Swing & Country playlist for 07/18/2009

Program name: 
Swing & Country
Air date: 

 How Do You Do - Jeanette and Joe Carter - Deliverance Will Come

Shakin' the Blues - Gail Davies, Robbie Fulks - Touching My Heart

Old Cowhand - Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks - Return to Hicksville

Freight Train Boogie - Delmore Bros - Roots of Rock and Roll

Ace in the Hole - Glenn Ohrlin

Dark Town Strutter's Ball -Milton Brown & Brownies - Complete Records


Let the Mystery Be - Iris Dement - Infamous Angel

In the Jail House Now - Memphis Sheiks - From Where I Stand

I'm Movin' On - Hank Snow - Roots of Rock and Roll

It's Not Easy - Jessie Colter - Wanted: the Outlaws

Long Legged Guitar Picking Man - Johnny and June - Man in Black

Lock Stock and Teardrops - KD Lang - Shadowland


Daddy Was an Old Time Preacher Man - Porter Wagner & Dolly Parton - The Essential Porter & Dolly

Town of Delores - Katy Lee - 10,000 God Damn Cattle

Ride 'em Cowboy - Jimmy Rivard - Western Swing and Country Jazz


Peeler Creek Waltz - Kenny Hall - Kenny Hall

Sold American - Kinkie Freedman - Best Of

Search For a Soldier's Grave - Kitty Wells - Original 50's Recordings

Good Time Lady - Gov Scrivener - Shady Grove

You Got the Right Key but the Wrong Keyhole - Red Stick Ramblers - Right Key Wrong Keyhole

You Oughta See Pickles Now - Tommy Collins - Leonard

I Was the One - Jimmy Dale Gillmore - Spinning Around the Sun

Desert Pete - Kinston Trio

Don't Put No Headstone On My Grave - Charlie Rich - The Essential Charlie Rich

Mr and Mrs Used to Be - Leon Redbone - No Regrets

Honky Tonk Blues - Linda Rondstadt with Emmylou Harris - Linda Rondstadt Box Set


Stumbling - The Strangers - Concepts Live and the Strangers

Nobody Eats at Linebaugh's Anymore - John Hartford - Morning Bugle (by request)

Cattle Call - Don Waltzer - Texas Legend

It's Only a Paper Moon - Jim Reeves - Country Standard Time

Little Darling- Fiddlin Arthur Smith & Dixieliners - Fiddlin Arthur Smith & Dixieliners

I'm Free at Last - Ernest Tubb - Texas Troubadour Ernest Tubb


Midnight Choir - Gatlin Brothers - 17 Greatest Hits

Don't Be Ashamed of your Age - Red Foley & Ernest Tubb - Tennessee Saturday Night

Carolina Sunshine Boy - Barbecue Orchestra - Barbecue Orchestra

A Victim of Circumstances - Delbert Clinton - Best Of

Thunderstorms & Neon Signs - Wayne 'the Train' Hancock - Thunderstorms & Neon Signs


Amarillo Highway - Robert Earle Keene - A Bigger Piece of the Sky 

Me & Freddie & Jake - Dale Watson - The Trucking Sessions vol 2


Hawaiian Wedding Song - Marty Robbins - The Essential (for Ken and Ruth who are getting married today)

Dry Bones - Handsome Family - Singing Bones

Picture in My Mind - Freakwater - Exposed R Roots - Best of Alt Country

VJ the DJ - Stonewall Jackson - The Very Best of

Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy - Barbecue Orchestra - Barbecue Orchestra

The Devil With the Devil - Janet Voss, Hoyle Osburn - Get to the Heart

Ragtime Annie - Farr Brothers - the Crapshooters - by request


New Lee Highway Blues - Jim Ringer - Any Old Wing That Blows

Your Cheating Heart - Jerry Lee Lewis - Live at the Star Club in Hamburg

You're Gonna Change of I'm Gonna Leave - Hank Williams Sr - Live at the Grand Old Opry

