The Movement playlist for 06/21/2009

Program name: 
The Movement
Air date: 
Major LazerHold The LineGuns Don't Kill People...Lazers DoMad Decent
Zion-IGeek To The BeatThe Take OverGold Dust Media
Mos DefQuiet Dog Bite HardThe EcstaticDowntown Records
Mos Def f/ Slick RickAuditoriumThe EcstaticDowntown Records
DOOMAbsolutelyBorn Like ThisLex
Flying Lotus & DeclaimeLit Up12" singleRamp Recordings
Harmonic 313 f/ Phat Kat & ElzhiBattlestarWhen Machines Exceed Human IntelligenceWarp Records
Johnson&JonsonThe Only WayJohnson&JonsonTres Records
El Michels AffairCherchez La GhostEnter The 37th ChamberTruth & Soul
Nacho PatrolMind PlanetFuturistic AbebaKindrid Spirits
AC Lewis f/ Ndidi CascadeTickles (Domu Dub)One Off's, Remixes & B-SidesTru-Thoughts
Deborah JordanLet Go (Atjazz Remix)Remix EPFuturistica Music
Dam-FunkLAtrifyingLet's Take Off (Far Away)Stones Throw
Harco ProntMake MeSkifo EPMusic For Speakers
Hudson MohawkeMondePolyfolk DanceWarp Records
The Clonious f/ MuhsinahOne At A TimeAdroit AdventuresUbiquity Recordings
Exile f/ MuhsinahStay Tuned (Stay Here)12" vinylPlug Research
Deborah Jordan f/ ReplifeHomeThe LightFuturistica Music
The Sa-Ra Creative PartnersMelodee N' MynorNuclear Evolution: The Age of LoveUbiquity Recordings
The Sa-Ra Creative PartnersGemini's RisingNuclear Evolution: The Age of LoveUbiquity Recordings
The Sa-Ra Creative PartnersSpacefruitNuclear Evolution: The Age of LoveUbiquity Recordings
JazzanovaIntrospection (For M.N.)12" singleJCR
GBLove Song For Strings, Electric Piano and Sequencing SoftwareSoundtrack For SunriseSound In Color
Mulatu Astatke / The HeliocentricsBlue NileInspiration Information Vol. 3Strut
DJ VadimSoldierU Can't Lurn ImaginashunBBE
LV f/ DandelionCCTVDub EchoesSoul Jazz Records
Ital TekGhost CloudMassive Error E.P.Planet Mu
MartynBrokenSteppas' DelightSoul Jazz Records
TRGBroken HeartSteppas' DelightSoul Jazz Records
DJ ShadowFixed IncomeThe Private PressMCA Records
Prefuse 73Overkill ChoirThe Forest of OversensitivityWarp Records

Global Shakedown playlist for 06/21/2009

Air date: 
Jose PadillaAdios Ayer (Paul Daley Remix)Dro East West
Mental GenerationCafe Del Mar (Underworld Remix)Effective Records
RadarCaravanneMusic For Dreams
NickodemusDesert Dancer (Zeb's Slow Camel Ride Mix)Rhythmlove Records
Balkan Beat BoxSunday ArakJDUB
Balkan Beat BoxQuand est-ce qu' on arrive?JDUB
JCThe Gong SongEquilibrium
Q-Tip's MamboDub MixSkuff
Raw Beats # 22Deliquent Habits Beats
Jurassic 5The Inbfluence (live @ the lounge)White Label
Lightning Head feat. Singing BirdMe & Me Princess VersionFat City
Lightning Head feat. Singing BirdMe & Me Princess VocalFat City
The RootsDubs & AmmoTracks, Tools & Transitions V3
Brigid BodenMust Go On (William Orbit Mix)A & M
Hydroponic Sound System feat. Grand SupreemUptown ShakedownBastard Jazz
FlavensGo Get The Big HornTru Thoughts
TontelasEn DoGAMM
NeighborBack & ForthSuper Hi-Fi
Herbie HancockRockitColumbia
Ben HarperIt's Gone BootlegHerbal Essence
Maxx PennPoco LocoChiltepin
DJ MFRSalsaDae
MC Mellow DeeAnd You Don't StopElias Music
Peven EverettStuck (Phil Asher's Soul Heaven Version)Soul Heaven Records
John LarnerKeep Steppin'.dotbleep
Chuck Daniels & Slater HoganJuice JointTango
Francios KRoad of Life (Quiet Village Sound Factory Dub)Wave Music
Roy AyersTarzanDefected
????17 Days (Rhythm Plate Heading Home Remix)Procreation

