Shocks of Sheba playlist for 11/19/2015

Program name: 
Shocks of Sheba
Air date: 
Christine MillerSigns Of The Times...blackboard junglemp3
Castro Pink/Sister NetifaLilly In Dub/What Comfort Is Knowing...teams/aluta10"/LP
Miriam SimoneWhy...dreddamp3
Oohklah The MOCDance Ram...ghetto circusCD
Johnny ClarkeDon't Know Who To Trust...moll-selektaLP
AgrovatorsItes old Green Dub...attackLP
Ken BootheLove Comes Tumbling Down...only rootsLP
Errol "Flabba" HoltDanger Zone...mangoCD
Mighty DiamondsAtlas...shanachieLP
Rocker T# Sensible Proposition...psm12"
Wayne Wonder & Cham# Joy Ride...vpCD
Beres HammondTry If You trail12"
Sons Of NegusWatch & Pray...dynamicLP
Count Ossie & Mystic Revelation Of RastafariWicked Babylon...dynamicLP
Mark WonderExplanation...blank7"
Solo BantonChalice Haffi Blaze...reality shocksCD
King TubbysLazer Beam Dub...jackpot7"
Junior DelgadoBushmaster M16...incredible juxLP
Bionic ClarkePoor People...11-7mp3
Ishan PeopleInflation...baal7"
Lloyd BrownWha' Yuh A Deal Wid...riddimworksmp3
YvadMusic Is The Food Of Love...rasCD
Prince Lincoln & the Royal RassesLove The Way It Should Be...targetLP
Oku Onoura & AK47How Long...zola & zolaCD
Horace AndyOh Lord, Why Lord...coxsoneLP
The DinglesMysterious...rosso7"
The DinglesI I...rosso7"
Singers & PlayersThing Called Love (Don't Fight)...on-u soundLP
African Head ChargeSnakeskin Tracksuit...on-u soundLP
Cornell CampbellTrick In The soundsLP
# denotes version excursion

much thanks for the calls --INSPIRATION!

bubblin' under the mic chat:  paula fuga - nose flute dub (paki pika)

Drinking from Puddles playlist for 11/18/2015

Program name: 
Drinking from Puddles
Air date: 
Brandon hosts:

Played Dur. Artist Song Disk Year Label Note
08:00pm 5:35 Hood Western Housing Concerns The Cycle of Days & Seasons 1999 Domino  
08:06pm 5:56 LOW DJ Ones and Sixes 2015 Sub Pop Records  
08:11pm 3:28 Beat Happening Knock on any Door Look Around 1991 Domino Recording Co Ltd  
08:15pm 6:13 Wishbone Ash Lady Whiskey Wishbone Ash
1970 MCA  
08:21pm 3:41 The 5 Stairsteps My Sweet Lord The Stairsteps 1971 Buddah  
08:25pm 3:19 Tav Falco Panther Burns Cuban Rebel Girl Shake Rag EP 1986 New Rose Records  
08:33pm 2:42 The DT's Dirty Jack Dirty Jack 7" 2015 Five-Five Hole  
08:36pm 4:43 The Jack Moves All At Once The Jack Moves 2015 Wax Poetics Records, LLC  
08:40pm 4:24 Warm Brains Pink Blackpool Rock Big Wow 2015 Milk Milk Lemonade  
08:45pm 2:27 Public Enemy Corplantationopoly Man Plans God Laughs 2015 SPITdigital Recordings/Enemy Records  
08:47pm 3:00 The Gregorians Dilated Eyes Dialated Eyes/ Like A Man 45 1969 ABC Records  
08:50pm 4:03 Charlie Wells and the Voices Of The Clouds I Heard the Angels Singing I Heard the Angels Singing 1972 HSE  
08:54pm 3:33 Dead Moon Fire in the Western World (Live) Black September/Fire In The Western World 2015 Voodoo Doughnut Recordings  
09:04pm 3:00 Fernando Kingdom Come Leave The Radio On 2015 Fluff & Gravy  
09:07pm 5:28 Thus Owls Asleep In the Water Black Matter - EP 2015 Secret City Records  
09:13pm 4:33 Dave Heumann Greenwood Side Here in the Deep 2015 Thrill Jockey Records  
09:17pm 2:08 Wimps Middle Ages Suitcase 2015 Kill Rock Stars  
09:19pm 3:00 Cab Calloway and His Orchestra Jive Chu Berry And His Stompy Stevedores 1955 epic  
09:22pm 3:00 Clarke and the Himselfs Toxic World The Well​-​Rounded Clarke and the Himselfs 2015 self released  
09:25pm 2:13 Jenny Don't & The Spurs Trouble with the Law Jenny Don't and The Spurs 2015 Doomtown Sounds  
09:28pm 3:00 The Useless Eaters U.S.A. Receiver (Drop The Bomb) Live In San Francisco 2015 Castle Face  
09:39pm 2:45 Fuzz Rat Race II 2015 In The Red  
09:41pm 3:43 Mr. Airplane Man Sun Going Down The Lost Tapes 2014 Moanin' Records  
09:45pm 3:00 Roger Miller Atta Boy Girl King Of The Road/Atta Boy Girl
1965 Smash Records  
09:48pm 3:08 The 8th Day If I Could See the Light If I Could See The Light 45 1971 Invictus  
09:51pm 2:28 The Ghost Ease For Naught Raw 2015 Cabin Games/K Records  
09:56pm 3:00 Heaters Propane Holy Water Pool 2015 Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records  

