World Beat Connection playlist for 05/13/2010

Program name: 
World Beat Connection
Air date: 
Vodu 155Mama DaduVodu 155Island
Vodu 155Vodu FunkadelicVodu 155Island
A.K. SalimNgoma Ya TempoAfro-SoulPrestige
Sugar MinottLeave Them to JahBreaking FreeRAS
Sugar MinottSomething WrongRare GemsEasy Star
Frankie PaulWhat Am I to DoFreedomRAS
Wild Bill DavisBring the Money InOrganologyOcium
Twins Seven SevenTotobirokeNigeria Special, Vol.2Soundway
Fidel Sax BatekeMotakoNigeria Special, Vol.2Soundway
OpotopoAgbohoNigeria Special, Vol.2Soundway
Tony AllenSecret AgentSecret Agent
MidniteAtom TreesSuns of AtomI-Grade
Nahawa DoumbiaDeliMangoniMelodie

World Beat Connection playlist for 04/29/2010

Program name: 
World Beat Connection
Air date: 
Remmy OngalaNdumila KuwiliNalilia MwanaWomad
Simba WanyikaBaba AsiyaSimba Wanyika OriginalAfrican Music Gallery
Big Youth w/U-RoyBattle of the GiantsNatty Universal DreadBlood and Fire
Big YouthHit the Road JackNatty Universal DreadBlood and Fire
Prince AllaStop Your CryingGloryJah Warrior
GroundationRun the PlanHere I AmGroundation Music
Dr. Orlando OwohMo Fe Fena KorinGreatest Hits, Vol. 1Music Biz
Dr. Orlando OwohLate Madam FeliciaGreatest Hits, Vol.1Music Biz
Ensemble La PerfectaJojoTumbeleSoundway
Orch. Combo ZombiMussiea A TetTumbeleSoundway
Claude Rolcin et Le West Indian ComboColas-laTumbeleSoundway
Le Ensemble AbricotChongaTumbeleSoundway

Movin' On playlist for 05/14/2010

Program name: 
Movin' On
Air date: 

May 14, 2010, Friday, 12 noon to 3:00 pm
Portland, OR: 90.7
Corvallis/Albany, OR: 100.7
Hood River/Columbia Gorge: 91.9
Host: Don Jacobson

Posted to: Folkdj-l
Webcast on

(VA) = Various Artists.  All media are CDs unless otherwise stated.

Artist: "Selection" ALBUM TITLE [Label]

Pete Seeger Special

(VA) Will Geer: Excerpt from This Land Is Your Land "I Hate A Song That ..." A TRIBUTE TO WOODY GUTHRIE [Warner Bros.]

Sandy Rothman/Steve Pottier: "In the Pines" BLUEGRASS GUITAR DUETS [Sierra]
((Music Bed))
Peter Seeger: "There Once Was A Woman Who Swallowed A Lie" HEADLINES AND FOOTNOTES [Smithsonian/Folkways]
((12:07-12:10:30, 3:33))

Pete Seeger: "The People Are Scratching" GOD BLESS THE GRASS [Columbia Legacy]
((12:10-12:14, 3:33))
Pete Seeger: "Turn, Turn, Turn" LIVE IN '65 [Appleseed]
((12:25-12:29, 3:51))

(VA) Sweet Honey In the Rock: "Step By Step" WHERE HAVE ALL THE FLOWERS GONE? THE SONGS OF PETE SEEGER [Appleseed]
((12:29-12:31, 2:00))
Pete Seeger: "Banks Of Marble" IF I HAD A HAMMER [Smithsonian/Folkways]
((12:38-12:42, 3:12))

Pete Seeger: "Guantanamara" LIVE IN '65 [Appleseed]
((12:42-12:46, 4:38))
Pete Seeger with Memphis Slim & Willie Dixon: "Pretty Polly" LIVE AT THE VILLAGE GATE [Smithsonian/Folkways]
((12:49-12:51, 2: 12))

Pete Seeger: "Casey Jones" AMERICAN INDUSTRIAL BALLADS [Smithsonian/Folkways]
((12:52-12:55, 3:02))

