world beat connection playlist for 08/20/2009

Program name: 
World Beat Connection
Air date: 
Ahmed Abdul-MalikCommunicationSounds of AfricaNew Jazz Records
CachaitoConversationCachaitoWorld Circuit
Joe CubaEl PitoWe Must Be Doing Something RightTico
Gnonnas PedroDarodabameAgbadjaSyllart
U-RoyShaking Up the CityBabylon Kingdom Must FallRAS
U-RoyChalice in the PalaceDread Inna BabylonVirgin
Admiral TibetRich Don't CareDeterminationStone Tiger
Bob Marley and the WailersRebel MusicNatty DreadIsland
Organized CrimeWhy Not ?Vibe1st Step
Rocker TTrue Freedom FighterTimes UpPSM
Femi AkinyemiEgungun Riots 1976Egungun Riots 1976Celluloid
Segun BucknorAdanri SogbasogbaPoor Man No Get BrotherAfro-Strut
Segun BucknorSmokePoor Man No Get BrotherAfro-Strut
AntibalasWar HeroSecurityAnti
President BrownRough RoadShowcase Vol.3Ernie B's
President BrownIn This LifeShowcase Vol 3Ernie B's

Guess Who's Coming to Radio??!! playlist for 08/20/2009

Air date: 
STEVIE WONDERdo like youhotter than julytamla
MICHAEL JACKSONheal the worlddangerousepic
the main ingredientblack seeds keep on growingblack seedsRCA
earth, wind & firec'mon childrenearth, wind & firewarner bros.
the lafayette afro rock banddarkest lightmalikas the record turns
marvin gayesave the childrenwhat's going ontamla
curtis mayfieldif i were only a child againback to the worldcurtom
george bensonthe greatest love of all7"arista
michael jacksonwith a child's heartmusic and memotown
black ivoryif i could be a mirrordon't turn aroundtoday
aloe blaccdance for lifeshine throughstones throw
rachelle farrellsatisfiedindividuality (can i be me?)capitol
fishbonefight the youththe reality of my surroundingscolumbia
the impressionswe're a winner16 greatest hitsABC
james browndon't be a dropoutstar timepolydor
sarah vaughanimaginea time in my lifemainstream
raul midoneverybodystate of mindemi/manhattan
herbie hancockspeak like a childspeak like a childblue note
bill withersgrandma's handslean on mecolumbia

we celebrate the wisdom of youth!!!

Africa O-Ye! playlist for 08/20/2009

Air date: 
JulukaUmbaqnga MuscScatterlings
JulukaMama ShabalalaAfrican Litany
Duo JulukaEmadloziniCologne Zulu Festival
JaojobyE TiakoE Tiako
Black UmfolosiHelel Mama AfricaFestival Umdlalo
Amaswazi Emvelo & MahlathiniNginokuthulaThe Indestructible f Soweto Vol 3
Amadoda AhlangeneIsillo Sabo MamaJive Soweto - The Indestructible Beat of Soweto Vol 4
ZoroJabulaniPutumayo presents African Reggae
Lebo MHe Live in youReturn to Pride Rock
Bongo MaffinTwasaBongolution
Zamo Mbuto & ComradesFun-Da-MentalThe Outnationalist presents Ethnomusicology
Soweto Percussion EnsembleMzansiTales of the Drum
Shina PetersShinamaniaShinamania
Anafi AlaoBissimilai Lafi Bere Ile AiyeOriginal Fuji & Apala A Gogo
FarafinaHereyo MibiFasou Denou
Kofo OluwasijiBisimilaiThe Wonderman
Bally Othmani & Steve SheehanAmin AminNorth Africa
Masters at Work featuring WumiEkaboThe Shrine Afro Digital
Sola AkingbolaNinu Opon Ori TiwaYoruba Drums from Nigeria
Angelique KidjoWe-weLogozo
Alpha Yaya DialloBambara BluesDjama

Swing & Country playlist for 07/25/2009

Program name: 
Swing 'n' Country
Air date: 

After the 3 hours of Hot Rod songs in June we'll have 3
hours of songs about the different makes of cars.

