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Mon, 10/08/2007

10/09/07 Get This

Chris Andreae


  1. You Buy The Ticket, You Take The Ride:  The line you stand in at Oregon’s DMV offices could lead to a license or – depending on one’s ethnicity – it could lead to ICE detention facilities and a one way ticket to Tijuana.  About two hundred people were turned in by Motor Vehicle clerks who thought the applicants’ documentation looked a little screwy.
  2. ‘This Job Is Living Me:  Oregon’s gap between actual wages and living wages has further widened, leaving thousands of people on the wrong side of despair.  This is not the head-scratcher it has been made out to be.  Thecreeping privatization of everything has stripped government of its responsibility to citizens and citizen’s of their responsibility for keeping elected officials honest.  The very wealthy have abdicated all responsibility for anyone but his or her immediate “gated” families and are increasingly willing to pay any price for private services.  Which leaves everyone else to make do within a police state plagued by crumbling infrastructure, crappy schools, illness and  FOX.
  3. Opponents of Oregon’s Domestic Partnership law failed to come up with enough valid signatures (Plenty of invalid ones, but that’s another story…) to prevent the law from taking effect January 1st.
  4. When the Rivers Run Backwards:  Oregon’s largest national forest reports selling more timber in the past year than in any other year since 2001 – 29 million board feet of forest…29 million board feet taken from public land.  (And it is questionable how long that land will remain “public”.  It is easy to envision a day when the management of public lands will be contracted out to private companies, who will in turn, sell off the “assets” to other private companies who will in turn funnel some of the massive profits to lobbyists whose job it is to beat the last life from the dying embers of government “of the people by the people and for the people…”)
  5. ‘Oregon’s veterans are frustrated with the VA’:  It’s a tale of Our Times and it’s true;  VA services are not perfect.  But compared to non-veterans medical services, the VA is the Mayo Clinic and Las Vegas all in one package.  See, it helps take the shine off American’s demand for single payer healthcare if the only entity that even comes close to providing it, has shit on its shoes going in…(Thanks, ‘K’ Street!  You’ve out done yourselves again…)
  6. Dennis Kucinich was in Oregon for the Democratic romp at Sunriver.  He said all the right things to some of the right people.  Alas, few of his hardcore supporters had  been informed that he would be speaking.  (You’d think that being on his campaign’s e-mail list would at least get you a seat at the bar with a big-screen TV and good sightlines at the pub down the street from the main event…)
  7. John Lennon would have been 67 today.  But instead he got a Peace Tower in Reykjavik, Iceland because of the geothermal energy and its generally eco-friendly demeanor.  That’s Yoko for ya:  A laugh a minute…
  8. Spy vs. Spy:  Everyone’s on the old eavesdropping bandwagon these days it seems.  Now the Democrats have come up with a spy bill to call their own. According to this one, the Justice Department would have to reveal to Congress all the ‘naughty bits’ concerning electronic surveillance conducted without a court order since 9/11…  Great, but we don’t have a flesh & blood Attorney General at the moment and if we did it would doubtless be another moronic, corrupted GOP shill.  (But at least America’s “safer” from the “terrorists”…Mirabile dictum!  We are also “safer” from Martians, phlogiston, the Chupecapra and  Pia Zadora, so I guess the DHS, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, et al  must be doing something right…)
  9. The Supreme Court, however is still soldiering on, wading into the Heart of Darkness at the headwaters of the Enron River of money.  Here’s the question:  Can banks, lawyers, accountants and suppliers be held liable for scheming with publicly held companies that deceive their stockholders?  And here’s the answer:  This is America, the Land of Opportunists.
  10. American Electric Power – that fountain of acid rain – has to cough up $4.6 billion dollars and reduce pollution from its plants in Ohio by 69 percent over the next decade.  (Still in all, “reducing emissions” is sort of like the guy driving 85 mph toward Mexico trying to get to Canada:  Even if he slows down to 55, he’s still heading for Mexico…)
  11. The mighty Service Employees International Union won’t endorse any of the Democratic presidential primary contenders.  (The union is waiting for Al Gore to announce, is my guess…)
  12. Celebrate Bombed Book Week:  In Yorkshire, England, a seventeen year-old boy has been charged with  “the collection or possession of information useful in the preparation of an act of terrorism” under Britain draconian Terrorism Act 2000.  He was reading the Anarchist Cookbook and trying out some of the ‘recipes’ therein.  (“So, kid…Whaddaya in for?”   “Reading.”)
  13. Lights, Camera, Action!:  Meanwhile, Back in Iraq:  Blackwater USA has offered to install video surveillance cameras in its vehicles.  (But really, why bother when one the Mercs’ favorite things to do is taking pictures of their victims – that and taking scalps..)  PM Nouri al-Maliki to Blackwater:  That’s just great.  Put all the cameras you want in those Humvees.  But take them back to America and stay there.  An aside, as I write this, a story has just come in that “security forces” in Baghdad shot and killed in cold blood, two women in a car stopped at an intersection.)
  14. Turkey, in a quintessentially ‘What the Hey!’ gesture has said it, too, is going to invade Iraq.  Quite a problem that:  On the one hand Bush says the PKK is a terrorist organization.  On the other, America feels that one invasion/occupation at a time is more than enough.  Please!  Have a little respect…Go invade Greece;  They already know you there…)
  15. Thus far – and it’s only Tuesday – over 250 “militants” have been killed in violence along the Afghan/Pakistan border.
  16. Imagine:  Cuba and most of Latin America, I should add, is paying tribute to the legacy of Che Guevara today.
  17. In occupied Palestine today, word is that a senior Israeli cabinet minister thinks some kind of partition would work in Jerusalem.  (He’s thinking, maybe a nice shoji screen?)
  18. British troops are being pulled out of Iraq faster than you can say, ‘Iran.’
  19. And the news from Burma is: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------.  (All communications have been formally shut down.)



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