Heavy Metal Vomit Party playlist for 06/18/2015

Program name: 
Heavy Metal Vomit Party
Air date: 
the black handwar mongerwar mongerscorched earth policy
blood of kinguthose that wander amidst the starssun in the house of the scorpionback on black
atrocityHalucinationshalucinationsNuclear Blast
motorheadcapricornno sleep till hammersmithmercury
Angel Witchgorgonangel witchEarmark
driller killerfrom out of nowherefuck the worldOsmose Productions
Immortalwinter of the agesBlizzard BeastsOsmose Productions
VolahnUno Con KaosDimenciones Del Trance KosmosKlaxon Records
Bone AwlYou're LateNight's MiddleNuclear War Now!
NoothgrushOil RemovedErode The PersonParasitic Records
Dead CongregationGraves of the ArchangelsGraves Of The ArchangelsNuclear War Now!
Dark AngelMerciless DeathSpeed Kills IIIFlag 17
SacrificioSacrificioSacrificioIron Bonehead
Satan's SatyrsSadist 69Wild Beyond BeliefTrash King
Dry InsidesSacrificeSacrificeFailure
ArkanumSacrificeSacrifice[Runic Title]
acid witchmetal movie marijuana massacre melt downstonedhells headbangers
cathedralopen mind surgurya new ice agerise above
Manilla Roadcrystal logiccrystal logic
bleak houseagain housethe rainbow warrior EPhr records
Judas Priestrunning wildhell bent for leathercolumbia
Running WildVictim Of State PowerGates to PurgatoryCombat
Anti-CimexVictims of a Bomb RaidVictims of a Bomb RaidNada Nada Discos
Mercyful FateNuns Have No FunMercyful FateRave On
Annihilation TimeReality?Cosmic Unconsciousness
BattletornReversedBattletornMega Blade
DoomPolice BastardPolice BastardProfane Existance
Fear of God5 songsFear of God
GriefNo ChoiceSuppression splitBovine Records
Excrutiating TerrorAddictionAgathocles SplitPessimiser
pentagram---wolve's blood----turned to stone----peaceville
Exicration-----Entheogen----odes to the occult----Duplicate records
Abysmal Grief----crypt of horror----misfourtune---horror records
ignivomous-----bereft of the inelligible realm---nuclear war now
pest----es lebe der tot----pest----birds of ill omen--------------------............,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Life During Wartime playlist for 06/17/2015

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Andy Human and the ReptoidsYes I NoAndy Human and the ReptoidsSS Records
The NotsStranger RageWe Are NotsGoner
Acid Baby JesusWho'sFirstSelected RecordingsSlovenly
Several SpeciesFightDestroy All Art compRoclnroll Parasite
Lumpy and the DumpersGnats In The PisserGnats In The PisserTotal Punk
The TriggersCabin Feverthe TriggersJonny Cat Records
SpeedSpeedDestroy all ArtRocknroll Parasite
Flesh WorldJust to Tear Me DownThe Wild Animals in My LifeIron Lung
ComplicationsBlindedBlindedFeral Ward
ChickenheadEverything Must Go!Everything Must Go!Recess
Orden MundialCamino InevitableObedencia DebidaLa Vida Es Un Mus
DeathwishTailgateTailgateLost and Found
Big ZitGoin' BlindBig Zitself-released
Lost KidsCola FreaksCola FreaksSing Sing
Los InvasoresVoy a romper el cercoEl EjecutivoLengua Armada
Nervous PatternsYou Can't ChangeNervous PatternsZaxxon Virile Action
Allergic to BullshitI'm Not AshamedWhat We're for is what we'll getLeft of the Dial
Sheer MagFan the Flames7"Katarga works
The Rebel KindMotorcycle ManTodaybandcamp
The Blind ShakeApes Live a LifeFly RightSlovenly
The Ethical Debating SocietyHens TeethThe Ethical Debating SocietyTUFF ENUFF
Essential LogicAerosol BurnsAerosol BurnsRough Trade
Men's Recovery ProjectClark In My CarBotanica MysteriaKill Rock Stars
The FallBend SinisterGross Chapel - British GrenadiersBeggars Banquet
A FramesBlack Forest IIBlack ForestSub Pop
The UrinalsBlack HoleThe Urinalsbootleg
UV RaceKnife FightUV RaceFashionable Idiots
KidnapNo SSV/A-Welcome to 1984Maximum Rocknroll
CaniGuai a Voi!V/A-Killed By hardcore #2Redrum
The WipersYouth of AmericaYouth of America