Pete Seeger: "Waist Deep In the Big Muddy" WAIST DEEP IN THE BIG MUDDY AND OTHER LOVE SONGS [Columbia Legacy]
((12:55-12:58, 2:54))
Pete Seeger: "Viva La Quince Brigada" CIRCLES AND SEASONS [Warner Bros]
((1:07-1:11, 2:43))

Pete Seeger: "Old Joe Clark/Going Across the Mountain" LIVE IN '65 [Appleseed]
((1:11-1:18, 4:00/3:28))
Pete Seeger: "Mexican Blues" GOOFING OFF SUITE [Smithsonian/Folkways]
(( 1:28-1:30, 1:57))

Pete Seeger: "Joe Hill" IF I HAD A HAMMER [Smithsonian/Folkways]
((1:30-1:32, 1:57))

Pete Seeger: "Jay Gould's Daughter" AMERICN FAVORITE BALLADS, VOL. 5 [Smithsonian/Folkways]
((1:32-1:34, 2:37))
Pete Seeger: "Study War No More" LIVE AT CARNEGIE HALL WITH SONNY TERRY [Folkways LP]
((1:44-1:47, 2:30))

Pete Seeger: "This Land Is Your Land" LIVE IN '65 [Appleseed]
((1:48-1:52, 3:40))

Pete Seeger: "Acres Of Clams" SING ALONG [Smithsonian/Folkways]
((1:52-1:54, 2:24))
Pete Seeger: "John Brown's Body" AMERICAN FAVORITE BALLADS, Vol. 1 [Smithsonian/Folkways]
((2:03-2:06, 2:56))

(VA) Pete Seeger/Arlo Guthrie: "Highway 66 Blues" IF I HAD A SONG, THE SONGS OF PETE SEEGER [Appleseed]
((2:06-2:08, 2:18))
Pete Seeger: "Where Have All The Flowers Gone? IF I HAD A HAMMER [Smithsonian/Folkways]
((2:10-2:13, 2:12))

Pete Seeger: "Get Up And Go" A LINK IN THE CHAIN [Columbia Legacy]
((2:13-2:16, 2:42))

Pete Seeger: "If I Had A Hammer" LIVE IN '65 [Appleseed]
((2:16-2:19, 2:42))

Pete Seeger: "Little Boxes" HEADLINES AND FOOTNOTES [Smithsonian/Folkways]
((2:19-2:21, 1:51))
Pete Seeger: "All Mixed Up" PETE [Earth Music]
((2:28-2:32, 3:28))

Pete Seeger: "If It Can't Be Reduced" LIVE @ 89 [Appleseed]
((2:32-2:35, 2:58))

Pete Seeger: "Step By Step" LIVE IN '65 [Appleseed]
((2:35-2:36, 1:05))
Pete Seeger: "Greensleeves" LIVE IN '65 [Appleseed]
((2:46-2:48, 2:20))

Pete Seeger: "Malika" LIVE IN '65 [Appleseed]
((2:48-2:50, 1:54))

Pete Seeger: "We Shall Overcome" PETE SEEGER'S GREATEST HITS [Columbia Legacy]
((2:50-2:54, 4:41))

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The Noontime Jamboree playlist for 05/17/2010

Program name: 
The Noontime Jamboree
Air date: 

Host Retta Christie is glad to have one of her favorite
guests, Chris Tyle, back on the show. Chris is bringing in records
from his archives and will be featuring territory jazz bands of the Southwest.

