Swing & Country playlist for 09/24/2011

Program name: 
Swing 'n' Country
Air date: 

With this show we will continue with the transportation themed shows.
I started in June with Hot Rods, then July with makes of cars, and August
with driving songs. Now we're going to take a train ride through the country

and then fly home.

01 Waiting For A Train - Jim Reeves
02 Hey Porter - Johnny Cash
03 Ride That Train - Leon James
04 Streamline Train - Ged Hone's New Orleans Boys
05 First Train Headin' South - Johnny Horton
06 The Silver Meteor - Buchanan Brothers
07 Silverton Train - C. W. McCall
08 Midnight Train - Vince Gill
09 Midnight Special - Johnny Rivers
10 Big Freight Train Carry Me Home - Boxcar Willie
11 Freight Train - Rusty Draper
12 Freight Train Blues - Roy Acuff (1936)
13 Freight Train Boogie - Delmore Brothers
14 Freight Train Yodel - Robbie (Cowboy) Cook (Aussie country)
15 Mister Freight Train - Sleep LaBeef
16 Move On Down The Track - Floyd Fletcher
17 Blow Yo' Whistle, Freight Train - Hank Snow 1951
18 Blue Train - Johnny Cash
19 Railroading On The Great Divide - Bill Clifton
20 Engine Engine Number 9 - Roger Miller
21 The Cannon Ball - Hank Snow 1952
22 Golden Rocket - Hank Snow
23 Big Black Train - Stan Johnson
24 Streamline Cannonball - Hank Snow 1951
25 Big Train - Tommy Faile
26 Fireball Mail - Roy Acuff
27 Ridin' that Bluegrass Train - Sam Bush
28 Smoke Along The Track - Stonewall Jackson (1958)
29 This Train - Hank Thompson
30 Train Whistle Blues - Jimmie Rodgers
31 Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash
32 Mystery Train - Elvis Presley
33 Choo Choo Ch'Boogie - Asleep At The Wheel (1992) (Live)
34 I'm Movin' On - Hank Snow
35 Loco Choo Choo - Miller Brothers
36 Long Black Train - Bobby Osborne
37 Long Long Train - Bill Mack
38 Old Black Choo-Choo - Maddox Brothers & Rose (1955)
39 Amtrak (and Aint Coming Back) - Billy Joe Shaver
40 Dixie Cannonball - Bill Clifton 1976
41 California Zephyr - Jimmy Jackson's Rock 'n' Skiffle
42 Chattanooga Choo-Choo - Hollywood Hillbillies
43 City Of New Orleans - Willie Nelson
44 Last Train To Clarksville - Jerry Reed
45 New York To New Orleans - Pee Wee King
46 Orange Blossom Special - Concrete Cowboy Band
47 Rock Island Line - Don Cornell
48 Tennessee Central No. 9 - Roy Acuff and the Smokey Mountain Boys
49 The Tennesseean Rollin' Rollin' Home - Johnny Six
50 Wabash Cannonball - Merle Travis (with Kay Starr) '49
51 Night Train To Memphis - Red Foley
52 Night Plane To Memphis - Cowboy Copas
53 Cowboy's Airplane Ride - Wilf Carter (1938)
54 Big Fat Silver Aeroplane - Roy Harper
55 The Boogie Woogie Flying Cloud - Hank Snow
56 Air Mail Special On The Fly - Leon Rusk
57 Jet Plane Blues - Bob Sandy
58 Leaving On A Jet Plane - Roy Drusky
59 Silver Wings - Knitters
60 Steam Powered Aereo Plane - John Hartford


Swing & Country playlist for 08/27/2011

Program name: 
Swing 'n' Country
Air date: 

After June's songs about Hot Rods and July's songs about the different makes
of cars we finally get out on the road with songs about the joys of driving.

