZJ SparksToo Much BullLoud Disturbance
TimberleeBB MeStudio 758
Pure MusicBoomerang Riddim InstrumentalBoomerang RiddimPure Music
Delly RanksNah Let GoBoomerang RiddimPure Music
Da ProfessorPut It In DehBoomerang RiddimPure Music
Macka DiamondVisaBoomerang RiddimPure Music
Wayne Marshall ft Estelle & MavadoMy Heart RemixBaby G/Yard Vybz
Ward 21The Sitten Riddim InstrumentalThe Sitten RiddimWard 21
Cherine AndersonMake Up SexThe Sitten RiddimWard 21
Konshens/DJ FrassGod Bless InstrumentalDJ Frass Production
KonshensGod BlessDJ Frass Production
MavadoComing SoonBadda Don RiddimBaby G/Yard Vybz
IyaraBad Dem Wish Fi MeBadda Don RiddimBaby G/Yard Vybz
KiprichObeahBadda Don RiddimBaby G/Yard Vybz
I OctaneWeed We SayBadda Don RiddimBaby G/Yard Vybz
Sean PaulGo GirlBadda Don RiddimBaby G/Yard Vybz
Lady SawU NahBadda Don RiddimBaby G/Yard Vybz
Lady SawBigga ThanMy WayDiva Records
Ward 21Cosa Nostra Riddim InstrumentalCosa Nostra RiddimWard 21
Point OEverydayCosa Nostra RiddimWard 21
Da ProfessorToo RichCosa Nostra RiddimWard 21
Natalie StormNuh Tekki BackCosa Nostra RiddimWard 21
TifaRejectCosa Nostra RiddimWard 21
TimberleeThe GeneralCosa Nostra RiddimWard 21
Shabba RanksDon't FollowCosa Nostra RiddimWard 21
Ward 21Gangsta LifeCosa Nostra RiddimWard 21
Ward 21Don't Trouble HimWard 21 - The Compilation Vol 1Ward 21
Bruno Mars ft Damian MarleyLiqour Store BluesSupa Dups
Cherine AndersonRing The AlarmShadow & Dream Queen
Kali BlaxxDi VibesDi Vibes RiddimDrop Di Bass
PzedInna Mi BrainDi Vibes RiddimDrop Di Bass
TeflonSmoke Man A SmokeDi Vibes RiddimDrop Di Bass
Natalie StormFeel UpProdigal
Mojo Morgan ft Stephen & Damian MarleyMillion $ Cheque RemixGedion Soldiers/Keynote Records
G WhizzLive Life & Love ItFam's House
Fambo ft UngaThis LifeNotice
DemarcoLove My LifeStar Kutt
Protoje ft Kymani MarleyRasta LoveDon Corleon
J Rod Records2nd Chances Riddim Instrumental2nd Chances RiddimJ Rod Records
CapletonGet Real2nd Chances RiddimJ Rod Records
TeflonDem Say2nd Chances RiddimJ Rod Records

Heavy Metal Vomit Party playlist for 10/21/2010

Program name: 
Heavy Metal Vomit Party
Air date: 


lahar - oddpad

looking for an answer - extintcion

nuclear assault - rise from the ashes

poison idea - alans on fire

possessed - burning in hell

brutal truth - stench of prophet

morbid angel - abomination


Carcass - genital grinder

Terrorizer - After world obliteration

SOB - over the line

Rotten Sound - calm

Naked City - blood is thin

Testament - eerie inhabitants

Neurosis - Hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing (Discharge cover)

Darkthrone - Circle the wagons

Voivod - Horror

Ripcord - Ingnorant


Brutal Truth- Walking Corpse

Helloween- Starlight

Kreator- The Pestilence

Napalm Death- Scum

==Bed Intruder==

Ozzy Osbourne- S.A.T.O.

