Global Shakedown playlist for 05/03/2009

Air date: 
Peter GabrielPassionThe Last Temptation of ChristGeffen
Shod1-10 (Semi Bearded Mix)Peace Feast
Tracks, Tools & TransitionsSet it Off With a Bad Chick
Phuture MotionCarne NegraFreestyle
Mo' Horizonspe na estradaStereo Deluxe
Mo' HorizonsFoto VivaStereo Deluxe
Raw Beats #Get Money BeatsWicked
MoodoramaMy VibeStereo Deluxe
Blend CraftersThe Way I ThinkUp Above Records
The SticMr4. Mudfoots ThemeSubtitled
Palov & MishkinRata DelRebutz
The AmigosChocolateJalapeno
DubbenKollektoren DubGAMM
Phuture MotionLluvia NieveFreestyle Records
Bob Marley & the WailersCould You Be Loved (Reggaeton Mix)Blackline
Peter GabrielOpenGeffen
ZamAfrica FreedomPlaytime
Tony ThomasFeelgoodStupendous Music
Onionz feat. El FecoWoman of the SunOm Records
Milton JacksonIncidental (Bear Trax
2nd Shift feat. DizLatin BoogieSeasons Recordings

The Melting Pot playlist for 05/05/2009

Program name: 
The Melting Pot
Air date: 
Govinda; background-repeat: initial; background-attachment: initial; -webkit-background-clip: initial; -webkit-background-origin: initial; background-color: rgb(26, 32, 0); background-position: initial initial; ">Govinda fuses beautifully spooky melodies inspired from across the planet with sexy beats and crunchy, ambient atmosphere. Govinda has played with Thievery Corporation, DJ Spooky and Cheb I Sabbah and been featured in compilations such as Buddha Bar II, Asian Travels II, and Nirvana Lounge. 

The Govinda live show features professional dancers and live projections. The mix of freshly cut vinyl beats, hauntingly seductive violin melodies, emotive dance expression and visual video feast makes for a truly multi-sensory experience.

Govinda is the alter-ego of Austin, Texas born producer/composer Shane O Madden. He began studying violin and composition at the age of eight and went on to study at the University of Texas School fo Music. 

It was O Madden’s pursuit of his gypsy roots that opened his ears to the World Music scene. During his search, he found a particular affinity for the Middle-Eastern, Indian, Celtic and southern Spanish musical cultures. Inspired by his passion for urban psychedelia, he combines these diverse styles of music with the beats and sounds of modern electronic music

Portland Yiddish Hour playlist for 05/03/2009

Program name: 
Portland Jewish Hour
Air date: 
Yid ViciousFun TashlikhKlez, Kez, Goy mit Fezuvulittle records
Yid ViciousDevil's SherKlez, Kez, Goy mit Fezuvulittle records
Yid ViciousKhsidim TantsKlez, Kez, Goy mit Fezuvulittle records
Yuval Ron EnsembleYa Rabon el AlamSeeker of
Yid ViciousBehusher KhusidKlez, Kez, Goy mit Fezuvulittle records
KlezperantoAy Ya BibiKlezperantoNaxos World
KlezperantoKhevre, Nit GezogrtKlezperantoNaxos World
Yuval Ron EnsembleErev Shel ShoshanimSeeker of
KlezperantoA Night In TunisiaKlezperantoNaxos World

Hosted by Barry, with Ed at Pledge Central. 

