Sounds Unsound playlist for 07/13/2014

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
KraftwerkThe Man MachineThe Man MachineCapitol
NiobeCadillac NightBlackbird's EchoTomlab
ChicaloyohAll the NightsSacree FolieShelter Press
GoatDisco FeverLive Ballroom RitualRocket
OOIOOGamel KamasuGamelThrill Jockey
SupersisterMexico/Metamorphisis/Eight Miles HighLong Live Supersister!Pseudonym
Bardo PondApple EyeRefalgo3 Lobed
Sao Paulo UndergroundTaking Back the Sea Is No Easy TaskBeijo Flors Velho E SuoCuneiform
GuignolThe Great Neapolitan Road IssueAngela, David and the Great Neopolitan Road IssueCenotaph
Alek K Redfearn & the SeizuresIsle of SwineExterminating AngelCorleone
Magik MarkersAxis MundiBossEcstatic Peace
Magik MarkersPsychosomaticBalf QuarryDrag City
Magik MarkersWhite Map with White Ink on White Wallssplit EP w/Sic AlpsYik Yak
Mia Doi TodJardim do AmorRed Hot & BachRed Hot
Blood CeremonyWitchwoodThe Eldritch DarkMetal Blade
Clark-HutchensonImpromptu in E MinorA=MH2Repertoire
CircleSteel Torment WarriorTyrantLattitudes
The Nihilist Spasm BandStop and Think Shitheads1x-x=xAlchemy
Adam BohmanLondon Part 2Music and Words 2Paradigm
Akos Rozmannside EImages of the Dream and DeathIdoealogical Organ
NoaPellerinNoaSoleil Zeuhl
Elizabeth Anka VajagikPainNostalgia/PainConstellation
ArrowwoodBallad of the Hanged MenBeautiful GraveMerlins Noise
Vox PopuliAlternative FreshCut Chemist Presents Funk OffA Stable Ground
Akira ItoSelf AwarenessJapanesqueBamboo
Michel WaisviszDutch HopIn TuneSonig
DarkDarksideDark Around the EdgesPicchu