01 Henry Ford - Ragtime
02 Beat Up Ford - Carl Sonny Leyland
03 Dig That Ford - The Rockin' Wranglers
04 Model T Baby - Jack Turner
05 Model 'T' Blues - Snuffy Jenkins & Pappy Sherrill
06 Model A Blues - Skinny McGee & Mayhem Makers
07 Model A Ford Blues - Lefty Nicks & his Southern Drifters
08 Model A Heap - Beverly Hill Painters
09 Little Forty Ford - Leon Smith
10 Crown Victoria Custom '51 - Jerry Lee Lewis
11 '55 Ford - The Refreshments
Commercial - 1956 Ford Thunderbird Promo - Rosemary Clooney
12 '56 V8 Ford - Marvin Jackson & The Rockabilly Three
13 '59 Ford - Firebirds
14 Flat Head Ford - Eddie & The Flatheads
15 V-8 Ford Boogie - Ronnie Dawson
16 Fairlane Rock - Hayden Thompson
17 Ford Fairlane Sedan - Sammy Robinson
18 Ford And Shaker - James Gallagher
19 Peroxide Blonde in a Hopped Up Model Ford - Brian Setzer
Commercial - 1958 Edsel Radio Ad - When You See It You're Sure
20 My Mustang Ford - Chuck Berry
21 Mercury Blues - Alan Jackson
22 Four Wheel Drive - C. W. McCall
23 '46 Plymouth Rag - Fairweather
24 Chrysler Cordoba - Wally Pleasant
25 Rocket '88 - Eleven Hundred Springs
26 Daddy's Oldsmobile - Ray Stevens
27 My Baby Drives a Buick - Sawyer Brown
28 Pontiac Yodel - Banjo Dan
29 See The U.S.A., In Your Chevrolet - Dinah Shore
Commercial - 1932 Chevrolet Ad
30 Chevrolet Six - Holy Modal Rounders
31 409 - Junior Brown
32 '55 Chevy - Hoyt Stevenson
Commercial - 1957 Chevrolet
33 '57 Chevrolet - Billie Jo Spears
34 '57 Chevy And You - Mel McDaniel
35 That '57 Chevy - Aaron Russell
36 Chevy Coupe - Jim Witter
37 Chevy Impala - Four Bitchin Babes
38 If You Got the Dinero, Ive Got the Camaro - Texas Tornados
39 I'm His Little Chevrolet - Kimmie Rhodes
40 Little Nifty Fifty - The Customs
41 Mud On The Tires - Brad Paisley
42 Old Green Chevrolet - Don Rigsby & Midnight Call
43 Ray And His Little Chevrolet - Devil Mountain Jazz Band
44 Rusty Chevrolet - Weird Al Yankovic
45 Big Black Chevrolet - Jerry Williams
46 The One I Loved Back Then (The Corvette Song) - Tracy Lawrence
47 Cadillac Attack - Johnny Whiteleather & The King Rats
48 Gotta Get Me A Cadillac - Willie Mack
49 One Piece At A Time - Johnny Cash
50 Ain't Got Fins, It Ain't A Cadillac - Johnny & The Blades
51 Cadillac Boogie - Mel Douglas
52 Big White Cadillac - Little Joey Farr
53 Blue Cadillac - Nashville Bluegrass Band
54 Pink Cadillac - Jerry Lee Lewis & Bruce Springsteen
55 Pink Cadillac - Rusty Draper
56 Jeannie With The Light Brown Cadillac - Red Simpson
57 Big Black Cadillac - Sonny Burgess
58 Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache - Warren Smith
59 Cadillac Red - The Judds
60 '59 Cadillac - Troy Olsen
61 '59 Cadillac '57 Chevy - David Allan Coe (Live at Billy Bob's Texas)
62 Cadillac 55 - Shotgun
63 Cadillac Baby - Bill Sherrell
65 Rockin' Cadillac Gal - Texas 55
66 She's A Cadillac - Rayburn Anthony


Swing & Country playlist for 08/22/2009

Program name: 
Swing 'n' Country
Air date: 

After June's songs about Hot Rods and July's songs about the different makes
of cars we finally get out on the road with songs about the joys of driving.