Gwar Interview

Laaz Rocket- Know Your Enemy

mic break

rainbow - can't happen here

warpig - s/t

His Hero Is Gone professional mind fuckers

Destruction - Total Disaster

Nocturnal Graves- Aggressive Exterminator



Life During Wartime playlist for 10/20/2010

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 
DiskordsLife During Wartime
Animals and MenDreaming of BabalyonSelf TitledConvulsive
MonorchidSink the West CoastWho Put out the Fire?Touch and Go
The NextCheap RewardsBloodstains Across TexasRed Rum
TranzmitorsIt's Not Your CallD/t 7"Dirtnap
Electric EelsAgitatedThe Eyeball of HellAscat
Raw NervesLifetime GuaranteeWe Must Be Dreaming 7"Inkblot
NerveskadeBrain Damages/t LPBlackwater
unwoundMiseriffic conditions/tKRS
Tales of TerrorTales Of TerrorS/TCD
Code Of HonorCode Of HonorS/TSubterranean
Die KreuzenAll WhiteS/TTouch and Go
RFTCGoldS/TDrunkin Fish
Poison IdeaUgly AmericanKings Of PunkPusmort
Gang GreenSkate To HellS/TTaang
Abrasive WheelsThe Army Song7"Abrasive
Arctic FlowersPattern recognitionSpectres splitCharged/Distorted
The MindsLost in A CrowdPlastic GirlsAlien Snatch
Celibate RiflesJesus On TVRoman Beach PartyWhat Goes On
SpectresRats In WallssplitCharged/Distorted
La FractionDanser Les MortesAussia Long Sera le CheminFraction
The SlitsVindictivePeel SessionsBBC
Bog PeopleChaos TribesVivid Sekt splitFear Of War
Lebenden TotenDeath CUlture Deprivatio0n10"overthrow
Inversiblesnadacult ura pen deja epHBSP-2x records
Fratriciderip wide the sky12"schizophrenic
Heratyskiirekiirekiires/t 12"not enough
No Statikcalrified distilled recomposed45iron lung
Snuff Filmthe producers/t EPhome invasion?
Mukilteo FairiesOly LatentBoysS/TKRS
Mukillteo FariesMe Want To Choke
Hell CowsJealosyG Spot CrushBlack Label
Huggy BearHer JazzHer JazzTrouble
WipersRomeoRomeoPark Avenue
Naked RaygunRat PatrolThrob ThrobDutch Eastern India
Naked RaygunSurf CombatThrob ThrobDutch Eastern
Angry SamoansRight Side Of My MindInside My BrainBad Trip
WurmI'm DeadBlasting ConceptSST
Goverment IssueJoyrideJoyrideFOY
Really RedYouth Culture For SaleRest In PainCIA
Green RiverAint Nothing To DoS/TSelf Release
Final WarningOut Of SightS/TFatal Erection
BrujeriaSiesS/TSelf Release

Pastures of Plenty playlist for 10/20/2010

Program name: 
Pastures of Plenty
Air date: 
Jon SelfPhysical TherapyPhysical
Wild AsparagusContney's Yard / Heave Together / My NeedsWherever You
Lasairfhiona Ni ChonaolaPaidin's WifeAn Raicin
Jamie StillwayStout Street RagMell of a
Craig CarothersAirmail BlueAirmail
John GorkaGypsy LifeSilverwolf Homeless
Linda WaterfallRun It Like a BusinessBody
Bob Townsend & Fiery Gizzard Old Time String BandOscar's Piece #11Old Time Fiddle Tunes from the South CumberlandDancing Dog
Joe JencksMen Are GoodI Hear Your VoiceTurtle Bear
SolasBird in the TreeAnother
Anne Hills & Michael SmithWe Become BirdsParadise Lost & FoundRedwing
Radim ZenklWelcome AboardRestless
Greg ClarkWhiskey
Anne Hills & MichaelRoll Me HomeParadise Lost & FoundRedwing
Bonnie RaittBig RoadBonnie RaittWarner
Craig CarothersMexican CafeAcoustic
John SebastianDaydreamLovin' Spoonful Greatest
Anais MitchellQuecreek FloodHymns for the
Mary MelenaCourtship of the Brown RecluseOn the Roam (a Waterbug Sampler)
Kathryn ClaireKeep It

Jazz Lives! playlist for 10/20/2010

Program name: 
Jazz Lives!
Air date: 
miles davisjazz at the plazajazz at the plaza vol. 1columbia
duke ellingtonjazz festival suitejazz at the plaza vol. 2columbia
the anachronic jazz banddahoudthe anachronic jazz band1976 paris
lettuceby any shmeeans possiblerageVelour, 2008
ronnie matthewslegacylegacyBH 7011
the essence all starsuptown bluesbongo bophip bop
gerry mulliganout of this worldsanta monica civic auditorium 1960unknown
jon mayerround up the usual suspectsjon mayerreservoir 2002
dizzy gillespieman from monterreydizzy gillespie with gil fullerblue note
anandi gefrohmy buddythe song is 2010
barney bigardmemoir de bayouclarinet gumboAPL 1-1744
louis smithsmithvillesmithvilleblue note 1958


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