01 On The Road Again - Johnny Cash
02 Lost Highway - Hank Williams
03 Hillbilly Highway - Steve Earle
04 Long Lonesome Highway - Michael Parks
05 Highway Headin' South - Porter Wagoner
06 Highway 35 - Atomic Deluxe
07 Highway 40 Blues - Limited Edition
08 Willy Rogers Highway - Kevin Welch
09 Route 66 - Asleep At The Wheel
10 Automobile Song - Tennessee Buck
11 Classified - C. W. McCall
12 Used Car Blues - The Delmore Brothers
13 Lop-Sided Over-Loaded - Brian Hyland
14 Hey Little Minivan - The Austin Lounge Lizards
15 Drinkin' And Drivin' - Johnny Paycheck
Commercial - Don't Drink And Drive - Pee Wee Herman
16 If You Drink, Don't Drive - Red Coffee
17 Transfusion - Four Jokers
18 Wreck On The Highway - Bill Haley & The Four Aces Of Western Swing
19 Slow Down Brother - Ferlin Huskey
20 Drag 'Em Off The Interstate, Sock It To 'Em, J.P. Blues - Dick Curless
21 Sixteen Miles - Peso Dollar & The Counterfeit Bills
22 Speed Trap - Hoyt Axton
23 Highway Patrol - Junior Brown
24 Sixty Days - Slim Rhodes
25 Mr. Policeman - Brad Paisley
26 105 - Fred Eaglesmith
27 Beep Beep - The Playmates
28 Flyin' Down The Freeway - Kinky Friedman
29 Automobile Trip Through Alabama - New Lost City Ramblers
Commercial - Standard Gasoline Boom! Pow!
30 Fifteen Days Under The Hood - Jack Tempchin
31 Harold's Super Service - Shennandoa Cut-Ups
32 Service Station Blues - Drifting Johnny Smith
Commercial - Mobilgas The Sign Of The Flying Horse
33 Talkin' Song Repair Blues - Alan Jackson
34 Shade Tree (Fix-It-Man) - Merle Haggard
35 I'll Fix Your Flat Tire, Merle - Pure Prairie League
36 Duct Tape Madrigal in C Maj. - Lou Nathanson
37 The Highway Cafe Of The Dammed - Austin Lounge Lizards
38 Tony's Tank Up Drive-In Cafe - Hank Thompson
Commercial - Texaco Star Theme
39 Take A Ride - Red Smiley
40 Drivin' Down The Wrong Side Of The Road - Ricky Riddle
41 No Particular Place To Go - Chuck Berry
42 No Parking Here - Jimmy Littlejohn
43 Backseat Boogie - Buck Jones
44 Ethyl In My Gas Tank - Jimmy Heap
Commercial - Shell Gasoline Cars Love Shell
45 The Automobile Song - Luke McDaniel
46 Road Trip - Al Andersen
47 Uneasy Rider - Charlie Daniels
48 Blacktop Boogie - Wailin' Walker
49 Blue Hairs Driving in My Lane - Pinkard & Bowden
50 Diesel On My Tail - New Riders Of The Purple Sage
51 Doing 30 in a 55 - Buck & The Black Cats
52 Dig That Crazy Driver - William Penix
53 Five Star Boogie - Doug Wilshire
54 The Fastest Thing On Wheels - The Mechanics
55 Boogie Back To Texas - Asleep At The Wheel
56 Wheels (It's Rollin' Time Again) - Robert Mitchum
57 You Can't Catch Me - Sleepy LaBeef
58 Lonesome Road - Hoyt Axton
59 Lord Mr. Ford - Jerry Reed