01 On The Road Again - Johnny Cash
02 Lost Highway - Hank Williams
03 Hillbilly Highway - Steve Earle
04 Long Lonesome Highway - Michael Parks
05 Highway Headin' South - Porter Wagoner
06 Highway 35 - Atomic Deluxe
07 Highway 40 Blues - Limited Edition
08 Flyin' Down The Freeway - Kinky Friedman
09 Willy Rogers Highway - Kevin Welch
10 Route 66 - Asleep At The Wheel
11 Classified - C. W. McCall
12 Used Car Blues - The Delmore Brothers
13 Long John's Flagpole Rock - Long John Roller
14 Lop-Sided Over-Loaded - Brian Hyland
15  Slow Down Brother - Ferlin Huskey
16 Transfusion - Four Jokers
17 Drivin' Down The Wrong Side Of The Road - Ricky Riddle
18 If You Drink, Don't Drive - Red Coffee
18a Commercial - Don't Drink And Drive - Pee Wee Herman
19 Wreck On The Highway - Bill Haley & The Four Aces Of Western Swing
20  Drag 'Em Off The Interstate, Sock It To 'Em, J.P. Blues - Dick Curless
21 Sixteen Miles - Peso Dollar & The Counterfeit Bills
22 Highway Patrol - Junior Brown
23 Sixty Days - Slim Rhodes
24 Mr. Policeman - Brad Paisley
25 105 - Fred Eaglesmith
26 Beep Beep - The Playmates
27 Speed Trap - Hoyt Axton
28 Automobile Song - Tennessee Buck
29 Automobile Trip Through Alabama - New Lost City Ramblers
30 Fifteen Days Under The Hood - Jack Tempchin
30a Commercial - Mobilgas The Sign Of The Flying Horse
31 Harold's Super Service - Shennandoa Cut-Ups
32 Service Station Blues - Drifting Johnny Smith
33 Talkin' Song Repair Blues - Alan Jackson
34 Shade Tree (Fix-It-Man) - Merle Haggard
34a Commercial - Standard Gasoline Boom! Pow!
35 Tony's Tank Up Drive-In Cafe - Hank Thompson
36 The Highway Cafe Of The Dammed - Austin Lounge Lizards
37 I'll Fix Your Flat Tire, Merle - Pure Prairie League
38 No Particular Place To Go - Chuck Berry
38aCommercial - Texaco Star Theme
39 Out Of Gas - Billy Jack Wills
40 No Parking Here - Jimmy Littlejohn
41 Kissin' In The Carwash - Barnshakers
42 Car-Hoppin' Mama - Ramblin' Lou
42a Commercial - Shell Gasoline Cars Love Shell
43 Ethyl In My Gas Tank - Jimmy Heap
44 Let's Go Drivin' Tonight - Bob Clifford
45 The Automobile Song - Luke McDaniel
46 Road Trip - Al Andersen
47 Uneasy Rider - Charlie Daniels
48 Blacktop Boogie - Wailin' Walker
49 Blue Hairs Driving in My Lane - Pinkard & Bowden
50 Diesel On My Tail - New Riders Of The Purple Sage
51 Doing 30 in a 55 - Buck & The Black Cats
52 Dig That Crazy Driver - William Penix
53 Take A Ride - Red Smiley
54 The Fastest Thing On Wheels - The Mechanics
55 Boogie Back To Texas - Asleep At The Wheel
56 Wheels (It's Rollin' Time Again) - Robert Mitchum
57 You Can't Catch Me - Sleepy LaBeef
58 Lonesome Road - Hoyt Axton
59 Five Star Boogie - Doug Wilshire
60 Lord Mr. Ford - Jerry Reed