1. St. Louis Blues: Bill Boyd & His Cowboy Ramblers      1/27/1935
2. Sal A Tus Puertas: Luna & Regina Delgado 1/25/1935
3. Mississippi Flood Blues: Joe Pullum 1/29/1935
4. West Dallas Drag No. 2: Rob Cooper 1/29/1935
5. Indiana      KXYZ Novelty Band      1/29/1935  
6. It's Hard To Laugh Or Smile: Bennie Moten's KC Orch. 9/7/28     
7. South: Bennie Moten 9/7/28
8. New Vine Street Blues: Bennie Moten 10/24/29
9. Won't You Be My Baby?: Bennie Moten 10/27/30
10. When I'm Alone: Bennie Moten 10/30/30
11. The New Tulsa Blues: Bennie Moten 6/1//27    
12. Jones-Law Stomp: Bennie Moten 10/29/29
13. Small Black: Bennie Moten
14: Too Busy: Coon-Sanders' Nighthawks 6/27/28
15. Ready for The River: Coon-Sanders' 5/29/28
16. Loveless Love: Freddy Gardner
17. I Ain't Got Nobody:      Coon-Sanders 12/25/27
18. Starvation Blues: Jesse Stone And His Blue Serenaders - 27 April 1927
18. Everybody Loves My Baby (Take 2): Earl Hines 2/13/29    
19. Blue Drag (Take B):   Earl Hines & His Orchestra 7/14/32
 20. Mess-A-Stomp (1/7/1929)      Andy Kirk His Twelve Clouds Of Joy  
21. Casey Jones Special 11/8/29      Andy Kirk & His Twelve Clouds Of Joy
22. Somepin' Slow And Low (1929): Andy Kirk & His Twelve Clouds Of Joy
23. Corky Stomp 11/11/29: Andy Kirk  & His Twelve Clouds Of Joy
24. Froggy Bottom 11/11/29: Andy Kirk His Twelve Clouds Of Joy
25. Ruff Scufflin' 11/6/29: George E. Lee Orchestra
26. Squabblin' 11/10/29: Walter Page’s Blue Devils

Anodyne playlist for 05/17/2010

Program name: 
Back To The Egg
Air date: 

Dangermouse – December 4th – The Grey Album (self, 2004)

Puffy AmiYumi – That’s The Way It Is – Jet-CD (Epic/Sony, 1998)
Outkast – Let’s Go On The Beach – G.S. I Love You: Japanese Garage Bands Of The 60’s (Big Beat UK, 1996)
The Go-Go’s – We Got The Beat – Beauty And The Beat (I.R.S., 1981)
The Smithereens – It Won’t Be Long – Meet The Smithereens! (Koch, 2007)
Redd Kross – Saragon – Phaseshifter (Polygram, 1993)

The Beatles Never Broke Up – Four Guys – Everyday Chemistry (self, 2009)
World Party – Happiness Is A Warm Gun – Thank You World CD Single (Papillon, 1991)
Elliott Smith – Because – American Beauty Soundtrack (Dreamworks, 1999)
Peter Sellers – Can’t Buy Me Love – EMI Comedy Classics: Peter Sellers Collection (EMI, 2000)
Dan Bern – The Fifth Beatles – Live In Los Angeles (self, 2010)

The Minders – Pass It Around – Hooray For Tuesday (SpinArt, 1998)
Rolling Stones – She’s A Rainbow – Their Satanic Majesties Request (London, 1967)
Munchener Freiheit – Keeping The Dream Alive – Fantasy (CBS, 1988)
ELO – Mr. Blue Sky – Out Of The Blue (Jet, 1978)

Wu-Tang Vs. The Beatles – Intro – Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers (bootleg, 2010)
Wu-Tang Vs. The Beatles – C.R.E.A.M. – Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers (bootleg, 2010)
Fiona Apple – Across The Universe – Pleasantville Soundtrack (Sony, 1998)
XTC – Dear Madam Barnum – Nonesuch (Virgin, 1992)

John Wesley Harding – When The Beatles Hit America – Just Say Da comp (Sire, 1990)
Aimee Mann – Save Me – Magnolia: Music From The Motion Picture (Reprise / WEA, 1999)

Beck – Lonesome Tears – Sea Change (Geffen, 2002)

CCC – That’s All Yellow – Revolved (bootleg, 2005)
Beatles Remixers Group – Evolution Take 5 – Tuned To A Natural E Volume 1 (bootleg, 2004)
Jellyfish – Brighter Day – Spilt Milk (Virgin, 1993)
The Beatles – Within You Without You / Tomorrow Never Knows – Love (Capitol, 2006)

The Rutles – Questionnaire – Archaeology (EMI, 1996)
Keith TOTP – Two Of The Beatles Are Dead – Two Of The Beatles Have Died (Helen Llewelyn Product Nineteen Recordings. 2009)
The Apples In Stereo – Sun Is Out – New Magnetic Wonder (YepRoc, 2007)
Spoon – Black Like Me – Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga (Merge, 2007)
Martin Newell – Goodbye Dreaming Fields – The Greatest Living Englisman (Humbug,1993)

Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians – Flesh Number 1 (Beatle Denis) (A&M, 1988)
The Grays – Nothing – Ro Sham Bo (Sony, 1994)
Siouxsie & The Banshees – Dear Prudence – Hyaena (Geffen, 1984)
Crowded House – In My Command – Together Alone (Capitol, 1994)
Squeeze – In Quintessence – East Side Story (A&M, 1981)

Fenbi International Superstars – The Fenbi Theme – Fenbi International Superstars EP (self, 2010)
The Breeders – Happiness Is A Warm Gun – Pod (4AD, 1990)
Tears For Fears – Who Killed Tangerine – Everybody Loves A Happy Ending (New Door, 2004)
Devendra Banhart – The Beatles – Cripple Crow (XI Recordings, 2005)

Peter Sellers – A Hard Day’s Night – A Hard Day’s Night EP (EMI, 1993)

also somewhere up there should be The Tall Dwarfs – Meet The Beatle – Sky Above The Mud Below (Carrot Top, 2003)

The Movement playlist for 05/16/2010

Program name: 
The Movement
Air date: 
Mexicans With GunsDame LoMe GustoInnovative Leisure
Kindrid Spirits EnsembleShining Liberation (Tom Trago Remix)12" singleKindrid Spirits
MadlibEndless Cold (Lovelost)Madlib Medicine Show No. 5 - Beat Konducta In AfricaMadlib Invazion
Shafiq HusaynRebel SoldierShafiq En' A-Free-KaPlug Research
Quantic And His Combo BarbaroThe Dreaming Mind (Part 1)Tradition In TransitionTru Thoughts
QuadronDayQuadronPlug Research
Mayer HawthorneGreen Eyed Love (Waajeed Remix)12" singleStones Throw
Jose JamesPromise In LoveBlackmagicBrownswood Recordings
Onra f/ Olivier DaysoulLong DistanceLong DistanceAll City Records
FatimaSoul Glo12" singleEglo Records
K-Kruz f/ Steve SpacekLook HonestLook Honest EPOrganik Recordings
Curtis MayfieldGive Me Your Love (Tangoterje Edit)Rekutts Vol. 1white label
Platinum Pied PipersRidin' High (Bling47 Remix)12" singleUbiquity Recordings
K'bonus f/ Kissey AsplundKlik12" singleLovemonk
Gary DavisOne Life Time To Live (Greg Wilson Remix)Chocolate Star E.P. IIRong Music
Dam-FunkOn My Way To Her Pad7" singleStones Throw
Flying LotusSatelllliiiiiiiteeeCosmogrammaWarp Records
Africa HitechThe Sound of Tomorrow12" singleWarp Records
We™If They SeeDecentertainmentHome Entertainment
Shape of Broad MindsStiff Robots & Drunken HorsesCraft of The Lost ArtLex Records
Andreya TrianaLost Where I Belong (Flying Lotus Remix)12" singleNinja Tune
MuhsinahLose My Fuse7" singleAll City Records
The Sa-Ra Creative PartnersHe Say She SayNuclear Evolution: The Age of LoveUbiquity Recordings
Mark de Clive-Lowe Presents RahelHope7" singleAlala Records
Erykah BaduOut My Mind, Just In TimeNew Amerykah Part 2: Return of The AnkhUniversal Motown
Flying LotusMmmHmmCosmogrammaWarp Records
GonjasufiSheepA Sufi And A KillerWarp Records
The Electric PrunesHoly Are YouRelease of An OathReprise

Astral Traveling playlist for 05/16/2010

Program name: 
Astral Traveling
Air date: 
Billy Holiday-Swingsett and Tatuja's Mighty Five RemixI Hear Music
Juaneco Y Su ComboLinda Nena
ParrishYour Smile
Art Ensemble of ChicagoBig Red Peaches
Les McCannSoaring at Dawn
Erykah BaduGreen Eyes
Bobbie HumphreyJust a Love Child
OsibisaPhallus C
Cinnamon GumTu M'Enerves
TropeaCan't Hide Love
Esther PhillipsCherry Red
Dj Shadow and Cut ChemistBrainFreeze
The ImpressionsAmen
Obo AddyMoko Nyxe Omoni Oba

