US Economic Crisis: How Its Affecting Women In Other Countries


Friday, November 28th I aired and recapped the three interviews that I conducted during the wee hours of Tuesday, November 25th.  All three guests were from another country; Sweden, France and The Netherlands.  My guests/interviewees included Adrianne George, owner of AG Communications: in Stockholm; Professor Diana Derval, founder of Derval Research: in Amsterdam and Liva Judic, Career Coach with Ayna Partners: in Paris.  Each one brought a nuance to the topic of the US Ecomomic Crisis and How Its Affecting Women In [Their and] Other Countries, more specifically each woman provided insight as to the economic stressers our economy has placed on their country as a whole, their livelihoods as business owners and consultants and we gained a sneek peak inside the world in which they live on a day-to-day basis as they shop more cautiously by paying attention to the basic value of things that they spend their money on.

You'll have to listen to all three interviews to see the themes that played out and connected each woman to the other.  I found it intriguing to hear the same tone and some of the same words that were used to describe the level of cautiousness people around them and themselves employee given the US Economic Crisis.  Well, that's all I should reveal as you should listen to the audio and judge for yourself.

We had a minor glitch with the first upload as we had a bit of truncation at the end so if you can wait one extra day until December 4 we should have a new, complete audio file uploaded by the end of the day.  Thanks for your patience, comments and continued support of Bread and Roses, of me and of KBOO; community based, volunteer 

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