Heavy Metal Vomit Party playlist for 03/05/2014

Program name: 
Heavy Metal Vomit Party
Air date: 
Dead Congregation - Martydom - Graves Of The Archangels
Morbid Angel - Chapel Of Ghouls - Altars Of Madness
Destruktor - The Epitome - Nailed
Corpus Rottus - Exit The Flesh Chamber - Nihilism
Vastum - Umbra Interna - Carnal Law
Disembowlment - Excoriate - Transcendence Into The Peripheral
Incantation - Blasphemous Creation - Onward To Golgatha
Manowar - Heart Of Steel - Kings Of Metal
Iron Maiden - Remember Tomorrow - Iron Maiden
Angel Witch - Gorgon - Angel Witch
Hirax - Warlords Command - Raging Violence
Kreator - Flag Of Hate - Endless Pain
Morne - Force - Untold Wait
Eyehategod - Ruptured Heart Theory - Ruptured Heart Theory
Skaven - The Swarm - Skaven/Stormcrow split
Noothgrush - Oil Removed - Erode The Person
Corrupted - Rato Triste - Se Hace Por Los Suenos Asesinos
Winter - Eternal Frost - Into Darkness
gravedigger-legion of the lost-heavy metal breakdown
running wild-raise your fist-under the jolly roger
overkill-electro violence-taking over
iron maiden-stranger in a strange land-somewhere in time
razor-stabbed in the back-shotgun justice
Radioactive Vomit - Cyclonic Devastation/ Plague Storm - Witchblood
The Devil's Blood - Whit Faces - Come reap
Vordr - Crown Of Snow - III
Dio - Don't Talk To Strangers - Holy Diver
suffocation-synthetically revived-human waste
ritual necromancy-consumating crytps of eternity-oath of the abyss
dismember-skinfather-indecent and obscene
blasphemaphager-nuclear chaos-III command
rites of thy degringolade-asylums-an ode to sin
necros christos-necromantique nun-doom of the occult
perversor-victory of the legions of the damned-demon metal
incantation-demonic incarnate-mortal throne of nazarene

Life During Wartime playlist for 03/05/2014

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Reagan youthAnytown
DisruptersBomb heavenplaying with fire
PartisansPower and greed17 YEARS OF HELL
Criminal classsoldier
Criminal damagePower of foolsst
Screaming sneakersViolent daysMarching orders ep
NapalmTOLLEIt's a warning
Chaos ukKill your babyRiot city volume 2
The INSANEit's corruptionRiot city vol 2
AdolescentsWelcome to realitywelcome to reality lp
Jay ReatardDon't Let Him Come BackI know a place 7"goner
Ty SegallStanding at the StationCents 7"Goner
The TacticsWatch My HandsLong WeekendFolding Chair
WeirdosDestroy All MusicWhy do You Exist 7"Bomp
Ratos de VaticanosNo Busco problemas con la autoridadChido epVolar Records
TriggersGasolineGasoline 7"Vinyl Warning
ModernettesCelebrity Crack UpGet Modern or Get FuckedLady Kinky Karrot
Las SenorasDesolacions/t 7"Solo Para Punks
TranzmittorsNot Your CallNot your call 7"Dirtnap
Mechanical ServantsStudy UpMix n Matchmystery toast
Kitchen andthe Plastic SpoonsThe PoetScreams to GodDark Entries
Stiff little fingersAlternative ulsteraltyernative ulster 7'
MIsfitsChildren in heatSpook city usa
Sham 69Hey little rich boytell us the truth
EATERthinkin of the usa
The systemSASThought Control
Anti-PastiAnother dead soldier
ZoundsLoads of noiseCurse Of Zounds
Picture frame seductionOld soldiershand of the rider
The SystemDogs of warThought control
La UviLa PoliciaYo Esta BienMunster
SurrenderLast White flaglast White Flag 7"Self Released
As MercenariasPanicoO Comeco do Fim Do MundoSoul Jazz
KebabLife its a JokeWe Live in a SystemSoftspot
Big BoysManipulationLullabies Help the Brain GrowMoment
MinutemenThe ProductBuzz Or Howl Under The Influence Of HeatSST
Cronic SickCrotch Rots/t 7"No Way
RamonesI Wanna Be Your BoyfriendI Wanna Be Your Boyfriend 7"Norton

