Astral Traveling playlist for 04/26/2015

Program name: 
Astral Traveling
Air date: 
Medeski Martin & WoodBloody OilEnd Of The World Party (Just In Case)Blue Note 2004
Medeski Martin & WoodBeeahIt's A Jungle In Heregramavision 1993
Medeski Martin & WoodFelicThe DropperBlue Note 2000
Medeski Martin & WoodLast Chance To Dance TranceFriday Afternoon In The Universegramavision
Medeski Martin & WoodOrbitsNotes From The UndergroundAccurate
Medeski Martin & WoodYour LadyTonicBlue Note 1998
Medeski Martin & WoodCloud WarsRadio LariansIndirecto 2008
Medeski Martin & WoodFlat TiresRadio Larians 2Indirecto 2009
Medeski Martin & WoodThe DropperThe DropperBlue Note 2000
Medeski Martin & WoodNocturneCombusticationBlue Note 1998
Medeski Martin & WoodNocturne (automator remix)Combustication Remix E.PBlue Note 1998
Medeski Scofield Martin & WoodLittle Walter Rides AgainOut LouderIndirecto 2006
Medeski Martin & WoodThinkShackmanGramavision 1996
Medeski Martin & WoodNocturnal TransmissionUninvisibleBlue Note 2002
Medeski Martin & WoodNew PlanetEnd Of The World Party (Just In Case)Blue Note 2004
Medeski Martin & WoodMachaBubbleHouse EPBeat World
The WordBlood On That RockThe WordRopeadope
Brad MehldahuDusty McNuggetLargoWarner
dimsumz throwing down the Medeski Martin and wood and some times Scofield Mega Mix>

The Sacred Circle "TEMENOS" playlist for 04/10/2015

Program name: 
The Sacred Circle "TEMENOS"
Air date: 
The Sacred Circle "TEMENOS" -Radio Show -Show Intro: "Grooves of the Record >Trip with Me"Battle Breakz Volume 2 (Peabird)
The KleptonesFox IntroFrom Detroit To J.A.
SOLOVOXIko Iko (The Dixie Cups) -Live RemixLive at KBOO (4/10/2015)
SOLOVOXYa Mama (The Pharcyde) -Live RemixLive at KBOO (4/10/2015)
"Carl" Tietze III"Jesus Christ Super Carl . . ."Live at KBOO (4/10/2015)
Dr. George MecouchOn the Origins of TEMENOS and The Sacred CircleInterview July 3rd, 2014
SOLOVOXNo Diggity (Blackstreet/Dr. Dre) -Live RemixLive at KBOO (4/10/2015)
SOLOVOXHow Soon is Now? (The Smiths) -Live RemixLive at KBOO (4/10/2015)
"Carl" Tietze III"Mobile Groove Bomb . . ."Live at KBOO (4/10/2015)
SOLOVOXBaby You're a Rich Man (The Beatles) -Live RemixLive at KBOO (4/10/2015)
SOLOVOX + Vokab KompanyKill You With My Sex -Live RemixLive at KBOO (4/10/2015)
"Carl" Tietze III"Almost Killed a cople Thousand People . . ."Live at KBOO (4/10/2015)
SOLOVOXRing of Fire (Johnny Cash) -Live RemixLive at KBOO (4/10/2015)
SOLOVOXDin Daa Daa/Trommeltanz (George Kranz) -Live RemixLive at KBOO (4/10/2015)
SOLOVOXI'm Going Home -Live RemixLive at KBOO (4/10/2015)
"Carl" Tietze III"I have the best fans . . ."Live at KBOO (4/10/2015)
SOLOVOXABC (The Jackson 5) -Live RemixLive at KBOO (4/10/2015)
SOLOVOXLooking Down The Barrel Of A Gun (The Beastie Boys) -Live RemixLive at KBOO (4/10/2015)
SOLOVOX w/Laura IvancieLove to GiveLive at KBOO (4/10/2015)
"Carl" Tietze III"City of Portland recognize . . ."Live at KBOO (4/10/2015)
MolokoLotus Eaters (Fila Brazillia Remix)Brazilification -Remixes 95-99 -CD 1 (Fila Brazillia)
RadioheadClimbing Up the Walls (Fila Brazillia Remix)Brazilification -Remixes 95-99 -CD 1 (Fila Brazillia)
"Carl" Tietze IIIEarl Carlton Tietze IIILive at KBOO (4/10/2015)
A.Skillz & Krafty KutsAin't It FunkyTricka Technology
DiabloMatty V. Hartless on the Old YellersPhone Interview April 9th,
The Old YellersThe Old Yellers are making a record!Kickstarter Video
The Old YellersNatural ManLive at
TakimbaLive with Christian Parkinson on Covers and BlanketsStudio Interview January 27th,
The African American Alliance & YWCA"Empowering Our Youth"Featuring Sybrina Fulton the mother of slain teen Trayvon Martin who was gunned down in February 2012 in
Jamilah"Brother's and Sisters . . ."RIP Walter L. Scott (February 9, 1965 – April 4, 2015)
Bombs AwayHey, Yall gotta cigarette ?
Bombs AwayWe Don't Smoke Trap / Y'all Got a Cigarette(Free DL)
Health Care for All OregonInner City Blues Festival
Portland Renters
Dr. Zomb's Stereo ObscuraOffbeat sounds for talented
DiabloDiablo Live at White Out (2015)
" . . . High Drive Revival everybody"
DiabloWhite Out Intro
Krafty KutsWe Do This feat. Dynamite MC (Original Mix)
Marlon Hoffstadt & DanssonShake That (Original Mix)
Dirty MindsI'm For Pleasure (Claptone Remix)
AaaronFeelin This (Original Mix)
DuskyNobody Else (Original Mix)
Mat.Joe (Audio Bed)Somebody (Forrest Remix)
Uplift 7UPLIFT - Vaha'ska, Diablo &
Record Store
Dead MoonUnknown PassageDefianceTombstone Records
2013 People's ShortDoc Award winnerBlackbird Pot Pie: Not the Pie Umami
DiabloRough interview with Joni Kimoto about the Japanese
Tim"Happy 72nd Birthday Dad!!"