Also joined by Wendy Westerwelle and Sarah Stein, talking about their upcoming show 'Circus on the Streets', to be presented in Portland May 17, 23, and 24.  Contact Sarah at

Higher Reasoning Reggae Time playlist for 05/03/2009

Air date: 
Membership Drive Midnite Special promo spot
Yah MeekAmazing Grace
HumaniDubHard Dub
HumaniDubHuman Rights
Sophia BrownFearlessThe Spotlight
Sophia BrownGive It UpThe Spotlight
Sophia Brown ft-Junior KellyPreciousThe Spotlight
Sophia BrownI'm A RoseThe Spotlight
Peach GyalLove VersionDirection Nihon
Peach GyalSummertimeDirection Nihon
Peach GyalWeedDirection Nihon
Zema & The Gladiators BandTime Of TroubleJubileeMelchezedek Music
Zema & The Gladiators BandReap What You SowJubileeMelchezedek Music
Zema & The Gladiators BandWarningJubileeMelchezedek Music
Zema & The Gladiators BandTrodJubileeMelchezedek Music
Lady PassionSunshine Through Rain
Messenjah SelahNo Bad VibesBreaking Babylon Curse
Messenjah SelahProgram, station I.D.
Messenjah SelahShe Ask Mi SehBreaking Babylon CurseZion High Productions
Lady PassionNever Change My MindTalkin' Roots IIMt Nebo Records
Lady PassionOne DaySpecialist RiddimTru Vibez Productions
AalyahIf ILiving Riddim mp3Believe
Sista JaneRough WorldLiving Riddim mp3Believe
EmpressToo Much WarPotential Riddim mp3Heart Of Love Production
Norris ManMakes No SensePotential Riddim mp3Heart Of Love Production
ErupGreatPotential Riddim mp3Heart Of Love Production
TeflonPraising JahPotential Riddim mp3Heart Of Love Production
Brown LionThem Have The PotentialPotential Riddim mp3Heart Of Love Production
Mr. TomaJusqu'iciIdentiteDelabel France
Mr. TomaCielIdentiteDelabel France
Mr. Toma ft-Dragon DavySois FierIdentiteDelabel France
Dread NegastComo EstatuaEPDread Negast
Dread NegastMusicaEPDread Negast
CaliajahSo High PartyEPCaliajah
KBOO / No-Fest promo drop
Vaughn BenjaminProgram, station I.D.
Midnite & Mystic VisionJerusalemNEW 1000Full Grown Records
Midnite & Mystic VisionUtterly ComposedNEW 1000Full Grown Records
Midnite & Yousoupha SidibeSelassie I Bring It OnFor AllSacred Sounds
Midnite & Yousoupha SidibeIf They WantFor AllSacred Sounds
Midnite & Groundbreaking RecordsJahlookovaAneedGroundbreaking Records
Midnite & Groundbreaking RecordsTo LiveAneedGroundbreaking Records
Dub Gabriel ft-Karen GibsonSpirit Manifest
Dub Gabriel ft-JahDanChasing The Paper
Dub Gabriel ft-Dr IsraelBattle Of The Righteous Man
Dub Gabriel ft-KaliboomBedu Goes To Bluefields
Jah NattohJahoviaen Buenas Manos
Tasha TI.D. dubplate
Tarrus RileyBewareParablesVP Records
Tarrus RileyShe's RoyalParablesVP Records
Tarrus RileyOne Two OrderParablesVP Records
finish up inna bit

Nekropolis playlist for 05/03/2009

Program name: 
Air date: 
MIA & AR RahmanO'SayaSlumdog Millionaire
Aretha FranklinSoulvilleLift Every Voice
BassnectorUnderground CommunicationUnderground Communication
We Non NanS6Analog Africa No. 4
Bettye LavetteMy Trains ComingDo your duty
Nat King Cole (Bittersweet remix)I want more and more of your amoreGenerations
TomandandyGolExotic Sounds from Many Worlds
Bassnector/Cheb i SabbahAlkher IllaUnderground Communication
Mem NahadrTripEclecticism
MochiPetBunnies & MuffinsMemories
BugskullFair are the sailsBugskull and the big white cloud
Beats AntiqueDope CrunkCollide
The ResidentsTooth and clawExotic Sounds from Many Worlds
Boston SpaceshipsNinstons Atomic BirdsBrown Submarine
Hooray for the Riff RaffFly AwayHooray for the Riff Raff
Perfect as CatsAquasergePerfect as Cats
AntenataLive HeartAntenata
Sam CookeYou Send Me in studio mixThe best of Sam Cooke
Luminescent OrchestraMoldavianNeptunes Daughter
HunchesFrom this WindowExit Dreams
Worried About SatanOne Down/Evil DogsArrivals
Don CherryImagine Jean CocteauThe Majoon Traveler
Wide Open Mind ProjectAcid BreakHarmony
AR RahmanLiquid DanceSlumdog Millionaire
Toy KillersWhere do we get the $ to save our childrenThe Unlistenable Years
Lorne GreeneRingo (french)Golden Throats:Sweethearts of Rodeo Drive
Wide Open Mind ProjectMan with a machineHarmony

