Known Issues

Current known issues on website

Updated 10/5/13 by Jenka
  • audio uploading now enabled (up to 200 MB)
  • WYSIWYG editor (allows bold, italic, basic text formatting) needs to be enabled on user forms like 'schedule episode'
  • registration for new users is still disabled - email web [at] kboo [dot] org if you are a volunteer and need to be able to login Issues from 5/21/2012 by VJ Beauchamp:

Captcha: This is really bad - login *has* to be done over https:// because the users password is being transmitted. But browsers (IE, AOL) complain that the CAPTCHA is pulled in over http:// only so throws an alert!! Doesn't look terribly professional. Captcha appears on the Create New Account, Request New Password, and Comments pages.   NOTE: disabled CAPTCHA on 5/13/2011.
  • Registration page is difficult to use.
  • Some user profiles will not load for authenticated users: this appears to happen only  for programmers who have never logged in or contributed content
  • On user profiles, the audio link is broken: go to the users' program and check for audio there. That will display the correct  audio.
  • for Programmers

    • Control Panel doesn't show all of your privileges. The system is confused. Click away from the page and then click back. Doing this once or twice should return your usual content types.
    • Wrong text editor loads: if this happens, save your work, and click elsewhere, and after a few clicks, return to your work. Frequently, this is all the server needs.
    • Images

      • Image loading for schedule episodes: check the file name and remove special characters (in particular, "&"), spaces, and make sure the file name is less than 8 characters. This usually works.
      • Red Error box appears after image has been looked up on computer -- this means nothing. 98% of the time, the image will upload normally.
    • Program Pages

      • Hosted Bys: On the Programs page, the Hosted Bys show the user's alias, not the user's First and Last name This is something users can fix by editing their own profiles
      • No airtimes with programs by genre and programs
      • Programs page shows all programs, not programs airing currently. The programs listing should be up to date now
      • RSS feeds are not working
    • Audio Pages

      • Statistics for program pages: These have been disabled because they slow down the website to a tremendous degree.
      • When audio pages are edited, the audio title is required.
    • Outside the KBOO website

      • Podcasts are not showing up in iTunes


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