The Confessional playlist for 04/27/2015

Program name: 
The Confessional
Air date: 
I Heart Rainbows Twink
There's a Rainbow In Every Teardrop Slim Whitman
Dantalion's Chariot / This Island Dantalian's Chariot
Blood Algiers
Expand Jlin
Alley Cat Chet Atkins
Gossipo Perpetuo Jean Jacques Perrey
Cubia Oriental G. Rag y los Hermanos Patchekos
Hungarian Dance No. 3 Aqualads
This Guitar's Made For Twangin Duane Eddy
Bumble Bee ザ・サーフコースターズ
Rockabilly Link Wray & the Wraymen
Nabbed Yoshida Brothers
Control [Juno Reactor Instrumental] Juno Reactor/Traci Lords
Best of Seven Aa
Muzik Megaton GreenStar
有楽町で逢いましょう/フランク永井 マダムキラー(赤坂編)
El Niño Red Elvises
Cumbia de los Pajaritos Grupo Fantasma
Jah Light Augustus Pablo
This Is Your Wilderness Jozef Van Wissem
Spooky Action at a Distance SQÜRL
Baby Elephant Walk Henry Mancini
Popcorn ザ・サーフコースターズ
Gypsy Fire Dick Dale
Dark Eyes Bill Jennings & Brother Jack McDuff
Morticia Combustible Edison
El Porro de Jaime G. Rag Y Los Hermanos Patchekos
Ukranian Dance #13 Red Elvises
Dark Eyes Djangoism
Iguana On a Funky Trail Prasanna
School At Night (Lullaby Music Box Version) Claudio Simonetti & Massimo Morante
Oxygène, pt. 5 Jean Michel Jarre