Jazz Lives! playlist for 03/05/2014

Program name: 
Jazz Lives!
Air date: 
12:05 bird and dizbloomdido 3:24bird and dizverve
12:09 miles davis and the modern jazz giantsbags groove 11:14bags grooveprestige
12:23 joe guy & hot lips pagerhythm a ning 3:08trumpet battle at minton'sxanadu
12:26 bean and benon the bean 3:00bean & benharlequin
12:29 bean and benrecollections 2:00bean & benharlequin
12:32 thelonious monk orch.thelonious 3:02at town hallriverside
12:35 thelonious monk orch.friday the 13th 9;30at town hallriverside
12:47 joe guy and hot lips pagesweet georgia brown 7:00trumpet battle at mintonsxanadu
12:53 art blakey's jazz messengersevidence 6:42art blakey's jazz messengers with thelonious monkatlantic
1:01 thelonious monkround about midnight 4:00genius of modern musicblue note
1:05 "off minor 4:00""
1:08 "ruby my dear 4:00""
1:12 "I mean you 3:30""
1:14april in paris 4:00""
1:20 thelonious/coltraneepistrophy 4:28at carnegie hallblue note
1:25 thelonious/tranebye-ya 6:31""
1:31 thelonious monkin walked bud 11:23misteriosoriverside
1:43 thelonious monkjust a gigolo 2:00""
1:45 thelonious monkworry later 9:09at the blackhawkriverside
1:51 thelonious/nelsonlet's cool one 3:47monk's bluescolumbia
1:56 bird and dizmy melancholy baby 3:16bird and dizverve

A Categorized Program Not playlist for 03/05/2014

Air date: 
12:05 bird and dizbloomdido 3:24bird and dizverve
12:09 miles davis and the modern jazz giantsbags groove 11:14bags grooveprestige
12:23 joe guy & hot lips pagerhythm a ning 3:08trumpet battle at minton'sxanadu
12:26 bean and benon the bean 3:00bean & benharlequin
12:29 bean and benrecollections 2:00bean & benharlequin
12:32 thelonious monk orch.thelonious 3:02at town hallriverside
12:35 thelonious monk orch.friday the 13th 9;30at town hallriverside
12:47 joe guy and hot lips pagesweet georgia brown 7:00trumpet battle at mintonsxanadu
12:53 art blakey's jazz messengersevidence 6:42art blakey's jazz messengers with thelonious monkatlantic
1:01 thelonious monkround about midnight 4:00genius of modern musicblue note
1:05 "off minor 4:00""
1:08 "ruby my dear 4:00""
1:12 "I mean you 3:30""
1:14april in paris 4:00""
1:20 thelonious/coltraneepistrophy 4:28at carnegie hallblue note
1:25 thelonious/tranebye-ya 6:31""
1:31 thelonious monkin walked bud 11:23misteriosoriverside
1:43 thelonious monkjust a gigolo 2:00""
1:45 thelonious monkworry later 9:09at the blackhawkriverside
1:51 thelonious/nelsonlet's cool one 3:47monk's bluescolumbia
1:56 bird and dizmy melancholy baby 3:16bird and dizverve

