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Wed, 01/02/2008


01/03/08 Get This

Chris Andreae


  1. Now Oregon is joining California in suing the EPA over the federal government’s intervention in that state’s attempt to pass sane emissions restrictions.  California said that climate change was more important to it than to other states (Such as?  Louisiana?  Florida?) .  If this crisis of litigation continues, who knows where it will end?  Cleaner air means that the AMA and the pharmaceutical companies will collapse, leading to intervention by the government in the form of private contractors such as Halliburton…
  2. ‘Urban Reserves’, sort of like ‘Army Reserves’ but worse for the environment… Metro and its member counties are deciding which farmers get to live and which will be plowed under to make room for yet another Burger King.
  3. My Life In The Ghost of Bush:  Sportsmen across Oregon aren’t happy with the BLM either…Hunters and anglers are up in arms over the agency’s sacrificing of wildlife habitat on the off-road altar.  (BLM suits ought to keep in mind that these people have guns and can hit a fleeing deer at 100 paces.  You won’t even have time to dodge behind the copy machine…)
  4. Product Placentament:  Oregon hospitals tell mothers-to-be that breastfeeding is the way to go, then send these women home with “gift packs” full of formula.  (A little like sending an addict home from rehab with a week’s supply of heroin.)
  5. Some Republican hick Senator from Sherwood thinks the legislature should shitcan the idea of actually working every year instead of every other year (Just an experiment…Don’t panic!).  Says, Larry George:  There’s no “pending emergency”.  (Yes, Larry… The whole state is being sold out by developers; native flora and fauna are dying out;  Kids are dumb as a bag of nuts;  Ron Wyden is blowing the Israeli lobby and yesterday we learned that our central nervous systems are about to be attacked by some sort of toxic fungus.  Our roads and bridges are falling apart; Women are giving babies chemical cocktails; Boy-children get one-way tickets to Iraq;  “Pending”?  Try Screaming immediate…
  6. Consumers are consuming more and paying less – Same as the nation as a whole.
  7. Sitting On The Dock of the E-Bay:  When researchers showed up at the beach to take a look at the sad carcass of another dead whale, they found a treasure hunter had beat them to it.  Some fuckwit was eagerly attempting to steal the female sperm whale’s teeth – doubtless to be sold on e-bay…
  8. Oil hit a hundred dollars a barrel yesterday.  (So did food…)
  9. The sad saga of the wholesale looting of the US economy continues unabated.  Manufacturing in the US shrank more last month than it has in the previous five years.  (This is actually good news.  I had believed that the US “manufactured” a handful of thumbtacks in the last five years…) at any rate, the whole point of the Bush administration right from the get-go has been to facilitate the looting of the nation’s economy.  That’s why investors aren’t panicking but the Average Joe is:  The investors are safely insulated from financial reality.  Other people aren’t…
  10. The move to impeach Cheney creeps slowly forward.  Dennis Kucinich’s HR 333 is still breathing.  Trouble is, these guys are going to hunker down and throw feces into the justice system – such as it is -  until Bush leaves office.  Mukasey is firmly screwed into place and he knows that his job is to keep the courts busy long enough for the administration and its cronies to decamp for Dubai at the end of Bush’s second term.  Extradition?  I don’t think so…
  11. To Which End…We observe the ink squirting out from the nether parts of those involved in the destruction of the CIA’s torture tapes and those even higher up cleverly designed to appear larger than they actually are.
  12. Burger View Point:  The US Forest Service is opening Colorado’s roadless areas up for business.
  13. A US court has ordered that Amnesty International and other human rights groups have the same privileges as journalists when it comes to protecting anonymous sources.  (So let’s see:  The CIA claims it tossed out its torture tapes in order to protect the torturers.  Yet right-wing hack, Robert Novak had no problem outing CIA operative Valerie Plame…
  14. Thousands upon thousands of Iraqi civilians whose lives have been reduced to rubble are still awaiting admission to The Promised Land – or at the least a suburb outside Detroit.  To no avail:  The US is literally years away from admitting even a small fraction of the refugees to whom it promised a safe haven from the hell it has made of their former world.
  15. The federal plan to buy thousands of flood-prone homes on the Mississippi coast looks approximately eroded to nothing.  (Casino boats however, are on the rise…)
  16. Tom ‘Attack Iraq’ Lantos is retiring.  Lantos was the only Holocaust-survivor member of Congress, and yet he managed to gin-up his conscious and vote for the utter devastation of an innocent population that had never harmed him – unless you count the fact that most of them are Muslim, which I guess was the best Tom could do…
  17. In Cuba the Santeria babalawos say that climate change, disease and crime are the worst problems facing their people in the coming year.  (At least, they have a better handle on reality than the Pope.  )
  18. The recent election in Kenya has erupted into ethnic violence.  It’s bad now and getting worse every day. 
  19. Benazir Bhutto was just hours away from telling the world that she feared she was about to be assassinated when…And then there are the scurrilous conflicting reports of What Really Happened.  Hit her head on the sunroof?  Shot in the head and chest?  Musharraf on the Grassy Knoll? 
  20. So the Pakistani election is delayed until February.  For all-too-obvious reasons they have to make a few changes to the ballots…
  21. The Fatah military wing, the al-Aqsa Brigades will be protecting George Bush when he visits occupied Palestine next week.
  22. ‘Three Weak, Corrupt Men Walk Into A Bar’:  Mahmoud Abbas wants George Bush to tell Ehud Olmert to cool it with the expansion of illegal settlements.
  23. And Venezuela’s FARC hostage rescue went south – even with Oliver stone and camera crew on hand to capture – no pun intended – the Magic Moment.



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