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Africa-O-Ye! playlist for 11/19/2015

Program name: 
Air date: 
Pierre AkendengueAwana wa Afrikapasse composeencore! 493402
Pierre AkendengueEvoafrika obota/nandipoSaravah SHL 1051
Pierre AkendengueA Propos De...SilenceCelluloid 66882-2
Sam MangwanaKumbeNo me digas noBlue Silver 50 396-2
mic break
Pierre AkendengueNegropasse composeencore! 493402
Pierre AkendengueNandipoafrika obota/nandipoSaravah SHL 1051
Pierre AkendengueOmo Ayiyapasse composeencore! 493402
Gnonnas PedroAgbadja moderne synthese No 1Gnonnas Pedro, Vol. ILedoux Records ASLCD/3
mic break
Pierre AkendengueEpuguzupasse composeencore! 493402
Pierre AkendengueEpuguzuSilenceCelluloid 66882-2
Pierre AkendengueGhetaabeeMaladaliteCelluloid 66976-2
mic break
Pierre AkendengueOrema Ka-ka-kaafrika obota/nandipoSaravah SHL 1051
Pierre AkendengueAfrika Obotapasse composeencore! 493402
Pierre AkendengueOmpung'ilengoafrika obota/nandipoSaravah SHL 1051
BongaUm Kandandu Amigo"Angola"Playasound PF 65013
Ze ManelKumpadriAfrican CitizenModjo Music 323222
mic break
BongaMuimbo Ua SabaluAngola 72Tinder 42846642
BongaSodadeBest of BongaLusafrica 562352
BongaIlia"Angola"Playasound PF 65013
mic break
Hugh MasekelaIngoo Pow-PowHome is where the Music IsVerve B0011230-02
Hugh MasekelaLadyLive at the Market TheaterTimes Square Records

