The Underground playlist for 02/27/2008

Program name: 
The Underground
Air date: 

February – Change


Jennifer – Barack Obama as the “Change Candidate”

Henry from the Pulse of Portland has a personal essay on the roles in his family.

Zoe – Vox Pop of Friends and family on how they plan to change the world.


Kallisti interviews students and a teachers aid about her schools goal to be more sustainable.

Village Free School students present a radio drama.

Sayla reads a poem on Change


Ellie and Thea – Commentary on the local All Ages Punk Scene, and how it’s changed them

Joel from the Pulse of Portland has a personal essay on the fragility of life.


Breana interviews Victoria, founder of Advocacy for Incarcerated Youth.

Torren from Pulse of Portland performs a rap about his goals and dreams.

Henry reads the Youth Calendar

Tabris talks about the change in her life when her sister moved away.

Kelsey and Paisley talk to some of the “New Kids” in their school.


The Underground playlist for 01/23/2008

Program name: 
The Underground
Air date: 

January 2008 – Books


-Zoe Interveiws Mel about her Bookstore Cat Smedly

-Emily reads her story “Birthday Memories”


-Jacita from the Pulse of Portland Music Project has a personal essay about her goals in life.

-Fitz, from Pulse of Portland, does a personal essay about his goals and dreams.

-Jennifer Interviews Autumn DeWilde about her newly published book on Elliot Smith


Osmond from the Pulse of Portland has an essay about his Goals and Dreams.

BreAna interviews Osmond about his piece and about the Pulse of Portland.

Students from the Village Free School came to KBOO to talk about their favorite books.

Tabris and Paisley do a vox pop about favorite books at Abernathy School in Portland.


Sayla reads her poem “Remember the Fields”

Kallisti interviews 2 librarians from Caitlin Gabel School

Nadine from the Pulse of Portland has a personal essay about her boyfriend and how he has helped her through thick and thin.


The Underground playlist for 12/26/2007

Program name: 
The Underground
Air date: 

December  2007 –  How to Act like an Adult


-Renisance Arts Academy Pulse of Portland vox pop #1 by Valerie about how music effects your life

-Kallisti interviews Scott and Ali about what kids think about being an adult, and what an adult thinks the differences are.

-Fowler Middle School visits KBOO Radio, produced by Erin Yanke.


-- Pulse of Portland vox pop #2 by Jordan “if you were to put your life story into a song, what would you call that song?”

-Margaret Interviews Jordan about his vox pop.

-Zoe interviews Kallisti and Jazzmine about what they think an adult is.

-Emily does a commentary about turning 18 and the pressure to be an adult.


-Pulse of Portland vox pop #3 by Diego about Kurt Cobain’s death.

-Jennifer and BreAna give advice about how to have fun like a grownup.

-Jazzmine reads her “Letter to the Editor” from the Northwest Examiner defending her school MLC.


-Lindsey reads her commentary about the kind of adult she wants to be.

-Annie, Margaret, and Jennifer discuss being in College, and being home for Vacation.

The Underground playlist for 11/28/2007

Program name: 
The Underground
Air date: 

November  2007 –  What’s In


-Emily does a commentary on being a “Not So Average 18 Year Old”

-Tabris does a vox pop “What is your favorite band and why”

-Renisance Arts Academy vox pop #1 by Jacita Walker on Hip Hop

-Erin Yanke and BreAna Loranger taught a Vox Pop class at the Oregon Peacemakers Conference, sponsored by Resolutions NW


-Renisance Arts Academy vox pop #2 by Brad White on Nerdcore in Hip Hop

-Lindsey interviews her Dad about being in Boomerang

-Renisance Arts Academy vox pop #3 by Joel Evers on Drugs and Alcohol in Rock Music


-BreAna interviews Amber Hurst, a graduate of the BecomeX program.

-Moss does a live report about what bands are cool at his school.