Nekropolis playlist for 04/27/2015

Program name: 
Air date: 
08 It's Party Time 2:39 Lisa Germano Lullaby for a pig
Banal Reality 4:34 Organic Grooves Blues Lounge
Distance (Banco De Gaia Remix) 7:58 Karsh Kale Asian Travels, Vol. 2: A Six Degrees Collection
Enter the Brahmin 4:57 Thunderball 12 Mile High
Thank You for Sending Me an Angel 2:12 Talking Heads More Songs About Buildings and Food
11 But I Feel Good 5:19 Groove Armada LoveBox
09 - Shake Break Bounce 3:45 Chemical Brothers Push The Button
Sex 3:54 Slugabed Time Team
Living On A Thin Line 4:13 The Kinks Muswell Hillbillies + Katalog
Beacoups Kookoo 6:20 Either/Orchestra Mood Music For Time Travellers
Beck - Que Onda Guero 3:29 Beck Guero
Subcode 7:36 Bill Laswell & Jah Wobble Radioaxiom: A Dub Transmission
(Doin' The) Boom Boom 3:19 Eli "Paperboy" Reed & The True Loves Mojo Presents... The New Dictionary Of Blues And Soul

Sounds Unsound playlist for 04/26/2015

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
EstradosphereThe TransformationIt's UnderstoodWeb of Mimicry
The Chinese RestuarantsRiver of Shit7"SS Records
Helen Money & JarboeHello Mr. Blues/tAurora Borealis
The Pop GroupShadow ChildCitizen ZombieFreaks R Us
Pussy RiotHelter SkelterWon't Get Fooled AgainSpite
Halasan Bazar & Tara King ThTK16 PT 28Moon Glyph
BrainticketDancing on a Volcano Part IPast, Present & FuturePurple Pyramid
White HillsAutomated CityWalks for MotoristsThrill Jockey
Holger CzukayMy Can AxisSeven Years InnerspaceGronland
Kink GongCymb Wu KhmuVoicesDiscrepent
Portland Bicycle EnsembleTetra Part 2-FukyokaLive in JapanOlde English Spelling Bee
Bardo PondAffaRefulgo3-Lobed
John Wiese356 S Mission RdDeviate from BalanceGilgongo
TsemblaSokean SormetTerror & HealingNew Images
Areil KalmaLove and DreamAn Evolutionary MusicRVNG Intl
Alvarius BSorbin Palid7"Poon Village
Liz ChristineGirl's BandSweet Mellow CatFlau
SoleyWe Will Put Her in Two GravesTheater IslandSound of a Handshake
Seven That SpellsErotic MeltdownIt Came From the Planet of LoveBeta-Lactam Ring
Dry NodSisterLive in Concert00 Records
Exploring JezebelTennis has Always Been My Life etc etc etc etc etcOn a Business Trip to LondonBlackest Ever Black
Andrew LilesAuto Manipulator 4th DegreeAuto ManipulatorLumberton Trading Company
The GatheringMorphia's WaltzIf_Then_ElseCentury Media
Fire On FireAmnesias/tYoung God Records
Jacob OlaussonSilloutte VMoonlight FarmDe Stijl
Felicia AtkinsonGuitar Means MountainLa-La-LaSpeck
AreaLiuglio, Agosto, Settembre`Are(A)zioneCramps
Alien EnsembleThree Doors Part 5s/tAlien Transistor
The One EnsembleWithin the ShadowsEvil SideshowFirstCom Music
A Winged Victory for the Sullen4AtomosKranky
Orion Rigel DomissieYou Are AliveOmicronWhat a Mess!
ArboreaArms and HorsesRed PlanetStrange Attractors Audio House
PramA Million Bubbles BurstThe Museum of Imaginary AnimalsDomino
Kira KiraOne Eyed WaltzOur Map to the Monster OlympicsSmekkleysa
Neely BruceThe Plaguethe Plague & Ohter Vocal WorksMode
Letha Rodman MelchiorLake of DreamsHandbook for MortalsSiltbreeze
CircleRautakaarmeTulikoiraEktro Records

