Folk Espresso playlist for 11/15/2010

Program name: 
Folk Espresso
Air date: 
530 AM: Lee MurdockMermaid of OntarioLost Lake Sailors (2000)Depot Recordings
Norman & Nancy BlakeThe MermaidBack Home in Sulphur Springs (2005)Plectrafone Records
Paul SiebelLegend of the Captain's DaughterJack Knife Gypsy (1970)1990 Linea reissue of Elektra recording
545 AM: Harvey Reid & Joyce AndersonThe Wreck of the IsidoreThe Great Sad River (2001)Woodpecker Records
Gordon LightfootBallad of the Yarmouth CastleSunday Concert (1969)United Artists
600 AM: William Pint & Felicia DaleThe Wreck of the Lady WashingtonHearts of Gold (1994)Waterbug
Gordon LightfootGhosts of Cape HornDream Street Rose (1980)Warner Brothers
The WaifsLighthouseA Brief History of the Waifs (2005)Jarrah/Compass Records
615 AM: The Red Clay RamblersWhat Does the Deep Sea Say?Rambler (1992)Sugar Hill
The DecemberistsThe Mariner's Revenge SongPicaresque (2005)Kill Rock Stars
(TV Sountrack)The Ballad of Gilligan's IsleTV Land Presents: Favorite Tv Theme Songs (2002 reissue of 1959 LP)Rhino/WEA
635 AM: Shanghaied on the WillametteLet the Light from the Lighthouse Shine on MeLIVE IN THE KBOO STUDIO!!!LIVE IN THE KBOO STUDIO!!!
640 AM: Jonathan LayWhen Carissa Came AshoreCD Single (1999)(Self released)
George HarrisonThe Pirate SongFootage of Rutland Weekend Televison (1970), a British TV show that followed Monty Python's Flying CircusYouTube
645 AM: Gordon LightfootWreck of the Edmund FitzgeraldSummertime Dream (1976)Reprise Records
Stan RogersThe Mary Ellen CarterHome in Halifax (1982)Fogerty Cove

Contemporary and Traditional Folk Music to start your day with a smile

Hosts: Jack Bohl, Jonathan Lay, and Gordy Euler

Annual Gales of November Show: Songs about shipwrecks, lighthouses, mermaids, and general nautical mayhem- inspired by Gordon Lightfoots' classic "Wreck of the Edmund Fitgerald"


A Different Nature playlist for 11/15/2010

Program name: 
A Different Nature
Air date: 
Igor WakhevitchNagualNagualFractal
Igor WakhevitchErgon/Mineral-Vegital-Animal/Homosapiens IgnorabimusLogos(Rituel Sonore)Fractal
Igor WakhevitchMateria PrimaDocteur FaustFractal
Igor WakhevitchCris pour les sabbats inrernaux et invocations des daimonsHathorFractal
Igor WakhevitchRites of the DollLes Fous d'OrFractal
Igor WakhevitchTaddy's Fruit GardenLet's StartFractal
Igor WakhevitchEau ArdenteDocteur FaustFractal
Igor WakhevitchGrand Sabbat LuciferienHathorFractal
Igor WakhevitchSpenta AramatiNagualFractal
Igor WakhevitchTenebresDocteur FaustFractal
Igor WakhevitchMonks in the SnowLet's StartFractal
Igor WakhevitchHenry the fool of the dollLes Fous d'OrFractal
Igor WakhevitchLicornes/Sang PourpreDocteur FaustFractal
Igor WakhevitchInitiation (2eme partie)LogosFractal
Igor WakhevitchDeleriumLogosFractal
Igor WakhevitchDanse SacraleLogosFractal
Igor WakhevitchPoint Omega(mort ou resurrection)LogosFractal
Igor WakhevitchRituel of the Master of the DollLes Fous d'OrFractal
Igor WakhevitchAmenthi(Attente de la seconde mort)HathorFractal
Igor WakhevitchAuroreHathorFractal
Igor WakhevitchCinderellaNagualFractal