Africa-O-Ye! playlist for 09/08/2011

Program name: 
Air date: 
Artur NunesManaSoul of Angola: Anthologie de la Musique Angolaise 1965/1975Lusafrica (France)
set 1
San SalvadorEnzol'eyayaAngola 60's (1956-1970)Buda Musique (Franc
Duo Ouro NegroKurikutelaAngola 60's (1956-1970)Buda Musique (France)
Ngola RitmosNzageAngola 60's (1956-1970)Buda Musique (France)
Sara ChavesKurikutéAngola 60's (1956-1970)Buda Musique (Franc
Teta LandoMumpiozzo AmeAngola 60's (1956-1970)Buda Musique (Franc
set 2
MamukuenoRei De PalhetinhoAngola Soundtrack: The Unique Sound Of Luanda 1968-1976Analog Africa (Germany)
Artur NunesDito zéSoul of Angola: Anthologie de la Musique Angolaise 1965/1975Lusafrica (France)
Os KiezosMemorias de lamartineSoul of Angola: Anthologie de la Musique Angolaise 1965/1975Lusafrica (France)
Jovens Do PrendaFarra Na MadrugadaAngola Soundtrack: The Unique Sound Of Luanda 1968-1976Analog Africa (Germany)
Lilly TchiumbaPaxi NgongoAngola 60's (1956-1970)Buda Musique (Franc
set 3
Oscar NevesMundandaSoul of Angola: Anthologie de la Musique Angolaise 1965/1975Lusafrica (France)
Lourdes Van DunemNgongo Ya BilukaAngola 70's (Vol. 1: 1972-1973)Buda Musique (France)
Paulo 9Genro ciumentoSoul of Angola: Anthologie de la Musique Angolaise 1965/1975Lusafrica (France)
AvozinhoSakeça mukongoSoul of Angola: Anthologie de la Musique Angolaise 1965/1975Lusafrica (France)
Dimba DiangolaTira SapatoAngola Soundtrack: The Unique Sound Of Luanda 1968-1976Analog Africa (Germany)
Oscar NevesMabeléSoul of Angola: Anthologie de la Musique Angolaise 1965/1975Lusafrica (France)
set 4
Paulino PinheiroPachanga de juventadeSoul of Angola: Anthologie de la Musique Angolaise 1965/1975Lusafrica (France)
Santos JuniorN'Gui Banza MamaAngola Soundtrack: The Unique Sound Of Luanda 1968-1976Analog Africa (Germany)
BongaBalumukenoAngola 70's (Vol. 1: 1972-1973)Buda Musique (France)
David ZéMona Ku jimbe manhenoSoul of Angola: Anthologie de la Musique Angolaise 1965/1975Lusafrica (France)
Quim Manuel O Espiritu SantoEme LeluAngola Soundtrack: The Unique Sound Of Luanda 1968-1976Analog Africa (Germany)
set 5
Águias ReaisMarianaAngola 70's (Vol. 1: 1972-1973)Buda Musique (France)
Urbano De CastroN'VulaSoul of Angola: Anthologie de la Musique Angolaise 1965/1975Lusafrica (France)
Ferreira Do NascimentoMacongo Me ChiquitaAngola Soundtrack: The Unique Sound Of Luanda 1968-1976Analog Africa (Germany)
SantocasValodiaAngola 70's (Vol. 1: 1972-1973)Buda Musique (France)
KiezosRumba 70Angola 60's (1956-1970)Buda Musique (France)
set 6
David ZéRumba ZatukineAngola 70's (Vol. 1: 1972-1973)Buda Musique (France)
LulendoMonamaAngola 90'sBuda Musique (France)
Antonio PaulinoKamba ba laumbaSoul of Angola: Anthologie de la Musique Angolaise 1965/1975Lusafrica (France)
Belita PalmaManazinhaAngola 70's (Vol. 2: 1974-1978)Buda Musique (France)
Jovens Do PrendoCoio [excerptSoul of Angola: Anthologie de la Musique Angolaise 1965/1975Lusafrica (France)

On this week's show, Andy from Timbuktunes takes us for a journey through the musical landscape of Angola.

Jazz Lives! playlist for 09/07/2011

Program name: 
Jazz Lives!
Air date: 
charlie parkerwarmin up a riffthe complete charlie parker savoy recordingssavoy jazz
billies bounce
now's the time
interview with marshal stearns and john maherbird's eyes vol. 7philology
thrivin' on a riffcomplete savoysavoy jazz
donna lee
interviewed by paul desmondbird's eyes vol. 8philology
chasin' the birdcomplete savoysavoy jazz
interview with paul desmond cont.
interview with p desmond concluded
little willie leaps
half nelson
sippin' at bells
interview with leonard featherbird's eyes vol. 9philology
another hairdo
ah leu cha
parker's mood
interview with marshal stearns cont.

