Astral Traveling playlist for 08/17/2014

Program name: 
Astral Traveling
Air date: 
Greg osbysummer timePUBLICBlue Note Records
Nino Nardinijungle obsessionjungle obsessionRe-Joint
Turnstyle OrchestraLatin SoulMundial MuziqueGuidance Recordings
Rusty BryantMister SFire EaterPrestige
Harry BeckettRings Within RingsJoy UnlimitedCadillac
Baby HueyListen To MeThe Living LegendCurtom
Little SisterStanga45 singlestone flower
PartlimentI Wanna Testify45 singleResilent
Ponderosa TwinsBound45 singleAstroscope
MotherlodeHard life45 singleBuddah
Bobby PowellOur Love45 singlejewel records
Sam HAWKINShold on baby45 singleBlue Cat
Lee DorseyRide Your Pony45 singleAmy
Bobby ByrdI Know you got soul45 singlePolygram
MohawksBeat Me Til I'm BlueThe ChampPama
John EdwardsClaim Jumpin45 singleAware
MohawksHip JiggerThe ChampPama
Alvin Cash & The CrawlersDo it one more Time45 singleMar-v-Lus
Alvin Cash & The RegistersAlvins Boo-Ga -Loo45 singleMar-V-Lus
Donald Byrd- Jazz Masters ReMixKofiThe New GroooveBlue Note Records
Grant Green -Ummah RemixDown Here On The GroundThe New GroooveBlue Note Records
Bobby ByrdI Need Help45 singlePolygram
A Live 45 And Vinyl set with DJ DimSumz!!!!

Africa-O-Ye! playlist for 07/17/2014

Program name: 
Air date: 
Pepe Kalle & Empire BakubaMadi MadimbaZabolo (Les plus grands succés de l'orchestre Empire Bakuba)Ngoyarto NG 052
Youlou Mabiala & Kamikaze Loningisa1X2 = MabeYoulou Mabiala & Kamikaze Loningisa & les trois freresSonodisc CDS 6830
Pamelo Mounk'a et Bantous de la CapitaleDjimo IviLes Merveilles Du Passé Vol. 2Sonodisc CD 79091
Kosmos MoutouariEtape ya la VieSpecial Kosmos Dans TabaliNgoyarto NG 024
Pepe Kalle & l'Empire BakubaMalembaJohnny (Bitoto)Ngoyarto NG 087
Pamelo Mounk'a et Bantous de la CapitaleAssetou Oun DjarabiLes Merveilles Du Passé Vol. 2Sonodisc CD 79091
Franco et le T.P.O.K. JazzArzoniEn ColereSonodisc CDS 6852
Franco et le T.P.O.K. JazzBamasta BonaneFranco Simaro et le TP OK JazzSonodisc CD 36520
Franco et le T.P.O.K. JazzMonzo1972 1973 1974Sonodisc CD 36538
International Orchestra Safari SoundSosyZanzibara, vol. 7: Sikinde Vs Ndekule, une bataille d'orchestres à Dar es Salaam (1984-87)Buda Musique 860241
Mlimani Park OrchestraNalala Kwa TaabuSikindeAfricassette AC 9402
International Orchestra Safari SoundUsilipuke KuchekaZanzibara, vol. 7: Sikinde Vs Ndekule, une bataille d'orchestres à Dar es Salaam (1984-87)Buda Musique 860241
Orchestra Maquis OriginalNgalulaMuziki wa DansiAfricassette AC 9403
Mlimani Park OrchestraMume Wangu JerryZanzibara, vol. 7: Sikinde Vs Ndekule, une bataille d'orchestres à Dar es Salaam (1984-87)Buda Musique 860241
Africa Oyé, with host Mike Johnson, on KBOO every third Thursday of the month. This program featured music from Congo - Zaire, then from the area around Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Africa-O-Ye! playlist for 05/15/2014

