Against Equality Archive Project

program date: 
Mon, 03/22/2010

Sentimental fools gathering around marriage--but is that really the goal  for  queer communities and queer futures?  Thus begins a discussion with Yasmin Nair and Ryan Conrad, activists and scholars of queer imagination.  They discuss the Against Equality Archive Project:  an online archive, publishing, and arts collective focused on critiquing mainstream gay and lesbian politics. As queer thinkers, writers and artists, we are committed to dislodging the centrality of equality rhetoric and challenging the demand for inclusion in the institution of marriage, the US military, and the prison industrial complex via hate crimes legislation.


Bad news

 What a poor interview.  The guests did not offer a single constructive idea at all, and the interviewer never asked them what their proposals are. They are all just "against" whatever the mainstream gays and lesbians are doing, like Maggie Gallagher and NOM. 

     They talk about the loss of resources, and the lack of art for their views. Don't they realize that most people want equality - it is the American way, so why should there be lots of money or art out there to go after more oppression of gays and lesbians? 

     We have fought for decades to get the government out of our bedrooms, legislating what kind of sex is legal for us. Now these two (plus the interviewer) are not happy with letting people have whatever relationships they want. They wish a neo-oppression coming out of the so-called "Queer Movement" which will dictate to the rest of us what kind of sex and love and relationships to have. My answer: no thanks !


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