Shocks of Sheba playlist for 09/07/2011

Program name: 
Shocks of Sheba
Air date: 
TootsRevival Reggae...essexCD
Desmond DekkerTrample...rialtoCD
Roy ShirleyControl Them...gallupCD
Rupie EdwardsLove Is A Wonderful Wicked Thing...reLP
Nadine SutherlandFrenenemy...vp7"
Leroy SmartDon't Do Me Dat...rohitLP
Freddie McGregorTease My Love...observer gold10"
CandymanYour Love Gotta Hold On Me...sweet beatCD
HawkeyeOh My...taxi7"
Errol ScorcherRoach In The Corner...scorcher7"
Laxley CastellKing Tubbys Mix (Jah Love Is Sweeter)...orchid7"
Sons Of CreationWhy Can't We Unite...soc7"
Mighty SurviversRevolution...king basco7"
Ken BootheLove Come Tumbling Down...roots internationalLP
Henry JamesAfrican Sister...roots from the yard7"
Yami BoloKing David...roots foundationCD
Terror Fabulous/Louie Culture/King Che CheMust Know...cylton7"
Top CatWhine Up Yu Body...jet starCD
Johnny OsborneOn The Right Track...jammy$LP
YvadHigher Meditation...soul of the lionmp3
Jah MarnyahRasta Is Love...scoops10"
Rod TaylorSign Up...reggae roastCD
Michael PalmerVersion (Don't Smoke The Seed)...channel one12"
Big JoeWorld Wide Kaya...black solidarityCD
Ray DarwinLong Way...vpCD
Earl SixteenIn The Studio...tamoki wambesiLP
Jimmy RileyMeet Me In The Morning...kingstonLP
Sons Of BraveRockers Is Sweet...crystal7"
Dean FraserA Few Goes A Boasting...uhuru7"
ParagonsUnforgettable You...treasure isleLP
Kayawah & The Movement BandHow Do You Feel...original rootsLP
Super JerryChant To Jah Music...roots forceLP
Anthony QueReggae Music, Yes...world soundsCD
Horace Martin# Sound Boy Style...crystalLP
Everton Blender# Travel The World...explorerCD
Judah Eskender TafariLive By The Gun...gussie pLP
Errol BellotEverything Possible...reality shockCD
Joseph CottonWondering & Pondering...mystical musicCD
Gregory IsaacsA Few Words...virginCD

# denotes version excursion

bubblin' under the mic chat:  delroy wilson -- dancing horns (cou$ins)

Pastures of Plenty playlist for 09/07/2011

Program name: 
Pastures of Plenty
Air date: 
530 AM: Leo KottkeJack Gets UpLive (1995)On the Spot
Steve Martin & the Steep Canyon RamblersRare Bird AlertRare Bird Alert (NEW- 2011)Rounder
Misty River BandHomegrown TomatoesWillow (2004)Misty River
545 AM: Terri HendrixAcre of LandThe Spiritual Kind (2007)Wilory Records
Tom MayTrial By FireVested (2000)Blue Vignette
James KeelaghanCold Missouri WatersA Recent Future (1995)Green Linnet
600 AM: Ry CooderEl Corrido de Jesse JamesPull Up Some Dust and Sit Down (NEW- 2011)Perro Verde/Nonesuch
Ry CooderHumpty Dumpty WorldPull Up Some Dust and Sit Down (NEW- 2011)Perro Verde/Nonesuch
Ry CooderHow Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and LiveRy Cooder (1995 CD re-issue of 1970 LP)Warners Archives
615 AM: Gillian WelchOrphan GirlRevival (1996)Almo Sounds
Gillian WelchDown Along the Dixie LineThe Harrow & the Harvest (NEW- 2011)Acony Records
Gillian WelchSix White HorsesThe Harrow & the Harvest (NEW- 2011)Acony Records
630 AM: Norman BlakeSix White HorsesWhiskey Before Breakfast (1994 CD re-issue of 1976 LP)Rounder
Norman BlakeRailroading on the Great DivideGreen Light on the Southern (2011)Plectraphone
640 AM Concert Calendar Background: Mary FlowerJittersMisery Loves Company (NEW- 2011)Yellow Dog Records
645 AM: Mary FlowerHard Day Blues (with Portland's Curtis Salgado)Misery Loves Company (NEW- 2011)Yellow Dog Records
Mary FlowerWrap Your Troubles in DreamsRagtime Gal (2003)Bluesette Records
Mary FlowerRoll On, Mississippi, Roll OnRosewood and Steel (2004)Bluesette Records
Mary FlowerUp a Lazy RiverBridges (2009)Yellow Dog Records
Mary FlowerRecession RagMisery Loves Company (NEW- 2011)Yellow Dog Records