Music Without Borders playlist for 05/16/2010

Program name: 
Music Without Borders
Air date: 
Tony AllenAyento
AfronautMusandi Bati
Tony AllenAlutere
Baka BeyondMarriage Of West With East
MadlibAfrican Walk(Zamunda)
Thievery Corporation f/The Flaming LipsMarching The Hate Machines Into The Sun
BjorkCome To Me
Ben HarperShe's Only Happy In The Sun
The Boogie HustlersLet It Ride
MadlibAnother Gateway
MadlibPainted Pictures(Art)
DJ Cheb I SabbahRhade Krishna
Bombay Dub OrchestraRare Earth: The Forest Of Thieves Mix
Samsara Sound SystemGatha
David StarfireJuuteeya
Delhi 2 DublinCeltic Dub(David Starfire's Dubwizer Dubliner Remix)
BassnectarWindow Seat
DJ DoloresTrancelim De Marfim
BossacucanovaSamba Da Minha Terra
Comadre FlorzinhaMinha Fulo
Mundo Livre S/ADezessete E Setecentos
MadlibFace The Sun(Africa)
Hossam RamzyEl Hawzi
Steve Shehan & Baly OthmaniAmin Amin
WaaberiKafiyo Kaladeri

Domingos para Recordar playlist for 05/16/2010

Program name: 
Domingos para Recordar
Air date: 
Los Babyscomo un duende
Manoella TorrezAceptame com soy
Los alegres de teranContabando del paso
Victor ManuelSolo pienso en ti
Diego VerdaguerLa ladrona
Los MuecasAlicia
Grupo AriesPrimera Cosa bella
Lupita DalesioAhora que estubiste lejos
Rocio Durcalamor en el aire
JosueEl pastorcillo
Los CaminantesAmor sin palabras
Aldo MongesBrindo por tu cumpleanios
Carlos Mejia GodoyCristo de Palancahuina
Grupo AbbaChiquitita
Los YonicsPerdon por tus lagrimas
MadugoComo has hecho
Las hermanas HuertaPuerto de ilusion
KarinaConcierto para enamorados
UnknownEl gran Tomas

Portland Yiddish Hour playlist for 05/16/2010

Program name: 
Portland Jewish Hour
Air date: 
Yasmin LevyMano SuaveMano SuaveAdama
Yasmin LevyUna OraMano SuaveAdama
Amal MurkusHulumAmalNMC Music,
Amal MurkusYa OudAmalNMC Music,
Bustan AbrahamJazz Kar-KurdBustan Abraham Live ConcertsNada
Ghalia Benali & TimnahTiflatan
Ha'Brera HativeetHallelujah-Psalm
David D'Or & Etti AnkriEl Nora A'
Yishaq MaroudySuri go-AliyyahShbachotRenair
David BrozaBiyqur
Achinoam Nini (Noa)

The Sephardi/Mizrahi/MaghrebiTamazgha Hour hosted by Liz, featuring music from all over the non-Ashkenazic world, including Berber music from the Kabylia Mountains of Algeria. Thanks to Mitch Ritter for providing the music for today's show.