Portland Jewish Hour playlist for 04/26/2015

Program name: 
Portland Jewish Hour
Air date: 
Mika KarniEretz YaldutHavtaha2014 Anana LTD
Corinne AllalErtz Ktana Im SafamAntarctica1989 NMC MUSIC LTD
Yossi BanaiSfirat MlaySfirat Mlay2001 IsraePhone LTD
Shlomo ArtziOmerim Yeshna AretzOmerim Yeshna Aretz1973 Had Arzi music LTD
Chava AlbersteinMeeshirei Eretz AhavatiThe Early Years Disc 4
Arik EinsteinYachol lehiyot sheze nigmareretz Israel Hayeshana Vehtova
Gali AtariEin Li Eretz AcheretEin Li Eretz Acheret1990 NMC MUSIC ENTERTAUNMENT LTD
Shmulik KrausErtz IsraelAvoda Ivrit
RitaEretz MoledetOsef Shirim1996 Helicon LTD
KaveretMedina KtanaTzafuf Baozen1975 HED HARZI MUSIC LTD
Tal HapterShir EretzMasa Asfalt- Bitzuim Hadashim Leshirei Sasha Argov2011 Tali Polak & Kol Hacampus
Dali AmihudEretz HatzabarShirei Yaldut2014 dALYA aMIHUD bY PIL LTD
Daniel SolomonEretz YafaHaifa 872007 Hed Arzi Music LTD
Shmulik KrausHo Eretz AhavatiHameitav2010 HED ARZI MUSIC LTD

Higher Reasoning Reggae Time playlist for 04/26/2015

Air date: 
Anthony BMahmah Warriorsingle (World Peace Riddim)Nature's Way Entertainment
Loud CityHeaven And Hell DubDub CurrentLoud City-Dynasty Records
Garth DennisSave The Children (Authentic Version)Trenchtown 19 3rd StreetCD Baby
Garth DennisJah House Of LoveTrenchtown 19 3rd StreetCD Baby
Watty Burnett & SkavilleOne Hot NightsingleSkaville Music
Richie Stephens & SeanizzleMidas TouchHall Of Fame RiddimPot Of Gold Records
Richie Stephens & Bunji GarlinHall Of FameHall Of Fame RiddimPot Of Gold Records
Richie Stephens & GentlemanShining StarHall Of Fame RiddimPot Of Gold Records
Getaway Crew ft-TriXstarStand UpsingleBoomrush Productions
Marumba ft-Jolebalalla FadeOn A MissionThe Right DirectionSoulove Records
Marumba ft-NavigatorYou RockThe Right DirectionSoulove Records
Marumba ft-Earl 16The Right DirectionThe Right DirectionSoulove Records
Jah BamiWhat Can You DoThe Smart RiddimRoyal Order Music-Green Stone Music
Marla BrownBetter DaysThe Smart RiddimRoyal Order Music-Green Stone Music
KelissaHold My Head UpThe Smart RiddimRoyal Order Music-Green Stone Music
Loud CitySurprise Me DubDub CurrentLoud City-Dynasty Records
NiyoRahCalculateRising SunDenkenesh Records
NiyoRah ft-House Of ShemRising SunRising SunDenkenesh Records
NoMaddzBetter Must ComeSly & Robbie Present NoMaddzTaxi Records-Nomaddic Movement Ltd.
The BanyansBetter DaysFor Better DaysKhanti Records
Mad Professor & Prince FattyBrute DubThe Clone TheoryEvergreen Records
Keznamdi10 PoundsingleNatural High Music-Keznamdi Music
NiyoRahMedicinal ganjaRising SunDenkenesh Records
Morgan Heritage ft-Jo MersaLight It UpStrictly RootsCTBC Music Group
AkinsanyaBabylon Wah Gan(g) JasingleJunior Wize
Chronixx & Mystic RevealersHerb Must Legalize NowsingleDub Rockers
Shanty BHerb TreesinglePenthouse
Protoje ft-Jesse Royal & SevanaSudden FlightAncient FutureIn.Digg.Nation Collective-Overstand Entertainment
ProtojeWho Can You CallAncient FutureIn.Digg.Nation Collective-Overstand Entertainment
Mad Professor & Prince FattyBack Off DubThe Clone TheoryEvergreen Records
Morgan HeritageCelebrate LifeStrictly RootsCTBC Music Group
Morgan HeritageRise And FallStrictly RootsCTBC Music Group
Prezident BrownBreak The CycleJourneyman EPTower Production-Soundkillaz Music
Prezident BrownJourneymanJourneyman EPTower Production-Soundkillaz Music
Prezident BrownBullHead MountainJourneyman EPTower Production-Soundkillaz Music
Jahnett TafariMy GirlBlack Star RiddimThe HandCart Market
JoggoJah Jah DescendantBlack Star RiddimThe HandCart Market
OphelieLet It RainBlack Star RiddimThe HandCart Market
Mellow Mood ft-Jah9Wipe Away2 The WorldLa Tempesta International
Mellow Mood ft-Hempress Sativa & ForelockInna Jamaica Pt.22 The WorldLa Tempesta International
Sara Lugo & ProtojeReally Like YouRam Jam RiddimSilly Walks Discoteque
ClayLove And Be LovedRam Jam RiddimSilly Walks Discoteque
Ras DemoWatch The ThingsRam Jam RiddimSilly Walks Discoteque
Live WyyaLet Jah Be PraisedsingleLive Wyya Music
Positive ft-Jonathan McReynoldsAll Over The WorldsingleFOX Fuse