Program name: 
Air date: 
Bantous de la CapitaleIsabelleLes Grands Succes des Bantous de la Capitale, Vol 3Flash Diffusion Business FDB 300024
Bantous de la CapitaleMarie Jeanne 1 & 2Makambo MibaleSonodisc 36592
mic break - pitching
Bantous de la CapitaleZuanaLes Grands Succes des Bantous de la Capitale, Vol 1Flash Diffusion Business FDB 300022
Bantous de la CapitaleMa Guiguil'orchestre congolais Les BantousSoukous SV 13001 (LP)
mic break - pitching
Bantous de la CapitaleSakieLes Bantous de la Capitale, 1974 - 1976Sonodisc 36584
Bantous de la CapitaleBasili KoyokanaCompilations Musique Congolo ZairoiseSonodisc 36504
mic break - pitching
Bantous de la CapitaleBoumamou SiliLes Bantous de la Capitale, 1974 - 1976Sonodisc 36584
Bantous de la CapitaleChosis ou c'est lui ou c'est moiRosalie DiopSonodisc 36569
Bantous de la CapitaleQuerida PaolaLes Grands Succes des Bantous de la Capitale, Vol 5
mic break - pitching
Bantous de la CapitaleBolingo Na KozongaLes Grands Succes des Bantous de la Capitale, Vol 4Flash Diffusion Business FDB 300025
Pamelo Mounk'a et Bantous de la CapitaleJerizaLes Merveilles du Passe, Vol. 2Sonodisc CD 79091
mic break - pitching
Bantous de la CapitaleMayele ya MotoLes Bantous de la Capitale, 1974 - 1976Sonodisc 36584
Africa Oyé, with host Mike Johnson, on KBOO every third Thursday of the month. This program featured music from Les Bantous de la Capitale, the premier group from the Republic of Congo (aka Congo - Brazzaville).

Vinyl Pajama Party playlist for 08/12/2014

Program name: 
Vinyl Pajama Party
Air date: 
Robin Williams on David Letterman "Good Will Hunting" 1997
Robin Williams and Matt Damon-"The Park Scene" Good Will Hunting
Robin Williams -"Baby Lenin" - Reality -What a Concept
Maurice Jarre "Carpe Diem" - Dead Poets Society Soundtrack
Robin Williams and Glen Close - "Magic Gloves" The World According To Garp
Robin Williams - "Ballet" - A Night At The Met
Robin Williams on Johnny Carson 1991
Robin Williams - Alcohol - A Night At The Met
Robin Williams - "Pop Goes The Weasel" - Reality -What a Concept
Robin Williams - "Spring" - A Night At The Met
Randy Newman - "Awakenings" Title Track
Robin Williams interviewed by Kerry O' Brien on Australian TV 2010
Robin Williams - "Kindergarten Of The Stars" - Reality -What a Concept
Robin Williams - "Marijuana" - A Night At The Met
Robin Williams - "Come Inside My Mind" - Reality -What a Concept
Robin Williams - Montage of Clips From "Good Morning Viet-Nam"
Maurice Jarre - "Keatings Triumph" - Good Will Hunting Soundtrack
Robin Williams - "Shakespeare ( A Melt-Downer's Nightmare)" - Reality -What a Concept
Robin Williams - Mork and Mindy Out-takes
Maurice Jarre - "Neal" -  Good Will Hunting Soundtrack
Jonathan Winters - On Mork and Mindy
Belinda Valasco - 10 Questions for Robin Williams - Time Magazine
Robin Williams  and Carol Burnett - "The Funeral"
Robin Williams on Johnny Carson - 1st Appearance 1981
Robin Williams - "The Hollywood Casting Sessions" -  Reality -What a Concept
Robin Williams - "And The Future" - A Night At The Met
Robin Williams accepting the Cecil B. Demille award at The Golden Globe Awards 2005
Robin Williams - "Flying" scene - The World According To Garp
Nat King Cole - " There Will Never Be Another You" The Best of Nat King Cole 

