Strategic Planning November Meeting


Here's the notes for our meeting on November 8th.

Summary of November 8th, 2010 Strategic Planning Meeting



Attending: Bill Flood – Facilitator, Heidi Peterson – PARC Resources, Kurt Lauer, Thomas Phillips, Sun Lee, Joe Azavedo, S.W. Conser, Dave Mazza, Keller Henry, Judy Fiestal, Erin Yanke, Ani Haines, Thomas Sullivan.



KBOO Weaknesses


  1. How to get a show on the air?


Proposals are submitted to the Program Committee, which accepts proposals on a rolling base. The Programming staff has the authority to put programs on the air and can ignore the advisory program committee but should consult.



  1.  Staff Positions


There have been 17 Station Mangers in the last 20 years. What makes this position have such high turnover, what kind of management structure do we need.



  1. Board of Directors


The board feels disempowered  and many did not know that as board members they were the management of KBOO.


There is also the issue of how we recruit board members and many members may not always know who they are voting for.


The board can appoint board members for vacancies that come up.


  1. Technology Issues


There needs to be a standardization of the production rooms.

People would like to see more live remotes.

There needs to be proper training for technical issues.

Create better training classes for on-air volunteers that are more advanced.

We need a better archive for shows on the website.

We need better audio quality on-air and for on-air spots.

KBOO needs to also think about not just being a radio station but a media outlet to compete with electronic media, i.e. ipods, internet radio stations, podcasts




Gaps within KBOO


  1. Gaps in Programming


There needs to be a clearer procedure for new programming. There is also a disconnect between the actual programming process (as written) versus the real process (as carried out).
Currently there is not an appeals process for programs that are taken off the air.

What happens to the feedback KBOO receives about programs.


  1. Gaps in Leadership/Management


There have been systems in place that haven’t worked.

Staff evaluation processes do not have follow-ups.

There is a high turnover among the Board of Directors.

There is a low turnout for voting for the Board of Directors, only about 10% of the membership votes.

We need to get the board more involved with fundraising.


How do we get more listeners?


We’ve tried to create more blocks/strips of programming.

We need better audio quality.

Listeners need to be a part of the evaluation process.

We need better marketing and promotions of shows inhouse and outside of the stations, this calls for better outreach materials.

There needs to be an advertising budget.

KBOO doesn’t need to be so Portland-centric, this is a disservice to the other listening areas.


Keys steps to brining innovation back to KBOO


Get back to a culture of YES

Staff is underpaid as a whole.

KBOO needs a marketing plan.

Dedicated fundraising for staff to build more capacity for innovation

New ways to fundraise

Maybe have one year contracts for programs

Create a public suggestion box

Use the station archives for better self promotion.

Take better advantage of the local music scene.




Where are areas where KBOO can expand it’s market presence?


KBOO doesn’t have a real advertising budget

We need a broader assessment of technologies people use for information

Increase the publics’ understanding of KBOO’s diversity

We need separate marketing strategies depending on the target audience.

How can we unify the public affairs and music audiences.


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