Rise when the Rooster Crows playlist for 11/19/2015

Program name: 
Rise when the Rooster Crows
Air date: 
Billy BraggWhich Side Are You On?The Peel SessionsStrange Fruit Records, 1991
Jim Page & The SpokesTent CityGhost BikesJim Page, 2010
Elizabeth GilkysonHard Times in BabylonYour Town TonightRed House Records, 2007
Otis GibbsJoe Hill's AshesJoe Hill's AshesWanamaker, 2010
Janne LaerkedahlWorking Class HeroSolidarity ForeverSunlark,
Phil OchsLinks on a ChainI Ain't Marching AnyomoreElektra, 1965
Eric GlatzThe Popular WobblyRebel Voices: Songs of the IWWFlying Fish, 1987
Harry McClintockThe Preacher and the Slave(found on Youtube)
Joan BaezI Dreamed I Saw Joe HillWoodstockCotillion/Atlantic, 1970
John McCutcheonThere Is Power in a UnionJoe Hill's Last WillAppal, 2015
Bucky HalkerCasey Jones union ScabAnywhere But Utah--the Songs of Joe HillBucky Halker,
Paola NicolazziE Verra' il Di che Innalzerem le Barricate(found on Youtube)
Inno della Liberta'Youtube
Anne FeeneyUnion MaidUnion MaidAnne Feeney,
Darryl CherneyEarth First! MaidThey Sure Don't Make Hippies Like They Used ToSelf-produced, 1989
Pete SeegerSolidarity ForeverIf I Had a Hammer: Songs of Hope and StruggleSmithsonian Folkways,1998
Woody GuthrieUnion Burying GroundStruggleSmithsonian Folkways, 1990
Bob DylanPretty Boy FloydA Vision Shared: Tribute to Woody Guthrie and LeadbellySmithsonian Folkways, 1988
Bruce SpringsteenI Dreamed I Saw Joe HillOn Youtube, live in Tampa, FL MayDay,
Utah Phillipsreads Preamble to the IWW ConstitutionRebel VoicesFlying Fish
Utah PhillipsNo More Reds in the UnionMaking Speech FreePM Press, 2001
OdettaLong Ago, Far AwayOdetta Sings DylanRCA, 1865
Dave RovicsThe CommonsThe CommonsIrregular Records, 2007
The Nightwatchman (Tom Morello)Union TownUnion TownNew West, 2011
Dick GaughanRevolutionA Different Kind of Love SongAppleseed, 1997

Tribute to Joe Hill

A Categorized Program Not playlist for 11/19/2015

Air date: 
InfestSick-OSlaveDraw Blank
NeanderthalFighting MusicRorschach splitVermiform
Man Is The BastardGourmet PezCapitalist Casualties split`
Crossed OutSociety/LowlifeMITB splitSlap-A-Ham
No CommentFarmer Hitler JohnDiscography
Capitalist CasualtiesHired FoolStack split
Born AgainstMary and Childnine patriotic hymns for childrenVermiform
NauseaCyber GodCyber GodProfane Existence
DoomPolice BastardPolice BastardProfane Existence
OblivionationPostonCult of CultureHardware Records
Tuomiopaivan LapsetPommit PaukkuuPainakuu VittuunFight Records
DiscloseThe Smell of DeathA Mass of Raw Sound AssualtMCR Company
NeurosisSelf-DoubtAbberationLookout Records
Wolfpackliving hella new dawn fadesFeral Ward
Black Uniformsfred KSplatter Punks On AcidHardcore Holocaust
driller killerman overboardand the winner is...Hardcore Holocaust
Totalitarsin egen motstatandaresin egen motsrandarePrank Records
Skitsystemapokalypsens svarte anglarstigmataHavoc
Avskumwarsystemcrime and punishment
the black handfools diewar mongerscorched earth policy
Anti Cimexunder the suncountry of swedendistortion
UncurbedWhy am I to be?...keeps the banner highsound polution
His Hero is GoneProfessional Mindfuckers15 Counts of ArsonPrank
LifechainDead EndUniformed CowardsImminent Destruction
FramtidThe Total ArseUnder the AshesCrust War
AsocialReligion SucksReligion Sucks
KoszmarIna Co?Jeniec WojennyRust and Machine
Black FlagNervous BreakdownNervous Breakdownst
Mauserexcommunicationisolation ep
Paranoid - song - destroy futureless system 
Infernoh - Sliten I - Nomad Split
Gas Rag - Abortthem - Human Rites ep
Hellhammer - Messiah - Satanic Rites
G.I.S.M. - Shoot To Kill - The Punx
Bone Awl - Artaud to Riviere - Not For Our Feet
Conqueror - Chaos Domination (Conquer the Enslaver)
Mgla - IV - Groza
Rorschach - In the Year of Our Lord - Remain Sedate
nuclear assault-cold steel-game over-combat
dayglow Abortions-fuck my shit stinks-here today guano tomorrow-unrest records
Napalm Death-siege of power-death by manipulation-earache
Morne-Machine-wait-ferral ward
Misfits-death comes ripping-earth AD-plan 9
Amebix-beyond the sun-arise-alternative tentacle 
electro hippies-profit-the only good punk is a dead punk
discharge-the final blood bath-hear nothing see nothing say nothing-earmark
Corpsessed - Of Desolation - Abysmal Thresholds
Nuclear Hammer - Multi-Dimensional Prism of Hatred - NWN
Phrenelith - Eradicated - Demo
Beyond - Definite Decease - Fatal Power of Death - Iron Bonehead