The Outside World playlist for 05/30/2015

Program name: 
The Outside World
Air date: 
Midnight 2015-05-30Underwriting: Aladdin Theater Presents Jonathan Richman June 9, 2015Aladdin Theaterwww.aladdin-theater.com
1) Jonathan Richman & Modern Lovers '88I Love Hot NightsModern Lovers '88Rounder (1988)
2) John Cale - Bob NeuwirthWho's In Charge?Last Day On EarthMCA (1994)en.wikipedia.org
3) Koko Taylor - Willie DixonWhat Came First (The Egg Or The Hen?)What It Takes: The Chess YearsChess (1966)
4) Ry Cooder's Slide AreaWhich Came First (The Egg Or The Hen?)Slide AreaWarners (1982)
5) Stew & The Negro ProblemAmsterdamPassing Strange (Cast Soundtrack)Ghostlight (2008)www.playbill.com
6) Stew & The Negro ProblemKeys (Marianna)Passing Strange (Cast Soundtrack)Ghostlight (2008)
7) Stew & The Negro ProblemKeys (It's Alright)Passing StrangeGhostlight (2008)
8) Stew & The Negro ProblemIdentityPassing StrangeGhostlight (2008)
9) Stew & The Negro ProblemThe Black OnePassing StrangeGhostlight (2008)
10) Stew & The Negro ProblemWork the WoundPassing StrangeGhostlight (2008)
11) Stew & The Negro ProblemCue the MusicPassing StrangeGhostlight (2008)
12) The Three Flames: Phone Call: Daniel Flessas calling from Palm Desert, CA)Open The Door Richard\HomerOpen the Door, RichardYouTube (2009) Columbia Records 1947)www.youtube.com
13) Phone Call & Discussion with The Paradigm Shifters In KBOO Studio: Daniel FlessasOpen The Door Richard\HomerFurious Cool: (book) Richard Pryor & The World That Made Him by The Henry Brothers)Algonquin Books 2014)www.lamag.com
14) Phone Call Reading: Daniel FlessasOpen The Door Richard\HomerFurious Cool: (book) Richard Pryor & The World That Made HimAlgonquin Books 2014www.lamag.com
15) Jack McVea & His All StarsOpen the Door, RichardOpen the Door, Richard (78 RPM)Black & White Records (1946)en.wikipedia.org
16) Daniel FlessasReading & Discussing via Phone CallKBOO Studios Live with Mitch Ritter & The Paradigm ShiftersKBOO Community Radiokboo.fm
17) Richard PryorThe Wino & The JunkieThat Nigger's CrazyLAFF Records (1974)en.wikipedia.org
18) Daniel Flessas, Ralph Coulson, Thomas Dietzel, Mitch Ritter & the Paradigm ShiftersPhone & Studio DiscussionKBOO The Outside World: DIS PLACEKBOO Community Radiokboo.fm
19) Thomas DietzelHomeric Hip Hop (Classical Greek from The Iliad)KBOO Live In StudioVIMEO (St. John's Booksellers Public Reading)vimeo.com
20) Bob Dylan & The BandOpen the Door, HomerBasement Tapes (1967)Columbia (1967)www.youtube.com
21) Jon Patton (of Midway Fair)Last of My KindNo FortunesBand Camp (2015)baltimericana.bandcamp.com
22) Black PrairieRichard ManuelA Tear In the Eye Is A Wound In the HeartSugar Hill (2012)www.youtube.com
23) Lord BuckleyCabenza de Gasca, DA GASSERHis Royal HipnessRhino (1993 CD)www.lordbuckley.com
24) Mohja Kahf (poem) read by Mitch Ritter & The Paradigm ShiftersLatifa (poem)Emails from ScheherazadeContemporary Poetry Series U. Of Floridawww.youtube.com
25) Ralph Coulson introduces his find of rare John Fahey earliest recordings pre-Takoma ParkFahey on FonoTone medley of 78'sYour Past Comes Home To Haunt You: The FonoTone Years 1958-1965)Dust-to-Digital (CD set 2011)en.wikipedia.org
26) fade-in on Ralph Coulson reading from Fahey on FonotoneVoiceover from liner notesYour Past Comes Home To Haunt YouDust-to-Digital (CD reissue box set booklet)www.youtube.com
27) Ralph Coulson discusses & reads from Eskimo Poems (Inuit)Magic Words (Eskimo\Inuit)Eskimo Poems (Inuit)Vanita Books (2013)s2.netgalley.com
28) Ralph Coulson discusses & introducesSelections fromThe Rag & Bone Shop of the HeartHarper Perennial (1992 Ed. by Robert Bly et al)www.goodreads.com
 The Outside World
Air date: 
 Sat, 05/30/2015 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
 DIS PLACE: Souls In Flux; Identities Fluct Up