Tequilla and Tear Drops - Johnny Bush - Cashmere Gardens Mud

Cash on the Barrelhead - Lovin Brothers - When I Stop Dreamin


Bright Lights and Country Music - Bill Anderson - 12 Classics

Flat Lonesome - Rob Ickes - Hard Time

CrossFade playlist for 07/16/2009

Air date: 

Masu Sushi special

audio available at www.kingfader.com

myspace at www.myspace.com/crossfadeonkboo

King Fader fan page on Facebook

name artist year album start time end time
1-Jan Brian Eno 2004 Ambient 1: Music for Airports 9:51:52 PM PDT 10:06:37 PM PDT
2-Jan Brian Eno 2004 Ambient 1: Music for Airports 9:54:54 PM PDT 10:08:19 PM PDT
Demon Days Gorillaz   Demon Days 10:06:37 PM PDT 10:12:29 PM PDT
One Two-One Seven Paris Zax 2005 Unpath'd Waters 10:08:19 PM PDT 10:16:04 PM PDT
Smokin Japanese Babe The Future Sound Of London 1995 Isdn 10:12:29 PM PDT 10:21:52 PM PDT
'84 Pontiac Dream Boards Of Canada 2005 The Campfire Headphase 10:16:04 PM PDT 10:23:53 PM PDT
Learning In Key dahlia 2003 Vase[S] 10:21:52 PM PDT 10:26:18 PM PDT
Pepper Spray Pinch 2007 Planet Mu 200 10:23:53 PM PDT 10:30:40 PM PDT
Avalon dahlia 2001 Emotion Cycles 10:26:18 PM PDT 10:34:09 PM PDT
The Seasons: Bacarolle Tchaikovksy 2004 Masterworks Reworked 10:30:40 PM PDT 10:37:16 PM PDT
Nick Jaina - Power Portland Cello Project 2008 Live At The Wonder Ballroom 10:34:09 PM PDT 10:41:44 PM PDT
The Classical Sounds of 73 Bells Prefuse 73 2007 The Class of 73 Bells 10:37:16 PM PDT 10:43:00 PM PDT
The Class of 73 Bells Prefuse 73 2007 Preparations & Interregnums 10:41:44 PM PDT 10:47:58 PM PDT
Rue The Whirl Boards Of Canada 1998 Music Has The Right To Children 10:43:00 PM PDT 10:59:07 PM PDT
These Days Nico 1967 The Royal Tenenbaums 10:47:58 PM PDT 10:50:51 PM PDT
We Are The Music Makers Aphex Twin 1993 Selected Ambient Works 85-92 10:52:11 PM PDT 11:00:29 PM PDT
Isobel - Deodato Björk 1996 Telegram 10:59:07 PM PDT 11:05:56 PM PDT
Closer Closer Auditory Sculpture 2005 Sessions At East 11:02:23 PM PDT 11:09:36 PM PDT
mac mix Auditory Sculpture     11:06:40 PM PDT 11:12:38 PM PDT
General Motors: Futurama Raymond Scott 1964 Manhattan Research, Inc. [Disc 2] 11:09:36 PM PDT 11:14:20 PM PDT
Oxygene Part 4 Jean Michel Jarre   Oxygene 11:13:15 PM PDT 11:17:48 PM PDT
Expreso De Media Noche Giorgio Moroder   palmsout.com sample wednesday 23: outkast 11:16:37 PM PDT 11:22:25 PM PDT
Malaguena Lecuona 1973 Everything You Always Wanted To Hear On The Moog *but were afraid to ask for 11:17:48 PM PDT 11:25:58 PM PDT
Sorood Ebn E Sync 1996 Ebn E Sync 11:22:25 PM PDT 11:32:02 PM PDT
Brown Paper Bag (Photek remix) Roni Size Reprazent 1997 Brown Paper Bag 11:25:58 PM PDT 11:37:07 PM PDT
Magnesium Flares We 1996 As Is 11:32:02 PM PDT 11:43:12 PM PDT
Whatever Yellow Note 1998 We're Not The Beatles 11:37:07 PM PDT 11:45:44 PM PDT
The Coathanger Squarepusher 2008 Just A Souvenir 11:43:12 PM PDT 11:49:03 PM PDT
Protection radiation ruling the nation Massive Attack v Mad Professor 1995 No Protection 11:45:44 PM PDT 11:56:32 PM PDT
Into Dust blended over /\ Mazzy Star 1993 So Tonight That I Might See 11:49:03 PM PDT 11:57:44 PM PDT
Protection Massive Attack 1995 Protection 11:56:32 PM PDT 12:04:22 AM PDT
Gwarek2 Aphex Twin 2001 Drukqs [Disc 1] 11:57:44 PM PDT 12:04:24 AM PDT