Plugged In playlist for 05/01/2009

Program name: 
Plugged In
Air date: 
StarfuckerBoy ToyJupiter
CopyXLR8R Mix
Beats AntiqueBeauty Beats
Beats AntiqueNesatovo
Beats AntiqueTabla Toy
Beats AntiqueUntitled Unreleased Track
"Mysterious Brass Band"Oriental
Yard Dogs Road ShowBlock Head (Beats Antique Remix)
Beats AntiqueSpider Bite
Beats AntiqueRoustabout
Beats AntiqueRoustabout (Bassnectar Remix)
Beats AntiqueScratch
Dan DeaconSnookered

Happy May Day!

Sidecar Tommy from Beats Antique joined us live in studio for some live mixing of their glorious fusion of of beats and tunes from around the globe.  We heard many yet to be released tracks!  You may also know Tommy as the drummer of the Yard Dogs Road Show.

Beats Antique forges a curious alliance between middle eastern traditions and potent west coast circus, underground hip hop, breakbeat brass band, downtempo, glitch and dubstep.

Life During Wartime playlist for 04/29/2009

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

Love Potion- Time to Die
Rikk Agnew- Falling Out
Void- Who Are You?
No Trend- Two Seconds til Non Existance
Jerry’s Kids- Crucify Me
Killdozer—Chicky Girl
Scratch Acid- This is Bliss
Talk is Poison- Forgotten
Flux of Pink Indians- Is there anybody there

Live on Life During Wartime Set!
Nix – Tweekers
Electric Eye – Baby Don’t Do It
Speds – Nothing New
Lopez – White Trash Tough Guy
Epoxies – need More Time
Minds – Rip Out Your Eyes

Dead Kennedys – Government Flu
Black Randy – I Lie Every Day
Youth Gone Mad – High School Slut
Slow Motions – Mystery Action
Really Red – Starvation Dance
XYX – Nunca Nunca
Wipers – Messanger
Triggers – Don’t Wash My Hands

Wild Weekend

Remo Voor – Frogrammer
Psyched To Die – Permanent Solution
Mean Jeans – I Think  U Stink
Mad Parade – Right Is Right
Cola Freaks – Parnoid
Rudimentary Peni – Black President
Johnny Childstar – War Movie

Eddy Current Suppression Ring- Memory Lane
Pere Ubu- On the Surface
Joy Division- All of this for you
Bad Religion- We’re only gonna die
Love Potion- Stabbed in the Face

Gorilla Biscuits- Start today
Post Regiment- Wariat
Generation X- From the Heart
The Marked Men- It’s not a crime
The Underground Railroad to Candyland- Livin on the straw

More Live Stuff from our archives
Exploding Hearts – Walkin Out on Luv
Bed Pans – Hate Your Club
Gorilla Angreb – Soldat Ill Jese
Riot Cop – Molitov Cocktail Party
Salted City – No Control
Surrender – Crucified

