Early Morning Gumbo playlist for 01/04/2011

Program name: 
Early Morning Gumbo
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 all 2010 release or reissue

CALEB KLAUDER / Deep river / Western Country (West Sound)
JOY KILLS SORROW / New shoes / Darkness Sure Becomes This City (Signature)
MERLE HAGGARD / Live and love always / I am what I am (Vanguard)
SECRET SISTERS / My heart skips a beat / The Secret Sisters (Beladroit)
CHIP TAYLOR & CARRIE RODRIGUEZ / Your name is on my lips / The New Bye & Bye (Train Wreck)
YVETTE LANDRY / Where memories are gold / Should Have Known (self)
MARY CHAPIN CARPENTER / I have a need for solitude / The Age of Miracles (Zoe)
MEGAN LOVELL / Reso Fandango / Southern Filibuster (E1) various artists
LUCINDA WILLIAMS / The ballad of Lucy Jordan / Twisted Turnable Man (Sugar Hill) various artists
JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE / Harlem River blues / Harlem River Blues (Bloodshot)
AARON NEVILLE / You've got to move / I Know I've Been Changed (TellIt)
MAVIS STAPLES / I belong to the band / You Are Not Alone (Anti)
PRESERVATION HALL JAZZ BAND (f/DR JOHN) / Winin' boy blues / Preservation (Preservation Hall Recordings)
NATALIE MERCHANT / The Janitor's boy / Leave Your Sleep (Nonesuch)
ERNIE HAWKINS / The southbound sneak / Whinin' Boy (Corona)
RICHARD THOMPSON / Among the Gorse, among the Grey / Dream Attic (Shout)
MARY GAUTHIER / Another day borrowed / The Foundling (Razor & Tie)
SID SELVIDGE / Catch the wind / I Should Be Blue (Archer)
THE ONCE / The briar and the rose / The Once (Borealis)
MOLLIE O'BRIEN & RICH MOORE / Don't bother me / Saints & Sinners (Remington Road)
RED MOLLY / Lookin' for trouble / James (self)
SUZY THOMPSON & DEL REY / Use good judgement / Hen Party (Hobemian)

Anjali and The Kid playlist for 01/04/2011

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Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Kush
Air date: 
Major Lazer f. M.I.A. & Busy SignalSound Of SirenLazers Never Die
Rye Rye f. M.I.A.Sunshinesingle
MIAIt Takes A Muscle To Fall In LoveMAYA
Lady ChannSticky Situation (Toddla T Remix)white label
Poirier f. Face-TWha La La LengRunning High Vol.1
GyptianHold Yuh (Major Lazer remix)white label
JR Dread f. Kaka BhainiawalaJaan Tho PyaariThe Debut
DJ Dips f. Pooja, MC Rax, Menis, RKZ, Horizon & Swami BaracusThis DJsingle
Tinie TempahPass OutDisc-Overy
Skepta f. Preeya KalidasCross My Heartsingle
Amar f. Jim Beanz & D.O.E.MasalaShow It Off
Rishi Rich f. MumzyIt Can Only Be LoveThe Streets of Bollywood 3
Minoo Purshottam & Gurdas MannLong Dha LishkaraPure Desi Vol. 3
Gunjan f. Blitzkrieg (Tigerstyle)Kya Karoon (TIK edit)Goonj : Echoes from Gunjan
UBK f. Firewater & Ravid KahalaniYemen BrosMassive Soundtrack for the Modern Belly Dancer
Don OmarGood LookingMeet The Orphans
Delhi 2 DublinTommyPlanet Electric
Fuego f. Serani, Deevani, Black Point, Mozart La Para, Los Pepes, Monkey Black, Sensato del Patio & VillanosamQue Buena Tu Ta (Chosen Few DR remix)La Musica del Futuro
AlbertomEnamorado De Mi CarteraI ♥ Urbano 2011
South Rakkas CrewSo It GoStimulus Package
PitbullBon, BonArmando
Binary Cumbia OrchestraLa Inconformable (Shazalakazoo remix)white label
Max PashmManea K (Shazalakazoo 7/8 remix)white label
AkalaFind No EnemyDoubleThink
Nas & Damian MarleyPatienceDistant Relatives
Los Rakas f FaviolaAbrazame (Uproot Andy remix)white label
Rahat Fateh Ali KhanDil To Bachcha HaiIshqiya OST

The second of our best of 2010 specials.