Life During Wartime playlist for 11/18/2015

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 
The eyesDon't Talk To Me
Fuck Off
Electric EyeLenny And Squiggy
All In Your Head
The WipersTelepathic Love
Sad Horseloafer/ Something that sucksGreatest HitsMississippi
Pink SectionCars Don't Wait for LovePink SectionSuperior Viaduct
Ruggety AnnesJaggedThoughtsJagged ThoughtsTabb
PangYoung Professionals7"Grazer
The SlitsShopliftingPeel SessionsBBC
ShoppingIn Other WordsShoppingFat Cat
The Blind ShakeYellowThe Blind ShakeSlovenly
The CrampsGarbage Man7"IRS
Life StinksYour Face is a MessLife StinksSS Records
Poison GirlsCrisisHexXntrix
Passion ArmeeWaitingPassion Armeeself
Village peopleFood FightRenaissanceBlack Scorpio
The Saints(I'm) Stranded7"Sire
Suicidal TendenciesWon't Fall In Love TodayS/TFrontier
Stiff Little FingersBreakoutInflammable MaterialRough trade
Fuck Me DeadMechanize Me Pt. 1Mechanize Me Pt. 1Clarence Thomas
The RamonesA Real Cool TimeHalfway To SanitySire
La Polla RecordsY Ahora Que7"Munster
The ScreamersIf I Can't Have What I WantDemos 1977-78boot
Alerta RojaDelitoAlgo Esta Cambiando... Y Muy ViolentamenteLengua Armada Discos
MulltuteUtopiaMulltuteself release
AjaxOppress MeBleach for BreakfastEven Worse Records
La MismaMoradiaKanizadiLa Vida Es En Mus
KebabLife It's A JokeLife its a jokeBarakkenplaten
Funeral OrationWallsThe Godsendgummo punx
Alternative TVAction Time and VisionAction Time and VisionDeptford Fun City Records
The UndertonesTeenage Kicks7"Good Vibrations Records
Younger LoversSay YeahSugar In My PocketSouthpaw
Detroit cobrasBad GirlMink Rat or RabbitSympathy For The Record Industry
Parting GiftsI Don't Wanna Be Like ThatStrychnine DandelionIn The Red

