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07/20/07 Get This

Chris Andreae


  1. Rehabilitated:  A young man – twenty-one – hanged himself in his cell in a psychiatric unit at the Snake River Correctional facility.  His release date was April 1st, 2008.  April Fools, jailers! Your man got out early and you are left with blood on your hands and questions you need to answer.  (Suggested question:  How long will Americans tolerate a ‘prison industrial’ state whose ‘raw materials’ are the poor and whose product is a criminal underclass?)
  2. Fred Monem, celebrity chef to Oregon’s incarcerated  (And a possible cause for some of the 26 prison suicides over the last ten years…) or Food Manager, according to his resume, has flown the coop.  Might be in Buffalo, could be in Teheran, probably won’t be back to sample the fare in one the States many fine detention facilities…
  3. Spawn Song:  While waiting to spawn in the John Day River, one hundred salmon have died, probably of heat – equally probably due to the myriad other stressors that confront them.
  4. Laws protecting the civil rights of the gay community were passed, but there is still a chance they won’t go into effect come January.  The bigots are on the march, gathering signatures on petitions and inciting narrow-minded animosity. (Inadvertently, perhaps tanking their own bile-soaked marriages in the process…)
  5. The Dangers of Drugs:  A couple of medical marijuana providers were arrested and charged with being “out of compliance.”  The amounts of marijuana seized were negligible…But the real horror show has only just begun.  The children of one arrestee – aged 3, 12 and 14 – have been snatched by CPS.  They will wind up in some hellish foster care situation, preyed upon by people who shouldn’t own pets, let alone host children, and their parent will be forced to suffer through endless 12-Step meetings..  It will take years to get the kids back and vast sums of money in court costs…And of course years of therapy to repair the damage done to the entire family.  Yes, the real danger posed by drugs is not the drugs themselves but America’s criminalization of consensual “crime.”
  6. If You Lived Here, You’d Be Homeless By Now:  In Seattle, the homeless are protesting the demolition of yet another low-income apartment building to make way for a new SeaTac runway.
  7. Also in Washington, an advocacy group for the homeless has been ruled in violation of a city code for moving Tent City 4 to Woodinville without getting a permit first – and there’s no airport in Woodinville…
  8. Fear and rumors are the world of the undocumented worker.  Employees at a fish processing plant dashed out of the facility in the belief that the company was about to be raided.  Wrong company.
  9. A judgment has dismissed a civil lawsuit brought by ex-CIA agent Valerie Plame against Dick ‘dick’ Cheney, Karl Rove, Richard Armitage and Lewis ‘Scooter’ Libby.  But Plame will be back with an appeal.  US District Judge John Bates is, by the way, a Bush appointee so we can expect his name to show up in Deborah Palfrey’s address book and it won’t be yellow cake he was after…
  10. The cretinous cornball Jim Gilchrist is on his way to Mississippi bringing his Minutemen message to voters in one of the poorest, least educated states in the nation (Though the rest of the nation is not far behind on the vertiginous downward path they have been launched upon by Neocon Norquistas…).
  11. The Veterans Administration has at long last been compelled to compensate Agent Orange victims.  (Agent Orange is the principle component of a readily available herbicide, ‘Crossbow.’  You could warn your local garden center, or you could let natural selection clean the old gene pool, or you might be a Buddhist about it and same them in spite of themselves – either way they won’t thank you…)
  12. The Feds say an employee – one Roy Oakley – has been charged with attempting to sell secret uranium contraptions to “an official of the French government”  (Which already has a number of satisfactorily functioning nuclear reactors and probably would have no use for a carton of rusty American scrap metal, but who’s asking…).  The “secret nuclear material” turns out to be three to five pieces of broken pipe that would have been thrown away.
  13. Sometimes A Banana Is Not Just A Banana:  The Colombian families affected by paramilitary violence have filed a lawsuit against Chiquita Brands International, charging that the company armed and funded paramilitaries.
  14. Depends On What You Mean By ‘Consistent’:   House Democrats voted 7-3 to rule that the White House’s assertion of “executive privilege”  is not ‘legally valid.’  It gets better:  One of the investigators said that the White House’s latest moves were not consistent with the current system of government in the United states (Alas, they are all-too “consistent.”)
  15. Depends On What You Mean by ‘Glycerin’:  China is revoking the business licenses of some of the firms that export di-ethylene glycol as glycerin.
  16. Israel is sending 250 Fatah loyalist prisoners to the West Bank (So they can vote for Mahmoud Abbas, I’m guessing.  Why else would Abbas call an election?  Welcome home, guys:  Here’s your ballots!)
  17. America wants European firms to stop doing business with Iran. 
  18. Fires are burning out of control all over Greece, Albania, Serbia and Croatia.
  19. Pratibha Patil has been elected India’s first woman president.  It’s largely a ceremonial position and let’s not forget, decades ago, Indira Gandhi was Indian prime minister.  (Compare and contrast:  Indira Gandhi and Hillary Clinton….scary, huh?)
  20. Okay, Go Ahead And Cry For Me after All:  In Argentina, Cristina Kirchner, wife of president Nestor Kirchner is running for president.  Is Nestor really that “tired”?  Will Cristina bring “change” and “new idea”?  Or is this just a means of extending the Kirchner dynasty?  - I dunno.  Let’s ask Hillary….
  21. Peru – specifically the Cusco region – has banned transgenic potatoes.  This part of Peru is where potatoes and Macchu Pichu originate.  It is the ground zero for genetic diversity for New World food crops.
  22. In Pakistan, Pervez Musarraf has folded.  Iftikhar Chaudhry is back on top.  And the US is struggling to explain why it still supports what amounts to a military dictatorship.



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