Guess Who's Coming to Radio??!! playlist for 07/16/2009

Air date: 
STEVIE WONDERi am singingsongs in the key of lifetamla
upsettersjungle liondouble seventrojan
lazarus kgagudibaesekele serobege (bicycle don't break)this place is boringtusk
augustus pabloup warrika hilloriginal rockersrockers
olympic runnersput the music where your mouth is7"london
gilberto gilrodathe early years
laurel aitkenghana independence (they got it)the pioneer of jamaican musicreggae retro
prince nico mbarga & rocafil jazzonye ori obifree educationrounder
the mgababa queenssidl'imali zethu (our own money)soweto never sleepsshanachie
billy oceaneverlasting lovenights (feel like getting down)epic/GTO
light of the worldlondon town
mulatu astatquechifaramulatu in ethiopiaworthy
senior soulis it because i'm blackstudio one soulstudio one
u roytom drunksoundbwoy super status
lennie hibbertreal hotcreationstudio one
gilberto gilespresso 2222acoustic
professionalstheme from the godfatherbelize city boil-upnumerogroup
mahmoud ahmedyadestalalmazbuda musique
linnton kwesi johnsoncome wi go dung dehin concert with the dub bandheartbeat

the international edition!!!

Africa O-Ye! playlist for 07/16/2009

Air date: 
Issa BagayogoPoyeMali Koura
Mory KanteBankieroTouma
Issa BagayogoDunu KanMali Koura
Mama SissokoJarabi MusoSoleil Du Minuit
KhaledZine A ZineN'ssi N'ssi
Lassina Coulibaly & Yan Kadi FasoBri KamayeMusic Du Monde
Ifang BondiGis GisGis Gis
Hassan HakmounSidi MusaThe Fire Within
Issa BagayogoDambalouTimbuktru

Heavy Metal Vomit Party playlist for 07/16/2009

Program name: 
Heavy Metal Vomit Party
Air date: 

longmont potion castle - flutter rate

sepultura - beneath the remains

napalm death - Multinational corporations

sacred reich - one nation

Naked City -

absu - vorago - spell 182

parlamenterisk sodomi - parlamenterisk sodomi

cro-mags - sign of the times

Warsore - Slave formation

incantation - feeble existence

dystopia - diary of a battered child

immolation - after my prayers

hatred surge -

judas priest - let us pray...

corrupted - nieve

longmont potion castle - wor wizard

sepultura - antichrist

mic break

godflesh - veins

amsvartner - underneath the thousand years gate

Kreator - pleasure to kill

PrettyLittleFlower - ripping tighter

accion mutante - hate us

bathory - Through blood by thunder

fucking champs - some swords

F.I.D.- Finite dark water

rorshach - clenching

thorr's hammer - Norge


MERCYFUL FATE - satans fall




Life During Wartime playlist for 07/15/2009

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

Diskords – LDW

Slaughter and the Dogs – Cranked Up Really High
The Cramps – Human Fly
Fire Engines – Meat Whiplash
Delta 5 – Mind Your Own Business
Cocksparrer – We Love You

PIL  - This is not a love song
Vice Squad – You’ll Never Know
Kliche – Supertanker
New Bloods – Eyes
Giant Haystacks – How We Lost the War
The Ones – Tune in Tokyo

Fossil Fuel – 12 Step
Fy Fan – Snick Snack
Government Warning – Arrested
Insurgents – Yuppie Mind Set
Instangd – Rebell
The Freeze – I hate Tourists

--Silver Spooners
--Lost Soul
--Cut Open
--Don’t Wash My Hands
--Toob Touchers
--Bad Dream

Sevarance Package = Wash Your Mouth

Wild Weekend
Sevarence Package is playing a house party Friday night, and with Salted City and the Red Dons on Saturday at Work Sound 820 SE Alder. Great show at the Mll St. House Sunday night with Rayos X and Tuberculousis from LA, Salted City and Silent Majority, too. Tuesday night is the Nerveskade 7” release show with the Bimarks last show at the Ranch, also with Brainkillers from Boston.