Pastures of Penty Wedenesday September 7, 2011

Host: Jack Bohl (First Wednesdays)

Something New and Something Old from Ry Cooder, Gillian Welch, Norman Blake, and Mary Flower


Anjali and The Kid playlist for 09/06/2011

Program name: 
Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Kush
Air date: 
Mika Singh & Pankaj KapoorSajh dhaj keMausam OST
Panjabi By Nature f Balwinder Bhatti & Gurlej AkhtarFitteh MooMe, Myself & Music
Aman SandhuJatti Punjab Di
South Rakkas Crew feat. SeroceeRiseThe Stimulus Package
Soom T & DisruptBoom ShivaOde To A Carrot
Jah Seed & Ranto BokgoA Who Dem!!
DJ Javier Estrada feat. Luperta McFlyEspacio Despacio
Sonoradime pawhite label
OliverTwizt f MalucaLocasingle
SchlachthofbronxChambacu (Tony Senghore Remix)
D Rakkas (South Rakkas Crew)Gangsta Revival (Rack n Ruin Mix)
JuakaliFreak You Back
MC ZuluCrowd Control
BoogatEsa Mujer
Nazia HassanAap Jaisa Koi
AkonChamak Challo
Panjabi MCKuri PanjabanThe RajPMC Records
Miss PoojaBaija Baija Ho GayiJashan 2011
J KPanga Peh GiyahGabru Panjab Dha
Hargo Boparai f. Manjit SahiraKente WaleBhangrafornia
Sammy GillTheka
Rajeev B ft. Jelly ManjitpuriDaroo
Cornershop f RajwantBeacon Radio 303Singhles Club
Midland DJs & DJ Anil feat. Aasia SammanNashaaTu Pateya
Tochi RainaKaari KaariHum Tum Shabana OST
MC CatraVem Mulheres (JMAY's Bailemore Electro Remix)
Bikram Singh feat. GunjanKawan (DSB Dubstep Remix)

This week's desi classic: "Aap Jaisa Koi" from the 1980 film Qurbani.