Higher Reasoning Reggae Time playlist for 07/13/2014

Air date: 
Ras MuhamadLion RoarAfrican Children RiddimOneness Records
Oneness BandAfrican Children Riddim versionAfrican Children RiddimOneness Records
Natural BlackNo PrejudiceNo PrejudiceTriple T Records
Natural BlackNo MoreNo PrejudiceTriple T Records
HezronInna Di GhettoThe Life That I Live(d)Tad's Records
HezronUntil We Meet AgainThe Life That I Live(d)Tad's Records
Million StylezWithout YouMoonshine RiddimBassrunner Music
Da'VilleCall Me AnytimeMoonshine RiddimBassrunner Music
RC Righteous ChildBlessings RainMoonshine RiddimBassrunner Music
GadmanLow Da MeatKaboom RiddimMagu Shan Dub Tong
WileyBoom Boom Da NaKaboom RiddimMagu Shan Dub Tong
Jahdan BlakkamooreNice GreenKaboom RiddimMagu Shan Dub Tong
Kojo NeatnessBoom SoundKaboom RiddimMagu Shan Dub Tong
Don Goliath ft-Wayne McArthurGlory To The KingRootsstep to The World Vol.24Rootsstep Division Records
Don Goliath ft-Daddy U RoyGive Thanks And PraiseRootsstep to The World Vol.24Rootsstep Diision Records
Don GoliathGive Thanks And Praise DubRootsstep to The World Vol.24Rootsstep Diision Records
ConkarahThunderConkarah To The World EPTell Dem
ConkarahRaggamuffinConkarah To The World EPTell Dem
ConkarahStand TallConkarah To The World EPTell Dem
ConkarahBloodshedConkarah To The World EPTell Dem
ConkarahSimply NaturalConkarah To The World EPTell Dem
Lee Scratch PerryWall Street VersionBack On The ControlsUpsetter Records
Lee Scratch PerryBelieve This DubBack On The ControlsUpsetter Records
Lee Scratch PerryRepent And DubBack On The ControlsUpsetter Records
Lee Scratch PerryRepentBack On The ControlsUpsetter Records
Fido GuidoEverywhere I GoSpring Bud RiddimYea Sound Productions
General LevyDancehall ReportSpring Bud RiddimYea Sound Productions
Ras MelodyInna DanceSpring Bud RiddimYea Sound Productions
Skarra MucciGunshotSpring Bud RiddimYea Sound Productions
Lutan FyahGet Rid A Di WickedGet Rid A Di WickedBread Back Productions
Lutan FyahTired A Di SufferingGet Rid A Di WickedBread Back Productions
Lutan FyahGanja ManGet Rid A Di WickedBread Back Productions
Lutan FyahJust So Down Town RunGet Rid A Di WickedBread Back Productions
Chino & Stephen McGregorFamily!singleGachapan Records
Capital DLighter Fi MamasingleReggae Vibes Productions
Capital DPapasingleReggae Vibes Productions
Singing Sweet ft-KibakiHow ComeSo Pleasing RiddimLibra Life Music
Itru JahGive The YouthsSo Pleasing RiddimLibra Life Music
Jah MasonGanjaSo Pleasing RiddimLibra Life Music
LucianoIf You Want ItSo Pleasing RiddimLibra Life Music
See-IKing Of The RoadKnowledge Shine BrightFort Knox Recordings
See-IReal SteelKnowledge Shine BrightFort Knox Recordings
See-I ft-Mr LifThe BoogiemanKnowledge Shine BrightFort Knox Recordings
See-IKnowledge Shine BrightKnowledge Shine BrightFort Knox Recordings
Fred LocksWhat Life Has Taught MeWhat Life Has Taught MeJahYouth Productions
Ras Mc BeanHocupocusInlightmentUnion World Music
Ziggi Recado ft-MidniteEarthstrongTherapeuticZion High Productions
PressureThe SoundThe SoundI Grade Records

Italian Hour playlist for 07/13/2014

Program name: 
Italian Hour
Air date: 
Luciano PavarottiLa Donna e' Mobile
Elio ScaccioChitarra Romana
Elio ScaccioLettere D'Amore
Joe DeGennaroNon Credere
Joe DeGennaroCade La Neve
Lina De SantisInfatuazione
Gigi D'AlessioCome Suena El Corazon
Peppino Di CapriVoglio Vivere
Massimo RanieriVoce 'e Notte
Massimo RanieriRundinella
Antonio BovePaesecco Mio
Antonio BoveVolimmoci Bene
Antonio BoveMusic Makes Me Smile
Raoul CasadeiRomagnia Mia
Raoul CasadeiMalinconico Settembre
Raoul CasadeiIl Valzer Degli Sposati

Italian Hour playlist for 07/13/2014

Program name: 
Italian Hour
Air date: 
Luciano PavarottiLa Donna e' Mobile
Elio ScaccioChitarra Romana
Elio ScaccioLettere D'Amore
Joe DeGennaroNon Credere
Joe DeGennaroCade La Neve
Lina De SantisInfatuazione
Gigi D'AlessioCome Suena El Corazon
Peppino Di CapriVoglio Vivere
Massimo RanieriVoce 'e Notte
Massimo RanieriRundinella
Antonio BovePaesecco Mio
Antonio BoveVolimmoci Bene
Antonio BoveMusic Makes Me Smile
Raoul CasadeiRomagnia Mia
Raoul CasadeiMalinconico Settembre
Raoul CasadeiIl Valzer Degli Sposati

