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Tue, 08/18/2009

  Tyler Jones (left) and Joel Salatin at Afton Field Farm in Corvallis (photo by Laura McCandlish).

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Homemade electrolyte sports drink (



Health is Wealth

Recently i had purchsed a book on the organic nutritional supplements for the sports persons and some healthy tips on loosing weight orginacvally,hmmm..sounds pretty interesting

I think practical teaching is been very common sense techniques for loosing weight something i came across in as there is also an excercise on stress manegement and how I don’t have to starve myself in order to achieve healthy long-term results. I strongly recommend this book for anyone trying to loose fat, gain muscle and develop better nutrition habits.





Thanks for a great show and for all you do! It's wonderful to hear how these guys are revolutionizing the industry. Man, we need it!

The dietician you had on your show recommended chocolate milk after a workout. Chocolate milk is not healthy and is not needed after a workout! She said it's easy to digest. Most people are intolerant or allergic to dairy! She also said that high fructose corn syrup is not worse for you than other sugars. That is not true! It may be similar to white sugar. This is not a high standard! White sugar is very unhealthy! Please be careful of who you have on your show. Doctors, nurses, nutritionists and dieticians' education is influenced by industry (namely the sugar, meat and dairy industry). Please consider educating yourselves on the dangers of eating refined plant foods and also of eating to many animal products. Then please roll that into all you do so Americans can get health advice that will help them to be healthy!

Please read the works of T. Colin Campbell Phd, Joel Fuhrman, MD, Caldwell B Esselsyn Jr, MD and John McDougall MD

Thank you so much for your consideration. I want to hear back from you on this.


Scott Martin

milk - - non-health dept.

Professional and educated, the "experts" are often products of industry and the system. In medical and health they are often approved and financed by the food and drug business.

In  short, Scott made a key point that chocolate milk is not healthy.  It's one of the most harmful "foods" to consume outside of certain protein powders and poison itself.  Nutritionists, registered dieticians and even medical doctors are not necessarily health experts.  They are educated in the system, some of it vital, some of it not.

I've met two of the doctors mentioned above.  They were trained in the conventional education but have continued into their own research to create landmark studies.

Dr. Campbell's China Study is one of the foremost research into diet and disease ever done.

Dr. Esselstyn (Dr. S) has conducted heart disease reversal in theory and in practice.

Thanks Scott,We will keep

Thanks Scott,

We will keep these ideas in mind for upcoming shows. We could devote a whole show to the evils of high fructose corn syrup. Keep tuning in the third Wednesday of the month at 11 a.m.


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