Movin' On playlist for 06/06/2014

Program name: 
Movin' On
Air date: 
Dar WilliamsTraveling Again
In Love but not at Peace
When I was a Boy
As Cool As I Am

Africa-O-Ye! playlist for 06/05/2014

Program name: 
Air date: 
Dr. Zomb hosted this week with guest DJ Christopher Kirkley who did an all vinyl show, mostly of recent finds from his travels to West Africa. Check him out at

sorry bamba dumali   yayoroba   s/t lp   songhor
l'orchestre "le national badema"   civo   s/t lp?   mali kunkan
orchestra du bawobab   adduna jarul naawo   s/t lp?   disques buur
s.e.rogie   please open your heart...   african lady lp
nkengas in london   william emeka omambala 
rex lawson   sawale   rex lawson's victories lp   philips
uholo jazz band   flora awino   benga hit sounds from kenya lp   phonogram
guitar band of nigeria   azu ana uka   abaraka '77 lp   feather
l'ile de la reunion en segas   mon pied riz   vol.1 lp  
alemeyu eshete   ayalquem tedengo   hasabe v/a lp   mississippi
ernesto djedje   penekpa   colozco lp   s.i.l.s.
amanar   sudan   laila je taime v/a lp   sahelsounds
ali farka toure   alahidu   special bienniale lp
alkibar gignor   adounia   la paix lp   sahelsounds
shona mbira music   nyamarupa yekotanga   ?lp   nonesuch records
slim ali and the hodi boys   something good   tell me lp   reprise
mike nyoni   amida   i can't understand you lp   reprise
mamman sani   ya bismilah   taarit lp   sahelsounds
francis bebey   je vous aime zaime zaime   rire africaine lp   ozileka
william onyeabor   shame   atomic bomb lp
lijadu sisters   amebo   danger lp
francis bebey   hannibal oye   rire africaine lp

Holland Hour playlist for 06/08/2014

Program name: 
Holland Hour
Air date: 
Jeugd Centrale KoorHollandVaderlandse liederenRCA
Annie PalmenCheerio HollandMet Dick DoornFabr.
Chr.Kamper MannenkoorWij willen Holland houdenVan eigen bodemCBS
Freddy Dyke SingersHollantFeest klankVerg.
Hanny & De RekelsLied voor alle mensenVaderlandsMercury
Robert LongIn de bus van BussumRadio geluidNerva
DraaiOrgelLief Vaderland vaarwelPierementGebr.
Wieteke van DortHolland ze zeggenSuccessenJeuk
Toon HermansDe VoorzitterCabaret succesMerc.
Benny NeijmanOde aan MaastrichtDe dubbelePhilips
Manke NelisOh Amsterdam wat ben je mooiJordaans liedRCA
Rudi CarrellDe hoogste tijdIn 2 talenCrest
Joke BruijsDans op die ouwe manierMet quartetVerg.
Andre RieuJ'AttendraiMet het volkCrest
Music and humor from the Netherlands, featuring songs about and praising Holland.

Vinyl Pajama Party playlist for 06/03/2014

Program name: 
Vinyl Pajama Party
Air date: 

One Last Song On The Jukebox -        
 Remembering Frederic (Part 1)

 Battle Of New Orleans - Jimmy Driftwood
 Battle Of New Orleans - Johnny Horton (American Version)
 Battle Of New Orleans - Johnny Horton (British Version)
 Big Beaver - Bob Wills 1940
 Big Beaver - Ernest Tubb
 Big Beaver - Hank Thompson
 Careless Love - Jack Guthrie
 Careless Love - T. Texas Tyler
 Careless Love - Sunshine Skiffle Band
 Chattanooga Choo-Choo - Glenn Miller (single release version)
 Chattanooga Choo-Choo - Hollywood Hillbillies
 Chattanooga Choo-Choo - Harmony Grass
 City Of New Orleans - Steve Goodman
 City Of New Orleans - Hank Snow
 City Of New Orleans - Back Porch Mary
 Cocaine Blues - Roy Hogsed
 Cocaine Blues - Hank Thompson
 Cocaine Blues - Hank Williams III
 Columbus Stockade Blues - Jimmie Davis 1943
 Columbus Stockade Blues - Leon McAuliffe
 Columbus Stockade Blues - Texas Jim Robertson
 Deep Elem Blues - Jimmy Revard & His Oklahoma Playboy
 Deep Elem Blues - Hank Thompson
 Deep Elem Blues - Jerry Lee Lewis
 Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy - Red Foley
 Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy - T. Texas Tyler
 Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy - Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong
 Detour - Spade Cooley
 Detour - Ernest Tubb
 Detour - Duane Eddy
 Fish Heads - Barnes & Barnes
Rag Mopp - Ames Brothers with Roy Ross Orchestra