Radio Lost and Found playlist for 07/11/2014

Program name: 
Radio Lost and Found
Air date: 
DJ F.U. and Rich L. scrape the bottom of the by-now fetid and rotten punk rock barrel to serve up another round of hits, misses and all out mayhem, in this sequel to last year's punk rock massacre Rock Or Die!
Here's what we played:
10:00PM Jack Klugman "Quincy Punk Episode" from "YouTube" 
10:01PM SNFU "Real Men Don't Watch Quincy" from "Real Men Don't Watch Quincy EP" 
10:03PM Angry Samoans "Lights Out" from "Back From Samoa" 
10:03PM Angry Samoans "My Old Man's A Fatso" from "Back From Somoa" 
10:05PM The Frantix "My Dad's A Fucking Alcoholic" from "7"" 
10:08PM Nina Hagen "Tv-Glotzer (White Punks On Dope)" from "Nina Hagen Band 10"" 
10:14PM D.R.I. "Mad Man" from "Dealing With It" 
10:15PM Radio Birdman "Aloha Steve & Danno" from "Radios Appear (UK Edition)" 
10:19PM Feederz "Have You Never Been Mellow" from "Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss?" 
10:22PM The Pagans "What's This Shit Called Love?" from "Shit Street" 
10:24PM The Child Molesters "(I'm the) Hillside Strangler" from "Hillside Strangler 7"" 
10:27PM Set break  — DJ F.U. Set
10:27PM The Plugz "La Bamba" from "Electrify Me" 
10:30PM The Plugz "In the Wait" from "Better Luck" 
10:34PM The Plugz "El Clavo Y La Cruz" from "Better Luck" 
10:37PM Flipper "Life Is Cheap" from "Album - Generic Flipper" 
10:41PM Dead Kennedys "Chemical Warfare" from "Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables" (usa) 
10:44PM Dead Kennedys "Man With the Dogs" from "Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death" 
10:47PM Dead Kennedys "This Could Be Anywhere" from "Frankenchrist" 
10:53PM Flipper "Sex Bomb" from "Sex Bomb Baby!" 
10:58PM Set break  — Rich Set
11:00PM Suicidal Tendencies "I Saw Your Mommy" from "Suicidal Tendencies" 
11:04PM The Dicks "Fake Bands" from "Recorded Live At Raul's Club" 
11:06PM The Dicks "Dicks Hate Police" from "Recorded Live At Raul's Club" 
11:08PM The Vandettas "Atheists Rock" from "Atheists Rock 7"" 
11:11PM Set break 
11:12PM Minutemen "If Reagan Played Disco" from "Bean Spill EP" 
11:14PM Minutemen "Case Closed" from "Bean Spill EP" 
11:15PM Pere Ubu "Birdies" from "The Art of Walking" 
11:17PM Pop-O-Pies "New York" from "Joe's Second Album" 
11:19PM Flipper "HA HA HA" from "Blow'n Chunks" 
11:21PM Crime "Hot Wire My Heart" from "Murder By Guitar" 
11:24PM Chrome "Meet You In the Subway" from "Subterranean Modern" 
11:27PM Set break  — DJ F.U. Set
11:29PM Bad Brains "God Of Love" from "God of Love" (usa) 
11:32PM Bad Brains "How Low Can a Punk Get?" from "Rock for Light" 
11:34PM Bad Brains "Banned In D.C." from "Bad Brains" 
11:37PM Selector "On My Radio" from "On My Radio" 
11:41PM The Specials "Gangsters" from "The Best of the Specials (Remastered)" 
11:43PM The Beat "Ranking Full Stop" from "I Just Can't Stop It (Deluxe Edition)" 
11:46PM The Specials "Concrete Jungle" from "The Best of the Specials (Remastered)" 
11:49PM The Ramones "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment" from "Leave Home" 
11:51PM The Ramones "53rd and 3rd" from "The Ramones" 
11:53PM The Ramones "Now I Wanna Be A Good Boy" from "Leave Home" 
11:56PM The Ramones "Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World" from "The Ramones" 
11:58PM Set break  — Music over and under DJ - Ramones: I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (Demo version)
11:58PM Tommy Erdelyi "Rockaway Beach" from "YouTube" 

Listen to it again here [until 7/25]

Grateful Dead & Friends playlist for 07/12/2014

Program name: 
Grateful Dead & Friends
Air date: 
Grateful Dead w/ David Nelson &Marmaduke ~ 8.5.70 ~ Golden Hall @  San Diego Community Concourse ~ San Diego, CA