Tonight we listen to the music of Igor Wakhevitch.  On top of composing music for Salvador Dali's 1974 opera "Etre Dieu," Wakhevitch released six records in the 1970s. The Swan's Michael Gira said of Wakhevitch "The most astonishing music I have heard in some years... Ominous and beautiful, then clamorous and Wagnerian," while a Pitchfork review of one Wakhevitch's records, "Docteur Faust," was titled "It Was the Strangest Record I Had Ever Heard."  While sections of the Dali Opera have been and will be aired on Desolo Vox Luna Theatrum, I thought it'd be nice to hear from those 6 albums released in the 1970s. These albums were also reissued several years ago as the 6-CD set "Donc" by the Fractal label. 

The orginal albums with year of release:

 1970  Logos (rituel sonore)

1971  Docteur Faust

1973 Hathor (liturgie du souffle pour la resurerection des morts)

1975 Les Fous d'Or

1977 Nagual (les ailes de la perception)

1979 Let's Start



The Noontime Jamboree playlist for 11/15/2010

Program name: 
The Noontime Jamboree
Air date: 
Harlem Hot ShotsWho's Sorry Now
Jimmie RodgersBlue Yodel # 4
Jimmy WakelyWho's Sorry Now
Lefty FrizzellBlue Yodel # 4
Glenn Miller & His OrchBy The Waters Of The Minnetonka
Patsy ClineHalf As Much
Jimmy WakelyBy The Waters Of The Minnetonka
Waylon JenningsHalf As Much
Paul Whiteman & His Orch.After You've Gone
Delmore BrothersThe Weary Lonesome Blues
Martha RayeAfter You've Gone
Louvin BrothersThe Weary Lonesome Blues
Johnny MercerAc-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive
Tommy DorseyChina Town, My China Town
Willie NelsonAc-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive
Milton BrownChina Town, My China Town
Jimmie RodgersBlue Yodel #5
Cab Calloway & his Orch.Dinah
Gene AutryBlue Yodel #5
Bob Wills & His Texsas PlayboysDinah
Glenn Miller & His Orch.Beautiful Ohio
The Mills BrothersPut On Your Old Gray Bonnet
Chet AtkinsBeautiful Ohio
Prairie RamblersPut On Your Old Gray Bonnet
Jimmie RodgersBlue Yodel #1
Louis Armstrong & His OrchAll Of Me
Waylon JenningsBlue Yodel #1
Willie NelsonAll Of Me
Django RhinhardtAvalon
Fats WallerAin't Misbehavin'
Chet AtkinsAvalon
Kaay StarrAin't Misbehavin'
Johnny MercerAny Place I Hang My Hat Is Home
Delmore BrothersFreight Train Blues
Rosemary ClooneyAny Place I Hang My Hat Is Home

November 15th, America Recycles Day and recyled tunes are featured on the Noontime Jamboree.

Music Without Borders playlist for 11/14/2010

Program name: 
Music Without Borders
Air date: 
Chris JossAtomic TapeTeraphonic Overdubs8:02pm
Mylene48 HorasBrazil8:06pm
Luisa MaitaLero-Lero(DJ/Rupture Remix)Maita Remixed8:10pm
Luisa MaitaFulaninha(Maga Bo Remix)Maita Remixed8:15pm
Mundo Livre S/ADezessete E SetecentosBaiao De Viramundo-Tribute to Luiz Gonzaga8:22pm
Paulinho da ViolaDanca Da SolidaoMondo Samba8:26pm
Glaucia NasserLabios De CetimAcoustic Brazil8:29pm
House Of BambaBrazilCome 'n Play8:33pm
House of BambaOh LeleCome 'n Play8:41pm
House of BambaSahelCome 'n Play8:42pm
Ernest RanglinOuternational IncidentModern Answers To Old Problems8:47pm
Ali Farka Toure & Toumani DiabeteGomniIn The Heart Of The Moon8:53pm
SonameYak StampedePlateau9:04pm
Medhat MamdoohTabla & DoffDesert Grooves 39:07pm
KabanjakI Am A TreeTree of Mystery9:15pm
Kabanjak f/AzeemRhythmTree of Mystery9:20pm
Black Eyed PeasOne TribeThe E.N.D.9:25pm
Cormega f/HavocLove Your FamilyBorn And Raised9:29pm
Zion IAlwaysAtomic Clock9:32pm
Whitefield Brothers f/Edan, Mr. LifThe GiftEarthology9:35pm
Lyrics Born f/Francis & The LightsSomething BetterAs U Were9:39pm
Wax Poetic f/Norah JonesAngelsVersions9:43pm
Natacha AtlasWhen I Close My EyesSomething Dangerous9:48pm
Samsara Sound SystemGathaArabian Travels 29:52pm

