Web Coordinator 2.0


As KBOO's new web coordinator, one of my top priorities is to continue to encourage inclusive and decentralized contributions from the many. We want you on our team as we continue to build rich content, accessible functionality, unique design and interactive opportunities. The potential for growth is tremendous when we consider all that we have to share.

There are many exciting projects planned and some are very close to fruition. Stay clicked as we transition through the back end of March and into the next iteration of kboo.fm. I'll be helping to train and support web users, as well as contributing to the development and technical coordination of web based initiatives. I look forward to your contributions and ideas about how we can continue to build and strengthen our station and web platforms together.


Would it be possible to

Would it be possible to create a short term archive all of the on-air programs such as KPFA or WBAI?


Sure Thing

Yes, providing online audio archives or 'on demand audio' is one of our top priorities. The goal is to post the last two weeks of programs available as a progressive streaming download. That's the maximum allowed by current law.

Well, who are you? What's

Well, who are you? What's your name? Where are you from? Do you have a photo beyond a "my name is" tag?

Good Questions

Many of the answers are within this website and perhaps we can make it easier to find them. Currently there's a navigation menu at the bottom of each page with a whole lot going on. One of the links under 'Station Info' is 'Staff'. You can click on that link or, you can simply click on this direct link to the staff page kboo.fm/node/32. I put up a piture of me there just finishing up a rasqueado on what appears to be a guitar shaped object. There's also name and contact options for each staff member. Perhaps we'll look at augmenting that page with some biographical information as well in the future.

There's also some additional information in the former Web Coordinator's final blog post kboo.fm/node/20079

Did you make that

Did you make that rasquedo?

What work do/did you do at KQHR?

Do you work only for KBOO now?

Thanks a lot

Well, thanks for the info. Keep up the great work!


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