More Reggae! playlist for 11/18/2015

Program name: 
More Reggae!
Air date: 
Robert LeeSelassie I Sound (Russ D remix)Calabash Selection Vol.2Calabash UK
Koncrete RootsNo Racism DubRudie's In DubDub-O-Phonic
ChezidekBless My LifeCalabash Selection Vol.2Calabash UK
Burro BantonLef Them To TimeCalabash Selection Vol.2Calabash UK
Weeding Dub ft-MarkSound System DNAStill Looking ForWise & Dubwise
Weeding Dub ft-InjaFreeStill Looking ForWise & Dubwise
Weeding Dub ft-Ras DivariusGypsy DubStill Looking ForWise & Dubwise
Jodian PantryBig DreamsArk Of The Covenant RiddimIzreal Records
ChronixxPrayerArk Of The Covenant RiddimIzreal Records
Tarrus Riley and Kabaka PyramidRepatriateArk Of The Covenant RiddimIzreal Records
Kitty CorbinLight ShineSystem Of Error RiddimUniversal Reggae Vibes
Harmonie DejaReggae Take OverSystem Of Error RiddimUniversal Reggae Vibes
Tinga StewartAfrican WarriorsSystem Of Error RiddimUniversal Reggae Vibes
Morgan HeritageStrictly RootsStrictly RootsCTBC Music Group
ProtojeCriminalAncient FutureOverstand Entertainmen
Linval Thompson ft. Bounty Killer & SizzlaTrain to ZionTrain to Zion RiddiVoiceful Records
Marvyn Williams & Bobby DigitalTrain to Zion Riddim (Dub Mix)Train to Zion RiddiVoiceful Records
Marla Brown ft-Kabaka PyramidHunt You DownDeliverance EPRoyal Order Music
Kabaka PyramidKing Of KingsGo With Jah RiddimTaitu Records
Samory ISceptreGo With Jah RiddimTaitu Records
Daweh CongoGo With JahGo With Jah RiddimTaitu Records
SensistarNo CorruptionReggae TropicaMentaltunes Records
Rassi Hardknocks ft-Mica ShemaiahLegalGreat SomgsWe Generation Music-Natty Vibes
ChinoGet HighHungry Dayz Riddim ReloadedLarger Than Life Records
BugleGanja Ah Mi WomanHungry Dayz Riddim ReloadedLarger Than Life Records
Lutan FyahThe Most HighRaga Life RiddimYoung Kush Records
Anthony BBad Boy remixEntertainment RiddimFlava McGregor Records
TurbulenceNo DoubtEntertainment RiddimFlava McGregor Records
ChronixxPlant ItGreen And Yellow RiddimSpecial Delivery Music
Million Stylez ft. Lutan FyahRevelation TimeRevelation TimeAdonai Music
Addis Pablo & The Suns of DubSelassie Souljahz (Melodica Dub)Selassie Souljahz in Dub (Remixes) - EPRoyal Order Music
Jah Sun ft. Kabaka PyramidFoundationRise As OneMore Love Productions
Jah Sun ft. ChronixxRespectRise As OneMore Love Productions
Iba MahrShe Make Me BawlHolding Firm RiddimSajay Productions
BugleCan't Please AnybodyHolding Firm RiddimSajay Productions
The InspiratorsSit Down Pon Your RumpThe InspiratorsFruits Records
The InspiratorsThis WorldThe InspiratorsFruits Records
Akae Beka & Fifth Son RecordsWorld CitizenshipHomage To The LandFifth Son Records
Akae Beka & Fifth Son RecordsJust DecidedHomage To The LandFifth Son Records
Med Dredmeets Shaky NormanKing Solomon's Melodica DuetKing Solomon's DubDub-O-Phonic
Med DredKing Solomon's DubKing Solomon's DubDub-O-Phonic
Dub CaravanKing Solomon's Analog UpliftmentKing Solomon's DubDub-O-Phonic

Jazz in the Afternoon playlist for 11/17/2015

Program name: 
Jazz in the Afternoon
Air date: 

Buscando America playlist for 11/17/2015

Program name: 
Buscando America
Air date: 
cafe tacubaSeguir siendoSino
cafe tacubaEresCuatro caminos
cafe tacubaOlita de marEl objeto antes llamado disco
cafe tacubaTengo todoSino
cafe tacubaDejate caerLa espada & la pared
Los ApsonEl ultimo beso
Los johnny jetsEs Lupe
Los hittersAhora estoy sola

Entrevista telefonica con Maria Osterroth Sussman fundadora del Portland Latin American Film Festival para invitarnos a la proyeccion del documental sobre la banda de rock mexicana Cafe Tacuba.