Astral Traveling playlist for 11/14/2010

Program name: 
Astral Traveling
Air date: 
Bobby Paunetto'sFenway FunkPaunetto's PointPathfinder
Fred WernerVisionLes Crane- DesiderataWarner Brothers
Billy Bang SextetThe Nagual JulianThe Fire From WithinSoul Note`
Joe HendersonLas PalmasCanyon LadyMilestone
Arild AndersonCyclesClouds In My HeadECM
Barbara ThompsonsSlum GoddessJubiabaMCA Records
Clare FisherDescarga-Yema YaMorningCapitol
MONGO SANTAMARIAMe and You Baby(Picao Y Tostao)All Strung OutColombia
CandidoSerenade To A SavageBeautifulBlue Note
Pete and Sheila EscovedoAin't That The TruthHappy TogetherFantasy
Sugar CubesBirthdayLife's too goodElectra
Kid Creole and The CococutsGoing NowhereFresh Fruit in Foreign PLacesElectra
NorthboundTEE's Happy12 Inch SingleEmergency

Sounds Unsound playlist for 11/14/2010

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Orchid SpangiaforiaDime OperationFlee Past Tape Elf
Rick PottsCarousel of ProgresssameP-tapes
WarpaintWarpaintThe FoolRough Trade
Girls at DawnCome Here to DieCall the DoctorNorton
BrainbombsNo Ends/tLoad
Havvanlar AlemiBahar PatalonGuarana SuperpowerSublime Frequencies
Eqyptian Light OrchestraTunnel VisionMonogamyConstellation
Zola JesusLightsickValusiaSacred Bones
Rob Jo BandStone Aways/tPomme
VulcanLighteningMeet Your GhostLysergic Sound Distribution
Sevil & AylaBabekTurkish Freakout:Psych Folk Singles 1969-1980Bouzouki Joe
Barn OwlCavern HymnAncestral StarThrill Jockey
Et Cetera (Wolfgang Dauner)SunKnirschHGBS
Vas Deferens OrganizationOrcaNinth Ward Fourth WorldFree Dope & Fucking in the Streets
Bettina JonicMasters of WarThe Bitter MirrorMotema
PocahauntedThreshold7" singleNot Not Fun
Richard PinhasParanoiaMetal/CrystalCuneiform
SmegmaF-85 Turbo RocketMirageImportant
PrismaLight LightThe Cosmic CoilTime-Lag
CursillistasMothers TaughtLeaves of LifeBorne
Edward Ka-spellLisa's Funeral/The Glass Moved by ItselfLaughing China DollBeta-Lactam Ring
Natural Snow BuildingsBloody SnowThe Winter Rays/r
Big BloodGraceless LadyBig Blood & the Bleeding Hearts
Dawanggang & VialkauntitledLive at Tiny Salt, Beijing 3/19/10
Crazy Dreams BandLife is the KnifeWar DreamsHoly Mountain
Trans MuseqDeck Chance LamentTransendprovisationTrans Museq
SpinksI PromiseConsensusKontrans
Brain Soundu:-u:-ae-3tsAn Attempt to Record CoincidenceNero's Neptune
Mike PattonGuerra in LettoPranzo OltranzistoTzadik
Phil WilsonNeon LightsInduistrial StrengthSlumberland
Bren't Lewis Ensembleside aMake it stop 7"Training Bra