Shocks of Sheba playlist for 06/05/2014

Program name: 
Shocks of Sheba
Air date: 
KonshensPop In My Headphones...subkonshensmp3
RaphaelTo The Foundation...irievibrationsmp3
Junior TimbaAlilujah Train...record factory7"
Frankie PaulDon't You Pressure Me...redmanLP
Twinkle BrothersRobot...twinkle12"
KayawahResistance Pt.1 & 2...fu-cha sound12"
Soul Syndicate# Only Jah Dub...razor soundLP
Kojak# Guide Me Oh Jah...razor soundLP
Jackie MittooTouch Me...festival '717"
Dave Barker & Ansel CollinsBun Informer...rhinoCD
SurvivorsLet It Out...sun plum7"
DinglesI I...rosso7"
Ruddy ThomasDry Up Your Tears...rads7"
RockstonesOh Jah Man...auraluxCD
Rolston DalyNo More War...dr. komina7"
Little RoyFalla Falla...pharosCD
Jacob MillerWho Say Jah No Dread...greensleevesLP
LucianoVoice Of A Trumpet...irievibrationsmp3
Natural ItesPicture On The Wall...csaLP
Clinton FearonGoodness...boogie brownCD
Tippa IrieRighteous Way...dubatakCD
Earl 16Natty Farming...a-lonemp3
CultureTell Me Who Jah...jah guidanceLP
CulturePeace And trackLP
Alborosie ft. SpiritualMarathon...greensleevesmp3
Lymie Murray & The Stamina AllstarsAny Good Reason...dubgrooveCD
Bryan ArtKnowledge Is Power...junction filesmp3
* Warrior King* Virtuous Woman...vpCD
Owen GrayIf You Love Me...angellaCD
John HoltSweetie Come Brush Me...rohitLP
Well Pleased And SatisfiedLove Train...burning rockersLP
Black SlateThey Can't Make Us...alligatorLP

# denotes version excursion

* denotes listener request

bubblin' under the mic chat:  paula fuga -- nose flute dub (pakipika)

Rise when the Rooster Crows playlist for 06/05/2014

Program name: 
Rise when the Rooster Crows
Air date: 
Paolo Conte (Italian singer/songwriter)ElisirThe Best of Paolo ConteNonesuch Records,
Gesuino Deiana (Sardinian guitarist/vocalist)Sole de OrientePintaderas: Made in SardiniaReal World Records, 1997
Cabestan (Four Bretons and a Quebecois)Le Pont de MorlaixTempete pour sortir: Chants de marinsKeltis Musique, 1995
Coup de 4 (Trad. music of Berry, France)Six Amants a ChoisirLe Chainee CastelloiseBuda Records: Musique du monde, 1999
Cusan Tan (original acoustic Welsh)Y Ddau Farch (The Two Stallions)kiss of fireFirebird Music, 1994
La Ciapa Rusa (Trad/contemp., Piedmont, northern Italy)CeceliaAji & SafranRobi Droli, 1994
Cinque So' (Corsica)Alla Fiera del EstTarraninal sur/Media 7, 1999
Corou de Berra (Polyphony of the Southern Alps)La Lega (Emilian folk song of Po Valley rice growers' struggle)Asa Nisi MasaBuda
Totore Chessa (from Campania, southern Italy)CosteraOrganittosDunya Records, 1996
Dupain (France)L'usineMusica VivaP & C Virgin France,
Citania (Galicia, Spain)Remenda o RefaixoO asubio do PadrinoSonifolk, 1988
La Cantarana (Trad. Pinerolese, NW Italy)El pui e la puglia/Courento bellaLe Joli MoulinDiscotop, 1992
Compagnia Strumentale Tre Violini (Fiddle music from northern Italy)Matuzine/Vilota/SaltinMatuzineAss. Culturale Baraban, 1990)
Cinque So'U VentuTarraninAl Sur
Le Ecoliers de Saint Genest (France)Noel NouveletDanses du Berry (Dances from the Berry)Auvidis, 1996
Canzonieri Grecanico SalentinoBallati tutti quantiballati tutti quanti ballati forti (Everybody dance, dance hard): ca la taranta e' viva e nun e' mortaDunya Records, 1998
Totore ChessaBallu SeriuOrganittosDunya
La Ciapa RusaBel GalantAji & SafranRobi Droli
Corou de BerraLes TrimandeursAsa Nisi Masa
DupainLo GaragaiMusica Viva
Music from the KBOO record library, "Western Europe" CD's section, letters C & D.