Life During Wartime playlist for 08/19/2009

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

The Ex – Embarrassd
50 Million – Clenched Fist
Electric Eels – Agitated
Gang of Four – natural’s not in it
The Clean – Anything could happen
Reigning Sounds – Reptile Style
Ruggedy Annes – Autumn

Replacements- comin out
Big boys- cfun fun f87un
Sacchrine Trust- human incertainty
Adolescents- brats in battaliuons
Cramps- bikini girls w/ machine guns
Ramones- howlion at the moon
Offenders- you got a right/ face down in the dirt

Econochrist- another lie
La Fraction – La Boite
Cronic  Seizure – Fatal Lie
Pandemonium – Between the Lines
Die Keruzen – Hate Me
Rondos- hey jiggalo
Dead kennedys- moon over marin


Pig heart transplant- raw meat people
Pissed jeans- ashamed of my cum
Libyans- welcome to the neighborhood

Dead Wretched-No Justice
BGK- Spray Paint
DOA The the prisoner
Dead Section- diluted upsurge
Poison idea- lifestyles
The Clash- stay free
The Exploited-Alternative

Butthole surfers- sweet loaf
Angry samoans- right sidfe iof muy mind
Wipers- window shop for love
Code of honor- I killed the dove

Minutemen. 99

Rocky Erickson- burn the flame

Pastures of Plenty playlist for 08/19/2009

Program name: 
Pastures of Plenty
Air date: 
Alice Gerrard & Mike SeegerSweet Sunny SouthBowling Green
Whistlin' RufusWashington CountyIt's About Time
Cindy KalletFar Off of the MountainsWorking on Wings to Fly
Suze Spencer MarshallOver NevadaTall Boots
Marie EatonIf I Could ChooseI've Got a Secret
Emily Miller & Val MindelPrettiest Bed of FlowersIn the Valley
Tom RawsonKey of RWhere the Coho Flash Silver
David RothRosa and the Three K'sThink Twice
Cosy SheridanHappiness is WaitingEros
Rebel VoicesNine Gold MedalsA Piece of the Wall
Barry LuftBowling in Special OFolksinger's Fire
John McCutcheonI'm Packin'Hal to the Chief
Mike SeegerOnly RememberedThird Annual Farewell Reunion
Wayne HendersonFreight TrainThe Guitar Extravaganze
" "Sweet Georgia Brown" " "
David Grisman & Tony RiceWildwood FlowerTone Poems
Stan RogersThe White Collar HollerBetween the Breaks .. Live
Paul Michel & Sally RoseWest Virginia My HomeOld Time Sngs and Fiddle Tunes
Mary FlowerRiver of JoyRagtime Gal
Si KahnGoing Down to the Old Home PlaceBeen a Long Time
Bruce MolskySugar BabeBig Hoedown
Patrice HaanMaureen's WaltzHeaded Home
R. Dornfeld, J. Bernstein, K. MurphyDone GoneWays of the World
Cliff Perry & Laurel BlissThere's an Open Door Waiting for MeSpirit of Love

Shocks of Sheba playlist for 08/19/2009

Program name: 
Shocks of Sheba
Air date: 
Tanya StephensBig Heavy Gal...vpCD
Terry GanzieGood Over Evil...aquarius7"
Horace AndyElementary...rough trade12"
Stamma RankTaurus Special...basic replay12"
Dave Barker & Ansel CollinsBun Informer...rhinoCD
Jim NasticOriginal one12"
Delroy WilsonWho Cares...pressure soundsCD
Jimmy RileyRocking Dolly...taxi12"
Sugar Minott & Louie CultureNo Vacancy...charmCD
Leroy SmartMeaning Of one12"
Richie SpiceLiving In Love...vpCD
Earl 16Treasure...teams10"
Queen OmegaJah Daughter...believemp3
Lutan Fyah & SpectacularKill Dem Sound...irie ites10"
DiegoDancehall Vibe...keelingmp3
Jigsy King & Hopeton JamesMood To Kill A Sound...vpCD
Ranking JoeHow You Bad So...scotch bonnetmp3
Michael ProphetJah Guide His loveLP
Carl MeeksHigher Level...scotch bonnetmp3
Wicked Dub Division & King ShasaCulture...wdd10"
Louie Culture & MalijahHills Farmer...irie itesmp3
Josie StepperGimme De......sweet beat7"
Queen IfricaCoconut Shell...vpCD
Daweh CongoLet Us Be Friends...hands & hearts12"
LyricsonGrudge & Vanity...scotch bonnetmp3
Jah MarnyahStormy Weather...roots garden7"
Improvisators Dub meets Iration SteppasJah Jah Bada...hammerbassmp3
George FaithSo swan12"
Flick WilsonSlavemaster 12"...greensleevesmp3
Burning Spear* Marcus Garvey...mangoLP
Ini KamozeHungry Days...hottisCD
Julian MarleyViolence In The Streets...tuff gongCD
Starky BantonAnother Day In Babywrong...nocturnemp3
Tarrus RileyWhy So Much Wickedness...vpCD
Tarrus RileyIt's Better This Way...ya manCD
Richie SpiceSoothing Sound...vpCD