Early Morning Gumbo playlist for 09/06/2011

Program name: 
Early Morning Gumbo
Air date: 
* new release or reissue
HARRY MANX & KEVIN BRIET / Do not stand at my grave and weep / Strictly Whatever (Stony Plain)*
JONATHAN BYRD / May the river run dry / The Law & the Lonesome (Waterbug)
UNCLE WALT'S BAND / As the crow flies / An American in Texas Revisited (Sugar Hill)
RAY BONNEVILLE / Funny 'bout love / Bad Man's Blood (Red House)*
GEOFF MULDAUR & THE TEXAS SHIEKS / Fan it / Texas Shieks (Tradition & Moderne)
HOT CLUB OF COWTOWN / What's the matter with the mill / What Makes Bob Holler (Proper)
GURF MORLIX / Baby can I crawl back to you / Blaze Foley's 113th Wet Dream (Rootball)*
LOST BAYOU RAMBLERS / Chere tout toute / Live a la Blue Moon (Swallow)
ED POULLARD & DAROLD ANGER / Old carpenter's waltz revisited / Creole Bred (Vanguard) various artists
JESSE LEGE, JOEL SAVOY & THE CAJUN COUNTRY REVIVAL / Corina / The Right Connection (Valcour)*
PRESERVATION HALL JAZZ BAND & DEL MCCOURY BAND / Shoeshine blues / American Legacies (McCoury Music/Preservation Hall Recordings)*
RANI ARBO & DAISY MAYHEM / Big old life / Big Old Life (Signature)
MARY FLOWER / Hard day blues / Misery Loves Company (Yellow Dog)*
NANCI GRIFFITH / Looking for the time / One Fair Summer Evening (MCA)
SLAID CLEAVES / Working stiff / Unsung (Rounder)
OLD CROW MEDICINE SHOW / Union maid / Big Iron World (Nettwerk)
SWEET HONEY IN THE ROCK / Step by step / Where Have All the Flowers Gone vol 1 (Appleseed) various artists
KATE MCDONNELL / Railroad Bill / Where the Mangoes Are (Appleseed)
JERRY GARCIA & DAVID GRISMAN / Casey Jones / Shady Grove (Acoustic Disc)
PETE SEEGER / I've been working on the railroad / American Favorite Ballads Vol 1 (Smithsonian Folkways)
JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE / Workin' for the MTA / Harlem River Blues (Bloodshot)
PETER CASE / A working man can't get nowhere today / Tulare Dust (Hightone) various artists
ZOE MUTH & THE LOST HIGH ROLLERS / Tired worker's song / Starlight Hotel (Signature)*
RY COODER / Simple tools / Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down (Nonesuch)*

GUY CLARK / The carpenter / Live from Austin TX (New West) 

A Different Nature playlist for 09/05/2011

Program name: 
A Different Nature
Air date: 
John CageWilliams MixOHM: The Early Pioneers of Electronic Music: 1948-1980Ellipsis Arts
John Cage/Peter Greenawayaudio track from the documentary film:Four American Composers, Vol. 1: John Cage-----
Cage works heard in the film include:
'Indeterminacy' Story No. 4
Music-Tape Track by David Tudor
'Indeterminacy' Story No. 4
'Indeterminacy' Story No. 81
Living Room Music (1940)
Double Music (1941)
Forever and Sunsmell (1942)
Music for Marcel Duchamp (1947)
Speech (1955)
27 sounds manufactured in a kitchen
12 sounds manufactured by the human body
Aria (1958)
John Cage/Andrew HoschLe Cage Concrète: 52 miniatures to be played in random sequenceLe Cage ConcrèteEpitonium

September 5th is the birthday of the American composer John Cage. He would have been 99 this year. In 2012, to celebrate the centenary of Cage's birth, we here at  A Different Nature, elsewhere on KBOO, and in Portland's new music community, will be presenting Cage-related programming throughout the year.

Tonight's Cage birthday celebration brings you the audio track from the 1983 Peter Greenaway film, Four American Composers, Vol. 1: John Cage.  This documentary sheds light on Cage's musical philosophy. It was based on a series of performances of music by John Cage to celebrate his 70th birthday at St. James Church Islington, London. If you would like to view the film, someone has posted it on youtube. 

The second hour of the show will feature "Le Cage Concrète", a series of 52 miniatures constructed from fragments of performances of Cage's music, averaging 1 1/2 minutes each in duration. These 52 short pieces are intended to be played in random sequence.  The possible combinations are astronomical: approximately 80 to the 67th power (80 with 67 zeroes...)  "Le Cage Concrète" was constructed in 1998 by Andrew Hosch, currently a host of this program.