-Renisance Arts Academy vox pop #4 by Simone Kalivas on Music about Losing Someone


-Erin does a school profile on the Village Free School.



Life During Wartime playlist for 02/27/2008

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

Reality Crisis-slash 'em all
Dystopia-  Control All Delete
FNU Ronnies- Normal Citizen
Needles- Filling Holes
Civic Progress- Disposable
Masshysteri- Istiden
Sleepwalkers RIP- Life or Death

the estranged - sacred decay
mainkin - face the wall
eddy current suppression ring - you let me be honest with you
stun guns - tv tan
regulations - destroy
the damned - machine gun etiquette

the epoxies- stop looking at me
dansetten- act crawl
the tyrades- stain on me
black flag- fix me
land action- croatoan
blatz- hustler
the crucifucks- Hinckley had a vision!!!!!!

The Kids -This is Rocknroll
Ruggedy Annes - Hollow Heros
Haymarket 8 - Refuse
Destruccion - No
Invasion - No Power No Slave
Fy Fan - Med Gud Pa Din Sida

Wild Weekend
2-28 Thursday
Ground Control  - Sleepwalkers RIP, Reptillian Civilian, the Chemicals 21 +
The Dunes - New Bloods, Vaginals, agent Ribbons  21+
Ash St - Pierced Arrows 21+
The Know - WALLS, squalora. Exit Collapse
Chaos Cafe - Defect Defect, Dias Felices, Hate Deviate, Atomic Butter Babes

Defect  Defect - I'm a terrorist
Walls - Me and You
Squalora - Villains Destroy
Sleepwalkers RIP - Young and Old

The Ride- Masturbazione Mentale
The Lewd- AmericanWino
Icons of Filth- Show us you care
Pioggia Nera- Morbo
Misfits- Die Die My Darling
Rudimentray Peni- Rotten to the core
Garotos Podres- Anarquia

rites of spring - spring
deathreat - you're under careful control
everything falls apart - black and white
kylma sota - takaisin

the busy signals- all the time
the peechees- pepper
Corrosion of  Conformity- What?
this moment in black history- 10/11
wire- mannequin

The Ramones  - Danny Says
Jay REatard - Not A Substitute
Raxola - Old Rat

Burning Kitchen - Missed the Train

Folk Espresso playlist for 02/18/2008

Program name: 
Folk Espresso
Air date: 
Folk Espresso 021808.doc26.5 KB

Radio Beyond Borders playlist for 02/28/2008

Air date: 
Eric StewartWax Candles
Maggie's ParlourThe Butterfly and Drowsy Magnolia
Portland TaikoItsuka (Someday)

Radio Beyond Borders Presents Global Rhythm: International Week and Night at the University of Portland including diverse music and interviews from the event last Saturday (Feb. 23).


Rock Till You Drop playlist for 02/28/2008

Air date: 
lydia lunchburning skullsshot gun wedding
kingsmenshoutbest of vol 3
replacementstommy gets his tonsils outlet it bbe
black lipsdirty handslet it bloom
half japanesebig mistakeboo
husbandsmonster partytheres nothing i'd like more then to see you dead
subhumansreligion warsep-lp
low frequencybig city lightslow frequency in stereo
lou reeddirty blvdnew york
wipersi'll be aroundthe power in
billy braggstrange thijngs happenpeel sessions
velvet undergroundprominent men
stranger colerun joemore intensified vol 3
einstiens riceboysschnieder specialmilk of amnesia
leaving trainsrock n roll murderloser illusion
guitar wolfmidnight violence rock n rollmissile me
jonathan richmanroad runnerbest of
syd barrettclowns and jugglersreturn of the crazy diamond
VUwaiting for the manearly polydor release
crasswhat the fuckpenis envy
hermis hermitsno milk todaytheres a kinda hush all over the world
ramonesneedles and pinsramones mania
venturesbarefoot venturesurfing
the jamlife from a windowthis is the modern worlkd
the kinkscadillaccollectors series
desmond dekker and the 4 acesmount zionmore intensified vol 3
love and rocketsno new tale to tellearth sun moon
poison girlsstatementchappaquiddick bridge
minute menbob dylan wrote propaganda songswhat makes a man starts fires
the slackerskeep him away from methe question
black flagi've had itnervous breakdown
etiopianscome on now

Yay my first online recorded playlist!!!!

