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07/16/07 Get This

Chris Andreae


  1. The wolves are closing in (No disrespect to our lupine friends):  Now it’s two West Coast energy companies talking to Yamhill’s Grand Muftis about liquefied natural gas pipelines.  This time a company A company, TransCanada based in Alberta, wants to run a line from Bradwood on the Columbia River to a hub on the West Coast mainline at Molalla.  But we could get lucky:  Perhaps TransCanada and Oregon LNG will kill each other in a bar room fight over a woman and a dog and leave us in peace.
  2. East Nile, West Nile, All Around the Town:  It’s mosquito trapping time again.  Last year 73 people accidentally “trapped” the virus personally.  To put things in perspective:  More people die of food borne illness than die of West Nile.  And now back to the latest al-Qaeda scare…
  3. Outlaw State:  The Federal Election Assistance Commission has it that Oregon – and most other states – are breaking the Voter Registration Act en masse – sort of like a prison gang, if America were the prison and the States were the gang members…Where was I…Right, Okay.  Voter registration has to be offered through public assistance agencies (Although it’s hard enough to get said agencies to cough up the fuckin’ food stamps, never mind Helping America Vote.’)
  4. Activist Extraordinaire, Martha Odom has this:   Jobs with Justice has an event on the 19th;  The military Sanctuary movement did a land office business at the North Mississippi street fair on the weekend; An Iowa jury found five peace activists not guilty;  The 9/11 Truth people have launched a blogging campaign with the message,  ‘9/11 was An Inside Job’:  The Lone Vet:  Thursday at Earls, ‘tell Blumenaur that it’s time to impeach.’  (But never forget, “Tactics without strategy is like the loud noise before defeat.”)
  5. The Schumacher fiasco was an inside job, according to the Oregonian.
  6. War of the Worlds Redux:  Since it looks like public opinion is solidly on the side of pulling the troops out of Iraq, the Neocon’s next best idea is send in the robots.  (And they’ll have ray guns.  No…Seriously…)
  7. Shifty Dick:  The balance in the internal – and infernal – White House debate over Iran has shifted back in favor of an attack on Iran before the next election – or whatever 2008 turns out to be…
  8. The Pentagon says that it is “killing” Donald Rumsfeld’s propaganda unit.  (Translation::  The Pentagon has disassembled its misleading media department and distributed through out its labyrinthine subterranean maze…where it will metastasize and mutate into a litter of lies.  So in other words, it’s basically the same as before.)
  9. Executioners Privilege:  The White House and the Pentagon held up a House Oversight and Governmental Reform committee investigation into the “friendly fire” death of football star soldier, Pat Tillman.  “Executive privilege” strikes again.
  10. Bush’s Intelligence Oversight Board was silent – read, ‘nonexistent’ – for five and a half years.  For the first two, it was officially vacant..  The IOB is the principal civilian watchdog (But who’s watching the dog?) of the intelligence community (And I use the term loosely). I presume Bush just couldn’t find the right guys for the job.  Crony shortage, y’know…)
  11. Hawk Talk:  Party line Good Ol’ Hawks, John Warner and Richard Lugar proposed that Congress reauthorize a sharply narrowed US mission in Iraq.  Both Warner and Lugar know a thing or two more about military strategy than Bush ever will (And when you think about it, maybe that’s a good thing…).  The Senators are pushing a pull out,  (Apparently, they didn’t get the memo about the robots with ray guns…Another ‘intelligence failure’)
  12. Love For Sale:  The Los Angeles archdiocese agreed to pay $660 million dollars split 500 ways between the victims of assorted forms of priestly sexual predation.
  13. Lee Hamilton, co-chairman of the Iraq Study Group says he is “extremely doubtful” that Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki will be able to secure Iraq and allow American forces to leave any time soon  (And definitely not before a ‘Gulf of Tonkin’ type event can be fabricated, laid at the feet of Iran and Hoowah!  Tehran here we come!  It’s the new American military:  Lawyers, guns, money…and now…Robots!
  14. At the same time Lee Hamilton is Having His Way with the airwaves, in Baghdad, beleaguered Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki says that Iraq is perfectly capable of defending Iraq from Iraqis if only he had more lawyers, guns and money.  (A robot or two wouldn’t hurt, but it seems like a lot to ask after America has done so much for him…)
  15. In Pakistan, militants in the Northwest Frontier Province have cancelled that truce they signed with the government.  Turns out that a lot of the people who were killed in the Siege of the Red Mosque (Sounds like a Harry Potter, only with Muslim extremists instead of sorcerers…) have friends and family in High Places – the mountains of the NWF Provinces…
  16. North Korea says it is shutting down its only (Care to put money on it?) operating nuclear reactor.  (Heads-up, Japan!  That usually mean the North is about to test-fire some kind of missile.)
  17. But first, let’s deal with the 6.6 earthquake and possible tsunami…
  18. In Australia, a magistrate granted bail for an Indian doctor accused of supporting the foiled bomb attacks in London and Glasgow.  The defendant had no direct link to any terrorist group.  (Now, here in the US of A, he wouldn’t need bail, he’d need to be resuscitated before being reshackled, hooded and strip searched…)
  19. “I’ll Make You A Deal You Just Can’t Refuse”:  In Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe has cut the price of everything.  But don’t whip out your credit card just yet…There’s fuck-all to buy in Zimbabwe and inflation is running at upwards of 20 thousand percent.
  20. Israel is set to free 250 Palestinian prisoners, most of who belong to Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah Party.  Sorry, Hamas.  You’ll just have to go in and get your guys out yourselves…And in yet another gesture of brotherly love , Israel is scaling back the nightly sweeps through West Bank towns, the arrests, the…


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