Dr. Zomb's Stereo Obscura playlist for 12/24/2010

Program name: 
Dr. Zomb's Stereo Obscura
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Dr. Zomb trots out the xmat,   lives to tell about it,   but doesn't have the energy...


Holiday Depression 2010


jean pierre massiera   bonne annee 1969 7"   finders keepers

excerpt   "troubled christmas" religious 7"   from some thrift store

bruce haack/ted pandel  excerpt intro   ebenezer electric lp   dimension 5

negativland   christianity is stupid   escape from noise lp   seeland

        ?            turkey fanfare   v/vm v/a xmas 7"   v/vm

electronic fly symph.    first noel    v/vm v/a xmas 7"    v/vm

drew dobbs   # 1,2    12 sins of christmas cd   mindwrecker

james brown   lets make xmas mean something...  

joseph spence   santa claus is coming ...

experts of legitimization   breathe   commercial ad hoc cd    illegal art

ecc    the christmas wrong   plagiarythm nation cd   seeland

drew dobbs   dubcracker suite

portsmouth sinfonia orch.   dance of the sugar plum fairy   ...plays the popular classics lp

crafty ladies xmas 7"   rudolf the red nosed reindeer

esquivel   blue christmas

drew dobbs   #8    12 sins of xmas cd

sonics   don't believe in christmas

korla pandit   merry xmas

wax audio   happy xmas

3 suns   ding dong dandy   ding dong dandy xmas lp   rca

sy mann/jj perrey   jingle bells

he 5    jingle bells   merry christmas lp

escape mechanism   elf song   droplift cd

drew dobbs   helpful   12 sins of... cd   mindwrecker

mel henke   baby its cold outside   la dolce henke lp  warner brothers

the sisterhood   christmas treat, peppermint

black flag   gimme gimme, gimme 7"   sst

                    excerpts     v/vm v/a xmas 7"

drew d         ?

wild man fischer/dr.demento    i'm a christmas tree

little marcy   c.h.r.i.s.t.m.a.s.

patsy raye & the beatniks   beatnik's wish

drew dobbs   # 10      12 sins of... cd


confidential to lisa:  no, the show isn't archived for pod cast...   was unable to respond to your email...   thanks for your interest and we hope to get our music programming archived asap!












A Different Nature playlist for 01/03/2011

Program name: 
A Different Nature
Air date: 

 Lawrence D. "Butch" Morris & Conduction, part 2 of 6

 Sketches of NYC (7:29) / from Nublu Orchestra conducted by Butch Morris  (Nublu, 2006)

Conduction #25, The Akbank Conduction (45:00), Conduction #26, Akbank II (7:04) / from the 10-CD box set Testament: A Conduction Collection (New World, 1995)


"Conduction #135, Sheng Skyscraper (53:34) / from "Conduction / Induction" (Rai Trade, 2007)


for a complete listing of personnel, go to the Butch Morris website: www.conduction.us

and download Conduction Chronology.


to learn more about the documentary Black February: http://blackfeb.com/


host: Andy Hosch /// This evening we bring you the second in a six part series on the music of composer and conductor Lawrence D. “Butch” Morris, recognized internationally as the principal theorist and practitioner in the evolution of Conduction, and a leading innovator in the confluence of jazz, new music, improvisation and contemporary classical music. Butch’s work redefines the role of composer, conductor, arranger and performer and bridges the gap between the composer, interpreter and improviser. Over the last 25 years Morris has led over 180 Conductions in cities around the world. In this second installment, we will hear conductions which feature traditional instruments from Turkey and China, along with Western instruments and electronics

This series will continue on the 1st Monday of each month (with the possible exception of April, when it may be preempted by special Membership Drive programming). Also, I am arranging to do an interview with Butch Morris which we hope to air later in the series. So tune in and get ready to check out some truly amazing sounds. Visit Butch Morris's website at http://www.conduction.us/ and also go to http://blackfeb.com to learn about the recently released documentary film, "Black February" which follows a month long series of Conduction performances in New York during February, 2005 celebrating the 20th anniversary since of  of Morris' first Conduction.