Shocks of Sheba playlist for 02/27/2008

Program name: 
Shocks of Sheba
Air date: 
David JahsonJah Rastafari...nascenteCD
BevHold On To Jah Jah...natty congo12"
Various ArtistsLet's Make Africa Green Again...brafa12"
Country Culture# Make Poverty History...blood & fire7"
Max Romeo# Give Praises...blood & fire7"
Tony TuffEase Off...pickout12"
Fleshie RanksGun Talk...cym12"
Sugar MinottThem Have To Come A We...striker lee12"
Don Carlos# Music moonLP
Papa Tullo# Straight To The Government...negus rootsLP
Jah BerryDaily News + Version...motionCD
Linval ThompsonLong, Long Dreadlocks...mafia & fluxyCD
Barry IssacRun Come Rally Round...reggae on topLP
Jahmaine LionHail To The King Anointed...nascenteCD
MidniteBushman...i gradeCD
MidniteBless...i gradeCD
Country ManPoor Me Natty Dread...m.i.12"
Lady AnnChalice To Chalice...jamaican goldCD
Frankie PaulWeed Without Seed...techniques7"
IauwataFussing & Fighting...early birdCD
African PrincessJah Children Cry...jah shakaLP
Robbie EllingtonRainbow...early birdCD
Horace Andy# Natty Dread A Wa She Want...tappaLP
Tapper Zukie# Yaga Yaga...starsLP
Techniques AllstarZion I...tecniques7"
The RastafariansRoll Call...universal life churchLP
Singer Blue# Heavenly Father...dubheadLP
Singer Blue# Heavenly Dub...dubheadLP
UB40 & GunslingerThe Buzz Feeling...depLP
Cave CrewWeeda Come In Dub...jet star7"
The Blake BoyTurn In Your Guns Brother...merritone7"
The PioneersMore Love...trojan7"
Dreadful JulioDifferent...arawak12"

# indicates version excursion

Early Morning Gumbo playlist for 02/26/2008

Program name: 
Early Morning Gumbo
Air date: 
Playlist2-26-08.txt1.94 KB

Plugged In playlist for 03/02/2008

Program name: 
Plugged In
Air date: 
Show Me the PinkAnthemVelocedpimania
Show Me the PinkNightmare CollectorsVelocedpimania
Miss Kitten & The HackerWalk on By
RatatatSeventeen YearsRatatat
Eats TapesLemon Drop
Alp vs. OctworkFiesta Electronica
Johnny CrockettE is for Electro
DJ FalkHouse of God
EnurCalabria 2007
CubbaFly Project (DJ XXL mix)
Yves RockRise Up
CopyFistHair GuitarAudio
Degree B-MoreCold Hearted Snake
Ida Corr & Fedde le GrandeLet Me Think About It
Bonde Do RoleMarina Gasolina (Peaches Remix)Marina Gasolina Remixes
Lips & RibsBattle of NagoyaPDX Pop Now 2007
YACHTIts Coming to Get YouI Believe In You. Your Magic is Real
RihannaUmbrella (vandalism remix)
Amon TobinAlwaysFoley Room
Daft PunkToo Long / Steam MachineAlive 2007
Daft PunkAround the World / Harder Better Faster StrongerAlive 2007
Daft PunkBurnin / Too LongAlive 2007

The debut show of Plugged In featured guest DJ Gray with many fine tunes. 

The 9:00 hour featured a list of upcoming shows and then part one of a review of albums that appeared in 2007.  These can be viewed on the playlist, and are also shown again below.  See the April show playlist for part 2 of the 2007 year in review.