Pastures of Plenty playlist for 03/05/2014

Program name: 
Pastures of Plenty
Air date: 
530 am: Mary FlowerRiver of JoyRagtime Gal (2003)Bluesette Records
Ashleigh FlynnProhibition RoseA Million Stars (2013)Home Perm Records
The Alialujah ChoirWay Too SoonThe Alialujah Choir (2012)The Alialujah Choir
Kate Power & Steve EinhornHighway 101Brick & Mortar (2008)Quality Folk
545 am: Johnny CashWhen It's Springtime in Alaska (It's 40 Below)Love God Murder (2000)Columbia/Sony
Jerry Garcia Tony Rice & David GrismanLittle SadieThe Pizza Tapes (2000)Acoustic Disc
Judy CollinsCoal TattooThe judy Collins Concert (2004 re-issue of 1964 concert)Wildflower Records
Jesse WinchesterDefying GravityAnthology (1999)Castle Music
Emily ElbertDidn't It RainThe Storm is Passing Over (2013)Mason Jar Music
600 am: Shovels & RopeThe Fall of CharlestonDivided & United: Songs of the Civil War (2013)ATO Records
Rosanne CashWhen the Master Calls the RollThe River & the Thread (2014- NEW)Blue Note Records
Ry CooderRally Round the FlagThe Long Riders (1980)Warner Brothers Records
615 AM: Dave Carter & Tracy GrammerElvis PresleyWhen I Go (1998)Dave Carter
Richard ThompsonFrom Galway to GracelandWatching the Dark (1993 Box Set)Rykodisc
Neil YoungHe Was the KingPrairie Wind (2005)Reprise Records
635 am (Calendar background): Leo KottkeVaseline Machine Gun6 & 12 String Guitar (1996 re-issue of 1969 LP)Rhino
640 am: Leo KottkeEight Miles HighAnthology (1997)Rhino
Leo KottkeLiving in the CountryMy Feet are Smiling (Live) (1996 CD reissue of 1973 LP)One Way Records
645 am: Tim BuckleyDolphinsDream Letter: Live in London 1968 (1990)Straight Records
Tim GrimmKing of the FolksingersThe Turning Point (2013)Cavalier Records
Woody GuthrieThis Land is Your landThe Asch Recordings Volume 1 (1997)Smithsonian Folkways
Contemporary and Tradional Folk Music to start your day with a smile