The following is an excerpt taken from the book Arcana II (John Zorn, et al.) as reprinted in the liner notes to the double CD "conduction/induction" (Rai Trade, 2007).  I think it is very informative to hear, in Butch Morris' own words, his description of the principles of Conduction and of his overall artistic philosophy:

“For more than 20 years through Conduction, I have had the privilege to engage and enjoy, from the inside, this intermediate space between notation and improvisation, acquiring new skills and perspectives while doing so.

The context, of course, has been polarized by history and practice: musicians and musical communities bound by notation and musicians and musical communities bound by improvisation. Yet between them is the space where a potential for new life, an expansive range of expression that has gone untouched, prevails; and where ideals and ideas incubate for the continuum of the ‘musical’ canon.

Conduction®: a vocabulary of ideographic signs and gestures activated to modify or construct a real-time musical arrangement (of any notation) or composition. Each sign and gesture transmits generative information for interpretation and provides instantaneous possibilities for altering or initiating harmony, melody, rhythm, articulation, phrasing or form.

Conduction concerns transmission, communication and expression; a common ground where all culture and style cohabit, not only by way of their distinctiveness, but also in how each contributes, in the ensemble, to a unique encounter. More intimately, it concerns a capacity of musicianship for new skills with new principles.

The vocabulary of Conduction is symbolic information (directives: signs and gestures) that carry definition and meaning to propel musicians toward substantive understanding and achievement.  It provides the precision and the focus needed to navigate music’s vast terrain.

The principles of Conduction foster, enhance and evoke the analytical reasoning of each musician’s history, knowledge, intelligence, experience, instinct, intuition, expression, will and fantasy as fundamental requirement.

In Conduction, the art of composition and the immediacy of performance become interdependent -- while the language of music cultivates and integrates all vernaculars and traditions open to, and in, the ensemble.

Results are ever present: enhanced musicianship; discovery of structure and substance in the arc of the performance; the evolution of a social logic based on new reciprocities between human and music, and between composer and conductor, conductor as composer, instrumentalist and conductor, instrumentalist and composer -- and audience, attaining new levels of momentary logic and new clarities about the character of the work itself.

Now, this bridge that Conduction builds between notation and improvisation fuels interest. For with it, I can identify, embrace and exploit the weaknesses and strengths of both together and depict, in the process, core limitations in either. Conduction also requires its realization in physical, rather than theoretical, form to facilitate (new) kinds of augmentation. The logic of circumstance(s) dictates the maximizing of encounter, and the musical and social structures that grow from such encounter.

Conduction is vivacious in that it draws on the full expanse of musical design while asking of its musicians that they refine their capacities beyond style and cultural aesthetic or social difference.

There are as many rewards as questions here but none, it seems, as significant as that which opens pathways, both individually and collectively; pathways shuttered previously by custom or fear. And I refer to the exclusionary focus of most musical traditions and to the fear of compromising identity.

Conduction, however, is not in contestation with given forms as much as it seeks to supplement them with a greater appreciation of possibility --  a capacity for dialogue uniquely spurred by the moments and movements that appear and vanish.

At the same time, by stripping away predispositions to value this or that in music, we also construct a mirror to the kinds of relationships that subsist in society, and the wherewithal of music to challenge and transform them; a community in microcosm that functions via this dynamic.

Conduction is neither method nor process, but practicum that reveals only in practice and through all its metaphorical concepts.

A sonic arena utilizing every tool in its arsenal to construct, deconstruct and reconstruct with and from the basic properties of pitch, duration, intensity and timbre. Primed by an ‘Extra Dimension,’ which motivates us to engage and respond within, as beyond, all territory, Conduction invokes a continuum that thrives in a real-time transmission of relationships and meaning; the spontaneity and precision that we need to ignite and combust order and organization within sonic thought.