Yves Rock Rise Up


    Copy Fist Hair Guitar Audio Dregs


Degree B-More

Cold Hearted Snake


      Ida Corr & Fedde le Grande

Let Me Think About It


      Bonde Do Role Marina Gasolina (Peaches Remix)

Marina Gasolina Remixes


    Lips & Ribs Battle of Nagoya

PDX Pop Now 2007


    YACHT Its Coming to Get You

I Believe In You. YourMagic is Real



Umbrella (vandalism remix)


      Amon Tobin Always

Foley Room


    Daft Punk Too Long / Steam Machine

Alive 2007


    Daft Punk Around the World / Harder Better Faster Stronger

Alive 2007

    Daft Punk Burnin / Too Long

Alive 2007


Rockaholics Anonymous playlist for 02/25/2008

Air date: 
TroggsFrom Homeb side of wild thing66
BarbariansWhat the New Breed Sayboston65
District SixShe Cried Nochi66
Rolling StonesOff the Hook65
AtlanticsCome Ondutch?67
Booker T & MGsOutragestax house band64
Wendy RenéGive You all the Love I Gotstax64
Bobby Fuller FourSaturday Nightearly take64
Jimmy LloydYou're Goneroulette58
Ann-MargretThirteen Menafter the bomb62
Phil BarclayI Love em Allrockabilly59
Everly BrosSigh, Cry, Almost Die60
Jimmy JonesWondrous Placeb side of Good Timin' (#3 hit)60
Lou ChristieCryin' in the StreetsLightnin' Strikes again...66
Little EvaSharing Youthat locomotion girl!/bobby vee hit/Goffin King comp62
Don & the GoodtimesJolly Green Giantoregon band/kingsmen hit65
Thirteenth Floor ElevatorsFire in my BonesRoky Erickson voc66
Buffalo SpringfieldMr SoulNeil Young voc/alt take67
Jeff Beck GroupBeck's Boogiefillmore68
PremiersMake it mestax64
Shocking BlueLong Lonesome Roaddutch/Mariska Veres voc/#1 hit with Venus70
Electric PrunesHideawayUnderground LP68
Beep Beep & The RoadrunnersShiftin' Gearsinstro65
ThemBaby Please don't GoVan Morrison voc/Jimmy Page guitar65
Jesse StoneKeep Your Big Mouth Shutfamed arranger/composer at Atlantic49
Carla ThomasI Take it to my Babystax b-a-b-y67
Johnny RiversCarpet ManJimmy Webb comp67
LoveSoftly to MeArthur Lee66
ArgentLiarpost Zombies69
Bobby WhitlockTell the Truthco writer with Clapton/Derek & Dominoes player72
Crazy HorseBeggars DayNeil's band/Nils Lofgren comp71
Dantelion's ChariotThe Madman Running through the fieldsUK67
Ian MatthewsNever Againonetime Fairport Conv71
CreamAs You SaidWheels of Fire68
Wynder K FrogJumpin' Jack Flashorganist in Dave Mason's band69
Jefferson AirplaneHow do You Feelsurrealistic67
Beverly MartynSorry to be so LongUK69
Brewer & ShipleyTime & Changesfirst album/Leon Russell, Hal Blaine67
ChallengersShakin' All Overinstro66
Booker T & MGsSlim Jenkins Jointinstro (to news)67

KBOO is by law NOT PERMITTED to archive  audio from music programs on this website. So break out some cassettes!