Host: Jack Bohl

Civil War songs, songs about Elvis, and more

Ital Vibes playlist for 03/05/2014

Program name: 
Ital Vibes
Air date: 
Hero & Pzed & U-BrownItal Vibes Intro
I OctaneTime Will ComeMy JourneyTad's
Kat Dahlia ft The Wizard, Black Lion & NyandaMash It Up [Ital Vibes Dub]FiWi Music
CheddaOriginal DonFiWi Music
The WizardOriginal Don InstrumentalFiWi Music
Chedda & The WizardOriginal Don [Ital Vibes Dub]FiWi Music
Roots & HarmonyCultivator InstrumentalCultivator RiddimRoyal Order
Kabaka PyramidHerb DefenderCultivator RiddimRoyal Order
ChronixxHerb TreeCultivator RiddimRoyal Order
Ward 21Herbs ManStill DisturbedGermaica/Wiletunes
Rasta LifeBig Mack TruckDrop Di Bass
Protoje & ChronixxWho KnowsOverstand Entertainment
Cham ft Damian MarleyFighterMadhouse/LawLess
Stephen Marley ft Spragga Benz & Damian MarleyBongo NyahGhetto Youths
Chalice RowBl**dCl**T Place InstrumentalChalice Row
Perfect GiddimaniBl**dCl**T PlaceChalice Row
Ward 21Mic Magician RemixGermaica/Wiletunes
Ward 21 ft Sean PaulBen U BacKStill DisturbedGermaica/Wiletunes
DemarcoHot DawgJayCrayzie
RDXFluffy AnthemBlaqk Sheep Music
EscoStarStruck InstrumentalStarStruck RiddimStarStruck Records
DarrioDem WishStarStruck RiddimStarStruck Records
Bawse DawgAPStarStruck RiddimStarStruck Records
IyaraMan A Hold ItStarStruck RiddimStarStruck Records
Busy SignalWet SpliffStarStruck RiddimStarStruck Records
Ward 21Spot The "J"Still DisturbedGermaica/Wiletunes
ZJ IceSaddle Up InstrumentalSaddle Up RiddimThirty Six Degrees
GagePut It YassoSaddle Up RiddimThirty Six Degrees
QQWine & OverSaddle Up RiddimThirty Six Degrees
Busy SignalSaddle UpSaddle Up RiddimThirty Six Degrees
Reddman UKBodyGuard [Ital Vibes Dub]Hot Coffee
WickermanBoX!!Out A Road RiddimMV Music
Mr VegasRoadOut A Road RiddimMV Music
Mr LexHow She Do ItOut A Road RiddimMV Music
Full ChaargePromiscious InstrumentalPromiscious RiddimFull Chaarge Records
GageKitty KatPromiscious RiddimFull Chaarge Records
DemarcoBad GyalPromiscious RiddimFull Chaarge Records
RDXTrue FriendsPromiscious RiddimFull Chaarge Records
EquiknoxxFrenz List InstrumentalFrenz List RiddimEquiknoxx
Reo SoulFrenzFrenz List RiddimEquiknoxx
MasickaFren ListFrenz List RiddimEquiknoxx
T.O.KOh MyFrenz List RiddimEquiknoxx
Busy SignalTamaraFrenz List RiddimEquiknoxx
Busy SignalBedroom BullyJukeboxx Records
Point O & Ward 21EveryDay ]Ital Vibes Dub]Cosa Nostra RiddimWard 21
KunleyBadonkadonk InstrumentalWiletunes
Marcy ChinBounceWiletunes
Tiana & VershonWine Pon Di VershonBirchill
KonshensGal A Bubble Remix
Charly Black & J CapriWine & KotchHead Concussion
J CapriReverse ItRvssian
Black RynoBMX BicycleMarkus
Riva NilePoco & Rum InstrumentalPoco & Rum RiddimRiva Nile
DegreeBere Pretty Gyal In YahPoco & Rum RiddimRiva Nile
CheddaWine & Come UpPoco & Rum RiddimRiva Nile
LeftsidePush!!Keep Left
ZJ IceTrapsetter InstrumentalTrapsetter RiddimThirty Six Degrees
T.O.KMillion DollarTrapsetter RiddimThirty Six Degrees
Road ElfNaah LefBallaz
Nyanda & The WizardSlippery When Wet [Miami Tropics Remix]21 Entertainment Group
Major Lazer ft RDX MoskaLose YourselfMajor Lazer
UIM Records#HashTag Instrumental#HashTag RiddimUIM Records
GageWah Do Dem#HashTag RiddimUIM Records
Di GeniusBackStabbersDi Genius
Jesse RoyalWadada [Wizophelia Remix]21 Entertainment Group
LivUp RecordsZion Train InstrumentalZion Train RiddimLivUp Records
Jah CureZion TrainZion Train RiddimLivUp Records
Tarrus RileyLiv UpZion Train RiddimLivUp Records
Tony FrassMoment Of GreatnessZion Train RiddimLivUp Records
ZaggaAttitude Of GratitudeZion Train RiddimLivUp Records
SizzlaI'm LivingMulti-Music
Stephen Marley ft Black ThoughtA Thorn Or A RoseGhetto Youths
Razz & BiggyRed Tam InstrumentalRed Tam RiddimRazz & Biggy
DeepJahiConversationRed Tam RiddimRazz & Biggy
Rasta LifeKid's PlayRasta LifeDrop Di Bass
Adde/21st/HapilosAnointed Instrumental21st/Hapilos
Tony FrassJoyFul NoiseLivUp Records
Anthony BGive PraisesMoving RiddimDi Genius
Lady FlameFaWud We Going [Ital Vibes Dub]Moving RiddimDi Genius
J.O.E [Jah Ova Evil] X Yabby-U X Masicka X Shanique Marie X Konshens X Puppy DiscoJesus Dread RemixEquiknoxx
Al CampbellOld People SayTaxi
NatureRevolutionKingston Signals/Downsound
 photo images_zpse3e3eb07.jpg  photo protoje-chronixx-who-knows_zps166d7a05.jpg Joyful Noise-EP, Tony Frass Man from Judah, J.O.E.  photo frenz-list-riddim_zpsd9717d8f.jpg  photo 28056_531572900187792_1391064725_n_zps9e23a49a.jpg Red Tam Riddim  photo LdzXitRh_zps1de152f9.jpeg Still Disturbed, Ward 21 Naah Lef - Single, Terro 3000 Road Elf Anointed - Single, Bugle  photo d75ac13b532eb421efa91bd7f41d86c0_view_zps1c615765.jpg Rasta Life, Rasta Life I'm Living - Single, Sizzla Fighter - Single, Cham http://i253.photobucket.com/albums/hh80/baddist_/45268_648940491784365_1005643627_n_zpsdd2df4f0.jpg BMX Bicycle - Single, Blak Ryno The Bounce (Feat Ward 21)-Single, Marcy Chin Apocalypse Soon - EP, Major Lazer  photo stream-i-octane-my-journey-album_0_zpsb4e79089.jpg  photo 8407332737_c16d2aba87_z_zps56256ab2.jpg Reverse It - Single, J Capri Bodyguard - Single, Reddman UK  photo maxresdefault_zps6b82e764.jpg Moving Riddim  photo RDX-FLUFFY-ANTHEM-_1_zpsc13d483a.jpg Slippery When Wet - EP, Nyanda Poco & Rum Riddim - EP Trapsetter Riddim - EP #Hashtag Riddim  photo CULTIVATORRIDDIM-ROYALORDERMUSICxROOTSampHARMONY_zps8fd7ad02.jpg http://a4.mzstatic.com/us/r30/Music/bf/93/86/mzi.aebtzgaz.170x170-75.jpg  photo 81c8869ba91a67341714f5ee0488496a_view_zps3f4fcb56.jpg Saddle Up Riddim - EP http://a4.mzstatic.com/us/r30/Music/v4/c4/5c/af/c45caf9f-c977-ee94-4fa5-37805e9ae522/0721762955628.170x170-75.jpg