Life During Wartime playlist for 06/17/2009

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

Fix me- paradoja
State Poison- war is product
The High Society- Systematisches versagen
Lexomyl- Samedi suicide (VINNIE!!!)
Deskonocidos- lo siento
Wasted Time- white noise
Sacred Shock- track 2
Impact- eroi
Sospechosos- Berriro ere
Gordon Solie Mothrfuckers- Tears of a Clone
Oil- Kill The Project
Born Against- ulogy
Gorilla Biscuits- New Direction
Dag Nasty- I’ve Heard
Circle Jerks- Live Fast, Die Young
Pop O Pies- Truckin’
Flipper- Living for the Depression
Love potion- time to die
Anitdote- real deal
War of Destruction- oh stor dyd
Negative Approach- can’t tell no one
IV Reich- Sucio Policia
Judgement- Drive
Adolescents- I Hate Children
Icky Boyfriends- Rock N Roll Asshole
Butthole Surfers- Gary Floyd
The Fall- Kicker Conspiracy
Saccharine Trust- I Am Right
Red Kross- Kill Someone You Hate
Naked Raygun- Home Of The Brave
Big Black- Sleep!
Burial- hungry wolves
Fy Fan- snick snack
Masshysteri- hatkarlek
Rats- Contradictions
Complications- blinded
Spectres- visions of a new world
OTAN- corre
Loutish- total devastation
Bastard- dear cops
Germs- we must bleed
Die Kreuzen- Land Of Treason
Angry Samoans- Gimme Sopor
Channel Three- I’ve Got A Gun
Mission Of Burma- That’s When I Reach For My Revolver
Gun Club- Like Calling Up Thunder
Weirdos- Teenage
Buzzcocks- Moving Away From The Pulsebeat

Life During Wartime playlist for 06/11/2009

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

The Triggers- Its It
Lotek- Running Dog
Ramones- Judy is  a Punk
The Boys- first Time
Jack and the Rippers- Safe and Secure
Solvent Abuse- social Scum

Eddie and the Subtitles- American Society
Hypnotics- Weird People
Dead Milkmen- Serrated Edge
Neon Christ- Neon Christ
Government Issue- The Next Time
Social Distortion- Moral Threat
The Minutemen- Sickles and Hammers
Econochrist- Bled Dry

Really Red- Teaching you the fear
Embrace- Building
Wire- Mannequin
Dead Moon- 13 going on 21
Gas Huffer- Girl I need your lovin (right now)

Black Flag interview
Black Flag- My War live
Corrosion of Conformity- Minds

Wild Weekend

Dead Section- Sorry dead section, I didn't right down the name of the song
Germs- communist eyes
Shellac- Prayer to God
Jay Reatard- Death is Forming

No Trend- Cancer
Addiction(Japan)- Japanese title of song, I can't read japanese!
Slowmotions- Yes Future!
Love Potion- Stabbed in the Face
N/N- Trapos
The Cramps- Her Love Rubbed Off

Omega Tribe- Profiteer
Frustration- Blind
Nation of Ulysses- A Kid who tells on another kid is a dead kid
Gauze- Drag Addict
gg allin- Bite it you scum
Redd Kross- Notes and Chords Mean Nothing to Me

Generation x- From the Heart
Raxola- 84's Man
Negazione- tutti pazzi
Kim Phuc- Rustbelt Noose