Bring Back Reality w/ Keith Bloom & Scotty Sounds! playlist for 06/05/2014

Air date: 
Hajime TachibanaRock
ClinicVoodoo Wop
Kellen And MeBatteries And Frequency
Skeleton CrewYou May Find A Bed
Cabaret VoltaireNag Nag Nag
Gangpol Und MittChinese Slavery
Joel MagidThe Most Terrible Mountains
The ResidentsPicnic Boy
WeenBag Of Fat
The GoMarry Ann
Nick RobeyStephano
Thurston MooreTranquilizer

Pandæmonium playlist for 06/05/2014

Program name: 
Air date: 
ThergothonElementalStreams from the Heavens
EaMea Ta SouluolaEa Taesse
LordamorNothing RemainsLordamor
Stabat MaterGive Them Painrehearsal
CelestiialHaunting Cries Beneath the Lake Where Our Queen Once SleptAshen
ProfetusCoalescence of Ashen WingsCoronation of the Black Sun
Shape of DespairWoundheirShades of...
EvokenWhere Ghosts Fall SilentQuietus
The Howling VoidOuroborosMegaliths of the Abyss
TyrannySonorous Howl from Beyond the StarsTides of Awakening
HierophantWhere No Light Hath Shone... (But for That of the Moon)Hierophant
CatacombsWhere No Light Hath Shone... (But for That of the Moon)In the Depths of R'lyeh
AsunderA Clarion CallA Clarion Call
SkepticismThe EverdarkgreenStormcrowfleet
ColosseumAesthetics of the GrotesqueChapter 1: Delirium
5ive's Continuum Research ProjectPolar 78Hesperus
Woods of BelialHallaDeimos XIII
WormphlegmReturn of the Ice Age and the TortyrantTomb of the Ancient King
Chapter XIX: Terrifying Vistas of Reality (part 1)

First part of a two part show featuring Funeral Doom Metal

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Life During Wartime playlist for 06/04/2014

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 
SeptimusDo you wanna touch my safety pinwhat's a punk
The Kidsthru the nightnaughty kids
Ramonesdon't come closeroad to ruinb
sex pistolsdid ya no wronggod save the queen
the staticsrebel like meoriginal 1980 records
collin lloyd bandbadly bruised, slighlty stonedwhats a punk
jabbersass facealways is was and shall be
CocksparerI got your numberShock Troops
Teenage headPicture my faceaint got no sense
Sado NationPhobiasDisruptive pattern
Avengerscar crashPink Album
Alberto y lost trios paraniosFuck youwhats a punk
Neo PunkzFascist Fuckerss/t
Los CrudosCobardesCobardes 7"
KilldozerHamburger MartyrBurl
Tragic MulattoFist of the FleetHot Man Pussy
Good ThrobPsycho DiscoFuck Off
Mod SubsNew Wave Shit
No ProblemTalking to MyselfWe're Already Dead
Kitchen FloorsGravesLook forward to nothing
Ratos De VaticanosNo Busco problemas con La AuthoridadChido Ep
Juanita y Los Feosvacio
Swell MapsInternational RescueSwell Maps
The EyesDon't Talk to Me
Lebenden TotenNear Darknear Dark
WarthogExterminate MeExterminate me ep
A Touch Of HysteriaThe lords crusadedemo
The systemthought controlthought control
the fitsdifferent pathto many rules
Fatal microbesviolence growsSmall wonder vol 1
Crisisback in the ussrhyms of faith
tsolsilent screamsdance with me
Radio BirdmanDeath By The GunDeath By THe Gun
The LepersFlip Out
PangYoung Professionals
ZoundsLittle Bit More
Delta 5Anticipation
Mr. KiteExit B 9
Parting GiftsStrychnine Dandelion
Pierced ArrowsParanoia