1. Candyman
2. El Paso
3. Rosalie McFall
4. Tell It To Me
5. Drink Up or Go Home
6. A Voice From On High
7. Cold JOrdan
8. Swing Low Sweet Chariot
9. Deep Ellum Blues
10. Dark Hollow
11. Friend of the Devil
12. Mama Tried
13. To Lay Me Down

Widespread Panic ~ 2.11.96 ~ Shearton Ballroom ~ Steamboat Springs, CO

14. The Take Out > Proving Ground > Orange Blossom Special > Proving Ground > Porch Song

Yonder Mountain String Band ~ 7.6.14 ~ Meijer Gardens Amphitheater ~ Grand Rapids, MI

15. Casualty > Amie > Casualty
16. Dogs

Hypnophobia playlist for 07/12/2014

Program name: 
Air date: 
peste noirLa Bêche Et L'Epée - Contre L'Usurierpeste noir S/T album
amy bruce spaceshowclosure
kitten crisisbummer summer
le tigretgif
grown ups3 day weekend
minute menthis aint no picnic
onion flavored ringscontrary heart
acid refluxcustomers fuck off
hickeystupid sun
the replacementsalex chillton
alex chilltonlost my job
cheap girlsgone all summer
jawbreakerkiss the bottle
love songssweetish
damian marleywelcome to jamrock
black flagrise above
the ramonesjob that ate my brain
ekkaiasombras del progreso
ides of geminithe vessel and the stake
ludicralet thirst the soil
samothracela llorona
addauracity light
wolves in the throne roomi will lay down my bones among the rocks and roots
silent thoughtsinto empathyInto Empathy EP
Welcome to another addition of Hypnophobia Radio! Today we grace you with some metal, some folk punk, a little crust, punk, and a few classics. Enjoy and we'll be back on July 26th!



Movin' On playlist for 07/11/2014

Program name: 
Movin' On
Air date: 
July 11, 2014, Friday, 12 noon to 1:30 pm
Portland, OR: 90.7
Corvallis/Albany, OR: 104.3
Hood River/Columbia Gorge: 91.9
Host: Don Jacobson

Posted to: Folkdj-l,
Webcast on

(VA) = Various Artists.  All media are CDs unless otherwise stated.

Artist: "Selection" ALBUM TITLE [Label]

(VA) Will Geer: Excerpt from This Land Is Your Land "I Hate A Song That ..." A TRIBUTE TO WOODY GUTHRIE [Warner Bros.]

Sandy Rothman/Steve Pottier: "In the Pines" BLUEGRASS GUITAR DUETS [Sierra]
((Music Bed))
Rod MacDonald: "The Last American Worker" LATER THAT NIGHT [Blue Flute]

Haddon/Rothfield/Car: "Cleator Moor" WHEN THESE SHOES WERE NEW [Lismor LP]

Tim O'Brien: Maggie's Farm" RED ON BLONDE [Sugar Hill]

Rod MacDonald: "The Unearthly Fire" NO COMMERCIAL TRAFFIC [Blue Flute]
Tim O'Brien/Dirk Powell/John Herrmann: "Wayfaring Stranger" SONGS FROM THE MOUNTAIN [Howdy Skies]

Hank Bradley: "Lonesome Cowboy's Breakfast" MUSIC OF THE POISON COYOTE KID [Bay LP]

Karen Muller: "Jeff Davis/Run Boy Run" STILL POINT [Streamline]

Strange Creek Singers: "Will the Circle Be Unbroken?" STRANGE CREEK SINGERS [Arhoolie]

Tom Brad & Alice: "My Blue Ridge Cabin Home" BEEN THERE STILL [Copper Creek]
Jody Stecher/Larry Hanks: "Going Up The Mountain" GOING UP THE MOUNTAIN [Acoustic Diec]

The Carter Family: "Lonesome Pine Special" WORRIED MAN BLUES [Rounder]

Ann & Phil Case: "High On A Mountain" SPRINGTIME OF LIFE [Dry Run]

Dan Crary: "Memories of Mozart (excerpt from Piano Sonata 11 in #A, Rondo Alla Turka)" GUITAR [Sugar Hill]

Boiled Buzzards: "You Can't Get There From Here" EARLY BIRD SPECIAL [Self]
Folk Calendar]
Runa: "Ain't No Grave" CURRENT AFFAIRS [Self]

Linda McRae: "Be Your Own Light" FIFTY SHADES OF RED [Borealis]

Emma's Revolution: "Sing People Sing" SING OUT! SPRING 2014 [Sing Out!]