Salted City –
Red Dons – Independent

Red Cross- Annette;s Got The Hits
Impatient Youth – Definition Empty
U-Boats – Break Out Tonight
The Jam – Change My Address
Marked Men – Nothing’s Changed
King Louie – Lookin for a Heart

--Stay Away
--Kill your Ego
--No Bullshit
--Dead End Road
--Play for Fun
--Let’s Mutate

Mr T Experience – Zero
Dickies – Nights in White Satin
Del Rubio Triplets – Light My Fire
Classics Of Love – Time Flies
Buzzcocks – When Love Turns Around You
Agent Orange – Miserlou

Teenage Jesus and the Jerks - Orphans


Pastures of Plenty playlist for 07/15/2009

Program name: 
Pastures of Plenty
Air date: 
Whistlin RufusOld Home PlaceIt's About Time
Puddletown RamblersIn the Jailhouse NowTravelin' Blues
Mona WarnerIt's All RightSinging On and On
Mike Seeger and Alice GerrardSugar BabyBowling Green
Robin KessingerAlabama JubileeRobin Kessinger
" "The Third Eyebrow" "
Wayne HendersonHangman's ReelW.C. Henderson & Co.
" "St. Anne's Reel" " "
" "Sweet Fern" " "
James Bryan & Carl JonesWhistling SongTwo Pictures
Kathy KallickWho's Going Down to TownWalkin' in my Shoes
Glenn BolickLonesome Road BuesAppalachian Childhood
H. Dickens, C.E. Jones, G. HawkerLove Me or Leave Me AloneHeart of a Singer
Tony Rice & Norman BlakeNew Chance BluesBlake and Rice
Ann and Phil CaseShoo ! FlyOld Step-Stone
Flatt & ScruggsFoggy Mt. BreakdownThe Best of Flatt & Scruggs
Joel MabusTwinkle Little StarFlatpick & Clawhammer
Water Tower Bucket BoysSittin' on Top of the WorldCatfish on the Line
Cliff Perry & Laurel BlissThere's an Open Door Waiting for MeSpirit of Love
Coty HogueUndone in SorrowTo the West
The Red Clay RamblersWill You Miss MeMerchants Lunch
Tracy Schwarz & Ginny HawkerWon't You Come and Sing for MeDeep Hollows and High Ridges
The Watson FamilyBonaparte's RetreatThe Watson Family

Jazz in the Afternoon playlist for 07/15/2009

Program name: 
Jazz in the Afternoon
Air date: 

Jazz Lives! playlist for 07/15/2009

Program name: 
Jazz Lives!
Air date: 
charlie parker 1947donna lee, cheryl,repetition, another hairdo and klaunstance
grant greenminor leaguesolidblue note 1964
will blades32nd streetsketchydoodlin' 2007
jimmy cobbo grande amourtough guysICA 2008
art abrams swing machinechildren of the nightchildren of the nightAYA
steve cannonavalonfull blownbrocan 2006
john coltraneimpressionsimpressionsimpulse 1961
gene ammonssweet jenny lou and cha-bootie and you go to my head1950
Albert Ayler Trioghostsspiritual unityESP 1964
dave douglasyorkethe infiniteBMG 2000
lynn darroch's jazz storiessmall town girllocal heroes-american legendslynndarroch.com 2009
pony poindexterbasin street bluespony's expressepic
cornell dupreefreedom jazz dancebop'n'blueskokopelli 1995
billy eckstineeverything i have is yourseverything i have is yoursMGM
mi]les daviswoody'n yourelaxin'prestige 1956
louis armstrongwest end blues, dallas blues and st. louis blues


straight ahead and a little funky is the theme today with a lot of bird, trane, jug etc.