Portland Jewish Hour playlist for 08/17/2014

Program name: 
Portland Jewish Hour
Air date: 
Klezmer Conservatory Band/Itzhak PerlmanKale besetzin/KhusidlLive In the Fiddler's HouseEMI
DeLeonYo M'
Vanessa PalomaWedding
Yasmin LevyPor la miaMano suaveAdama
Jacob do Bandolim/Tim SparksSempre TeuGreat Jewish
Lenka Lichtenberg/Yair DalalPerfume
Flying Bulgar Klezmer BandDi Kalle
Beth HamonSparksTen
Barry SistersMakin'
Barry SistersOh Mama, Am I In Love!
Idan Raichel ProjectIm Telech/If You goThe Idan Raichel
DeLeonEt Dodim
Hosted by Liz Schwartz, featuring love songs to mark Tu b'Av, the Jewish Valentine's Day, which was on Aug. 11. Also songs to celebrate Liz's 11th wedding anniversary, which is today.

Higher Reasoning Reggae Time playlist for 08/17/2014

Air date: 
Ras MuhamadSalamSalamOneness Records
Ras MuhamadThrough The SmokeSalamOneness Records
Ras MuhamadSo TiredSalamOneness Records
Revolutionary Brothers & The Far East BandBasque Times Riddim versionBasque Times Riddim Gold EditionRevolutionary Brothers
Ras Mc BeanBingimanRiddim Gold EditionRevolutionary Brothers
Ranking JoeDon't Sell Your SoulRiddim Gold EditionRevolutionary Brothers
SenaRebel WomanRiddim Gold EditionRevolutionary Brothers
King KonsulBasque LiberationRiddim Gold EditionRevolutionary Brothers
JerichoTime To DubRiddim Gold EditionRevolutionary Brothers
Don Goliath ft-General LionJah Rule Dem AllDigikal To The World Pt.1Digikal Division Records
Don Goliath ft-Paupa ManStrikly DigikalDigikal To the world Pt.1Digikal Division Records
Don GoliathStrikly Digikal RiddimDigikal To the world Pt.1Digikal Division Records
Jahtari Riddim ForceTotal Protonic ReversalJahtari Dubbers Vol.4Jahtari
earlyW~ormThe Dub DealJahtari Dubbers Vol.4Jahtari
RootahDancing ChordsJahtari Dubbers Vol.4Jahtari
Monkey MarcDanger EarthJahtari Dubbers Vol.4Jahtari
PupajimNobody Can Stop We (Dub At The Pub Dubplate)Jahtari Dubbers Vol.4Jahtari
Marshall NeekoWorries And Trouble Riddim DubWorries And Trouble RiddimIdler's Corner Records
Yami BoloStop The ViolenceWorries And Trouble RiddimIdler's Corner Records
AvaranChurch And StateWorries And Trouble RiddimIdler's Corner Records
NiyoRahHere To ServeWorries And Trouble RiddimIdler's Corner Records
Marshall NeekoWorries And Trouble Riddim DubWorries And Trouble RiddimIdler's Corner Records
Marcus NRG VibesKolonialismusImperial Roots RiddimImperial Swagga Studio
I-JahfredFreedom HerbImperial Roots RiddimImperial Swagga Studio
Don CarmeloSons Of JahImperial Roots RiddimImperial Swagga Studio
Bongo IGiving PraiseImperial Roots RiddimImperial Swagga Studio
ArmyClutch Fe StrawImperial Roots RiddimImperial Swagga Studio
Khari KillConfronts Mesingle3 In One Promotions
Mungo's Hi Fi ft-Cornell CampbellJah Say LoveSerious TimeScotch Bonnett
Mungo's Hi Fi ft-Parly BBabylon A ComeSerious TimeScotch Bonnett
Mungo's Hi Fi ft-Blackout JAOvercomeSerious TimeScotch Bonnett
Mungo's Hi Fi ft-Charlie PTravellerSerious TimeScotch Bonnett
Mungo's Hi Fi ft-Shanti DKnow Your RootsJahtari Dubbers Vol.4Jahtari
LD DubIntro (snippet)Mystic RootsSvaha Sound System
SOJATranslation Of OneAmid The Noise And The HasteATO Records
SOJA ft-Jr GongYour SongAmid The Noise And The HasteATO Records
SOJA ft-Michael Franti & NahkoI BelieveAmid The Noise And The HasteATO Records
RebelutionChange The SystemBright Side Of Life87 Music
RebelutionSufferingBright Side Of Life87 Music
RebelutionDubzillaBright Side Of Life87 Music
RebelutionBumpBright Side Of Life87 Music
RebelutionCount Me InCount Me In87 Music-Easy Star Records
Tommy IceGood MusicLoving Lonely RiddimTee & JAA Records
OrielWarrior SpiritLoving Lonely RiddimTee & JAA Records
Mr. DiamondWho Feels It KnowsLoving Lonely RiddimTee & JAA Records
GinjahNo RegretsLoving Lonely RiddimTee & JAA Records
GinjahJah Jah Watch Over weHigher Priest RiddimKingston Songs
Duane StephensonNature BoyHigher Priest RiddimKingston Songs
Katsjam DigitalSummer Breeze Dub versionSummer Breeze RiddimKatsjam Digital
Katalys CrewConquerorSummer Breeze RiddimKatsjam Digital
Kirk DavisAll We Need Is LoveSummer Breeze RiddimKatsjam Digital