From the conductor’s perspective, Conduction is the art of “environing,” the organization of surrounding things, conditions or influences. It is a technique to capture and discover sonic information, structure and sub-structure, meaning, implication and expression (as we construct together) -- all primary values in our pursuit of coherence and poignancy, and the immediacy of place.

From the perspective of the instrumentalist, the musician learns that Conduction is ensemble skill, and that  Conduction’s criteria drive attentiveness, discrimination, understanding, perception and execution. Each sign in the Conduction Vocabulary has definition, yet within that definition each musician is obliged to qualitatively define its ‘content’. The descriptive (vocabulary) thus generates prospect; and by virtue of the definition attached to each sign, each interpretation evolves by progressive self-development through historical and momentary orientation.

To contribute to Conduction, the musician reveals explicit content within the evolving work. As such, musical flexibility and potential expand as we explore a new condition of liberty to foster individual and collective freedoms in real time.

A state of risk, certainly; a distillation of immediacy, no doubt; the incarnation of a step in the evolution of music that each musician embodies – this is a goal.

Conduction is an art that flowers in contradiction (for some), ambiguity (for others) and encounter (for all involved). By constructing, deconstructing and contrasting composition at will, we forge an intermediate space, both intensive and extensive, for the evolution of ensemble music, and for a new virtuoso thus versed.

In this way, Conduction opens a range of possibility previously unknown, just barely known or in what we know all too well. After all, Conduction is a way to explore music as we make it -- a probe to mine music and the ensemble at its most basic levels.

All in all, what we have here is the evolution of a model of empirical form; a way to contribute to the musical continuum as possibility and a (new) musical responsibility where the collective determines the experience of symbolic sonic stimuli; where all forms of notation, improvisation, style and thought combine to establish a unique constellation of momentary logic (improvisation); where consciences can mature in a perfectly working precision that can never reach what is traditionally known as perfection.”

                                                                                                 --LAWRENCE D. “BUTCH” MORRIS







Folk Espresso playlist for 01/03/2011

Program name: 
Folk Espresso
Air date: 
Hank Payne and Claire FavroShade Tree MechanicHeart of the Matter
Nick JainaStrawberry ManFriends & Friends of Friends, Vol. III
Jane WrightLong Time Comin' NowSouthern Songs and Ballads
Lucinda WilliamsWordsWest
Three Fingered JackTuustepp/Baghad GusBigger Than You Think
Patty Larkin and Cheryl WheelerIsland of Time25
Mark LemhousePaper SackThe Great American Yard Sale
Tom WaitsOl' '55Closing Time
David Hidalgo and Louie PerezTil the Hands Fall Off the ClockThe Long Goodbye
Johnny EdsonFather TimeMore Than Friends
Andrew CalhounSea of SnowWhere Blue Meets Blue
Django Reinhardt & Stephane GrappelliNuagesThe Ultimate Collection
The Craig Carothers TrioSnowmanSelf-Titled
Caravan GoghBliss BallSelf-Titled
Abigail Washburn & The Sparrow QuartetKangding Qingge / Old Timey Dance PartySelf-Titled
Assembly of Dust with Martin Sexton and Tony RiceRevelrySome Assembly Required
Bill MorrisseyParty at the U.N.Standing Eight
Chris KokeshHell of a YearOctober Valentine
Miguel MartinezBrand New StartStories

Dear Listeners,

Glad to have you along for the first Folk Espresso of the new year.  As always, it was a fun show to put together.  I threw in a few time-related songs since the passing of time was on our minds this past weekend...and I had a set for a dear friend who celebrated a birthday yesterday.  I sure hope you caught the words of the very funny song, Father Time, about growing old.  Leave it to Johnny Edson to make us laugh...

Keep on listenin'.