Direct Control – Herd The Cattle


CrossFade playlist for 04/30/2009

Air date: 
DJ IzmA NW Side StoryMix
Mac DreTo Hard For The Fuckin' Radio
Gang StarrA Long Way To Go
Eric B. & RakimExtended B
Depeche ModeWaiting For The Night10:43
Eazy EEZ Does It
Boggie Down ProductionsCriminal Mind
Beat DemonsNighttime Funk
Big LLet Em Have It L
DJ SmashMad Graffitti10:50
DJ KrushOn The Dub-ble
Cypress HillWhat Go Around Come Around, kid
Big LPut It On
w/Peter GabrielIn Your Eyes
Nightmares On WaxArgh Noah
Easter EggCrime Mob-Shine Cuz I Grind11:09
DJ Deekins & Red PoleTha Downlo
DJ SmurfHold Up Wait A Minute
UGKDiamonds and Wood
Emynd & /Bo BlizFlip it Snap It
Bright EyesI will Be Greatful For This Day11:29
Ice CubeDown For Whatever
TwistaPimp Like Me
Mitchy SlickBass Chasers
8 Ball & MJGRelax & Take Notes
J TimberlakeWhat Goes Around (excerpt)
Notorius BIGSpit Your Game

DJ IZM was the guest for this 5th Thursday.

Hip Hop Live mixing and remixing.

Underground and above.

Audio Download Available At

Guess Who's Coming to Radio??!! playlist for 04/30/2009

Air date: 
STEVIE WONDERthey won't go when i gofulfillingness' first finaletamla
the pointer sistersyes we can canthe pointer sistersblue thumb
jimmy mc griffthe birdgroove greasegroove merchant
gil scott-heronwhen you are who you arepieces of a manflying dutchman
bobby womackfire and raincommunicationunited artists
dianne reevesninequiet after the stormblue note
nikki giovanniego triptruth is on its wayright-on
liv warfieldsophisticated sistaembrace meB&M
ESGerase youa south bronx storyuniversal sound
john legendplease don't let me be misunderstoodsolo sessions vol. 1: live at the knitting factory
the voices of east harlemjust got to be myselfcan you feel itjust sunshine
mos defumi saysblack on both sidesrawkus
india ariethere's hopetestimony: vol.1, life & relationshipsmotown
aloe blacci'm beautifulshine throughstones throw

all this month we have been exploring aspects of mental and emotional healing and ways to cope in this world...  tonight we focused on the suicides of carl joseph walker hoover and jaheem harrera, two 11 year olds who were taunted and assaulted to the point where they felt they needed to take their own lives... 

we explored the idea of social perceptions in relation to peer-to-peer abuse (and how these perceptions contribute to the perpetuation of the cycle of violence); how the school system may or may not be intervening in ways which assist children being abused by their peers and/or adults; and, how communities can connect and heal in these situations. 

Africa O-Ye! playlist for 04/30/2009

Air date: 
Shoe LacesNdakwa NjaloThe History of Township Music
A Peace of EbonyVadzimuAfrican Groove
Lebo MHe lives in YouReturn to Pride Rock
MzkezekeGuqangama DoloTales of Tsotsi Beat
ThandiswaLahl UmlenzeZabalaza
ZoroJabulaniAfrican Reggae
Condry ZiqubuExtra TimePick Six
Mbira DzenhariraKumatenderaTales of the Marimba
Orchestra BaobabWerente SerignePirate's Choice
Kanda Bongo ManSangoPlanete Afrique 2
Ismael LoBaol BaolIso
Geofrey OryemaLapwonyBeat the Border
Manu DibangoEchos BetiElectric Africa