Lebenden Toten- theater of Death

Life During Wartime playlist for 06/03/2009

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

Dead Kennedys- Moon Over Marin
Groinoids- Empty Skull
Talk Is Poison- Right to Die
Annihilation Time- Too High to Die
Fy Fan- Snick Snack
AK-47- the badge means you suck
Crucifucks- Democracy Spawns Bad Taste
Stiff Little Fingers- Suspect Device
Husker Du- Terms of Psychic Warfare
Bad Religion- In the Night
Funeral Oration- The Call
X- Adult Books
This is my Fist- Yank Fiction
Abe Froman- Wet Newspaper
Youth of Today- Break Down the Walls
Chain of Strength- Never Understand
Uniform Choice- Straight and Alert
Jerry’s Kids- Raise the Curtain
Killdozer- Hatbox Matinee
Big Black- the power of independent trucking
Blitz- Warriors
The Pist- Street Punks
Criminal Damage- The Heat
Resist- Tunnel Vision
Cro-Mags- We Gotta Know
Atomic Butter Babes- Atomic Butter Babes
Cro Mags- Malfunction
Hard Skin- She’s a right sort
ToziBabe- bog
The Kids- Do you love the Nazis
Eddie Current Suppression Ring- We’ll be turned on
Dillinger Four- Maximum Piss n’ Vinegar
Direct Control- Nuclear Tomorrow
Off with Their Heads- That must be Nigel with the Bre
Crimpshrine- Second Generation Junkies
Lost Cause- born dead
Christian Death- Romeo’s Distress
Agent Orange- No such thing
The Wipers- No Generation Gap
X- Under the big black sun
Invasion- Destino Finale
Pink Eye- How to Rob
VKTMS- Midget
Big Boys- Complete Control

Life During Wartime playlist for 05/27/2009

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

The show that was
Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

LDW- 5/27/2009


Undertones- Boys will be Boys

Subhumans (canaduh)- Death was to Kind

The Vibrators- Stiff Little Fingers

The Stalin- Romanchisto?

Guilty Razors- Provocate

Gun Club- Sex Beat


G.G. Allin- Assface

No Hope For the Kids- Secret Police

Young Offenders- Saints

Blood and Roses- Paradise

Angelic Upstarts- Police Oppression

Zero Boys- Livin in the 80’s

Hot Snakes- Hate the Kids

Epileptics- 2 years too late


Leatherface- Lorrydriver’s Son

Gorilla Angreb- Pa Patrulje

Africa Corps- Next to Nothing

Fucked Up- Looking for Gold

Born Against- 9 years too Late

No Trend- Cancer


Wild weekend


Neckties make me nervous- Kids do the darndest things (when they’re totally fucked)