Engineered by Devin 'Rainbow Raccoon' LaCroix
Cultural Research Staff: El Cerrito Al
(for Richard Pryor materials
& heads up), WhatEverest Passman (whose book THE DEEJAYS provided
a lead on who broke "Open the Door, Richard" first when it went viral on radio)
Penny Padgett Harper (Locating the Oakland DJ talking about breaking
"Open the Door, Richard")

Guest Explorers: Mitch Ritter & the Paradigm Shifters with Ralph Coulson,
Homeric Hip Hopper Thomas Dietzel
and calling in to his own show from
Palm Desert where we send out healing thoughts to his ailing folks,
free-form radio pioneer and founding OUTSIDE WORLD producer-host
Daniel Flessas who helps trace the first viral radio hit of 1946 "Open the Door, Richard"
through its many 20th Century permutations with roots in the black vaudeville and chitlin
circuit, the white vaudeville circuit, pop radio meme, ethnic hits in Yiddish and Portuguese
to civil rights anthem, household gag line, 
free speech, anti-quota, anti-war chant and bootlegged
Bob Dylan and The Band Basement Tape as Open the Door, Homer that somehow all flowed from
an improvising African-American jazz artist's historical footnote of a rainy afternoon in Portland, Ore
where  Central Ave-based L.A. musician Jack McVea had a gig and was riffing while rehearsing with the
original black vaudeville artist Dusty Fletcher who developed the legendary acrobatic comedy routine into
a hit narrative song and very well-traveled cross-cultural meme.  Talk about a song having legs!

Syrian-American poet and Professor of Comparative Arabic Literature, Mohja Kahf's epic latter day Beat 
poem "Latifa" collected in her 2003 EMAILS FROM SCHERAZADE will be read by the Paradigm Shifters as
our own healing hymn for the fraying lives, ruined cities and national identity of Syria that continues to unravel.  
Mohja Kahf's 1990's poetry was championed by Beat poetry lover Andrei Codrescu and his Exquisite Corpse literary 'zine and her readings and verse were compared to the ecstatic work of Allen Ginsberg and
August Kleinzahler for the precise limning of day-to-day experiences and the fleeting soul associated with her
other New Jersey poetry pioneering neighbors William Carlos Williams and the lyrical scientist AR Ammons.