Locust Honey Stringband: "Four Cent Cotton" NEVER LET ME CROSS YOUR MIND [Self]
Neil Jacobs: "Niska Banja" THE PEASANT SABBATICAL [Adena]

Garney Arsement: "Le Forgeron" LE FORGERON [Self]
Questions & comments are welcome.

Host: Don Jacobson

Movin' On
Second and Fourth Fridays, 12 noon to 1:30 pm

Africa O-Ye!
Fifth Thursdays, 2 - 4 pm

Portland OR: 90.7
Corvallis/Albany, OR: 104.3
Hood River/Columbia Gorge, OR: 91.9
Webcast on

My playlists are posted to folkdj-l and

The Songcircle playlist for 07/11/2014

Program name: 
The Songcircle
Air date: 
Bill KirchenTruckstop at the End of The WorldSeeds and StemsProper
Ron Rogers and the Wailing Windalabama ChromeCountry and EasternDoo Rag
Mary FlowerSlow Lane To GloryBridgesYellow Dog Records
Buzz HollandBroken RiverThe First 21self release
Wendy and the Lost BoysSingin in the Engine RoomRoadway Not Improvedself release
John-Alex MasonWrite Me a Few of Your LinesJook Joint ThunderclapNaked Jaybird
Tracy GrammerShadows of EvangelineFlower of AvalonSignature SOunds
Rat DogEstimated ProphetLive at RoselandGrateful Dead Productions
Little FeatWay Down underRooster RagHot Tomato
Ronnie LaneAnnieLive in AustinSideburn Records (2000, performance in 1988)
Toots and the MaytalsPressure DropLive at usic MilleniumJunketboy
Valerie JuneRain DanceHomeward Bound: A Tribute to John-Alex MasonHomeward Bound
Buzz HollandI'm Gonna Live Till I DieThe First 21self release
Wendy and the Lost BoysI WantRoadway Not Improvedself release
John-Alex MasonMy Old Lonesome HoneJook Joint ThunderclapNaked Jaybird
Big George BrockSo LongHomeward Bound: A Tribute to John-Alex MasonHomeward Bound
Little FeatMellow Down EasyRooster RagHot Tomato
Johnny LowebowMule TeamHomeward Bound: A Tribute to John-Alex MasonHomeward Bound
Bill KirchenDOwn to Seeds and Stems AgainSeeds and StemsProper
Sittin in for Jeff, playing music that features Gary Houston cover Art. Enjoy!

Active Listening playlist for 07/10/2014

Program name: 
Active Listening
Air date: 
Dam ft Shadia MansourKellun 3endun Dababat
Shadia Mansour ft M1Al Kufiyyeh
Mohamed Abdul WahabPhalastine
Saul WilliamsPledge to Resist
Tribe Called RedWoodcarver
sly and the family stonekeep on dancing
ernest ranglinhaayo
Atoti Pt 2Gidigidimajimaji
YellowmanNobody Move nobody get hurt
Seun Kuti and the Egypt 80Mosquito Song
Mos DefQuiet Dog Bite Hard
TuneyardsWater Fountain
QuanticSol Clap
TrackademusEnjoy what you Do
K'naanThe African Way
Snoop Dogg and ChingyHoliday Inn
Johnny CoolOther Side of the moon nmv1
The RootsDuck Down!
Rick JamesMary Jane
Cypress HillI Want to Get High
Mohamed HamakiNaweeha
HanounehReal Gaza Me Seh! (Feat Promoe)
Ahmed Fouad Ngm Omar Offendum DJ BooOO vs PP
Suheir HammadThis is to Certify
QuanticYou Will Return featuring Alice Russell
Cheikh LoSenegal Brasil
Ru paul feat Big FReediaPeanut Butter
mohammed AlfarraShorty
OutkastTwo Dope Boyz
Salt N PepaLets Talk about Sex
Missy ElliotWork It