world beat connection playlist for 07/14/2009

Program name: 
World Beat Connection
Air date: 
Omar SosaAzul YemayaSentirTA
Omar SosaCha AmarilloPrietosTA
ZebPretoStop the Earth, I Want to Get OffWonderwheel
ZebMy Own BoatStop the Earth, I Want to Get OffWonderwheel
ZebNo Matter What they SayStop the Earth, I Want to Get OffWonderwheel
Rootz Underground20 centuriesMovementRiverstone
Gov't MulePlay with FireMighty HighATO
Easy Star AllstarsWith a Little HelpSgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Dub BandEasy Star
Easy Star AllstarsLovely RitaSgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Dub BandEasy Star
Honore AvalontoTin Lin NonLegends of BeninAnalog Africa
Antoine DougbeNou AknenonLegends of BeninAnalog Africa
Ouinsou CorneilleVinon So MinsouAfrican Scream ContestAnalog Africa
Honore AvalontoNa Mi Do Gbe Hue NuLegends of BeninAnalog africa
Orch Poly-RythmoMi Ni Non KpoVodoun EffectAnalog africa

Shocks of Sheba playlist for 07/15/2009

Program name: 
Shocks of Sheba
Air date: 
AswadDub Fire...mangoCD
Jamelody & CapletonBurn Dem Up...vpCD
Richie Spice# Soothing Sound...greensleevesCD
Cherine Anderson# 20 To Life...greensleevesCD
Willie WilliamsSee You When I Get There...heartbeatCD
Black Skin# Black Skin...black skin7"
Black Skin# Ruccumbine...talent 777"
Freddie McGregorReggae Feeling...rasLP
Natty GJustice For All...sweet beat7"
Pablo MosesRevolutionary Dream...united artistsLP
Freddie McKayArise, Selassie I, Arise...hot rod7"
Freddie McKayVersion Prophetical Dub...rootical dubber7"
Dave & AnselMek We Live With Jah...rhinoCD
Roland BurrellBlack Race...prestigeCD
Noel EllisMemories...light in the atticLP
Claudius LindonArms Race...sanity12"
Gregory IsaacsWar Of The Stars...blood & fireCD
Edmond Brooks & The TatesEarth Is The Fullness...harvest7"
TennorsWeather Report...nighthawkCD
The ConquerorsJumpy Jumpy Girl...vpCD
Lone RangerJamaican Collie...revolutionary sound12"
Josey WalesLove Me Ishan Tree...live & learnLP
Wailing SoulsIshen Tree...greensleevesLP
TucoFeeling Irie...crucial sounds7"
Big YouthWaterhouse Rock (Groove Corp. Ext. Mix)...select cuts12"
Creation RebelIndpendant Man Pt. 1...cherry redLP
GentlemanRound The World...fourCD
EtanaBad Mind...vpCD
Assassin# Priority...greensleevesCD
Busy Signal# Spliff Tail...greensleevesCD
Earl 16Stay At Home...kingdomLP
Bold One & Clint EastwoodDry Up Your Tears...cha cha12"
HeptonesStop This World...studio oneLP
Mistah BoJanglesBurn Babylon...enchanted12"

# denotes version excursion

great to both be back in the air room; nuff respect to ital vibes for filling in for us!

bubblin' under the mic chat:  sly & robbie - freedom illusion (ras)