Sounds Unsound for 11/13/10

Radio Lost and Found playlist for 11/12/2010

Program name: 
Radio Lost and Found
Air date: 

Playlist (artist-track-album/source):
Leonard Pinnario – March of the Lunatics – The Two Pianos of Leonard Pinnario
Sears Inc. – Stereo Demo Disc 7″
Shure Corp. – Introduction – An Audio Obstacle Course
Randy Quaid – Vancouver BC Press Conference (The Star-Whackers) YouTube
Les Maledictus Sound – Radio Pirat Program – Les Maledictus Sound
Jean-Pierre Massiera – Radio Galaxia – Radio Galaxia
Cates and DPL – Time – Pink Floyd Remixes
Stephen Spyrit – Temple of the Orgasm – Cyber’t PDX
Dalek – Images of 44 Casings – Negro Necro
Paws Hands – Untitled
Rolf Harris – Rolf Harris Introduces the Stylophone 7″
The Evolution Control Committee – Rebel Without a Pause – Whipped Cream Remixes
The George Garabedian Players And The Awful Trumpet Of Harry Arms – Spanish Flea – Hooray for Hollywood
Paddy O’Shea – Where’s the Beef? – 7″
Coyote McCloud and Clara Peller – Where’s the Beef?
The Tenderloinz – Where’s the Beef? – 12″
The Chiefs – Where’s the Beef? – 12″
General Caine – Where’s the Beef? – 12″
Eddie B. and Oscar T. – Where’s the Beef? – 12″
Zapp and Roger – More Bounce to the Ounce – Best of Zapp and Roger
Van McCoy – Star Trek Theme – The Hustle and the Best of Van McCoy
Sigue Sigue Sputnik – 21st Century Boy – Flaunt It
Art of Noise w/Max Headroom – Paranoimia – Paranoimia 12″
The Boredoms – 1 – Ichi: The Killer OST
The Boredoms – Babe¨Baab – Ichi: The Killer OST
The Boredoms – Alphabetical #1 – Ichi: The Killer OST
The Boredoms – Whity White – Ichi: The Killer OST
The Boredoms – Drops – Ichi: The Killer OST
Paws Hands – Untitled
Shooby Taylor, The Human Horn – Over the Rainbow – The Human Horn (and then some)

Higher Reasoning Reggae Time playlist for 11/14/2010

Air date: 
Jahdan BlakkamooreSongs Of Love
GuitoudConscious RastaFresh Poulp Rec's
GuitoudConscious Rasta
GuitoudCarbonic Oxyde
SysiphiansAgamemnon Riddim
Irie SoulsDub InvadersZion BoundIrie Souls
Irie SoulsSpace Invaders
Irie SoulsHallelujah
Dre & KJ + FMG BandMessagemp3 singleFMG Music
Dre & KJ + FMG BandDraw From St.E
Kymani MarleyNew Heightsmp3 single
KhalilahNo Gunzmp3 single
Sub Atomic Sound ft-Ari UpBed Athletesmp3 single
Natural BlackSunshine GloryMortima HardlyRippa Blaxx
Natural BlackReady Your Mind
Natural BlackAll Over You
Natural BlackRunning
Mark WonderPeople Need SecurityBillie Jean Riddim Hip Hop MixIrie Ites Records
SizzlaPolice Oppression
Mark Wonder ft-Gentleman, Daddy RingsJah HighwayMark Wonder & FriendsIrie Vibrations-AL.TA.FA.AN.
Mark Wonder ft-Ziggi Recardo
Mark Wonder ft-Lutan Fyah & ChezidekOnly The Strong
los Umbanda ft-Don Mateoes RealLatintropikslos Umbanda
los UmbandaDale Duro al Lov!
los Umbanda ft-Alejandro Sokol & Tavo LupinskiCoimrade
los Umbanda ft-Luis AlfaHacia el Abismo rmx
Chgam, Mykal Rose, Bounty KillerStrongermp3 singleDon Corleon
Jah Sun ft-Jahdan BlakkamooreNo WayStrongerMore Love Music
Dubtonic KruHRRT Special - Hold On Stillmp3 singleDubtonic Kru Records
Clinton FearonBetter DaysMi Deh Yah!Makasound
Clinton FearonAre You Ready
Clinton FearonMi Deh Yah!
Apple GabrielGifted OnesTeach Them RichtJahSolidRock-Heartbeat
Apple GabrielGive Them Love
Apple GabrielNo Equality
Taj Weekes & AdowaJanjaweedWaterlogged Soul KitchenJatta Records
Taj Weekes & AdowaSunny Innocents
BantabaSome TalkFrom The Ground UpRubin Rockers-Rootdown
BantabaNew Day
JahcoustixBe True To YourselfCrossroadsKingstone US
MishkaGive Them LoveTaslk Aboutj.k. livin'
Ossie Dellimore ft-Ruff ScottReggae MusicReggae MusicSkank Records
Live WyyaSpread The LoveSpread The LoveLive Wyya Music
Toussaint ft-Jahdan BlakkamooreRise And FallBlack GoldI Grade Records-Zion I Kings Prod.
ChezidekWalk With JahWalk With JahJahsolidrock Records
ChezidekDub With Jah
Hornsman CoyoteHorn Of AfricaBrass RootsJah Works Records
Hornsman CoyoteWarrior Horns
Hornsman CoyoteRastaman Brass
Moonlight Dub ExperimentBiodubBiodubMoon Records
Moonlight Dub ExperimentPachamama
Moonlight Dub ExperimentBlack Star LineAttack Dub
Killa SistaAttack DubFrom Far EastFar East Japan
Killa SistaAbyssinian Dance