El Objeto Antes Llamado Disco, la película, by Gregory Allen / MEXICO

Mas informacion en:

Entrevista telefonica con Javier Sierra y Juan Flores  discutiendo sobre temas medio ambientales y cambio climatico.

Mas informacion en:

Entrevista con los miembros Roberto, Darwin, Yadira y Erlinda de la red  CECOSESOLA

Mas informacion en:

Early Morning Gumbo playlist for 11/17/2015

Program name: 
Early Morning Gumbo
Air date: 
DIANA JONES / My Remembrance of You / My Remembrance of You / 2006 NewSong
BEN HUNTER & JOE SEAMONS / Some of These Days / Take Yo Time / 2014 self
BEPPE GAMBETTA & TONY MCMANUS / Deus ti salvet maria /  Round Trip / 2015 Borealis
BAP KENNEDY / Not a day goes by / The Sailor's Revenge / 2012 Lonely Street/Proper
CAHALEN MORRISON & ELI WEST / Voices of Evening / I'll Swing My Hammer With Both My Hands / 2014 self
BETTYSOO / Never Knew No Love / Heat Sin Water Skin / 2009 self
BOB DYLAN / Desolation Row (Piano Demo) / The Bootleg Series Vol 12 1965-1966 The Cutting Edge / 2015 Columbia
BILL MORRISSEY / It's Dangerous Out There / North / 1986 Philo
PENNY LANG / Stone+Sand+Sea+Sky / Stone+Sand+Sea+Sky / 2006 Borealis
MARY GAUTHIER / It Ain't the Wind, It's the Rain / Mercy Now / 2006 Lost Highway
BRUCE COCKBURN / Lovers in a Dangerous Time / Slice O Life - Live Solo / 2009 Rounder
DANNY BARNES / Let Your Light Shine on Me / Got Myself Together (Ten Years Later) / 2015 Eight 30
SALAMANDER CROSSING / Light in the Window / Bottleneck Dreams / 1998 Signature Sounds
KATE MACLEOD & KAT EGGLESTON / None But One / Lost and Found / 2011 Waterbug
THE HONEY DEWDROPS / Bright Morning Stars / SILVER LINING / 2012 self
SUE FOLEY / here Comes the Sun / Change / 2004 Ruf
WOODY PINES / This Train Rolls By / Woody Pines / 2015 Muddy Roots
JERRY DOUGLAS / Things in Life / Americana Master Series: Best of the Sugar Hill Years / 2007 Sugar Hill
PETER KEANE / Sitting on Top of the World / Rural Electrification / 2015 self
RHIANNON GIDDENS / Shake Sugaree / Tomorrow Is My Turn / 2015 Nonesuch
EILEN JEWELL / songbird / Sundown Over Ghost Town / 2015 Signature Sounds
MICHAEL DOUCET / Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky / From Now On / 2008 Smithsonian Folkways
ALLEN TOUSSAINT / A Lazy Day (without organ) / The Complete 'Tousan' Sessions / 1992 Bear Family
ALLEN TOUSSAINT / St. James infirmary / The Bright Mississippi / 2009 Nonesuch