Ital Vibes playlist for 07/15/2009

Program name: 
Ital Vibes
Air date: 
Courtney JohnReady To GoMade In JamaicaFiWi Music
Jimmy Riley & Tarrus RileyPull Up SelectorSly & Robbie Present Jimmy Riley - Pull Up SelectorTaxi
Sugar MinottRub-A-DubTaxi
Cherine AndersonShine On JamaicaIntroduction - DubstyleCherine Anderson Production
Black UhuruSolidarityAnthemIsland
EquinoxxNah No Mercy InstrumentalEqunoxx
Lil JoeNah No MercyEquinoxx
TroublesumRemember My Name InstrumentalRugged D/VIP Connected
TroublesumRemember My NameRugged D/VIP Connected
Nas & Damian MarleyAs We AreDistant RelativesIsland Def jam
Damian MarleyHolidayGhetto Youths
Alborosie ft Dennis BrownCan't Stand ItEscape From BabylonGreensleeves
EquinoxxDoubble Troubble InstrumentalEquinoxx
MungaDoubble TroubbleEquinoxx
Major Lazer ft Prince ZimbooBabyGuns Don't Kill People...Lazers DoMad Decent
Gappy Ranks ft KibakiStinking Rich RemixGappy Ranks Productions
Gappy RanksStinking Rich (Hip Hop Remix)Gappy Ranks Productions
Busy SignalStreet LightTop Notch
B Real ft Damian MarleyFire InstrumentalDuck Down Records
B Real ft Damian MarleyFireSmoke & MirrorsDuck Down Records
Fresh Ear ProductionsReleationships Riddim InstrumentalRelationships RiddimFresh Ear Productions
I WayneWhat Will They DoRelationships RiddimFresh Ear Productions
Charley BlacksMind So FreeRelationships RiddimFresh Ear Productions
CapletonAcresGreensleeves One Drop Rhythm Album #02 - Dubwise & IndiscretionsGreensleeves
Lutan FyahNuh TalkGreensleeves One Drop Rhythm Album #02 - Dubwise & IndiscretionsGreensleeveswww.youtube.com
Jah CureSearchingGreensleeves One Drop Rhythm Album #02 - Dubwise & IndiscretionsGreensleeves
Tarrus RileyYoung HeartContagiousVP Records
Tarrus Riley/PeckingsYoung Heart InstrumentalPeckings
Queen IfricaCoconut ShellMontego BayVP Records
VitalHerbalistRhythm Republic (Boyd & Conroy Forte)
Major Lazer ft Mr Lexx & SantigoldHold The LineGuns Don't Kill People...Lazers DoMad Decentwww.youtube.com
Cham ft SantigoldCall MiMadhouse
Christopher MartinVibe Is RightStreet Bullies RiddimBig Yard
Elephant ManPovertyStreet Bullies RiddimBig Yard
ShaggyLong TimeStreet Bullies RiddimBig Yard
Michael JacksonThey Dont Crae About Us (Sting International Remix)Street Bullies RiddimBig Yard
MavadoMockingbird (Big Ship Remix)Street Team RiddimFire Links
MavadoSixteenSixteen RiddimDasceca
MavadoSixteen Remix
MavadoHope & PrayTrippple Bounce RiddimBig Ship/ZJ Chrome
Vybz KartelMr. OfficerTrippple Bounce RiddimBig Ship/ZJ Chrome
LadenRunning The PlaceTrippple Bounce RiddimBig Ship/ZJ Chrome
BugleAnything GoesTrippple Bounce RiddimBig Ship/ZJ Chrome
BrammaMi Nuh KnowTrippple Bounce RiddimBig Ship/ZJ Chrome
Vybz KartelBicycleTrippple Bounce RiddimBig Ship/ZJ Chrome
Vybz KartelWine Pon MeWeapon RiddimGood Thyme Click/Maxamedia
Good Thyme Click/MaxamediaWeapon Riddim InstrumentalWeapon RiddimGood Thyme Click/Maxamedia
TifaHolding PowerWeapon RiddimGood Thyme Click/Maxamedia
Busy SignalSen OnFresh Ear Productions
Lefside ft SyonNuh Other GalKeep Left
MavadoSweetest TimeFitness RiddimBig Ship
BrammaDo As I SayFitness RiddimBig Ship
LadenWarm UpFitness RiddimBig Ship
Black RynoDont Stop WineFitness RiddimBig Ship
Chimney RecordsBall Out InstrumentalChimney Records
Black RynoBall OutChimney Records
SkattaHindu Riddim InstrumentalHindu RiddimFire Beat Records
SanjayBoom Chicky BoomHindu RiddimFire Beat Records
Elephant ManBelly DanceHindu RiddimFire Beat Records
RageHinduHindu RiddimFire Beat Records
Natalie StormRecession SpecialHindu RiddimFire Beat Records
TikiTiki WineHindu RiddimFire Beat Records
Busy SignalPicanteI Strong
Busy SignalDa Style DehJukeboxx Records
Busy SignalDa Style Deh (MJ Remix)Stainless/Network Productions
Busy SignalDat Style Deh (I'm Bad Remix)Stainless/Network Productions
Busy SignalAnother Gal (I'm Bad Remix)Stainless/Network Productions
Busy SignalGun Is Mine (I'm Bad Remix)Stainless/Network Productions
Busy SignalStamma RemixJukeboxx Records
BuglePearly GatesAlter-Ego RiddimTJ
I OctaneThink A Little TimeAlter-Ego RiddimTJ
G WhizzMamma Don't WorryAlter-Ego RiddimTJ
G WhizzLifeMood Swing RiddimTJwww.youtube.com
BugleDon't Blame LifeMood Swing RiddimTJ
Major Lazer ft Vegas & Jovi RockwellCan't Stop NowGuns Don't Kill People...Lazers DoMad Decent
ParagonsBlackbird SingingOn The Beach With The ParagonsTrojan
Courtney JohnWin SomeMade In JamaicaFiWi Music
EtanaMoneyFree Mind Music
Buju BantonTime & PlaceComing In From The Cold RiddimJohn John
SanchezThat PlaceComing In From The Cold RiddimJohn John
SizzlaDo It Right NowComing In From The Cold RiddimJohn John
Tarrus RileyContagiousContagiousVP Records

YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THIS PROGRAM HERE >> http://italvibes.blogspot.com/

Global Shakedown playlist for 07/12/2009

Air date: 
DJ ZephUnderscoreSunset ScavengerWide Hive Records
Nickodemus feat. Stimulus & DionysosGive the Drummer SomeWonderWheel Recordings
AkwidNo Hay ManeraTequila Breaks
Sly and RobbieSoftcore Surge (Ashley Beedle Remix)Palm Pictures

Global Shakedown playlist for 07/12/2009

Air date: 
RadarCaravaneMusic For Dreams
Digital BledEsparando Chuva (Ashley Beedle Remix)Sony
Indian Ropeman66 MetersSkint
Alex CortizRoom 505Swirl
Ingrid SchroederBee Charmer (DJ mUggs Mix)Warner
Pete RockPete's JazzBBE
The KnockheadzFunk n' ChairSupadope
Rob Life/Cappo/DPFFocus on the Main FeaturesBreakin' Bread
Treva WhatevaSingalongTru Thoughts
Divine StylerSatan Dynasty Killa 1Mo' Wax
Kieth Mac & JBCharlie Brown's Big Beat Orchestra
DJ FormatB-boy Code (Psycho Pab Remix)Genuine
Stereo MCsAll Night LongIsland
Robin JonesRoyal Marcha (Raj Gupta Remix)Royal Palm
Mister JBugs Don't CryMissive
Miguel MigsBreathe (Migs + Ms. T Mix)La Casa
DJ FoodSpiralNinja Tune
HushGhetto MantraUrban Star Records
ChargedElectro Punjabi Da-Koo (Wayward Soul Urban Mix)Nation Records
Divine StylerMicropheniaMo' Wax
FlevansGo Get The Big HornTru Thoughts
Nightmares On WaxDate With DestinyWarp
Indian Ropeman66 Meters (Lower the Tone Edit)Skint
ThunderballThe Road to Benares18th Street Lounge
Lil GuptaThe Next EpisodeBud Bud Ding Ding Records
Dr. Dre feat. Snoop DoggThe Next EpisodeInterscope
Panjabi Hit SquadGet Crunked UpAV8 Records
Cousin GrizzlyChef's Special BeatsSawtooth Records
The Chemical Brothers feat. Q-TipGalvanizeAstralwerks
Panjabi Hit SquadSharaabAV8 Records


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