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Thu, 08/23/2007

08/24/07 Get This

Chris Andreae


  1. Cracks In The Dam:  The Brownsville Dam on the Calapooia River is set to be demolished.  It might not be big news to you, but every time a dam on a river is removed, it’s big good news to the fish and creatures great and small that depend on the water and the littoral habitat, not mention critically endangered wetlands.  Wait a minute…This is big news to you if you are a member of the human species and use air and water on a regular basis…
  2. Look!  Up In The Sky!  It’s marijuana air raid season:  Linn County police, for example,  just found three thousand plants.   (And now those plants are up in smoke…One way or another…)
  3. The Klamath Riverkeeper, the Karuk Tribe and the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen got together and filed a suit against PacifiCorp this week.  The Big Guy has been routinely excreting toxic pollutants into the Klamath River, killing fish and many other creatures up and down the food chain.  People tend to forget that the creatures at the top of the food chain won’t be there for long if the bottom of the whole edifice crumbles…
  4. Cronies On The Range:  A federal judge in Montana has ordered the Bush administration’s top forestry official, Mark Rey to explain why he should not be held in contempt of court for failing to analyze the environmental impact of dumping a fish-killing chemical cocktail on forests in the name of putting out fires.  Rey’s explanation:  ‘A Bush crony is slippery as an eel and as everyone knows, eels are harder to kill than fish…(My bet is he’ll quit if pushed too hard to cough up information about Forest Service mischief…)
  5. One Flew Over The Governor’s Nest:  Oregon’s psychiatric hospital is falling down.  But we’re getting a couple of new ones soon, so hang in there and keep taking your meds.
  6. Sherwood’s police chief, Bill Middleton got sacked this week for poor job attendance:  Middleton was in Iraq with the US Army Reserve
  7. Lack of flora and fauna diversity is killing Oregon’s “managed” forests.
  8. In Minnesota, witnesses stood around with their thumbs up a hole while a woman there was beaten and sexually assaulted.  We know this because it was all documented on a CCTV camera…Which begs the question:  Why didn’t the people who are suppose to monitor those things call the cops?
  9. Clark County voters wouldn’t give the Port of Vancouver the money it wanted for a planned expansion (Which in all probability would have created all kinds of new jobs, a huge long-term benefit for those voters…) so it’s on to Plan B.  (Wait…What ‘Oplan B’?  Try finding a pharmacist in Vancouver that will dispense the stuff…)
  10. Yet another Justice Department official is quitting.  Bradley Schlozman is under investigation for partisanship in hiring career attorneys.  He cleaned out his desk and is retiring from his responsibilities as a public servant crony to become – another sure bet – a lobbyist for the duration.  Or at least until after Giuliani is inaugurated and begins the task of stacking the deck with the Usual Suspects that fled both justice and the Justice Department under the Bush regime…
  11. The federal government wants to store its nuclear caca at Hanford – presumably on grounds what’s a little more radioactive contamination…
  12. Code Pink is gearing up for a Battle Royale with Washington hawks who want to attack Iran quickly before Giuliani takes over so the colossal mistake can be blamed on the former Bush regime.
  13. Cambodee-oh-doh All Over Again:  The US military gave its elite units “broad authority” over three years ago to pursue suspected terrorists into Pakistan (And they still haven’t caught Osama bin Laden?) without informing the Pakistanis in advance.
  14. A Marine Drill sergeant is charged with cruelty to recruits.  (I can see it now:  The military judge says, ‘Sergeant Glass, you’re torturing these young men.  That’s what you’re supposed to be doing to Iraqi prisoners.’)
  15. The 181 Chinese coal miners trapped where the mine they were working in flooded are still down there.
  16. Sudan has expelled the top Canadian and European Union diplomats for “meddling in its affairs.”  Could always be worse:  It could have been the American military bringing them “Democracy”…
  17. It took massive flooding to do it, but at long last North and South Korea are sitting down together over a bowl of kimchee for a heart to heart talk.
  18. Bolivian politicians settle their differences the old-fashioned way.  Blows were exchanged in Congress over control of the nation’s judiciary and also which city the capital should be in.
  19. Sudan’s government is still violating the United Nations embargo on arms entering the Darfur region.  (But really, when did an AK-47 or an AR-15 ever need a passport anyway?  Like American Express cards, guns are welcome worldwide…)
  20. Pro-democracy protests continue in the streets of Rangoon.  (Good thing Burma doesn’t have oil reserves or they might be reeling from the first wave of American-style “Democracy”…







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