Back To The Egg playlist for 08/17/2014

Program name: 
Back To The Egg
Air date: 
Sam and JoeSave The Fucking ChildrenFear of SmellVermiform
Algebra SuicideAlphabet SongBig SkinCause And Effect
Mecca NormalForlornCardboard Box House Of Love 7"K
Standing WavesIntegrating Circuts7"Classified
The AdaptorsTrust in Technology7"Plastik Rapture Records
BobThomas EdisonThings you do 7"Dumb Records
Sudden InfantStupid TelephoneTelephone 006cassette
Tuxedo MoonNo Tearstuxedo Moonself released
The DadisticsParanoia Perception7"Quark
No TrendFamily StyleToo Many HumansNo Trend Records
Abestos Rock PylePolice StateKilled By Synth ‎Killed By Synth ‎
Poison GirlsPersons Unknown7"CRASS
Lebenden TotenNear DarkNear DarkFeral Ward
Art ThrobsArt ThrobsOne Stop ShoppingTerse Tapes
Good ThrobPale Grey SuitsFuck OffWhite Denim
AstronautsEverything Stops the BabySurvivorsLa Vida Es En Mus
CulturecideBruceTacky Souvenirs of Pre-Revolutionary Americano label
Hank Wood and the Hammer HeadsDon't See NothinGo HomeToxic State
DisneylandDisneylandOne Stop ShoppingTerse Tapes
Abner JayI'm So DepressedTrue Story of Abner JayMississippi
Tutu and The PiratesDoin NothinSub-urban insult rock for the anti-lectua
MC 5The American RuseBack in the USASundazed
John Otway & Wild Willy BarrettCor Baby That's Really Free
UV RaceGarbage in my heartGreatest Hits Vol 2
FeedtimeDrag your dogSuctionDecoy
Tragic MulattoGossipJudo for the BlindAlternative Tentacles
Maybe MentalWitnessDesperately Seeking SuicidePriapismus
Algebra SuicidePlease Respect Our DecadenceThe Secret Like CrazyRRRecords
Mechanical ServantsProblem? What Problem?Mix n MatchArabellum Records
Psychological Warfare BranchDisciplineA/aND: A Cross-Cultural Collaboration Between A/a & NDAudiofile Tapes
The FugsNothingThe FugsFolkways
The CleanBeatniksCompilationLittle Axe
AngstDummy UpAngstHappy Squid
FreakwaterqGod Damn MouthDancing UnderWaterThrill Jockey 12:48
Hank WilliamsFirst Year BluesThe Lonesome Sound Of Hank WilliamsMGM
Charles BradleyChanges7"Daptone
The CyclonesYou're So Cool7"Little Ricky
The SaintsKnow Your ProductPrehistoric HitsEMI
Sema 4Do You Know Your Friends7"Pollen
The What FourDestroy That BoyGirls in the Garage 5Romulan
Mary WeissDon't Come BackDangerous GameNorton
Ramblin RebelsLost Safari6 Feet UnderMissisippi
MallevsGraveMallevsAscetic House
Weird ScenesMrs WonderwomanA/aND: A Cross-Cultural Collaboration Between A/a & NDAudiofile Tapes
ChumbawambaThat's How Grateful We AreSlapAgit Prop
SurrenderSong for SDPaper ThronesThrillhouse
The AdvertsWe Who WaitSafety in Numbers 7"Anchor
Reigning SoundFalling RainShatteredMerge
Ray SmithLet Yourself Go7''CG
Bo DiddleyCongoBo Diddley is a LoverCheckers
Jr KellyIf Love So Nice7"Annex
Substitue Host Erin Yanke...
The Fear will not Keep You Safe edition