* denotes listener request

teresa runs tings solo


Jazz Lives! playlist for 08/19/2009

Program name: 
Jazz Lives!
Air date: 
robert mooretwo little wordsserve you


Ital Vibes playlist for 08/19/2009

Program name: 
Ital Vibes
Air date: 
Stephen MarleySomeone To LoveMind ControlGhetto Youths
Izes RecordsFull Blast Riddim InstrumentalFull Blast RiddimIzes Records
Jah VinchiPrayerFull Blast RiddimIzes Records
MavadoDon't WorryMr. Brooks - A Better TomorrowVP Records
B Real ft Damian MarleyFire InstrumentalDuck Down Records
B Real ft Damian MarleyFireSmoke N MirrorsDuck Down Records
Collie Buddz/Harper DigitalEyes InstrumentalHarper Digital
Collie BuddzEyesHarper Digital
SizzlaQuestionsReggae Hit List 2009Tad's International
Konshens/Secret ChunezBring Back The Reggae InstrumentalSecret Chunez
KonshensBring Back The Reggae (Hip Hop Mix)Secret Chunez
KonshensBring Back The Reggae (Dancehall Mix)Secret Chunez
Stephen Marley & Damian Marley ft Snoop DogTraffic Jam Remix InstrumentalGhetto Youths/Tuff Gong
Stephen Marley & Damian Marley ft Snoop DogTraffic Jam RemixGhetto Youths/Tuff Gong
Tarrus Riley ft Demarco & Vybz KartelHerbs PromotionContagiousVP Records
Queen IfricaCoconut ShellMontego BayVP Records
Mr VegasOld School HustlingKirkledove Records
Chino ft Da GeniusThe GradezzBig Ship
Black RynoHeights Of Great MenStory Tella RiddimNotNice Production
Dosa MedicineStay FocusStory Tella RiddimNotNice Production
Jah VinchiMoneyStory Tella RiddimNotNice Production
Vybz KartelMamaStory Tella RiddimNotNice Production
LadenWorking HardDaseca
Bramma/Chimney RecordsVoice Of The Ghetto InstrumentalChimney Records
BrammaVoice Of The GhettoChimney Records
Nas & Damian MarleyAs We AreDistant RelativesIsland Def Jam
Julian Marley ft Damian MarleyViolence In The StreetsAwakeGhetto Youths/Universal
Anthony BSurvivalBaker Music Productions
MitchTroubleOriginal Yard ManOne Pop Music
Vybz KartelLightning BoltNotNice Production
Chi ChingBeez PitchCoppershot
Mavado/Big ShipGyal Bend Ova InstrumentalBig Ship
Sean PaulEvening RideImperial BlazeAtlantic
Busy SignalSend OnFresh Ear Productions
Lefside ft SyonNo Other GalSchool Bell RiddimKeep Left
VoicemailThrowback ButterflySchool Bell RiddimKeep Left
SeraniWhen It's ColdSchool Bell RiddimKeep Left