Pastures of Plenty playlist for 06/17/2015

Program name: 
Pastures of Plenty
Air date: 
The Student LoanPenicillinMoonlit ToastersThe Student Loan
Erin InglishMelody so SweetMelody So SweetErin Inglish
Tom PaxtonWhere Morning BreaksI'the Man that Built the BriidgesPax Records
Zoe MulfordThe Wind and RainBonfiresAzalea City
Ken Whiteley and the Beulah BandQuiet Early MorningKen Whiteley & the Beulah Bandborealis
Ubrey AtwaterWhen I go to West VirginiaBanjo BabesWepecket
Ruth HillThe CuckooThe RIver Beneath MeSugar Brook Music
Doc WatsonLittle SadieDoc Watson at Gerdes Folk CitySugar Hill
Doc WatsonBlue SmokeDoc Watson at GerdesSugar Hill
Jonathan EdwadsSandy GirlTomorrow's ChildRising Records 207
Ramblin' Jack ElliottSan Francisco BluesRamblin' Jack
Anna & ElizabethLittle Black TrainAnna & ElizabethFree Dirt
Anna & ElizabethPoor Pilgrim of SorrowAnna & ElizabethFree Dirt
Mike SeegerFreight TrainTrue Vine
Judy CollinsGet TogetherLive at NewportVanguard
Judy CollinsIn the Heat of the SummerForever - An AnthologyElectra
Gordon LightfootEarly Morning RainUnited Artists CollectionUNITED ARTISTS
Kate MacLeodThe Day is MineBloomingWaterbug Records
Moors & McCumberQuick As I CanGravitySomewhere to Go Music
Mandolin OrangeLittle WorldsSuch JubeleeYep Roc Records
Mick Lane with BroadersWith Kitty I'll GoDear Jean artist Celebrate Jean RichieJean Richie Cd Trust
Pete SeegerI Celebrate LifeDear Jean artist Celebrate Jean RichieJean Richie CD Trust
Pretty Betty MartinKathy Reid-NaimanDear Jean artist Celebrate Jean RichieJean Richie CD Trust
Janis IanMoring Come, Maria's GoneDear Jean artist Celebrate Jean RichieJean Richie CD TRust
Folk Music from today and Yesturday with host Ed Mellnik.

Portland Jewish Hour playlist for 06/14/2015

Program name: 
Portland Jewish Hour
Air date: 
Beth HamonSparksTen Mileswww.beth-hamon-music.com
Laura NyroSave the CountryYoutube
PhrancI Like YouYoutube
Lorin SklambergFather and SonSaints & Tzadikstest.kboo.fm
Stephen SondheimBeing AliveCompany! Original Broadway Cast Albumwww.youtube.com
Mel TormeThis Can't Be LoveYoutube
David EngelI Am What I AmYoutubewww.youtube.com
Y-LoveThis Is UnitySee MeShemspeedwww.youtube.com
Aaron CoplandThe Promise of Livingfrom The Tender Land
Leonard BernsteinChichester Psalms
Hosted by Liz Schwartz, featuring music by gay Jewish musicians, composers and singer/songwriters, in honor of Gay Pride.

Jazz Lives! playlist for 06/17/2015

Program name: 
Jazz Lives!
Air date: 
ornette colemanlonely womanthe shape of jazz to comeatlantic
jackie mcleancancellationits timeblue note
ornette colemanbaby foodnew vocabularysystem dialing
eric dolphyfire waltzlive at the five spotprestige
ornette colmanblues connotationthis is our musicatlantic
jackie mcleanits timeits timeblue note
ornette colemanwe now interupt for a commercialnew york nowblue note
oliver nelsonpassion flowermeet oliver nelsonnew jazz
kid ory's creole jazz bandblues in E flatkid ory's creole jazz bandfolklyric
cootie williams sextetyou talk a little trashcootie williams sextet and orch.phoenix jazz
"floogie boo""
lenny whiteeast st. louispresent tensehip bop
Randy Weston and melba liston and His African Rhythms Triochalabati bluesvolcano bluesgitanes
lee morganthese are soulful daysleewayblue note
one for allthe second milestonelive at smoke vol. 1criss cross jazz

Jazz Lives! playlist for 06/17/2015

Program name: 
Jazz Lives!
Air date: 
ornette colemanlonely womanthe shape of jazz to comeatlantic
jackie mcleancancellationits timeblue note
ornette colemanbaby foodnew vocabularysystem dialing
eric dolphyfire waltzlive at the five spotprestige
ornette colmanblues connotationthis is our musicatlantic
jackie mcleanits timeits timeblue note
ornette colemanwe now interupt for a commercialnew york nowblue note
oliver nelsonpassion flowermeet oliver nelsonnew jazz
kid ory's creole jazz bandblues in E flatkid ory's creole jazz bandfolklyric
cootie williams sextetyou talk a little trashcootie williams sextet and orch.phoenix jazz
"floogie boo""
lenny whiteeast st. louispresent tensehip bop
Randy Weston and melba liston and His African Rhythms Triochalabati bluesvolcano bluesgitanes
lee morganthese are soulful daysleewayblue note
one for allthe second milestonelive at smoke vol. 1criss cross jazz