Les Thugs- Stories

Leaving Trains- suicide blues

Mark Stewart- Jerusalem

MIA- Boredom is the Reason


Feederz- Psychward

Flesh Eaters- River of Fever

The Plugz- El Clavo y la Cruz

Dog Faced Hermans- Fortune

Los Violadores- Viejos Pateticos

La Broma de Satan- Terrorismo Autorizado

The Adverts- Up on the Roof

Crude- Over the Wind

A Touch of Hysteria- The Rulers

XYX- Microvibracions

LA’s Wasted Youth- Problem Child

Au Pairs- Come Again

Shellshag- Kiss me Harder

Life During Wartime playlist for 05/20/2009

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

Lebenden Toten- Near Dark

Blondie- Will Anything Happen

Los Monjo- Cobardes

Marked Men- Fortune

The Young- Attitude Adjustment

Husker Du- Eight Miles High

Generation X- Your Generation

Leatherface- Not a Day Goes By

Nausea- Inherit the Wasteland

The Clash- The Prisoner

Crude- The Scum Selled Oneself

Inepsy- We are Here to Climb

Lemonheads- Second Chance

Scream- New Song

Born Dead Icons- Colored Rags

Peligro Social- 20 anos

Negazione- Lasciami Stare

Xpozez- Seditionaries

Automatics- When the Tanks Roll Over Poland Again

Eegos- One to miss

Social Cirkle- Life Crisis

Articles of Faith- Buried

Sacred Shock- For a Living


Resist- Tunnel Vision

Squalora- United We Slouch

Neckties Make Me Nervous- Apartment

Amebix- Nobody’s Driving

Black Kronstadt- Cyber

Corrosion of Conformity- Rednekkk

D.O.A.- Fuck You

Detestation- Inhuman Condition

Circle Jerks- Paid Vacation

Tyrades- I am Homicide

Neon Christ- After

Scratch Acid- El Espectro

Zero Boys- New Generation

Birthday Party- Cry

Reagan Youth- Degenerate

Black Flag- I’ve had it

Bad Brains- Don’t Need It

Subhumans- First Aid

Avengers- We are the one

Agnostic Front- Power

TSOL- Flowers by the Door
Depo Provera- Ballad of an Angry Young Man

Life During Wartime playlist for 05/13/2009

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

Svart Framtid- Systematikk

The Dicks- Hope you get drafted

Government Issue- Joyride

October Days- West Coast

Love Potion- We Will Return

Descendents- I’m not a Loser


Killing Joke- Wardance

Complications- Blinded

Amebix- Timebomb

Detestation- Must We Divide

The Spits- Cha Cha Love


Total Abuse- I can see in the dark

Gauze- 39 c

Marked Men- Headset

Los Violadores- 1-2- Ultraviolentos

Deep Sleep- Into My Brain

Nazis From Mars- Why Don’t You Like Us?

Defect Defect- Post-Apocalypse

N-/-N- Panico


G.G. Allin- Automatic

Naked Raygun- I Lie

Circle Jerks- Live Fast Die Young

The Vindictives- Future Homemakers of America

Dead Kennedys- Lets Lynch the Landlord


Willllllllld  weekend.


Acts of Sedition- Black Coffee and Black Flag

Warcry- Massacre on Repeat

Squalora- Villains Desire

Sad Horse- Coyotes

Raw Nerves- Hello to Oblivian

Silent Majority- What I Have Missed


Young Offenders- Battleships

Bum Kon- Forced Away

Lybians- Crash Course

Guilty Faces- Suburban Sanity

Canadian Rifle- Climbing Down From the Crane

Rhino 39- No Compromise

Hjertestop- No Compromise; Traet af Drugs

Electric Deads- Crossroads

The Replacements- Customer

G.G. Allin- Don’t Talk to Me

Big Boys- We Got Your Money

Die Kreuzen- In School

Warlock Pinchers- Confrontation Yeah Yeah


Violent Arrest- War of Nerves; Born on Your Knees

Maggots- Lets get Tammy Wynette

Leftovers- I Only Panic When There’s Nothing To Do

Autistic Youth- Find Me Here

Freeze- No One’s Ever Coming Home

Portland Yiddish Hour playlist for 06/21/2009

Program name: 
Portland Jewish Hour
Air date: 
KesselgardenAlter Yiddisher Tants/Freylekh #5KesselgardenYosl Ber
KesselgardenGalitzianer KhosidlKesselgardenYosl Ber
KesselgardenTwo KolomeykeyKesselgardenYosl Ber
KesselgardenSherKesselgardenYosl Ber
Kosher Red HotsAdio KeridaOne with Everything On
Kosher Red HotsDer Alter TsigaynerOne with Everything On
Kosher Red HotsBessabraber KhosidlOne with Everything On
Klez Katzunknown-live performanceLive performance 2009 NW
Klez KatzZhok/Joe & Paul'sLive performance 2009 NW
Erev Ravsunknown-live performanceLive performance 2009 NW
Erev Ravsunknown-live performanceLive performance 2009 NW
Sassonunknown-live performanceLive performance 2009 NW

Hosted by Liz Schwartz, featuring live performances from last month's NW Folklife Festival. Thanks to co-host Ed for helping me figure out the technical glitches while I was on the air.