Shocks of Sheba playlist for 04/29/2009

Program name: 
Shocks of Sheba
Air date: 
SilvertonesMidnight Hour...sagitarius12"
Ossie HenryYou No See Nothing Yet...paradise12"
HeptonesI've Got A Feeling...vpCD
AbyssiniansLove Comes & Goes...pressure soundsLP
Jennifer LaraConsider Me (Extended)...radsLP
John HoltChanting...jah guidance7"
Steel Pulse# Handsworth Revolution...mangoLP
Chosen Brothers# March Down Babylon...wackies10"
Joe HiggsWage Of Crime...mafia & fluxyCD
MelodiansSay Darling Say...earmarkLP
Dave & AnselSon Of A Gun...rhinoCD
Carlton & The Shoes# Love Me oneLP
Prince Jazzbo# Jah Dread...bongo man7"
Cherine AndersonShine On Jamaica...cherine andersonCD
Terror FabulousLove Me As I Am...relativityCD
BugleHypocrite Friend...vpCD
SizzlaStop It Right Now...greensleevesCD
Chukki StarSo Unfair...pure music7"
Lukie D/MichiganWhere The Loving Gone...i and i creation7"
Country BoyEveryday...conscious sounds10"
Warrior King/PersistenceFoundation...little house7"
Maxi PriestSensi...charismaCD
Ranking JoeMusic Alone Shall Live...trojanCD
Jr. Rankin & FinneganGive A Hand...hightoneCD
Willi WilliamsLive Good...soul sounds12"
Hugh MundellBlessing Of Fari...mun rock12"
African BrothersNo Need To Wonder...zenahCD
Little RoyNatty Yard...pressure soundsCD
Junior Delgado# Freedom Fighter...sip a cupLP
Michael Prophet# Protection...sip a cupLP
Bim Sherman/Jah Woosh# Love In The Ghetto...pressure soundsCD
Culture# Callie Weed Song...rocky oneLP
Mighty Diamonds/Ranking Joe# Just Like A River...joe gibbs12"
Stranger & Gladdy/Lyn Tait & the Jets# Just Like A River/El Casino Royale...vpCD
Larry WhiteCon Man...factstractLP
Queen OmegaWicked Man...ariwaCD
Mykal RoseWhat Can You Do...backyard movements7"
Buju BantonPull It Up Dub...penthouseCD
Anthony Red Roe/Jack Radics/Nitty KutchieWithoout We...raggedy joeLP
MashJoy...i gradeCD
Jah MarnyahRasta Is Love...scoops10"
Earl 16Happy People...cou$insCD
Spanner BannerRolling Stone...vpCD
Jim oneLP
JudasGod Heart...shocking vibes12"
Sugar MinottFalse rootsLP
I RoyJah Come Here...vpCD
Lee PerryBlack Vest...islandLP
The JewelsI Jah I...vpCD
Royals/I RoyPick Up The Pieces/Monkey Fashion...pressure sounds10"
Earth & StoneGive Me...heartbeatCD
Roy ShirleyThis Y Reggae...(cdr)CDR
Ansel MeditationNo Guarantee...scandal7"
Leroy Smart/Delroy WilsonTell Me So/Money...(cdr)CD
Roots And SoulI Hold The Handle...thompson sound12"
Mighty Diamonds/Sugar MinottYouthman Wise/Can't Get Me Out...(cdr)CD
Frankie PaulWeed Without Seed/Version...techniques7"
Joseph CottonHol Up Yuh Head...gong soundsLP
Linton Kwesi JohnsonLiesense Fi Kill...lkjCD
Tony CurtisStill A Burn...cou$ins7"
Dark sound10"
Tony RebelLove Fountain...vpCD
ChristosPut Down Yor steppersCD
Little HeroToo Much Violence...inspire7"
CongosWhat You Gonna Do...vpCD
Donna-VProphecy Revealing...fashionCD
Jimmy RileyOn Bended Knee...joe frasier12"
Prilly HamiltonMurderer...greensleevesCD
Daweh heartCD
Daweh CongoRhythm Track...runnetherlandsCD
Mical RustleWaanh Go Home...heavy beatCD
Dave Barker/Slim SmithStand Up & Fight...(cdr)CD
Little RoyTicket To Zion...pressure soundsCD
Bob Marley & The WailersRide Natty Ride (12" Version)...tuff gongCD

# denotes version excursion

bubbling under the mic chat:  sly & robbie--freedom illusion (ras)

this is an extended Shocks of Sheba, running from 12am - 5:30am, as we're filling in for Ital Vibes.