More Reggae! playlist for 06/17/2015

Program name: 
More Reggae!
Air date: 
Rocker TSee And KnowBe Still And KnowConscious Riddims
Natural NumbersSeven Times RiseField Reality DubStone's Throw Records
PerfectGreat FiyahBe Still And KnowConscious Riddims
Messenjah SelahCaan't LettyBe Still And KnowConscious Riddims
Don CarlosHarmonysingleDon Carlos Music
Prince AllaJah Love In The MorningTroddin' On RiddimFruits Records
Lone RangerTrod AlongTroddin' On RiddimFruits Records
The ViceroysTrod OnTroddin' On RiddimFruits Records
TeflonHeart Of StoneHungry Dayz RiddimLarger Than Life Records
Gappy RanksEverythingHungry Dayz RiddimLarger Than Life Records
LucianoSolid Like RockHungry Dayz RiddimLarger Than Life Records
Bobby Hustle ft-Exco LeviDefend ThemIt's The HustleLoud City Records
Bobby HustleNo CommitmentIt's The HustleLoud City Records
Alaine ft-Mwalim ChurchillWafulaTen Of HeartsJukeboxx Production
TreeshaI'm A LionListenKskamp Intl.-Undisputed Records
Natural NumbersStars No MoonField Reality DubStone's Throw Records
Nattali Rize ft-Kabaka Pyramid & NotisGenerations Will RizesingleNotis Records
Hempress SativaFreedomsingleXTM Nation
K'reem & YellowmanFather's LovesingleYellow Baby Music
YellowmanZungguzungguguzungguzengsingleGreensleeves Records
Jesse RoyalModern Day JudassingleGhetto Youths International
HirieSensi BoyHIRIERoots Musician Records
TafariNot An Easy RoadFrom The Hit Depot To The IzJ Eagle Music
Soul SyndicateHarvest UptownHarvest UptownEpiphany Artists
Third WorldYim Mas GansingleGhetto Youths International
Steel PulseHandsworth RevolutionHandsworth RevolutionUniversal Music
The ItalsRoll Rastafari ChariotMind Over MatterItals Music
Jimmy CliffGuns Of BrixtonRebirthUniversal Music
Jimmy CliffOne MoreRebirthUniversal Music
DownBeat Dub4 i 20 (interlude)ElectrorganicoDub-O-Phonic
DownBeat DubDark MoonElectrorganicoDub-O-Phonic
I-Triniti ft-Sky IJah Is LoveRas RiddimJahYouth Productions
Rob SymeonnOld Time SomethingRas RiddimJahYouth Productions
Dada YuteSweet Reggae MusicRas RiddimJahYouth Productions
Dubmatix ft-Reggae Sun SkaReggae Sun Ska (Are You Ready)The French SessionsSoulbeats Records-M'A Productions
Mark WonderRude Boys In TownScrolls Of The LeviteNowtime Sound-Heartbeat Europe
Eddie Murphy ft-Beenie ManWonna Deez NitessingleVP Records
DownBeat DubHealing Of The NationElectrorganicoDub-O-Phonic

Jazz in the Afternoon playlist for 06/17/2015

Program name: 
Jazz in the Afternoon
Air date: 
modern jazz quartetlonely womanlonely womanatlantic

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Kush playlist for 06/16/2015

Program name: 
Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Kush
Air date: 
Dipps BhamrahBeats By Bhangra
Meet Bros Anjjan, Monali ThakurDhol BaajeEk Paheli Leela OST
Asha Bhosle, Arijit SinghHungama Ho Gaya (Remix)Queen OST
Jyoti NooranGhani BawriTanu Weds Manu Returns OST
Suman SridharFifiBombay Velvet OST
Sunidhi ChauhanGirls Like To SwingDil Dhadakne Do OST
Anand Shinde & Vaishali MadeYe Naa GadeHunterrr OST
Suraj JaganGanapathi BappaIddarammayilatho OST
Baba Sehgal, M. M. Manasi, Divya Kumar, Sonu KakkarRangoli RangoliBaadshah OST
GENER8ION + M.I.A.The New International Sound Pt. IIBromance #21
Lady Bee f. Nina SkyDo It All AgainWhat Is A Jeffree?
Tinie Tempah f. Dizzee Rascal & Ty Dolla $ignMosh PitDemonstration
Bomba EstereoFiestaAmanecer
Light GM feat. Shadow Blow & El Mayor ClasicoComo Antes (Banger Remix)
Imran KhanImaginary
Satti Pabla feat. Rav-ERanjha Jogi
DJ Raj feat. Sarika Gill & Dav JussJatti HeerThe Album
Anmol Gagan MaanPatandar
Jags Klimax feat. Angrej AliNazara
DJ Vix feat. Bhinda JattPunjabi BoysChapter V
A Tribe Called Red feat. Northern VoiceSuplexSuplex EP
Zawezo Del "PatioYo Si Soy Rap
Mark B feat. ZawezoSi No Me Lo Va Da
The Clerk feat. MilangelesLa DanzaLa Danza EPEnchufada
The Clerk feat. MilangelesZion's SpeechLa Danza EPEnchufada
Jet AiressPelog Lima