Astral Traveling playlist for 01/02/2011

Program name: 
Astral Traveling
Air date: 
Toudie HeathKamiliKawaidaO'Be Records
The Q4ReminisceDarker Days EPSelf Released
Hal Singer & Jeff GilsonMother AfricaSoul Of AfricaKindered Spirits
Bobby Hutcherson & Harold LandGoing Down SouthSan FranciscoBlue Note
Milt JacksonI'm Not So SureOlingaCTI
Weather ReportTearsWeather ReportColombia
Freddie HubbardUncle Albert/Admiral HalseyFirst LightCTI
Saravah SoulSe Da DOCultura ImpuraTru Thoughts
Alphonze MouzonCrying AngelesThe Essence Of MysteryBlue Note
Ocote Soul SoundsRevenge Of The CacaroachCoconut RockESL
Ocote Soul SoundsTres RatasCoconut RockESL
Dizzy GilespieMe 'N ThemPortait Of JennyPerception
Shawn Lee & Cluctchy HopkinsAncient Chineese SecretColetânea Difusor de Som 1Ubiquity
Leny AndradeInfluenca Do JazzBossa Nova, Sua Historia, Sua GentePhilips
Foster SylversMisdemeanorUrban ClassicsPolydor

Music Without Borders playlist for 01/02/2011

Program name: 
Music Without Borders
Air date: 
DegungSabilulunganAn Introduction To Amiata's Secret World Vol. 18:05pm
M PathThe LongingTrance Planet Volume 58:09pm
WarheadWhat Did She SayFunk 'n Ghandi8:15pm
Divine Chants Of ShivaShiva Tandva StotramDivine Chants Of Shiva8:19pm
WarheadAfterwordsFunk 'n Ghandi8:25pm
WarheadFunk n' GandhiFunk 'n Ghandi8:27pm
Omar Faruk TelbilekElixerTantra Lounge, Vol. 58:33pm
Orient ExpressionsDera SorTantra Lounge, Vol. 58:39pm
TinariwenOualahila Ar TesninamThe Rough Guide To Planet Rock8:46pm
Third PlanetBaaranTrance Planet, Vol. 58:49pm
Etran FinatawaIledemanThe Rough Guide To Planet Rock8:57pm
Ba CissokoSabolanThe Rough Guide To Planet Rock9:01pm
GaiaKasbahTantra Lounge, Vol. 59:05pm
Zion INorth StarAtomic Clock9:10pm
Zion ISigns Of LightAtomic Clock9:14pm
Reflection Eternal: Talib Kweli & HiTekSo GoodRevolutions Per Minute9:17pm
ShadAt The Same TimeTsol(Us)9:20pm
Cook BookInsomniacNight Owls 5: Bird Flu9:25pm
Mic Crenshaw f/Proper RespectThat GlueUnder The Sun9:29pm
Erykah BaduLoveNew Amerykah Part Two: Return Of The Ankh9:33pm
Erykah BaduThe Healer/Hip HopNew Amerykah: Part One(4th World War)9:39pm
Ancient Astronauts f/Azeem & DJ ZephOblivionWe Are To Answer9:43pm
Kabanjak f/AzeemRhythmTree Of Mystery9:47pm
KabanjakI Don't Want To Work TodayTree Of Mystery9:52pm
Shawn LeeFade Up(Instrumental)Sing A Song9:55pm
Balkan Beat Box f/Victoria HannaAdir AdirimBalkan Beat Box9:59pm

Portland Yiddish Hour playlist for 01/02/2011

Program name: 
Portland Jewish Hour
Air date: 
Paul ShapiroEssenEssenTzadik Recordswww.paulshapiromusic.com
New Orleans Klezmer AllstarsStruttin' With Some Doner KabobFresh Out the Pastwww.klezmers.com
Paul ShapiroDunkin' BagelEssenTzadik Recordswww.paulshapiromusic.com
The Renaissance PlayersLos Guisados de la BerenjenaThe Sephardic Experience, Vol. 4Celestial Harmonieswww.blacksun.com
VocolotEretz Zavat ChalavHeart BeatOyster Albumswww.vocolot.com
New Orleans Klezmer AllstarsConey Island White FishFresh Out the Pastwww.klezmers.com
New Orleans Klezmer AllstarsMo' White FishManichalfwitzwww.klezmers.com
Scott GerberBulbesSongs of a Jewish Cowboyen.wikipedia.org
Peisachke BursteinBeigelachFrom Avenue A to The Great White WaySonywww.artistdirect.com
GolemMeat StreetCitizen BorisJDub Recordswww.golemrocks.com
GolemBublichkiFresh Off BoatJDub Recordswww.golemrocks.com

Hosted by Liz, featuring an interview with Nigel Savage, founder and executive director of Hazon, a Jewish environmental organization. For more information about Hazon, go to http://www.hazon.org. For more information about Hazon's local chapter here in Portland, go to http://portlandtuv.org.