Anjali and The Kid playlist for 03/04/2014

Program name: 
Anjali and The Kid
Air date: 
DelegateBed Artist/Hindu StormRiddim Rider Vol. 9
Bobo & AgonySoca TalibanLif Up Yuh Leg An Trample
AjalaSo NaniMashin Up D Place Again
Vedesh SookooDhal BellyChutney Soca Monarch 2003
Rikki Jai & Machel MontanoMor Tor
Anand YankaranJenee Jenee
Sundar PopoNana & Nani
Yo Yo Honey SinghChaar Botal VodkaRagini MMS 2
DJ Chernobyl ft Bazooka BoomHooli-Gun-Yo!
Kali MutsaEl Jardin
NagaBe Careful Freestyle
Bert on BeatsMorjim HarleyAntenna of Tallinn
Tigerstyle f. Jaspinder NarulaDhi Punjab DiDigi Bhang
Jazzy B f. PopsySingham Diyam Gadiyan
Kala DharniChamkila
Lux Phull f. Kaka BhainawalaaJigrey Yarran Di
Babbu Maan & Sukha NattSingh Maar De
Jatt Band feat. Babbu MaanChamkila
Chamkila & AmarjotPehle Lalkare Naal
Diljit Singh DosanjhSoorma
Highflyers f. Bakshi BillaYaar Himesha
Sarika Gill f. JeetiPunjabi Suit
Sazia JudgeCrazy MundaBudda Jatt

A Jazz World playlist for 03/05/2014

Program name: 
A Jazz World
Air date: 
Professor LonghairRed BeansCrawfish FiestaAlligator
Trombone ShortyVieux CarreSay That to ThisVerve
Donald Harrison Jr.Indian RedIndian BluesCandid
John BoutteA Change is Gonna ComeAt the Foot of Canal StreetVE
Fats DominoWalin' to New OrleansLive at MontreuxAtlantic
Dirty Dozen Brass BandDo It Fluid/Do it AgainMardi Gras in MontreuxRounder
Kermit RuffinsJust Showin' OffThe Barbecue Swingers LiveBasin St.
Los Hombres CalientesRon's GrooveVol. 2Basin St.
Neville BrothersCaravanNeville-izationBlack Top
Donald Harrison New Orleans Heritage EnsembleTwo Pockey WaySpirits of Congo SquareCandid
Marsalis FamilyA Joy ForeverFathers and SonsColumbia
Craig HandyOn the Sunny Side of the Street& 2nd Line SmithOkeh
Josh Berman and His GangLizaThere NowDelmark
Ari BrownVeda's DanceGroove AwakeningDelmark
Dee AlexanderLong as You're Livingunpluggedself-produced
Oscar Brown Jr.Straighten Up and Fly RightSin & Soul and then someColumbia
Von & Chico FreemanTome Marches OnFathers and SonsColumbia
Kenny GarrettNative TongueStandard of LanguageWB
Fareed HaquePoonjob in PunjabTrance HypothesisDelmark
Trombone ShortyFire and BrimstoneSay This to ThatVerve

A Categorized Program Not playlist for 03/09/2014

Air date: 
In honor of the international women day  (March 8th), Shuli Rutzick is bringing Hebrew songs by female poets/ female singers and about women

