Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors, 2010/04/26

Formatted minutes available in pdf only. File attached to this page. Unformatted text follows. This meeting had no quorum, so no business was conducted.


Board Meeting for 04/26/2010
Erin B
Not Here:
Scott Forrester
Michael Papadopoulos
Keller Henry
Paula Small
Alicia Olson
Glen Owen
Daniel Flessas
Danielle Parks
Chris Merrick
Ani Hines
John Mackey
Dan Gurin
Food Brought by Deena- Glad you liked it!
Public Comments:
None of the Public Commented
Reviewed Minutes of March Meeting
No quorum to approve those minutes
If there are any changes needed to those minutes send edits to Deena
Introduced Dan New Web Coordinator
Dan Focused on three specific goals; to complete projects in the works. To create a
service to listeners or web visitors, and generate revenue.
Dan talked about a on-demand repository on KBOO- ability to play programming for the
past two weeks- progressive download stream for 5 hours only (law ) locally produced
shows. Community Station in (KBCS) Bellevue does it, Classical Radio Station does
Becky asked what's needed?
Dan responds: Time and equipment- was started in the past but sorta left by the wayside.
Dan is accessing what we need, and suggested a possible grant from Free Geek.
Erin asked how long (KBCS),Bellevue has had it Dan- since last summer. All Classical
since 09
Dan also mentioned Revenue Generation- We are linked via affiliate programs, referral
links from website- When links are clicked, and items are purchased, kboo gets a
percentage of items purchased
Participating Companies
Itunes- tagging hardware can tag songs so next time music is tagged
Cd Baby
Organization of Music/MP3s- A audio repository to have the ability to upload audio, a
web based Digital library, with remote access for ease.
IR – a computer will replace the IR
Becky let Dan know of the Boards support
Fiance Committee Report:
Erin: Update is that notes are coming- but had a report of Legal costs to the station from
Nominating- Committee
Everyone met except for. Maire. They also did not come to census of who was
recommended to the board. Paula S. rescinded her resume because of the open Election
that open up in the Fall. There was a conversation about actually needing another person.
Bylaw dictate one person should be elected to have quorum
Jim in favor of holding an open elections
Program Director Report:
Chris reported that bookkeeping with the bank is completed, Pendleton is getting it
things done, and wants to come up for a meet and greet. While here, the hope is to form
a three year plan to transfer the license to a local Pendleton group, KBOO can stream via
Pendleton while work is being done.
Matt Lokan, of Bliss-Sequoia Insurance Brokers has asked for a $84 fee to extend deadline
for insurance
Sarah Riley – Attorney for harassment case- She has reached out and spoke to parties
Staff will come up with ideas for how the station manager position should be handledwhether
another is hired, or team management happens.
We are in the middle of a Pledge Drive
Andrew G increased the total slightly, so 88% in will even out the budget-
Erin Mentioned Membership is up and with par for the last three pledge drives
Engineering report
An anonymous person contacted him to buy a channel- essentially sharing the digital
bandwidth that we have. He looked into the cost to set up stream, and a monthly fee- all
cost to the Russian Guy. To sell HD channels -- $25 K to take digital stream- quoted to
guy, the actual cost
is 27,000 but with the 4,500k monthly that's extra money for the station.
Deena said that we should hold off on because KBOO is not currently utilizing the
John, and Chris will talk to guy and then he will propose it to the board.
Scott F. Asked that this would be outlined, and sent to members, so they would be more
involved . Keller asked for more information- a person to come forward as a board
member, and ask questions- to go to the meeting that Chris, and John will have with
person. Jim Craven doesn’t have enough information to accept or reject it- he wants it in
Becky announced that she was keeping meeting on track- no votes tonight, so public
comments are for a minute.
Chris went into litigation update…..
No trial in Lawsuit, which was dismissed with prejudice – meaning it can never be
brought before the court again. I is clear that KBOO did NOT settle with them, they quit.
Chris quoted $47,000 as the current costs of the suit. There was conversation about
whether KBOO wants to go public and how do we do it. Becky has put together a
summary of the lawsuit. Jim wanted to put a blog post up on the website with both
opinions. Erin thinks it’s a good idea to post words from the board about lawsuit. Needs
to happen very soon. Becky will contact lawyer to edit his opening statement to post.
Deena will start a press release- and have Ani proof and send. Budget for trial should be
addressed and displayed for members to know about. Jim proposes that the facts are laid
out, and to post Michael P and Scott F opinions to be fair.
Erin proposes that we have an internal press release- complete by the end of the week.
Keller likes the idea of the internal press release, and not on air. She wants to move
ahead from all this. negativity. Yvettee – thinks that the impact of the board to keep
control will have a negative impact on KBOO. Daniel F is happy about us moving
forward, and post it to the blog. Paula S is glad it’s over, and is prepared for the pledge.
Yvette wonder what comments would be removed from the website.
Comments that break house rules will not be allowed on the website.
Bylaw change; Judy and Andrew have put this together for Board. Personal Committee
would love to work on this with Board Members. Erin says we will need to research
ORS law. Jim is pissed about mail being sent to his address. Nia proposed to amend the
bylaw with the limitation for board members without the percentage. This issue came up
in Personal, when asked about restrictions per FCC for Board Member. Reporting
whether they own or are a part of other media outlets, or if they have a felony or not.
These questions should be asked before candidates sign up . Chris doesn’t think federal
law should be a by law, because it’s a law. Becky thinks “Good Standing” should be
defined. Chris thinks number of Members signatures for vote should be deleted- thinks it
gives preferential treatment to insiders who can easily find those people for petitions.
Ani is working to change the accessibility for folks interested in running for elections.
Becky approves of this. Nia agrees with Chris.
Strategic Planning
Finished RFP – sending out and harvesting leads. Hoping to Interview in June,
Board Closed********

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