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May 2010 Program Committee Meeting Minutes

Minutes of 5-12-10 Programming Committee Meeting
In Attendence:
Redwillow, Jenka, Samantha, Deena, Kathleen, Chris, Conch, Per, Rodger, and Ed

Drive report from Chris
Have received 78K toward a goal of 95K
Raffle tickets will possibly provide a net 48k. First time we have legally been able to do a raffle.
Lawsuit update
The suit was dropped. Legal fees of 48K to defend the against the suit.

PTFP grant update
Grant was applied for in order to replace for mixers and other equipment  by John Mackey and ? Was approved and equipment will be in July.

Kathleen’s report
Has been working on drive and doesn’t have a report.
Jenka has been awarded a ? fellowship from Stanford and will be in Palo Alto in the summer.
Programming Excellence grant money has to be spent by the end of the year.
John reported that the remote control signal has down for about 2 hours this last week and he investigated the cause. No error messages were transmitted. Harris Field rep was checked with.
Remote control circuit may need to be replaced at a cost of 5k to 5500.

Live remotes
June 26th No Fest experimental music
Blues Festival
July 31st Hawthorne Bridge Festival Live on the Bridge
Pickathon Bluegrass Show August
Jenka suggested that we do some fundraising at the live remotes.
New equipment: have a new device a “tie line”. Used for bringing in audio for remote broadcasts.
A memorandum of understanding regarding the remotes.

Monday and Friday Schedule

Monday afternoon 2-4
All that airtime is up in the air
Auditions will be coming on at those times
DJ Keiz
Redwillow and Samantha have a proposal in for a Native American show.
Folks will be putting in demos in through May.
Rabia suggested that we use drive pledge numbers from the last 3 pledges for the suggested shows and the arbitron numbers to guide decisions for the programs.
Proposals from Flower Elliot, Nick Walker and Matthew Clark and Feliz Pinquil were distributed.

Discussion about podcasting
Rabia talked to Lucia programming for the Italian Hour regarding being a model for biliqual shows and she has done an essay regarding this type of show. How she raises money through her show and this could possibly become a standard. Jenka asked for a copy of the essay for use for the station.
Chris said he would send Samantha and Redwillow’s proposal to the committee.
Marian?  Wants to do a German show. Kathleen suggested that she submit a demo in June.
Question about Flower Elliot’s proposal. Was it complete or sent to Chris by e-mail.
Two two hour slot or 1 and ½ hour slots?
Discussion about blocks and strips.
Discussion about the website not being user friendly. Can’t find the entire programming grid easily.
Rabia discussed the programmer centric and whether it is listener focused.
Wants to have some decisions  for Mondays and Fridays schedules maybe made by the end of June and the next programming committee meeting. Chris will send out e-mails about the proposed shows so that we can listen and evaluate the show.

Discussion about evaluation of programs and a four week review and critique done by Kathleen, Jenka and Chris so that programs could improve.
The committee members could do a minute by minute evaluation new program goes on 30 days after starting.
Chris wants the committee to consider compatible programming and would maybe like 3 shows as opposed to two hour ones.
For the June meeting we will invite the current Monday or Friday programmers to come to the meeting and speak for a short time to promote their show. Chris will send e-mail to the committee members to remind them to listen to those proposed shows.
Goal is to get the weekend time slots filled before Jenka leaves for her fellowship.
It was decided that Rabia would serve as chair of the committee, will take over for Jenka until she returns.

Web page database discussion.
Replacement for instant replay is operational. It’s the Booplayer and may be marketable to other stations.

Submitted by Redwillow


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