Grateful Dead & Friends playlist for 04/25/2015

Program name: 
Grateful Dead & Friends
Air date: 
UnknownDead Head FredRap*
Seattle Jim PaigeGoing To Eugene To See The Grateful Dead
Grateful DeadRed Rocks AmphitheaterMopeeison, Colorado09-06-83 SBD.
Help On The Way >*
Slipknot! >*
Franklin's Tower*
Playin In The Band >*
Drums >*
Space >*
Uncle John's Band >*
Playin' Reprise >*
Throwing Stones >*
Not Fade Away*
Grateful Dead11-14-87Longbeach Arena, Cal.
Hey Pockey Way*

Portland Jewish Hour playlist for 04/26/2015

Program name: 
Portland Jewish Hour
Air date: 
Shuli Rutzick with SHIREI ERETZ- a tribute to Israel's independence day and the conflict of loving a troubled country

Hypnophobia playlist for 04/25/2015

Program name: 
Air date: 
Okkyung LeeOne hundred years old rain
JejuneMoral is low
Bread and WaterWill not argue
Anti-ProductStillborn with hardware
Le TigreTGIF
PharmakonBody Betrays itself
abdullah ibrahimthe aloe and the wild rose
sol invictusour lady of the flowers
fields of the nephililmblue water
ramlehspear flowers
death in junethe mourner's bench
strom.ectreatment protocol
genocide organpatria y libertad
virgin insanitytouch the sky
carry onroll with the punches
carry onoff my chest
carry onbroken strings
madballball of destruction ep
earth crisisfirestorm
hatebreedsmash your enemies
hatebreedkill an addict
hatebreedbefore dishonor
cro magswe gotta know
cro magsmalfunction
Aelter IDusk/Dawn
welcome to another edition of Hypnophobia Radio! This week we bring you some freaky-fun-noizy-music and some rousing debate about the presidential candidates.