Also lots of great food-related music. Happy 2011!

Higher Reasoning Reggae Time playlist for 01/02/2011

Air date: 
MamadeeWho I Ammp3 singleBorn Free Music
DJ Pensativo & Estudios ManifestosBaldhead Riddim versionBaldhead RiddimDJ Pensativo & Estudios Manifestos
Prince AllaDowntownKinyama Sounds Presents Reggae DishesKinyama Sounds
Brother CultureSpiritually EquipedKinyama Sounds Presents Reggae DishesKinyama Sounds
RootwordsAll I WantKinyama Sounds Presents Reggae DishesKinyama Sounds
RootwordsThe CureKinyama Sounds Presents Reggae DishesKinyama Sounds
Severine VaenaLittle SisterKinyama Sounds Presents Reggae DishesKinyama Sounds
Raldo AsherGive Thanks And PraisesKinyama Sounds Presents Reggae DishesKinyama Sounds
el Majebriel MajebriAntes del FinSonido Anti Sistem
el MajebriMelodiaAntes del FinSonido Anti Sistem
Martin Zobel & SoulriseRise UpOne FutureIrievibrations Records
Martin Zobel & SoulriseThe World Keeps TurningOne FutureIrievibrations Records
MamadeeBeautiful Soulmp3 singleBorn Free Music
MamadeeSee Memp3 singleBorn Free Music
Soulmedic w/MASH UnitRe Lion LiveNow You KnowJah Kebra Music
SoulmedicWhom Shall I FearNow You KnowJah Kebra Music
SoulmedicThe TruthNow You KnowJah Kebra Music
SoulmedicGideon SoldiersNow You KnowJah Kebra Music
Soulmedic ft-Jah SunGreatest FriendNow You KnowJah Kebra Music
RoommateMercy Dub10" Mercy Riddim EPKing Dubbest
Jah Rueben MysticTake A Look10" Mercy Riddim EPKing Dubbest
Ras ZacharriJah Rule10" Mercy Riddim EPKing Dubbest
Mark WonderExplanationmp3 singleCharlies Records
Lutan FyahRas Alwaysmp3 singleCharlies Records
Soom T & DisruptJungle Of PeaceOde To A CarrotJahTari Records
Soom T & DisruptBoom ShivaOde To A CarrotJahTari Records
Soom T & DisruptWee RantOde To A CarrotJahTari Records
Soom T & DisruptPuff The PoliceOde To A CarrotJahTari Records
Roots Intention CrewKainamp3 singleRIC Music
Ras MyrhdakGive PraisesThe Culture RiddimBlue Sky Productions
LucianoNations Of WarThe Culture RiddimBlue Sky Productions
GitoudChainsConscious RastaFresh Poulp Records
FC Apatride UtdFiring InFiring The TruthUrban Sedated
FC Apatride UtdFiring The TruthFiring The TruthUrban Sedated
FC Apatride UtdNah With 'emFiring The TruthUrban Sedated
Jah Fabio & Dada YutePagansBaldhead RiddimDJ Pensativo & Estudios Manifestos
CheluzBaldhead RastaBaldhead RiddimDJ Pensativo & Estudios Manifestos
RebelliousFor My FamilyBaldhead RiddimDJ Pensativo & Estudios Manifestos
Sister CassieSome RastaBaldhead RiddimDJ Pensativo & Estudios Manifestos
Natty Rag & OgeChildren Of ZionBaldhead RiddimDJ Pensativo & Estudios Manifestos
JahknightRevolution TimeBaldhead RiddimDJ Pensativo & Estudios Manifestos
Midnite-I GradeThe BringersJah GridI Grade Records
Midnite-I GradeKin DreadJah GridI Grade Records
Midnite-I GradeUnder ManagementJah GridI Grade Records
Midnite-I GradeHigh PlaceJah GridI Grade Records
Midnite-I GradeEnterJah GridI Grade Records