The Movement playlist for 11/15/2015

Program name: 
The Movement
Air date: 
Georgia Anne MuldrowHelloThe Sound Of L.A. Vol. 1Plug Research
Blu & NottzEnd Of The WorldGods In The SpiritCoalmine
Rapper Big PoohPreachHome Sweet HomeMello Music
Semi HendrixJesus Pressed MuteBreakfast At Banksy'sMello Music
Mono PolyExplosive PuppetryParamatmaHit + Run
IG CultureThe Revalution Will Not Be Tell..Soulful ShanghaiKindred Spirits
Wale Oyejide feat. Jay DeeThere's A War Going OnsingleShamen Works
DeclaimeThe Message 2014Southside StorySome Otha Ship
Masta AceHome Sweet HomeMA DOOMM3 HipHop
MF GrimmMedicineYou Only Live TwiceDay By Day
KnxwledgemysunshineAnthologyLeaving Records
White BoizFreedomNeighborhood WonderfulStones Throw
WaajeedThe DragonThe WarFat City
DabryeInfinite WavelengthAdditional Productions Vol. 1Ghostly International
Homeboy SandmanIlluminatiChimera EPStones Throw
L'Orange & Jeremiah JaeThe Lineup...The Night Took Us In Like FamilyMello Music
SachNumber 9The Sound Of L.A. vol. 2Plug Research
J-ZenGod MusicManaguaDooinit Music
KAOff The RecordThe Night's GambitIron Works
Guilty SimpsonThe DDetroit's SonStones Throw
Apollo BrownYesman ShitGrandeurMello Music
MadvillianShadows Of TomorrowMadvillianyStones Throw
Strong Arm SteadyPremiumStereo TypeStones Throw
Semi HendrixI.T.Breakfast At Banksy'sMello Music
FinaleThe RevivalOdds & EndsMello Music
White BoizLearn ThoNeighborhood WonderfulStones Throw
Rapper Big PoohI Don't KnowHome Sweet HomeMello Music
JJ DOOMGMOKey To The KuffsLex
Willie IszIn The RedGeorgiavaniaLex
BlockheadCherry PickerDowntown ScienceNinja Tune
J-ZenManaguaManaguaDooinit Music
KnxwledgeLet's....AnthologyLeaving Records

Music Without Borders playlist for 11/15/2015

Program name: 
Music Without Borders
Air date: 
Michael Franti & SpearheadOnce a Day(Supa Dups Mix)Once A Day Rise Up EP8:03pm
Erykah BaduPhone DownSingle8:07pm
Alina Baraz & GalimatiasFantasyUrban Flora - EP8:11pm
Chris MalinchakCall My NameSingle8:14pm
Hermitude f/EstelleHazy LoveDark Night Sweet Light8:21pm
EarthRise SoundSystem f/Camille Armstrong & SrikalaYou Lovin' MeYoga Mantras & Dance: Power Yoga Music & Ecstatic Dance Beats8:25pm
DJ Vadim & SenaWork HardGrow Slow8:29pm
Luminaries f/Angelica AlvaradoUnite(Prod. by Little Kinky)Single8:33pm
Luminaries f/Narayan from Zion & Water DropzWalk With Me(Prod. by Jah Levi)Single8:37pm
Thomas BlondetOne Time(Dub MixRhythm & Dub8:41pm
Miguel Migs f/AyaLittle StarDim Division8:44pm
Chris MalinchakSo Good To MeSingle8:50pm
ODESZA f/PyEchoesIn Return8:53pm
Hermitude f/Mataya & Young TapzThe BuzzDark Night Sweet Light8:58pm
Zion IRock On(Nima Fadavi Remix)ShadowBoxing The Remixes9:02pm
OddiseeBelong To The WorldThe Good Fight9:05pm
DJ Cosm f/Craig G & Moka OnlyPast, Present, FutureTime and Space9:09pm
Dub Kirtan All Stars f/Chaytanya & LuminariesRadha GovindaBhakti Juggernaut9:17pm
MC Yogi f/Marti NikkoOnly Love Is RealOnly Love Is Real9:22pm
MC YogiDancing In The SunOnly Love Is Real9:25pm
NoiseshaperRough Out ThereRough Out There9:29pm
Bob Marley & The WailersCould You Be Loved(RAC Remix)Legend Remixed9:33pm
Miguel MigsEverythingDim Division9:37pm
Miguel Migs f/Martin LutherLet It PlayDim Division9:43pm
YelleCe Jeu(Lance Herbstrong Remix)Tokelahoma9:48pm
YelleCompletement fouCompletement Fou9:51pm
Hermitude f/YeoSearchlightDark Night Sweet Light9:55pm
Thievery CorporationThe Cosmic GameThe Cosmic Game9:59pm