Blues Junction playlist for 08/16/2014

Program name: 
Blues Junction
Air date: 
Ellington/HodgesSaint Louis BluesBack To BackVerve
Buddy GuyWatermelon ManComplete VanguardVanguard
Jon ClearyEverything I DoOccapellaFHQ
Rod PiazzaMilk And WaterEmergency SituatBlind Pig
Rockin JohnnyCut You A-LooseStraightOutChicagoDelmark
Bobby "Blue" BlandSt James InfirmaryTurn on Your Love LightDuke/MCA
Soul SistersI Can't Stand ItBestOf SueRecordsCollectables
Dobie GrayLook At MeThe In CrowdCollectables
Don DrummondMan In the StreetIntensified Ska #2Mango Records
Lauren SheehanLonesome DayTwo WingsWilson River Records (2013)
Tim WilliamsBlue HighwayBlue HighwayLowden Proud Records
Ray BonnevilleShake Off MyBluesEasy GoneRed House Records
Rick EstrinTooClose TogetherYou Asked For ItAlligator Records
Jim KweskinJug Band MusicAcousticSwing&JugVanguard
Jim KweskinBlues In The BottleAcousticSwing&JugVanguard
Michael OsbornBright Lights BigGlamorous LifeCheckerboard
44sPleading My CaseAmericanaRip Cat
Kid Ramos/BgSandyWipe Your TearsW.Coast HouseEvidence Music
Lynwood SlimHoy HoySoul FeetAtomic Theory
Lynwood SlimSoul FeetSoul FeetAtomic Theory
SantanaFried NeckbonesSelf TitledColumbia /Legacy
Buddy GuyYou Don't Love MeComplete VanguardVanguard
Henry CooperGoodbye BluesThe Gin YearsSelf Released
Henry CooperFoxetteThe Gin YearsSelf Released
Daddy MackLonesome TrainBlues CentralInside Sounds
Sam CookeGood TimesKeep Movin OnTracey/ABCKO