A Categorized Program Not playlist for 06/04/2014

Air date: 
SeptimusDo you wanna touch my safety pinwhat's a punk
The Kidsthru the nightnaughty kids
Ramonesdon't come closeroad to ruinb
sex pistolsdid ya no wronggod save the queen
the staticsrebel like meoriginal 1980 records
collin lloyd bandbadly bruised, slighlty stonedwhats a punk
jabbersass facealways is was and shall be
CocksparerI got your numberShock Troops
Teenage headPicture my faceaint got no sense
Sado NationPhobiasDisruptive pattern
Avengerscar crashPink Album
Alberto y lost trios paraniosFuck youwhats a punk
Neo PunkzFascist Fuckerss/t

Jazz Lives! playlist for 06/04/2014

Program name: 
Jazz Lives!
Air date: 
dukr pearsonblues for alvinadedicationprestige
charles mingusdo nothin' til you hear from memingus revisitedtrip
james moodythe james moody story & now moody talksthe moody storytrip
emmet wheatfallms. janice scroggins and her 88 keyswhen I was youngpeterson entertainment
"kumbino's dancechronicle vol. 2"
thara memoryhungerford H.S. marching bandChronicle Vol. 1thara memory
horace silverthe natives are restless tonightre-entryram records
charles mingusscenes in the citya modern jazz symposium of music and poetrybethlehem
greg osbyshaw nuffpublicblue note
dianne reevesthat's alldianne reevesblue note
sonny rollinsmore than you knowmoving outprestige
sonny rollinsjohn Sthe bridgeBMG
lou rawls & les mccannin the eveningI'd rather drink muddy watercapitol
jim pepper3/4 geminidakota songenja
branford marsalissismi valley bluesI heard you twice the first timecolumbia

Pastures of Plenty playlist for 06/04/2014

Program name: 
Pastures of Plenty
Air date: 
530 am: Guy ClarkTornado Time in TexasWorkbench Songs (2006)Dualtone Music
Dave Carter & Tracy GrammarTilman CountyDrum Hat Buddah (2001)Signature Sounds
Joan BaezChinaBrothers in Arms (1991)Gold Castle
545 am: Chris SmitherOutside Looking InTrain Home (2003)Hightone Records
Terri HendrixAn Acre of LandThe Spiritual Kind (2007)Wilory Records
David Rea (1946-2011)The Giftx7 (2000)Gitsu Recording
600 am: Guy ClarkThe Randall KnifeSongs and Stories (2011)Dualtone Music
Stan Rogers (1949-1983)Sailors RestHome in Halifax (1992)Fogarty's Cove Music
Johnny Cash (with Fiona Apple)Father and SonUnearthed (2003 Box Set)American Recordings
615 am: Steve Gillette & Cindy MangsenYour State's Name HereBerrymania (2013)Compass Rose Music
Lou & Peter BerrymanHere's to Mother NatureCow Imagination (1990)(self released)
John PrineBig Old Goofy WorldThe Missing Years (1991)Oh Boy Records
630 am calendar background: Jake ShimabukuroWhile My Guitar Gently WeepsGently Weeps (2006)Hitchhike Records
635 am: Joan Baez & Dar WilliamsYou're Aging WellRing Them Bells (1995)Guardian Records
Mary Flower & Janice Scroggins (1958-2014)On Revival Day/There's Going to be the Devil to PayBridges (2009)Yellow Dog Records
645 AM: Deadwood RevivalThat Old Wind Blowin'Deadwood Revival (2005)Deadwood Revival
Laura VeirsTo the CountrySaltbreakers (2007)Nonesuch Records
The DecemberistsJune HymnLive at the 2011 Newport Folk FestivalDownload from All Songs Considered
Contemporary and Traditional Folk Music to start your day with a smile

Host: Jack Bohl

Tornado songs, Father's Day Songs, humor from Lou and Peter Berryman and John Prine, a song for the late, great Janice Scroggins, and some great Pacific NW folk rock