Maxine's MusicCheez Trix Riddim InstrumentalCheez Trix RiddimMaxine's Music
BugleDo WhateverCheez Trix RiddimMaxine's Music
Natalie StormGod Bless MeCheez Trix RiddimMaxine's Music
TikiXsytmentCheez Trix RiddimMaxine's Music
Macka DiamondNo Man ProblemCheez Trix RiddimMaxine's Music
Charley BlacksNo WayCheez Trix RiddimMaxine's Music
Buju BantonText MessageTight P RiddimGargamel
GhostThrough The FireTight P RiddimGargamel
SizzlaHideTight P RiddimGargamel
Gappy Ranks ft KibakiStinking Rich RemixGappy Ranks Productions
Mr VegasSave Your FriendshipUnstoppable RiddimTJ
Twin Of TwinsLeggo Mi HeadUnstoppable RiddimTJ
TaranchylaCyaan DancePoison Dart
Michael JacksonThey Don't Care About Us (Sting International Remix)Street Bullies RiddimBig Yard
Elephant ManPovertyStreet Bullies RiddimBig Yard
ShaggyLong TimeStreet Bullies RiddimBig Yard
Christopher MartinThe Vibe Is RightStreet Bullies RiddimBig Yard
Vybz KartelDollar SignGood Life RiddimLiv Up Records
WycleffWe Made ItGood Life RiddimLiv Up Records
MavadoHope & PrayTrippple Bounce RiddimZJ Chrome
Vybz KartelMr. OfficerTrippple Bounce RiddimZJ Chrome
LefsideTime To PartyTrippple Bounce RiddimZJ Chrome
BugleAnything GoesTrippple Bounce RiddimZJ Chrome
LadenRunning The PlaceTrippple Bounce RiddimZJ Chrome
Ward 21 ft TifaCookie JarGenesisWard 21
SkattaHindu Riddim InstrumentalHindu RiddimFire Beat Records
IkayaRewindHindu RiddimFire Beat Records
RageHinduHindu RiddimFire Beat Records
DegreeDoing ItHindu RiddimFire Beat Records
Natalie StormRecession SpecialHindu RiddimFire Beat Records
TikiTiki WineHindu RiddimFire Beat Records
ChellyTook The NightRicky Blaze/F.U.M.G
Bruk UpSunglasses At Night InstrumentalSound Boy LLC
Bruk UpSunglasses At NightSound Boy LLC
Bruk Up ft ShaggySunglasses At Night RemixSound Boy LLC
Allison Hines ft ShaggyCan't Let My Luv GoMash Up RiddimBirchill
MaquedaCan't Get EnoughMash Up RiddimBirchill
LefsideShe Nuh WaahMash Up RiddimBirchill
Terror 3000Tip Up Tip UpMash Up RiddimBirchill
RDXWine UpMash Up RiddimBirchill
DamariVengaeMash Up RiddimBirchill
Mr VegasDi TrainMash Up RiddimBirchill
New Kingston BandPon The WallNew Kingston Band Productions
Cocoa TeaShelly AnnNo Doubt Records
LovindeerRun Like The WindTSOJ
Richie StephensJamaica SunshineCome To JamaicaPot Of Gold
Tarrus RileyS CravingContagiousVP Records