A Jazz World playlist for 08/16/2014

Program name: 
A Jazz World
Air date: 
Sidney BechetSummertimeSidney Bechet 1938 - 1940Classics
George ColliganIt's Hard Work!The Endless MysteriesOrigin
Joshua RedmanAct NaturalTrios LiveNonesuch
Rich HalleyWisdom of RockWisdom of RockPine Eagle Records
Rich HalleySmooth Curve of the BowCrossing the PassesPine Eagle Records
Rich HalleyHeat in MayWisdom of RockPine Eagle Records
Michael Vlatkovichif only maybe were a probabilityVlaktopfMentum
Rich HalleyThe AtollThe Wisdom of RockPine Eagle Records
Darrell GrantDay of GraceTruth and ReconciliationOrigin
Todd BishopMovingTravelogueOrigin
Alan Jones & Francios ThebergeRefugeAnother ViewOrigin
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis ArmstrongSummertimePorgy and BessVerve
John ColtraneSummertimeMy Favorite ThingsAtlantic
Nicole Mitchell'e Black Earth EnsembleThanking the UniverseBlack UnstoppableDelmark
Lenny Picket with the UMO Jazz OrchestaBusted AgainThe PrescriptionRandom Acts
Charlie Haden and the Liberation Orch.We Shall OvercomeThe Montreal TapesVerve
Fareed HaqueChitlins 'n' ChutneyTrance HypothesisDelmark
Henry Butler - Steve Bernstein and the Hot 9I Left My BabyVipers DragImpulse
Eddie Harris / Ellis MarsalisHickory & Cognac StreetsHomecomingSpindletop Records
Mongo Sanatmaria, Dizzy GillespieSummertimeSummertimePABLO
Arturo O'Farrill and the Afro-Latin Jazz OrchestraAlma VaciaThe Offense of the DrumMotema

Grateful Dead & Friends playlist for 08/16/2014

Program name: 
Grateful Dead & Friends
Air date: 
Who Needs Songs? special - Part 2

Today, I continue (conclude?) a special I started with my May program when I tried to answer "What would this show sound like if I played no songs?"

The Grateful Dead are synonymous with extended improvisational jamming.  So I'm playing nothing but prime examples of this. And as an added twist, I've chosen excerpts in such a way that it will very difficult for the listener to determine what song the jam is in, came out of or is going into. Or so I think.

10/18/72 - jam (inside Dark Star)
6/14/76 - jam (inside Slipknot!)
3/25/72 - jam w/Bo Diddley
5/19/74 - jam (out of Truckin')
9/20/90 - jam (post Dark Star verse 2)
9/3/67 - jam (inside Midnight Hour)
6/28/76 - jam >Happiness Is Drumming
3/24/73 - jam > Spanish jam
10/19/73 - jam > Mind Left Body jam
10/8/68 - jam > The Seven

Roots of Rock & Roll playlist for 08/15/2014

Program name: 
Roots of Rock & Roll
Air date: 
The Maxin Trio (Ray Charles)Confession Blues
Eddie CochranSummertime Blues
Gene Vincent and His BluecapsBe-Bop-A-Lula
Albinia JonesFine & Mellow
Ernie K DoeMother-In-Law
Dion & The BelmontsA Teenager in Love
Maurice Williams And the ZodiacsStay
Brain HylandItsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
Fats DominoBlue Berryhill
The Four SeasonsBig Girls Don't Cry
Dale HawkinsSusie-Q
Barry MannWho Put the Bomp (In the Bomp,Bomp,Bomp)
The MarvelettesPlease Mr. Postman
Lady K InterviewBlack Rock City Post Office
Bill Haley & His Comets(We're Gonna) Rock Around The Clock
Shirley & LeeLet The Good times Roll
Jan and DeanLinda
Robin WilliamsRIP
Ben E. KingStand By Me