A Different Nature playlist for 03/03/2014

Program name: 
A Different Nature
Air date: 
Jonathan HarveyMotuos Plango, Vivos VocoMusicworks 87Musicworks Magazine
Wendy Carlositle music from A Clockwork OrangeA Clockwork Orange SoundtrackWarner Bros.
Wendy CarlosTimestepsA Clockwork Orange SoundtrackWarner Bros.
Susan AlexjanderRock Pieceunreleased----------www.oursounduniverse.com
Derek EcklundAstoria New Years Eve Midnightunreleased----------kboo.org
Derek EcklundSea Lion Snore excerptunreleased----------kboo.org
Lou ReedMetal Machine Music pt.1Metal Machine MusicBuddha
ContinuumClaude Vivier: Pulau Dewataunreleased----------
Harvey Mudd College GamelanLou Harrison: In Honor of Aphroditeunreleased----------
Bonnie MikschSolsticeunreleased----------
Walter WinslowConcertati Veneziani I. BriosoWalter Winslow: Concertati Veneziani & Other WorksCRI
Emerson QuartetBartók: String Quartet #4, SZ 91 - 5. Allegro MoltoBartók: The String Quartets [Disc 2]Deutsche Grammophon
Oregon Wind QuintetKenji Bunch: Shout Chorusunreleased----------
Abel-Steinberg-Winant TrioLou Harrison: Varied Trio - 5. DanceLa Koro SutroNew Albion
Julius EastmanEvil NiggerJulius Eastman: Unjust MalaiseNew World Records
Haskell SmallHovhaness: Macedonian Mountain Danceunreleased----------
Iannis XenakisConcret PhElectronic MusicEMF Media
Maggini QuartetBritten: String Quartet #2 In C, Op. 36 - 2. VivaceString Quartet 1 D Maj / String Quartet 2 C MajNaxos
Krzysztof PendereckiSymphony no. 3 (Passacaglia-Allegro Moderato)Shutter Island (Music From The Motion Picture)Rhino Records
Bonnie MikschSurrender Me Endlessunreleased----------
John C. SavageRitualA Moment In MythicaCD Baby
Maria ChobanTomas Svoboda: Storm Sessionunreleased----------
Mischa ZupkoOcupyunreleased----------
Mischa ZupkoBreathunreleased----------
Hildegard WesterkampBreathing RoomElectro Clipsempreintes DIGITALes
The ResidentsBeyond The Valley of a Day in The LifeThe Beatles Play The Residents and The Residents Play The Beatles (single)Ralph Records
James HarleySpangledHendrix Uncovered : New Music Inspired By Jimi HendrixMarzena
Erik SatieLe Tango Perpétual (from 'Sports et divertissments)unknown----------
Arditti QuartetXenakis: IkhoorXenakis: Chamber Music 1955 -90 [Disc 2]Disques Montaigne
Dobrinka TabakovaInsightString PathsECM
This installment of A Different Nature presented a preview of the fourth annual March Music Moderne "Listening to the Here of the Now", 32 events happening March 7th-16th. This week's host Andy Hosch was joined by MMM founder Bob Priest. Many of tonight's selections were not played in their entirety. More info at