Anjali and The Kid playlist for 08/18/2009

Program name: 
Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Kush
Air date: 
A. R. RahmanDilli-6Delhi-6 sdtrk.
Shaan, Sunidhi & KKDekho Nashe MeinRACE sdtrk.
Neeraj ShridharTwistLove Aaj Kal sdtrk.
Lembher Hussainpuri (PBN)Nach LehHomegrown
Lembher Hussainpuri (Dr. Zeus)Sachiyan Suniyan NiThe Original Edit
Gipsy.czBenga beatingReprezent
Sanja & BalkanikakermesBalkan Beats
Slavic Soul PartyTeknochek CollisionTechnochek Collision
Balkan Beat Box (Dub Gabriel/Kush Arora remix)HermeticoNu-Made
Raf MC & Fanfare Ciocarlia (dunkelbundt)Asphalt TangoMorgenlandfahrt
K.K & Akriti KakkarMarjaani (Kilogram's Balkan Mix)Billu Barber sdtrk.
113 feat. Reda TalianaPartir LoinRai'n'B Fever
Sunidhi ChauhanThoda Thoda PyarLove Aaj Kal sdtrk.
RDB feat. Nindy KaurBoliyanAloo Chaat sdtrk.
Riz MCRadar
OutlandishIntrospectivecloser than veins
Mentor feat AC & Des-CKaaljaBroke
FnaireSah Raoui
El Hijo de la CumbiaCumbia RegionalFreestyle de Ritmos
VoltioPerco CEn Lo Claro
Yogi BGangsterLaadam sdtrk.
Nicky JamGas PelaThe Black Carpet
Zion y LennoxPide MasPa La Calle mixtape
Wisin y YandelMe Estas Tentando
Balwinder MattewariaKeda Pangha Lae Luga
Sarbjit CheemaSohni LagdiApni Boli Apna Des sdtrk.
Sunidhi Chauhan, Shekhar RavjianiSajnaji Vaari VaariHoneymoon Travelsdtrk.
Anushka ManchandaGolmaalGolmaal Fun Unlimited sdtrk.
Neeraj ShridharTha KarkeGolmaal Returns sdtrk.

The Melting Pot playlist for 08/18/2009

Program name: 
The Melting Pot
Air date: 
Beats AntiqueLOUISE' LULLABYContraption ep
Joe:lWONT TAKE NOHi Fidelity Dub
A.R. RAHMANRINGA RINGASlumdog Millionaire Soundtrack
Thievery CorporationFORGOTTEN PEOPLERadio Retaliation
ZebBAULLS OF NEW YORKStop the Earth, I Want to Get Off
GovindaSOMETHINGSWorlds Within
Dzihan and KamienSTIFF JAZZGran Riserva
ShpongleDORCET PERCEPTIONTales of The Inexpressable
ThunderballVIBRATIONSScorpio Rising
NicodemusTHE SPIRITS WITHIN (Boozoo Bayou remix)Endangered Species Remixed

Early Morning Gumbo playlist for 08/18/2009

Program name: 
Early Morning Gumbo
Air date: 

* recent release or reissue


KELLY JOE PHELPS / Don Quixote's Windmill / Beggar's Oil EP (Rykodisc)

FERRON / Girl on a Road / Boulder (ShortStory)

JOHNNY CASH / Further On Up the Road / American V: A Hundred Highways (American)


THE FLATLANDERS / Thank God for the road / Hills & Valleys (NewWest)

MAURA O'CONNELL / Western Highway / A Woman's Heart 2 (DARA) various

DAVE VAN RONK / Green, Green Rocky Road / The 2 Sides of Dave Van Ronk (Fantasy)


SUE FOLEY / Every Road I Take / Every Road I Take (Shanachie) various

BIG BILL BROONZY / Key to the Highway / Trouble in Mind (SmFolkways)

ROBIN & LINDA WILLIAMS / Old Plank Road / Deeper Waters (RedHouse)

NINA GERBER / Back Roads / Treasures Left Behind (RedHouse) various


KATE WOLF / Muddy Roads / Kate Wolf Anthology (Rhino)

JOHN HIATT / Crossing Muddy Waters / Crossing Muddy Waters (Vanguard)

THE FIGS / Brown's Ferry Blues / The Figs (Valcour)*


THE RED STICK RAMBLERS / My Ramblin' Heart / right key, wrong keyhole (MemphisInternational)

JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE / Halfway to Jackson / Midnight at the Movies (Bloodshot)*

LUCINDA WILLIAMS / Jackson / Car Wheels on a Gravel Road (Mercury)

EMMYLOU HARRIS / Leaving Louisiana in the Broad Daylight / Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town (WarnerBros)

DOC WATSON / Going Down the Road Feeling Bad / Elementary Doctor Watson (SugarHill)