Higher Reasoning Reggae Time playlist for 05/16/2010

Air date: 
Mo'Kalamity & The WizardsDeeper RevolutionDeeper RevolutionL'assos Pikante
Mo'Kalamity & The WizardsInner DubDeeper RevolutionL'assos Pikante
Mo'Kalamity & The WizardsInner PeaceDeeper RevolutionL'assos Pikante
BlackstarlinersEarthquakeRoaring Lion EPOriginal Dub Gathering
BlackstarlinersRoaring LionRoaring Lion EPOriginal Dub Gathering
Ras CricketAlpha DubRevolutionary Dub Vibrations Ch.2Dub Vibrations
not sureDub Vibrations Ch.2Dub Vibrations
Blackout JaRastamanPolice In Helicopter ReactivatedNecessary Mayhem
Million StylezPlease Don't Stop The MusicPolice In Helicopter ReactivatedNecessary Mayhem
Mr Williamz & YTSound MurdererPolice In Helicopter ReactivatedNecessary Mayhem
Da GrynchPolice In DubPolice In Helicopter ReactivatedNecessary Mayhem
YTHeat Seeking CameraPolice In Helicopter ReactivatedNecessary Mayhem
Nas & Damian Marley ft-Dennis BrownLand Of PromiseDistant RelativesUniversal-Republic
Nas & Damian MarleyAngola (Friends)Distant RelativesUniversal-Republic
Jr GongProgram, station shout out <<<
Jah FreeRebel In This TimeRebel In This TimeJah Free Music
Jah FreeRebel DubRebel In This TimeJah Free Music
AmalgamahNatural DubDub Vibrations Ch.2Dub Vibrations
Forward IStraight StepperDub Vibrations Ch.2Dub Vibrations
Don Fe5 Fingered Flute DubDub Vibrations Ch.2Dub Vibrations
GinjahMusic AloneNever Lost My WayNo Doubt Records
GinjahNever Lost My WayNever Lost My WayNo Doubt Records
GinjahWhere Is ItNever Lost My WayNo Doubt Records
MidniteProgram, station I.D.
MidniteStagnationWhat Makes A King?Afrikan Roots Lab
MidniteScheme A ThingsScheme A Thingsrastafaria
MidniteBazraScheme A Thingsrastafaria
MidniteAbadan AbyssAinshant MapsAfrikan Roots Lab
MidniteJudgement For SentenceAinshant MapsAfrikan Roots Lab
MidniteMan TainAinshant MapsAfrikan Roots Lab
MidniteMaintain DubIntense Pressurerastafaria
Mikey DreadProgram, station I.D.
Freddy LocksHuman BeatSeek Your TruthVachier & Associados
EljaiSo It SetI KnowJah Mix Entertainment
Romain VirgoGhettoStagalag RiddimJuke Boxx Productions
Busy SignalDun Wid DemStagalag RiddimJuke Boxx Productions
I OctaneNuh Let Dem Kill MeStagalag RiddimJuke Boxx Productions
G WhizzNuh Wah See DemStagalag RiddimJuke Boxx Productions
BugleCriminal LawyerStagalag RiddimJuke Boxx Productions
Gappy RanksThe RainSugar RiddimSpecial Delivery
TNTSugra Riddim versionSugar RiddimSpecial Delivery
RicashaeCant WaitSugar RiddimSpecial Delivery
RupeeNot Giving UpSugar RiddimSpecial Delivery
LyricsonGlad You're MineSugar RiddimSpecial Delivery
JahmanJust For Yoump3 singleRymshot Productions
Andrew & Wada Blood ft-I OctaneA Jah Alonemp3 single365 Music
Kenny KnotsShine His Lightmp3 single (7")Scoops
Tony RootsLove Of JAHRejoiceRoots Hi Tek
ChezidekWalk With JahJudgement TimeJahsolidrock Records

Nekropolis playlist for 05/16/2010

Program name: 
Air date: 
Mitch Ryder & the Detroit WheelsSock it to meBillboard Top Pop Hits 1967Midnight
Milk CultDrug LordProject M13
Milk CultMartini BoatProject M13
Brian EnoJust Another DayAnother Day on Earth12:13
CorneliusPoint of ViewPoint12:16
Booka ShadeDivine w/yelloMorel12:18
CorneliusBird WatchingPoint12:21
Meklit HaderoWalk UpOn a day like this12:29
Transglobal UndergroundDrinking in GomorrahUnpossible broadcasting12:34
GorillazSuperFast JellyfishPlastic Beach12:40
Holly GoLightlyForget itThe broken Medicine County12:43
TindersticksFalling Down a MountainFalling Down a Mountain12:46
TindersticksFalling Down a MountainFalling Down a Mountain12:55
The CleanIn the Dreamlife...Mr. Pop1:03
Zager & EvansIn the year 2525Top Pop Hits 19691:09
Science Fiction Dance PartyMan in a test tubeDance with Action1:14
Bright EyesSomeone LoveOne Jug of Wine, Two Vessels1:22
Red SparrowsA Hail of BombsThe Fear is Excruciating but...1:27
Brian EnoHow Many WorldsAnother Day on Earth1:33
Rob WalmartZombie LaserEverybody Hurts1:39
Rob WalmartWeenie RoastEverybody Hurts1:43
Allen GinsbergAmerica