Shocks of Sheba playlist for 04/22/2009

Program name: 
Shocks of Sheba
Air date: 
Coco TeaTune and love12"
Ras ZacharriGreetings Tenastelin...roots gardenLP
YahadanaiWadada...i gradeCD
YahadanaiRise...i gradeCD
Robbie EllingtonRainbow...early birdCD
Anthony Malvo/Junior KellyIdentify...real music7"
Andrew Coombs/RoundheadDance Buss...fat eyes7"
Wayne MarshallPeace...h2o7"
Wayne MarshallJah Jah Please...pure7"
Ninja FordHerbman...chemistCD
Wayne WonderLadies Surround pot7"
Anthony CruzRumours & Lies...shali7"
Spanner BannerRolling Stone...vpCD
Tarrus RileyLove Created I (Marcus Teaching)...vpCD
TucoFeeling Irie...crucial sounds7"
Sista WideyPut On...web cam hi-fi10"
Glen BrownSouth East Music...fashion10"
Black Roots/Dub JudahNot Into War...nubianCD
Black Roots/Dub Judah/Mad ProfessorBurn The Wicked One...nubianCD
Black Roots/Dub JudahThe People Dub...nubianCD
Keety RootsWar Of legacy10"
Jah MarnyahWhy...lion roots10"
Freddie McGregorRasta Have Faith (Extended)...vpCD
Happy LoveDown In The Valley...hamma12"
Wendy ShawRasta Woman Chant...chris7"
Queen IfricaBoxers Or Stockings...penthouse7"
Hell And FireShow Us The Way...heartbeatCD
The ItalsTime Will Tell...solid roots7"
Ras IbunaDiverse Doctrine...pressure sounds7"
Lady Saw# Unite...jamdownCD
Anthony Redrose# Man A Lion...jamdownCD
JahmaliFace The Challenge...the psalms7"
Muscle EmanuelInna Dem Time Yah...afrikan bump7"
King ProfProphets That Gone...vizion sounds7"
Sammy RanksDem A Devil the streetz7"
Eckleton JarrettIt's The High Grade...jah bless7"
Jah LionLots Of soundsLP
Delroy WilsonDoing Me mountainLP
Roger Robin# Take It Slow...vpLP
Peter Hunnigale# In The Ghetto...peckingsLP
Gregory IsaacsNo Have No Money...mixing labLP
Maxi PriestIn The Springtime...charismaCD
Mighty ThreesGood Thing Going On...makasoundCD
ViceroysLightening & Thunder...upliftCD
Danny RedDo You Love Dubwise...sip a cupLP
Johnny OsbourneIce Cream Sound...profileCD
Jimmy RileyA You...burning soundsLP
Delroy Wilson/Sound VendorsI Don't Know Why Version...coxsone7"
Alton EllisChange Of Plan...horseLP
Slim Smith/UniquesWatch This Sound...jaguar7"
Freddie McGregorSweet Lady...greensleevesLP
Linval ThompsonHalla Them A Halla...mangoLP
Linval Thompson* Blood Gonna Run...clocktowerLP
Jah ScrewDon't Worry Yourself...harry jLP
Michael ProphetAfrica Don't Cry No More...sip a cupLP
Sizzla/Yami BoloBlack Treasure...thompson sound7"
Leroy SibblesLove Is Everywhere...heartbeat europeCD
Lee PerryFree Up The Prisoners...conquering lion of judah12"
Bim ShermanSo Jah Say...mantraCD
EtanaDon't Forget...vpCD
AbijahNo Gimme No Chat...farmland7"
Duane Stephenson/Anthony B/Mystic RoutesLove Inna Di City...vpCD
Willie WilliamsZion Town...drum streetLP
Cornel CampbellMust Make It...charlyCD
Little TwitchPower Of Herb...heartbeatCD
Daweh CongoGanja heartCD
Queen OmegaNever Run From Jah...ariwaCD
Queen IfricaBreaking Up...flamesCD
BlackstonesOut A Road...beverley's7"
Richie SpiceWhy Should I?...vpCD
Richie SpiceLiving In Love...vpCD oneLP
HeptonesI've Got A Feeling...vpCD
GG's All StarsMan From Carolina...trojanCD
MelodiansSweet Sensation...earmarkLP
Rootz UndergroundHammer...riverstoneCD
Jacob Miller/Little U BrownBackyard Movements/Go Away With Your Fussing And Fight...joe gibbs12"
Buju BantonWanna Be Loved Dub...penthouseCD
Sammy DreadStuck In The System...joe gibbsLP
NiyorahHow It Is...i gradeCD
Jim NasticSerious oneLP
Count Machuki# Franco Nero...trojanCD
Destroyers# Franco Nero Version 2...trojanCD
Natural BlackFar From Reality...greensleevesCD