Early Morning Gumbo playlist for 03/04/2014

Program name: 
Early Morning Gumbo
Air date: 
QUEEN IDA AND HER ZYDECO BAND / My Girl Josephine (Live) / In San Francisco / 1983 Gnp Crescendo
PRESERVATION HALL JAZZ BAND / Eh La Bas / Shake That Thing / 2007 Preservation Hall
DR JOHN / Iko, Iko / All By Hisself / 2003 Skinji Brim
THE NEW ORLEANS SOCIAL CLUB / Look Up (f/Irma Thomas & Marcia Ball) / Sing Me Back Home / 2006 Burgundy Records/Sony
ANDERS OSBORNE WITH MONK BOUDREAUX / Meet the Boyz On the Battlefront / Bury the Hatchet / 2005 Shanachie Entertainment
RAY BONNEVILLE / I Am the Big Easy / Goin' By Feel / 2007 Red House Records
PAUL SIMON / Take Me to the Mardi Gras / 1964/1993 /  warner brothers
BEAUSOLEIL / L'ouragon (The Hurricane) / Our New Orleans / 2005 Nonesuch (various artists)
CLIFTON CHENIER / Ti Na Na / Bogalusa Boogie / 1990 Arhoolie Records
MARCIA BALL / Mama's Cooking / Gatorhythms / 1989 Rounder
WAYLON THIBODEAUX & GINA FORSYTH / Jambalaya / Dans la Louisiane / 1995 WG
CHARMAINE NEVILLE / Second Line / New Orleans Playground / 2006 Putumayo (various artists)
DAVID DOUCET / Les Bons Temps Rouler / Quand J'ai Parti / 1991 Rounder
FILE / Chanson De Mardi Gras / Cajun Dance Band / 1989 Flying Fish
PROFESSOR LONGHAIR / Mardi Gras in New Orleans / 'Fess: The Professor Longhair Anthology / 1993 Rhino Records
PINE LEAF BOYS / Zydeco Gris-Gris / Blues de musicien / 2007 Arhoolie Records
DEL REY / Going Back To New Orleans / When the Levee Breaks / 2006 Hobemian
LUCINDA WILLIAMS / Crescent City / Lucinda Williams / 1988 Rough Trade
MELLO JOY BOYS (The Lost Bayou Ramblers) / Mello Joy Boogie / Une tasse café / 2006 Swallow
KATIE WEBSTER / Katie's Boogie Woogie / 15 Piano Blues & Boogie Classics / 1997 Arhoolie (various artists)
MAGNOLIA SISTERS / Honky Tonk Boogie / Apres Faire le Boogie Woogie / 2004 Rounder Records
SISTER ROSETTA THARPE / When the Saints Go Marching In / Lost & Found Vol 1 / 2008 Blues Legacy
LINZAY YOUNG & JOEL SAVOY / Gumbo Waltz / Linzay Young & Joel Savoy / 2009 Valcour Records

The Monday Sampler playlist for 03/03/2014

Program name: 
The Monday Sampler
Air date: 
Richard ShindellFenarioVuelta
Jim Patton and Sherry BrokusI'm All Right NowThe Great Unknown
Tim O'Brian & Darrell ScottMaggie's FarmLive in Portland
Bob DylanAll I Really Want to DoGreatest Hits Vol. II
Lindsey BuckinghamI am WaitingUnder the Sun
Steep RavinePonderosaTrampin' On
Neil BjorklundDont Call Me NowLight and Darkness
Mare Wakefield & NomadRat tle SnakePoet on the Moon
Mare Wakefield & NamadClementinePoet on the Moon
Spark and WhisperBurger for a buckGhost Towns
Jen HajjI of the StormI of the Storm
THe AmigosHey JoeDinner in the Sky
Dave McGraw and Mindy FeSerotinySeed of a Pine
David FranceyBorderlandsLate Edition
Otter CreekWhisper into SparkWhisper into Spark
Mike HigginsChump Man BluesPick a Peck of Pedmont Pickers
Tracy GrammerIt's Hard to make itFlower of Avalon
Shook TwinsWild FireYou Can Have the Rest
Host Ed Mellnik does the Singer Songwriter edition of the Monday Sampler

Portland General Eclectic playlist for 03/04/2014

Program name: 
Portland General Eclectic
Air date: 
Wolff & ClarkMercy, Mercy, MercyExpedition
Lake Street DiveYou Go Down SmoothBad Self Portraits
Mike GordonTiny Little WorldOverstep
Dr JohnWhen The Saints Go Marching InN'awlinz: Dis, Dat Or D'Udda
Gov't MuleWhen The World Gets SmallShout!
Trio SubtonicExistential CrisisNight Runners
The Motet123The Motet
The Soul RebelsLiving For The CityUnlock Your Mind
The WorkshopA Minor JamThe Workshop
Hard Working AmericansStomp And HollerHard Working Americans
YarnLay Down Your Lovin' HeartShine The Light On
Les Claypool's Duo De TwangBattle Of New OrleansFour Foot Shack
Rebirth Brass BandIt's All Over NowThe Main Event: Live At The Maple Leaf
Brushfire StankgrassDown TimeMicroclimates
Brad MehldauGot Me WrongWhere Do You Start
Tom WaitsI Don't Wanna Grow UpBone Machine
Grateful DeadIko Iko03.04.94 - Phoenix AZ
Grateful DeadMan Smart, Woman Smart07.15.88 - Berkeley CA
Leftover SalmonFat Man In The Bathtub02.21.14 - Avon, CO
Terrence Simien & The Zydeco ExperienceIko Iko>When The Saints Go Marching In>Brother John>JambalayaLive! Worldwide
Stephen Malkmus & The JicksChartjunkWig Out At Jagbags
Ben FlocksDon't Think Twice, It's AlrightBattle Mountain
Sarah JaroszSimple Twist Of FateBuild Me Up From Bones
Jim LauderdaleMadame MaryBlack Roses
Will KimbroughSoulfullySideshow Love
Dirty Dozen Brass BandKidd Jordan's Second lineThe New Orleans Album
Terrence Simien & the zydeco ExperienceYou Should Know Your Way By NowLive! Worldwide