Swing & Country playlist for 05/15/2010

Program name: 
Swing 'n' Country
Air date: 
The Crystal Springs RamblersFort Worth Stomp
Wayne HancockShe's My Baby
Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, EmmylouThe Pain of Loving You
Johnny CashIf I Give My SoulUnearthed 1
Loretta LynnCoal Miner's Daughter
Asleep at the WheelIda Red
Dale WatsonThe Grand TourTen in Texas
Terri HendrixCowboyTen in Texas
Roger MillerHusbands and Wives
George Jones and Tammy WynetteWe're Gonna Hold On
Marty RobbinsHangin Tree
MJ BishopAll Over AgainPull of the Moon
Merle HaggardI Take A Lot of Pride in What I Am
Suzy BoggussSave Yourself
Jimmy Dale Gilmore and Butch HancockIf You Were a Blue Bird
David BrombergPanhandle RagHillbilly Jazz
Pam TillisRough and Tumble Heart
Guy ClarkHangin' Your Life on the WallDublin Blues
Kellis WillisWhatever Way the Wind BlowsKelly Willis
The HighwaymenBig River
Don WalserBig Ball's in Cowtown
Toni PriceA West Texas LullabySol Power
Chip DolanBaton RougeRight Now
Ruthie FosterTexas Cookin'Ten in Texas
Kevin WelchNew Widow's DreamA Patch of Blue Sky
Sarah Elizabeth CampbellTell Me BabyA Little Tenderness
Jerry Jeff WalkerWoman in TexasLive At Gruene Hall
Elizabeth WillsTodayLove Comes Home
Steve BrooksOne More Shot of WhiskeyChasing Grace
Wyatt EasterlingSounds Like Life To MeWhere This River Goes
Walt WilkinsYou Can't Outdrink the TruthDiamonds in the Sun
Tish HinojosaAccording to My HeartTaos to Tennessee
Junior BrownRiverboat ShuffleMixed Bag
Albert & GageTrue Love KnowsDakota Lullaby
Jeff TalmadgeWrong TrainAt Least That Much Was True
Bruce RobisonWrappedWrapped
Kimmie RhodesIt'll Do
Wyatt EasterlingWhere This River GoesWhere This River Goes
Walt WilkinsTrains I MissedDiamond in the Sun
Asleep at the Wheel with Dolly PartonBille Dale
John Prine and Iris DeMentWe CouldIn Spite of Ourselves
John Arthur MartinezA Girl Named TexasLone Starry Night
Herb JeffriesTexas to a "T"The Bronze Buckaroo

Today's show featured a number of independent singer/songwriter's.  We included the album names in our playlist for those we thought might be of interest to you.

If any of these artist's caught your ear, they all have websites you can explore. 

Many thanks for your continued support during our pledge drive and we are especially excited about our new members.

Hope you enjoyed the show!


Jazz Rap 2 playlist for 05/15/2010

Air date: 
David RaksinLauraLaura motion picture soundtrack20th Century Fox
Bob BaldwinMy country tis of theeThe American SpiritShanachie
Maysahigher lovemetamorphosisShanachie
Sergio MendesTimelessTimelessConcord Jazz
George DukeBrazlian Love AffairBrazilian Love Affair
Incognito LiveAfter the stormLiveTalkin Loud
Dr. Buzzard Original Svannah BandWe got it madeBest ofRCA
Marion MeadowsMiamiNext to YouHeads Up
Bob BaldwinBrazil ChillBrazil ChillA440 music group
Wayne shorterChildren of the NightHigh lifeVerve
Grover Washington, Jr.Summer NightsStrawberry MoonCBS
Chicago Transit AuthorityIntroductionChicago transit AuthorityRhino
Kenny GarrettDoc's ToneStandard of LanguageWarner Brothers
Lynn DarrcohParakeetsStories of Latin World(?)
Gariela AndersJust an hourWantingWarner brothers
Willie BoboYellow daysA new dimensionVerve


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