Rise when the Rooster Crows playlist for 07/10/2014

Program name: 
Rise when the Rooster Crows
Air date: 
Artist Selection Album
Patty Lamoureux MacDonald’s Reel Once More, With Feel
Roger Cooper Snakewinder Going Back to Old Kentucky
Bruce Greene/Don Pedi Whiskey Before Breakfast Rare Old Chestnuts
Mac/Jenny Traynham Foggy Mountain Top The Sweetest Way Home
Jerry Holland January 16th/Francis AuCoin/ Rannie MacLellan Crystal Clear
Joe Derrane The Silver Spire/Hitchener’s Phoenix Give Us Another
Riley Baugus Long Steel Rail Long Steel Rail
Chirps Smith Doc Corn’s Tune Shades of Death Creek
JP/Annadene Fraley Steptown Maysville
John Hartford Bumblebee in a Jug Wild Hog in the Red Brush
Caroline Chocolate Drops Dona Got a Ramblin’ Mind Dona Got a Ramblin’ Mind
Ray Bierl Blue Mountain Cowboy Dancing
Frank Ferrel Maple Leaf Two-step/Point Au Pic Yankee Dreams
Bertram Levy A Shamrock on the Galax That Old Gut Feeling
Walt Koken Sittin’ in the Catbird Seat Sittin’ in the Catbird Seat
Genticorum Le 25 de Mai Enregistre Live
Tom, Brad, and Alice Carve That Possum Carve That Possum
Nightingale The Black Fly/The Phoenix The Coming Dawn
Charlie Walden/Patt Plunkett Liberty Dance Around Molly
Beverly Smith/Carl Jones Meet Me Somewhere in My Dreams Somewhere Over Yonder
Alisdair Fraser The Independence Trail/Galen’s Arrival Dawn Dance
Rayna Gellert Ways of the World Ways of the World
James Bryan/Carl Jones Camp Meeting on the Fourth of July/Jimalong Josie Two Pictures
Dirk Powell Wild Bill Jones Hand Me Down
Bob Carlin Cherokee Shuffle Bangin’ and Sawin’
Ruthie et al Old Belled Cow/Drunken Billy Goat Ways of the World

Folk Espresso playlist for 06/30/2014

Program name: 
Folk Espresso
Air date: 
Group Song/Tune Album
Roberts and Berrand Get Up, Jack, John, Sit Down Across the Western Ocean
Fraser Union Snap the Line Tight NW Tugboat Tales
Peter, Paul, and Mary Greenland Whale Fisheries Carry It On
Geoff Kauffman Mingulay Boat Song Fair Stood the Wind
Jon Campbell Tanqueray Martini-o Keep on Fishin’
Danny Carnahan/Robin Petrie The Shores of Old Blighty No Regrets
Bill Gallaher/Jake Galbraith Shadow Boats The Last Battle
David Jones The Glendy Burk From England’s Shore
Holdstock and MacLeod Bold Riley Deepwater Return
The Rounders Run Come See Jerusalem Brave Boys!
Jon Bartlett/Rika Ruebsaat Song of the Sockeye The Young Man of Canada
Victoria Folk Music Comm. Willamette River Song Ramblin’ Woman
David Francey All Lights Burning Bright Right of Passage
Bridgetown Morris Men Roll Down It’s All About the Ale
Meryle Korn The Gallant Sailor Lad Past/Presence
The Bills Bamfield’s John Vanden Let ‘em Run
Pint and Dale Wreck of the Lady Washington Hearts of Gold
The Boarding Party The Farewell Shanty Tis Our Sailing Time
Shanghaied on the Willamette Men of Worth Weighing Anchor
Great Big Sea General Taylor Rant and Roar
The Finest Kind Lowlands For Honour and For Gain
Broadside Big Sails Divas of the Dockside
Tow Lewis Diesel and Shale Surfacing
Jeff Warner et al Strike the Bell Steady as She Goes
Starboard List Cape Cod Girls Songs of the Tall Ships
Pint and Dale Atholl Highlanders Hearts of Gold