# denotes version excursion

* denotes listener request

bubbling under the mic chat:  sly & robbie--freedom illusion (ras)

This was an extended version of Shocks of Sheba, running from 12am - 5:30am as we were filling in for Ital Vibes.  Nuff thanks to Ben for letting us fill in!

Many songs we tried to play didn't make it long, so they are not listed in the playlist.  The turntables returned from being repaired; however, the anti-skating or balance is terribly off with them, particularly with TT1.  All night long it kept skipping, even after weight adjustments and changing of cartridges.  At some point we just stopped using two turntables, which didn't allow for us to do many rhythm runs or get through as much new vinyl as hoped.  We made use of one turntable and two cd players, not the preferred system of playing on Shocks of Sheba, but the sounds are still nice.  Thanks to everyone who stuck with us throughout the broadcast; listening to skipping records is a vibes killer-->no fun!

Ditch Digger playlist for 04/30/2009

Program name: 
Ditch Digger
Air date: 
art nevillearrabian love call
dinosaurssinister purpose
randy alveygreen fuz
jayjaysbald headed woman
seedsmr farmer
sparksin my family
les thugsaugust
sin 34do you feel safe
hans a plastdike kinder
bruce haakrobot school
grisen skrikersextiofemme
spitsterrorist attack
electeric eelsaccident
chromaticspink ticketz
roky ericsonmine mine mind
slitsinstant hit
kate bushdreaming
nancy novano no no
devosocietys fools
as mercinariasimagim
we the peoplein the past
paul martinit happened
chromeyou need to be duplicated
malariayour turn to run
bush tetrastoo many creeps
alan vegaamerican dreamers
bros!!!!i owe you NOTHING

matt ruled. thanks for listening

Portland Yiddish Hour playlist for 04/26/2009

Program name: 
Portland Jewish Hour
Air date: 
Massel KlezmorimSpil Se Mir A Lidele In JiddischIs Gevein a FolkARC Music
Yaacov ShapiroDer ShadchnYiddish Traditional SongsARC Music
Yaacov ShapiroVintz Mir a Bisele GlikYiddish Traditional SongsARC Music
Yaacov ShapiroLomir Zick TzekischnYiddish Traditional SongsARC Music
Yaacov ShapiroFratik Oif Der NachtYiddish Traditional SongsARC Music
Yaacov ShapiroMain Tatns KlarinetYiddish Traditional SongsARC Music
Yaacov ShapiroIn Meine Oign Bisti SheinYiddish Traditional SongsARC Music
KlezperantoDiddley ShmiddleyKlezperantoNaxos World
KlezperantoSkotchneKlezperantoNaxos World
KlezperantoRushin' SherKlezperantoNaxos World
KlezperantoI Drink To ForgetKlezperantoNaxos World
KlezperantoTartar TanzKlezperantoNaxos World
KlezperantoNa Sopkakh Man'chzuriiKlezperantoNaxos World

Host: Barry


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