RAMBLIN' JACK ELLIOTT / New Stranger Blues / A Stranger Here (Anti-)*

EVA CASSIDY / Wayfaring Stranger / Songbird (BlixStreet)

IAN & SYLVIA / Come In, Stranger / Early Morning Rain (Vanguard)

Anodyne playlist for 08/17/2009

Program name: 
Back To The Egg
Air date: 
The TubesTalk To Ya LaterThe Completion Backward PrincipleCapitol, 1981
The Greg Kihn BandCan't Stop Hurtin' MyselfRockihnrollBeserkley, 1981
Tommy KeenePlaces That Are GoneSongs From The FilmGeffen, 1986
Bobby Fuller FourI Fought The LawThe Bobby Fuller FourAce, 1964
Matt KeatingJacksonvillelive on ANODYNE on KBOO
Sun Kil MoonTrucker's Atlas (Modest Mouse cover)Tiny CitiesCaldo Verde, 2005
George HarrisonBeware Of DarknessAll Things Must PassApple, 1970
Matt KeatingTe AmoQuixoticMegaforce, 2008
Laura VeirsNightingaleSaltbreakersNonesuch, 2007
Emily SprayTalk Me Downdemoself, 2009
Matt KeatingLouisianalive on ANODYNE on KBOO
Kristin HershLike A HurricaneCinnamon Girl: Women Artists Cover Neil YoungAmerican Laundromat, 2008
Greg Koons and the MisbegottenThe Only Girl In AustinWelcome To The Nowhere MotelKealon, 2009
WeinlandI'm Sure It HelpsBreaks In The SunBadman, 2009
David BowieAshes To AshesScary MonstersRCA, 1980
Alejandro EscovedoGolden BearReal AnimalBack Porch, 2008
Matt KeatingBetween CustomersBetween CustomersKealon, 2009
The ReplacementsAlex ChiltonPleased To Meet MeSire, 1987
Chet Atkins & Les PaulMedley: Moonglow / Picnic (Theme From Picnic)Chester & LesterRCA, 1975
Willy DeVilleI Call Your NameBackstreets Of DesireRhino, 1994
Matt KeatingDaddy's On The Rooflive on ANODYNE on KBOO
Jonathan RichmanThat Summer FeelingJonathan Sings!Sire, 1983
Art BrutSummer JobArt Brut Vs. SatanDowntown, 2009
The PretendersTalk Of The TownExtended Play EPSire, 1982
Matt KeatingAmplifier (dB's cover)live on ANODYNE on KBOO
Loudon Wainwright IIIMedley: I Know I'm Unhappy / Suicide Song / Glenville ReelThe BBC SessionsStrange Fruit, 1998
Daniel JohnstonThe Startling FactsArtistic ViceShimmy Disc, 1990
Big StarJesus ChristThird / Sister LoversRykodisc, 1978
Big StarFemme Fatale (VU cover)Third / Sister LoversRykodisc, 1978
Matt KeatingSt. Cloud (Acoustic Version)Between CustomersKealon, 2009
Shoeshine BlueWarm ChampagneHowl At The Wooden Moonself, 2009
Matt KeatingBetter Than Thatlive on ANODYNE on KBOO
Rolling StonesWild HorsesSticky FingersVirgin, 1971
XBreathless (Jerry Lee Lewis cover)More Fun In The New WorldElektra, 1983

Fun show! Matt Keating (songwriter from NYC) was my co-host, and brought alot of great and interesting songs to the mix.

He also brought his guitar in and played the following songs live during the course of the show:

"Jacksonville" -- can be found on the album Tilt-A-Whirl

"Louisiana" -- can be found on last year's album Quixotic

"Daddy's On The Roof" -- off this year's Between Customers

"Amplifier" -- cover of a dB's song

"Better Than That" -- off the new album etween Customers.

In between we featured some musical tributes to some artists that have passed away recently: Duane Jarvis (guitarist from here in Portland), Les Paul (no introduction needed), and producer wunderkind Jim Dickinson.

Thanks very much to Matt Keating for coming down, co-hosting, and making it an enjoyable show!


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