An Evening of Afrotainment playlist for 06/20/2009

Program name: 
An Evening of Afrotainment
Air date: 
Lupe Fiasco/IeshaIeshas PoemThe Cool
George DukeBuffalo SoldiersIllusions
Ione PapasSao coisas nossasDivas do BrasilMusica Alternative
B GreenCollective Addis HarmonyAfrican ChillApace Music
B GreenAfrican Move Baayo ChildrenAfrican ChillApace Music
R GreenWorld Beat Unhoome AlahAfrican ChillApace Music
WakamanWhat I SeeMore
WakamanWarMore Peace
WakamanI KnowMore Peace
Baaba MaalHamady BoiroBig Noise 2
Hamid BaroudiAfrican SoulBig Noise 2
Jephte GuillaumeLakou-ABig Noise 2
Jazz JamaicaSkaravanBig Noise 2
Zap MamaVibrationsReCreation
Zap MamaSinging SistersReCreation
Oleg FesovMaravPlanet Soup
Jon Hassell & FarafinaAir AfriquePlanet Soup
Terrence HowardSpanish Love AffairShine Through It
Al GreenLove and HappinessI'm Still In Love With You
Graham Central StationWe've Been WaitingGraham Central Station
Graham Central StationHairGraham Central Station
WhispersMother For My ChildrenThe AnthologyCapitol Records
Whispers(Let's Go) All The WayThe Anthology
Kool and the GangStopSomething SpecialMercury Records
WhispersAnd the Beat Goes OnThe Anthology
Earth Wind & FireMegamix 2000The Best of vol 1
Luther VandrossIf It Ain't One ThingDance With My Father
Al GreenI'm Wild About YouLay It Down
Autumn, Amy & KisaSexy BodyUrban Crisis
OutsideCrazyThe Rebirth of Cool
BatuEarthsongThe Rebirth of Cool
Chrisette MicheleWhat You Do feat Ne YoEpiphany
LauraIziborYes I'll be your babyLet The Truth Be Told
Sonic BloomFirewalkParadigm LIFT

Lovin' music...Bridget B. here...enjoy the playlist and feel free to send your comments and thoughts

Jazz Rap 2 playlist for 06/20/2009

Air date: 
Birdyardbird suite
supersaxstone bird
jane bunnettalma de santiago
sonny rollinsjazz showcase
mal waldronsoul eyes
james williamsmeets sax masters
malachi thompsonnew standards
Steve Turreright there
jackie mcleanrhythm of the earth
jane ira bloomart and aviation
david murraypublic theater in concert
j coltranesun ship
ernie wattsreaching up
bobby watsonquiet is kept
larry willisthe offering
david murrayspecial quartet
arthur blythecalling card
derrick gardnerjazz prophets
joe hendersonin n' out
ravi coltranemad 6
woody shawlive vol. two
lonnie smithmove your hand

world beat connection playlist for 06/16/2009

Program name: 
World Beat Connection
Air date: 
Toumani DiabateCheick Oumar BahDjelikaRykodisc
Toumani DiabateSankoun DjabiDjelikaRykodisc
Cheik Tidiane SeckSiya WolomaMandin GrooveUniversal
MidniteBegin the DayJubilees of ZionMidnite Roots
MidniteBanking in the PigRas Mek PeaceMaple Shade
DefendersChant Down Babylon
EnglishmanNever Give It UpGot to Know Your PurposeShango
King Sunny AdeJa FunmiJuju MusicMango
Femi KutiVictim of LifeShoki ShokiBarclay
Zap MamaHello to MamaReCreationHeads Up
Zap MamaHarlemReCreationHeads Up
Sir Victor UwaifoAghoGuitar Boy SuperstarSoundway
Sir Victor UwaifoAkuyanGuitar Boy SuperstarSoundway
Chris AjiloAriwaMarvellous BoyHonest Johns
Roy ChicagoOlubunmiMarvellous BoyHonest Johns
The CharmerStone Cold ManCalypso FavoritesBostrox
Mighty SparrowRum is Macho25th AnniversaryCR
Lancelot LayneYo Tink it SoCalypsoul '70Strut
Biosis NowIndependent BahamasCalypsoul '70Strut

