March 10 2009 Program Committee Minutes

Programming Committee Minutes – March 10, 2009

Present: Rabia Yeaman (chair), jamilah bourdon (secretary), Per Fagerang, Bill Resnick, Chris Merrick, Jenka Soderberg, Kathleen Stephenson, Roger Warner, Jade Pekkala, Linda Olson-Osterlund, Daniel Flessas, Jay Bozich, Rich Lindsay, S.W. Conser

Absent: Ivonne Rivero, Bill Zimmerman, Kevin Card (all excused)

The meeting began at 7:07 pm.

jamilah motioned to table the February minutes until next month; Roger seconded.  The committee will make a commitment to read the minutes (either through e-mail or the web) before the meetings; at the meetings there will only be one copy.

Kathleen talked about the training and equipment grant.  People to receive the grant were finally chosen.  She has been meeting with programmers about the process of the program changes.  She has also been meeting with Toni about the MacKenzie River Gathering, in terms of recording their members for oral history: facilitating short interviews for memories from key people.  Meetings with 'talk show' people is ongoing.  The staff also had a retreat..

Jenka mentioned that over 200 people attended the training which Marilyn Pittman facilitated.  The staff then discussed how to carry forward and follow-up on the training.  The NFCB Conference is from April 1-4.  An open house is on the 2nd at the Holocene- there will be a shuttle between KBOO and the Holocene.  On April 24 there will be a political prisoner special.  It is also worth re-visiting the 'Davey D-like' hip hop promo.  There has not been talk about developing this local content.  There has been mostly positive feedback about Hard Knock Radio, and the few negative comments were about the music in the background.

Chris mentioned that the Spring Drive was coming up, in six weeks.  There is a plan to apply Marilyn Pittman's training to how we pitch.  There is a possible plan to look at more programmer involvement in pitching.

The 9:00 am to 12:00 noon program changes were implemented on the 2nd of March. There are more attempts to work on the flow of the programming.  The changes that happened are as followed:
  -9:00 –10:00  am (this is a strip oriented around the political)
  -Monday- Old Mole Variety Hour
  -Tuesday- To Be Announced
  -Wednesday- Alternative Radio
  -Thursday- Presswatch
  -Friday- APA Compass/Veterans' Voice/One Land, Many Voices
  -At 10:00  am, Air Cascadia comes on, instead of 11:00.
The idea is to connect arts and performance on the same day, in order to have less patchwork, and more categorical scheduling.

In terms of the Marilyn Pittman training, there were mostly good things to say about the experiences from the committee.  Conch (S.W.) mentioned that it helped him make more conscious listening in terms of what does and does not work.  He found through this experience that things can be problematic in even good work.  Bill said that the second half of the training (listening to air checks) was helpful.  There was a point made that there were tips to be stronger, and more critical and constructive- be more direct!

Linda mentioned that the most interesting aspect was the critical listening part.  Be friendly about critiques.  There is always something good in an air check; the point is to get better, and to "be in it together to produce better radio".  These trainings have also made her re-think the detailed checklist that's been developed.  She asked if there will be a follow-up questionnaire/feedback at the end of the training; questions such as if people would do it again, and what they got out of it.  Chris responded that there will be a critique of Marilyn's performance.

A few of the critiques:
Bill mentioned that in some ways her training was asking everyone to be like her.  Daniel countered that, mentioning that she wanted more coming from us; not necessarily wanting us to be like her.  She wanted us to be more aggressive.  She emphasized that we should let go of the outcome.  Per mentioned that there was an issue of form v. content.  If you prepare a set of questions, what happens when the interview takes another turn?  Conch responded that the training discussed the freedom to 'riff' on the questions; the questions are a base, and should not be set in stone.  Rabia said that the trainings were beneficial for all of the programmers. It also shows that KBOO is serious about improving the quality and sound of the programming.

Kathleen made a suggestion that there be revisions to the form, now that we have had these trainings.

Chris asked if there was going to be a list next month of compelling/non-compelling shows.  There will be a retreat on the 24th of this month- it will be an evaluation meeting.  Rabia mentioned it will be a self-critiquing of the current evaluative method, as well as listening to new proposals.  Kathleen volunteered to make a checklist based on things that were dominant in Marilyn's discussions. She also mentioned that she learned a lot how to listen to people through the trainings.  We could use this as a guideline.  Rabia asked if all the programmers have been counseled; and Linda asked if all the programmers have been spoken to in terms of the changes.  Kathleen responded that programmers have been informed, but some are more receptive than others.

Per suggested that for the evaluations, instead of doing them minute by minute, just look at what 'jumps out' at you, then do a general evaluation.  Linda said that this session is to train ourselves to listen; the best thing is to only evaluate about 10 shows for quality, not necessarily listening in order to cut shows.  Kathleen mentioned that the priority should be on shows that are on more often:  once a week (or once a day).  Bill said that we should make a 'semi-informed choice' on which shows are chosen for the evaluations.  Rabia suggested that two of the most recent recordings of the shows be evaluated, in order to be fair to everyone.

Committee members will listen to one show, and bring the evaluation of that show to the meeting on the 24th.

In the conversation on getting more proposals, there was a suggestion to utilize the web (Myspace, etc.) to get new proposals.  jamilah will make an announcement to be aired.  Per asked which community we are speaking to for these proposals?  What do people need to do to go out and get proposals?  One suggestion that was made was to make flyers; Jenka already made some in relation to getting a local 'Hard Knock'-type show on the air.  Chris said that he gets 1-2 cold proposals per week, but it is usually a proposal for something that already exists on the air.  Exactly which community needs are not being addressed?  What are we looking for?  Kathleen mentioned that there used to be an 'internship program': a place on the radio where people could try out their skills.  With this, there is a development of people from a general level, in order to train people for the air.

Kathleen will also be gone on a sabbatical for three months beginning in May; there needs to be a temporary replacement for her.

Chris stated that the Spring Drive was from May 1-16. If we are going to catch up on the deficit, we must go over the goal (which is $115, 000 this time).  Andrew and ani are looking at re-training programmers for pitching for their own shows.  This is different from simply getting 'people who pitch good'.  There is an action to look into getting an on-air coordinator: a supervisor for the pitchers and hosts; and a 'table person' who deals with the phones and paperwork.  Linda then mentioned that we ought to do a better job with the table.  We should make it consistent with getting the money in.  We should get the focus to be more on the show, as opposed to gossiping around the table.  Bill responded that in these lulls around the table, he's had experiences in contacting lapsed members. Chris then responded that more work needs to be done in order to make the drive successful.  Various distractions (such as the NFCB conference) exist, therefore that the
 drive cannot get the complete attention it should.  Chris also asked about specials that should air during the drive.  Bill suggested there be a May Day special, with an emphasis on the economy.  He also suggested there be marching bands, guests who are international workers, and a street party, with mass singing of songs from a 'radical songbook'.
Chris mentioned that there are programmers who think that the segues/community calendar/etc. get in the way of their shows.  Jay made the suggestion of seeing if the listeners need the calendar; in terms of this evaluation we could also do this with the calendar.  Rabia stated that we should enforce the policy of 'less personality' in the community calendar, and more announcing.  Jenka suggested we do training on how to do promos and the community calendar.  Chris then suggested there be a 'tip sheet' for training, on how to get in and out of shows.

The board, during the staff/board retreat, made a request for all the committees to follow the 'decision making process proposal'.  There will be a decision made at the April board meeting after feedback from the committees about the process and decisions to follow this process of consensus, which basically follows 'Robert's Rules'.

Chris made a motion to end the meeting at 9:28 pm; Roger seconded.


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