Jazz Rap 2 playlist for 11/13/2010

Air date: 
Will Downing/Gerald AlbrightRainy daypleasures of the night
Wes Montgomery"' "Bumpin
Freddie Hubbard" "Rollin
Bill WithersLovely DayBest of...
Lee Ritenour" "Smok n' mirrors
Jack JonesWives and loversWives and Lovers
Nancy Wilson" "Blue Note Plays Bacharach
Diane ReevesDown here on the GroundThe New Groove
George Benson" "Live in L. A.
GreyboyGrey RoyaleLand of the Lost
Joe HendersonBlack NarcissusPower to the People
Philippe SaisseGo for itReady to go
Steve ColemanChange the GuardResistance is Futile
Philippe SaisseReady to GoReady to Go
Erik TruffazGodReviste'
frank mccombPatriceTribute to the Masters
Patrice RushenStepping StonesShout it Out
Alfred NewmanLauraLaura motion picture soundtrack
Philippe Saisse" "My Favorite Songs
Michael BreckerPilgramagePilgramage
David LiebmanLoveMeditations
Stanley TurentineSalt SongSalt Song
Milton Nascimento" "Courage

Dr. Zomb's Stereo Obscura playlist for 11/12/2010

Program name: 
Dr. Zomb's Stereo Obscura
Air date: 

It went a little something like this:

Dan Crall   the incredible blue   non formula equinox cd

Cromagnon   fantasy   s/t lp    Jackpot Records reissue

Library Science   do it to it   dolphin cd   happi tyme

Vegetable Orchestra   le massacre du printemps   onionoise cd   rough trade

Chico Magnetic Band   pop or not   midnight massiera lp   finders keepers

Bran Flakes   ding dong dub   bounces cd

David Cunningham/Jah Lloyd   skin and stone  secret dub life of the flying lizards lp   staubgold

Meat Beat Manifesto   timebomb dub   mbm in dub

Systemwide meets Muslimgauze   nommo's ghost   bsi 10"

Unovidual   like I am   minimal wave tapes vol. 1 lp   stones throw

Tshetsha Boys   rose, where are you going?   shaangan electro v/a lp   honest jon's

Vegetable Orch.   scoville   onionoise cd   rough trade

Creation Rebel   excrpt   starship africa lp   on-u

Capt. Beefheart   veterans day poppy   troutmaskreplica lp

Bruce Haack and Miss Nelson   shadows  dance sing and listen again and again lp   dimension 5