Early Morning Gumbo playlist for 06/16/2015

Program name: 
Early Morning Gumbo
Air date: 
GUS CANNON / Crawdad Hole / Walk Right In / 1999 Stax
DAVID BROMBERG / Bring It With You When You Come (feat. Levon Helm) / Use Me / 2011 Appleseed
DOM FLEMONS / My Money Never Runs Out / Prospect Hill / 2014 Music Maker
OTIS TAYLOR / Walk Right in / Recapturing the Banjo / 2008 Telarc
BLIND BOYS OF ALABAMA / Uncloudy Day (feat Preservation Hall Jazz Band) / Down In New Orleans / 2008 Time Life
MARCIA BALL / That's Enough of that Stuff / Hot Tamale Baby / 1986 Rounder
SPENCER BOHREN / Take Me to Rampart Street / Blackwater Music / 2011 Threadhead Records
DEACON JOHN'S JUMP BLUES FEATURING ALLEN TOUSSAINT / Let the Good Times Roll / Feel So Good / Deacon John's Jump Blues: Music from the Film / 2003 Vetter
EILEN JEWELL / Songbird / Sundown Over Ghost Town / 2015 Signature Sounds
TONI PRICE / Bluebird / Hey / 1995 Antone's
JESSE WINCHESTER / Songbird / Live from the mountain stage / 2001 Blue Plate
SUZY THOMPSON / No Mockingbird / Stop & Listen / 2005 Arhoolie
THE EARNEST LOVERS / San Andreas' Fault / Sing Sad Songs EP / 2015 Elko
CHARLIE PARR / Delia / Stumpjumper / 2015 Red House
ERIC TAYLOR / East Texas Moon / Shameless Love / 2004 Blue Ruby
TOM RUSSELL / Outbound Plane (feat. Suzy Bogguss) / Wounded Heart of America / 2007 Shout!
JAMES MCMURTRY / Forgotten Coast / Complicated Game / 2015 Complicated Game
JOHN MORELAND / Hang Me in the Tulsa County Stars / High on Tulsa Heat / 2015 Old Omens
DAVE CARTER & TRACY GRAMMER / Long, Black Road Into Tulsa Town / Seven Is the Number / 2006 Tracy Grammer
JOHN SEBASTIAN & THE J BAND / May Baby Left Town (feat Yank Rachell) / Chasin' Gus' Ghost / 1999 Hollywood
LEON REDBONE / She's My Gal / Live - the Olympia Theater, Paris France / 2005 Rounder
ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL / My Baby Thinks She's a Train / Freight Train Blues / 2000 Rounder

Buscando America playlist for 06/16/2015

Program name: 
Buscando America
Air date: 
Raul SeixasEu tambem vou reclamar
Gal CostaBaby
Tim MaiaNo caminho du bem
Tom JobinWave
Adoniran BarbosaO trem das onze
CartolaPreciso me encontrar
Raul SeixasMetamorfose ambulante
La mar enfortunaGacela del amor que no se deja ver
ChejereTornada y tornaviaje
Los CojolitesEl fandanguito
Jose FelicianoMoliendo cafe
Ry CooderChinito
Remedios SilvaNaci en Alamo
BuikaNo habra nadie en el mundo
The Sthephan Wrembel TrioBig brother
Radio TarifaCruzando el rio
Polka MadreAraber Tanz