The Noontime Jamboree playlist for 09/05/2011

Program name: 
The Noontime Jamboree
Air date: 
Dale EVansA Two Seated Saddle & A One Gaited Horse
Evan Kemp & the Trail RidersTonight In the Twilight
Patsy MontanaSwing Time Cowgirl
Red River DaveIs the Range Still the Same Back Home?
The Carter SistersI'm A Plain Old Country Girl
Tex Williams & The Western CaravanCowboy Opus No. 1
Girls of the Golden WestRide, Ride, Ride
Eldon BakerHappy Cowboy
Dinning SistersRidin' Down the Canyon
Cindy WalkerTi Yi Yippee Ay
Spade CooleyCopenhagen
Rex AllenCowpoke
Patsy MontanaCowboy Rhythm
Gene AutryThe Cowboy's Trademarks
Polly Jenkins & Her Musical Pals: Tex. Rose vocI'm Gonna Stradle My Saddle
Wil Carter "Montana Slim"Broken Down Cowboy
Spade CooleyRochester Schottische
Marty RobbinsAll Around Cowboy
Dale EvansI Wear A Saddle On My Heart
Girls of the Golden WestCowboy Jack
Dinning SistersHome On TheRange
Leon's Lone Star CowboysWhite River Stomp
Jimmy Wakelysong Of The Sierras
Pee Wee King & His Golden West CowboysFlying Home
Doc Williams & the Border RidersBeyond The Sunset
Jimmy WalkerDetour
Shorty Long & the Santa Fe RangersWaltz Of Colorado
Dale EvansHis Hat Cost More Than Mine
Cliff Bruner's Texas WanderersBeaumont Rag
Ezra PauletteWhen the Coyote Howls at Twiligth
Louise Massey & her WesternersMy Adobe Hacienda
Big Bill Cambell & His Rocky Mountain RhythmI'm Rockin' To The Rockies
Overstake SistersMy Daddy Was A Cowboy
Hank PennyThe Penny Opus No. 1
Slim ClarkTrailrider's Moon
Leon's Lone Star CowboysTexas Plains
Patsy MontanaThe She Buckaroo
Cliff Bruner's Texas WanderersJessie

Retta Christie hosts a Labor Day Western Special!

Folk Espresso playlist for 09/05/2011

Program name: 
Folk Espresso
Air date: 
Mary McCaslinOld FriendsThe Best of Mary McCaslin
Loudon Wainwright IIIWestchester CountyCareer Moves
Wild AsparagusRhinocerus for SueCall of the Wild
Dawn LandesI Don't Need No ManFireproof
Jay Cobb AndersonCheersI'm A Rambler I'm a Fool
Martha ScanlanSeeds of the PineThe West Was Burning
Fleet FoxesMontezumaHelplessness Blues
Johnny EdsonShe Works DaysFavorites
Martin SimpsonPaydayRighteousness & Humidity
Mike and RuthyBe the BossMillion to One
Pancake BreakfastHoot Hot Damn! I Got A Job of WorkSelf-Titled
The Stagger & SwaySam Bond's GarageBreak Til You Bend
Billy Bragg & WilcoWay Over Yonder in the Minor KeyMermaid Avenue
Lou and Peter BerrymanBlank BlankerThe Universe: 14 Examples
The Bee EatersThe Tree ClimberSelf-Titled
Harry Manx and Kevin BreitTake This HammerJubilee
Mary FlowerHard Day BluesMisery Loves Company
Ali MarcusRecession BluesThe Great Migration
Jane Keefer & Truman PriceHard TimesSongs and Tunes of the Oregon Trail
Haris Blackwood75 SeptembersFalling Up
Suzzy and Maggie RocheFor Those Whose Work Is InvisibleWhy the Long Face

Dear Listeners,

So glad to have you along on this gorgeous last-day-of-summer morning....especially since a ten days of gorgeous summer weather is still in store for us this week into next.  I had a little fun finding some work-related songs for you on this Labor Day:  the cute Blank Blanker, the punchy Hoot Hot Damn - I Got a Job of Work, and the pretty one from Suzzy and Maggy Roche called For Those Whose Work Is Invisible.  Have a great Labor Day, my friends...