Plugged In playlist for 06/19/2009

Program name: 
Plugged In
Air date: 
Cheb i SabbahMorey Pya Bassey (The Arch Cupcake remix)High Chai
Mr. ScruffNice Up The Function feat. Roots ManuvaNinja Tuna
Scott HardkissYou're the Star (Kris Menace remix)You're The Star EP
Pet Shop BoysLove, etc (Gui Boratto Vocal)Love, etc single
Tomato JewsBe With Me (Tigerskin True Dance remix)KM5 Ibiza - Volumen 9
The Crystal MethodBlack RainbowsDivided by Night
The Golden FilterSolid Gold
PolygrooversPond FunkTrips and
Infected MushroomThe ShenClassical Mushroom
SwamiChing (Shiva Soundsystem's Mo Flo remix)High Chai
JAKRub A DubSSR 017SubSensory
Elite ForceNo Turning Back (Mowgli & SOLO remix)
N.A.S.A.Whatchadoin? (Villains remix)
SepalotGo Get It feat. Ladi6 (AC Slater remix)
Audius & DJ DropFever (DJ Vanish remix)
Timo MaasHaven't We Met Before (Cates&dpL Unofficial remix)
Oscar GInnosense
Lenka & NadastromTrouble Is A Friend (Sharkslayer Nassau edit)

On tonight's show, we gave away a pair of tickets to the Infected Mushroom show coming up on July 16th at The Roseland.  We played a mix of genres including house, techno, drum-n-bass, downtempo and psy trance.  Featured tracks were a new one from local techno producer JAK called Rub A Dub, which is available at Beatport on SubSensory Records, a Gui Boratto remix of the latest Pet Shop Boys single, and the latest bootleg from Cates&dpL remixing Timo Maas.

Thanks to everyone for tuning in to the show!

- Tronic

Swing & Country playlist for 06/20/2009

Program name: 
Swing & Country
Air date: 

How Do You Do - Jenette and Joe Carter

Willin' - Little Feat

Chevrolet Car - Sam McGee

Miss Molly - Bob Wills Playboys

Rose From the Mountain - Flatlanders


Roll Truck Roll - Red Simpson

Peach Tree Shuffle - Hank Penny


I want you to Know - Jim Lauderdale

Panhandle Rag - Hillybilly Jazz

Candy Girl - Uncle Bunt Stephens

Darkness on the Dellta - Chet Atkins


Yodeling Polka - Spade Cooley

Will the Band was Playing Dixie - Maybelle and Sahra Carter

Truck Driving Man - Dan Walser

She Ain't Rose - Leon Redbone


Same Old Tale a Crow Told Me - Johnny Horton

Cold War With You - Retta Christie with Dave Evan and Dave Frishberg

Fraulein - Jim Silvers


Cotton Eyed Joe - Foghorn Leghorn

Knocky, Knocky - Light Crust Dough Boys

Going Across the Sea - Cliff Perry & Laurel Bliss

Cry, Cry Cry - Connie Smith

Misery Love's Company - Porter Wagner


I Don't Believe You've Met My  Baby - Louvin Brothers (by request)

Knoxville Rag - Burnett & Rutherford

Honky Tonk Heros - Waylin Jennings

Low and Loney - Louvin Brothers (by request)

(You Never Can Tell) C'est LaVive - Emmylou Harris

Lonely Street - Everly Brothers


Seminol Wind - John Anderson

Move It On Over - Hank Williams Sr

Blue Kentucky Girl - Loretta Lynn

Red Hills of Utah - Marty Robbins

Wahoo, Wahoo - Red Clay Ramblers (by request)


When It's Time For the Whippoorwill to Sing - Louvin Brothers (by request)

Tight Levi's & Yellow Ribbons - Red Steagal

Black Mt Rag - Maybelle Carter

Don't Let that Man Get You Down - Texas Ruby


That's My Pa - Sheb Wooley

Lock Stock and Tear Drops - Roger Miller

Cotton Patch Blues - Bob Wills

Merle's Boogie Woogie - Meryle Travis

Cotton Patch Blues - Bob Wills

Merle's Boogie Woogie - Merle Travis

Paradise Bar and Grill - Mad River


Wurlitzer Prize (I Don't Want to Get Over You) - Nora Jones

Lover's Question - Jo Miller & Her Burley Roughnecks

Sweet Sunny South - Mike Seeger and Alice Gerrard

Knoxville Girl - Louvin Brothers (by request)

T for Texas - Tom Paul Glaser

Big Bouquet of Roses - Eddie Arnold

Letter Edged in Black - Johnny Cash

Alcoholic Blues - Deford Bailey

Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes - Skeets McDonald

Yesterday's Wine - Willie Nelson

You Dun Stomped my Heart - John Denver

Higher Power - Louvin Brothers (by request)




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