The Songcircle playlist for 04/24/2015

Program name: 
The Songcircle
Air date: 
Bruce SpringsteenGrowin' UpGreetings from Asbury Park, NJ
The Beach BoysWhen I Grow Up to Be a ManBeach Boys Today
Michelle ShockedWhen I Grow UpMercury Poise: 1988-1995
Original Broadway CastWhen I Grow UpMatilda: The Musical: Original Broadway Cast Recording
Diana RossWhen We Grow UpFree to Be, You and Me
Mary Martin et alI Won't Grow UpPeter Pan the MusicaL: Original Broadway Cast
Tom WaitsI Don't Wanna Grow UpBone Machine
Chuck BerryAlmost GrownThe First Golden Decade
Elvis CostelloAll Grown UpMighty like a Rose
Bethany & RufusDeath Don't Have No MercyTrouble in the Land
"Entrei Na Matalive on air
"Nobody's Fault but Mine"
"Trouble in the Landsame
"O Deathlive on air
TaarkaGroundedMaking Tracks Home
The Mike + Ruthy BandBright as You Cansame
Petra HadenI Can See For MilesPetra Haden Sings The Who Sell Out
The Mamas & the PapasNo Salt on Her Tails/t

Holland Hour playlist for 04/26/2015

Program name: 
Holland Hour
Air date: 
Air Force BandKoning MarsMarching alongAdler
SamenzangHet WilhelmusVaderlandsBeeline
De KinderenOranje BovenKinderen zingenRCA
Dick DoornTwee ogen zo blauwmet AnnieColumbia
Joke Bruysals op het LeidsepleinSoft JazzD.G.G.
B.Z.N.Mijn plattelandZonder naamVara
Astor PiazzollaAdios NoninoTangosParlor
andre van DuinAls de zon schijntKnallersDEcca
Westlands Mannenkoorla MontanaraDe WinnersBoemel
Sanny DayLiede in RhythmeOuwe jazzAVRO
Wim SonneveldPoenTV HitsMercury
Wieke van DortGeef mij maar nasi-gorengKrontjongFlink
Robert LongIn de busVan de RadioVlerk

Guess Who's Coming to Radio??!! playlist for 04/23/2015

Air date: 
marlena shawsave the childrenmarlenablue note
jaleel shawthe wheel of lifethe soundtrack of things to comechangu records
marcus shelby jazz orchestraashanti stompharriet tubmannoir records
sonny sharrockas we used to singask the agesaxiom
bobby mcferrinkalimba suitebeyond wordsblue note/angel
earth, wind & firekalimba storyopen your eyescolumbia
earth, wind & firebad tuneearth, wind & firewarner bros.
regina carterzerapikyreverse threadE1 entertainment
ron carterjoc cu batabrandenburg concertoblue note
spinnersjust as long as we have lovepick of the litteratlantic
seallove's divineseal IVwarner bros.
fontella bassto be freefreefuel
jaleel shawsisterthe soundtrack of things to comechangu records
Mama Shafia Monroe!!!  Midwife extrordinaire!!!

Red Eye Sunrise playlist for 04/22/2015

Program name: 
Red Eye Sunrise
Air date: 
Andrea ParkerSneeze
Nosaj ThingEclipse/Blue
These New PuritansOrgan Eternal
Crystal CastlesViolent Dreams
AnoraakMidnight Sunset
DavidgeGallant Foxes
OOFJI Forgive You
John HopkinsOpen Eye Signal
Cut ChemistMetrorail Thru Space
CubeConcert Boy
How to Destroy AngelsBBB
Boys Noize& Down (Siriusmo vs. Boys Noize Remix)
Pink MartiniMoon River
Double DuchessGood Girl Freak Out
ToxoplasmosisUnknown Title
FKA TwigsGive Up
Keiichi SuzukiFirewood-chopping and a farmer who wants to be a samurai
BenischWireframe Fields
Fallen Fronds166 (OOFJ Remix)
ClarkWinter Linn
Groenland OrchesterMonopfau
ChromaticsHands In The Dark
Twin ShadowFlatliners
Pet Shop BoysI'm Not Scared
Meat Beat ManifestoLove Mad
Unknown ArtistUnknown Title
A Guy Called GeraldVoodoo Ray Americas
The BlowThe Love That I Crave (The Strata Club Remix)
GusGusAdd This Song
SoundwaveIIIrd (Chris Clepper Mix)
ErasureSacred (Kid Moxie Remix)
AnnieTake You Home
Ellen AllienEver
Oliver HackeNine


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