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Thu, 11/01/2007

11/02/07 Get This

Chris Andreae


  1. Statewide, foreclosures are up.  (And, as the man falling off the cliff tells a passing bird, “So far, so good…”)
  2. ‘Truckin’:  Freightliner is hauling 341 more Oregon jobs to South Carolina, so it can “spend more time with customers.”
  3. The price of gas has hit $3 dollars a gallon, people are losing their houses and jobs are leaving the State:  What is it going to take to call a general strike and get people to hold the Bush administration  accountable?  It isn’t “government” malfeasance…We don’t have a “government” now.  The nation seems to be in freefall and the best thing one say about it is no one is running the show:  Experience has demonstrated that when Bush, Cheney and the rest of that lot are in charge only grief follows…But I digress:  The National Environmental Trust says that raising fuel efficiency standards would go a long way towards addressing the $3 dollars a gallon problem – if, indeed it is a “problem.”  Maybe those who still have homes should stay there…
  4. Eastern Oregon University is cutting 35 faculty, staff and administrative jobs.  Students of geology, math, media, physics, global cultures and German, you can stop sharpening pencils…(Strange, isn’t it, that the nation’s economic malaise is in part due to lack of curiosity and involvement and education on the part of its citizen…so what do we do?  Burn the schools…)
  5. Where The Buoys Aren’t:  The wave energy test buoy off the Oregon coast sank the day before it was scheduled to be removed and the test results analyzed.  (I guess there’s your analysis right there…)
  6. From Flex to Zip:  Portland’s Flexcars are about to become Zipcars.   And gas is still $3 dollars a gallon.
  7. Spectra Energy wants a natural gas pipeline connecting Rocky Mountain natural gas supplies (Which are astronomically vast) with Western markets.  Think:  Thousand mile-long 36-inch diameter volcano…)
  8. Gnome On The Range:  The Springfield, Oregon police station is overrun with gnomes and other assorted lawn ornamentation.  Some enterprising citizen rounded up 75 pieces and arranged them on someone else’s property.  The police would like you to come down and identify your gnomes so they can go home. 
  9. George Bush tossed his curls, stamped his foot and pouted:  If you won’t let me have Michael ‘Waterboy’ Mukasey for my Attorney General, then we won’t have any Attorney General at all.  So far, lawmakers seem Okay with that.  (But just watch:  If Mukasey isn’t screwed snuggly into Alberto Gonzales’ old socket in the next couple of weeks, he will definitely be there when you wake up after Thanksgiving Weekend.)
  10. Congress passed the children’s healthcare bill for the second time and Bush is going to veto it for the second time – This, while demanding billions of dollars more for his failed adventures in “nation building.”  (But, right-wingers, take heart!  It isn’t like taxpayers’ money is being lavished on ‘them dang Eye-rackies’…Oh. No…The money is being lavished on American contractors.  It’s called war profiteering and it’s the only game in town…)
  11. The FCC thought its sixth “localism” hearing was the last, but there’s another one in the pipeline.  The fracas will without a doubt wind up in court.  Turns out people can live with a collapsed economy, endless war, foreclosures and $3 gas, but if you fuck with their television, you’ll be telling it to the judge…
  12. The Missionary Position:  Put your hands on the cash box and let’s hear an ‘Amen’:  Not all your money is being spent on an epic fantasyland of blood, chaos and excess all - in the name of “The War on Terror.”  A sizeable stake is being blown on religious organizations that spend it on marketing conversion.  (And presumably, on attorney’s fees for keeping GOP sex scandals out of the press…)
  13. Cut Emissions, Not Jobs:  Chrysler is cutting 12 thousand jobs.
  14. A River Used To Run Through It:  A small town in drought-stricken Tennessee is flat out of water – as in, they have to bring water in by tanker truck.  That’s how bad it is.  Once there was a waterfall, creeks, water, right into middle of the place.  (Many drought-dead regions will become dust bowls.  People will be forced to move and when do, they will very likely disrupt what’s left of existing social structures, there will be the worst kind of violence:  That which is born out of desperation.)
  15. Randall Forsberg, the anti-nuclear activist died.
  16. US ambassador to Iraq, Ryan Crocker belittled diplomats’ concerns about personal, in-country safety.  (Wait till they get a gander at that massive new embassy in Baghdad.  That’ll fog their glasses.  Diplomats:  They’re either with us, against us or shit out of work…)
  17. And Counting:  Looks like we are going to have to revise the Iraq body count upward a few clicks:  There have been 430 veterans’ suicides.  (And what about American civilian murders?  When some of these soldiers get home and embark on deranged rampages as a result of PTSD or simply pre-existing personality disorders, do we count those deaths as well?) 
  18.  Iran is blaming the US military follies on-going in its waters, for the deaths of 152 dolphins.
  19. And the saber rattling continues to escalate.  (Though why we are even going through the motions, beats me.  Maybe we should ask Karen Hughes why they hate us…The basic play will be as follows:  The administration will figure out a time of year when it’s nice weather for killing people in Iran, announce he is pulling the troops out of Iraq, orchestrate some sort of bogus Iranian hostility and then go in, guns a-blazing.  Presto!  Mission accomplished!  We meant to it this way all along!
  20. The Japanese Navy is pulling out of Afghanistan.  (Be sure to catch that act on YouTube!)
  21. Fatah is attacking Hamas mosques and clerics.
  22. The Saudis say they have their doubts about Condoleeza’s little Middle East peace party.  The invites aren’t even out yet.  (Could be a schedule conflict with the attack on Iran?  Just wondering…)
  23. And in Mexico, 70 percent of the Gulf State of Tabasco is underwater.



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