Nekropolis & The Confessional playlist for 01/02/2011

Program name: 
Air date: 
Eastern SunzTreadmill of ProductionCorroded Utopia
Michael FrantiListener SupportedStay Human
Twinkz & T.WebbYour SicknessLocal Portland - 2010Winkz Productionswww.reverbnation.com
Merry ClaytonGimme ShelterStrange Games & Funky Things Vol. 5BBA
Bill SummersBrazillian SkiesStrange Games & Funky Things Vol. 5
Calibro 35EurocrimeTitornana Quelili Di Calibro 35
TimebombBelieve in SomethingTime is Nowwww.brandtimebomb.com
ColdCutEverything is Under ControlEverything is Under Control
Dayton SidewindersSlipping into DarknessCold Heat - Heavy Funk Rarities 1968-1974 Vol. 1
Grace JonzeThisisHurricane
CongotronicsJolie Holland & Joel Hamilton vs Kasai AllstarsTradi-Mods vs: Rockers
Budos BandCrimson SkiesThe Budos Band III
Sweet SnacksChicken in your FaceSubmit to the Chipwww.indabamusic.com
Giles PetersonDizzy Rascal/I Luv YouGiles Peterson
Trente Mollersilver Sufer Ghost Rider GoInto the Great Wide YonderIn My Room
Dandy WarholsWelcome to third worldEarth to the Dandy Warhols
Emika "Drop the Other"Daedelus Fragments into a Thousand Little PiecesNinja Tune XX Vol. 2Ninja Tune
Twin SisterAll Around and Away we goColor Your LifeInfinate Best Recordingstwinsistermusic.com
Beta BandDry the RainThe 3 Ep's
Superfurry animalsJustaposed with YouRings Around the World
Procol HarumA Salty DogA Salty Dog
AirKelly Touch the StarsMoon Safari
If Bwana/Lisa Barnard KelleyDitto LisaAssemble.Age!

Tonight featuring l;ocal Portland artist Twinkz & T. Webb http://www.reverbnation.com/winkzmusic.

An Amazing cover of Gimme Shelter by Merry Clayton from a compilation CD called Strange Games & Funky Things Vol. 5

Check out Timebomb www.brandtimebomb.com

Everything is Under Control - that's what Coldcut said.

Jazz Rap 2 playlist for 01/01/2011

Air date: 
Les Mc cannWhat's going ontalk to the people
Donny Hathaway" " "LIve
Marvin Gaye" " "What's Going On
Wm DeVaughnBe thankfulBe Thankful
Kenny GarrettHappy PeopleHappy People
The BlackbyrdsHappy MusicCity LIfe
Donald ByrdSister LoveStreet Lady
K. GarrettBack to where.Simply Said
Bob BaldwinYesterdayFor YOu
Bheki MselekuOne for all - All for oneCelebration
Stevie WonderPerfect AngelYou tube
Lonnie PlaxicoClimb Every MountainWest Side Stories
Dexter WanselWhat the World is coming ToVery Best of...
Philippe SaisseOkayReady to Go
Grover Washington, Jr.Things Are Getting BetterBest is Yet to Come
Vivian GreenWhat is loveA love story
The CrusdersIt happens...free As the wind
Ronnie Lawsyou knewdream a little
Craig Coopertouch tonetouch tone
Lee Ritenouryoug caught me smilingRit
Sly Stone""" """ """Essential
George Howard""" """ """There is a riot
Grover Washington, Jr.Best is yet to comebest is yet to come
Etieen CharlesDouensfolklore