World Beat Connection playlist for 07/10/2014

Program name: 
World Beat Connection
Air date: 
Cortijo Y Su ComboTequilaPuerto Rican SoundsCharly
"Lo Deje Llorando""
"Los Ingratitudes""
"Alegria Y Bomba""
Ricardo Ray & Bobby CruzSangre""
Orch. Super Biton de SegouTaasi DoniMali StarsMelodie
"Yere Jabo""
Sorry BambaPorryFunky Sounds of West AfricaLuaka Bop/Warner Bros.
Holly CookTiger BalmTwiceMr. Bongo
Ziggy MarleySunshineFly RastaTuff Gong
DubmatixWooble WeebleSystem ShakedownRenegade Rocker
Bunny WailerChant Down BabylonHall of FameRAS
Sun RaWalking on the MoonMy Brother the WindEvidence
Seun Anikulapo Kuti & Egypt 80African SoldierRiseKnitting Factory
"Risetitle track"
Kasai AllstarsAs they walked...Beware thre FetishCrammed Disc
Everyday ProphetsTruthBeneath the SurfaceEP
Annansy CisseBalaThe Best African Music You've Never HeardWorld Music Network
Horace SilverThe African QueenCape Verdean BluesBlue Note

Africa-O-Ye! playlist for 07/10/2014

Program name: 
Air date: 
Tony AllenIse nla (5:20)Lagos No ShakingHonest Jon's
Jimi Tenor & Tony AllenSinhue (6:13)Inspiration Information 4Strut
< break >
Tony AllenSecret Agent (5:21)Secret AgentWorld Circuit/Nonesuch
Tony AllenOle (5:36)Lagos No ShakingHonest Jon's
Tony AllenN.E.P.A. (7:43)N.E.P.A. (Never Expect Power Always)Wrasse
< break >
Tony AllenAye le (5:32)Lagos No ShakingHonest Jon's
Tony AllenIjo (5:14)Secret AgentWorld Circuit/Nonesuch
Tony AllenAwa na re (4:53)Lagos No ShakingHonest Jon's
< break >
Tony AllenWhen One Road Close (6:49)N.E.P.A. (Never Expect Power Always)Wrasse
Tony AllenGbedu A (5:19)Lagos No ShakingHonest Jon's
Tony AllenOlokun (3:50)N.E.P.A. (Never Expect Power Always)Wrasse
< break >
Tony AllenPariwo (5:53)Secret AgentWorld Circuit/Nonesuch
Jimi Tenor & Tony AllenCella's Walk (5:17)Inspiration Information 4Strut
< break >
Tony AllenAyenlo (4:57)Secret AgentWorld Circuit/Nonesuch
Tony AllenAriya (PsychejujuMix) (7:02)Black VoicesComet
Tony AllenNina Lowo (5:44)Secret AgentWorld Circuit/Nonesuch
< break >
Tony AllenGbedu B (2:56)Lagos No ShakingHonest Jon's
Tony AllenAtuwaba (0:50)Secret AgentWorld Circuit/Nonesuch
Tony AllenKilode (5:16)Lagos No ShakingHonest Jon's
< break >
Tony AllenProgress (9:41)Jealousy / ProgressEvolver
Music of the influential Nigerian-born drummer Tony Allen.  Instrumental in forming the foundations of Afrobeat, Allen was drummer & musical director of Fela Kuti's band, Africa 70.  Immersed in his youth with the sounds of traditional Yoruba music, Juju, and Highlife, Allen adaptded these rhythms to the drum kit, with a masterful technique informed by such jazz icons as Max Roach and Art Blakey, and a deep soulful groove.  Today's program will feature Allen's work from the time of his 1979 split with Fela through the present.  host: Andy Hosch


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