Afro-Caribbean Showcase playlist for 06/04/2014

Program name: 
Afro-Caribbean Showcase
Air date: 
Ras Danny at the desk...
Suga Roy & Conrad CrystalRoots MusicThe King's BookOneness Records
Lee Scratch PerrySound Of My DubBack On The ControlsUpsetter Records
Mungo's Hi Fi ft-YTSerious TimeSerious TimeScotch Bonnet Records
Mungo's Hi Fi ft-Cornell CampbellJah Say Love
Mungo's Hi Fi ft-Solo bantonDancehall School
Solo Banton & Donovan KingjayBabylon TimeBabylon Time RiddimRoots Revival
Deadly HuntaGhetto Youth In A Danger
YTLeave I Alone
Solo Banton ft-BuggsyMy Music
Cashima SteeleBig Fat CatsingleReality Shock
Lee Scratch PerryLand Of Dub (raw mix)
Lee Scratch PerryLand Of Dub VersionBack On The ControlsUpsetter Records
Lee Scratch PerryCome Up Scratch
Lee Scratch PerryCome Up Version
Addis PabloRoad To AddisIn My Fathers HouseJahsolidrock Records
Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal ft-Gappy RanksWho Are YouThe King's BookOneness Records
Suga Roy & Conrad CrystalHelping Hand
Suga Roy & Conrad CrystalWord Sound And Power
Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal ft-AlborosieRun Come
Mellow MoodTun It UpTwinzla Tempesta Dischi
Mellow MoodTwinz
Melow Mood ft-KG ManOne Note
Mellow Mood ft-Sr. WilsonOne Drop Music
Live WyyaMan A NattysingleLive Wyya Music
Rebelution ft-Don CarlosRoots Reggae MusicCount Me In87 Music-Easy Star Records
Rebelution ft-Collie BuddzHate To Be The One
RebelutionMore Love
Jah SunNever Give UpsingleHouse Of Riddim-More Love Productions
Zvuloon Dub SystemAlemituAnbessa DubMed.Tone Records
Zvuloon Dub SystemFreedom TimeFreedom TimeMed.Tone Records
Zvuloon Dub SystemMoses Go Down
Zvuloon Dub SystemLion Of Judah
Lek SenNo Man Can Stop UsJaam DongJahsen Creation
Lek SenWane
Lek SenStop The Violence
Lek SenJaam Dong

Shirley Surtan&#039;s Lively Experiment playlist for 06/04/2014

Air date: 
Ensemble ModernThe Beltway BanditsPlays Frank ZappaRCA Red Seal
Ensemble ModernA Pig With WingsPlays Frank ZappaRCA Red Seal
SantanaAngelica FaithShape ShiftersStarfaith Records
Jackson Brown David LindleyThe Next Voice You HearLove and StrangeInside Recordings
Phil ManzaneraRevolution50 minutes LaterRykodisc
Rolling StonesMidnight RamblerLet It BleedAbkco
Mark GrowdenHouse Of LoveDownstairs KaraokeWiggle Biscuit Records
Ten Thousand ManiacsPlanned ObsolescenceHope ChestElecktra
Natalie MerchantLife Is SweetOpheliaElecktra
Al Cooper Mike BloomfieldSeason Of The WitchThe Lost Concert Tapes 12/13/68Columbia
Sinead O' ConnerQueen Of DenmarkHow about I Be MeOne Little Indian records
The WaifsHow Many MilesSun dirt WaterCompass Records
Ani DiFrancoA Spadereprieve
Rickie Lee JonesNobody Knows My NameThe Sermon on Exhibition BoulavardNew West Records
Martha WainwrightRadio StarCome Home to MamaV2 Music
Lyle LovettAin't No More CaneIt's Not Big It's LargeUMG
PretendersRevolutionThe Isle of ViewWarner Brothers
Marianne FaithfullThe Ballad of Lucy JordanPerfect StrangerIsland
BeatlesThe Whole AlbumYellow SubmarineCapital
Suzanne VegaTom's DinerClose Up Vol2Amanuensis Productions
Boy & BeanArrow FlightHarlequin DreamWonderlick
Pacific Mean TimeNew BloodPacific Mean TimePacific Mean Time
Wild OnesLion HeartKeep It SafeTop Shelf Records
Leisure CruiseRagged DawnLeisure CruiseLast Gang Records
Thee Oh SeesEncrypted BounceDropNever Better
Pink MountaintopsNorth Hollywood microwavesGet BackJagjaguar
Patchy SandersDarkest Skarlet Wild RoseThe Wild Peach ForestPatchySanders
Patchy SandersMrs HenryThe Wild Peach ForestPatchySanders
Upbeat selections from the KBOO library


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