Anjali and the Kid playlist for 02/24/2008

Program name: 
Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Kush
Air date: 
Sonu Nigam & Antara ChoudhuryYeh NigaheinKhoya Khoya Chand
ReenieAaja Naach Mere Saath
Martini Bomb (Khal Hayak vs Tommy Roe)dizzy Ke Peeche
Binder feat MC FoxyBillo RaneeayUrbanFlavas III
Preet Harpal feat Apache IndianTeriyan Adawaan
SaharaLal GhagraUndisputed
The Safri BoysChan Mera MakhnaGet Real
Yamla JattKhedan De Din Chaar
Balkar SidhuPhulkari
AIWAMadness Solidaze Remix
Riz MCThe Post 9/11 Blues
Sunit & RaxstarIn PerspectiveFulfilling Ambition EP
Rishi Rich ProjectDil Churaliya
Deep feat Kamla PunjabiBoyz in Da Hood
Dr Zeus feat. Master RakeshKangna (acoustic mix)
The SpecialistHeer Dholi
KenzHai Hai
Geeta ZaildaarSambal-SambalNain
Shankar Ehsaan LoyJohnny Breakbeat Mera NaamJohnny Gaddaar
DCSKangnaDeep Into Jungle TerritoryMultitone Records
Aman HayerChak Dao GeGroundshaker IIPlanet Recordz
Raminder BhullerMelaVanjliPlanet Recordz
Mika SinghMauja Hi MaujaJab We Met
Bikram SinghMohde Te BandookStop Look ListenVIP Records
DR DASEmergency BassEmergency Basslines
A R RahmanStyleSivaji the Boss

Dawnbreaker's Breakdown playlist for 12/09/2005

Program name: 
Dawnbreaker's Breakdown
Air date: 

Cold Rain and Snow - Obray Ramsey

Old Paint - Rafe Stefanini, Bob Herring

Jeb's Tune - Bubba George

Turkey Trottin’ - Walt Koken


Hallelujah - Reel Time Travelers

Low Long Blues - Hokum Jug Band


Santa Claus Blues - Red Onion Jazz Babies, Louis Armstrong

Basin Street Blues - Louisiana Rhythm Kings

My Dog Jumped a Rabbit - Clifton Chenier

Fox Chase - Sonny Terry, Rosalie Sorrels

Ice Water Blues - DeFord Bailey

Whiskey River Special - Balfa Toujour


Carroll County Blues - Narmer and Smith

Old Bunch of Keys - Uncle Earl, Rena Gellert

Have to Change Keys - Lonnie Johnson & Eddie Lang


Canned Music - Dan Hicks

Virgin Mary Had One Son - Odetta

My Best To You - Suze Marshall, Mike Dowling - Tall Boots Album

Mary Ann - Terry Gilkerson & the Easy Riders


My Old Man - Ewan MacColl

Blue Christmas - Merle Haggard

Lost Highway - Spencer Bourne


More Than My Old Guitar - Meryle Haggard

Walking in My Sleep - Highwood String Band

Bulldoze Blues - Henry Thomas

Midnight Special - Sonny Terry, Brownie McGhee

With My Little Ukulele in My Hand - George Formby


Son Guerrerense - Don Juan Reynoso - Paganini of the Mexican Hotlands - 93

Papa St Nick - BeauSoleil

Santa Claus Blues - Louis Armstrong & Red Onion Jazz Babies


Blue Christmas - Merle Haggard

Christmas Ball - Geoff Maldaur, Clair Maldaur (vocal)

Don't Mistreat Your Good Boyfriend - The Bubbling Over 5

Well, Well, Well - Jon Sebastian

The Prairie Sings a Lullaby - Suze Spenser Marshall

Circle of Steel - Gordon Lightfoot

Christmas as I Knew It - Johnny Cash

Poor Boy - John Fahey


Last Month of the Year - Kingston Trio

Ain't Yhar a Rockin - Odetta

Cairo Blues - Henry Spalding

Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be - Sam Hinton

Where's the Snow - Island Style Christmas

Shakin’ Weed Blues - Tommy Settler & His Blues Moaner

Break Up Christmas - Tommy Jarrell, Fred Cochran


Merry Christmas From the Family - Robert Earl Keen


Moaning the Blues - Pig Meat Terry

Christmas Time in Oregon - Jinx Davis

My Thoughts Begin to Crystallize - Steve Mann


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