Radio Lost and Found playlist for 04/11/2014

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Radio Lost and Found
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10:00PM KBOO Community Radio Promo Spots from Promo Spots
10:02PM Realistic - 2001 A Space Odyssey from A Sound Odyssey
10:02PM Murray Saul - It's Friday! from Radio Oddities vol. 2
10:06PM Leonard Pennario - March of the Lunatics from The Two Pianos of Leonard Pennario
10:07PM Laurie Anderson - From the Air from Big Science
10:11PM Nagy Feró - Children's Tale from Hova Lett
10:15PM Young Marble Giants - Searching for Mr Right from Colossal Youth
10:17PM Marc Okrand - Introduction from Star Trek: Conversational Klingon
10:22PM National Hardwood Floor Association - Trouble Concentrating When Praying (Only When I Masturbate) from Savage Vigilance For A Rug-Free America
10:23PM Brother Russell - Nightmare for the Dream Center from Bandcamp
10:24PM Ursula Bogner - Begleitung für Tuba from Recordings 1969-1988
10:27PM Ursula Bogner - Inversion/Proto from Recordings 1969-1988
10:31PM Robert Ashley - Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon from Automatic Writing
10:41PM Current 93 - I Have a Special Plan for This World from I Have a Special Plan for This World - EP
10:45PM Nurse With Wound - I Was No Longer His Dominant from Automating Vol. 1
11:04PM ---Set break — Music Behind DJ: Lil' Markie - Let the Sun Shine In
11:05PM Artur Zmijewski - Wir Eilen from Deaf Bach: Lekcja śpiewu
11:09PM Anja Fessel - I Love You from Deaf Bach: Lekcja śpiewu
11:12PM Portsmouth Sinfonia - From The Messiah, Pt. 2 - Hallelujah Chorus from Hallelujah
11:17PM John Oswald - Open (Bo No Ma) from Plexure
11:18PM John Oswald - Urge (Marianne Faith No Morissey) from Plexure
11:20PM John Oswald - Manifold (Bing Stingspreen) from Plexure
11:22PM John Oswald - Blur (Bolton Chili Overdire) from Plexure
11:23PM John Oswald - Zoom (Sinéad O'Connick Jr.) from Plexure
11:25PM John Oswald - Cypher (Depeche Mould) from Plexure
11:25PM Sir Richard Bishop - Event Horizons from Graviton Polarity Generator
11:26PM Maxwell Brecher - The ABC of Sex Education for Trainables (1975) from YouTube
11:34PM Eduard Artemiev - Movements I - V from Solaris OST
11:37PM Test Dept - Comrade Enver Hoxha from The Unacceptable Face of Freedon
11:42PM Laibach - Le Priviledge des Morts from Kapital
11:48PM Laibach - Kinderreich from Kapital
11:52PM Shane Carruth - Leaves Expanded May Be Prevailing (...) from Upstream Color OST
11:54PM Shane Carruth - I Used to Wonder at the Halo of Light Around My Shadow (...) from Upstream Color OST
11:56PM Shane Carruth - Fearing That They Would Be Light-headed (...) from Upstream Color
11:57PM ---Set break --
11:57PM Shooby Taylor - Somewhere Over the Rainbow from The Human Horn

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