The Songcircle playlist for 08/15/2014

Program name: 
The Songcircle
Air date: 
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceLittle Miss StrangeElectric Ladyland
Nina SimoneStrange Fruit
J.G. ThirlwellSexy Sultrythe Music of J.G. Thirlwell
Jane's AddictionSummertime RollsNothing's Shocking
Canned HeatRollin' and Tumblin'Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace & Music
the Venus In FursTumbling DownVelvet Goldmine OST
Gary NumanDown in the ParkUrgh! A Music War
Neil Young & Crazy HorseDown by the RiverEverybody Knows This Is Nowhere
the NightmareRiverbottom Nightmare BandEmmett Otter's Jug Band Christmas
WingsBand on the RunBand on the Run
the Clarence Mack ExpressRunaway TrainWheedle's Groove
CreamTraintime (live at the Fillmore, Mar. 1968)Wheels of Fire
The Neville Brosthe Time is RightAtlanta 1985-11-16
Clarence Wheeler & the EnforcersRight OnWhat It Is! Funky Soul & Rare Grooves
Frank ZappaOn the BusJoe's Garage
Flight of the ConchordsBus Driver's SongFolk the World Tour
" "Song for Sally
the WhoSally SimpsonTommy
WireMoreverRed Barked Tree
For this special edition of The SongCircle, guest host DJ Sam-i-Am tries to connect a chain of music that can be broadcast mid-day, drawn from 5393 songs off of 686 albums by 275 artists. 

Movin' On playlist for 08/15/2014

Program name: 
Movin' On
Air date: 
Ramblin' Jack ElliottRock Island Line
Patty LarkinComing Up for Air
Rosalie SorrelsSinging in the Country
Karen SavocaClear Blue Summer
Laura VeirsRun Mae Run
Rory McLeodHuge Sky
Martyn JosephThe Good in Me Is Dead
Richie HavensYou'll Never Know
Here Comes the Sun
Slow Down
Cheryl WheelerAll the Live Long Day
Erica WheelerGood Summer Rain
The Howlin BrothersTil I Find You
Erica WheelerTo Deep Water
Longest Night EnsembleDriving Away
Erica WheelerBeautiful Road
Stone SoupBaby's A Train
Links in the Chain

Lark In The Morning playlist for 08/15/2014

Program name: 
Lark In The Morning
Air date: 
John A. Lomax, Jr.The Haymaking SongSings American FolksongsFolkways
John A. Lomax, Jr.Long Time AgoSings American FolksongsFolkways
Pete SeegerHold the LineGazette, Volume 2Folkways
The Mobile StrugglersRaise a RuckusAmerican Skiffle BandsFolkways
The Hotmud FamilyKansas City KittyStone Mountain WobbleVetco
Tall TimberJealous Hearted MeEncoreVoyager
Annie LoreThe Roving RepairmanThe Grey Cocked HatImminent Records
Alex BevanNobody's Fault But Mine / All My DreamsThe Grand River LullabyeFiddler's Wynde
Betty SmithThe False Knight in the RoadSongs Traditionally Sung in North CarolinaFolk-Legacy
Joe HickersonLady Isabel & the Elf KnightDrive Dull Care Away, Volume 2Folk-Legacy
Pat FosterOh, CaliforniaGold Rush SongsRiverside
Logan EnglishSacramentoThe Days of '49Folkways
Logan EnglishA Ripping TripThe Days of '49Folkways
Debby McClatchySeeing the ElephantDebby McClatchy with the Red Clay RamblersGreen Linnet
Fred HolsteinDown by the RiverChicago and Other PortsPhilo
Pete SeegerThe Rand HymnGazette, Volume 2Folkways
Bill StainesOl' JackThe Whistle of the JayFolk-Legacy
John O'ConnorTravelin' ManUnravelingFlying Fish
Gene ParsonsSweet SusannahI Hope They Let Us In(self)
Cathy Fink & Marcy MarxerThe SpeculatorPostcardsCommunity Music
SwallowtailThe Blarney Pilgrim / Merrily Kiss the Quaker's WifeFlights of FancyRooster
Jonathan EberhardtThe Winnie-the-Pooh RagLife's Trolley RideFolk-Legacy
Kate WolfLines on the PaperLines on the PaperOwl Records
Grey Larsen & Andre MarchandBetty and BeautyLes MarionnettesSleepy Creek Music
As usual, digging through the LP's looking for things that have never, or seldom, been played.


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