Astral Traveling playlist for 11/15/2015

Program name: 
Astral Traveling
Air date: 
Lee DorseyWorking On A ColemanLee Dorsey
The MetersSassy Lady7"Josie
Allen ToussaintSouthern NightsSouthern NightsReprise
The MetersChicken StrutLook A Py PyJosie
Dr. JohnLifeThe Right PlaceAtco
Lee DorseyLittle BabyNew Orleans FunkSoul Jazz
Allen ToussaintCountry Man7"Reprise
Allen ToussaintNot Expecting Too Much7"Reprise
Allen ToussaintSoul SisterLove Life and FaithReprise
Little Johnney TaylorAs Long As I Don't See You7"Ronn
Little MiltonI Play Dirty7"Checker
Little MiltonPoke Salad Annie7"Malaco
Dr. JohnRight Place Right Time/Professor Shorthair Remix7"Nola Breaks
Swamp DogSynthetic WorldTotal Destruction To Your MindCanyon
The Dierdre Wilson TabacGet BackThe Dierdre Wilson TabacRCA
MiamiI Can See Through YouParty FreaksDrive
Jessie MorissonShakey PuddingIntroducing The Versitility Of Jessie MorisssonAbet
Joe TorresGet Out Of My WayLatino Con SoulWorld Pacific
BuariIro Le PaBuariRCA
Jorge Reyes and Anotonio ZepedaI-CanaA la Izquierda del ColibriPhillips

Sounds Unsound playlist for 11/15/2015

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Dr Haki R MadhubutiRain ForestSpiritual Jazz 6: VocalsJazzman
Giorgio GasliniBaliObscure Psychedelic Manuscripts from the Italian CinemaLibrary of Sound Grooves
Cortijo y Su Maquina del TiempoCarnivalNu Yorica!Soul Jazz
TellavisionUnimparitiveThe Third EyeKarlrecords
OorutaichiFuturelinaCosmic Coco, Singing for a Billion Imu's Hearty PiOut One Disc
Die Goldenen ZitronenThe InvestorFlogging a Dead FrogAltin Village & Mine Records
Pig RiderNot a Love SongThe Robinson Scratch TheoryGuerssen
CocoRosieUn BesoHeartache CityLost Girl Recordings
Tropic of CancerThe Seasons Won't Change (and Neither Will You)Restless IdyllsBlackest Ever Black
Aisha DeviOmaOf Matter and SpiritHoundstooth
Vocano the BearPhantom Tha Will Be DoneCommencingMiasmah
SoleyNY HotelDon't Ever Listen 10"Morr Music
Micachu and the ShapesDreamingGood Sad Happy BadRough Trade
GnoomesMoogresNGAN!Rocket Recordings
Scout Pare-PhillipsHeed the CallHeed the CallDais
HelvettaRebel BeansDromomaniaJoyful Noise
Paki - VisnadiIn a Dark RunImaginary ChoreographyAntinote
Robin Fox3 PhaseA Small PrometheusEditions Mego
Laura HaloBlue NotionRemembering MountainsTompkins Square
ESBSpoonESBBureau B
Rocket RobertStar Flights/tGot Kind of Lost
PharmakonAcheAbandonSacred Bones
United Bible StudiesBlack SandsThe Ale's What Cures YeMIE
BroadcastLocustThe Future CrayonWarp
OchisReavenstonePhoenix TreesCryptanthis
The Sound of LucreciaSafe SideCongostPruna Recordings
LandNothing Is Happening EverywhereNight WithinImportant
Feminist Improvising Groupuntitledanother Evening at Lagos 1974 79 81Sub Rosa
Leo KupperL'Enclume des ForcesComplete Electronic Works 1961-74Sub Rosa
Gilad Atzmon & the Orient House EnsembleThe WhistleblowerThe WhistleblowerMoonJune
MoskitooMinit MitosisMitosis12K
Creatures of SpaceEpic of Zumas/tWynar 7


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