Music from the True Vine playlist for 01/01/2011

Program name: 
Music from the True Vine
Air date: 
Bill MonroeJerusalem Ridge
Bill MonroeFirst Whipporwill
Bill MonroeDog House Blues
Bill MonroeYou'll Find Her Name Written There
Bill MonroeBluegrass Stomp
Bill MonroeGoing Back to Old Kentucky
Bill MonroeWalking in Jerusalem
Nashville BG BandMonroebillia
Mike Compton, Dave GrierAshland Breakdown
Mike Compton, Dave GrierHuffy
David GrierThe Old Hotel Rag
David GrierSmith Chapel
TallboysRubber Dolly
Foghorn StringbandDanville Girl
Greg ClarkeGeorgie Buck
Rabbit FootBilly in the Low Ground
Ron KaneBack to the Ridge
Vivian WilliamsDance All Night
Hazel DickensLove Me or Leave me Alone
Hazel DickensWon't You Come and Sign for Me
Hazel DickensHills of Home
JackstrawSpring on the Hill
JackstrawAlabama Jubilee
JackstrawSt. Elinor
Del McCouryLonesome Hobo
Del McCoury1952 Vincent Black Lightning
Del McCouryI've Endured
Del McCouryWorking on a Building
Del McCouryAsheville Turnaround
Del McCouryPrisoner's Song
Steep Canyon RangersPick up the Blues
Steep Canyon RangersLovin' Pretty Women
Steep Canyon RangersA Ramblin' Man Is a Ramblin' Man
Steep Canyon RangersTennessee Blues
Steep Canyon RangersTurn Up the Bottle
Steep Canyon RangersOrange Blossom Special
Laurie LewisDiamond Joe
Laurie LewisMillionaire
Laurie LewisHard Luck & Trouble
John ReishmannBishbash Falls
John ReishmannnLonesome Dove
John ReishmannBluegrass Signal
Bryan SuttonNElia's Dance
Tim O'BrienClimbin' Up a Mtn
Hot RizeUntold Stories
Tim O'Brien, Dirk, John HarmannRaleigh and Spencer
Bryan SuttonRoanoake
Bryan SuttonDecision at Glady's Fork
Stanley BrosBound to Ride
Stanley BrosWith Whiskey and Wine
Stanley BrosDarling Do You Know Who Loves You
Stanley BrosNo Letter in the Mail
Stanley Bros16 Years

SongCircle playlist for 12/31/2010

Program name: 
The Songcircle
Air date: 
Bob DylanDays of '49Self Portrait
Randy NewmanDayton, Ohio 1903Live in San Francisco 1974
Woody Guthrie1913 MassacreStruggle
The ZombiesButcher's Tale (Western Front 1914)Odessey and Oracle
Patti Smith1959Peace and Noise
Rickie Lee JonesOn Saturday Afternoons in 1963Rickie Lee Jones
Dave Alvin1968Blackjack David
Charlie Daniels BandSummer of '68Land that I Love
The Stooges1969 (Original John Cale Mix)The Stooges (Deluxe Edition)
The Stooges1970 (Single Mix)Funhouse (Deluxe Edition)
Ringo StarrEarly 1970Photograph: The Best of Ringo Starr
Robyn Hitchcock1974Storefront Hitchcock
The Clash1977Super Black Market Clash
Ana Tijoux19771977
Spirit1984Clear (reissue)
EurythmicsSexcrime (1984)Greatest Hits (UK Edition)
The Temptations1990Psychedelic Soul
CadallacaWinter Storm '98Introducing Cadallaca
Conan O'BrienIn the Year 2000 (snippet)Late Night with Conan O'Brien
Dan Bern2014live
Zager and EvansIn the Year 2525 (Exordium and Terminus)Nipper's Greatest Hits

A Categorized Program Not playlist for 01/01/2011

Air date: 
Hank WilliamsI'll Sail My Ship Alone
Wedding BellsMind Your Own Business
Mothers BestLovesick Blues
My Sweet Love Aint Around
Jerry RiversFire On The Mountain
I Saw The Light
Closing Theme
Luke The DrifterEverythings Ok
I've Just Told Mama Goodbye
Where The Old Red River Flows
Alabama Waltz
I Dreamed About Mama Last Night
Black Mountain Rag
I Heard My Savior Calling Me
Deck Of Cards
Just Waitin


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