The Noontime Jamboree playlist for 06/15/2015

Program name: 
The Noontime Jamboree
Air date: 
Gene O'QuinBoogie Woogie Fever
Elvis PresleyBlue Moon of Kentucky
The Statesmen QuartetSomewhere Within
W. M. StappBonaparte's Retreat
The BrownsLooking Back to See
The BrownsThey Call the Wind Mariah
The BrownsScarlett Ribbons
The BrownsThe Three Bells
Jim Ed BrownPop A Top
Jim Ed BrownBottle Bottle
Jim Ed BrownIt's That Time of the Night
Jim Ed BrownBroad Minded Man
Jim Ed BrownSouthern Lovin'
Jim Ed BrownGently Comes Love
Jim Ed BrownYou Can Have Her
Waylon JenningsI've Never Been to Spain
Connie SmithI Don't Wanna Talk It Over Anymore
Skeeter DavisHe Loved Me Too Little
Ronnie SelfBig Fool
The Stardust RamblersPaint the Town
Clay BlakerA Day Late and A Darlin' Short
Homer and JethroHoun' Dog
Elvis PresleyI Love You Because
Hank WilliamsLost Highway
Waylon JenningsDreaming My Dreams
Waylon JenningsDon't Look For Me
Waylon JenningsIt's World's Gone Crazy
Waylon JenningsPretend I Never Happened
Waylon JenningsDon't Bring It Around
Waylon JenningsBob Wills Is Still the King
Bob Wills40 Days
Bob Wills and his Texas PlayboysDon't Fence Me In
Loretta LynnDeep As Your Pocket
Retta and the Smart FellasPrecious Lord
Del WoodIn the Shade of the Old Aple Tree
Ernest Phipps and his Holiness SingersIf the LIght Has GoneOut of Your Soul

A tribute to the late, Jim Ed Brown, by Miss Aly Star. And birthday salutes to Leon Payne and Waylon Jennings.

The Movement playlist for 06/14/2015

Program name: 
The Movement
Air date: 
Midnight RunnersSaturday LoveOpen LabsOmega Supreme
Social LoversLover's ThemeEnjoy The RideCherries Records
Turquoise SummersThe Loneliest GrooveShadesOmega Supreme
Fanateek One with Rach BStruck By Your LoveCool City NightsSGAE
Roller8Love ProgrammesingleRoller Soul
Midnight RunnersSink And FloatOpen LabsOmega Supreme
TuxedoNumber OneTuxedoStones Throw
Social LoversLovesick EyesEnjoy The RideCherries Records
Sven AttertonAlways RememberThe CoveOmega Supreme
Open Mike EagleTrickerationA Special Episode Of...Mello Music
L'OrangeThe Earth Rolls OffAfter The FlowersMello Music
Red PillKidsLook What This World Did To UsMello Music
EquiptoThe Lucky OnesIlyichSolidarity
Statik Selctah feat. B-Real & JFKOverdose#WHATGOESAROUNDShow Off
Myka 9 & FactorIn So Far As We KnowSovereign SoulFake Four
CollapseInto The VoidRepeated MeasuresNew Los Angeles
Clear Soul ForcesMars On LifeFab 5iveFat Beats
Rapper Big Pooh feat Ras KassEyes Wide OpenWords Paint PicturesMello Music
7eventhirtyThe ProblemThe ProblemMello Music
J RawlsMy PeopleThe LegacyGroove Attack
OddiseeBelong To The WorldThe Good FightMello Music
Georgia Anne MuldrowFifth ShieldA Thoughtiverse UnmarredMello Music
White Mic & Z-manPreachin & PlantinThe Vegetable & The FerretSolidarity
FatniceMy Favorite ThingssingleRecord Breakin
J RawlsPure LoveThe LegacyGroove Attack
MF DOOMOperation GreenbacksOperation: DoomsdayFondle Em
J Dilla feat. BluSmokeJay Stay PaidNature Sounds
Homeboy SandmanLoadsHallwaysStones Throw
Paranoid CastleLaugh Out LoudWelcome To SuccessFake Four
Open Mike EagleRaps For When It's Just You & The AbyssA Special Episode Of...Mello Music
Clear Soul ForcesGet DownFab 5iveFat Beats
L'OrangeThe Great ComedianAfter The FlowersMello Music


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