Nekropolis playlist for 09/05/2011

Program name: 
Air date: 
Sly StoneHot Fun in the SummertimeI'm Back! Family & FriendsCleopatra Records
Poem RocketKa-boom/She Reflects the LightInfinite Retry on parallel Time-outPCP
Raphael SaadiqStone RollinStone Rollin
Smoove & TurrellHigherEccentric Audio
AsaWhy Can't We Be...Beautiful ImperfectionNaive
Cut ChemistThe Lift/Motivational SpeakerThe Audience's Listening
ColdcutThe tale of Miss Virginia epitomeLet Us Replay
Roxy MusicMore Than ThisYoutube
BlockheadColoring BookColoring Book
BittersweetThe Mating GameBittersweet Remixed
Funky PorciniBelisha BeaconOnNinja Tune
DaedelusWelcome HomeEquisite CorpseFanatic

The Confessional playlist for 09/04/2011

Program name: 
The Confessional
Air date: 
Lewis TrioBattangoBattangoNubenegra
Tunde MabaduViva DiscoNigeria 70- Sweet Times: Afro Funk-Highlife & JuJu from 1970's LagosStrut
Blue Sky Black DeathFire for Light/In the quiet absence of God/Sky with HandNoirTerrorbird
Igor BoxxFear of a red planetBreslauNinja Tune
Controlled BleedingEye of NeedleOdes to BubblerWinged Disk
Live HumanElephants' bliss/Luck HullabagnshotElephish/JellyphantMatador
Sly StoneDance to the MusicI'm Back Family & FriendsCleopatra
Delicate SteveThe Ballad of Speck & Pebble/Attitude-GratitudeWondervisionsLukabop
Random RabInuteaARose
RothkindSuPahh ParadiseRothkind
Light's Out AsiaMarch Against the SavagesTanks & Recognizers
Yohimbe BrothersPonk/TenementalFront End Lifter
Cut ChemistThe GardenThe Audience's Listening
Bodega SystemWebos of Mass Destruction/ArchdioceseAmerican Scimitars
Kid LocoTrack 2The Graffitti Artist

Music Without Borders playlist for 09/04/2011

Program name: 
Music Without Borders
Air date: 
BonoboWe Could ForeverBlack Sands8:02pm
Twin DangerShow Me LoveRed Hot + Rio 28:06pm
Muallem f/The DroidsShanti DanceFreshly Composted 2- Compost 2508:10pm
DJ DoloresCiranda Da MadrugadaAparelhagem8:17pm
OttoPra Quem Ta QuenteBrazilectro: Latin Flavoured Club Tunes, Session 78:21pm
CantomaMoonsmithEssential Lounge Brazil8:26pm
Kwaku Kwaakye ObengYe'pemsoSome Day Catch Some Day Down8:32pm
BombinoTar Hani(My Love)Agadez8:43pm
Gnawa Kronik f/Nils BultmannSahrawi SwingStronghold Sound Presents: The Audio Refugee Compilation8:49pm
Seun Kuti & Egypt 80RiseFrom Africa With Fury: Rise8:51pm
AfroliciousYDub For MaliNickodemus Presents Turntables On The Hudson Vol. 8: Reflecting Cielo8:58pm
Robert LancefieldSome Day Catch Some Day DownSome Day Catch Some Day Down9:05pm
Dub SnakkrTik TalkStronghold Sound Presents: The Audio Refugee Compilation9:15pm
BassnectarUpside DownDivergent Spectrum9:20pm
Sebastion f/M.I.A.C.T.F.O.C.T.F.O.9:26pm
Ellie GouldingLights(Bassnectar Remix)Divergent Spectrum9:29pm
Shabazz PalacesRecollections of the WraithBlack Up9:34pm
Shawn Lee's Ping Pong OrchestraTablacadabraWorld Of Funk9:38pm
BassnectarBoomerangDivergent Spectrum9:40pm
WinstrongRude Boy RemixFast Lane- Single9:44pm
The Dunes f/Snakkr Horn MixBab ManaraStronghold Sound Presents: The Audio Refugee Compilation9:48pm
Shawn Lee's Ping Pong OrchestraAccelerateWorld Of Funk9:53pm
DJ Nu MarkDown HomeHands On9:59pm


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