Drinking from Puddles playlist for 02/26/2014

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 
Brandon hosts:
08:02pm 6:32 Friends of Dean Martinez And Love to Be the Master of Hate On the Shore 2003 Narnack Records  
08:09pm 3:04 Christine Hoberg All That Hate World Within 2014 self released  
08:12pm 1:23 JG Thirlwell Post Alles The Blue Eyes (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 2013 Ectopic Ents  
08:13pm 3:23 The Yardbirds Mr. You're a Better Man Than I Having A Rave Up with The Yardbirds
1965 epic  
08:16pm 5:03 Thalia Zedek Band Fell So Hard Six 2014 Thrill Jockey  
08:21pm 4:43 Sleepy Sun The Lane Maui Tears 2014 ATP Recordings  
08:26pm 2:03 Inez Andrews I Hear Music Close To Thee 1976 ABC/Songbird  
08:28pm 4:50 The Pack A.D. The Water Do Not Engage 2014 Nettwerk  
08:36pm 3:25 Black Prairie Let It Out Fortune 2014 Sugar Hill  
08:40pm 2:24 Guided By Voices Jupiter Spin Motivational Jumpsuit
2014 GBV Inc.  
08:42pm 3:24 Rosanne Cash World Of Strange Design The River & the Thread 2014 blue note  
08:46pm 3:22 St. Paul and the Broken Bones Like A Mighty River Half The City 2014 Single Lock  
08:49pm 2:50 Scott H. Biram I'm Troubled Nothin' But Blood
2014 Bloodshot Records  
08:52pm 5:19 Nothing B&E Guilty of Everything
2014 Relapse Records  
08:57pm 2:34 Annette Funicello The Huckle Buck Dance Annette 1961 Walt Disney Records  
09:00pm 2:32 Kelli Schaefer CALM DOWN 601 - EP 2013 Amigo Amiga  
09:02pm 3:47 Teenage Fanclub & Jad Fair Behold the Miracle Words of Wisdom and Hope 2001 Alternative Tentacles
09:11pm 3:58 Ane Brun Are They Saying Goodbye? Songs 2003-2013 2013 Balloon Ranger Recordings AB  
09:15pm 3:33 Peter Buck Ride The Road I Am Back to Blow Your Mind Once Again 2014 Mississippi Records  
09:19pm 3:33 Green On Red Jimmy Boy No Free Lunch 1985 Mercury  
09:22pm 3:33 Smoke Fairies Phone Line Upstairs At United Vol. 6 2013 453 Music  
09:26pm 1:48 Lucrecia Dalt Levedad SYZYGY
2013 Human Ear Music  
09:28pm 11:45 Charles Musselwhite Blues Band Christo Redemptor Tennessee Woman 1969 Vanguard  
09:39pm 5:16 Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson The Bottle The Bottle
1974 Arista  
09:45pm 3:33 Stu Davis The Dude In The Ten Gallon Hat Let's Go Back To The Country 1950 Cattle Records  
09:48pm 5:30 Thee Hypnotics Soul Trader Live'r Than God 1989 Sub Pop  
09:54pm 3:27 Eyelids I Can't Be Told Seagulls Into Submission - Single 2014 Off  
09:56pm 4:04 Eagulls Nerve Endings Eagulls 2014 Partisan Records


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