Library Science   trucker speed dub   dolphin cd

George Coleman   cool it   bongo joe lp   mississippi records reissue

Bran Flakes   van pop   I have hands cd

Cromagnon   genitalia   s/t lp   Jackpot records reissue

Steinski   its all up to you

Splatt   laughterstruck   world of... cd

Bran Flakes   what its all about   I have hands cd

Human Egg   onomatopoeia   midnight massiera lp   finders keepers 

Blevin Blectum   oddly shaped room   magic maple cd

Sagan   18,000 b.c.   unseen forces cd   creative commons

Dan Crall   circuits of   non formula equinox cd

Christopher Komeda   the dream   rosemary's baby st lp    dot

Marcus Fjellstrom   excerpt antichrist, anarchy & management   schattenspieler cd   miasmah 



The Soundbox playlist for 10/23/2010

Program name: 
The Soundbox
Air date: 
NytroNytro ExpressReturn to NytropolisWhitfeild Records
KraftwerkTrans Europe ExpressTrans Europe ExpressCaptol
WhodiniFreaks come out at nightEscapeJive
De La SoulReturn of DSTN/A (pre-release on myspace)
BatsaucePeople of the universeSummertimeModern Shark
CunninglynguistsDon't LeaveStrange Journey Vol IIAPOS music
BlacastanMartyrsMasters of RealityBrick Records
Von PeaSomething to doThe most skullduggery of mixtapesInterdependent Media
Von PeaFancy NancyThe most skullduggery of mixtapesInterdependent Media
Von PeaSellin OutroThe most skullduggery of mixtapesInterdependent Media
John RobinsonMascotMascot EPShaman Work
Retrospekover and over againsomeshitwedid EPunsigned
PDX BioLogicCrown Room BeatPDX BioLogicPDX BioLogic
Crown City RockersPeaceBody Rock/Restless EPEarthtones
SapientListeningFamine Friendsunsigned/indie
Pack FMI Fucking Hate RappersI Fucking Hate RappersQNS
J. Howells WeathermanClichewe are making plansModern
Pack FMI fucking like everythingI Fucking Hate RappersQNS
KutmahCount Bass D + Various ArtistsThrowing StonesStones Throw
Black MilkPurple Track 2music from the color purpleneighborhood watch!
Roughneck JihadPolar Ice RapsE Pluribus UrineDisgruntled Records
CunninglynguistsNothing But StrangenessStrange Journey Vol 1APOS
Remy LBOSuccessionSuccessionporta
the leftsacreddigital singlena
scienz of lifegalactic b-boyleviathanproject moon circle
scienz of lifebig headed scientistleviathanproject moon circle
madmenNA (white label test press)NA (white label test press)NA (white label test press)
declaimeshit aint rightandsoitissaidsuperrappin
bk one + raekwonthe true and livingradio do cannibalrhymesayers
Whitefield Brothersthe giftthe gift singleNow Again
reggie sadderraggedy bagkeb darge's legendary deep funk vol 3Barely Breaking Even
aloe blacctake me backgood thingStones Throw Music
MF DOOMcoca leafspecial herbs 9+0Fat Beats
Funkadelici wanna know if its good to youfree your mind and your ass will followWestbound
heliocentrics w/ guilty simpsonbefore i dieout thereNow Again
MC Lyte10% DissLyte as a Rock1st priority
mad rabbirepeat offendersNA/singletop shelf music
educated consumersstealstealverizum
binary starglen closeNA/singleTRC
supastitionsoul controlchain letterSoulspazm
little sisteryoure the oneNA/singlestone flower
bilalfreeNA/ 45 singlewaxpoetics/converse
Edanecho partyecho partyself release

Grateful Dead & Friends playlist for 11/13/2010

Program name: 
Grateful Dead & Friends
Air date: 

Show deadicated to Azure:

1. Scarlet<GDTRFB   Grateful Dead   4.29.1977    New York City, NY   Palladium

2. Blue Sky   Allman Brothers Band   9.16.1971   Warehouse  New Orleans, LA

3. Stella Blue Grateful Dead  5.8.1980  Glen Falls Civic Center  Glen Falls, NY

4. Cosmic Charlie   Grateful Dead  6.19.1976  Capital Theater   Passaic, NJ

5. Tangled Up in Blue  Grateful Dead  8.29.1987  French's Camp  Piercy, CA

6. It's All Over Now Baby Blue   Grateful Dead   10.19.1990  International Congress Centrum  Berlin, Germany

7. Tweezer>Ramble On>Tweezer>Stairway to Heaven   10.30.2010  The Boardwalk  Atlanic City, NJ

8. Interview with Ben McCune and Evan Du Pont from Camp Cascadia about Rain Dance 2010

9. Crazy Fingers    Everyday Prophets

10. What is It   Fruition

World Beat Connection playlist for 11/11/2010

Program name: 
World Beat Connection
Air date: 
Gregory IsaacsBreaking UpBest of, Vol. 1&2Heart Beat
Gregory IsaacsCool YouBest of, Vol. 1&2Heart Beat
Gregory IsaacsTribute to Wa DeOnce AgoCharisma
Gregory IsaacsWrite Myself a LetterLooking BackRAS
Gregory IsaacsPromise MeLooking BackRAS
Gregory IsaacsSpecial GuestBest of, Vol. 1&2Heart Beat
Gregory IsaacsMy Number OneBest of, Vol. 1&2Heart Beat
Gregory IsaacsGone is the LoveTurn Down the LightsAO
Gregory IsaacsLonelinessLooking BackRAS
Gregory IsaacsJailerBest of, Vol. 1&2Heart Beat
Gregory IsaacsRude Boy inna PenitentiaryTurn Down the LightsAO
Gregory IsaacsLong SentenceTwo Time LoserMelodie
Roy Brooks & Artistic TruthEbonessEthnic ExpressionsJazzman
Super Mama DjoumboGuine - CabralThe Music in My HeadSterns
Sandwidi Pierre & Super VoltaYamb ne CapitaleOuaga AffairSavannahphone
22 BandAtoni Yambi LemaThe Music in My HeadSterns
Emperor Dele OjoJekoyeteNigeria SpecialSoundways
Rokia TraoreYere WoloWanitaLabel Blue
Rokia TraoreWanitaWanitaLabel Bleu
Franco & TP OK JazzBamaste bonaneEbale ya ZaireSonodisc
Les Bantous de la CapitaleMayele Ya MotoSafou SakieSonodisc

La Ruleta playlist for 11/12/2010

Program name: 
La Ruleta
Air date: 
InterfaceLa Maquina del TiempoAutomataUnicornio
SyntomaPerdidos en el EspacioSyntomaTropico Digital
SyntomaLa Novia de Mi NoviaSyntomaTropico
SyntomaSubliminalSyntomaTropico Digital
SyntomaSensaciones IlegalesSyntomaTropico Digital
SyntomaNo Me Puedo ControlarSyntomaTropico Digital
LL7Todo! [Rave]Todo!Magia Records
Casino ShanghaiHollow
Casino ShanghaiIf You DanceFilmWEA
Casino ShanghaiSexy
Jose Fors, Carlos EsegeEl Hombre de la MarchaDuda MataProduccion
Jose Fors, Carlos EsegeSe, SoyDuda MataProduccion
Jose Fors, Carlos EsegeMasticandoteDuda MataProduccion Equis
Jose Fors, Carlos EsegeEjercicios EspiritualesDuda MataProduccion Equis
Jose Fors, Carlos EsegeDuda MataDuda MataProduccion
SizeEl Diablo en el
InterfaceExtincionExtincionLejos del Paraiso
SizeLa Cabellera de
SyntomaSortilegios IndustrialesSyntomaTropico Digital
SyntomaYe - YeSyntomaTropico Digital
SyntomaSoy de lo PeorSyntomaTropico Digital
SyntomaAbdul AlharedSyntomaTropico Digital
SyntomaLos QuelicerosSyntomaTropico Digital

Audio for his broadcast can be found at:


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